Chapter 6.01
Newton's belief in the Bible
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 6.01
Newton's belief in the Bible

Sir Isaac Newton said that everyone he had ever met did not understand the Bible, and if he tried to teach them that God is all Light without Darkness, and then Prove to them that there can be no Light without the Darkness, would not change anything, they would not agree that Trinity was describing White Noise, and that is why he never tried to teach anyone about the Bible, because he knew he would never change the minds of those that could not see the Light.

Benjamin Franklin said that we are part of this World we live in, and his fascination with Lightning proved that Lightning was Energy, it had Electricity and Light in it, and he said that it was the same Energy that was in all Life, so he meant that we were made of the same stuff that this Planet is, and we all know that is true, our Atom's are abundant on this Planet, they are the same atoms that make up other forms of Life, and our bodies produce about 98.6 watts of power, and when that Energy dies, so do we, so Franklin believed that God was All Light without Darkness, so Franklin believed in Sir Isaac Newton.

Nikola Tesla said we are Light Beings, and he proved that 3 state Electricity or Alternating Current (AC) is better to use then Direct Current (DC), but most people do not understand 3 state energy, most will admit that Alternating Current has 3 states only after I have them graph out the Sin Wave of Alternating Current, which will have 3 points of interest, the 0 axis, and a point above that axis and a point below it, than they connect the dots and agree it has 3 states, so now they understand why he called AC the Power of Trinity, and why few people ever understood what Tesla was talking about, because Free Energy meant that they did not have to pay for it, and that is all they cared about, so Tesla believed that God was All Light without Darkness, and me and you were Flesh Beings, but our SOUL was a Light Being, so Nikola Tesla believed in Benjamin Franklin and Sir Isaac Newton.

Most would agree that the Science of Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla was the best Science of the day and ahead of its time, and it totally changed the World that we know today, because all our Technology is based on the Science of these two men, and I have changed nothing that they have said, in fact, all I did was to explain what it is they said, yet many people that I have told this Science to, did not believe that is what they meant, which was the same problem that Sir Isaac Newton said keep him from teaching what the Bible said, because it said the same thing, so most of my Science is based on the Bible, and I have never met one person in my entire life that ever believed this, nor did Isaac, Benjamin or Nikola, so somethings never change, so its clear that my chances of finding 1 person that believes in the Bible the way that all of us Wizards did, will be hard to find, and maybe this is because we are all Ashkenazi descendants of Adam, Thor and Jesus, or the fact that we are all Aspies, because science has shown that the way our brains are wired is much different from the way Neurotypicals are, and it is Normal to a Neurotypical, and the way that we perceive the Light is different, because of the way our eyes connect to the visual part of our Autistic brain, so we interpret patterns differently, in fact few people in the World see patterns the way we do, and most Neurotypicals (NT) can not see them even after someone points them out, so I can conclude that its very likely that unless you are an Ashkenazi Aspie with an IQ of over 160 and can see Patterns, and think in Images, and have a photographic memory and Math is easy for you, and you only have one thought that is Driven by your OCD ways, and that is how did the people in the Bible know that God existed as All Light without Darkness, then its unlikely that you will ever believe anything I had to say, even though it is very clear that these other Wizards did, which again the Term Wizard will send most Neurotypicals down the path of labeling me as Crazy, and IAM fine with this, because as Jesus Bar Abbas said, do not blame them for what say Father, because they do not understand what they say, and it is because they cannot Read anything, and so they Read into everything, but in fact, its History that labeled these men Wizards in the First place, and it was not me, but still that will not change the minds of most NT's, because if they do not believe in the Light, they may not change, so they will define the Darkness as being the Light, just so they can be in the Light and say they are Right, because no one wants to admit they are Stupid, witch the word Stupid is just a Spell, meaning that yew Sheeple only want to believe what Mainstream taught yew in School, which is almost as Baad as my attempt at humor and much more fun than entertaining.

Newton wrote that the Next Wizard would be born during the Time leading up to the End of Civilization, and said that Jesus was clear that they would be born back into the Flesh on 25 December, witch is why Newton did the Calculation over and over again, and always came up with the year 2060, so a Life span is a Century, regardless of if you live that long, a Generation is defined as a Decade, 10 times that meany is called a Lifetime, so this person would be born in the year 1960, according to Newton's Math, and he said that in his Lifetime his Birthday had change, so to find the new birthday, you must take 4 January and add 10 days back to the 10 they removed from the Calendar, so this new birthday is 14 January, now because this date starts a new Year, we must factor in the Date of Life, witch is at Conception, so its 1960 for me, because this is my Birth date, and my name is Flesh, but those that do not understand what is a Fact, and what is a Coincidence, because numbers in my Life are anything but a Coincidence, being born at 3666 and ½ Valley View was not a Coincidence, it is a Fact, and that is all I deal in are Facts, call me an Aspie for taking everything so Literally, but Newton was the same, and that is why is Math is always Right, so the Bible knew the Day I would be Born, and even knew my Name, because IAM the only one talking about Jesus Bar Abbas, so you know IAM back again, because it is the Same old Talk about the Militia, not allowing Money or Taxation to be used to Control People like Sheep, so those that do not believe in the Bible, will not believe in who IAM, so Yew will Deny who my Name is 3 Times, because my First name is Jeffrey for the God of Fertility, and my Middle Name is Scott, after the Country that my Great Grandfather who fought for Freedom from Money and Taxation, and had a Brave Heart, and my Last name is Flesher, and my Friends call me Flesh, and apparently so did Jesus and the Bible, and Newton who computed my Birthday down to: my Address and the Exact time of 6:32 PM that I was born, and those that did not know what those numbers were all about in his Notes, had not idea what Newton was Computing, but to me, it proved there is no way this can be a Coincidence, the numbers 66,666.666, 666, 3666, 66, 333, 33, 13, 9, 6, 3, that is not the way the Bible works, it just says what it means, so its Newton's Math that defines who IAM, and Newton Calculated that if I live to be a Century old, I will die with this Civilization unless I can get them to change ewer ways, so no pressure, that is what my Father joked about, I knew may fate since the day I was born the first time, with a Spark Of oUr Life, sometime in April of 1960, witch is why both of my Wives were born in the same month, so things never change, the Aries always goes with the Capricorn, it must be a Ram thing, Aries is a Ram witch is a Female Goat, Capricorn are a Ram witch is a Male Sea-Goat, Aries are Fire, Capricorn are Earth, Libra are Wind, the sign of my Oldest Daughter and Youngest Step Daughter both born on 6 October, October meaning when the figure 8 orbit of the Dark Stars Companion starts to return, my youngest Daughter is Cancer the sign of Water, and was born of the 6 day of July, just two days after the Farce of Jew Lie, so I have Earth, Air, Fire and Water, which are also the known Elements of the Universe, but Ewe believe in Coincidence, all I know about is what the Bible said would happen, and it is happening just like they said it would, so who AMI to disagree with the Bible or Jesus, even what Newton said is just more of the same old His-Story, but most people believe the end of time will not happen in their lifetime, but Sir Isaac Newton calculated it would be the end of mine, so things that are proven to have Logic and Reason are not easy to explain away, maybe they were only talking about me, and the end of my time, because that fact was true even now, knowing this all my life did not make this any easier, but I knew that the Sheep would never listen to the Sheep Dog, and even nowadays there are People that would Kill me for what I said or wrote, so why would I want to have to deal with their ilk, its bad enough having to walk around in Sheep Shit, at least the Sheep do not try to Kill me, all I have ever depended on was the Math of Sir Isaac Newton, and if his Math is Correct, the count down has begun, but some of the People are a Sheep, they can not read the signs and connect the dots, but Newton's Math is always Right, proving I could live long enough to find out if its true, that if I lived that long I could watch myself die on that day, but what day is it? For me what would be some day in April, and what day would be any: but the First will not due, because I do not want to be a Fool on the day of my conception, so it is my Conclusion that this day will some day come to pass, if I live that long does not change a time, its only Civilization that needs to Change, and only Trinary Science can change Civilization as yew know it, so maybe what the Bible was saying was that this old Civilization that exist right now, will die by the year 2060, so one Civilization comes to an end and another Civilization is born, only this one is and Advanced Civilization, also known as AC, so Tesla would love it, what I do not know is if the Human Race can get together and stop the Prophecy before that time, to understand it from the Bible is that the Antichrist [3] would Predict Prophecy, then fulfill it as Destiny, witch is the mark of the Beast witch is 666, the Beast with 7 Heads, it is all the way you look at the Beast that you realize, that if one of those Heads are yours then 6 belonged to the Beast, and 6 times 7 equals 42, so you know this Number is the Universes answer to everything, but still it is all about Coincidence when convincing some of ewe, because numbers are just part of the Game I play that adds up to the Truth, these are Numbers we do not always think of as Lucky, but they show up in your Life more times than not, so the odds are so high that it is not by design of Mankind, at least not me, because I did not write these things, they were written about Me: witch is just short for Meat, so its talking about the Flesh, way before I was born, and what freaked out Newton was how they knew about him, and that same question freaked me out just the same, because it is not Possible I made up things that are just facts, and all of these have been proven, so Conclusions always make me or you look like yew are insane, because to argue with facts is a moot point when facts are the Truth, but one thing I do know will come to pass, is what you consider Civilization after Reading all of this, if I have to live to be 100 years old, just to prove who is right by counting how many sheep are left, just so I could sleep at night, or for something to do until I knew if this was just a Dream, knowing the day I die this will all just be a Dream to God, so now you know why IAM just the Dog, and that Backward Spell means IAM the Light Wizard in the Flesh, so what I wrote about was the end of Civilization, and it is coming for all of Yew, the only question I have is will it happen during my Lifetime? All I know is that after reading all this, some of you will never be the same, you will wonder about all this that I wrote, and actually wonder if it is the truth, as if any of these Wizards would lie and you know they were all saying the same thing, so either way, you will not have long to wait for this Date to come, so my Conclusion will have to wait til then to be answered, at least as for the whole World, but it is all up to you to spread the news about this Event, do the Research to prove to yourself if it is the truth, so not believe Sir Isaac Newton just because he was never wrong, base your life on Empirical Evidence so it is always Real.

Everything I write about, is about Sir Isaac Newton's belief in the Bible, because it is also mine, I just Prove with Empirical Evidence that this Reality is Real, I do not Fit Facts with Evidence just to Connect the Dots, I have gone to great lengths to write in between the Dots, and not the Lines, and prove it as I go along, step by step, leading from one subject to the next, never Repeating the same thing twice in the same context, it is not Rambling, its just the way I organize my thoughts, how one leads to this that leads to that and the other thing, because they are all related in the Trinary Universe, and that is the Same Universe the Bible Wrote about, and nothing has change except the Names Trinary I changed from Trinity, just Read it, and not into it, all I did was change it to Logic, God is All Light without Darkness, IAM God, all these Wizards being born on this same Date throughout time, that is not Coincidence, that is His-Story Repeating itself, the same Message from multiple people over time, all born on this date, when the Star Sirius is in alignment with my Birth date, with the Pyramid and it is 3 Kings, you have to be Joking me, Coincidence... This is stuff that 33 Degree Masons write about.

Sir Isaac Newton started work he could not finish, the Last Magician wrote Notes and put them in a Time Safe, and someone opened Pandora's Box in my time, but the world was not ready for Benjamin Franklin, or Nikola Tesla, who had his Dreams stolen by Greedy people like Thomas Edison, who was one of the most Evil men in History, Electrocuting Animals in front of Children to sell DC over AC, are you joking me, he should have been put in Jail for Cruelty to Animals, what an Asshole he is in His-Story, like that Liar Lincoln who legally had his Brains blown out for Treason, but those that Worship him and Moses, follow the Darkside of the Bankers and their Money and Taxation, handed down from Generations from the Roman Empire, so His-Story revises History with the Truth, but few that work for the Bank will believe it, because than they would have to admit to the Treason, so they Lie because they are Cowards that only want to stay alive by Lying about the Truth, so they Lie about Christ, so they can continue to live in Sin using Money, and they complain about Taxation, like stupid Sheep, they fight and die in Wars for Religion and Money, and yew call them Hero's, wow all the way to the End, how Stupid Ewe are for Believing in Christ, or in the Bank that backs both side of Every War, and forces Vaccines on your Children knowing it can Kill them, this is Evil and Wicked ways, proving its Religion of the God they Print on Money, with the Blood of the Planet its Murdering, proving it is the Root of All this Evil, yew are Satan's Minions in the Darkness, they two speak with forked tongues, all because they listened to this Little Voice in their Head, proving they are Insane, but it was Newton's belief in the Bible that proved to be the Truth, the Light is that Truth, and Sir Isaac Newton started work he could not finish, as did Jesus, so all IAM doing is finishing their work, the Work that all the Greatest Wizards in time started, and all because of their belief in the Bible, that God was All Light without Darkness, the Greatest Masonic Secret in the Bible was written to be read and not read into.

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