The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.34

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.34

His-Story is about all the Wizards in Histories Story, and that means Wizards like Kepler that saw Harmony in the World, and saw them as Shapes, and for years that discovery was thought to be a bust, but I connected the dots out of these shapes in Electronic Waveform's, proving Kepler was right, it is all about Energy, but Science of his days did not use Lightning, nor Electricity, yet Kepler knew it existed and what it looked like, based on what God and Trinity was described as in the Bible, so the Last Magician or Wizard Sir Isaac Newton was wondering the same question as Kepler, what Mystical Energy caused the Sun, Planets and Moons to move, and using Alchemy he found that he could transform one type of energy into another, but still could not see the Light without Darkness, and that drove him mad till the end of his days, then Benjamin Franklin came along and read Newton's work, and decided that it must be Electricity, and was determined to prove it came from Lightning, the Nikola Tesla read both their works and discovered what you can do with Electricity, and how you can Collect it, which is a better term then Generator, then Me, which is short for Flesh, also known as Jeffrey Scott Flesher, read all their work, and took it to a whole new level of Trinary Science, and I did this in a very simple way, first I proved that Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, actually describes Tesla's Alternating Current Waveform, that is also found as Human or any Lifeforms Brainwaves, proving why Tesla said Everything is Light, because as Franklin said, Electricity and Light have a relationship, and that is their Frequency times its Wavelength equal the Speed of Light, so I proved that God was actually the Light inside the Atom's, and they were made of Neutrinos corresponding to every Element in the known Periodic Table, figuring out that there are 137 of them, including a 0 Element that has no Free Valance or Receptors, and not Proton or Neutron, so its smaller than a normal Element, and larger than an Electron, and in the Process discovered the Trinary Engine, which are Massive sized Atom's, that are the Core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet and Moon in the Universe, and after proving Trinity described Electrical Waveform's, I renamed it to Trinary, mostly because Newton was so upset over the teaching of a Deity as God, and Jesus Christ being the Son of God, when Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible to make Money less Evil, by making only the Love of Money Evil, just so the Churches could Sell you Bibles, and it is not the Bibles that are Evil, or even the Insertion of Christ, in fact Newton said he liked this version better.

Sir Isaac Newton said the Insertion of Christ best depicts the level that people denied Jesus, and they did that by Name, and that name was Jesus Bar Abbas, and that was not a common name at the time, in History his name was recorded by the Roman Empire, who wrote that he was executed for the Church, and that he was the Leader of the Militia, and they did not want to Martyr him, but the Jews insisted, and that was the downfall of Rome, and Money did not make its come back for almost 3 Centuries, when Christ was inserted, and people were taught that Bar/Abbas was Evil and Murdered people, when the Bible did not say that at all, so Religion makes up stuff and it goes unchallenged, and becomes a fact to them, which is why Religion is Evil, the backward Spell for Live, because the Church hunted down and Murdered Witches and Wizards, for the very teaching that founded Trinary Science on, so it was the work of my First Cousins 5 times removed: Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin, and First Cousins means we had the same Last Name, and that is confusing at first, but Ashkenazi name their Children after dead Relatives, and why these two wrote so much about Newton and Franklin, and why I give them so much Credit for their work on reason and logic, and how you combine what the two said to get a better understanding of the Universe, and that is what Tesla did when he read it, and he must have, because I also had notes written by Tesla himself, via my Grandparents, who worked at the Pentagon when he died, so the way I was able to put all this work together and prove that our current Science, is based on Science Fiction, because Albert Einstein said it was, when he denounced his Theories on Tesla's Birthday, proving that Science has always been a Hoax or Scam, and all to Discredit Newton who wrote that Christ was inserted, so that People would start using Money again, and Deny Jesus Bar Abbas again, and all the Churches leaders went along with it, or they were murdered, and replaced by ones that would work for Money, so the scam spread across the Globe, and before you know it, the United States Constitution was Suspend in 1863, to allow the Banks that my Great Grandfather Henry Weston Flesher, which Weston West Virginia was named after, but because my Cousins Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin, wrote about this in public, it caused our family a great deal of trouble, first off Henry Weston went through a name came, because Ashkenazi removed the I and C from their German names, to make them American, just like they changed the I to T so the names are all the same because of the change from Fleischer to Flesher or to Fletcher, and the Bush's did the same thing with their family name, but I could not trace my family nor theirs back to Germany, it seems Hitler and the Nazi's Burned them, with the Jews as part of the Burnt Offering or Holocaust, where the Ashkenazi and Nazi went to War over control of the Banks that now own U.S., this divided the Ashkenazi and Nazi who now run Zion in Israel, at the Top Level of the Church (Main Religion, not individual Churches), they still believe in Sir Isaac Newton, and Nikola Tesla, but Mainstream has no clue as to what these men were all about, nor do they understand Einstein who also only believed in them, and thus would be a Supporter of the Trinary Universe, keep in mind my Name Changes were required, and Einstein would understand why, and it is because of how God is Defined, having already denounced the Godless Dynamic Universe, so His-Story and History are different, because those that Conquered wrote History, and those that use Money defend that History, whereas my Family just recorded the Real History, this is also called the Ashkenazi Masonic History, and this History is divided by those that know the truth, and those that only know the lies, also known as Mainstream History, and this is not a Conspiracy, the Jews and Masons run the World today, they Own the Bank Privately, and own all the People like Sheep I refer to as Sheeple, and a FOIA request asking the question: who Prints the Money will prove that, you can not change Only Congress and think We the People have any Meaning, Congress Sold U.S. out to line their Pockets with Money, so I would not trust anything they say, they work for the Bank, I work for the Military, and the Military takes its orders from the Banks just like Congress and the President, and that is what the Enumerations of Powers Act proves, and in the Military I have 3 of the highest Achievement Medals, you can FOIA that and my IQ if you do not believe me, or just want proof, because just because I said its so does not mean it is recorded that way, for one thing my Excellence in Competition Medal is missing from my DD-214, and my First Name is spelled wrong, the Person I told this to that asked me to look it over acknowledged that, and said they would fix the name (Jeffrey not Jeffery), but did not find the Excellence in Competition Medal, I told her it was a Military Medal Authorized by Congress, but issued by the Air Force, she said she would find it, she lied, but it did make the Military Newspapers and Periodicals, as well as the fact I have the Medal in many Military Photos and Videos, the engraved my name on the back of it, with my Social Security Number, so there are many mistakes on my DD-214, but it has the two highest Achievement Medals on it, Meritorious Service Medal, and I am not saying it is the Highest Medals, it is not, its just one of the highest Achievement Medals, notice I said Achievement and not other types of Medals like the Medal of Honor, Silver Star, and so on, those are not Achievement Medals, so its just a matter of Record that I am an Honorably Medically Retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant with Medals, yet no one respects that when they disrespect me for what I wrote or said, and it is just as much the truth as what I can prove with Documentation, so my Step Mother really screwed my mind over with what she did with the Documentation I had, and she Stole it and Sold it for Money, and then Committed Suicide, because my Father would not forgive her, and she wanted to Punish me for that, and she did, and does to this date; so my Lifetime as been full of Drama, so I have to Conclude that all this made me the person I am or IAM today, because my Step Mother Taught me that Documentation is worthless, because the can be Stolen for Money, proving how Evil it is, and Money can Create any Legal Document you want, so all Documents are worthless, especially the U.S. Constitution, because We will never get that back as long as Fools run the World, and I am not saying those people running the World are Fools, I am saying they are the ones making Fools of all of yew, they are actually very intelligent people, that know that most People are Neurotypical, also known as Normal, and it is normal for them to have a low IQ, I scored around 99 on Mechanical consistently, because those test were accurate, because for the most part, they are based on Newton's Math, but my Electrical scores were a little lower, and it is because only some of it is based on Tesla, and not all of it, so its your test that are flawed and not my Logic, and the other areas of test, prove I am dyslexic, but say nothing about my IQ only its Score, and thanks to my Grandmother, my third grade scores will be hard to find, but I know a few teachers keep my scores and home work, and had me doing math for them at times, so ask some of my teachers, the FBI did when they did my background check, so they must have known my Father was a Drug Addict, grant you I never was, I did not even like to Drink Alcohol, I did take drugs from time to time, I never Experimented with Drugs, I only took them as prescribed, up until after 2010, when I got a Medial License to Grow Cannabis, to help with my Cancer, then I Experimented with Cannabis, and still do, most I just take it as prescribed, I have only Experimented with Cannabis a few times, and that was not fun, and I will never do that again, just ask my Wife, I can laugh about it now, but Experimented with Cannabis is not Fun, you can only get so high, because your body only has so many Receptors, but there is a point of Saturation I could reach only if I Experimented, so I would make Hash Oil the old fashion way that Alchemist Sir Isaac Newton, and Sir Edmond Halley, who actually documented this process, it is a simple Alcohol reduction process I did in a Crook Pot on low, just throw in all the Cannabis and boil it down with Pure Alcohol, strain it will its still very fluid, add more Alcohol to wash the cheesecloth and squeeze it dry, simple process, and you have Hash Oil, you get Honey Oil if you use Co2 or other more refined process of removing the THC, CBD and other Cannabinoids, but the way you take it, is to put it in Alcohol and mix it, and drink it, but since I did not like Alcohol, I just put it in a pill and eat it, you could not die from it, but it was certainly an overdoes, and my body could not move, I was buzzing so hard that it hurt, and the Pain inside of me started to hurt more, because I could feel it burning in my Colon, the burning never stopped, and eventually I had to have my Descending Colon removed, and it was clear of Cancer at the time, so its clear the Cannabis treatment works for Cancer, it keeps my Skin Cancer at bay, I still have to have some of it cut or burned off, so Cannabis is not a Cure for Cancer, its only a Treatment for it, do not confuse the two, I still have Cancer, its just not Killing me right now, it just hurt like hell, so I can only conclude that Cannabis is a good Treatment of Cancer of all types, and PTSD, and it also helps with OCD, but it did not make me Hallucinate, well maybe a Little, it is the only reason I can not understand Reality, why would people allow the Constitution to become Suspended, and why did People allow the Military to take over the Protection of this Country from the Militia, that they outlawed because they Executed Lincoln for allowing the Banks to Own them, and Congress was Paid Well, as were all the Lawyers the helped make it Legal, and all the Courts are owned by the Banks, everyone that Works for Money Works for the Banks, and owes them Taxes, and if you can not pay the Interest or the Taxes, they take what you own away from you, and that is what we fought against in the War of Independence, yet here we are owned by the same Banks we fought against for thousands of years, according to the Bible and Jesus Bar Abbas, so History and Documentation still exist that proves what I am writing is the truth, in fact BBC did a Special called the Last Magician, that tales enough of that Story, that I do not need to prove much more, in fact they said a lot, and BBC and Nova and programs like those, are good sources for Real Science, I even like the History Channel, even it they do have a few comments about Theories, they do not deny the Truth, and they do understand that a Theory is just a Theory until it is proven to be a Fact.

Although I think it was Eve that was Black and not Adam, since Eve comes from Evening, meaning Dark, as in on the Eve, witch means around that moment when Day turns to Night, so yes they did prove that all Humans are now just one Race, and Black and White is just a Gene in our DNA that is turned on or off in many combinations, accounting for all the Colors of our Skin, and it is why Ash is White (Light), Ke is Grey (in between), and Nazi is Black (Darkness), and why the Ashkenazi represent all the Colors in People, so I (me AKA Flesh) might look White, but I know for a Fact I have many other Colors in me, and Grey and Black are one of them, IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, IAM every shade of Grey in between, IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, that is what that statement was all about, I am not a White nor a Black Person, IAM Ashkenazi, and I am proud of it, my Ancestry came from Germany dominated by the Ashkenazi, just like Albert Einstein, even Nikola Tesla was an Ashkenazi, and do not ever confuse that with being Jewish, IAM a Jew, because the Ashkenazi are a Lost Tribe of Jews, and a Jew means I believe that God is All Light without Darkness, it does not mean that Light is Good and Darkness is Evil, that is a Jewish Belief, and Christianity is also a Jewish Belief, its came to be called Judeo-Christian, and the Spell Judeo means the Followers of Judas, meaning those that sold Jesus Bar Abbas out for Money, thus they Denied Jesus, and now Worship Christ, which moved Jesus Bar Abbas, and Sir Isaac Newton's Birthday from 25 December, to 4 January, then they removed 10 days from the Gregorian Calendar, so that Santa could be Celebrated more towards the Fall, instead of the middle of Winter, being Dyslexic the irony of Santa and Satan does not elude me, because add those 10 days back to the Gregorian Calendar, and you have 14 January, witch just happens to be my Birthday, and I was born in Corona, on 25 December 1960 under the Julian Calendar, and Jesus Bar Abbas and Sir Isaac Newton were born under that Calendar, and only the Military use it, so I am Military and I still use it, so if you want to celebrate my Birthday, do it on 25 December and not 14 January, and yes for those of you that know me, that is why I never celebrate my Birthday on 14 January, even though that is what is written on my Birth Certificate, and keep in mind that Under the Julian Calendar, you have to readjust the Calendar every Year, so that the Star Date never changes, and the Alignment with Sirius is at an exact angle, so they throw out time all the time, unlike the Gregorian that has to throw out a day every 4 years, and readjust the seconds and minutes as required, so there is a lot of disinformation out there about Calendars, just like there is a lot of Stupid Science, I have read documents that state that date would be in Summer in the future, and that is just Stupid, Sir Isaac Newton himself made adjustments to the Julian Calendar, to ensure its always aligned to the Star Sirius, and that is always in the dead of Winter, and is marked by the 3 Kings in Orion's Belt, an Angle forms between the longest setting Sun, and Longest Night, this now happens on 25 December, and not on 14 January, that is where this Angle is measured, and that used to be on 25 December, and used to happen in the Fall, so under the Julian Calendar, 25 December under the Gregorian Calendar falls on this Date, so its Correct, but the Star Date has not been adjusted since Sir Isaac Newton Died, making him the last one that Adjusted it, so my Birthday needs to be adjusted in the Stars, the longest Night occurs on Winter solstice, that is now on December 21 at 22:23 Universal Time, proving that adjustment is off and drifting more towards fall then Winter, so this date needs to be readjusted for both calendars to be on the Correct Star Date, currently that falls on 11 January, and that is because they adjusted for these 3 days to signify the Death and Resurrection of Jesus in the Flesh, making that date fall on 14 January, so those two dates need to be changed by deleting the dates between them, so it is a whole 21 days off, and that takes into account these 3 days, because originally they move it from 25 December Gregorian to 4 January Julian, that is 10 days on the Gregorian Calendar and then they deleted 10 days, and so really its only off by less than one day by time passage with no adjustments to time, and that is because of the way Calendars work, and why the Gregorian Calendar has a Leap Year with 366 Days in it. The Marker is the Longest Night in Winter, and the Angle is a known distance documented by Newton, and is calculated by the Alignment that takes place with the 3 Kings in Orion's Belt, so it is always x amount of days after that, and that time varies, and requires an exact line of sight measurement with your Eyes, and a Telescope is not Required, currently it is aligned to be 3 days after the Winter Solstice, to signify the Death and Resurrection of Jesus in the Flesh, while it was originally meant to honor the 3 Kings, and the Star Date they were Born under, and you can use the Great Pyramid to take this Measurement if you want to prove this for yourself, so I conclude that this Gregorian Calendar was created to change the date of the People it is supposed to Honor, so being on the Honor Guard puts things into Perspective with me, how far from Grace I have Fallen to work for the Banks that deceive yew in so many ways, proving just how Evil Money is, and I must Conclude that Evil People do not understand how Evil they are, nor do they understand what Evil is, in the Bible its described using the word Spelled Money.

A conclusion is what I got out of writing about what I did, and more to the point what I want others to get out of it, and Blame is a Game that no one Wins, so Blaming Congress for being the Greedy Elves they are, just add an I after L, that stands for Legal, and you will understand this is Witchcraft, and why the Churches hunted down and killed Wizards and Witches, and why I chose to write this book as a Wizard, and why IAM the Dog, that Guards the Sheep, much like in real Life where I have a Dog named Snowy on Planet Animals Too Cute, she was born on my Wife Janine's Birthday as a Present or Gift, Snowy's Parents were Lady and Zeus, I know that has consequences, but the Parents were the Stars of the Santa Paws Series, and how this came to be, it is the story of Santa with Big White Great Pyrenees Dogs or Puppies, as Santa's Helper, with Cheryl Ladd and Christopher Lloyd in two different movies, so Real Life I have a Famous Sheep Dog, and Life is but a Dream, so are things as they seem, and can my Discovery about the Principles of the Trinary Universe, be the best keep Ashkenazi Masonic Secret of all time?

Reality starts once you understand that the World is Dictated by the Banks that Print the Money, so they geared everything around Money, knowing how Evil it is, so I must Conclude that this is all Part of a Game they like to Play on Sheep, that is according to the Bible, that Sir Isaac Newton called the Book of Sin, since it is all about those that Sinned, so never modal your Life around Sinners or you will become one, and then you Deny Bar Abbas by accepting Christ as your Savor, and that is a Cowards way out, sure you will live to see tomorrow, but that only proves how evil money is, because Jesus Bar Abbas gave his Life on the Cross, not Christ, because Christ was just a Name given to a Deity, and at the Time Bar Abbas was Murdered for the Jews by Roman, Christ did not exist at that time, you will not find any writing of the time about Jesus Christ, and it is because that name did not exist until after the 3rd Century, when it was inserted to create the First Reich, so History does not Lie about what the Nazi did, their Darkness spreed like Cancer to Society, as Family members would pimp out other family members for Money, and you could Pay Money to have your Enemies Murdered, and justify Rape, Murder, Pillaging and Plunder all in the Name of Jesus Christ, no wonder the Jews and Muslims Hate you, they just want to make Slaves of you, they still sell their Daughters into Sexual Slavery to this Date, and Circumcise their Children, a cruel and unusual punishment to keep children from playing with themselves, proving how Evil People would have to be to do such a thing to their Children, who have no Right to chose if they want part of their Penis cut off, this is illegal in most Civilized Countries around the World, but still Legal in the United States were Jewish Rights are Forced on Babies every day, because Christians lie about being Jews, knowing they sole their Bible just like the Muslims did, only they did not outline in as much detail, how you can raise your Daughters as Sex Slaves, and if you harm their Womb, you must provide for them, as if that is Generous of you to do after Raping her, and permanently damaging her Womb, so she can not have Children, so all she is, is a Sex Slave, and the Parents can Sell them, and then they become the Property of theirs, proving how Evil Money is, and Muslims are as Evil as you Get, Hitler was one of them, he was the Leader of the Nazi Movement, which meant to spread Darkness, and they do this by Using Money and Religion to Control People, even if you are not Religious, those Views about what and who God is come from those Religions, and not the Bible, it still states God is All Light without Darkness, and the Teaching of Darkness is that its Evil, and Nazi means Dark even to the point of Black, so this is the Eve of Destruction, and the Warlocks will start unending Wars, and have standing Armies to instill Fear into anyone that would appose them, I am Military, I was trained to make My Enemy do my Bidding, and I am my own worse Enemy, because I work for the Bank and Money that Jesus Bar Abbas was Murdered for, and the Constitution was supposed to Honor Jesus Bar Abbas and not Jesus Christ, by only Allowing Congress to print money, but my Family knew that is a Legal Loop hole that Lawyers could use to take over the Country, by allowing the Banks to Print it, witch is why it was Required or a duty of the Militia to overthrow any Corrupt Politician that allowed the Banks to Print it, witch is why Lincoln was Executed by the Militia, so History proves what really happened, the Banks just wrote the History because they are the Good Guys, just like Moses who Freed Slaves that did not work for Money, witch from the viewpoint of the Lightside, made them Free, not Slaves, and that is because of a thing called Logic, and Logic states that if Something is Evil, it is the Opposite of Live, so if you require Money to Live its Evil, because Money is not like Oxygen, and if you had to pay for that you would understand, I do, so I do, and why I do, cluster headaches are easier on Oxygen, but I will not die without it, so it is not Evil, nor is the Fact I have to Pay for it, that is a Business and it is all Legal under this System of Government, called a Dictatorship, because it is owned by a Private Bank called the Federal Reserve, and under US CODE of FEDERAL Law TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUBCHAPTER 9 SUBSECTION 341, the President of the Federal Reserve is in charge, and what was once called the United States of America, became incorporated as a working class to service the Loan, and the Enumeration of the Powers Act makes it clear that Money is in charge, and everyone that uses it works for the Banks, and their Police, Military and Law Enforcement ensures that their Sheep remain Stupid, by controlling the Mainstream Multimedia, but keep in mind that most of Hollywood are Jews, so they are my kind of People, some of them Ashkenazi, and some of them as well as the Zionist, know what is going on, it is the last Battle for the Banks to own it all, right now it is a Stand off between the Ashkenazi and Zionist Banks, and it is all because Congress could vote themselves a Raise, and did not have to work like the Working Class, and even got Tax cuts, and got to Spend like their is no tomorrow, because they all knew that by 2060 there would be no more tomorrows like this, because an Ice Age is a World Changer, people will not give a Dam about Money, you can not Eat nor Drink Money, so it has no Value in Reality, its only because you have Stores, or online or on the Street, so Money is easy to use now, but in an Ice Age those places will not exist, and your Money will buy you nothing, and that is a fact I do not have to prove, it is a given, so who cares what the Banks do, I do not, and it is why I work for them as a Military Member, because I know this BS about the Constitution being Amended is Treason, so I will not ever admit to Treason, I will testify in court that it could not have been Amended using any Dictionary, Amend means Minor, and the Judge will have not choice but to let me go, because that is the truth, Only is a Major Change, and why we now have a National Debt growing faster than the Population, and why the Country is broke and has to borrow from other Countries, those causing their economy to rely on ours, and we both slowly die or go to War with another Country, and take over their export, like we do with Oil right now, and what the Gulf War was all about, the Legal Rights to control the Price of Oil to other Countries, and get our Cut, and that is Criminal in Nature, the Constitution only allowed U.S. to Defend our own Land, and that it most be Contiguous, meaning they touch, Alaska and Hawaii do not, so they are not allowed under the Constitution, so do not tell me that is an Amendment also, its BS, we did that for a Military Strong Hold, so its my Conclusion that the United States is Evil.

Evil is what Evil does, and Controlling People like Puppets to do what you want them to do for some reward called Money, can only be described as Evil, and there is no aspect of using Money that cannot be viewed as Pure Evil, because there is no such thing as the lessor of two Evils, its like a Deity also known as Christ, it does not Physically Exist, so what does Faith have to do with it, its just a Second Hand Emotion, as my Favorite Singer would have put it, what does Love have to do with it, because in Reality the Heart is just an Organ, and Emotions can not only Hurt it, but drive itself to Kill it, so who needs it, when Winning Money is as Sad as Losing, because the Happiness of Winning it, is not as sweet as when you finally lose it all, and at some point you get the feeling that if you have to Pay for Love, it is not worth it, because another Second Hand (job) can get rid of that Emotion, so Sex and Love are not the Same Emotion, you can Pay for Sex but not Love, that has a Price much higher than something Physical, it has to be Emotional, and that means you have to have a Conscience, and not Con Science, witch which is Magic, its how to Brainwash Stupid People into thinking they are working for Money, instead of the Banks that take their House away if they do not make the Payments, so tell that to Dead Military Veterans Wives and Children, there is nothing good about Money, you buy Baby food with the Blood of Jesus on it, that never washes out of that Babies Mouth, then they grow up Addicted to it, because it is a Drug, no reason to deny it is not, its even Printed on Hemp that contains Cannabinoids, just like the Constitution, so call it what it is, and Evil is the only work I can Spell, that fully describes it, and it is why the Bible stated it that way, and why Religion changed the meaning of what Light without Darkness meant, instead that describe it in terms of Emotions, knowing that over 96% of all Priest are Pedophiles, I would say they just want to have Sex with Children, and not Pay Taxes, and Collect Money for Suffering that never goes away, because they never use the Money to Cure it, only to Treat it, and Pretend they are make it better, when in fact they are must making more Suffering, just ask Mother Teresa, the Church made her a Saint, its pronounced Sain't, as in Satan, so its Witchcraft, and why the Church murders Witches and Wizards, but Not Sir Isaac Newton, they treated him like Royalty because he was a Descendant of Jesus, which really Freaked out the Christian Movement when Newton's work became Public Domain, this proved the Pope, and other top Religious Leaders, believed only in Sir Isaac Newton's Newtonian Universe based on God as the Force of Gravity, nowadays the Pope and other top Religious Leaders would have to Publicly Declare their Science, and nowadays there are many to Choice from: Newtonian, which is the oldest dating back before the Bible was written, and you have the Dynamic Universe, that date back over a Century, but was Publicly Denounced as Pure Science Fiction that has Paradoxes without the Newton's God as the Force of Gravity, back in 1942, so its Public Knowledge that the Theory of General Relativity, or any other of Einsteins Theories, were Proven Wrong by the Person that wrote them, just to Sell a Book, and Make Money, Proving how Evil Money is, so it all comes down to how we as a one Race of Humans with many Color or Genetic differences, but we all have the Capacity to understand what the Truth is, especially since you know that Satan Lies, and it is always a Lie that Money is not Evil, or that only the Love of it is Evil, in fact that is just Proof of how Evil Money really is, it has the Blood of Jesus on it, and that Blood is now Printed with Ink made from the Blood of the Planet, and the Banks Lie about what it is, so they can Sell it to you, knowing we will need it when the Earth Reverses or Shift Poles, so that should prove what Evil means, and describe what the Bible was warning yew about, People that Use Money and will Kill you if you do not use it, and why Christians are Murdering Treasonous Liars who will never admit to being Sinners, because they Use Money, but they have to Pay Taxes, so Denial only proves how Insane they are, and how Evil they are to Use Money, trust me I know, and it is why I live in Poverty just like the Leaders of all Major Religions, and they do not Pay Taxes, proving they are not Evil, nor is the Bible, its just Religion, and I do not think any of these People are, otherwise they would be using that Money for their Personal Needs, and they do need some to survive, and the Pope Mobile is Required, and worth all the Money he Paid for it, we should all protect the Leaders of the Church, because they have Keep the World Safe, and tried to collect all the Sinful Money, and that is why they pass the Plat around, they take your Sin, so you will not be as big of a Sinner, and they do give it to those in Need, and some ask nothing in return, while others are just Paying for your Service, and it is why Congressmen have been known to bend over Pages, and why Gay or Homosexual People are now allowed in the Military, personally I was offended they were not allowed to in the first place, just like people on the Autism Spectrum are now being denied into the Military, when clearly I have proved that they can excel at it, I might be an Aspie, proving they should be allowed into the Military, Law Enforcement or the Police, but this is the World I live into Today, where Prejudiced forced my Grandmother to Lie to me, just so I could have a chance in life, and everyone else had to Lie for her to cover this one lie, so when my Step Mother Committed Suicide, no one would know it is because she was a Drug Junkie and a Thief, because my Grandmother threaten to file charges against her, if she did not reveal who she sold the trunk full of documents, including the work of Kepler, Newton, Franklin, and Tesla, and my Grandmothers Private Detective figured she must have gotten over 20,000 dollars for it, but it traces to a Home Fire slash Death, with no traces from there, so my Step Mother took that Secret to her grave, and crawled on her hand and knees, across a poorly lite street, in front of a Store, next to a Pirates Ship on the Right, and an Airplane Graveyard on the Left, in the Tucson Arizona, the Desert, so I conclude that most People have no Clue as to what the Truth is, because like my Grandmother, Money or Masonic Power, was like a wave of a wound to her, and she was a Witch and a Wizard, and died at 99 just to prove to me it can be done.

People were Brainwashed from Birth to believe that the United States, or anywhere in the World that used Money was Free, in all Countries, whoever Prints the Money Rules the Country, and why Money comes and Goes, I have Money with Saddam Hussein on it, proving that once a Leader is deposed, or in this case his last Avatar is Murdered or Hung, they throw that Money away like it was Dirty Laundry that could not be cleaned, and the United States made up some Gold Act to robe its Citizens of their Gold, proving how Evil and Greedy they can get, every War just to take the next Step in the Reich, the last Step was 4, that was kicked off by 911, where there is no evidence a Plane Crashed at all, my Grandmother told me and my sister, that our Grandfather left the Pentagon, when he learned of Reich 4, he wanted no part in it, so he was transfer from the Pentagon to Norco, or North Corona, and took a pay grade cut to teach Submarine Warfare, at the Navel Weapons Academy, so I understand all the Brainwashing, but I also know the truth, and I can not un-see the Truth, I took an Oat to Defend and Protect the Constitution, and this means I have to have the Courage to tale the Truth, and it is my Duty to tell the Truth, and Aspies normally do not like to lie anyway, so its easy to tale or tell the truth, its like which witch to use and what order, its just History and His-Story, and how Reality is Created, so I must conclude that Money comes with a Price of Freedom, and People would rather Lie then to Live without Freedom, knowing how Evil that is, so they Live in Sin, and Pretend it is not Evil, so Gods sends People that do not believe in him to Hell, where Satan makes all those that do not believe in God burn in Hell, so Satan is always trying to recruit new followers, so he lies to them, so now using Logic let us like at this Lie, and examine it, so yew will understand how a Lie is told, and why yew would have to be insane to fall for it, so Satan tales you that Lies, we can all agree on that, so for example, if Satan was to explain to you what God is, they would tale you that God is Good, and Satan is Evil, if you ask them why Satan is Evil they will tell you it is because they Lie to you, so I say to yew, the Bible states God is All Light without Darkness, and only Satan would tale you that Light was Good and Darkness was Evil, so its clear who Satan is, and that is the Sinners who use Money that has the Blood of Jesus on it, and Deny it is the Blood of Jesus Bar Abbas, even though History Proves it, so Satan lies and now we know who Satan is, and it is anyone that believes in Christ, or uses Money, and I told you IAM the Darkness, but the Darkness is not Evil, in fact that is just Eve, my Great-Great Grandmother, and she was a Nazi, and my Great-Great Grandfather Adam was an Ash, and a lot Whiter then I am, so I can trace my Family Tree a long way back, and all the Trouble started with Cain, because he believed that his Father Loved Able his half brother from another Mother, named Mary, more than he did him, so it was out of Jealousy that Cain Killed Able, and was expelled from Paradise, where they would have to deal with the out cast, and his Mother allowed him to kidnap all his sisters and half sisters, and raise an Army that still stands to this day, so little has changed in the Bible, History just Repeats itself, because no one learns these Lessons, and it is all because of who you call a Savor, if its Christ, you use Money, and Lie about it being Evil, so you will not have to admit you are Evil, that is called insanity and was meant as sarcasm, so I can only conclude that History is like Deja Vu, for those that remember their past lives, but for those that read History and His-Story, know the Difference between what your once Enemy and now Owner dictates is History, and Science, no matter how Stupid it is, proving how stupid you would have to be to believe it: after reading or hearing the truth, so its really up to you, it is a choice: Know it because no one cares what yew believe, or No it Not, its as simple as that, be the Sheep I call Yew, or understand the Truth, first by Proving that what I said was the Truth, never take my Word for anything, I could be Satan and Lying to Yew, but to what End? The End of Civilization? I can not understand why anyone would think a highly decorated Medically Retired Gulf War Vet would have to lie about Science, that can be proven to be real Science or proven not to be, but I know how People are, the are Stupid, meaning Uneducated, and a PhD in Mainstream is just Retarded if its based on a Theory, because another term for a person with a PhD in a Science based on a Theory or Theoretical in Nature is Science Fiction, and I love Science Fiction, but only in my Movies and not in my Real Science, that would be insane, I only want Facts in my Science, proving those that do not understand this, were successfully Brainwashed, and now yew know it, so I conclude yew will never admit it, because once yew admit it, yew become you, and now I do not have to talk to Sheep anymore, just joking, that is not even funny, I can never talk to Humans about this stuff, the Church or Bank members would Burn me alive.

His-Story and History has its Moments where they are the same Story, no real reason to write about that since you already know it, so I focus on what yew do not know, and in the end I must conclude that I had a reason to tale His-Story, and that Reason should be Crystal Clear when you understand why I am writing to Yew, and not to you the Reader, and it is because I need you to read it to yew, and once all the Sheeple like Yew, start to know the Truth about the Trinary Universe, maybe their Science will change from Science Fiction, to Trinary Reality, but most of yew that made it this far, are looking for me to turn this into something I benefit from, and Trinary Sanctuary is something that will not even be finished in my Lifetime, mostly because I do not believe I will live to be 99 like my Grandmother, but mainly because Trinary Sanctuary is not about me, or you, or yew for that matter, well it is about the End of Civilization, and not a Fear Factor Game, but the Reason why Tesla wanted Wireless Energy, so that everyone can survive the Ice Age, Power lines will not work during an Ice Age, end of subject, maintaining them would become impossible at some point, so why try to begin with, Trinary Sanctuary has Hard Lines and Wireless, and it is because we believe in triple redundant power supplies, Onboard, Wireless and Hardwired which can mean Battery Backup, so it all comes down to what yew want to believe in, witch is why I say Know it or No it Not, but to not believe what I write meaning Tale, or say meaning Tell, I might not write what you think I meant because I am dyslexic, so not dwell on words and spells I might have mixed up on Paper or in Words, but never in my Mind, I try to fix errors, but I made more in trying, so its self-defeating, and I do not have an Editor, because so far all of them just want to rewrite every word and spell I use, so I can not read it nor understand it, and I can even understand a fully dyslexic sentence and fully understand the Authors point, it may not be what most people can agree on what a Normal Interpretation is, as if there is such a thing, as for why History and His-Story differs is because I am explaining the Trinary Universe to yew, just like Hollywood Movies like Wizard of Oz explain Taxation to you, do not Pay attention to the Man behind the Screen, the key word is Pay, and Attention is what Mainstream Media is all about, so why would I write this Book or Videos for Humans, knowing they all sold Jesus Bar Abbas out for Money, and then they sold out my Constitution, so I have good Reason to be Pissed, stupid Sheeple never understood how its Legal for the Banks to Print their Money and Not Congress, some understand what Presidents that have Congress Print Money, end up as Dead Presidents that are Printed on it, and why George Washington was on the 1 Dollar Bill, with an Athena Owl on the back side, and everyone gets one and looks for it, not sure about the new ones, but the old ones you need a magnifying glass, and look in the top left corner around the 1, it has trim, its on the left side, so small most can not see it with their naked eye, but as a child up to age 42 I had 20/10 vision, by 52 I had to ware glasses, now I am Legally Blind without them, but I can still see it with a Magnifying glass, it is an Athena Owl, and knowing that is what the Jews places by Houses that they wanted the Roman Soldiers to Murder, for not Paying Taxes, and Jefferson for saying do not trust Freemasons, and Benjamin Franklin for getting John Adams to start off with a version of the Magna Carta that Sir Isaac Newton wrote, its just a modified version of it, and I know because my Great Grandfather brought it over on a ship called the Phoenix in 1752, his name was Henry Weston Fleischer, later changed to Henry Flesher, he would be listed as Crew and set with the Captain of the ship, but Masonic Secrets are what they are, Family History or His-Story, but most of it correlates to know History, and it is why I only wrote the for yew, because yew do not care about Documents because even Real ones can tale Lies, my Step Mother taught me that, so instead I only tale yew about Logic, and Reason, and just point out that I am not the only one that wrote about that in History, in fact the Bible did, Sir Isaac Newton did, Nikola Tesla did, and Albert Einstein wrote a Theory just to Denounce it to prove how much he believed in Newton, and this all started with Kepler, he was the one that thought some invisible Light created the Motions of Heavenly Bodies, using these Shapes of Harmony, like a Pyramid, a Square and a Sphere, 3 basic types of Electronic Waveform's, so he was the one that gets credit for discovering Alternating Current, Newton wrote the Math for it, Franklin Proved it was in Lightning, and Tesla Proved it could be distributed wireless, and for Free, and the Energy did not need to be sold, it could be sold as a subscription, you put a meter on the device you sell, and charge for its use, it makes much more cents than Power lines that burn down everything when they fail, and you can shut it down remotely if they do not pay their bill, and sure people can hack it, they can hack it now and get free power, my Father taught me how to change out Power Meters, and how to climb poles and how many wraps I needed around the high power lines, to tap off that power without them knowing, well nowadays a TDR meter would give that away, and you can go to jail for changing out Power Meters, so Hacking is not Legal, so why Punish those that are not committing a crime, and that is what JP Morgan did not understand, Money is Money and is does not matter how you get it, its how you deliver it, and the Power meter comes built into this Technology, as long as you pay your bill it works, only no Power lines to fall down and Electrocute someone, or burn down everything it comes into contact with; all because of a Banker that only cared about Control, and wanted Power Lines because he taught that gave him more Control, while Thomas Edison was Burning down Houses and Killing not only People, but publicly executing Dogs, Cats, Horses, and Elephants, all to prove how Dangerous AC was, when all DC is, is filtered AC, and it has a very limited range, so you needed a Power plant every mile, proving that anyone that gets an Edison Award must have done something to deserve a Darwin Award to go with it, and why people had to talk Tesla into accepting one, saying that History would view him as a petty man if he did not, but for the record he threw it away, it was a dishonor to him since Edison like Westinghouse stole from him, and like Bill Finger who died broke, because DC would not acknowledge his Contribution to Bat-Man, just because of a Contract made with Satan himself, and the world did not give any Credit to Tesla, and he died broke, and was called an Old Wizard, and why Newton was replaced by Theories so stupid that the person that wrote them told you so, but because he Proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible thus a Lie, that Religion Game should be over, but it is not, because Satan does not go down easy, its like a person drowning, they will use your Dead body to get out of the water, if they have to Kill you so you will Bloat, and rip off your Arms, so they can use them for paddles, because that is how people are when fear sets in, people that use Money after reading this would be ashamed, that is if they had a Conscience, and those that still believe in Theory have no Conscience, only Con Science, and why History and His-Story are not always the same.

I conclude that when all is said and done, more is said then done, and few people understand what I am trying to get yew to do, and that is tail, tell, or tale (stuttering) others about the Trinary Universe, and see if more can get done then said, and what is to do, well you need Land to build Trinary Sanctuary on, it is a Pyramid that pushes the limit to how high it can be built, when the limit is around 66 miles, its solid concrete type of mix, only it has layers that work together to form around objects buried in it, so you build submarine style housing, all rooms are Spherical, and can be rotated in 180 degrees in all direction, in case of earthquakes, Water, Ice, Volcano, sinkholes, Meteor Strike, a Nova, or anything that causes the Pyramid to sink to one side, so its built to out last all Disasters we can prepare for, and a Nova is one of them, and it does not get much worse, so you need equipment, and people that know how to follow instructions, and you build a World, not a Country, not a State, not a City, I think Grand, and build Grand, these 42 Structures built around the World, become a World in itself, it is all built for Free, no Bank Loans, no Private Funding, no Money, no Laws, no Religion too, Imagine that... The Bible warned yew about Money, and all forms of it including Barter, Gambling, or even Trade, that is not what Freedom is all about, you just do your job, and everyone else does theirs, and we all talk the same language, and make sure it is the same as that your Computer Programs are written in, and this is the best Part, it provides all its excess Supplies, such as Power, Water and Food, to the Governments that Host the Land they are built on, and this is given to them in exchange for paying off the National Debt, of that Country, so this is Global, no Contracts, no Deal, and no Promises, Trinary Sanctuary will be designed to produce Power, Water and Food, and in Excess, enough for the World to survive an Ice Age, so that is the Talk, the Walk is when someone, and it can not be the Author that proposes this Trinary Sanctuary to their Government on their Behalf, this is not a Legal Document, because Legal is a Term used by the Banks to Trick you like Magic, instead its just a Document explaining the Duties of the Militia that are allowed to be Members, it only has 9 Requirements, because all Numbering Systems start with 0, and I only have 10 fingers, and these are to simply Requirement, make it clear about what is allowed and what is not, it is all based on a Living Document called the Principles of Trinary Sanctuary, and in fact will not end up being the book I started, only the book that started it, because We the People are in charge at an Individual Level, there are no Representatives for anyone or any one Group, in fact there is only one Group, we all speak and write the same Language, I call it basic, it is the basic language I used to write my Computer Programs in, I use higher level languages then the Basic Language, so those words and spells must also be in our Language, so we can understand what we are Programing, so more said means saying things more efficiently, so what ever language you decide to speak, make Computer Programming the top decision when deciding this, other than that I am not a Linguist, nor do I like English, but basic can work, its based on the works used in Computer Programming, but they are defined to only have one meaning, this prevents Witchcraft from being used, and English is just another term for Witchcraft, since its any term that is a word with a spell that can define more than one meaning for a word, that is not allowed in the Trinary Language, and if you want to vote on it, you will have translated all the current computer programs to Chinese, and that will not work, and why it has not been attempted, and why the Chinese still use the same Language to Program in, and it is just words to them, they only know how its spelled, so as I have tried to write in such a way that everything I said only had one meaning, so you would understand exactly what I was saying, and not trying to use words to confuse you, or make you think that Light and Good or Darkness is Evil are Translations, that is how Satan writes and talks, its called a forked tong, and it is how Law is written, its how I can talk to yew and if this was an Audio, instead of a Book, you would not understand the Joke, nor get the punch line, because Witchcraft is what Alchemist were forced to use so the Churches did not kill them, and now that you had the time to read about what Isaac Newton had to say about Religion, and now you understand why Christians hide this fact to this day, and will lie to you right to your face if you ask them about this, all they will do is deny it, and act like you are Satan for saying it, and that is how Satan Works, first you doubt yourself, then its easier to doubt others, but if others do not know what I told yew, how do you know others know about yew, even tho the Bible called Yew the Lord or Christ, it was only Jesus Bar Abbas that actually existed in History, and this is a time when History is right, proving Religion is wrong, and on so many levels it is not funny. To Walk the Talk means you have been there, done that, and now where the T-Shirt, meaning you Advertise it, and the Light Wizzard in the Flesh does just that, I rip into People: Rest in Peace, and it is because I am a Warrior, I was Medically Retired because they were afraid I would become Violent when I have a PTSD attack, Imagine that, me Violent, I am a Marksmen, so Weapons an PTSD do not Mix well, so now I have my Rights Suspended, just like the Constitution, I have a Debt to pay off, and it is because they believe that people with PTSD are insane, and that is just not true, my guns did not even work, because I know I have PTSD, so I destroyed them, that is called Responsibility, if you can not trust yourself with a Weapon you should not own a working one, but they know I am also smart enough to fix them, so I had to have them removed from the property, imagine if they did that to all people that had Weapons, Legally if you believe in a Deity or Christ, that does not Physically Exist, you are legally Insane, and should have your Weapons removed, and you should not be allowed to work at a job that could endanger anyone, so you could not work for the Government, they do not allow Insane People to work there, so check their Dog Tags, then ask me again why IAM the Dog, it has a Deity listed as BS or a Belief System, you should be legally declared insane, and treated like Autistic People, so you can see what that feel like, I had long Hair like Jesus, but Religious People called me a Hippy, and I was never a Hippy, I use cannabis as a Medication not to get High, it helps with Autism, PTSD and Cancer, and I have a Medical License so its only Legal in the State, not at the Federal Level of Law, so I can still be Punished under Federal Law, and as I have proven, that is owned by the Banks, so it is all about Money, and why more is all said then Done.

Sometimes I keep going, and I have no idea where I am going, I have a Point to make that seems Pointless at times, so I seem to ramble from one topic to the next, no Periods, only a pause, with facts and answers to questions with no reason, only Points to make that confirm or deny what it is IAM trying to say, and not what I am trying to say, because as I have said, Me is the Flesh, I is the Light, so put yourself into my Flesh just long enough to understand who IAM, I And Me, on one hand I am IAM, and IAM I am, and that Logic is Sound, if God is Everything, and Tesla said the Light is Everything, and God is All Light without Darkness, so this is always where IAM going, but sometimes I just goes off on its own, and leaves me behind, so I go out of my Mind, and people reading this think I am Crazy for comparing myself to IAM, but in the Bible, IAM is always who is reading it, this is the Never Ending Story and yew are the Page Master, references only those that read the books or maybe watched the Movie to the concept of it, its how the Child's Mind learns, and it is pointless to teach it to Sheep like yew, because Sheeple never believe in the truth, everything I wrote about came out of the Bible, only yet only Satan would deny it, that is what the Bible said, that those that Follow Satan will Deny Jesus, and then gave yew the choice between two Jesus's: Christ and Bar/Abbas, and told yew one would be set Free and the Other will Die, so who did the Jews pick to Die? Think about this, we all know that in Real History Bar/Abbas is the only one the actually Exist, because Christ is a Deity that Physically does not Exist, so they Picked Christ, if that was the Truth, Bar/Abbas would not have been Murdered for Treason against Rome, so History and His-Story are not the same, the facts are, but not the Viewpoint, because if they picked Bar/Abbas the Romans would have Executed them as well, but is that true nowadays? If you said No I can conclude there is no reason they Deny Jesus, yet they still do, and some do not believe in the Bible, because of Religion, because it is Stories are Insane, and it is because it is Witchcraft, and only Witches and Wizards understand it, so I keep going on about something, and Sheep like yew may or may not understand what it is, I am trying to say, and maybe that is why I wrote this that way, to make you try to understand who God is, if that same God is in all Lifeforms, then its Energy, and we are just Light Beings, we Dream on the same Game Field but on different Levels, our Body is Electric, our thoughts are Electrical, and Einstein would agree with me, and that is what is so Ironic, people try to use Einsteins Theories to debunk me, when Einstein Denounced those same theories because they had Paradoxes in them, and that is Insane, so maybe I am going Insane, and maybe it is insane to believe in God, even if that God is All Light without Darkness, all you know that you are that Light, and it is in all the Atom's, so it is not that bad to be insane as long as you have Facts that make you feel not so Crazy, but in reality, it all comes down to who IAM, and the Bible told yew that IAM God, and God is All Light without Darkness, so IAM the Light and the Darkness, because the Light can not Exist without the Darkness, so the Darkness is Gods Cloths, we call the Atom's, and they are made of Neutrinos, so its Trinary Science, and that is always where IAM going, so I can only Conclude this is the truth, or the Bible is lying, and Newton, Franklin, Tesla and Einstein would be wrong, so I know that Trinary Science is the Truth, and the Bible, Newton, Franklin, Tesla and Einstein proved it; so who opposes my Science besides Mainstream? Yew do oh course, so I wrote this for yew, so maybe some day yew will figure out why yew are so insane, and it is because yew believed that People had the Right to believe what they Wanted, so they decided in Mass Insanity, and built enough Nuclear Weapons to destroy this Planet 10 time over, proving how insane they are, Kill them all is an Eye for an Eye Justice, and if you believe in that, and one of your children pokes the eye out of the other, then the other has the right to poke their eye out, now you have to children with one eye, and neither of them got Justice, or understand this concept and how insane it is; and it is because of Theories, people who believe in them are technically insane, that is just a fact you can not deny, because if or when a Theory is proven wrong, it means you believed in things that were wrong, and now you need to rethink everything you think you know, because it was just proven wrong, so own up to it, understand the truth and what it means, then move on with your Life, and decide what you want your life to be like in 2060, and if you are like me and will be very old by then, if you are even alive then, so it comes down to what you want for all Life on this Planet, and if that means giving them a chance, then you can not be Sheep, you must be the one that makes sure those Lifeforms have a way to survive an Ice Age, survive the Polar Reversal is hard enough, and only Technology can save you there, this Pyramid can have sets to strap into, and the rooms are Pressurized so you can breathe at all time, the Air Supply is not dependent on Power, it depends on a Vacuum, and that will increase during the Polar Shift, as the Atmosphere leaks into the Vacuum of space, when the Magnetosphere collapses, so remember this of all my Conclusions, because this time is very near, and can happen any time now, so I want yew to be safe.

The problem with People, is that they are Human, and that is where the Problem starts, because they do not think of themselves as Animals, yet in Reality that is all they are, because if you view yourself as Human or Animal, you limit your potential in Life, because as a Human or Animal you fear Death for the wrong reason, and it is because of the way most Humans or Animals believe Life is, for example: I believe as most Wizards throughout History: Men like Bar/Abbas, Kepler, Galilei, Newton, Franklin or Tesla, who all believed we are Light Beings in the Flesh, and that is why Bar/Abbas said he would come back in the Flesh, and why IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, because as long as you are in the Flesh, your Light is in your Flesh, and when that Light is gone, so is your Life, IAM is just I And Me, and without the Light without Darkness, your Body is just Meat, so it is the Flesh, yet without the Light of God it will just rot, yet Religion would have you believe that God does not Physically Exist, so never confuse that God known as a Deity, Christ, or Spirit with the Light without Darkness, there is no comparison, the God of Religion does not Physically Exist, therefore it is not the Same God as the one that does Physically Exist as Light without Darkness, yet Religious People will try to make that Argument, and that is because they can not own up to being Satanic, because only Satan would teach you that God is a Deity, Christ or Spirit that does not Physically Exist, this is the very definition for Satan, the one that Tells you Half Truths therefore Half Lies, and the first lie was that God does not Physically Exist, in the Dictionaries that is defined as Insanity, so all Religious People are Legally Insane by Definition, no argument will change that fact, and I do not deal with Theories, you lie about what God is and all you are is a Liar, and Religion has a History of Killing all Wizards and Witches throughout History, proving beyond a Shadow of a Doubt as to how Evil they are, and in the United States of America they are responsible for the Banks taking ownership of the Constitution, which they Suspended till the Loan known as the National Debt is Paid off, and there are those that Deny that its Suspended because they are Ignorant of the Laws, such as the Enumerations of Power Act under the Federal Reserve U.S. Code of Law, facts like this do not matter to Ignorant People, because they are Ignorant for a reason, so not everyone on this planet will believe they are Light Beings, and I call them Sheeple, since they are no more Intelligent than a Sheep, and that is why the Bible calls them Sheep to begin with, because it said not to make the Bible into a Religion, and Bar/Abbas was a War with Religion, he said he could destroy the Church, and they would rebuild it in 3 days, and it is because there is no Cure for Insanity for those that are Religious, they believe they are the Most Intelligent Animal on this Planet, yet most of them can not find patterns faster than Sheep or Monkeys, proving they are too Stupid to understand the Concept of Patterns, so all Religious People should go to a Mental Health Hospital, and tell the doctors you believe in things that do not Physically Exist, and listen to what they have to say, if they are Religious, they will tell you its fine, you can believe in what every you want, proving the Nuts are running the Asylum, otherwise they will tell you the Truth, you need a Padded Cell or Grow Up, Santa works for Satan, read the Bible and it tells you that Money is the Root of all the is Evil, proving the Love of Money was inserted with Christ, and just more Lies from Satan, so Religious people ask me how I can believe in God and Satan without Religion, and I tell them the Truth, Religion and Money is all about Control and nothing else, and Light Beings can not be Controlled, so the Church orders all their Executions when the Truth comes out; but in the End, which is coming in 2060, it will not matter who was Right, it will be about who is Left, and it will not be Humans, it will be Light Beings...

Conclusions are like Assholes, everyone has one, and everyone that does not believe in your Theory about the Universe is an Asshole, so keep in mind this is not a Theory, its based on Newton's Math that is a Fact, and it builds on the Laws of Physics of Light, so if you do not believe in my Trinary Universe, then take a Flashlight and stick it up your Asshole, and see if the Sunshine feels better, because I personally do not feel the need to Coddle Religion or Money, the first meaning of Coddle is treat in an indulgent or overprotective way, I prefer the second term: cook (an egg) in water below the boiling point, because in truth all Religious People are Self appointed Assholes, and they have the Right to be an Asshole, and to pretend it was not them that Killed all those Wizards and Witches in History, that is called Insane, and we all know they are, they will never own up to their Part of Religion, which is believing that Satan will Save your Soul in Hell, because Satan has no domain in Heaven, so Santa Worshiper all go to Hell, because Santa is an Asshole, all he ever wants for Christmas is More Money and More Stuff to Play with, as for me, well I am a Wizard, and I will never forgive Religion for all the Murder they have Committed, I will never feel safe as long as they exist, Satan knows no bounds and will always try to Kill all that do not believe in him, and calling God the True God is what Satan does, because in the Bible they told you want God was: All Light without Darkness, and only Satan will tell you the Light is Good and the Darkness is Evil, that is just not true on any level of sanity, it is a Lie, and only Satan Lies, I had this Argument with Satan himself while in the VA Mental Hospital in 2018, I told this Christian Priest (Satan' Helper) the Truth, and he spun it into Lies, Proving what a Sick Twisted Asshole he was, and I did not need to see his Horns to know he was Satan, because he spoke with a Forked Tongue like they all do, I could feel the skin on the back of my neck rise up, and this Dog was about to Bark, Religious Sheeple are not worth the Breath to talk to, they have no concept of Reality, they live in a Fantasy world they created because they believe: that 99.999% of the Sheeple can not be Insane for believing in a Deity, knowing that in the Dictionary by Definition if even one of them believe in something that does not Physically Exist, they are Insane and that is what Jesus tried to tell people, when he went to War against the Church and the Roman Empire, nowadays we call this the Church and the Police who work for the Banks that Own US like Sheep.

The Bible made it very clear that the Church is the Enemy of the People, anyone that does not understand this is totally Retarded, the bible was very clear that the Church is who forced the Roman Empire (Police), to Kill Jesus Bar Abbas, and that is History of the Roman Empire, Christ did not exist because Sir Isaac Newton Proved beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that Christ was Inserted into the Bible, so if Christians want to word for Satan it is their Freewill, but they have no Right to push it on others, and they are Guilty of Treason against the United States of America for allowed the Bank to Print the Money, and not Congress, and as a Military Member who has the Duty to Defend the Constitution, I declare that all Religious People living in the United States, or Church's in the United States, or any Legal Entity that is getting Tax Exemptions based on Religion, or Religious Citizens of the United States of America, regardless of where they live in the World, are Guilt of Treason for allowing the Banks to Print Money, and the Military Tribunal should rule on this Matter, and do their Duty to Defend and Uphold the Constitution, and that means they are required to ensure the National Debt gets paid off, and that means revoking all Tax Exemptions and detaining all Tax Evaders in Hard Labor Camps, and selling off all the Assets of all the Church's and all their Members, to pay off the National Debt. I do not care if you arrest and execute everyone involved in the Cover up, those that pretend that Constitution was Amended are to Dangerous and Stupid to be keep alive, and they are far more Guilty of Treason than those that tried to Defend the Constitution as I have, but the Fact is that Someone has to Arrested for this Crime, Lincoln was not enough since you Worship Him for his Treason, Lincoln was Satanic Jew pretending to be a Christian, his Black Blood and Genes did not make him a White Man by any criteria, he was not Honest about what he was, which was a Black descended, just like me, only people think I am a White Man, check my DNA, I have Black Genes too, in fact everyone on this Planet does, and only Liars Deny it, but Lincoln worked for the Bank, and if you want Justice or JustUS, what would be the Point, Execute 99.999% of the People in the World, just because they are Totally Insane, and as Stupid Ignorant Retards, because they are too Lazy to Read Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla, they Blindly Believe in Theories that can never be Proven to be a Fact, the Insanity never ends, they have enough Nuclear Bombs, also known as God Bombs, the reason they do not call them that, it is because they are Satanic, hell bend on Killing everyone on this Planet, that is so INSANE that there will never be any forgiveness for building one of those Bombs; so anyone that want to Sympathize with the Devil and their ways, do not forget how many people they are still responsible for Killing, Jesus Bar Abbas for one, that Blood will never wash off that Evil Money, but Money Junkies do not Care as long as they get their Fix on the Deadliest Drug ever invented by Satan, and let me explain one thing to you, I go off on Religion and Money, because the Bible, Kepler, Galileo, Franklin, Newton and Tesla did, so if you ask me to Tone it down, you are asking them to Tone it down, personally I agree with them, and if you have a Conscience, and actually know Right from Wrong, you will have to agree with them also.

Neurotypicals will always believe they are more Intelligent the Autistic, this is because they are all Ego Driven and Arrogance is part of their basic Profile, as is the need to only think about themselves in all situations, and unfortunately there are many Spectra of Autism, and few are in my Spectra, which accounts for all the Stupid Autistic People, who believe in Theories or Religion, a sign of a Weak Mind, because only Weak Minds can be turned by Satan, or have no Interest in the Universe, because they gave no Interest in Reality, and it is why most of the Population on this Prison Planet is too Stupid to Live, and they will not admit it till the Earth Reverses its Poles, and the Oceans Freeze over, even then they will believe it will thaw out next week, because Reality is not a strong point for weak minds, so I imagine that this Pole Reversal is going to be the End of Civilization as the Bible predicted, and Newton and myself Calculated, and Stupid People will only prove how Stupid they really are, and if you put Science to a Vote, the Flat Earth No Brains would win hands down, because Stupidity has no bounds, because this theory was written to prove just how Stupid People really are, as was Religion and the use of Money, and the Application of Law, which in Reality is Satan's Domain, since all Law is Evil and the work of Satan himself, the only Laws Humans need is Gods Law, and not the 10 Commandments to its Sheep, Moses was the Dark Wizard, and does only the Bidding of Satan, because God's Laws are the Laws of Physics of Light. In History its clear that Neurotypicals allowed all this Godless Religion to exist, and it is Godless since the God in Religion Physically does not Exist, that is Satanic Logic at its best, to Fool people into believing that God does not Exist, they Fool them into believing in a God that does not Physically Exist, and Stupid Fools will believe it, because they are not Intelligent to understand how Evil that is, and how Insane it is to believe in a God that does not Exist, and Physically not Exist is the same thing as believing God does not Exist, its called Stupid Logic, for Stupid People, and 99.999% of the Population of this Planet is that kind of Stupid, so its Normal to be this Stupid, personally I am ashamed to call myself a Human, so I refuse to, Humans are disgusting Animals that allow the Banks, who are just common Criminals, own and Control them like Sheep, they are allowed to lock these Sheep in Prison for Crimes they make up, and now 95% of the Population is in Prison, or have been, and even in the End Times, People Refuse to believe the Truth, because all they have ever Heard in their Herd is Lies, so Lies are all yew Know; so for the Record me in the Flesh is not a Human, IAM a Light Being trapped in the Flesh; 100 years from now everyone will know this was the Truth, till then they the Normal Stupid Shitty Assholes that run this World will Deny it just for Money, so Money will destroy the Human Race as it always have, all because People are living under Bank Law, the Banks own and run the Miliary and Police how are Trained to Kill People for Money, these are Neurotypicals since its against the Law for Autistic People to join their Forces nowadays, they only want Gay Murders who Love Money, and Refuse to Defend the Constitution that has been Suspended since 1863, and that Satanic Lincoln Sold use out just like Judas Sold Jesus Out, and now the Banks put Lincoln on a Pedestal and Worship him like God of Money, Lincoln being Honest is the biggest Lie ever told, the Man was Satanic, and Enslaver a Nation with a National Dept that will never end, and was Legally Executed by the Militia that is now Outlawed in this Country, proving the Banks own everyone in it like Sheep, sub human, Rats that sold out their Freedom for Money, and it is all because of those Religious Satanic Filth, nothing but Cowards and Liars, every single one of them, they have no Right to push their Satanic Beliefs on others, all they are is Tax Evading Pedophiles according to History, and they are Neurotypicals so the blame is on them, they are all Satanic, I have never met one in my Lifetime that was not, they have IQ's so Low it is a Crime, they should be labeled as Retarded Insane Criminals and Locked up for Life, but this is how Sick and Twisted this World has become, when its Normal for Satan to be called God, because that is what you call a God that does not Physically Exist, and you call people who use Money or Law Satanic. If you are a Neurotypical, you need to understand the Truth about the World you live in, I know you are not Intelligent enough to figure this out on your Own, its why you are Owned by a Bank owned by Criminals, and believe Money is just a Tool, knowing only Satan would say such a Foolish thing, but one thing I can say about Stupid People, they have no interest in being anything else, and Neurotypicals are not capable of reading this Book cover to cover, because they do not have the Intellect to understand anything but Lies, and the few that do, will only understand what I explained about the Trinary Universe, which I just scratch the surface of what I know about it, and have not had the time to write about it, because no one will read it, so Like this book, I only wrote if for myself and yew; proving that the Human Race is Doom because Neurotypicals are in Charge, and look what they did to this Prison Planet, they all deserve to Die, and that is what I will do by the end of 2103 at latest, even if the Earths Poles Reverse on 2060, you still have 42 years to prepare for the long Ice Age that will Freeze this entire Planet in Ice. Anyone that thinks that I am being too hard on Neurotypicals, is Satanic: that means Evil, meaning that Live means very little to you, and Money means more, since you can pay someone to Kill someone Money is only Evil, and can be nothing else but Evil, it can never be Used for anything Good, because it is the D`evils work, sold to you by some Satanic Salesmen that works for Satan himself, so this is all on the Neurotypical Race of Humans, the ones that are actually totally Insane because they are too Stupid to understand basic Logic, so there is no Hope for the Human Race because of Neurotypicals, they are the Cancer that infected and took over this World long ago, and this Race is actually getting Stupider if that is even Possible, their IQ score cutoffs have to be lowered each year so Children can get through School, which only Teaches Satanic Crap that is worthless information built on Lies. There is a Race of People that it does not really matter if they are Neurotypical also known as Assholes, and Autistic also known as Slaves to the Neurotypicals who believe they Own US by Law and Money, and that is this Race of People that are Sick of the Banks and their Satanic Ways, but they will have to Rise up and Demand Trinary Sanctuary, those that do not do this is Satanic, and like I said 99.999% of all the People on this Planet are totally Satanic, and no one even knows what God is, sine in this World God does not Physically Exist, another word for that is that God does not Exist, because Religion is about Control, and not about the Bible, Jesus Bar/Abbas Proved that the Church is all About Money and nothing else, and this is what Newton wrote about, he did not know about Neurotypicals and Autistic People as Terms, he just thought everyone was Insane, as do I.

Conclusion after conclusion, and all I can conclude is that History was written by Fools called Sheeple, and His-Story was written to prove Sheeple are Fools, write something and the Fools will read into it, and try to debunk it with Theories, and there is not telling a Fool that a Theory is not a Fact, so what is the point of Conclusions, if Fools never change, the outcome is fixed: you have Fools and People who believe that they are not Fools: as a Fool I can assure you that Fools never admit they have been Fooled, its why April Fools is so important to you, because it is Fun to make Fools out of People, its why Fools with Money believe they are Free to do what every they want, its why Import Fools think they are the only one who knows what is Important, its why Fool Addicts always have to have the last Word on being a Fool, so I can only conclude that Yew are a Fool, as for Me, the Flesh: a confirmed Fool, I remember watching the News at 6 a clock reported when the Apollo was supposed to be on its way to the Moon, and this reporter said it is not the Apollo its some atmospheric pockets in space that are lite up due to the Apollo mission, and more News at 11, More BS was more like it, I stay up to listen to more BS Science, but was I Fooled? I will not be Fooled again, because if you Fool me once: shame on you, if you Fool me again: Shame on yew, Deny yew are a Fool and shame on you. Yew were a Fool for believing in Freedom in a Country where Yew are Taxed to Death, Yew were a Fool to believe the Constitution was Amended instead of Suspended until the loan was paid off, because Yew were a Fool to believe that Moses or Lincoln were the Good Guys, and Yew were a Fool for being a Fool, because only You allowed yew to become that Fool, and only You can change that, and there is only one way that you could have Fooled Yew so completely, because yew Fooled around with Your Science, and got Yew to believe that God did not Physically Exist just like a Deity or a Spirit, because Yew believe God did not create the Universe, some Theories like: the Dynamic Universe, the Big Bang, Gods Particle, the Jokes just keep getting worse, and the Science is the biggest joke of this Century, its totally insane, because only Fools believe in Theories instead of Facts, and that is my Conclusion.

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