The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.33
Trinary Sanctuary

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 12 January 2019


Chapter 5.33:
Trinary Sanctuary

Trinary Sanctuary is an Ashkenazic Masonic Secret of the 33rd Degree: Trinary means its based on the Trinary Science of the Trinary Universe, it means 3 State Logic, the concept is simple: People that want to live in Trinary Sanctuary for Free and in Freedom... Meaning: No Money, No Barter, No Law, No Rules, No Regulations, No Religion, No Voting, and No Leaders, only Members in the Trinary Militia are allowed, so No Citizens, No Civilians, No Welfare, and No excuses, people have to learn to live together and get along, so they can build Pyramids that produce: Food, Water and Energy, this is used by Trinary Sanctuary and all its excess are given to the Worlds Governments as payment to that Countries National Debt that they owe to the Banks, Trinary Sanctuary never deals with Money, the contract it has with the Governments is simple, the Governments give Trinary Sanctuary the Land and Resources required to get it started, the Land belongs to Trinary Sanctuary from that day forth, and in exchange, Trinary Sanctuary will provide for all its requirements for: Food, Water and Energy; basically all that live there work for the Militia that Protects Sanctuary from the Mainstream Societies that currently exist, so this Militia is Protecting, Building, Maintaining, a Free way of Life, where no Controls are used to Control the Members of the Militia, so they live in Freedom, so they must keep out Sheeple who deal in Money or Religion to Control you, they are never allowed nor is their Behaviour, so this Secret is about how a Militia is Organized and Operated at the Individual Level, where each member is in charge on themselves, and take Responsibility for getting their Job Done, so everyone is in control of their Own Life, Trinary Sanctuary is not a Discipline Machine, it does not Punish for Crime, it banishes or executes people that can not be trusted to not do what every they did again, so it is not about Punishment for a Crime, it is about peoples Trust issues with People that would do stuff like this, what ever Crime People can not live with it, because a Militia must be able to trust that no one would ever Rape, Molest, Bully, Injure, or put in Harms way, or deny anyone Freedom, and that includes Prison, they do not exist in Sanctuary, life is simple, you teach everyone how to behave, and what type of Behaviour will get them banished or executed, so this Secret is about Freedom.

Any person that wants to apply for membership into Trinary Sanctuary will contact their Government and ask for Sanctuary with Trinary Sanctuary, at that point they will point them to some website, currently there is no official website, I have my and other website that has links to the videos and documents that I have written, but the official site should be something like: Trinary Sanctuary, Universe, or what other sites it has, all with the extension of .trinary, instead of .com, or .gov; this document will then outline the entire plan for Trinary Sanctuary, which includes its contract with all Governments, its interaction with that Government, and a very simple agreement to give them all excess: Food, Water and Energy, and other resources that Sanctuary can provide, in exchange for paying down the National Dept, after which time it becomes credit in a positive direction, and the Government is out of the Red, and into the Black again, like the Darkside it represents.

Once the Government has read the documents and agrees with the terms, they will grant Trinary Sanctuary, and the ball will get rolling as outlined in the document: The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary.

The Concept of forming a type of Militia known as Trinary Militia and creating not just a new Reality that is based on Freedom under the Militia's requirements, but also a new Language, since everyone in Trinary Sanctuary must communicate in one Language, and no one will ever agree on that Language, so Trinary Sanctuary must create a new one called Basic, the language is very simple, each word has only one meaning, slang is never allowed, the concept is that this new Reality is based on new concepts from Trinary Science, everyone in the Militia is equal in terms of who is in charge, Rank is used only to indicate a proficiency rating, because all Orders are in the form of assignments based on Technical Orders and Data, where Technical Orders are just task, and the data is all the information you need to know to do the task, so everyone gets a Personal Computer Device that is used to access the main application for Trinary Sanctuary, this application allows each user to log in, they can use the device to surf the web, voice and video conferencing, taking videos and pictures, recording audio and video, and other task, but its main purpose is to keep track of everyone's schedules, so everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing 24/7, 366 days a year, training is job number one, safety is just part of the job, quality is more important than quantity, so the Reality is tailored to each individual, the system is designed to help them get their job done, everyone is trained to do a job, and the use of Wizards is very important to each task, the Wizards help everyone complete a Task, as they move around from different jobs, so they do not get bored, and they get to learn all the jobs required in Trinary Sanctuary, and their Skill level or Rank in the Militia, is used to show Pride and not used to gain Power, because that type of Power does not exist in the Trinary Militia, so all its members become experts in building Pyramids, and other details like Computer, and Physical Security, because Security is more important than ever, this is a high tech project, supplies will be limited, resources will be scarce, and equipment is state of the art and cost as much, even though Trinary Sanctuary is based on No Money, the equipment that it requires: to start up its operation, will cost someone money, the whole system is based on State of the Art Robotic, so Electronic Engineers and Technicians will be required, so will Medical Doctors, so training will be available, and top-notch education is a requirement, this Concept is defined down to the smallest detail in the documentation, which will take years to complete, so nothing is written in stone, but its written in enough detail to start today, but this is just a brief concept and not the book.

Reality is what you make it, and my Concept is not based on what is good for me as an individual, but people and Life in General, after watching Temple Grandin design Animal control environments, it made me thing that our environment needs to be designed for humans in much the same way, so take the city itself, a Pyramid should be at least 6,666 to 66,666 feet tall to a maximum height of 66 Miles, and yes those numbers have a reason based on Science, but its more just for the Legend of Wizards, this was what the Light Wizard always told me, but if you imagine the smallest one of 6,666 feet in height would have a base twice that, so its 13,332 feet in width, so just over a mile high, and almost 3 miles in width, so it is a start, it is the biggest building ever built when completed, but even a small one is massive, so get used to the size of them, so make your Reality big, but know your Limitation: 45,000 feet is the tallest a Mountain can get, so 66,666 feet is a Limitation at first, but once those exist, the can be extended into outer space, or 66 Miles, so make sure Reality is Real.

The Reality of building and living in Trinary Sanctuary is hard for most people to imagine, so I will try to be very detailed in the book, it needs to convey every aspect of living in a Spacecraft, because that is what you are building, its designed to exist in a Vacuum, or even underwater, in a worse case scenario the world goes Nova and breaks up into pieces, and the Buildings are thrown into space, this is an Ark, it has to survive going underwater, frozen solid in a block of Ice for thousands of years, so this Reality is like that of Science Fiction, yet it is all based on things we can build now, only built in a way that most people will not understand at first, because the requirements to build a Spacecraft are very high tech, its built like a submarine, because it might have to act like one some day, so its outside is solid stainless steel, and it is insides are solid steel frames, but all space outside is filled with some type of Concrete, that will last millions or billions of years, and access tubes that create tunnels for high speed shuttles, that move people and cargo around the Pyramid, they lead to large Spheres that house all the different area's of Sanctuary, so you have living Spheres, Agricultural Spheres, Industrial Spheres, Medical Spheres and so on, so all Air, Water, Food, and Supplies are delivered and removed through these access tubes, so when you order something on the internet, its delivered in minutes if it is in stock, so this reality is built with everyone in mind, and children are the first consideration, because the children of today will be the members growing up in the environment that was built for them, so there is always something to do, but no bars, no alcoholics, and no drug addicts, you can not be addicts and Free at the same time, that does not mean you can not use cannabis, this drug is the only ones allowed, but are not allowed to be used daily unless the cannabis is used for medical conditions, whereas there is no medical purpose for alcohol except to clean a wound, and I would not even suggest it then, Iodine is much better, but the use of other drugs is restricted, remember we have no laws, but the use of some drugs like: Opium and Cocaine, can lead to addiction, and abused, but it has medical use, so occupational monitored use is permitted for medical use, or age restricted recreational purposes, because they can cause death, whereas other restricted drugs like: Magic Mushrooms, Peyote, and LSD, as well as others not listed, have age limits set on them, and no one is ever allowed to use them while on duty, the concept is that Sanctuary is not your baby sitter, keeping the children out of the drugs is a full time job, but in Sanctuary it is our job, we do not want our children being raised by Drug addicts, and the facts are that Alcohol is by far the worse of all drugs, and I have tried them all, my parents were drug addicts, but to create a new Reality, we as a Society to flourish, if Drugs are allowed to degrade the Members, and drugs degrade anyone that uses them, occasional drinking of less than 1 ounce a day may not be a problem for everyone, but it can become an addiction, and so can Cannabis if you allow it, so on duty, it must be out of your system, and in public the same goes, under the influence in public is not allowed, there are always going to be Events where this behavior is allowed: Concerts, Sporting Events, Movies, and other forms of Entertainment, but there are also people who do not believe in any substance abuse, not me, but I am not everyone, but Trinary Sanctuary is, and if you allow Alcohol or Drugs into Trinary Sanctuary, it will fail, the current Societies prove this, so it must have Standards of conduct that do not allow anyone the Right to offend others in Public, so events that allow substance use, most be made private, so the standards for Public is always no substance use, but what is private, makes it permissible, and everyone is happy, it is the Reality of trying to please everyone, while at the same time making sure that everyone is behaving like an Advanced Society should.

The Concept of Trinary Sanctuary is to create a new Reality, one not based on getting High and Playing Games, not that we want to give that up, Aspie Joke, but just not base it on it, instead we base it on Technology and Health, we learn to think, and control our Emotions, we learn a new Language, and we learn how to build Pyramids that are designed as Spacecraft or Submarine, we put more attention into being Families and actually spending time with our own Children, or with others, and less time not doing things because we are broke, because in Sanctuary we do not use on Money, so we have no restrictions, we work hard and play hard, we invent new things, we build a Robotic system to do all the work, we learn new things, we each become Doctors, with PhD's on some subject we are Wizards at, and we make Intelligence one of the top qualities we like in people, but more important is that we build a safe place for out children and their children to grow up in, we completely eliminate all crimes through education, we only do what is right for everyone.

The book explains it all in detail, it is going to be over 3 times longer than this document when completed, so it will give more detail than you will need to get started, but it is not written in stone, its just a concept, but the concept is Simple, and there are reasons for No: Money, Laws, Rules and Regulations, Religion, Voting and so forth, it is because those are used to Control people, and Sanctuary is about Freedom, and you can not have Freedom until you take away all the Controls, people do their Job because they are in the Militia, and just like the Military, Dereliction of duty is a serious crime against the Militia, so this document must account for all human behavior and require standards that should apply to everyone, so sexual contact requires a written document that two or more people must agree to, age restrictions are the only limit set on having sex, currently that age is 16 with parents consent, and 18 without it, no reason to change it, but this registration is required to ensure that all sexual contact is consensual, because Rape or Molestation can mean the Death sentence in Trinary Militia code of conduct, and if caught having sex with someone that you are not registered with, is considered one of the two, so although there are no Laws, Rules or Regulations, there are very strict guidelines to follow, there are procedures like sexual contact registration; these are called Dating, which is limited to kissing and holding hands, Engagement, which does not include intercourse, and Marriage, which means no limits, and what sexual orientation you are is always private unless you make it public, but these do not require ceremonies or public announcements, its private unless you make it public, but all aspects of life styles must be accounted for, but for the most part, simple is best, do not leave anything to chance, everyone must know their limits, know what to do in any situation, so this requires a lot of documentation that is called Technical Orders and Data, it must be easy to use and find answer to in an emergency.

Freedom means meany things to many people, in Trinary Sanctuary those terms are very defined, Freedom does not give you the Rights to do anything, Laws are written to punish people, and Trinary Sanctuary is not about Punishing people for mistakes, or allow them to make mistakes that require Punishment, Freedom is not having to worry about being Punished for something you do, it is about not doing the things that can get you Punished, and the only time that can happen, is to make sure that everyone knows what they should do, and not what they can get away with, so there are three very simple questions to ask yourself: Table 5.10: Questions to ask yourself what you need to do

  1. What do I want to do.
  2. What Should I do.
  3. What do I have to do.
Table 5.10: Questions to ask yourself what you need to do

The answer is always in one of the three questions, if it is a task that is required to do a job, it has Technical Orders and Data to explain exactly how to do it, but if it does not, you can write some, and if they get approved, you know that it is something you can do, because what you have to do is always what is required by the Technical Orders and Data, so if you can not find the answer or the question, then you have the duty to write it, if that is something you want to do, so first ask if you want to and if you should, then always make sure you can and you will never get punished, and that is Freedom.

Humans are strange Animals, they actually think Emotions are what make them Human, knowing it is what allowed them to be Fooled and to become Fools, and in order for Humans to evolve, they must learn to control their Emotions, that does not mean to become void of Emotions, but to be in charge of them, instead of them being in charge of You, so Trinary Society has to value individuality, while at the same time doing what is best for all its members, the needs of the many are just as important as the needs of the one, so Trinary Society must provide for the needs of everyone, and everyone must provide for the needs of the many, this is called Harmony, and it is not driven by Ego, Emotions or Greed, those are the values of a Money based Society, an Eye for an Eye JustUS System, so everyone is Blind, because they See no Evil, because they do not speak of Evil, so they do not hear Evil, because they lie about it being Evil, just to go along with the Herd and what they Heard, and that is not what Trinary Sanctuary is about, it is about everyone doing their job and improving the system and not allowing Evil to exist in it, it is this Reality that we create by allowing only the Truth to be known, it is not about trying to make everyone thinks the same, it is about knowing they are Individuals with Freewill, and structuring a system that takes that into account, so the needs of everyone are met, and that starts by creating a new Reality, one without Evil, but the knowledge about the Light without Darkness, and the Darkness without Light, so it is about Energy, and not about Religion, its Science based on Empirical Evidence, and not Theories, because the Truth is all that Matters, and Survival is about building cities that will last for Millions of years, and built by Humans, the Strangest of Gods Animals.

People do not understand who IAM, it is not Me, its I And Me, and that means that IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, so why do I talk about being an Ashkenazi Aspie with a High IQ and call Normal People Sheeple and make them out to be the Stupidest of all Animals on this Planet? Because I have to tale the Truth, I have to, not Me, nothing really Special about me, IAM just the First Person in thousands of years who had the Courage to stand up to Normal People: that I have Proven are just Stupid Sheeple, why do I alienate them by calling them names is easy, it is because they offend me, so I offend them, because Normal People think IAM not Special, because they are just Stupid Sheeple, they will not Fight for Freedom because they are Cowards, they are nothing but Money Junkies, that have no Right to even consider themselves worthy of being Special, because they think only Christ was Special, and Sir Isaac Newton knew that better than most, Christ is the Lie that Sheeple tell their Children, so they can Control them like Sheep, because their Parents did it to them, and Sheeple believe that this Government that controls the World may not be the Best, but it is the Best we have, what BS, and it is why I fight against them, its why I will never be like them, its why I use facts like being Ashkenazi, who are known to be the most Intelligent Race of Humans on this Planet, if that is true does not matter, I do not do it just to tell the truth about my Blood Line, I do it to make a point, people believe it, and they will Kill all the Ashkenazi just so they will feel better about themselves, that is why the War against my kind continues to this day, each Race fighting against the other just so they can claim to be the most Intelligent of all, which only proved they were the Stupidest of them all, so I choose to be Autistic before I was even Born, because most Normal People think we are Stupid, and even if we have a High IQ, they will just make us out to be a Disease, and treat us like Retards, and it is because Normal People are not Intelligent, they only know how to put others down for being more Intelligent, so I take it to the next level, I put all of them in their Place and Label them Sheeple, just because it is Entertaining, no other reason except for the fact it is the Truth, I just called Yew Stupid, because it is the truth, and that is Entertaining to me, way better than Sarcasm, or was it, I can never tale... It really does not matter if I am from the Ashkenazi Race, it does not matter if I am Autistic, it does not matter if I have a High IQ, those things do not make me Special, in fact in the World today, those things make me a Target for ridicule, so I use them as Weapons against my Enemy and that is Yew, so I will fight against all of Yew, and call every single one of Yew Cowards for being that way, yew are Stupid and yew are too Arrogant to admit it, to Stupid to understand the truth, and that offends me, and once you understand that Yew are just TaxUS, you will know that Yew are Stupid.

Bar/Abbas died because Sheeple would not fight with him, they Coward down to the Powers that Be because they are Cowards, and when I attach them they call me Names, they will Burn me at the Cross for my Beliefs, they will Persecute me for standing up to the Powers that Be, they will kill me for attacking the Lie called Christ, because Sir Isaac Newton proved in 1666 that Christ was a Lie, so 666 because the Symbol for the Antichrist [2], and Sheeple make the Antichrist out to be a Bad Person, when in fact they are the ones telling the Truth, and the Sheeple are Liars, nothing but Cowards for allowing all the Madness that Money has caused in History, and that is what it all comes down to, I attack their Belief System that is based on Christ and the Worship of Money, so call me what you want, I gave yew plenty of Ammunition, I became the Ashkenazic Jew, I became the Autistic, I became the Genus with the High IQ, not because I wanted to be, but because I had to be to make a point, which is that I do so to make fun of yew, and that is entertaining, it is what Entertainment is all about, because that is all Yew care about, yew do not care about the truth, only in defending that BS as truth, when there is no truth in Christ or Money, they are just Words Spelled out to control People like Sheep, and I will not be a Sheep, I will be the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, I will Fight to my Death to get this point across, I do not care what yew believe, because the Universe does not care either, yew are Fools for believing in Christ, for thinking there is 2 Jesus's in the Bible, what BS, all so yew would believe that Jesus Bar Abbas was a Bad Man: for Fighting against the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxation, not me, I am not that weak-minded as a Fool, I know what Money is, its Control, its Slavery, its disgusting, and it is what makes Yew Stupid Cowards.

Trinary Sanctuary is the last hope for the Human Race, there is no Hope for the Sheeple Race, those that chose to be People instead of Sheeple will one day prove this, but at what cost? Not Money, but at the cost of Life.

IAM the Wizard because I understand it is the only way I can win this War against Yew, and 95% of Yew will Fight against who IAM, they will use Words and Spells and think they are Cleaver, knowing that Spells are what Wizards used to prove how Stupid Yew are, it only Proves my point, so its Funny and Entertaining, Yew are all Fools for yewer BS, IAM just the Messenger, the Message is Trinary Sanctuary, it is the only hope to save the Human Race from their own Stupidity, but it takes a Special Bread of Humans to stand up for the Truth, and Fight for Freedom, the kind of Free that means it cost no Money, not the Free Dumb Sheeple try to Sell yew on.

Trinary Sanctuary is about a Place where Real People who believe in a Real Reality, and that is based on Trinary Science, come together to form an Advanced Society that is created with Children in mind, and not Adults, because an Advanced Society always puts the needs of its Children first, so this Reality is not like that of Money and Taxation, nor is it like that of Religion, in fact these are things that are not allowed here, because those concepts are insane, and allowed our Children to be harmed, and that is a fact about ewer ways that offends me, and why only Militia Members are allowed, because all others will be banished or executed for being in Trinary Sanctuary, since the only reason they would be there is to destroy it, so the Trinary Militia is in Charge of Trinary Sanctuary, so it comes down to each any every Member doing their job, so this is not about following Leaders into a Battle, this is not about War, because War is not allowed, only the things that are good for our Children are allowed to exist in Trinary Sanctuary.

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