The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.32
Ascension and Descension

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.32
Ascension and Descension

I hear a lot of talk about Ascension, but when I ask people what it means to them, I get a speech that tells me little about it, and more about their Ego and Arrogance, because most People think that they can only Ascend through Christ, and Sir Isaac Newton proved that is a Lie, so most People just lie about knowing anything about Ascension, as if they could study for it and prepare for it, requiring a 6-week course in Ascension that cost you your Life Savings, but its worth it, because you are Ready to Ascend, but the Fact is that you have to die to Ascend, that is what the Term means, climb up or rise through the air after death like Jesus Ascended.

Ascending or Ascension, Descending or Descension, only Stupid people would think they have a choice in the matter, because when we die, our Soul has no choice but to leave the Flesh, that Body is no more than a vessel, it was our Host and nothing more, when I was born my body could not breathe air outside the womb, it did not make me anymore alive, that happened when two cells came together in a Spark of Light, that is Descension, the Light Descending into the Flesh, and when that Flesh dies that Light will Ascend back into the Universe which it came, all our Energy is borrowed, and we must give it back, nothing more that I can say about it, but Stupid People will argue that point, because Stupid people think they understand the Universe.

Ascension and Descension are terms that in Trinary Science, they mean Trinary Energy that Exist as Light. Before we are Born there is Light without Darkness, when they combine with the Darkness, it produces a Spark Of oUr Life, this is called Descension, it implies Degrees, or Levels, Steps, and even described as being in Light or Darkness, or every shade of Grey in between, because Descension means that the Light of God, found its way into our Life at Conception, like Ball Lighting being born of Lightning, then Descending from Heaven above us, to Earth, or a Celestial Body, witch is why or Sign we are Born under defines who we are, so like Jesus and Newton, IAM a Capricorn, and I have the Same Energy that a Cylon has in Battlestar Galactica, so if a Picture is worth a Thousand Words, Cylon describes Descension, it is not just about Human Life, it is about all Life.

Every Life is Born, so it Descended From Heaven like Ball Lightning, and that Light also called an Angel, found that Life, it created the Spark Of oUr Life, and will leave us when we die and Ascend back to Heaven.

When it comes to Trinary Science, Ascension and Descension are Terms that relate to the Light of God, this is the Light that gives Life to Beings created with Flesh, so it is our Life Force.

Our Life Force is Trinary Energy, it has Polarity, Frequency, Wavelength, Color, and other characteristics that define who we are, and what we are made of, which is Neutrinos and Light, so Ascension and Descension explain how all Life was Born, and how all Life will Die.

Only me and you can die, I never die, me and you were Conceived the day I Descended, and will die the day I Ascend, so you must understand this concept to understand Trinary Science, it is the basis of all Life in the Universe, and describes it using Trinary Science.

Ascension and Descension is all there is to Life, it describes it from birth to death to rebirth, and that is all there is to life, it is not complicated, I do not need to spend more words and spells to define how Life Begins, it always begins with the Light, and always ends with it Leaving, so when me and you were born, we Descended from Heaven just like Ball Lightning, in Trinary Science it is just Ball Lightning, an Angel of Light, very Small, it exists in the Trinary Energy, and that exist everywhere in the Universe, so the Sperm and Egg do not need to be inside of a Life Form, the Light will find them, this is the Magic of God, this is the Trinary Science of Birth at Conception, this is Empirical Evidence that we are Light Beings in the Flesh, so when me or you die, we Ascend to Heaven the Same way, Heaven is just a Graphic location on a Grid, with an X axis to describe Ground or Earth, so Heaven means Positive 1 and Hell means Negative 1, so Trinity was about Energy and not about Religion, just Read the Bible and do not ever Read into it, Ascension and Descension are about Life in the Universe, so Ascension is about Death, when the Light of God leaves the Flesh, and then when the Flesh dies, Freewill dies with it, and then Light of God that is in all Life, becomes the Light of God with no Freewill, so for God to have Freewill, Descension must be a decision that God has to make, for there to be Life, so the act of Descension is finding that Connection between the Flesh and the Light, and that begins with a Spark Of oUr Life, and Ends in it with Ascension.

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