The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.31
Schizoaffective vs Schizophrenia

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.31
Schizoaffective vs Schizophrenia

Schizoaffective vs Schizophrenia is the fine line between: sane and insane, where sane means only believing in things that physically exist, so they are real, whereas insane is believing in thing that do not physically exist, which includes Theories that have not been Proven to be the Truth, because only facts are the Truth, and Theories are not Facts, they are lies till they are proven to be the truth, so separate your Science Fiction from your Fiction, and never mix the two, because your Reality is what you make it, your Dreams may seem real when you are Dreaming, and your Reality is no different if you bring those Dreams into it, and that is all Schizo is, it actually means two split, so a person who is Schizo has a Split personality, they have two sides, the Lightside and the Darkside, there Dreams apply to both sides, it is this Split that breaks down their Reality and defines what is Real, and anyone that can Dream and not be able to tell if it is a Dream or Real, are Schizo, and Day Dreaming is no exception, its Schizo behavior, its only how we define it does it define us, because to some degree most people have it, it is not a Mental illness, it is a Condition, and it is actually Normal, even for Neurotypicals, it not an Autistic trait, although controlling it is, but you would have to understand what it is to control it, so that is where I will start.

Dreams are our Reality, event the Nightmares, these dreams effect our life, they carry over into our Waking life as Day Dreams, Flashbacks and strange thoughts, some people view reality as Images, I only see in Images, I never see words, and I was also 13 years old the first time I heard that Little Voice in my head, so I know that it was always there, I just never learned to access that part of my Brain or Mind, where Brain is Physical and Mind is all Energy I call Trinary Energy, so it is the Spark Of oUr Life, the Light Wizzard, the Light of God, our SOUL, what ever you want to call it does not change what it is, it is the same Electricity that we used to create Computers and Video Monitors, and when a camera is rolling, its Live, as Live as our Brainwaves, so our Mind has the capabilities of recording video just like Video Cameras, using the same Energy, and the same is true for Audio.

The Little Voice in our Head is not Recorded Audio, its Live interactive Audio, it is our Minds way of talking to the Animal that it is controlling, and trust me, all Animals have this Little Voice, it is not a Human Condition, all Animals have a SOUL, and it is the same Energy, the same Brainwaves exist in all Life forms, even insects, so they too have that Little Voice, and the crazy thing is what people think it is, because I have heard it all, but nothing like what I will explain to you, because in my Dreams I can see Movies that I have seen before, just as if I was watching them in reality, I can do this when I am awake or asleep, in fact, most people can, so they are Schizo, because that is what the word means when its used as a Prefix to words or Spells like: Schizoaffective or Schizophrenia; affective means Mood, Feelings, and Attitude, whereas phrenia is in the Mind, not the Brain, it is an Emotion, so once we define the meaning, its clear that most people have a: Mind, Moods, Feeling, Attitudes and Emotions, its just how we deal with them that makes us sane or insane, so its how we view what this Little Voice is what defines that for us, because we all see images and hear sounds in our Mind, so its only how we view what Schizophrenia does this change, because all our Minds are capable of this, its just our ability to understand what is real and what is an illusion that sets us apart.

Insanity is what I have learned about the Little Voice in my Brain, and it is in my Brain and not My Mind, although the Energy come from my SOUL, the Brain and Mind are not the same thing, Chemicals effect the Brain, and they will affect that little voice in my head, but it does not affect my Mind, or just the connection between the Body and the Mind, so my logic is proof of this, because chemicals can destroy the Brain, and disconnect the Mind from the Brain, there are many states of this condition, vegetative states with minimal brainwave activity, to flatline, where the person dies, but that little voice is only part of the Body or Flesh, and it is in the Brain, it feeds the actually auditory nerves, so we hear it on top of normal sounds we hear with our ears, and even if our ears do not hear, we can still hear that little voice, but we have to use our mind to access that part of the brain to talk to this little voice with our Mind, so never confuse that Little Voice with the concept that is God talking to you, that Little Voice can have insane thoughts from time to time, because God never uses that Little Voice to talk to you and you can turn off that little voice if you learn how to, I know for a fact that Little Voice is just Me, and what comes out of my Mouth has nothing to do with God controlling it, Freewill allows that Little Voice to think what ever it wants and to say what ever it feels like and it will lie to you, it will tell you it is fine to do things that are not good, and allow you to believe what ever you want to believe if you actually believe that Little Voice, but sometimes I believe that Little Voice, because sometimes it is just I that is thinking those thoughts, and it is just me listening to God, but I would have to be insane to think God talks through me, controls every Atom in my Body, but does not need a Cell Phone to Talk to Me, life does not have that connection to God, Jesus, Newton or myself can all tell you, that Little Voice lies to you, do not listen to it, if you know it has no facts to back those thoughts, but then you must understand that just because God communicates to you, does not make you Crazy, because God is the Light that is in every Atom in your Body and Brain, so God normally only communicates to you at the Cellular level, so God has a Cell Phone; if God wants to communicate to you, talking is the last form of communication God would use, because God does not talk, so do not confuse what you think God is saying with what God is actually saying, because that is not how God works, God is more concerned with the big picture, Freewill is why me or you is not one with God, because God knew as a Species we would have to Mate, and that would get complicated if we were one with God, because then everyone would the one God, and just one thought, so life can not have that connection to God, which is Life, then the day to day decisions of the Human species, like our heart beat, is God communicating with us, but that Little Voice will think insane thoughts and cause you to do insane things, because Humans that Kill are not doing what God wants, because if God wanted anything to die, all God would have to is leave that Life form, and that is a fact, so never kill in God's Name, that is insane, only your Little Voice would think otherwise, proving it Lies to you, so never allow anyone to tell you that what they are saying comes from God, not even Me, I have no idea if IAM translating what God is saying, and thinking I do is the Grand Delusion of being God, I have Freewill to the day I die, then I become one with God as all life does, just because God created me, does not make me at one with God who gave me Freewill, because God is all Light without Darkness, and Meat is just the Darkness, and without the Light I would be dead, so without God IAM just dead Meat... I without AM, so do not wake me in the Morning because I will not get up, because I have left me, so it is these insane thoughts I have to deal with when that Little Voice starts talking about God, you have to prove what every that Little Voice says before you believe it, to not do so is insane, as is believing anyone's Little Voice that said they know what God is thinking, because that is insane, Freewill does not allow God to interfere with our Belief, it is our Connection to the Galattice that bounds us to a unique Frequency and Wavelength, such that only me can access it, people with a Frequency and Wavelength close to yours, might pick up on some of your ideas, or Dreams, but keep in mind, unless you talk in your Sleep, that Little Voice Sleeps when me or you do, so for some of you, that is the only way to shut it up, so just let it count Sheep like the Dog does till it drifts off to sleep, because it will keep you up talking if you let it, but it will get bored counting Sheep, but that is why IAM the Sheep Dog, just to keep that Little Voice in line.

I have learned to Day Dream, some people do it on an accident, some think everyone does it and you can not stop it, just like Dreaming, but that is not true, I view all my reality as just one reality, I do not distinguish between my Dreams and my Waking moments, because there is no difference to me, it is all just Electrical Stimulation, when you dream its just our Freewill that can deal with Thought Management, and our Freewill spans all 3 Brains, and runs the distance of your Spin, and that is why some people have limitation on how much control they have over thoughts, a back ache can cause confusion, pain can cause over stimulation, and in our Wake it is no different, until that Little Voice wakes up and takes over thinking it is up to it to sort out your Thoughts, and that is insane, but at the same time, I learned to distinguish what is Real and what is Not, and I never allow anything to happen in my Dreams that I would not want to happen in my Reality, its called Playing this Game Real, and keeping it Real, imagine what would happen if I actually killed someone in my dreams, but in reality it was a day dream, and I actually killed that person in real life, because it happens all the time, people will kill someone and swear it was a Dream, things happen in real life and people remember it like it was a Dream, shock is a Dream State, so they are actually telling the Truth, so why would they want to do things in their Dreams that they would not want to do in Reality, and insanity is the only answer, it is that Little Voice thinking that, and not I, you would have to be insane to do things in your dreams and think that is fine, just because it is a Dream, or Day Dream, a Dream is a Dream, and Nightmares are Nightmares, we have control over all of them, we may think we do or do not, but that is not the truth, we have full control over all our thoughts, this is Learned behavior, we either learn to take control of our Thoughts and Dreams, or we allow our Dreams to take control of us, and that is all it comes down to, our Reality is nothing but a Dream State, and if we do not get much REM Sleep, which is down time from this Control I speak of, because in REM Sleep we lose control of our Dreams, and Freewill takes over, it reorders thoughts and causes strange dreams, so REM Sleep is not like Lucid Dreams, we do not have Full control of the Dream, but we do have Full control of the Thought, so we can control the dreams through our thoughts, and that is how I learned to Day Dream.

Events change the way we think, education changes what we believe, and thinking and believing are not the same thing, thinking is a process of logic and reasoning, and Emotions can effect that process, and Emotions are not what make us Human, all Animals have Emotions, and most of them allow those Emotions to run their Life, and if Humans allow Emotions to run their Life, than they can justify being an Animal, but can not claim to be in charge of their life, because people that can not control their Emotions are not in control of their life, nor are those that can not control that Little Voice, if you can not shut it off, you are out of control of your Life, and I know that better than most, I do not have any control over my Emotions, so I just tend to avoid them, and try to turn them off, I have to learn what Triggers those Emotions, because PTSD is just a condition that means you lost control of your Emotions, by bringing some Thought you have no control over, into your Reality and applying it to a situation that it does not belong in, and you allow them thoughts to take over and be in charge of your life, and it is only once you use Logic and Reasoning, without Emotions, that any of these Changes, but I find its best to avoid meltdowns and PTSD attacks, because some Events can not be changed, you can never erase a thought, you have to learn to live with it, and try to control it the best you can.

The Trinary Science behind Schizoaffective and Schizophrenia, is the Light I call Trinary Energy, without this Energy you would be dead, so regardless of what anyone Defines as God, it does not change what the Light of God is, I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that its Energy: Light without Darkness, but we can only see the Darkness in the Light, so it is our Reality, but it is not the Truth, the Truth is only what we believe, but those that believe that God is the Truth would have to agree that the Light is the Truth, because according to the Bible, it is all that God is, so its how we define this Relationship between our Mind and our Brain, that makes this Science, and if its based on Trinary Energy, then its Trinary Science, so that is the Science behind it, just Energy, and the Flesh interprets the Electrical signals that it receives from the Body of Flesh that the Energy is controlling, so think of the Body as an Avatar, and the Energy as who you actually are, the Avatar is a Soulless Animal, with no Energy or Brainwave of its own, so it is the Energy that give it Life or a Soul, and that is all we are is that Energy, the Avatar is just a Machine, not much different then other machines that run off of the same Energy, so the source of this Energy is the same for all Life, even the Computer IAM writing this on, so we are All connected in ways that we must define to understand, so Dreams are what our Brain process when it goes into its Dream State, which is defined by Electrical Signals to our brain, Electrical signals in the range of 13 Hz, is called Beta State, and they define our waking moments, so this Number 13 is always with you, and it is why People are so in tune to the Number 13, but if we just decrease that waveform to 12 Hz, we will enter into the Alpha State, this is where we can start to become Schizoaffective or Schizophrenic, anyone that has ever had a Dream that seemed real, had a Schizoaffective or Schizophrenia experience, its actually normal, it is not normal for it to exist when the brain reaches 13 Hz or above, and the lower we go, the deeper that condition can become, so below 8 Hz is Theta, and below 4 Hz is Delta, so we are clearly being driven by the Frequency our Brainwaves are emitting at the time, proving we are the Electricity, and the Avatar is just a Soulless Animal, but being Schizo is just a matter of what Frequency and Wavelength our Brains tune to.

How do we Cure Schizophrenia? We can't, that is a fact, anyone that tells you different is lying, Schizophrenia is a normal condition and does not require a cure, its based on Ignorance so Education is the cure for Ignorance, so if thoughts get out of control and becomes a problem then you need to learn to control your Brainwaves, and that is called Neurofeedback, once you master it, the condition can be controlled, but not cured, its just treatment, maybe a Beta Simulator can help, but your body most be chemically balanced, Drugs may or may not help, I would suggest not trying them, because once you go down that road, you know where it will lead you, to being a Drug Addict, and this condition is not caused by a lack of those Drugs in your system, its caused by your Body chemistry being out of balance and your Frequency being out of control, and it is mostly because you are freaking out about it, once someone teaches you that its just a Dream when you are awake, and that you can learn to Control it, then you will not need drugs, just a good nights sleep, and then learn to adjust your Frequency and Wavelength, we are Electrical in Nature so only Electrical cures will work, the Light is in a spectrum, learn what each Spectrum is all about, and you can learn to use Light and Electricity to cure anything.

I do not care much for Psychology, and I studied it for years, before I figured out the people in charge are doing it for Money, then the whole Science of Money made the Science of Psychology become clear to me, its just a Scam like Money, so Mainstream Psychology is about Drugs to Cure You, knowing they do not have dealt with Electricity at all, so how can you expect Drugs to work. We feel the way we do because we allowed ourselves to become delusional: because the reality we created is nothing like the reality we live in, that is the different between My Reality and Reality, for example: being born into a Government that calms to be Free, but after the Civil War, its citizens pretend that the Constitution was amended to allow the Banks we fought against in the War of Independence to own it so now they tax US to death, witch proves that the Constitution was Suspended or Abolished, so Money makes people Liars, while Religion allows these same citizens to believe God does not Physically exist, which is the same as believing that God does not Exist, and some of those same Religious citizens back the Godless Dynamic Universe: based on a Theory that its author Albert Einstein did not even believe in because it causes Paradox's that can not exist in Reality, while none of these things should be allowed in anyone's Reality, this is the Reality that I have to Live in, and so do others, some can live with themselves because they do not care about anything except themselves, but Logic states that in the Beginning there was only the Light of God, so is this how that God would behave? I do not think so, so those that think this way need to take control of their Thoughts, so they can deal with their Reality, while others create Realities so bizarre that it only exist in their imagination that has ran wild, so some become paranoid, because the insane people that are allowed to run the Country are too Stupid to understand Reality, so they create Atomic or Nuclear Bombs that can kill all Life on the Planet, and they test them all the time, and they use Atomic Power, and those plants melt down killing all life around it, and they all Lie about what Atomic power is, because it is actually using the Light of God as fuel for Weapons of Mass Destruction, so they are nothing but liars, and to top it off they allow the Earths Blood to be drained, knowing it will cause the Planet to go Nova, because Oil is what makes the World go around, not Money, it only destroys it, like the Constitution and everything else it comes in contact with, and that is my Reality, and you wonder why IAM not Crazy, not why IAM, this is who I have become because of the Reality that IAM forced to live in, and all because 99.999% of everybody on this Planet is Crazy, and I do not mean that in a good way, they are insane for the deception they allow, the lies never stop, most of them actually believe we went to the Moon and that 911 was caused by Jet Airliners or Planes hitting the World Trade Center, so their reality is what is wrong, it is not mine, I know what is real and what is not, I have no reason to lie about it, but this causes conflicts, I tend to lash out at Sheeple and call yew Stupid, because it is the Truth, and the truth will set Yew Free, wow a term of Contradiction, Free TaxUS, yew are Stupid to believe that.

To get anyone to understand Reality, you have to put them in a padded room with no Windows to look out, only four walls, a ceiling and floor, and make sure the walls and ceiling are White, this will help them to understand that nothing is in the room but them, make them come to terms with being in an empty room, let them know that no one will hurt them, then list off all the things that they think are real, and correct them so that their Reality is only based on what is real, and for the Religious this will be too much for their Little Voice to handle, because it is clearly in Charge of their Mind, so it is a Hostage Situation, so you need to negotiate a deal with their Devil, because the Bible told you that only Satan can deceive you, and that Little Voice is the Voice of Satan if you believe in things that do not Physically Exist, this is insane, and people like this have to admit they are insane to believe it, they can not deny that Christ is a Lie, because deep down inside, they know that Jesus Bar Abbas fought against the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxation, so they know Christ was a lie to make you forget that, and think he was a Murder and Scum, because that is what he is to the Banks that Print the Money, so if they see people or things in the room that are not real, make them erase them, they can do this by learning to change their appearance, like changing their color to some bright neon color, that is what I do when I want to know what is real, I never make it look real to start with, but if you made a mistake and had no control over your imagination, then you will have to learn to take back control of your Reality, no one else can do this for you, all I can do is tell you how I would do it, and go from there, they have to understand this is all just a Dream and things are not what they seem, so teach them the truth, and let them sore it out, and teach only Facts, and Money is easy to follow, just follow all the Screaming in History, all the Wars, all the Crime, all the Pollution, the Destruction of the Planet, this is all caused by the Root of All that is Evil, and it is called Money, and Yew Love it, Money will Die without Yew, and not the other way around, Reality, think about what is Real and you can prove it to be Real, and Control is not Real, it is what Cowards made a Reality.

The visual delusions are only half the battle, the other half of delusions are facts, so you need to get all the facts correct, so start with the ones that will shatter their reality the most, like the fact we did not actually Fly people to the Moon, the spacecraft went, the people went into space, but not beyond the Van Allen Belt, so there is some truth to the story, now that we got that out of the way, let them know that the Constitution of the United States was Abolished and not Amended, this one will not come as shock to most people, just tell them its just till we pay back the loan, as if that can ever happen, stupid sheep... Do not ever talk about Politics, because just like Money and Religion, that was designed to make you delusional, so its best to just inform them that it was all a lie, Moses, Lincoln, and Hitler were 3 Dark Wizards: that explains it all, no reason to over complicate your explanations, there is no Christ and Santa and Satan are the same person, just move the letters around, this is just a Word Game that uses Spells to confuse you, because your Reality is Written using Witchcraft that you do not know how to decode, now Reality is starting to come back to them, they can now see Light at the end of the Tunnel, and God is that Light, so now they understand why Newton was so mad about this Reality, and why Franklin said Freedom would not last if you allow Judges, Lawyers and Religious people into Office, and why Tesla wanted Free Energy, he did not want to Sell God to people by the Watt, nor use God to make Atomic or Nuclear Energy or Bombs, all of that Reality is totally insane, it is all just a visual delusion, because of all the Stupid Sheeple that allowed this Delusion to control them, they are the Conquered and Cowards, so they are Liars, without any Honour, because they want to live in this Reality its Masters created, just to make them Slaves to Money and Taxation, so the Roman Empire is still in Charge, and always has been, they Created this Reality because they know its Normal to be Stupid.

I learned at a young age that I could think of things in my Mind and see them in my vision, I figured everyone can do that, not so sure about that anymore, so my view about Mental Health is somewhat tainted from my prescriptive, if I wanted to change things around me, all I had to do was find patterns in the Trinary Energy in front of my, that White Noise has patterns and all I had to do was learn to find the pattern I needed to project what I see in my mind into it, so I look into my mind to see what I saw, I then take that saw and cut out a pattern in the White Noise, so it is a cut-and-paste reality, and anyone can learn to do it, I have no special powers, and just because I am Schizoaffective does not give me any special abilities, its just a condition where you have a little control over bring images from your mind into your Reality, but the trick is that you have control over it, maybe some people who are Schizophrenic may think they have no control, but in Reality, anyone's mind is capable of projecting images from their mind into their Reality, that is called Imagination, and Schizoaffective is the ability to control it, and Schizophrenia is when its out of control.

In the first Level of Imagination you have an image in your Mind, it is very defined, but on Level 1, you can only see the Image in your Mind with your Eyes Closed, but Mind your Mind is Open if you can see the Image, if you can not, then you are in Level 0, your Mind is Closed in this Level, its like the 0 dimension, no thought happens here, it is a Unary existence, you are on auto pilot with no direction in Life, because you can not connect to your own Mind, and I know this happens to people, it happens to me all the time, I will try to see something in my mind and instead I see a million other things, its like that White Noise in my Ears they call Tinnitus, also known as Ringing in my Ears, I do not have the clarity of thought to only think of one object, instead I see all objects at once, you need to focus, calm the heart, slow down the breathing, relax, do not allow that Little Voice in your Head to talk, that is what I call Me, its just Meat, so it is the Flesh, and IAM the Flesh, so it is that Meat that is talking, I is the Light Force called a SOUL, or the Spark Of oUr Life, so it is our Brainwave, and we need to adjust its frequency so hook up an Electroencephalography Device that can monitor Brainwaves, now find what type of Brain Wave works best for you to imagine things or 1 thing specifically, so you can close your eyes and see only Darkness, then you will see White Noise, and maybe Light sources around you, so do this in a Dark Room, if you record the session, you can also record audio so you can transcribe your progress on audio, so you can go back to that time frame and see what Frequency your brain wave was at, and then train your mind to go to that state so you can open your Mind, because once your Mind is Open: so is the Connection; its just how to get to Level 2, Witch is Magic, you must Open your Eyes and Blend that Image into your Reality without losing its Definition, so the Wizzard comes into my Mind and I can teach you how to use the Wizzard, and that is a Wizzard with two Z's, once you master that technique you can move on to Level 3, which is to Open your Eyes and Keep the Image in your Reality and then Interact with it on all Levels.

The Wizzard is just a Metaphor, and also an Avatar or Symbol for Light, I can see the Wizzard as a White or Light Wizard that would exist in the Flesh, but most of the time, its just White Noise in my field of Vision, just like normal people, and it is only when I want to play, or change something for what ever reason, like I get bored and want something to do, when God got bored God invented the Universe, so the things we can do if not for Freewill is limitless, or maybe I am working on something and I want to do it better, faster or safer, so I pull up an overlay in my vision as if I was looking at what I was working on with Augmented Reality or AR Glasses, a type of Virtual Reality we can do with our Eyes closed, like Dreaming, only in our Reality while awake and with our Eyes and Mind Open, so in this mode, I do not see and Wizard, just the Wizzard, that is the Light that is drawing what I see in my Reality, it is that White Noise in front of me, I am finding patterns in it that enable me to hold the image in my Mind with that I see in Reality, and it must look real, my Mind can make it real if I really think about it long enough, so it takes practice, and I have been practicing since I was a child, so what I mean by using the Wizzard, is to think of the White Noise or Trinary Energy, as a canvas that your Mind can draw on, or project on, and you do this by holding that image in mind in Level 1 with your Eyes closed, then open them and hold on to that image as long as you can, do it over and over till you learn not to let go, then you can hold it for as long as you can concentrate, once your concentration is gone, so is the image, and that is true with Schizophrenia as well, this lesson is important for all with that disorder to learn about this technique, so you can learn to train your own mind how to use this gift as it was meant to be, and not let it get away from us, we should always know what is real and what is not real, but some people have a hard time with Reality, for example: those that are Religious or use Money and think that it is not Evil, have no sense of Reality, they are insane as defined in any Dictionary, because they allowed that Little Voice to convince them that this Reality that was created to Control them is now their Reality, and that is insane, if your Mind can not tell the difference then you have lost your Mind, and are no longer in control of your Thoughts, and you can find it again, it starts when you wipe out all your thoughts in your Mind, and that Little Voice has to shut up, if you can not shut it up, it will forever run your Life, and you will be stuck at that point in this Level forever, so do not ever stop or give up, you can learn to Close your Eyes and Mind, and shut off that Little Voice that Lies to you all that time, just learn to see only the Darkness, with nothing else, only the White Noise, and do not Play with it, do not get bored and start making designs or finding patterns, the idea is to disconnect, let your thoughts wonder into the Dark Empty places in your Mind, and you can learn what Frequency that is, so do all this while recording, and each day you practice, view what you have learned, write it down, you do not need a Doctor to give you Pills and Drugs that numb your Mind, you do not need Talk Therapy, you do not need Electroshock Therapy, you need to Close your thoughts down and do a master reset, and that Little Voice and Ringing in your Ear will only go away in your Dreams, so you need to learn to deal with them while you are awake, just live through your Dreams when you are awake.

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD for short, to me, it means I think a lot, about the same thoughts over and over and I let them control me, and those thoughts can become compulsive if I let them, if I can not control it, then it controls me, and it is all because of that Little Voice in my head, it is the one that is always thinking about the same thing, be it: Sex, Food, Safety, Reality, or some mystery I am trying to unravel like the Principles of the Trinary Universe, we all have thoughts we think about way too much, so it is the Compulsive part that makes it a disorder, and that is when you act on things you are thinking about, your repeat yourself, you have rituals, you do the same thing every day or have special things you do on these days, you schedule things, you make appointments, you call to make sure you still have an appointment, then you obsess about it all, and cannot sleep at night because you have to many things to think about, and people start to notice, and they ask you why are you doing that? And you say, doing what? As if you did not know, or maybe you were unaware that you were bring others into your Ritual, and they did not like it, because you did not invite them, you just included them like they were fine with it, and people wonder why this can be a problem, but that is OCD, and why you must learn to shut off that Little Voice, so it does not Control you, because you do not need it to Breath, and if you had to remember to keep your Heart Beat Running, you would have been dead a long time ago, those are the things you can control to some degree, so be careful, when I find myself stuck in an OCD Loop I can not get out of, I find Cannabis will Open Doors that will quiet that Little Voice, so I can think again, but you do not need drugs, a lot of people know how to meditate, to each their own, pick your Poison well, one will Pickle you, the other will set your Mind Free.

I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD, that fits right into my OCD during Schizoaffective episodes, because everyone can and most do have Traumatic episodes in their Life, they have Memory of those events, like: Accidents, Thoughts and Visions can be Traumatic, so you do not have to be in the Car Accident if you witness it, you can see what happened and feel the pain those that were in the Accident had, so watching it on TV can be just as bad as seeing it in real life, even if its fake, your mind will make it real, and that is a fact, once you have seen it, you can not unseen it, its Trauma, and it is Real, but there are 3 kinds of Trauma, there is the Event the First time it happened, which is when the Event first happened, which could be the first time you saw the event or the first time you thought about it, but it was the first time it happened, so the second kind is when you remember it for some reason, mostly because you wanted to, or someone asked you about it, or something you are doing reminded you of it, then you have to relive part of it, its called a Memory, and this memory can be strong or weak, a strong memory will recreate the Pain, and that all depends on how you felt at the time you remembered this event for the last time, but this is the first time, but that is not the way the Mind works, you think about it once, then process it, look for details, try to remember things you have not thought about before, you alter it from the perspective you are in, so it is not even that Memory about the Event, but the last time you though about it, so for example: you are standing outside and something hits you in the head, this is physical Trauma, you could have been hit by a car, or the Sky is falling, but you do not know what hit you, so your mind starts to think about what hit me, you look around nothing there, but your head is bleeding, so you call 911 and tell them your story, the Sky is Falling, Trauma, this actually happened to me, so I know what this type of Trauma fells like, but it can be anything that you can relate to in your own experience, but examples tell the story, so another example: you watch a War Video and start to feel sweaty, cold and hot at the same time, your hands and feet go numb, you are having trouble breathing, your vision is getting blurry, things are getting darker, as your eyes get pin pointed, and now you get that feeling like the Sky is Falling and you just got hit in the Head again, so you panic, and things get out of control, every bad feeling you have ever had in your entire Life comes flooding back into your Mind, the Pain sets in and it feels like the worse pain you have ever had, you see all the Trauma you have ever had in your Life, and there is nothing you can do about it but shut down, Meltdown, have a break down, cry, throw things, go crazy, and then you come back to reality, this is just a movie, why are you reacting to it in such a damaging way? Because you have PTSD and have no control over it, because you have no control over that Little Voice, it is the Root of all this Evil.

Can you use Schizoaffective behavior to make other problems like OCD and PTSD go away? It may sound crazy, and it is because it is, you can really lose yourself if you can not tell the difference between what is real and what is not, so do so at yours and those around you: risk, because if you lose it, you have no one to blame except yourself, I warned you, but there is a slippery slope between being insane and acting insane and just doing insane things, so always remember what Reality is, what the main purpose you function in Life, so do not make your Life into a Delusion, it is what it is, but you can use your Imagination to make it better, and that is worth a try, instead of reacting to things around you, create a safe place in your Mind for you to be, not somewhere else, be in the Moment, and in Reality, only see what is Real and not what your Mind can make up, then find a focus point if you need to escape, like a Door in your Mind, use the Trinary Energy, see the White Noise, and find a Pattern in it that brings Peace to your Mind, so you do not go down that Dark Road that PTSD will lead you down, just one Object, a Door way, a Safe Place, an Object that you can give an Avatar, or that Flesh you call a Body, so you can disconnect from its Pain, because that Pain is in the Flesh not the Mind, maybe the Brain is Injured, making it hard to create Pointers or connect to them in the Galattice, or other Body Pain is over stimulating the Brain, causing erratic brain waves, because our Connection to the Galattice is via the Light, so if you can not tune into the exact Frequency and Wavelength, you will not get a Good Reception, drop an O and you get a connection to God, so you can practice seeing one Image in your mind that does not belong there, this is called Imagination and God allowed you to use your Imagination, it is this Connection to the Galattice that we can have Imagination, no one else can see it, you know its only in your Mind, that is called Freewill, but your OCD thoughts can not distract you from your Focus, as that Little Voice tries to explain it, your Focus most be so intense that PTSD can not distract you from achieving that goal of seeing this Avatar in front of you, as if you are looking into a Mirror, that is in your vision, so you have focus, and then you can deal with the situation at hand, while keeping that image there, do not let it distract you from doing what you need to do, just enough to keep you from doing the activities that you should not be doing, you can not use Cannabis or any Drug all the time to deal with Reality, our Brains can heal on their Own in time, you need to learn to deal with it by using your Mind to think about things that are difficult to hold on to, like Imaginary Objects in our Reality, its only when you do not know which ones are real is it an issue, or Disorder, so do not ever cross that line, and if you have, learn to Close your Eyes and Mind and wipe those imaginary images away, so you can see only Reality, do not worry about all the Controls that Yew have on Reality, that is not My Reality, it is the Reality Yew Made, my way of dealing with the Reality yew created was by using: Schizoaffective behavior to make other problems like OCD and PTSD to go away.

The 3rd kind of Trauma is a combination of the last two, I explained above, the 1st is when you actually have the event happen to you, the 2nd kind is the type where you saw it happen to someone else, and the 3rd kind is when something happens and you relate it to another traumatic event, one that happened to you and one that may just be a memory, but you cross thread it, its like you mixed what is happening in your Reality, with what thoughts you have in your Mind, and you are reacting like this is the first time it has happened to you, as if the Trauma is much worse this time then it was before, and many times people around you will see no danger and wonder why you are running around yelling the Sky is falling every time something traumatic happens to you, or you see something that reminded you about a traumatic event, and you just relived it again, most of the time they call this Paranoid Delusional thinking, but for those that have little control over that little voice in their head, you need to learn to distract yourself when ever these attacks happen, and that means thinking that will not allow you to go there, and that place is Trinary Sanctuary for me, the Symbiotic Avatar I use is a Pyramid or Wizard that is an Old Man with Long White Hair and a Beard, to you it can be anything that makes you feel safe and calm, but this is using Schizoaffective behavior to deal with issues, you may not have any control over, so Drugs are an easy fix, so you live for your next Fix, and this Trauma gets worse, because Drugs never fix the problem, in fact they can only make it worse by not dealing with it, because the Thought that you must take enough Drugs so you will never wake up, is the only Solution to any problem that Requires Drugs to Fix it, and that is a Sad Fact, and why it is a Real Reality for those that Check out, and it is always on my Mind, because I cannot deal with this Reality, so the Sky is always falling on Me in the Flesh.

Most people on this planet believe in things that do not Physically exist, that is a type of Mental illness that Freewill allows them to believe they have the Right to believe what ever they want to, even if it is insane, and that accounts for over 99.999% of all the people on this planet, and there is only one way to cure that kind of Mental Retardation, and that is Education, you have to teach people that it is not a Right to be Insane, or try to teach others that this is not insane, witch would mean Religion and Money need to be Outlawed in an Advanced Society like Trinary Sanctuary, and you have no Right to push your Insanity on others, and that is a fact, just because I have OCD, PTSD, and Autistic Meltdowns, it does not give me the Right to involve people around me in my agitated state of mind, so I had to learn to control my behavior around others, it is not so easy to do around people you know, they try to help you and all they do is distract you from being able to deal with it on your own, and that is their insanity and not yours, so do not buy into Mainstream Drug Control and Brainwashing, we all have the Capacity to think insane thoughts, its only when we know they are insane and not Real that we can be in Reality, so it is not being Schizoaffective that is my Problem, that was the effect of how I dealt with the OCD and PTSD, it was because I always only believed in what is real and what can be proven to be real, so I am not Schizophrenic, like the 99.999% of the People on this Planet who believe in things that are not Real, because that is the very definition for what they are, insane is the belief in things that are not Real, just because you can not see them does not mean they do not exist, its only when they Physically do not exist that they are not Real, Invisible Light is real, yet you can not see it, but a Deity or Spirit, that is something that does not Physically exist in this Universe, nor does the theory of General Relativity, the Dynamic Universe or the Big Bang Theory, or any theory as far as that goes, none of them have been proven to be the truth, and there can only be one Truth, not my Truth or your Truth or even their Truth, the Truth about the Universe is Universal, it applies to everyone, and it is only when people can Open their Eyes, and Mind and see their Avatar or Flesh in their Reality: do they even begin to understand how much work it takes to be Schizoaffective, let along how hard it is to not to be Schizophrenic, because there is a fine line between them, personally: I like to keep my Reality Real, I just know how to make it more pleasant, I change the color of the Room, remove things or change things, so I can relate better to my Surroundings, but I always know what I created and what is Real, I Dream the Dreams like I am awake, so I must make sure that what I do in my Dream are as Real as my Reality, I do not have Dreams where I can get out of Control and do things I would not do when I was awake, well maybe I will Fly around, but that is when I get bored and want to do something fun, but doing that in Reality is another story, that is why I wanted to be a Helicopter Crew Chief in the United States Air Force.

They say being Autistic with a High IQ and being Schizoaffective is Rare, much rarer than having two Spleens, but who is counting, because it is Rare not to be Insane since 95% of the Worlds Population believe in things that do not Exist, so who are we kidding, the Human Race is doomed, because they believe they have the Right to be Insane and do Insane things, like allow the Governments to own them like Sheep, and why am I Rare? Because I am in that less than 10% of the Population of this Planet, that are not the same as everyone else, I was born this way.

People tell me that I am not Special, just because I see the Universe for what it is and can be, that does not make me Special to them, its mostly because they can not do so, and they are not Special, they have an Ego and Arrogance that makes them believe that others are no more Special than they are, the 99.999% of everyone on this planet thinks they are in that 1%, when all they do is go along with all the Madness, I fight against it, because to not do so is Cowardly, so Normal People tune me out because they can not handle having their Ego challenged, as if they know how the Universe works, what Fools Ego makes of Sheeple no more Special then Yew, I might not be Special and never Claimed to be, so it does not bother me what others may think of me, I will not change just to fit in, I will fight to the very end, my last breath will be to fight for Life, and if that is not Special, then so be it, to be or not to be, I do not care nor does the Universe.

Schizoaffective vs Schizophrenia, what is the Difference: Schizophrenia means you believe in things that do not Physically Exist, be it a Deity or Spirit, or Controls like Money and Taxation, and even Laws that were created for Control or to make more Money, so you know you have it if you use Money and think it is not the Root of All this Evil, and being Schizoaffective just means that is how you deal with Yew.

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