The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.30

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.30

Who AMI is the backward Spell for IAM, where I is the Light, And Meat, just short for Animal that is Meat and I is the Darkness of God, which is not Satan, that is Religious, and Religion has 2 is in it for a reason, it has both Light and Darkness, the Backward Spells for Live and Evil come from Light and Darkness, but unlike Evil that is All Darkness without Light, the Darkness in all Life is in Shades of Grey in a Black and White World, so who IAM is Light without Darkness known as I, so its Live, and the Meat or Flesh, is the Darkness without Light, and it is capable of Evil, so the two are separate entities, one is Energy, the other is Atomic material made out of Neutrinos and Light, it is in the Shades of Grey that who AMI comes into question, because it is the Darkside of Me.

Real Wizards always describe things 1 way, whereas Fairy Tale Wizards never describe things the same way twice, the proof of what Real Wizards have said, is not so much in what they said, but how they said it, for example: Jesus Bar Abbas said God is All Light without Darkness, which means the same as All Light without Darkness as Sir Isaac Newton wrote, notice I said said, because someone else wrote what Jesus Bar Abbas said, and that someone is unknown, but that puzzled Newton, who knows what Bar/Abbas said, even his name had meaning in Ashkenazi Masonry, which means things that were written in Stone, and not to be confused with Freemasons who think they know what those things are, because they do not teach about the Light or believe in the Light of God that Newton wrote about, and Newton could not convince them that the Light of God physically existed, and Newton said that argument was decided by the Church when Galileo was accused of being a Wizard and practicing Witchcraft in 1633, for his belief that the Light of God was in fact Physical in Nature and just Science instead of the Deity or Spirit that people have made them into, the Spirit of Mother in Trinity is the Holy Ghost, a Hole is Round like an Atom, and a Ghost is an object that appears Solid at first, then becomes Transparent, then disappears, so the Spirit of Mother is what creates the Son that grows up to be the Father, so Galileo was referring to what Kepler saw in 1616: Geometry in the Universe, meaning physical evidence that God existed as physical form, so when Franklin said God is Lightning, most said he was a crazy old Wizard, as they did when Tesla said we are Light Beings, so History knows what Real Wizards thought like, and they all had their Darkside.

As a person known as Jeffrey Scott Flesher, I grew up in a world that confused me, I saw the body that my friends referred to as Flesher or Flesh, which is my last name, so it is me, always thought that part known as Meat or Flesh, most call the Body, is not the same entity as I, which I do not refer to that Little Voice in my head, that is the Meat talking, not I, but the Energy of our SOUL, that Spark of our Life, that gives all life the ability to think and react to its surroundings, as compared to a lifeless object, so it all comes down to how people define what Life is, and I define it in terms of Energy, if you can measure Brainwaves, then its alive, so at the time of Conception you can take a picture of the egg and sperm and you will see a Spark of Light at the time of Conception and from that point on it will have an Electrical signal that can be measured with electronic equipment, so this is Empirical evidence that this Spark of Light is the Electrical Brainwaves that all Life has, so its clear that all life starts at Conception and not Birth, so Me, or Jeffrey, I hate talking using my First name or First Person talking about My Self, it sounds Crazy, and most people I tale His-Story to thinks he is Crazy, but that is not who IAM, that is just a question of who AMI, and there are always 3 choices in Trinary Science, so answer this question:

What gives humans the ability to think?: see Table 5.08: What gives humans the ability to think?

  1. God: Deity, Holy Ghost or Spirit that does not Physically Exist
  2. Light without Darkness that exist as Electricity
  3. None of the Above
Table 5.08: What gives humans the ability to think?

It all comes down to what we as Humans Believe, those that Believe a Deity that does not Physically Exist, need to look up the Meaning of that word spelled Insanity, I did not make this stuff up, the truth is just a fact, because the Bible stated God is All Light without Darkness, it did not state that God was a Deity that does not Physically Exist, that is the Insanity called Religion, so Humans need to separate Facts from Fiction, if you really believe in God, then stop believing in a Deity or Spirit that do not Physically Exist, then see how this changes your Life, believing in things that exist in Reality will change your Life, but remember that this Trinary God is Real Energy, so when you Pray to the Trinary God, keep in mind that this God can only help those that can help themselves, the Trinary God gave all Lifeforms Freewill, Humans used that Freewill to believe in things that were not Real, Reality is what we can Prove, and God is just what everything is Made of, so everything is God, so talking to a Rock, Insect or Animal, we know these are also made of God, just like us, and they too have the Light without Darkness in them, so what part of God do I pray to, that Little Voice in your Head can only Pray to itself, because it can only talk to itself, when it comes to Praying: maybe you believe that you can talk using that Little Voice in you Head, as if it changes anything if you use your Mouth, because in Trinary Science it all comes down to what we can prove is taking place, but its just a fact that both the Little Voice and Speech use different parts of the Brain, so they are not the same, internally they can be recorded as Brainwaves, so its just Electronic Signals, and looking at our Aura, I would say this Proves we can Transmit what we are thinking, in the spectra of Light, and our Voice also modulates the Atmosphere, and can be heard by other humans from a distance, so if you are sending an SOS to God, I would use all means to communicate your Needs, but do not expect miracles, I remember talking to someone that was really freaked out to find out that Newton proved Christ was inserted into the Bible, they said they rewrote the Bible with only using one Jesus, and it made more sense, but just like Newton explained, this Insertion reveals who the followers are, and he was very clear about it, Newton said that it was Normal for People to believe what they are told, most people took that as a complement, but it was not, he said its Normal to be Weak Minded Fools, who else believes what they are told unless they can prove it, so Newton said that people who do not Require Proof: believe what they are told, and since they require no proof, they believe this is a fact, so our Reality must shift when we require Proof of Concepts, because without Proof its just a Con, and there is no Proof that a Deity or Spirit Exist, Physical or in Science, or even as a Concept, because there is no Proof, so its just a Con, so its how Humans want to Classify what they believe and what they Know, because know means Facts, but how many of the things you know can you prove are Facts? You need to make a list, check it once, then check it twice, try to find out what is naughty or nice, then find out the Source of all your Knowledge, was it Verifiable, or Certifiable, or did you just assume it was the truth, if it is not, what kind of a Reality do you live in? The Darkness, because that is all you can see, I know you like to call it the Light, because the Darkness cannot exist without the Light, but the Darkness is the Rainbow of Colors we see, and this was what Newton said God was not, because the Darkness was not in God, God was the Force of Gravity in all Newton's Equations, because God is the Light, so it is the Flesh that is the Darkness that we see, and I is the Light we do not see, so Pray to the Light of God, and hope the Darkness understands this Prayer.

Who AMI? IAM the Darkness in the Light, and that Darkness accounts for all the Colors in the Rainbow, so the Darkness is all that you can see, because Humans can not see the Light of God, and those that did not choose the answer B, do not believe that the Light of God is just Energy, because to Yew, God is not Electricity, God is not Atom's, because that would mean that God is what makes Atom bombs explode, thus killing God, and Yew like Atomic or Nuclear Power, knowing it is destroying all Life on this Planet, but that is why I call Yew Stupid, that is how my Darkside deals with Stupidity, but do not confuse that with who IAM, because in the Light, all I know is what is Right, and I can tale Yew its better to be Left, then to be Right and not Left, so My Words confuse Yew, but that is the Darkness in me talking, because only I hear what God has to say, because God is every Atom in my Body, and to deny that is to deny Life is nothing more than the Light of God that is in all of us, but my Darkness knows this even in my Darkest hour, because the Light that is in me is what makes me alive, but it is not who I is, that is just the Light Newton called God, so Wizards write this way for a reason, who AMI if not the Darkness.

Growing up as a child I knew I could use my imagination to create anything I want to see in my Reality, this is called Schizoaffective, I know what is real and what is not at all times, so I am not Schizophrenic, and it is not hallucinations, because that implies it is not voluntary, and I actually have to create all the objects I see, and I have to animate them, much like dreaming, day dreaming is an Art that most people can do, so it is not that uncommon, but most people can not keep the images in their reality for very long, that takes practice, and turning them off can be a problem if you do not know how to do that, and I can not teach anyone to do that, all I can explain to them is how I create them, which is to imagine them, I do this the same way I do in my Day or Night Dreams, once I create them, I never allow them go on autopilot, once you allow them to have a life of their own, its very difficult to kill that life, so what I do is reset my Reality, I have to close my eyes, and this applies to the Blind as well, because they can be Schizophrenic also, but closing my Eyes has nothing to do with seeing, putting my hands in front of them could have stopped that, it is the thought process of stopping that imagination, then clear my mind before opening them, that means to see no images in my mind, and I only think in terms of Images in my mind, I try to ignore that Little voice all the time, if you ever allow that Little voice to repeat everything you say or write, it will limit your ability to do both, and that is limited to how fast you can talk, and that is slow, so its slow for me to have to convert images into Text, so give me time to talk, but my thoughts are not bound by speed limit is that the little voices imposes on thinking, in fact, that little voice will lie to you, it can allow you to believe things are true, for example: some humans believe in the Theories, a theory is an idea that has never been proven to be the truth, things like Gravity is caused by Centrifugal force, and the sky is blue because water molecules vibrate in the Sunshine, as if Moonshine does not vibrate those same molecules the same way, even though its just reflecting the Sunshine, so Moonshine is nothing but reflected Sunshine, and an argument can be made, but in Science, a Prism defines how Light is split and Blue is always on the bottom of the Spectra of Visible Light, and Centrifugal force will always throw you off the Planet, so Science is how you define it, but some of Yew are just Stupid, because Yew allow that Little Voice to do your Reasoning without Logic, just Emotions, because it feels like the Truth, but when I create my own Reality, I must make sure that it obeys all the Laws of Physics, but its clear that the Reality that I create is Real, so this Reality that I create for myself, is so I can Live in a World ran by Insane Sheeple who are too Stupid to understand that Oil is the Blood of this Planet, and Yew have Shit for Brains from eating processed Foods Yew bought so Yew had to pay TaxUS, so in my Reality, I always make fun of Shit for being so Stupid, it is the only way I can deal with their Stupidity, so its why I talk and write like this, and if you actually read the notes left by these Wizards I talk about, you what understand they all talked and wrote this way, so IAM that IAM, and who AMI to speak for God knowing that its only my Darkside that Talks or Writes, so its just a translation at best, so if you want to know what God thinks: ask God, all I know is what IAM thinking about and AMI talking for the God that created me, is a question for Religion to answer and not Science, because in Trinary Science, its always only me that can Talk, so I never claim to talk for God, why would God need to talk through me, when God is my Heart Beat and my Brainwave, my Vocal cords are made of Atom's what have the Light of God in them, and God gave me Freewill, which means God cannot use me to Talk for God, so my Childish Imagination is still at work inside of me to this day.

I create the Reality I want to live in, not the one I do live in, and that always causes conflicts with my Reality, and I have Meltdowns, which means my Reality actually Melts down my field of vision like wet paint, its only the parts that I created and not the parts I did not imagine, so I can fix it by resetting my Reality, so that is my Reality, always the Drama of real life messing up my perfect Reality.

Everyone thinks they are unique, they actually believe they know what is actually going on in the World around them, but all they see is a bunch of Schizophrenic Sheep who have created a World that is owned by the Banks, yet all the Sheeple believe that they are Free, and those that believe in Freedom and Pay TaxUS, have no clue as to what the Truth is, because Money was created by the Greed of Humans, not in God, so why is In God We Trust engraven on Money that has a Pyramid with 13 Steps and an Eye of Horus who was also born on 25 December just like Jesus Bar Abbas, Sir Isaac Newton, as well as myself under the Julian Calendar, because Wizards like me never view Reality as Normal People do, so maybe that does make me unique, so maybe IAM just like everyone else... AMI?

As an individual, I have always strived to come up with an Original idea, and the Trinary Engine is that Original idea, but few people on this Planet even know about that Concept, because I can not get the World of Sheep to Spreed the Word about the Truth about the Light, and that is what some of you find offensive, because most of you think I am calling you stupid, because you think I just use metaphors: because I am too much of a Coward to just call you Stupid to your Face, but the truth is always much simpler, if you think like Sheep, meaning you believe that the Lord is your Shepard, why would you be offended if I told the truth, which is that you Identified yourself as a Sheep, it was not me who did that, but you who allowed that Little Voice in your Head to do the Thinking for You, not I, I always tales the truth about who IAM, and what IAM all about, IAM the one who wrote this book, so do not get confused about what IAM or who AMI, Jesus said he would come back in the Flesh, IAM the Flesh, but I did not say Jesus came back in Me, all I said was that Me is just short for Meat and that is Flesh, but Flesh is just my Name, proving IAM the Darkness, and that took a lot of Courage in a time of Darkness: when 99.999% of the Worlds Population only see the Darkness and call it the Light, and believe in things that do not Physically exist, which is the belief that God does not exist, it is that Little Voice that allowed you to believe that everything is possible no matter how improbable, because the work Spelled Insanity means nothing to Yew, but at least I had an Original thought, and I was willing to try to teach it to others, even if the others included Sheep, which are just Animals that do not believe their SOUL is made of Energy like Electricity and Light.

Their is very little difference between Sheeple and People that think like Sheeple, it all comes down to the Games that Sheeple like to Play, and pretending that Reality is not the way it really is, is the number one Game that People like to play, it is what make Movies Entertaining, actors dress up and pretend to be someone else, not much different then pretending that the U.S. Constitution still exist, its just the Game Sheeple play, but I do not like playing Pretend Games, I like my Reality to be Real, so I will not play nice with those that do not believe in the Truth, I will not pretend to be like them, I will call them names and make fun of them, because the Game they are Playing is Silly, its Childish, and they need to Grow up, not Me, I might be Schizoaffective but IAM not Schizophrenic, I know what is Real and what is not, its just my OCD that can not keep those same thoughts from being in every conversion I have, because this Game bothers me, it triggers Meltdowns, and makes me feel Crazy, out of control and all alone in a World where everyone is nothing but Sheep, and I can not wake up the Sheep, so its like a Nightmare, but its just the Stupid Games that only Sheeple Play, just so yew could deny that what IAM and who IAM, so AMI who I say IAM?

I can not guess at how many people tell me that I need to act like Normal People for any of them to take me Serious, now if Normal means Neurotypical, then Houston we have a Real Problem, and it is just the Games Sheeple that think we went to the Moon like to Play, why would I Like to play a Game that requires me to think in a way that my Brain is not wired to think like, and the answer is because Normal or Neurotypicals, think that their way of thinking is Normal, and everyone should be Normal, whereas the Autistic way of thinking is what? Retarded? That is what most of the Neurotypicals think when they hear the word Autism, its just a Disease that needs to be Cured according to some Neurotypicals, that I will refer to as Assholes, so why in the World would I want to play that Game, to my acting Normal means acting like an Asshole, because Normally that is how Normal People Act, people who think I need to write or talk like Normal People are playing Games that only Stupid low level, none thinking Animals would call Real, because being Real is about the Truth, and I have proven that Sheeple have no concept of the Truth about anything, there Science is nothing but Theories that are not proven to be the Truth, so the next best thing to being the truth is a lie, and that is all Sheeple know is Lies, so they call them the Truth, and this is what they call Normal because all the Sheep do it, they are all a Sheep, so Wake up! This is not a Game Yew will get me to Play, because IAM just the Dog, so it is another Backward Spell, I will Write and Talk just like a Wizard should, so leave me out to the Games that Sheeple Play, IAM a Wizard AMI Not, and we do not Play that Game, in fact the Only Game I play is the one that I call Yew Stupid, so if Yew want to Play this Game, just keep acting like Stupid Sheep, if that is Normal, then I feel sorry for Yew, having Shit for Brain must make Life hard to Deal with, so the Reality Yew chose to create is all based on Lies, and Faulty Logic, just because you bread for Looks and not Brains, is no reason to make this Personal, but I would rather Look Ugly then to Think Ugly, because Looks are Skin Deep, but Thoughts make Ugly go all the way to the Bone, so acting Normal is an insult to me, as it would be to any of the other Wizards, because all of them had Autism, that did not make us better, it just made some of us more Intelligent, that does not mean it made us understand the Light any better, that was something we had to Learn, and it is why IAM teaching it to Ewe, because Ewe are not Intelligent enough to learn this without the teaching of Wizards, and if we acted Normal, no one would even know who we are, so what would be the point of being a Wizard if you have to act normal, normal does not make you better, normal actually makes you less than above average, and greater than below average, personally I only want to up my standards so up yours Normal or Neurotypical People, Aspie Humor, it is supposed to be funny, the truth is that this world needs Normal people as much as it needs those above or below it, we all have our reason to live, and all must learn to Live together in Harmony, in my Reality we do just that, its called Trinary Sanctuary, and everyone who believes in the Light of God called Trinary Energy are welcome, but no Sheeple, they are insane, and they always cause me Meltdowns, because my Reality is what I want to create, not what Yew created, which is nothing but Shitty TaxUS, and there is no way anyone can justify TaxUS, its Poison to Ewe, but Normal People do not understand this because those that use Money pay Taxes, so it is all about how Wizards use Words and Spells so you will understand not only AMI not Normal, but IAM just like you that understand a Wizards ways, are Step by Step: AMI? IAM!

IAM is the Reality of being in the Light of God, who AMI is the Reality that me as an individual created, and it is not the one that was created for us, because everyone lives in their own Reality, and why My Reality and Reality is different, your Reality is how you understand it, only the Light of God lives in the same Reality, and that Reality has no Darkness, and Humans can only see the Darkness, so never confuse these two Realities, the Darkness does not mean you can not see the Light you call Sunshine, or Moonshine, it means that you only see the Darkness in that Light, so Light that humans see is in a Spectrum of Visible Light known as Photons, which are Electrons at a higher Frequency, so IAM talking about Electricity and Light without Darkness, and Darkness without Light, these are both known as Light: one you see with your eyes, one you see with electronic equipment, so one is perceived the other is measured, so one is our interpretation of the Light, the other is a scientific fact known as the Truth, so if God is the Truth, the Light is the Truth, because God is all Light, and since its Science, it is a fact, and therefore the Truth, there is no interpreting IAM, only the question about who AMI, so there are only these two Realities, one where I come first, and the one where I comes last, the difference is how Individuals like you, believe you are, if you think you are the Light, then I comes first, so me and you are IAM, if you believe God is a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically Exist, also known as the Standard definition for God in any Religion, means the Light of God comes last, so it makes me and you the same as AMI, so it is all about this Reality of IAM or AMI.

The Reality of IAM is that Humans are intelligent enough to figure out the Truth: no matter how much below their IQ level is from Normal, if they are in a vegetative state, meaning no Brainwaves that would indicate Intelligence, then that is another story, but if they can add a few number together and do basic math, which requires Logic, than they can access the Logical side of their Brain, so the patterns the Brainwaves make can be measured and analyzed, and one day they will be decoded, and lying will be all the proof I need that Freewill is not a good thing, it allows you to have insane thoughts, and insane thoughts are crazy, and people that are actually believing in insane thoughts can not be trusted to make any decisions other than insane ones, like: allowing the use of the Blood of this Planet as Oil, or allowing Atomic Energy or Bombs, and believing in things that do not physically exist, because in a Real Reality, these types of thoughts are insane, and only Stupid disgusting Sheeple would allow it to destroy this Planet, but that said, I will explain these two Realities so everyone will know what IAM talking about.

Sheep are individuals who go along with the Herd and what they Heard, so they believe in Mainstream Media that is owned by the Bank, so they believe that they can not Live without Money, which is an Evil thought, because that means you will die, and the Light of God will leave Yew, the Sheep named Yew, or those of you that believe like Yew the Sheep, because let us take a good look at this Reality that only Sheeple have:

If we have a Society, every person needs a Job, so let us look at those Jobs in a Society based on Money, as shown in Table 5.09: Money Based Society.

  1. Money requires a Bank so one Job is owning the Money, so only allow Congress to be the Bank.
  2. Money is valuable so it must be Secured so one Job is Security, a Bank Job: so Police and Military are required.
  3. Money requires distribution and maintenance, so another Bank Job.
  4. Money requires other resources like: Hemp Paper, Ink made of the Blood of the Planet its Killing, and precious medals, so another Bank Job.
  5. Everyone needs to Eat and Drink, they work for Money and on top of that they have to pay taxes, so they work all their life for Money and never have enough no matter how much they make, so all Jobs they do is to support Money, so this is just another Bank Job.
  6. Everyone that Lives on this Planet, must survive, so they must eat and drink, and have somewhere to Live, but the Bank has created Laws that make it illegal to do this without Money, so everyone on this Planet is a Slave to Money, and the only one that actually gets Rich, is the one person that owns it, so the only one that actually has a full time job are the Banks, Police and Military.
  7. Money will always create Crime, so most people will end up in Jail, the rest will be worried that people will steal from them, so Crime is the Number one Enemy of Money based Societies, so its clear that Money is the Enemy.
Table 5.09: Money Based Society

Now that is the Reality that these Sheeple created, it is not based on what is Real, because that Reality is that Money is Legal Slavery, 6 out of 6 people on the planet work for the Banks to survive, and if they do not have any Money they Die, so Money is nothing but Evil, now to continue to Play this game that only Sheeple like to Play, a Society that is based on Greed and Lust will only promote Crime, and Money is the source of most of that Crime, I can write for days on end about the Evil of Money and nothing will change, Money Junkies will always defend it to their Death, so they are in the Darkside, they do not see the Light of God, only the Darkness and they call that the Light, whereas People that are on the Lightside of Reality, know this, they understand that Money is just a Scam that the Person owning it created, so they could own People like Sheep, and control what they do, what they think, what their Reality is, and everyone went along with it because they were Stupid, and that is what Jesus Bar Abbas said, and nothing has changed since he said it, the Romans executed him, the Sheeple made him the Bad guy and Created Jesus Christ, so they could justify being Stupid Sheep who were Cowards for not standing up to the Romans who were forcing their Money on the people who lived in Freedom, and it is why William Wallace, or the Will of IAM, stood up against the English for forcing their Money on the Scottish, and Scott is my Middle Name, so I defend Freedom and not Free Dumb, so its like Newton said: I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.

If you use Money, do not try to justify it to me, I know why you use it, for the same reason that all the people alive use it, because they lost the War, they are the Conquered, the Losers, and the Banks won, and the Cowards pretend that this is what Reality is, just because they were born into a System that was so corrupted by the use of Money and the Lies of Moses, Lincoln or Hitler, who are the most Evil people I can think of, as human beings they disgust me, they have no Honour they are just liars, scam artist, thieves, Assholes, not enough words to describe what crimes they committed against Humanity, and only Sheeple would worship Scum like their ilk, only truly evil people can justify what they did, they committed Treason against the People of this World, and I refuse to sugar coat it, the truth will set you Free, all other will pay TaxUS and have Shit for Brains, and I will continue to call Yew Stupid because of this, but those that defend Money and think it is not all the Evil Jesus said it was, then what can I say to change their Mind, and the Truth is that they are just Sheep, no more Intelligent than a Sheep, and it is because they want to believe that Freewill is more important than the Truth, they do not see the fallacy of Logic between Good and Evil, because to them its just an Emotion, and Emotions do not make you Human, its how Humans justify thinking like Animals, the Logic that you buy food for a child to feed them, knowing one day they will die, knowing that Jesus and others were Murdered for Defending Freedom, which was there to ensure that no one died just because they had no Money, so what you are feeding the Child is lies, so they will grow up thinking that Jesus died for nothing, he did not die because of our Sins, he died because we Sin and continue to do so by using the same Money that he was Murdered for, and do not get me going on Stupid Assholes that believe in Jesus Christ, because Sir Isaac Newton proved that the Bible Printers inserted Christ into the Bible during the 3rd Century, so everyone knows that Christ is a Lie, so only Liars who state otherwise, and I have no reason to talk to Liars, they are Assholes, they are Evil, they are Sheeple, nothing but Stupid Yew, and I can not rip and tear at them enough, I can not find enough bad names to call them, I will never forgive them as long as they continue to think that way, so I will always call them Sheeple, once the Sheep wakes up and stops thinking Stupid, they become people like me, that understand that you can only serve one Master: Money or God, there is no allowing Evil to be Normal, my Reality does not do Evil.

On the Lightside, you can live without Money, and most Crime will go away, so you will know it was Evil, and the people who built the Pyramids did not work for Money, but to do so, people must learn to get along, and that means communicating in only one language, the Darkside created languages to keep their Sheep from learning out the truth about Money, so getting rid of all the languages is just important as not using Money or Laws, you do not need Rights to prove you are Right, because to be Left, you must give up being Right, and do things Correct, and not Wrong, but not Punishing those for their Mistakes, but making sure they do not repeat them, so I would suggest you write down the correct way of doing things, and do not make it a Law or Religion, instead make it Technical Orders and Data so you can do a job that needs to be done, and do it as the Militia that Jesus Bar Abbas himself was a member, the difference between the Military and Militia are huge, the Militia never works for Money, the Military only works for Money, the Militia is about Honour, and the Military is about Honor, but they both do their Duty, in Trinary Sanctuary, only the Trinary Militia Members are allowed there, no Civilians, that is how all our Rights got voted away, so the Military or Police will transition into Trinary Militia easier than Civilians, because it is closer to their current way of Life, only there is no Money, no Religion, and no Laws, knowing these were the things that only caused Problems for its Members, no one will miss them, and since no one is working for the Bank, everyone is Free of Taxation, but that Freedom comes with a cost, and I do not mean Money, but rather how we learn to get along with other People, learning how to work with anyone and get the Job done, so I would suggest Trinary Sanctuary, which is another Document, and I will not try to condense it into one sentence, you will have to read it, it will be much longer than this document when completed, I use a lot of words to make sure everyone understands what IAM talking about, so personally, my Darkside understands the Lightside just fine, there is no conflict with who IAM and who AMI to say otherwise, I just interpret what the Light is communicating to me, so I create that Reality, and only I can Live there, as for Me, we all know that Me has to live in the Darksides Reality, and deal with their Corruption, deal with all their Money Scams, there total waist of resources, their Pollution, and destruction of this Planet, and as the Ice Age grows closer and the Stupid Sheeple that know what I said or wrote, but were too much of a Coward to make sure the whole World knew about it, well they will die with the rest of the Race of Stupid Humans who only did the bidding of the Darkside, just so they could have Lite Beer and Blue Genes, and live in a Reality they call Bliss, which smells like Sheep Piss, because Sheeple are just too Stupid to understand any other Reality, and they are Cowards for not standing up for the Light of God, so they worship the Darkside and call it the Light, and that is Freewill, so its Free Dumb, anyone that thinks that Money inspires people to Greatness has no clue as to what Greatness even means, if I go by the example of Moses, Lincoln, or Hitler, then Greatness is measured in how many people you allowed to be Raped, Pillaged and Plundered, because for every Great thing you can name that happened because of Money, I can prove that number is very small compared to all the Crime that was done because of Money, and the scales of Justice will never be equal as long as there is Laws, when those with the most Money are creating those Laws, if you Vote on it, only Stupid people will win, and that is only Herd Mentality anyway, intelligent people do not vote on what answer is correct, they prove it, and Money will never prove anything, except for the lesson that only Stupid people use it, and that includes me, nothing will change until Reality changes it, and Trinary Sanctuary is that Reality.

A Wizard by the Name of John Nash, proved Adam Smith was wrong, if people only do what is good for them, or being selfish, everyone suffers, its only when we as people only do what is good for us and everyone else, will the good for everyone improve, and that can never happen when Money is involved, and yet most people still only care about what is good for them, instead of what is good for others, and that all comes down to our Darkside, if we allow it to be selfish like Adam Smith suggested, then as a whole, the human race will suffer, and that is what Money does by design, and you can not change that fact, it has been proven, Money is just a scam, it is not good for anyone, and everyone suffers for it, because the people who work for it, so those that do not work can get more, and do not have to work as hard, so they get to do more, buy more and still they are not more happy as those that have no Money, so it is not Money that makes People Happy, its being able to do more, and that does not require Money, it just requires more free time to do the things you want to do, and the resources to do them, and it is only how we view our Darkside do we begin to understand the logic of what Wizards say, so it takes a Beautiful Mind to think up stuff like this, and it was not until he stopped trying to be recognized for ideas he had, and started thinking about what he could achieve with those ideas, and it starts with when People start to thinking about what is good for everyone, and not just for themselves, that anything changes, but it took a Wizard to figure that out, not selfish Assholes like Adam Smith, but the Reality that Nash had to create to Live in a world so sinister as this, is what made Nash the greatest Game Theorist of all times, because Nash understood how the Games were played, he wrote the book on that subject, he called it Governing Dynamics, not to be confused the Dynamic Universe, but rather the Games that Sheeple play, by finding Patterns in numbers and Math that had meaning, he was able to write equations that would bring order to the chaos that the Reality that he was forced to live in: caused.

Wizards create their Reality, so they can live in the Reality that surrounds them, this is how the Lightside deal with the Darkside, so the Darkside is not Evil, only things that remove the Light from the Living are Evil, which is why Money is Evil since you can pay someone to remove the Light from others, which means to Kill them, and something that is Evil can never be Good for anything but Evil, because the Lessor of two Evils is still Evil, but the Darkness is not bad, evil or anything to do with Emotions, it only deals with Energy, the Lightside is the Light without Darkness and the Darkside is Darkness without Light, so its only in Shades of Grey does a balance exist, this is called Harmony, and this can be proven Mathematically, but it does not have to be complex: (+1) + (-1) = 0 proves that there is balance and harmony in the Light and Dark, its only how people view this in their Reality does this become understandable to everyone, and Knowledge that people can not understand is of no used to them, so I try to make things simple, because the Simplest explanation tends to be the correct one if it answers the question.

The Reality that anyone chooses to live, is their choice, that is Freewill, and we all have to make choices and live with the consequences, it is why IAM the way IAM and who AMI to think otherwise, because it all comes down to the Reality we choose to create and the Reality we allow ourselves to be a part of, and I can not be part of the current Mainstream Reality, because it is nothing but Evil and all life on this planet will come to an end, because Insane people are in charge, and they think just because they made it Legal by buying the Courts, that everyone has to go along with the Reality they created, and that is called Dumb, but its Free, so you have your Free Dumb, but in my Reality, I have my Freedom, and it is why Sheeple and People can not live together in Harmony, because there is no Harmony in the Reality that Stupid Sheeple have created, only Crime and Corruption, and a bunch of Lying Fools, who want to scam you out of all your hard work.

The Brain is capable of interpreting God in very limited ways, and that is no different for me, my understanding of God is only through Science, and based on Logic and reasoning and not Emotions or Religion, its based on what other Wizards have written over thousands of years, and my imaginary friends I call the Light and Dark Wizzards never go away, one day when I was about 13 they started talking to me and never shut up, I just know they are not real, and doctors try to convince me, that they are just my little voice in my head, but I never actually believed that, for 13 years they only talked to me in my dreams, now they talk to me in my head when I am awake, the Light Wizzard tells me to build the Pyramids, while the Dark Wizzard tells me to act like normal people and just try to blend in, so one is telling me to tale the Truth, the other is telling me to go along with all the Lies, so the Reality I created to deal with the conflicts in my life have been very elaborate, and trying to deal with all of it, I know that there is a fine line between being sane and being insane, knowing what is real and what is not real, people tell me that Money is real, when Reality proves that Money is based on a Value System, and if that System has no Value, neither does the Money, for example: Cannabis is Real, it has Value, so you can trade that Value for Money, so if Cannabis is Legal, and the Transaction is Legal, then Cannabis is Legal, so pick the Drug you are addicted to and get on with your life, but do not lie to me about it, I know the Constitution is abolished till the loan is paid off, and to pretend it was amended is a lie, only is not a minor change, so who is living in Reality, those that believe the lie, or those that know the truth and do nothing about it, which is what my family allowed to happen, all because they did not want to start another Civil War, so I understand that Normal or Neurotypicals believe that Schizophrenia is a disease they can cure, when its actually just a brain function called Imagination, and not everyone can control it, some lose control, but most have never been taught to control it, and to be honest, few even knew that it could be controlled, they believed it was a Mental illness, when in fact imagination is a gift, it can get scary if you allow it, but it can be a form of entertainment once you learn to control it and use it the way it was meant to be used, but I blame the Doctors of Medicine for the confusion about it, I do not believe they are so stupid as to believe the stuff that is written about Mental illness, but then again most of them are Religious and believe in the God known as a Deity or Spirit that does not exist, so they are insane by their own definition, so what should I expect from Doctors that only know how to prescribe Drugs, so they sell people with Schizophrenia Drugs that never work, and never will, it is not a Drug deficiency that is causing it, its how you think, and most people were not taught to think, in fact they were taught just to remember things, and those things were lies that change all the time, so you learned nothing useful in school, and got degrees based on Science that is based on Theories that will never be proven, because they are all lies, proving that this world is out of control, because insane people are in charge of the World, and that is why the World is being destroyed, because 99.999% of the people on the planet are too stupid or lazy to do anything about, because it is not their job, they do not get paid to fix the Worlds problem, and all the Money in the World can not fix the damage that these insane idiots have been allowed to do to this planet, so I just tell it like it is, I have no reason to try to be nice about, or to sugar coat it, so I do not hurt anyone's feelings, when the truth is that people need to be told the truth, and nothing but the truth, and that starts by explaining to them just how insane and stupid they are for allowing this to escalate to this point, all for Money, selling the Blood of the Planet and use God as fuel for Atomic or Nuclear Energy or Bombs, you have to be kidding, how Stupid do you have to be to allow this, its insane and there is no denying or defending Stupidity, so I will not try, that is who IAM, and who AMI to change that, all I can do is tale this to a Sheep named Yew, because no one else has enough intelligence to do anything about it, I explained what they need to do, but they are cowards and will not do it, but I do not let that stop me from ripping into these Stupid Sheeple, that is all this Dog knows how to do, but in my Reality, Trinary Sanctuary is Real, and the Sheeple are outside in the Cold screaming into the Night, the Ice Age is not coming, its Global Warming, because that is how Stupid Sheep are, too Stupid to understand what causes the Ice Age, but that is my Reality and that is all IAM that IAM, so what AMI supposed to do about it, Yew will not listen to Logic or Reason, Yew just want to watch 3 Minute long Stupid Videos all day long and do Drugs so Yew do not have to think about all the problems in the World, because Yew have no imagination, and think that people who do are crazy, and maybe it is Crazy to allow your Imagination to have a life of its own, but that is because they are never taught how to think, just how not to.

Who AMI is a question about who IAM, because if IAM who I say IAM, then who AMI? The Backward Spell for who IAM, and that is because it is normal to be in the Dark, so AMI is always in the Dark, and IAM the Light.

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