The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.29

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.29

Reality must be the same for everyone in the Universe, or it is not Reality, this is not about My Reality, unless that was the same as your Reality, anyone that would think that everyone can have their own reality: does not have one, because all Reality must be the same to be called the True Reality, and that does not mean that everyone must agree on Concepts based on words or spells, people like me do not assign meaning to words or spells, we only attach Empirical Evidence to them, and when there is none to link, we do not include it in our Reality, that is what I call thinking like a Wizard, but the opposite of how Sheep think, because Sheeple believe in Theories and that means they have never been proven to be the Truth, so this Reality must exist in a way that Words and Spells can describe it, witch means we must agree on the words or Spells we use, so we are only assigning one meaning to every word or spell, so Reality is not our interpretation of what words mean what when spelled like this, or concepts will get lost in the Translation, so how do Wizards and Sheeple come to some understanding about what words to use, and how to spell them, because Wizards talk many different Languages, as for me, I was born in the U.S.A. so English is my Language that I write in, but do not think using it, and I know enough about other languages to know that who ever translates this will really have to know what words and Spells IAM talking about, and I do not mean me, the Light of God I call Trinary Energy is described as White Noise, this is a phenomenon where Light appears to change between 3 State Changes, I say appear, because this type of Light has no Mass, it is not Photonic, nor is it Electromagnetic, or on any known Spectra of Light, yet its frequency times its wavelength is defined as the Speed of Light, and it can be seen around every Atom in the Universe, and everyone of these Atom's always follow the same patterns of State Changes, this means that this is Empirical Evidence, this can not be debunked, its just a fact, so no matter what I name the White Noise, it does not change what it is, and how I explain why the White Noise appears to change the State of Atom's does not change the fact that it does, so Words are used to Describe it, but they can not change it, so calling it the Light of God does not change what it is, nor does calling it Trinary Energy, but personally I would rather refer to God as Energy then I would Noise, so I try to use Trinary Energy whenever I can, so if I explain these patterns of State Changes as Control, or saying that Trinary Energy, Light Wizzard, White Noise or the Light of the Trinary God is Controlling every Atom in the Universe, we should all agree that this is Reality, because if we can not agree on this simple point that defines how the Universe works at the Subatomic level, then we will never agree on how the Universe works, and Sheeple will never agree, and it is why I call them Sheeple, so if you agree this is Reality, I will refer to you as a Wizard, because Step by Step, you can build from that Reality, and a Wizard means a Step by Step Guide, so this is like a Computer Wizard, or Program Wizard, the teaches in steps describing how the Universe Actually works, but Sheeple will always argue about what Reality is, because they believe they have it all figured out like all the other Sheep in their Herd, and so they believe what they heard in their herd and why I will always make fun of Sheeple, they will deny they exist just to prove they are Sheeple, Sheeple believe they can go back in time once they invent a machine that prove that time does not exist, all because some of YOU believe that Freewill allows YOU the Right to your own Reality, so if that Includes things that do not Physically Exist, look up that Definition, ewe will find that under the Spell Insane.

How we view Light is the foundation of any Reality, if we define Light as having a Frequency and a wavelength, then we are defining Light the same way we define Electricity, and only the frequencies and wavelengths change, and over the entire spectra we define every Atomic Structure that exist, because all of them can be described by the Frequency and wavelength ranges that an Atom can operate at, for example: All Atom's are made of Neutrinos, the type of Neutrino determines the Material: be it Gold, Silver or a Hydrogen Atom, its State of being Solid is only how we define what Solid even means, because Gold and Silver are considered Solid, but are in fact, no more solid than Hydrogen which is normally a Gas, it is all within a Frequency that the Atom's are Resonating at, or their Temperature, Gold and Silver will melt if you raise their frequency/wavelength or temperature too high, and even turn into a Liquid or Gas that could even ignite, and raise the temperature of Hydrogen to high and it could ignite into fire if it had other Gases like Oxygen present, so we have chemical reactions, as well as Electrical characteristics of passing large quantities of Electrical power through wires made out of Gold or Silver Atom's, we can even produce Lightning inside a Hydrogen cloud, and it is all how we define what Light is, and what Spectrum and State its in, because at the Subatomic level, we know that a third of the time that Atom will disappear, so Reality must explain where the Atom goes, because it can return to the same spot, but since we can not see it happen, and we do not want to use a Theory, we must have faith that the Light exist, and that it is in the 0 Dimension, which the Number 0 is not a Real Number, because you can see Real Numbers, so (+1) + (-1) = 0 takes on a whole new meaning, in Reality the 1 is the Light of God because it is Light without Darkness and in the Bible it was called Trinity, but Sir Isaac Newton proved that the Church inserted Christ into the Bible to create a Deity or Spirit, which is called Witchcraft, because it is Magic, and Wizards do believe in teaching the Secrets of Magic, so they are also Magicians, so I renamed Trinity too Trinary to describe this Energy, because the Father is the 1, and that Logic is confusing to even me, but the Father is in Heaven so on a Graph below we have defined that meaning of Trinity so the Father is 1, and is also called the Light, and it is Atomic State change is Solid, so you can see the Father, and when it shifts to its Dark State, this describes the Fathers Son, who is not so Bright, and the Ghost or Mother can not be seen, but its whereabouts must be known, and it we plot out these series of State Changes that make up a Pattern, we will discover the true nature of Energy, so in time frame 1, we see the Invisible Ghost, its State is 0, so it is not a Real number, because you can not see it as Space, so it is in the 0 Dimension or Mother, so its Null Space, frame 2 we see the Father is in Heaven and is the 1 true God of Light, the Higher Positive Power of Matter, in frame 3 we pass through the Father to get to the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother Nature, so in frame 4 we see the Semisolid State change of (-1), the Higher Negative Power of Antimatter, the Dark one is not as Bright the Father, because it is the Son, so in frame 5 we come full circle back to the Ghost, and this is also known as Ground or Mother, and is a floating ground depending on its baseline, so this Vertice Matrix describes the true nature of Light, its path is the same as Electricity, proving they are both the same type of Energy, as shown in Table 5.07: True Nature of Light.

  Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Father (+1) Light Solid * * *
Mother Ghost 0 Null Invisible * * * * * * *
Son (-1) Dark Semisolid * * *
Table 5.07: True Nature of Light

The True Nature of Light is Reality, because we all know what is Real, and what can be verified is Real, so the Light is Real, this pattern that Trinary Energy and Atom's take on is Real, because this is based on Empirical Evidence so it should be the same Reality everyone in the Universe is experiencing, no matter how they describe, these State Changes will take place, no matter what you call the Light, it will not change how I have defined it, nor will it change the way I explained how it works, because I already described how it does this, and to save space I will not explain it again, but just to point out that Reality must be based on things we can all agree on, with the exception of Sheeple, because the Universe is full of them, but their Reality is based on Theories and Emotions, but the biggest problem is People do not want to be Labeled as a Wizard, because of Fairy Tales, and to Sheeple who believe in Theories, the Irony of their Belief System of BS does not clue them into what Reality is all about, but if it does not include the basic definition of what Light is, and how Light behaves, it has nothing to do with Reality, and that is a fact, once you remove all that is not proven in Reality with Empirical Evidence, and not just what you might think is a Fact, because a Theory is never a Fact, but the True Nature of Light is a Fact of Reality that can be Proven with Empirical Evidence.

The Concept of Reality is that we can define aspects of this Reality and catalog them by type, so Light is a type of Energy, and so all Energy must be described in terms of the Energy of Light, so we are not confusing it with other types of Energy, because if Light is the fundamental base line for Reality, then it must describe all Energy in the Universe, there can be no other type of Energy, just different spectra of Light, so I proved that all forms of Energy can be expressed in terms of the Light, so Step by Step I have built up a Reality based on Empirical Evidence that can not be denied in any Reality, those that try, are called Sheeple and that is a fair deal to make and agree upon, otherwise we will never agree on anything, the Sheeple will always call the Darkness the Light, and will have an unlimited supply of Theories to explain where the Atom goes when it disappears, and none of those explanations explain it at all, and I have heard them all from my Herd, the Dog knows everything, the Sheeple no it not, those that understand that the Light is real Energy and that the Light of God is the Light without Darkness, so calling it Trinary Energy makes it Science instead of words or spells from the Bible, but it changes neither, so the Reality I describe actually does not change the way Reality really is, in fact all it does is describe everything that most people already know, or can prove with just a little research, which means Sheeple will never do that research because facts are not important to them, so I always have to remind people about Sheeple, because Sheeple will never agree and want to change Reality to word it the way they think reality should be explained, when in Reality all I am talking about is one aspect of the Universe at the Atomic Level, what is controlling the State Changes of every Atom in the Universe, because once you fully explain it, then the rest of the Universe must work the same way, so I defined how the Universe works at the Marco Level, and prove that the Galaxy, Sun, Planets and Moons all have Trinary Engines, and those Engines follow the same rules as the Subatomic Atom's, so the Universe works the same way at the Marco level as it does the Subatomic level, so Reality is stable, I described how the Sun obits around the Galaxy to prove that this system of Reality is Real and is really how the Universe works.

In Reality: I wish I could tale you that Sheeple were not real People, but Reality proves that some People will never agree with anything anyone says unless they want to, Freewill allows insane ideas to take hold and forever change the path a person takes to solving problems, and Sheeple will be so stubborn that its clear that the only reason they are the way they are, is because they have no grasp of Reality, nor are they intelligent enough to figure it out, so they pick other People they believe actually has it figured out, and that is herd mentality so the word Sheeple applies, because no matter how hard you try to reason with Sheeple, the more you will understand they are just a lost cause, its better to allow them to live in their own Reality, then to try to agree on what Reality Really is.

My Reality, Your Reality or the Reality that yew have, if it does not fully describe the Universe then it is not Reality, and that is a fact, so we must all agree that Reality is what is Really happening, and do not allow Sheeple to alter it just to get their Support, because we do not need it, Stupid Ideas do not require serious thought, Insanity is believing in things that are not real, which means Theories are not real, so Reality breaks down in the minds of Sheeple, they would rather die then to change the way they think, so this type of extreme behavior is destructive to a society, so if you want to build a new Society, its best to create two, one for Wizards who want a Reality based on Empirical Evidence and the other for Sheeple who base Reality on Theoretic Constructs and Emotions, and the two should never be allowed to mix Realities except in Science Fiction, so relegate Science to Wizard, and Science Fiction to Theoretical Science, then we can agree that we do not have to disagree, we can agree that Science is Science and Theoretical Science is still Science, and it does not need the Term Science Fiction added to it, because that can be demeaning to some and not my intention, some Theoretical Science will one day be proven with Empirical Evidence and become Reality, some already have, others just need a fundamental base for Reality applied to them, so Science and Theoretical Science can learn to work together to prove Theories are Real, but at no time can Theories become Science, the separation between the two needs to be Crystal Clear, so leave that to Wizards, and the rest for Theories.

Reality is always what the individual thinks it is and has nothing to do with the way I defined it or the way it really is, but at the Subatomic level it does not matter what people think, the evidence speaks for itself, the 3 state changes of all Atom's has never been explained because Sheeple tend to ignore this phenomenon because they do not know how to explain it, and they will never take the time to even investigate what I said about the Trinary Universe, because they know for sure that the Light of God has nothing to do with the Universe, because they still believe in the Theoretical Universe, because Reality does not mean anything to them, so Wizards know that the truth is in the Light, and Sheeple believe that the Answer is not Real, because they believe in things that are not real, so the Reality of Sheeple is nothing like that of Wizards, and I see no reason to categorize people into separate groups and allow them to each believe in their own Universe, because that is what is going on for real, no two people have any concept of the Universe in common, as a result no two people can have a conversation about the Universe, because it is all based on a mixture of Theories that have no unified concept about the Universe, so the Big Bang group will always hang out together, and the Flat Earth group will hang out in their own group, but those two groups will never join together, just like the Christians and Jews and Muslims will never join the same group, so these People believe they have that right to be Free, because they do not see how Dumb that type of Thinking is, that is what causes unending Holy Wars, so they all live in separate Universe's that do not even have the same laws of physics, and they call that Science, but what they are describing is Anarchy, this type of behavior is Antisocial, and always leads to the downfall of a Civilization, Sir Isaac Newton and the Church knew this, because in the Church at the highest level, the people who hold this post are not stupid Sheeple, nor are the people who run the Banks, they may not fully understand the Trinary Universe, but they know about it and have for a long time, maybe not the name, because I made that up, but calling it the Newtonian Universe is not correct either, because most of what I know about the Newtonian Universe was through the writing of my Cousin Isaac Newton, and very few people knew about him, my own Grandfather was not going to give me his papers unless I had the Dreams about the Light Wizards first, so I did not make those names up, but the Reality of this Newtonian Universe is the Light of God is running the whole show, God is in charge of everything, but God gave all Life Freewill, Sheeple use Freewill to Lie about what God is, which is the Light without Darkness, but this is not Satan in the Newtonian Universe, the Darkness is the Rainbow of Colors in the Light, it is not a Deity or a Spirit or Christ, God is Energy that can be transformed into Light, so God is also Electricity and Atomic Energy, so God is a resource for making Money, no wonder all the Sheeple wanted to take God out of Science, they got paid to promote the concept that God has nothing to do with the Universe, and they will never change, so yew will always live in the Darkness and call it the Light, and I wrote this Document just for them, knowing they would never read it, but argue all its points for all eternity, because like Newton, Franklin and Tesla, the Truth is more important then Money, and those who believe they can not Live without Money will never allow God to become a Physical Entity, because then their Game is over, because then Money has no meaning, because yew know you can not serve two Masters, but the Sheeple believe In God we Trust engraven on their Money, with the Blood of the Planet its Killing, so they Worship with Warships made from Money, and most do not believe in the Newtonian Light of God, which Tesla called Light Beings, so the Greed of the Darkside won and now a Godless Society has taken over the World, so they steal the Blood of the Planet because Ignorance is bliss, knowing that Oil is required for this Planet to Rotate smoothly, so profit is allowed to use God as Atomic Energy that is Destroying this Planet and all Life on it as we speak, and these are the Sheeple in charge, and it is why this is allowed to happen, as the Oceans bleed out, the Earthquakes will start to become a normal part of this Planet's behavior, and then the Ice caps will melt, causing the Oceans to freeze over, once that starts the Ice Age has begun, and all Life will slowly be frozen to death, you can not survive underground long enough for the species to recover, so Sheeple are responsible for this, not God, and not the Wizard, we have always warned yew that this day would come, in fact Sir Isaac Newton calculated to be in 2060, when the Poles will Reverse, and that date is coming soon, but I would have to live to be 100 or 1 Century old, so all I ask is Let my People go, let the Wizards build a better Reality, set my People Free by allowing them Trinary Sanctuary.

The Reality of the Light Wizzard was created in my mind as a child, because I was frustrated with the way Adults would treat me, I started calling them Sheeple at a very young age and the practice never diminished, because the pattern of human behavior is very predictable, peoples ego always makes them the one that will set me straight because they feel like they are Superior to my way of thinking, that is what an ego does, and why I know I do not have one, because I can keep my knowledge to myself, I did so most of my life, because I knew that Sheeple would always try to correct me, because their Ego is Huge, it consumes all of yew, so this Document was mostly written to deal with Sheeple, because they are the Problem with this World, their Egos are Destroying this Planet, their Ignorance is so deep: that they do not even care what words they used to dismiss any concepts: that vary in the slightest to what they were taught in school, so Sheeple will never change because their Egos will not allow it, and I know that nothing I say or prove will make any difference to them, because after over 333 years of Newtonian Science proves that no one ever understood people like Newton, Franklin or Tesla, they just use their knowledge without understanding it, and they lie about understanding it or anything I say, time after time they prove that they have no honor, they will lie to me and expect me to apologize to them for it, proving they are insane, because they believe in things that are not real, and they want me to join in on their delusion, and think it is my problem that I was not born as Stupid as they were, so yew offend me, because people I call Wizards know that what I say is Reality is real, and that my explanation is at least interesting, and it is only my lack of ability to communicate with Neurodivergent or Neurotypicals that I can not explain concepts clear enough for them to understand, because my way of thinking is not even documented, yet people would like to categorize my way of thinking and try to convince me that everyone thinks this way and that humans all think alike, when I know for a fact that only Sheeple think the same, they are all Clones, and they want me to think that no two clones are alike, when they all think the same way, but facts are facts, so may the Force be with you, only I know how I think, and only: Newton, Franklin or Tesla knew how they thought, so any psychology is worthless because most psychologist are Sheeple, and I do not care about the opinions of Sheeple, I do not care what yew think, if History has proven anything it is that Sheeple never change, generation after generation the herds of Sheeple just pass on their ignorance so Science is now just Science Fiction and no one cares how stupid it all is, there is nothing in mainstream science that is even worth my effort to investigate, because the Science is flawed at the very subatomic level of its basis, because it is not based on any Empirical Evidence, just endless theories, that are never proven, and not one of Einstein's theories have ever been proven to be true, because he proved they cannot happen without God, or you would have a Paradox, so they are all Theoretical Science, and not Real Science, and only Sheeple would argue that point.

There is nothing I can say about reality that would convince you that the Light is controlling every Atom in the Universe, knowing there is not way in the World you could ever prove that it is not, this is called a Fact in Trinary Science, and just because we can see the White Noise called Trinary Energy, the only proof I give is that you can observe the patterns of its State Changes and determine which direction the Light or Electricity will Flow, and it is predictable, so this technology called Electronics: would change once people figure out that it is the Light that is controlling the actions of the Atom's, than they can use what they know about changing the States of the Trinary Energy to their advantage, and Electronics will change forever, Electronic devices will become so small they can be implanted into the ear so you can hear better, a hearing aid ran by Trinary Energy, so we do not need to change batteries, we can learn to send camera images directly into the mind so the blind can see, Trinary Energy is Real, its called Electricity and you might even use it every day, thank Nikola Tesla for that, and not Thomas Edison who stole everything from yew, and Killed Animals by Electrocuting them in front of Children to prove that he had that Right, but that is another issue, everyone knows what Electricity is, or at least know someone that has Electricity, that is just a joke nowadays, but not everywhere on this planet, to them that concept is a reality, some can not afford electricity, so they freeze in the winter and over heat in the summer, my solution is to build a Pyramid, that is the Reality that will solve the world's Energy problems, Trinary Sanctuary is the only Reality that I have ever cared about, it dates back to the Pyramids that Moses destroyed when he Looted, Raped and Murdered and then fled the Pyramids to cross the Sea of Reeds, but History before that time is now lost, the Descendance of Cain destroyed all the evidence, so they could lie about what God was just to sell God, making God a Slave to the Bankers that Sell God without explaining to you what God is, and that is called Reality, we know what happened, the Bible are words with spells, making Moses a good guy knowing that he actually Looted the place, and Raped and Murdered his Step Family for Money, making him a Dark Warlock, the Bible wrote about his own Steps relatives that were Raped and Murdered in that story, so how does that make Moses the Good guy, please explain this to me, no one got paid Money to Work, they only did Gods Work, not the Bidding of the Bank and their Taxation, because I did not read into that part of the Bible, but I do know that those that Built the Pyramids were Free, no one used Money before that time, the use of Money was not allowed in Paradise, and that is why Cain and his descendant were banished from Paradise, Cain Killed his half Brother, and Raped his Sisters, just to Raise and Army to Destroy Paradise forever, so Reality is how the Banks want it to be, not the People, just the Sheeple, because those are the ones that allowed this Reality to take Place, they lie about the United States Constitution being amended to allow the Banks to Own the Country by Printing the Money, and that is a Known fact, so there is no denying it, the Banks do not Lie to you that way, no reason to, they own you like Sheep and you have no Rights, yet yew Sheeple do just that, ewe believe yew do, because that is the way of the Sheeple, they go along with the Herd and what they Heard, so Treason is the Reality of this Country, and on a Scale that boggles my mind, the number of Sheeple on this planet is staggering, its an epidemic, and it is in their Vaccines, and yew think IAM paranoid, this is not a conspiracy if everyone is in on it, they are using live DNA from Sheep and Pigs to make Vaccines, it is no wonder why People are becoming Sheeple it is in their DNA, OK that was a joke, but it was funny, so its Entertaining, as if disgust is a better Emotion to display, I do not care who yew are, but that does not mean that Vaccines are Safe when it has been proven they do not even work, yet you still allow them, knowing how many of yew are dying, and that is just stupid, and why Sheeple will be the end of all Humanity if they are left to rule this Planet, they want everyone to be as Stupid as yew are, so they are Forcing Healthy People do get these Deadly Vaccines, only Sheeple would allow this just for Profit: so they Murder countless children, and people who's immune system is compromised, so who will speak for the dead, not the Sheeple, they deny any of this is their fault, Sheeple take no responsibility for any of their Actions, they believe they have the Right to Slander people, so Sheeple have no honor and should not be given any, they offend everyone who has any idea what Honour is, they would have defended the Constitution as my Family did, but in the end, the majority of the people in this Nation were all Sheeple, they allowed this Planet to become the cesspool it is, just for the use of their Money, anyone that uses Money is guilty of this Crime, and I own up to my Treason and to my Sin, but I do so confessing and defending what is the Truth, so in Reality: Sheeple are actually Treasonous Traders to their own Country, they backed the Bankers because they were Paid to do the bidding of their Masters, because that is what the Military does when they take over, and now the Wizards like me only come around once in a great while, and no one notices us until we are dead, and I expect the same treatment, Sheeple always treat me with disrespect, they disrespect: Kepler, Newton, Franklin, Tesla and the other Wizards, by calling Wizards names, treating them like freaks, when it is the Sheeple who are too Stupid to understand Reality, because of the Control the Banks have on yew, Sheeple are Money Junkies, and they will do almost anything for the right Price, so Wizards must state facts and keep emotions out of it, I have no grudge against Sheeple, just because they treated me like a Freak my entire Life, it may have left me a little bitter, but really does it show? I did not think so, I wrote this to prove that Sheeple really do have Shit for Brains, but I actually Proved that the Trinary Universe actually works this way, and it really is Reality.

His-Story is about all the Wizards in History, I did not mention all of them, just a few that stood out more than the rest, but only those that helped tale His-Story, because times are changing, and this World is about to go into another World War, or Holy War, all because the Bankers are losing control of their Sheeple, but it is not what the Bankers will do that worries me, they will lend Money to both sides and allow them to wipe each other off the face of this Planet 100 times over, so why worry, if that happens there is nothing I can do, but if History taught me anything, is that Sheeple and Wizards do not mix, Sheeple is a mind set, their mind is set on Money because they do not care about Taxation, they view it as a away of Life, so the Truth about the Universe is not a priority, so these Sheeple should stay out of the decision about what Real Science is, because Theories will not build Pyramids that will last Millions of Years, and oh sorry that theory was wrong, and let us try another one gets old real fast, so it is time to get real, and allow the Wizards to build their own Society called Trinary Sanctuary, so I can write a book just for Wizards, because this Book is for the Darkside, in terms that the Darkside can understand, because yew will never change, and I do not want to be owned by the Banks like Sheep, I want nothing to do with yewer Laws, Rules and Regulations, yewer Religions, yewer Money and Taxation, I want Wizards like myself to be able to Live in Freedom, because Sheeple allowed my Freedom to be taken away from me, their Laws prevented me from Defending the Constitution of the United States, making it Treason to try to take back this Country for all its Treason, well that is just Treason against Treason, and makes no sense except to Cowards, who would allow it, and every Country in the World is now owned by the Bank, and this is not Freedom, its just Free Dumb for Stupid Sheeple to buy into, so Sheeple are allowed to treat Wizards and Witches like Fairy Tales, just because Stupid Sheeple like yew who are too Stupid to understand His-Story, so yew learn about nothing but TaxUS, proving yew all have Shit for Brains, so all of yew how try to defend this Insanity, because it is your Reality, so that is Reality, 99.999% of the People on this Planet have Empty Space in their Brain, this is the void Space where Reality should Exist, and should be the same to all that Understand Reality, but just like the Matrix, you were born into a System of Control called: Religion, Law, Money and Taxation, that are used to Control People like Sheep, to prove this, if the Sheep do not Pay Money to the Land Lord, they have to move out, even if that means to live on the Street, so that is Evil, that is Sin, so if the Lord is your Shepard you are just a Sheep, so all this explains why you do not understand how you get here, because you never found the time to figure out this Riddle, as if it was one, when all it is, is the Truth about Words and Spells, when Wizards or Witches talk about Reality, they talk about it like it should be the same for Everyone, but people cannot View Reality with any Filter but their Own, and that Filter was how their Mind was Programmed by everything they ever learned, and now IAM proving to each and every one of You, that Reality is what is Proven with Empirical Evidence, not in Words or Spells, other than to describe Reality, notice I never try to interpret what God says, God does not need me to speak on Gods behave, God only tells my Heart to Beat, so my Life is in Gods Hands, but Money and Taxes is about the Bank, and only care about Profit and not Prophecy, so the Banks wants Science that does not Include God, because then this Game called Money all comes to an end, and all I needed for Empirical Evidence that it exist, and Buck Stops Here with its Sin, knowing what makes it Evil, is knowing what it cost all of You, like your Freedom, because Only means Congress and not some private bank, who would loan Money in exchange for Peoples Lives, proving it is the Root of All this Evil, so only Sinners use it or defend it, whereas people like Me or You must defend the Oat we took to defend the Constitution, or admit we are just Liars and Cowards, because in History or His-Story some things never change, and the Meaning of Only should always be one of them, it is not a Minor change of Reality to allow Treason, then Lie about knowing it when you know Congress does not Print the Money, nor do they Collect its Taxes, and this can never pay down the National Debt, all it does is increase it, so what is Reality if it is not the Truth, and who determines what the Truth is, because the Truth is that all that Work for Money, work for the Bank, so they are also owned by the Bank, so is there any denying they made this Treason Legal, and defending the Constitution Treason, because that is Reality, and it is why most People do not know this Masonic Secret, and why the Freemason know nothing about this Trinary Science, and why Christians have no idea that Sir Isaac Newton Proven beyond a shadow of doubt, that Christ was inserted into the Bible just to make two Jesus's and two God's, and why Reality is dependent on what you believe, because regardless of what any of us believe, the Universe works the way it does, so it only comes down to how we explain, and starts with our Science, so if God Create everything in the Universe is our Belief, then it most have Proof to exist in Reality, so the Empirical Evidence is that the Bible states: God is All Light without Darkness, so Newton proved what was Light and what was Darkness, and what was every shade of Grey in between, but still Sheeple deny this, and there is no denying that, Christians will never admit they are wrong, because than they would have to admit to Killing Wizards and Witches for telling you this Truth about the Light of God, that you allowed this Insertion to become the Only Truth you ever needed, so this explains why to some the Word or Spell Only is just but a Minor Change in their Reality, that it does not bother yew that JFK was Killed, because one hundred years earlier yew did not exist, and not just because you were not born yet, but because the Banks did not print Money so Taxes did not Exist, so its only yew came into your Life, does what I say make any Cents, because that is the Reality that all of Yew bought into, so its yew that is Reality, because yew is what Bankers want You to Pay, so they teach you from birth that God does not Exist, first in Religion where God is a Deity or Spirit, such that God as in a Deity is defined in the Dictionary as not Physically Existing, and when you add that to Mainstream Science based on General Relativity, that the Author proved could not exist without a Paradox, witch means it is not Real, proving those that believe in but live in a Paradox, one in witch God does not Physically Exist based on Religion, or a Science based on a Theory that its Author does not believe and proved could not exist, yet the Bankers do not care as long as there is no God in Science, or any Reality based on Money or Taxation, so this is the Reality of what it means to be Insane, because all of you who pay yew Witches called Jew TaxUS, must all Agree on what Reality is, based on what is Real, and what is Really happening here, so take a look around, and see what is going on, because there is something that is not Crystal Clear, and it is not because of the Wizard, but because of the Man behind the Curtain, that is creating this Delusion called Money and Taxation were Treason is Proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, yet People deny it and the fact that Jesus Bar Abbas was Christ, means that Reality will never be the same for all of YOU, so why deny it.

Some of You see the Light and know it is the Darkness, while others will never admit that all they see is the Darkness, because they want to believe they are in the Light, so this is not Reality, its Insanity, and it is starts when you are always afraid, that if the Powers that Be knew that you know that everyone is Guilty of Treason, that use the Money that the Banks Print, all because Lincoln Lied about Freedom and gave you Free Dumb instead, because Congress was allowed to vote themselves a Raise, as long as they allowed the banks to Print the Money, because once they do, that is your Reality, and that is only because that is how they Conquered you, because they knew it was normal for most of you to be Stupid, and have low IQ scores, because they have to lower the standards every year, and that is just so the Stupid People could stay in Control, just so they can be controlled by the Money that there are using is like a Drug, they you will never get enough, and then that is why this became your Reality, because enough of you allowed it, so you deny why JFK died, because some of you can not connect the dotes from JFK, the question of why only Dead Presidents are Printed on Money, the Answer is because it is engraven with the Blood of the Planet, In God we Trust, God meaning a Deity or Spirit, and not the Light without Darkness, that is just a Metaphor to them I call Ewe, Reality to Ewe is that TaxUS is Bitter Sweet, what Ewe do not know that if ewe enough of yew, ewer Brains will turn to Shit making yew Stupid, how else can I explain Insanity for believing in things that never Physically Existed, just to wake up and after me or you die, just to find out that we are only Gods Dream or Nightmare, because that is Reality in the Trinary Universe, we just remove what is the Truth from what is just a Theory, and we prove what is Real and what is Truth, then we use Empirical Evidence to make our Reality Real, and we do this by proving to ourselves what Trinary Science is all about, and then I remember who wrote all this science, and remember who was acknowledged for it, Wizards, and not just any Wizards, but the Greatest Wizards of all time, so you and you only can decide, on what words or spells to base your Reality, what fools follow the foolish knowing fools are still fools if they follow them, so why follow a Theory based on one called General Relativity is what Reality all this evil comes down to, if the Author proves that the only way the Universe can exist without God, is to be Dynamic in Nature, so you must base Energy on the Force of the Energy that Creates it, and if that is not a scare enough Number just Square it, because the Force of Energy that is used to Create it must crease in terms that only happen over time as a reference, and not a quantity, or the two would mean the same in terms of the Mass that times it, meaning it will increase to infinity in too short of time, causing a rip in Reality that causes time to loop in front of an object that is traveling backwards in time, making the moment the past and the future can never exist because the moment keeps moving further behind us, because it is human nature to try to fix the Present by fixing the past, till one day the next will not exist, because the Moment I lives in must be Static, and this one Reality means all the others were not possible, so how can that be, either time is a variable or it is a constant, but in reality it is just a quantity of how many atoms an Electron can orbit, in a given about of time, based on Frequency times wavelength always equals the Speed of Light, so know this Reality is always the same as ours, so all these Alternate Realities could not have existed, or that Moment would not be gone, that moment when you acknowledge that Einstein said that in a Universe of Possibilities, one of those Realities would be Real, and the others would only be Alternate Realities, note this does not mean they are true or could be proven to unreal unless you knew for a fact what its ratio, of Frequency to Wavelength is, so start from that Reality we know is the Speed of Light, if it has Alternate Realities, then it has different Laws of Physics for each, then you know that Reality is not Real, because the Laws of the Universe most be Absolute, because if it was not a constant, then all realities could not be the same, and in reality at the subatomic level we can all agree on what is real, we can measure our world in terms of Energy is in terms of that of the Speed of Light, so what Question must Einstein answer to check what Realities can be the Truth, if the Truth ever existed to begin with, because in beginning there was the Light, but not in the Big Bang Theory, there was only the Darkness, so out of your own Asshole ewe came out, because everything in the Universe came out of Space the size of a Singularity, witch actually just means one Dimension of Space, and there are 3 in the Trinary Science, but only 1 in the Dynamic Universe, so the concept of it having 3 Dimensions does not exist, this is what allows each Alternate Universe to operate at different Frequencies times wavelengths, that do not equal the speed of Light, because time is just variable of speed, and that of Light are not the same in all Alternate Universes, but in one of all of these, you will find one that has no straight lines, so time loops back around, like Electromagnetic Force Fields we can measure to be that of the Speed of Light, this is called a Paradox if this happens at the Speed of Light, because then everything in Universe is running at the Speed of Light, because it is a Constant, Proving that Lightning is just Static Electricity, its only AC/DC when its Flowing around Atom's in a Conductor, no matter what the conductor is made of, be it in an atmosphere made of Gas, like Earth, so its Water Vapor and Dust or Debris, and a Potential that allows the Energy to flow, and that is what Creates our Reality, so it is the Light, that Z pattern in Lightning was called the Wizzard, I did not make that up, the term goes back over 6,666 years, written by people in India, the name of the Wizzard does not Matter, it was just a Legend, that the pattern called Z was given, this is Witchcraft Reality, where Wish-Craft would have been a much better term, because these rumors were just that, only fat Cats tail them, just as the Dog who guards the Sheep, reality is ewer not the only thing that make Sheep run, even the Dog runs from ewer on a lonely Knight, it is not only the Wolves that wear Sheeple Clothes, its White Knights that make it Day, and the Darkness of Eve that mates at Night, that was deceived by Authors Rights as the Wizard Merlin enlighten them all, as if anyone could unseen them, because all of you see what wish to believe, and no more about Science, all because Ewe do not want to believe in God so Yew Trust Money, and think its me that is at fault for believing in the God of Isaac Newton, I use Newton's math because it uses the Light of God as the Force in its Equations, because Newton believed in the God of All Light without Darkness as existing, this Reality is called the Newtonian Universe, but nowadays People do not know how to cut Rock with a Sword called the Excalibur, only the Author did, Proving the Pin is mightier then the Sword, so how can a Reality of People who lived under a Pyramid for Millions of Years, just disappear, and it is because the Descendants of Cain continue to hunt Wizards and Witches down, and continue to this day, that is the only explanation for why My Reality is one thing, and Reality is another, I can prove to you how things got this way, but we all know what I say is the truth, I keep proving it over and over again using Reality that is proven to be the Truth, against that to that Witch is just a Lie, because Jesus Bar Abbas died because all of you deny his Name 3 Times and swear on the Bible you only only know Jesus Christ, even after learning that it was only Bar/Abbas that fought against the Romans against Money and Taxation, so he fought against yew, so yew lie about Bar/Abbas, just like the other 12 did, so all that is left is Lies, and you knew that they betrayed Jesus, but Yew had not Concept of how Deep this Treason Goes, they denied Jesus had 3 Names, now my mind is Blown, how can People be as stupid as to allow Yew to control their Reality with: Religion, Laws, Money and Taxes, what kind of a Reality is this, this is what we fought against in 1776, my Great Grandfather Weston fought in this Battle, as proof just find where he is Buried in Weston West Virginia, then ask why its named after him, this is stuff that altered my Reality, not General Relativity, that is what Lowered Everyone's IQ scores, and changed their Reality...

Inteligence alters Reality, so now you have to ask yourselves witch reality you want to believe in, the one where God does not Exist, that is true in both Religion and in Mainstream Science based on General Relativity, you believe in this Theory then your Reality will change with every Theory, so you will change your Paradox just like a pair of socks, as if the two were equal, a pair of dimes shift as your roll the dice, a quarter of the stack is the mistake and yew have made a few, so is a Godless Reality really what yew Want, or is it just the Money, such that Taxation is just the way to pay for the Party, so the Parting never ends, till the Planet is out of Blood then the Nova is sure to follow, so this logic is that not wins a Game like this, so why play it, and where does the insanity stop, who has to put their foot down and say enough of all this Insanity, someone has to listen to Logic and Reason, so we all know what the Real problem is, the People who said they believed in Christ, did not believe that God really Physically existed, so to them God was just a Deity, and not Electricity, so what would be the point in trying to get those people to understand Trinary Science, when Religion is all about Deities and Spirits, and not about the Light without Darkness, so the two are not the same, so how does the Church get back to a Reality not based on Money, is question we already know the answer to, all they have to do is read the Bible, and not read into it, its just that simple, God is All Light without Darkness, so is Trinary Science, so this Reality is based on a Trinary God, so it is a Trinary Reality, so of all the Wizards in His-Story or History, the Light Wizzard in the Flesh has been only one this Document seems to focus on, and it is because it is My Reality, and I proved that is the way it really is, Reality is just what all of Yew allowed it, and that Reality is all Yew know, so in a Society based on Money and Taxation, the Trinary Universe would seem to be a Dream, about what Sir Isaac Newton, Franklin, and Tesla talked about, but sine Einstein showed up on the scene, no one talks about their old Science anymore, or any less, the truth is not at all, everyone still uses Newton's math, and no one has disproved Tesla's statement that humans are Light Beings, so what reality do you want to live in, is the only question you need to ask, but before you answer this question, think about all its implications, after all this is going to be your Reality, so you live with Paradox after Paradox, or do you believe that God is All Light without Darkness... because that is the only Reality that I see, because I only see what is Real, and what is real is only what I prove with Empirical Evidence, and all of that is what I call Reality, but why is it that My Reality and this Reality so much different for Me and You, Reality based on Theory is just Science Fiction, so that is this Reality we live in now, it is what Dark Wizard put a Spell on Yew, and Money was the Root of all this Evil, this is Reality that I live in now, and this was all because of Yew, so this is not My Reality, but yours, for all your Grandparents Sins, so never thing for a moment that this Reality is Real just because the Weak Minded allowed it, just so their Families would survive the take over of the Banks after the Civil War, so everyone could lie about what really took place, because I told you how I saw it, and do not care what yew believe, yew are just TaxUS, and the Banks Tax US to Death with Taxes, so who is the Biggest Fool, the Fool or the Fool who follows the Fool, for the Foolish can not survive with Fools to follow them, so only fools play this game, the rest of us have to live in some type of Reality that our Mind can understand, because few understand who IAM, so it is all about Trinary Reality.

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