The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.28
My Reality

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.28
My Reality

My Reality is based on the perception of the way things are and why they got that way, and not the way that they are, for example: if you ask me about the Status of the Health of this Planet and most of the life on it, I would say its poor, and will die at the present rate in the year 2060 Proving Sir Isaac Newton was Right about the Pole Reversal, but that would just be a Feary, or a Theory witch means to Teach with Fear, and the same goes for anyone, freewill allows them to answer this same question and chances are it will not be the same answer, proving no one can agree on the Status of the Health on this Planet, only some people believe that the way they perceive things are the way they are, and that is called arrogance, and it is why I do not view myself as being arrogant, because I do not pretend to know everything, in fact, I do not pretend to know anything, I only know what I know, and I do know its true because I proved it to myself, regardless of using Drugs or not using them, my Logic and Reasoning is correct, but I also know that the Truth is only the way we perceive it to be, and once I based that on Empirical Evidence, then my Reality changed as well, because then I knew that what I was perceiving correlated to what was really going on, and the only real difference I could find between it and others version of the same events, is how we interpret them, and how anyone views Space determines their Reality, because Trinary Space is a view that few can imagine, and that is the only way I can see it, so this Reality is based on my imagination so coming from a Schizoaffective Aspie with a High IQ, this Reality can take on a whole new meaning to the Word Spelled Reality, because words are just Spells to Wizards, but than again, everyone's Reality is based on their Imagination, because that is the place where thoughts are formed in the Middle Brain, so it does not matter if this reality is from a Schizoaffective Aspie or a Neurotypical if the two do not describe what is taking place at the Subatomic level, because Reality is based on just that, what every Atom in the Universe is doing regardless of why we think they are doing it, because all I have talked about is how they do it, not so much why they are doing it that way, because only God knows that, but then again IAM the Light of God, but me only knows what God allows me to Prove to myself, and you can see the Light of God with your Naked Eye, or your 3rd Eye, just close your Eyes, if you are Blind it does not matter, you can still see the Light of God, and it is manipulating every atom in your view, that White Noise is God, so God is everywhere you Look, because God is everything, because everything is Light, and you know that is the Truth, because in the Beginning, the was just the Light without the Darkness.

When I started this Document I was going to try to do it Normal or Straight, with no Wizard stuff, nothing about Sheep, and the more I wrote, the more it turned into something I did not really understand, and that is My Reality, when I try to write it for those that are Normal, I must have a Model to Structure my Writing by, for example: I cannot Model my Science books after Mainstream Science Books because they are all Science Fiction, so what Real Science Books do I find in a Library, well I can find book Sir Isaac Newton wrote, but no one wrote Books that explained what Newton said in terms of Trinary Science, nor Nikola Tesla, or even Benjamin Franklin why was not allowed to print Science because of the Freemasons, so it was no Wonder why Franklin did not like the Freemasons, they believed in Secret Societies, and once that is all you know: then Mainstream Science is all you know, and nowhere on the Internet or in Real Life: there is no one that talks about Trinary Science, not just using the Term Trinary: but to at least acknowledge it exists, as if anyone could deny it, its just unexplained Science because the Dynamic Universe does not define Static Electricity, so them is all Dynamic Electricity, and it is not God, to the Darkside the concept that God is Electricity is called Satanic, that AC/DC come to God Electricity that can really Electrocute you, is Really just a Higher Power called God, because as Wizards will tale you, Magic is just something you do not understand, once you understand that it was the Magician that shows Magic like Jesus did, because we all know the Magic Jesus wrote about, well no we do not, because only the 12 People who Denied God wrote about God, because to Deny Jesus had 3 Names Denied they knew his God given Name, the fact that Christ was the Soul of who Jesus was, then you know it was just Flesh, the same Flesh Jesus said he would come back in, so why is it so hard for you to understand that Jesus only said he would come back in the Flesh, witch is just another Name for Meat: witch is just Short for Me, so it is always come down to who IAM: witch always comes down to the Truth: God is All Light without Darkness, so I is that Light that is in all of You, because if all of you say IAM into a Mirror will understand just who the I in IAM is, then Look and See Your Own Brainwave: Electricity, and Electricity makes Light, so I is that Light that is inside of Me, no matter who Reads that word, in Witchcraft Me always means the Meat that I reside in, or where I live inside of Me or You, because that is what Witchcraft is all about, it is about Science, that is why the only thing ever written in Witchcraft was about Alchemy, so Witchcraft is all about what we call Science nowadays, only Mainstream Science is Science Fiction, so I cannot use the Term Science to describe Trinary Science, so I add Spells to the Front of Words like: God, Science, and Life, because Trinary Science is based on a Trinary God that created all this Trinary Life, at the core its based on words that defined God for all of what God was, witch is God is All Light without Darkness, so its Empirical Evidence that God Exist, it is not a Deity, or Spirit, or Metaphor for Light in terms of Good and Evil, so this is not delusion but Real Science at the Subatomic Level of Atomic Structure, so everyone knows that its Science is Reality, all Atom's are made of Trinary Light and Neutrinos, that is a fact you will not find anywhere but in this Document, so why deny it, this is not like any Science you have ever Heard about in ewer Herds, who believe in General Relativity when its Author would not, so its Science Fiction at its best, it is when Science is not based on what the Author Believed, because that was in Newton and the God of All Light without Darkness, so that Science based on General Relativity is Science Fiction, because that is what anyone that is sane calls or can even defend calling it, because when the Author does not believe that the Science is Real, the Librarians have to file it under Science Fiction by Law, so do not ever think that allowing a Theory to become a Fact is Legal because it is not, that is why a Fact is not a Theory nor the other way around, because it all comes down to what is called Real Science, and that is Science that the Author Believed this was Real Science, and that is what Trinary Science is all about, Newtonian Science that believes in the Light of God, or any Science that comes Close to it, if you research it, there were none at this point in time, and even I find this strange, how come no one talks about Sir Isaac Newton anymore, the Schools do not even teach about him anymore than to say she thinks he worked for Apple, because teachers know nothing about Newton because they were never taught, and they had no interest in knowing the truth, as if he was yesterdays news, and making Videos for Yew Tube only made matters worse, I got confused and lost interest in working on it at all, I do that a lot due to Depression, when I let my Anxiety get the Best of me and who IAM, all because Fools do not Read, because once a even a Stupid Fool Reads and Understand, not only is the Fool no longer Stupid, but if they start believing in only what is True, they will not be a Fool any longer, so I did not need anymore reasons not to work on it, knowing it will one day be the most important discovery since the Other Wizards like: Tesla, Franklin, and Newton, just to name 3, because normal straight talk is boring, and in my life being straight is a lie, because I am never straight, IAM, or I am, no difference except for IAM means I And Me, whereas I am is I and me is separate, witch means Me is alone from I, this is why I call them Sheep, or myself as just a Sheep Dog, because at age 6 that thought was in my Mind, most People of Science know they have a Brainwave, and that is all that IAM, or I am talking about, so to avoid the confusion, I just use them both, so I basically gave up on it, because most People did not get it, and ewe never understand anything I tale them, but they are the only ones that Listen to the Dog, and at age 6, that is what I Dreamt I was in my Past Life, so its easy to explain, I grew up in that Reality, so I viewed all Life as being Gods Puppets, all on Remote Control called the Galattice, that allows Freewill, and my Freewill was telling me that Sheeple will never Listen, so I had to forget about Yew ever Listening just to put it into perspective, because Yew is just TaxUS that everyone of Ewe have two Pay with ewer life, so its TaxUS just the same as if me and you are just the same, so it makes no difference who IAM, because that is all that Trinary Science is all about, so I did not want to give up on my Reality, which meant I had to give up on you, and only teach yew, or teach empty classes as Newton did, and for the same reason, he cut into his own students for their Stupid Questions about how Religion and Science are the Same, when that concept is a Lie, Religion is the Belief in a Deity or Spirit: that does not Physically Exist, so Freewill allows some of YOU, witch is a Concept that some can actually believe in something they know does not Physically Exist, it is what the very definition for the Word Insanity is defined as, so the choices that we make may affect us for the rest of our Life, so you should know what it is all about before you roll the Dice, or use Money that always leads to Taxation to support this way of Life, and this is no Game when we are Talking about your Life, and that of your Children, because face it, your Parents may have sold you out by not explaining to you the truth about the Universe, because they left that up to the Schools, that are owned by the Banks since 1863, and ran by the Masons ever since, so it is all you know is what the Masons want you to know, so they have had a long time to run this show, and none of its Sheep every complain, or stop to think, hey wait a minute, what did he just say, that the Constitution of the United States of Magnetically North America was Suspended till the Loan was paid off, wow where did he get this information you may wonder, so now I will reveal the Wizard behind the Curtain is the Wizard of Oz, because that was what that story was all about, no, I just looked it up at the Library of Congress, as it turns out, they never hide anything, so they never need to lie, everyone just assumes it, but no one knows for sure, once I asked a Police Men, about all these facts I have found in History books, that never mention the Constitution as being Amended, every time I have ever demanded Proof that the Amendment was possible, meaning that its possible to Amend the Word Spelled ONLY, and the Answer is Never, so unless we are Living in a Paradox, ONLY means it can never be changed, not even a Major Change can change the term ONLY, because ONLY means ONLY, if ONLY can be viewed as a Minor Changed, then the Term Reality means this is beyond a Major Change, this is a Fact in all Realities, and if it is not in yours, then you should question your Reality, because I have Questioned mine, and Mine are the same of all the Wizards through time, so why would I even question my sanity when I only believe in what Physically Exist, when I know for a fact all these Wizards are explaining the Real Science of the Universe, so all of Ewe throw away their Reality, to go with the Banks, that wanted its Sheep to believe that a Paradox is an acceptable Risk: Theoretically, so pay no attention to Empirical Evidence or the Magic of Science Fiction, Witch is all Theory is without the Alchemy to Prove it, and I Love Science Fiction, just not in My Reality, so I got to the Point where I almost gave it all up and just wanted to die, and maybe that was because I was actually dying and needed an Emergency Surgery, so maybe I was just confused, how can I dream that, the Pain I am feeling right now in the Moment is as Real as Reality gets, but I set out to do one thing and not the other, then decided to turn it all around, and start all over again, do the Wizard His-Story or Leave it out, that is what it comes down to, no one like it without it, so I started all over again, this Time I will not change my Mind, Newton never did, he was a Wizard then, as was Tesla, so why not call them what they are, instead of altering that Reality that Wizards have, witch is in Alchemy, that was outlawed like the Militia is today, those that fight for Freedom, find few that know what it even means, most think they have the Best Money can Buy Yew also known as TaxUS, so what is My Reality you ask, well it is not what Ewe see, but how you see Ewe seeing Me or You, if Ewe had no idea who IAM, and since some of ewer never learn about ewer ways, and why Ewe always Run, or have ewers running down ewe legs, because some of You do not talk about what ewer are all about, because you do not see the connection to your Life, as if it does not Stop when Ewe Eat TaxUS, but when You do it, it is because some of YOU do not think its Poison to your Soul, what about your Honor, and the Oath to defend the Constitution, did Ewe forget about all that? Seriously: what did you think you were defending it from? Maybe the same Jew Lawyers trying to make you think that the Bank makes this all Legal once they own the Courts, because at what point in History do We the People who swore to Defend the Constitution, said to themselves, and everyone around them, wait a minute, let me see if I get this Crystal Clear, a Privately owned Bank Prints the Money for the United States instead of Congress, since Lincoln was shot in the Head by another Man who was also in the Militia and ordered to shot Lincoln in the Head for Treason, back in 1865, two years after the Banks started printing Money instead of Congress, so since 1863: 100 years or a Century later, the Last time since Congress tried to Print Money was in 1963 the President was Assassinated by someone who was in the Military, who also gets assassinated, so the game plays out like a cheap novel, but this is Reality since the day I was conceived, and I was 3 years old when JFK was assassinated, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy took office about 6 days after I was Born, so I know where His-Story can go, and that is not what I wanted to do, which was just to finish this dissertation for my PhD to prove that this Explanation for Empirical Evidence is Real Science, but the problems I ran into were that all this is based on others work, and I can not use that knowledge: without giving them Credit, but as it turned out, all these people had things in common, they were all Ashkenazi and DNA test can confirm that, all had some form of Autism, which is already a known fact, and they all had High IQ's, which I have been tested many times over the years so you all know how intelligent IAM, so there is no denying these facts, and some of these Wizards worked in Alchemy or some other type of Science, be it Music, Art or some technical trade, and some of them are known to be Wizards, while others are only described as being Wizards like: Moses and Jesus in the Bible, which was another issue I have, since some of the things I talk about are right out of the Bible, so I tried to mention it in a way that did not sound like Religion because I am not Religious, because for the most part, that means that Yew believe in Deities and Spirits, and at the same time I had Autism that I did not find out about till 2000, after being medically retired from the Military for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and other problems with my health, just after breaking my back for the second time in a year, all related to my service in the Military, and have been diagnosed as being Schizoaffective, so to leave out all this information would be lying about My Reality, because this dissertation is about the Universe, and that covers a lot of Information, but how I came to know this information is one of the best parts of His-Story, so I had to start all over a few times when writing this Dissertation, just to fix the underling problems that I faced writing it, which was me, a Wizard that can not Spell or talk to normal people, and if you make it this far: from the beginning of the book, you know you are going to make it to the End, just to find out if I can tale you about something new or something old, that you should know about, witch is why I ramble on so much about every subject, that by the time it gets to talk about that subject, its just Repeating things you may or may not know is the Truth, because the Point IAM making, needs a foundation on witch to tale His-Story, about His-Reality, and trying to do it Straight or Normal is not the Wizards way, so some of YOU may think that sounds Gay, because that is what not Straight means to Yew, but to the Light it means its just Looping around like Electromagnetic Energy, so it is not Straight, it is a Helix Loop that is in an Elliptical orbit around our Mind, witch is why I did not write this Document Normal or Straight, because I wanted you to be able to wrap your Mind around the Trinary Universe.

A few people have told me that I have some good information, but I need to find a better way of saying it without all the Wizard stuff, and I know they are telling me the truth based on how yew think, but at the same time, they are telling me to lie about it, because to leave out the Wizard stuff would be a lie, because it was because of the Wizzards in my Dreams that I know anything: so it is the very foundation of how I know any of this information, and can write it down in a way that anyone can understand it, regardless of their IQ, because I did all the thinking for yew, because yew are just Sheep that follow their Master because only the Lord is their Shepard and it is why I am just the Sheep Dog and not Jesus, Resurrection does not work that way, but Jesus did come back in the Flesh, and there is no denying that, so I must make this point very clear, because this document is based on these facts, so a Wizard only means someone that is the best in their field of endeavor, and it is not a Completion, but it does imply qualities like Integrity, Loyalty and Ingenuity, so I will only tale you the truth, I am not doing this to make Money, in fact I am doing this so no one will ever have to use Money ever again, its called Freedom, and can only be found in Trinary Sanctuary, so this is Good (Pronounced: God with an extra O in it) Free Information.

I started out with the intent of getting a PhD through a known University or Collage, so I was going to try to do it without making it sound like the video series I do for the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and for the most part I did that, but I also did not leave it out of His-Story, but I also know from telling His-Story so many times over my lifetime, that I knew what peoples reactions would be, for one, I knew that this paper would be rejected for years on end just because of the Grammar I use, the endless rambling and repeating myself using different Spells, clearly some people may think I am Crazy because they can not say IAM full of Shit or just an Asshole for saying that, but we all know the Government does not hire Crazy people, but still communication is not easy for me, and I came to the conclusion that I would never be able to write a paper that would meet their criteria, and with all the references to: Wizards, the Bible, and people who also had Autism and thought as I did on the subjects I am talking about, I knew that there would be no way that this dissertation would even be taken serious, then I thought about what I really wanted, and it was not recognition for my achievements, because all I did was stand on the Shoulders of Giants, just to get a PhD so people would believe me, and it was not to make Money, this PhD is for Free because it is all about Freedom, because Money was not important to me, I have never cared if anyone believed me, well that is not true either, it was more like I expected no one to believe, because no one ever has, and I go ballistic if anyone disagrees with me, but that is the Aspie in me, and this document was not going to change that, so I had to think about my goals, and I only had one from the time I was a child, and that was to build a Society that I could be proud to live in, because this World has no such Society at present, in fact, I can say that I am ashamed to be alive at this point in History, because History is all lies written by people who conquered, so the Citizens are the Sheeple who lost the War, and Science is dictated by those that have made themselves in Charge, so they are the Power that Be, and in truth, those people make me sick to be around, so I am not doing this for them, but to get away from them, so I call Yew Stupid and that explains everything, IAM God, Ewe are Sheep, and my chance of getting a PhD from Trinity College are almost impossible, and that is what Sir Isaac Newton would have been Proud of, so its sad that they would never Consider this Real Science until I fixed all my English Grammar, even though everything in the Dynamic Universe is possible, the idea of being taken serious by any of yew was not a reality that I ever envision, otherwise I would have written this Normal or Straight, and made it boring because that is how all of yew write PhD's.

Trinary Life is a Concept that the Light Beings created the Flesh Beings, so when we look at our Health, we should not look for Chemical Cures, but Electronic ones, for example: out Bodies can heal themselves in time, over that time, our bodies send out a message to those parts under repair, this signal is like a Network in our body, as such, our Brainwave is the Network, it sends a signal to our Heart that can be read in the Silence of the Beats, because that is when your Heart listens, and this in turn heals the body. If it needs some chemical, it can tell the heart to send me this, and the other organs kick in and do their part to provide it, even the Brain will listen to the Heart and make the Body crave things it needs to repair itself, so these are all Electrical Signals, and our Body knows what it needs, but we can also augment that system, by understanding Trinary Lifeforms. The Technology to read these signals is here, but the ability to interpret the signals is not, but that is the Research for Trinary Science.

Year Age Grade Location Event
1960 -1 NA USA, California, Norco Conceived on 13 April
1961 0 NA USA, California, Corona/Norco Born at 6:32
1962 1 NA USA Sister Born
1963 2 NA USA Mother Died
1964 3 NA USA Grandfather Flesher Died
1965 4 NA USA Discovered Trinary Energy
1966 5 0 USA, California, Cucamonga/Ontario,
(Off Corona Ave) Princeton St
Kindergarten Corona Elementary
1967 6 0 USA Started Researching Light
1968 7 1 USA, California, Riverside, Arlington Discovered Fake Moon Missions
1969 8 2 USA, California, Corona,
Corona West Apartments
Read Newton
1970 9 3 USA, California, Corona,
1041 West 8th
Wrote Paper on Universe
1971 10 4 USA Wrote Paper on Gravity
1972 11 5 USA, California, Corona Wrote Paper on Water Rocket to Moon
1973 12 6 USA, California, Corona Tonsils removed for Money
1974 13 7 USA, California, Corona, Phoenix Arizona Father on Run
1975 14 8 USA, Arizona, Tucson/Corona Step Mom Suicide
1976 15 9 USA, California, Corona, Corontia Run away
1977 16 10 USA, California, Corona, Corontia Met future wife
1978 17 11 USA, California, Corona,
1041 West 8th
Graduated High School
1979 18 12 USA, California, Corona,
1041 West 8th
Class of 79
1980 19 NA USA, California, Riverside, Arlington Right: Eye Shrapnel & Thumb Ripped off
1981 20 NA USA, California, Riverside, Arlington Married, September 12
1982 21 NA USA, California, Riverside, Arlington Uncle Tuba Died Motorcycle, First Born
1983 22 13 USA, California, Riverside, Arlington Computer Programming/Machine/Welding
1984 23 14 USA, California, Riverside, Arlington Air Force DEP
1985 24 NA USA, California, Corona, Mission Court Air Force
1986 25 15 USA, Idaho, Mtn. Home AFB Computer Programmer/Electronic Engineer
1987 26 16 USA, Idaho, Mtn. Home AFB Proved Light is Gravity
1988 27 17 USA, Idaho, Mtn. Home AFB Electrocuted by Lighting
working on Gravity Machine
1989 28 18 USA, Idaho, Mtn. Home AFB Excellence in Competition
1990 29 19 USA, Idaho, Mtn. Home AFB Anthrax Vaccine
Gulf War Syndrome Symptoms
1991 30 20 USA, Idaho, Mtn. Home AFB Gulf War, Second Born
1992 31 21 USA, Idaho, Mtn. Home AFB Sinus Operation: Vertigo
1993 32 USA, Mtn. Home AFB/Texas Shepard AFB MS Award,
Cross trained:
Helicopter Crew Chief
1994 33 USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nellis AFB,
Academic Award
1995 34 USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nellis AFB,
Uncle Dicky died Cancer
1996 35 USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nellis AFB,
Korea: Second MS Award
1997 36 USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nellis AFB Accident,
Temp Medical Retirement
and Divorce
1998 37 USA, Nevada, Las Vegas Diagnosed Treated for Cancer
1999 38 USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, Boulder City Medically Retired 70%, Work: EPA
2000, Nevada, Las Vegas 39 USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, Flamingo Father Died, Married
2001 40 USA, Nevada, Reno Work: SDG/BLM
2002 41 USA, Nevada, Reno/Las Vegas
2003 42 USA, Nevada, Las Vegas Permanently Medically Retired 100%
2004 43 USA: Las Vegas/Oregon,
Crooked River Ranch
2005 44 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch
2006 45 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch
2007 46 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch
2008 47 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch
2009 48 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch
2010 49 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch Cancer: Medical Cannabis
2011 50 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch
2012 51 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch PhD for Trinary Universe
2013 52 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch 31 May Hit in Head by Meteorite
2014 53 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch
2015 54 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch
2016 55 USA, Oregon, Crooked River Ranch Moved
2017 56 USA: Moved to Undisclosed Location New Years Day: 911 Colon Surgery
2018 57 USA: Still here Cancer Surgery,
PTSD Jail: 2nd Appendicitis
Table 5.6A: My Reality Time Line

Stupid People have no idea how Stupid they are, so they falsely believe they can do anything, the more Intelligent a Person becomes, the more they realize just how Stupid they are, and when it comes to Spells, Wizards will be the first to tale you that Witches Spell better, because a Wizards Brain is wired in different ways, for example my Brain is wired to be Dyslexic, and it is because my Brain is wired for Pattern Recognition, which allows me to mistake a whole lot of like words and phrase at first glance, sometimes I use the wrong Word or Spelling of that Word, that is just Bad Spelling, i before e except after c & z, so I reread all my mistakes, fixing some while making others, and most of the mistakes I make are just Stupid Mistakes, so I know that the only way this paper would ever have a chance was if someone else edited it, and that is the reason I wrote it, I decided to tale the whole story, witch is His-Story and let an editor edit out the parts that do not need to be here, and can write it in a way that meets the criteria for publishing dissertations, so that is all this document is, but its more than that, because I realized that even if someone edited this and it got published and I got my PhD, it would basically mean nothing to me, because the people who are giving me this PhD, also gave others the same PhD for work that they did that this PhD proves was Science Fiction, and that includes all Science that involves work done by Albert Einstein, which is most of it, because I Proved that work is Science Fiction, and sure I like Science Fiction, just not in my Science, so I eventually concluded that his dissertation is just for me, by me, so I might as well make up a University name and call it Trinary University, where I am the only person that works there at this time, but I am hoping that this idea will catch on, and others will write papers for this University, because face it, what makes any other University better than this one, and the answer is that this one is better, because it is not owned by the Bank, and the Church does not have to bless it, and I do not care about the Word or Spell of Legal, because that just means its owned by the Banks, so it is a Free University, you do not have to pay to go to this University, nor will anyone have to break into its servers to find Secret Documents, they feel the World should Know about, and are being hidden by the Evil Empire some Universities employ, because we post all our work to the Public for Free, without any Copyrights that would hinder its usability, Trinary Sanctuary prefers Copylefts, that means its Free of all Laws, Rules or Regulations, it also means you can not be Sued by anyone for anything said in it, because I have made my Point clear that my Freedom of Speech under the Constitution, does not apply to a Dissertation, in fact the Constitution is Suspended and does not apply to anything, but under the Law that applies to Dissertations, you do not have the Right to Slander anyone, you can say bad things about them as long as you give proof, or Proof is Publicly available, you can not Plagiarize, and I am very clear about what Information I got from where, and most of it came from my Cousins, so I am very sure that under the Law, I have not made any statements that Slander, nor have I Plagiarized, most of the things that I have said that Shock anyone, like the Constitution being Suspended, because that can be found under US Code TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUBCHAPTER 9 SUBSECTION 341, under the enumeration of the Powers Act, the Law clearly puts the Federal Reserve in charge of the United States, so if anyone tries to sue me, they will have a counter suit under this very Law, so I am protected by this Law, because the Powers that Be: is the Federal Reserve Bank, and they do not care about the Constitution or any of its Laws, so I would never use any of them in Court, I know I have no Rights and no Freedoms, because this Law Proves that Lincoln used this Country for Collateral for the Loan for the Civil War, and out Nation Debt is proof of that Treason, so who in their Right Mind would want to drag me into Court, knowing I will use this Law to Prove they are Guilty of Treason, that Penalty is Death, and I know for a Fact that Punishment is more severe then any Crime they could take me to court over, so this is a good thing, and it kept me working on this Document instead of just giving up on it, I can say with Confidence: Sue me but do not Slander me, because I am so sure that in the Court of Law, a Judge will not want to answer the first question I will ask them, which is where do you fit in the Enumerations of Powers Act Hierarchy, once they admit that they fall under the Federal Reserves Bank President, they are admitting to Treason, and I can then charge them with it, since like I said, I am an Admiral in the United States Militia, and also a Medically Retired Disabled Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force, so I have the Legal Right to bring such Charges to bear, so bring it on, but do not Slander me by denying what I say in this Document is False, or half Truths, I have gone out of my way to prove everything I wrote is the Truth, just like Newton before me.

My Reality is Crystal Clear, I know where I will stand in Court if I was to Take on the System, so I would never Sue anyone unless I wanted to make a point, and the Jail time would not be worth the Point I would get, having almost died of an Appendicitis for Domestic Violence charges, knowing that I was actually the Victim and not the Offender, I was denied phone call pin code authorization for 5 days, was never read my Miranda warning, nor told what I was being charged with, and the Judge never showed up, so they released me with no charges, so they can Punish you to Death without any Charges, and it is all Treason, and I can prove it in Court, so Stupid People should Never Piss me Off by Slandering me, or my University; if you do not Believe what I said, it is because of your BS, not Mine, I personally do not care what Yew Believe, you Slander Me and I just might Sue you for it just to prove what an Asshole yew are for not Researching it first, because once you take a look at Title 12, you would know what an Asshole you were for Slandering me, and you know this Law will hold up in Court if I Sue you for Slander, because if the Judge does not see it my way, I will Sue them for Treason using this same Law, so Bring it on in Court or understand what the Truth actually looks like, because I would never write anything I know I can not Prove, truth be known: I do not like this whole system of Government, because most People are stupid and believe what they heard in their herd, and most people are Cowards and will say anything, and Prove Nothing, because they have no Honor, I take my Honor very serious and will Fight to the Death to Defend it, when confronted my PTSD might get the best of me, and trust me, you do not want to fight with me over any issues I write about, because I spent most of my Life Researching them, and consider myself an expert AKA Wizard on the subject, and I am pushing 60 and one punch to the Colon could Kill me, so any Fight is to the Death, so I will go for the Throat just to Rip out all the Lies coming from it, so never think because you kick my Ass because that is hard to do without a Throat, yew would be wise to not mistake me for a Pacifist: I am more like a Pass a Fist if you start a Fight with me, so most Cowards want to Fight in Court, yet Cowards are so Stupid they would take me to Court with no Proof, thinking that I have to Prove IAM telling the Truth, and that is not the way the Law works, so I am very clear about what I can and can not prove, so there is a Law for everything I say, most of these Laws are proven in Newton's Laws of Physics, and I even wrote a few of my own Laws of Trinary Physics, so when it comes to my Laws in my Reality, I make sure I have a Law for everything, so my first Law is the Light, because the Light is Everything in my Reality, so this University is my Reality, and how do I know this? Because in my Reality: IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and that is My Reality, because I say what I mean, and I mean what I say, and I defend my Honor to Death because I am a Military Man of Honor.

My Reality is that this World is Insane, and it is all due to Theoretical Science, and Religion, and I blame Mainstream Media for this, and Hollywood works for the Banks, so I can not really blame any one person, because in my Reality everyone is just like yew.

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