The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.27
Extreme Thinking

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.27
Extreme Thinking

Extreme Thinking is a concept of thinking in an extreme manner, and as a child I realized that my Imaginary White Wizzard Friend was physically in my field of view, yet no one but me could see him, but after a few minutes of pointing it out to my little sister, she could see there was a pattern in the Air that looked like what I was describing, in reality it was nothing more than dust particles: that were reacting to the Electromagnet Fields that surround every living thing on this planet, its known as an Aurora or Aura, and can be recorded with a special Aura video recorder, and it is a well documented phenomena, and many children can access it using their imagination, so children who can actually see their imaginary friends are actually Extreme Thinkers, you might be able to convince them it is not real, because they should understand that it is their imagination that is causing this to happen, but may think they can interact with these Electromagnet Fields that surround them, and can then project images from their mind onto these Pareidolia figures, and control the Trinary Energy that surrounds each of the dust particles, and children like myself: can learn to make these images look so real that we can not always distinguish them for objects that are real, and this can lead to Schizophrenia, but its clear this is Schizoaffective thinking, and you must use precautions when training your mind to think in a Schizoaffective manner, but it does not have to progress into Schizophrenia if you lean to control the colors of the objects and be careful not to use colors that you see in nature, so the difference between Extreme Thinking and Schizoaffective Thinking is that Extreme thinking is controlled, whereas Schizoaffective thinking is uncontrolled and Schizophrenia is out of control, but anyone can learn to deal with Schizophrenia without Medication, all they need to do is change the color of the objects that are not real, then the illusion will be broken in their mind, and they can then clear the delusion from their thoughts, and it really is just that easy once they learn how, it is not like Humans have a Reset Button.

The Human Mind is capable of Extreme Thinking, I can teach anyone to do it, so let us start with you, first find a place with no noise to distract you, ear plugs may be required, because noise will always distract you, also Light, get into a room that has no windows, like a closet, bring a small flashlight with a diffuser, but diffuse it so it is not a bright light, the idea is that it normally takes about 20 minutes for our eyes to adjust to total darkness, and that is what we need in this closet, so do it at night so no light is coming in from around the door frame, now sit there till your eyes adjust and think of a round ball of light, it does not matter where it is or what size it is, but if you pick a ball that you can picture in your mind, it will be easier to manifest, so shut your eyes if you need to concentrate on it till it is very clear, it should be so Dark you cannot see with your Eyes open, but closed should work just as well, you are not using your Eyes, so it does not matter if you are Blind, you are using your Mind to Create a Dream, so Day Dream about a small spherical Light, change the colors from red to white then blue, mix the order once you get good at that, now hold that image and turn on the light in a way that it does not cause your eyes to squint, or for you to lose the Image in your Mind, if you squint the Flashlight is too bright so tone it down more by wrapping it with tape, or something that will diffuse the Flashlight more, this may take a while to master, I have done it all my life and got real good at it, so good that it has been how I view the world around me since I was a child, and the process is no more complicated than that, so now on to the next step, once you Master this, you may want to quiet that Little Voice, if its running you have to Multitask, and IAM not that good at that, with your eyes open in a dark room, allow your mind to see and recognize patterns using Pareidolia, so you see this White Noise, its like an old TV that is on a channel no one is broadcasting on, now you need to use your imagination to see figures as if you were looking at Clouds: but you could physically change the shape of clouds with your mind to animate the figure you see, and give the figure a name, like: Human head or figure, or what every comes to mind that you think you can start with, so now we can use our imagination to fill in the rest of the object, so now we have just painted these Pareidolia figures with our imagination using Extreme Thinking, and if you can master this technique, then you are an Extreme Thinker, now practice it in front of window with the Sun Light shinning in, the room needs to be dusty to work well, but if you can manipulate the dust to create the illusion of full motion of your object, and you can record this on video, full spectrum video would be better, an Aura Video Camera would also help to prove this is real, and you can rewind it to see if what you are projecting is what your surroundings are mapping to, meaning that you are actually mapping out the course of each of the dust particles, and you can actually see this phenomena in the recording, then you can say you are a Light Wizzard, do not expect to move anything bigger then a floating dust particle, and do not use the wind of your Hands to move them, that is cheating, use your Electromagnetic Energy that your Body projects as an Aura.

So now we learn to be a Light Wizzard, and the concept of the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother now make sense, the Bible was talking about Extreme Thinking, so Trinity is about Energy, so the State changes are Logic levels, 1 is the brightest State an Atom is in, and a Dust particle is made up of Atom's, so if we as Human beings, who use the Light to think with, meaning that the Electricity that forms our Brainwaves, then we are actually capable of effecting other atoms around us, even dust particles, then this ability of Telekinesis is what Light Wizards, note only one Z, meaning a Person with the ability to interact with free floating Atom's at the molecular level, is actually science that can be proven or disprove with Electronic equipment of this time, and in fact its easy to prove that it is real, the Logic States are (+1), (-1) and 0, so its Trinary Logic, each pixel of Light, meaning the smallest level a Photon of Light can be registered in our Mind as Perceived Light, Brightest is (+1), Darkest is (-1) and invisible is 0, so the patterns in White Noise are encoded Trinary Logic signals that we can tap into using our Brains Electrical waveform, some people will be better at it then others, but if you train your new born child to use this way of thinking throughout their entire life, you can prove that it is possible, just teach them its possible and never think for a moment it is not, because the moment you do, its Impossible, and for an Electromagnetic Field that we as a Life Force do have Control over, for Example if I breathe harder, my Aura will be Brighter, because it is all about Free Energy, so I can effect my Aura by simple Exercises, and teach my body how to utilize that Energy, using Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, we can learn to control our Energy, but it will take a lifetime to master for most people, regardless of if they are Autistic or not, just because you are Autistic does not mean you can naturally think like this, I did it on purpose, I realized that I could interact with the White Light, but there will be a few that can do this without knowing why, because all I did was explained the how, it is the why that we need to talk about now, because once we can interact with our environment at this level, our entire way we view the Light will change, and unless you can see the Light, you will never know what it means to be in the Light, it is not about being Good or Evil, being in the Light is about using our Imagination to build the environment we live in, and trust me, when I am not in the Light, it is because my environment is not how I imagined it, and I am frustrated with that fact, so I will do anything to make my Dreams come true.

When I was a child in the 3rd grade, a teacher gave me an F on my math test, they said that I did not show my work, so I told them I did the work in my mind, why do I need to put it on paper, and they said, so they would know you did the work and did not cheat, than they said when I grow up I will have to do long equations, with thousands of numbers in them, and you can not do them in your head, and I asked them why not, so they said take the number 1024 and multiple it by 1024, and without hesitation I said that it is 1,048,576, they did the math and it was correct, so they gave me harder and harder questions till they got so excited that I though they needed to pee. The next day at school I arrived just to be taken into a room with a lot of people, they asked me a lot of questions, than they gave me a lot of test to take, and I took them all, than they started talking about the results, I must have gotten one of the questions wrong, because they were disappointed with me over just one test score, so when I got home I called my Grandmother and told her what took place, and the next day she took me to school and had a talk to my teacher and the principal, we left and the next day I was going to new school, and had to change schools a lot over the years, then in 2002 I decided to ask my Grandmother what took place that day, she said that I could do math equations in my head that normal people can only do with a machine, but once they figured out you had Autism, it did not matter to them, because it is not that uncommon for some Autistic children to have this ability, but I told them that you did not need to know you had it, so they hid it from me, so I would grow up not understanding why I think this way, or even knowing that it is not that common, grant you if she did not do that, I would have never gotten into the Military, and I would have never been able to get a good job anywhere in the world, because once they know you have Autism, they think you are diseased and worthless to society, so luckily I did not grow up thinking that way, so I got two Meritorious Service Medals to prove that people with Autism can work, and excel in the Military with no problems, just because they did not know I had it did not change that fact, but that is how some people are, and why I hid it even after finding out that I had it back in 2000, because this type of Extreme Thinking is treated like a disease.

I do not see numbers in my mind when doing math, I just know the answer, and can not explain how, but I learned that if I wanted to do very long equations, I needed to visualize these numbers in a way that I could keep track of them, I do not use number symbols to represent them, to me an object is just a meaning without any reason to use words or spells to represent them, I do not store letters in my mind when I read a book, I only store the meaning of them, so I have no way to remember what words or how they spelled them in my mind, so I could not tell you what the words were, only the meaning I got out of it, and to have to learn to do so really screwed with my mind, after a while I could not think the way I did as a child, learning to use Letters and Symbols to represent Numbers in equations was insane to begin with, our mind should not be limited to a set of symbols, but instead should be open to creating new ones as we need them, its why I created new Terms of Science like Trinary, because of the Way Neurotypical Teachers want to Teach, I lost my ability to do long equations in my mind, and all because teachers demanded I show my work, they demanded that I learn to read each letter in a word and sound it out, just because they are Insane and believe everyone should be, so I can now only think as fast as that little voice in my head can talk, so much for Neurodiversity Communications, Neurotypicals think their way of Learning is better than the way Autistic people think, so they will demand that we learn their way instead of them learning ours, so they took my Freewill away from me and along with it all my Rights, all because they wanted to make sure I was not Cheating on my Test, so all school ever taught me is how to become stupid just like Yew.

You should teach children to use their imagination, to understand that they can access their Aura, they can make it Brighter, they can learn to manipulate the environment around them at the subatomic level, so they can learn to heal themselves and do not need Doctors who only know how to use Poison to cure you of what they think is a disease, and trust me they are working on a Vaccine for Autism, because we can not have children who cheat on their test, its better to have stupid children who can not think at all, so put them on Prozac and Ritalin, and force them to think like Neurotypicals, all because Neurotypicals are nothing but Assholes, who will only teach their Children to leave them alone and watch TV, because Neurotypicals never have time to teach their Own Children, because they are too busy teaching everyone else's, and Imagination is the Last thing Neurotypicals could teach anything about, but they can teach you about Emotions, as if anyone needs lessons on that Subject.

People wonder why I call Neurotypicals Sheep, because they go alone with all this madness, they only believe what their Herd has Heard, because they do not believe that Extreme Thinking is even possible, so know it or no it not, it is not like we have Freewill or Rights that will protect those that are Not Neurotypicals, face it, this is a Neurotypical ran Planet, so it is a Prison for people with Autism on the Spectrum I have, so it is no wonder I only talk to Sheep, because Neurotypicals that do not see the Light will deny it exists, so face it, I can teach you to see the Light, and I can not convince you it exists till you at least try to see it for yourself, but that would require a little effort on your part, so ask yourself how bad do you want to see the Light, are you willing to spend 40 minutes in a closet every day practicing, to the point that you do not need the closet, and can do this Magic outside the closet, so you can come out of the Closet and become a Light Wizard, and anyone can do it, it is all a matter of wanting to, because once you see the Light, you will understand it is power over the Darkness, and IAM talking about that Rainbow of Colors that are in White Light, because that is how you change the colors of your objects in your Mind, you bend the Will of the Darkside of the Light, using the Light without Darkness, and I know that is right out of the Bible, but it is not Religion, its Freedom, it is the Truth about Energy in the Trinary Universe, but first you must become a Light Being, because this is Extreme Thinking.

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