The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.26
Neurodiversity Communication

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.26
Neurodiversity Communication

Neurodiversity simply means different types of Brain processes or ways of thinking logically, 3 example are: Neurotypical, Allistic and Autistic, where Neurotypical means Normal, and Allistic means not Normal but not Autistic. Communication takes many forms: Talking in person, Talking over a Phone, Videos, Audios, Writing and Reading, and so on, so Neurodiversity Communication defines how all these groups can Communicate with fewer obstacles, without anyone getting hurt or upset, just because they do not understand how to talk to you, and it might just be the Language Limitation, which is why I only wrote this in one language, and English is not it by the Way, this is just the Dialect I wrote the Book in, Witchcraft was the Language.

Everyone is an Individual and no two are the same, but to generalize is pointless, and creating Groups based on Neurodiversity is not better, and at the same time: required in order to use fewer words to describe something, as complex as Communication between two individuals regardless of their Group, so it would only make sense to put yourself into one of these Groups and try not to create more Groups, that would only make it more Complex and require more words that will not help anyone to understand this topic any better.

Some history will set the foundation for what I am going to say later, I was born with Autism in 1961, but never found out I had it till 2000 when I turned 39, so I grew up knowing I think different than anyone else but never understood why, but since then I have been tested and it is clear that I am in the highly functional spectrum of Autism, but I do not think exactly like other Aspies I have communicated with, this includes one way communication like Videos, Audios and Reading, so I do not represent the average Aspie. People think I brag, but in reality I am letting them know that I have an IQ over 180, to me its just a fact, to others with Lower IQ scores its called Bragging, and if they can not talk to me at as high of level as they can handle and only use facts to make statements, I will loss interest in what they have to communicate, because I do not communicate well with just Emotions, in fact, its best not to get Emotional with me, it does not mean I can not communicate with people that are Emotional or Retarded, in fact I get along with most people and anyone with an IQ of less than 180 is Retarded compared to mine, so that makes most of you Retarded, but that is just a fact, most of you are Normal and it is Normal to have an IQ less than 100, so their IQ has nothing to do with it, its Normal, so what I try to establish with people is my level of Expertise in the field I like to talk about, which is Real Science, and not Mainstreams version of it, which is called Science Fiction. Since my field of interest is so narrow and I have very little interest in anything outside my field of interest, I have OCD, ADHD, I am Schizoaffective, and I was medically retired from the Military for Depress, Anxiety, and PTSD, but that does not mean I do not like to talking about it, because I like to learn new things, but I need to be clear on if these new things are Theories or Facts based on Empirical Evidence, I am very big on this Point, I do not mix Theories and Reality together because that is Insane and I do not believe that Freewill gives you a Right to share Insane thoughts as if they were Real, Theories are not True or cannot or have not been Proven to be True, so its Fiction, and it must be understood that is all it is, and if you try to mix the two I will get upset and really there is no reason for me to communicate with Insane People, so I try not to, why would I want to, I do not like getting upset, so if I call yew a Sheep, it means I do not want to continue this conversation.

Most Neurotypicals use a method of Communication called Banter, I find it irritating and it serves no purpose, sarcasm is over used as is using Spells to make a point. I like to talk about things that are Real, but I like Science Fiction also, just do not mix them or I will get upset, so no Theories in my Science, nor Religion or Politics which are both Theories, because the Truth is that Religion is for Weak Minded Fools who do not understand the meaning of the word Insane, because God is all Light not a Deity, because the Light is Energy, so God is Energy and physically exist, whereas Religion is about Deities and Spirit is that do not physically exist, so it is insane to believe in things that do not exist, so make sure your Science is Real, and if you are Religious then why believe in a Science that does not believe in God, that is Insane, so communicating Insanity is pointless and very irrational, there is no reason to think that Freewill gives anyone the Right to believe in things that do not exist, that is insane, but Religious people will just go on and on about things that are not real and believe that it is, this is Herd Mentality, some were taught Religion from birth, so they are brainwashed into believing it is the truth, when Christ was proven to be a lie, and Money is the Root of all Evil, the belief it is not is called Insanity, so those that believe these things are the Truth, are Insane, and this is not my opinion but a fact based on the definition of the words and the way they are spelled in any Dictionary, because all I did was use the Words the way they are Spelled and looked up their Meaning, and Politics is equally insane, in the United States there are people who actually believe we have a Constitution: because the word Only has no meaning to them, they are so insane that they believe the word can be amended to mean the Banks can print the money instead of Congress, so Voting is insane, since you are voting for Liars who push the concept that the Constitution was amended, so Religion and Politics are only for Weak Minded Fools, anyone with a Normal IQ: can understand this simple concept of how insane people would have to be to believe in either of these Concepts, and I do mean Con, it is all a Game Sheeple Play, so to communicate such insanity should be illegal, so before you engage someone like me with talk that is insane by definition, you might want to think twice, because if you do, so I can only assume that you are trying to upset me, and actually just want to start a fight, and it would be better if we just do not communicate these insane thoughts at all, and Religion and Politics has nothing to do with what type of Brain you have, it just proves you do not use the one ewe have, because it is about how you use that brain to do Logical Reasoning with, if you believe what the Herd has Heard and have no Empirical Evidence to support it, then I will call you a Sheep, because that is how stupid Ewe are, and thinking you can justify thinking insane thoughts will not change this.

Neurotypicals seem to like to fill the conversations with meaningless words like: yeah, I understand, and noises like Ah-ah, om, and so on, these words and sounds add no meaning to the conversation all they really are is very rude interruptions, and if I am telling a story or explaining something, I do not need to know your opinion about it, if I did I would ask you for your opinion, if I do not, just assume I do not want it, what I want is to be able to talk without interruptions, if we are on the phone we need keywords like echo to see if someone is still on the other end, echo means I want you to repeat the word echo, so I know you are still listening to me, if I can see you, I do not need to echo, and over means I am done talking and you can interject now, so over means it is your turn to talk, this is good to use if I can see you or not, because it means I am done talking and it is your turn, but do not assume I am finished, unless I say over and finished unless I say out, if you do not know then ask, and I will try to be fair with talk time, and if I lose someone its fine to interrupt and by saying you lost me with the words blah blah, but if you want to contradict what I am saying then you must have references I know about, with Empirical Evidence, or can find or good reasons that you can fully explain with no Theories, unless we are talking about Theories and not Reality, and if you can not prove what you are saying then do not say it at all, I can careless what Yew Believe, because most Neurotypicals only think with Emotions, so they believe they need no facts to prove them, and that is why they believe in Theories instead of only Facts.

Neurodiversity Communication is about how people can communicate efficiently with each other: without causing undue stress or hurting peoples feelings in the process, calling people Weak Minded Fools because they are insane is not how to do this, unless you are talking about Sheep, and that is all we do in this Book, I only said it to get that reaction, so I could make this point, I am actually an Agnostic Atheist who knows the Light of God exists, so I do not believe in a Deity, and that there is no Freedom because the Banks own everything, so it goes both ways, just because two individuals in the same group are talking to each other: does not mean they will share the same views on any subject, and if they want to banter over the idea and both are fine with it, then there is no reason why they can not communicate between each other that way, it is not about forcing a way of Communicating as much as understanding what works with certain people or groups of people, and the same might be true of like-minded people, there are people who like to talk as if Theories are the Truth and valid ways of thinking, regardless of what group they are in, so the Theory like: God is a Deity or Spirit and that the Constitution exist and was amended to change the very fundamental concept of Freedom from Taxation might be fine to communicate in one group, but to make a video expressing such insane ideas as if it is the truth is going to upset people who know the truth and do not care about Propaganda, so Neurodiversity Communication means that certain subjects are off limits, and Videos or Audios should be rated for Neurodiversity Communication safe, and this is not part of the Neurodiversity Movement, its more about being Politically Correct and I can careless what yew believe about that, in fact all Movements are based on the ideas of those that wrote them, and do not reflect the views of everyone that agrees with some or even most of those views about any subject. The concept that Autism or Neurodiverse is a Disease that needs a cure is just one aspect of Neurodiversity to deal with, if you ask me those that promote the concept that it is a Disease are Weak Minded Fools that are too Stupid to understand Reality, because theirs is not based on Empirical Evidence.

Neurodiversity Communication is not about making certain subjects off limits, I picked Theories like: Religion and Politics as examples of subjects that should be banded from any Logical, Reasonable or Rational lines of thought just because it is only Propaganda that has no facts based on Empirical Evidence, its only Theories and that means it is not true or cannot be proven to be true, so Theories like Albert Einstein's General Relativity or Godless Dynamic Universe, knowing Albert never believed in any of his own Theories: because they can never be proven to be the truth because they cause Paradoxes, witch means it should not be taught in Public or Private Education, because they are not the Truth, nor will they ever be proven to be the Truth, the only reason Mainstream forces it to teach, is because the Banks own them, and the Banks want people to Worship Money and Not God, and Religious People who believe in Einstein's Theories do not believe that God exist, regardless of what they say, so they are liars and cannot be trusted to tell the Truth: by putting their hand on a Bible that clearly states that God is all Light without Darkness, because that is the only truth, and only fools trust Politicians to tell the Truth, they work for Money and you can never trust anyone that works for Money, not even Me, so personally IAM only interested in the Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so Help Me...IAM.

Neurodiversity Communication is about knowing what limits an individual will want to communicate without stress or getting upset, and that does mean that certain subjects are off limits for certain individuals like myself, but the main thing is how we communicate with each other, not everyone wants others opinions, and they should not force them on someone just because they chose to talk about a subject, nor should you interrupt them knowing they do not tolerate it, just because they pause to think does not mean they are finished talking, and just because you think you know what they are going to say, you will never make the conversation shorter by interrupting them and telling them you have already heard it before, unless you can actually read their mind, you have no idea if they are going to repeat it, or if they need to say it again before moving on to what they really want to talk about, so in short Neurodiversity Communication is about understanding that not everyone thinks the same and you should respect the way they think if you want to communicate with them.

Neurodiversity Communication is what Trinary Sanctuary teaches everyone from the Start, because the first thing anyone needs to know is how to Communicate, and they can not do that unless they know about Neurodiversity Communication, so it is not about teaching Neurotypicals to understand Autistic, it is about teaching everyone to be Light Beings.

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