Chapter 5.25
Human Brains
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 5.25
Human Brains

The Human Brain has 3 separate and distinct parts to it, the First part is the primitive Brain or lower brain functions, which humans have no control over, they can not talk to it with their Little Voice, they can not Reason with it, it just does things on its own, and that includes the Fight or Flight part of our brain, so Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and other non-voluntary brain activity can all be found in this part of the brain, so humans have to learn to deal with these emotions, personally I have not mastered that part of my brain, maybe it is the Aspie in Me, but I wish I could turn off that part of my brain most of the time, but there is no way to change that part of our brain, and the Second part of our brain is where that Little Voice lives, it can send its signal to our hearing center, so it sounds like it is in our head, but what makes us alive is not in our brain at all, its just Electricity that runs through it, so it is the Light at a different Frequency, call that Light what ever you want, I call it Trinary Energy, Newton called it God, Franklin called it God's Lightning, and Tesla called it the Light of God and Said the Light is Everything, stating we are Light Beings, this is the part of the brain where that Little Voice can control the Body its in, and if that Little Voice loses control of this part of the Brain, that person is out of Control, and the funny thing is that the Little Voice does not need to talk, in fact that is more of a distraction then anything, if it talks all the time it will not be able to communicate with the Third part of our Brain, or Higher Brain Functions, which is not under control of the Little Voice anymore than the First part of our brain, this Higher brain function is where we do the actually thinking, the Second part of the brain does no thinking at all, it can not even add (+1) + (-1) together, the concept is way beyond the understanding of this part of the brain, yet it impedes communication with the lower and higher functions of the brain, so it can mislead us into thinking strange things, like believing in things that do not exist and denying the things that do exist are real, so in short, the second part or middle brain, is called Freewill, and most humans believe they have the Right to think Insane Thoughts, when in Reality that is only that Little Voice speaking, so it is no wonder why Mental illness is out of control in the World today, because these insane thoughts are allowed to be taught as the Truth to other humans who have lost control of their Brains lower and higher functions also, all because that Little Voice decided it as the Asshole and was really the one in Charge, so the World is now out of control as Humans with no Control think they are in Control, and think they understand the Universe, personally I think they are out of their Mind, but that is another subject about the Galattice, so remember that the Human Brain has 3 separate and distinct parts to it.

  1. Higher Brain: Heart and Brainwaves
  2. Middle Brain: Little Voice Dominates this Part of the Brain
  3. Lower Brain: Emotions

Our Mind is not our Brain, nor is it a combination of the 3 parts of our brain, it is not even located in our Bodies, its just passing through us as Energy, no more than Electricity or Light that we use in other Technology, like Flashlights, and most people that do not believe this: are not very Bright, and are not Enlightened, in fact they have no idea what the Words or Spells even mean, but the fact is that if you do not believe in things that are Real, like the Light of God, then yew are stating that you have no Light in you, and you would have to be out of your Mind to think that, our Brain Waves prove that is the Truth, but for those that believe in things that do not Exist: like a Deity or Spirit, have defined God in way that God does not Physically Exist, so they deny God is Real, so they believe in things that are not Real, and deny the things that are Real, like the Light of God, and Religion has nothing to do with this, the Bible stated that God is all Light without Darkness, so the Bible was very clear about who and what God is, and that is not a Deity or Spirit, and those that deny God exist are no better, because only a Fool believes in things that are not Real and denies the Truth, but that Word, Spelled Truth, is a strange concept for those that can not Communicate with their higher brain functions, because those that Deny the Light are Insane, because that word means that they believe in things that are not Real, and it is only when you apply Trinary Science to Reality, does this Truth become the Truth, and our Middle Brain can except this.

At the Subatomic Level every Atom in the Universe is created by Neutrinos and Light, so the Light is in every Atom in the Universe, so our Brain is made of Light, as is everything we see and can touch, everything that is real is made of Light, so call this Light what every you want, but I will call it Trinary Energy, because I can communicate with my Higher Brain Functions, IAM the Light, and IAM in control of all the parts of the Brain, and IAM is just an acronym, where I is the Light, because without the Light I could not See, And Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and IAM in the Flesh, the Atom's of Light make up the Flesh, but the Flesh is just a body for the Mind, and my Mind is pure Energy in the Galattice.

Human Brains are just Flesh, so its just the Darkness, and why the Middle Brain has a Little Voice, and it is not a voice of Reason, your Emotions go through the Middle Brain to get to the Higher functions of the Brain, and how that Little Voice reacts to Fear, will drive the Flight or Fight System in the Lower Brain, to the Higher Brain, so that Little Voice is in Control of how much Fear the Higher Brain Receives, so only that Little Voice can use Logic and Reason to Control the Higher Functions of the Brain, so the Body do not have a Heart Attack or a Stroke, its only when that Little Voice Freaks out that we do, when we are Frightened and Feel it, but do not Hear it, that is the Lower part of the Brain saying I Fear this, at first you might not know why, so you think about it, and analyze it, and then decide how to react this alert, but if you over react all the time, your heart will race, and you can actually cause the Higher brain functions to Shit yourself, so that Term Scared Shitless means they Shat till they had no more Shit, so if you are not in charge of that Little Voice in your Head when you get Scared, then you are out of control.

Human Brains are just Flesh, do you think Jesus meant that he will come back in you? When you die, everyone that ever lived becomes one person called God, so I know that is what Jesus meant, that is how all 3 of My Brains work.

What sets Humans from Animals is how we treat each other, Animals do not intentionally hurt another Animal, nor to they Kill for Fun, but Humans do, Animals only Kill to survive, sometimes to Eat, other times, so they will not be eaten, and Animals would not Maim or disfigure their Children, yet Parents will Circumcision their Children to prevent them from having Sexual Pleasure, I have to ask myself how insane a Human would have to be to allow this abuse, but to Humans its Normal, only Humans can be so stupid... Humans will allow their Children to be Circumcised and Vaccinated, Animals are far more Intelligent than that, and they are not as Cruel as to think that the parts they removed are not needed, Circumcision removes about 98% of all the Nerves to your Sexual Organ, making it hard or impossible to orgasm, and will get worse with age, so only very sick and evil people would allow this to be done, yet over 100,000 children die each year because of Vaccination, and countless others commit suicide because of what others were allowed to do to them, like Circumcisions; outlawed in many countries except the United States, where it is a Billion Dollar Industry, and why its allowed, because some Humans are Sick and Evil, and only care about Money, proving how Evil Money is. There is a part of the Brian that knows this is the Truth, yet People who are addicted to Money, also known as Money Junkies, because they can not Live without it, which is the Proof that it can and will kill you, so its poison to anyone that uses it, so it causes Brain Damage, as does the Vaccines that Money buys, so it makes Cents to destroy peoples Senses.

The Human Brain was not designed to have parts of your Body removed, especially your Sexual Organs, and that is what is removed during a Circumcision, and your Brain can never fix that, its forever Damaged due to the lost of that Connection, and Vaccines will destroy more of these Brain Connections then any other Poison in the World... Money is the Root of All Evil, those that believe its only the Love for it are Brain Damaged, because the Truth is that because of Money, the Human Race has only gotten Stupider and not more Intelligent, you can not buy an Education, everything they teach you in school is a Lie nowadays, because it is all based on Theory that has never been proven, so Money is the Root of all the Brain Damage as well... Trinary Science proves to People that modern Mainstream Science is causing harm to everyone, and everything on this Planet, and it does so by Stupidity, it uses the Fact that Normal People are just Stupid, they were raised to be Stupid, because they went to Stupid Schools, that only taught Stupid Theories, and it is all Driven by Money, and Money causes everyone to Lie, and it is because people that use Money are Brain Damaged from Birth, so its only after 3 Generations will the effects of Money to were off, once you give into Trinary Science, and stop Poisoning and Circumcising your Children, and allowing them to believe in Theories, that causes Brain Damage just thinking about it, so in Short: only those that grow up in Trinary Sanctuary, will be allowed to live this way, because it is clear that those that use Money, will always have to deal with the Evilness that follows, because those that use Money will always Lie about things to make more, and that is because Money is the Root of all Brain Damage...

Science must not be based on Money, because we use our Science to Live, and not just to Sin and be Evil, because Evil is all Money will ever be, and you will never Prove me wrong, because no matter what Good: Money has done anyone in the World, anyone can be Killed for Money, proving just how Dangerous it is to use Money, or Live in the same Country its Legal to use Money, till the day comes when Money is not in charge of Science, then Science will change, and eventually the Brain Damage will lessen, that is the lesson Money teaches us, so once again: this is Money, this is your Brain on Money.

When I started writing this book, I decided on all the Chapters in advanced, and decided I would not add nor subtract from those chapters, and that is because that is how my Brain thinks, and why some chapters are very long, while others are only a page, and it is because each Chapter is a File, and I use a Text Editor and not a Word Processor to write it, so I do not have tools like a grammar checker, and others that are only available in one, and that is because I am a Computer Programmer, and not a Writer, so I use the tools of my Trade to write with, because that is the way my Brain Works. Chapter 5.25 Human Brains, where 5 + 2 + 5 = 12, and that adds down to 1 + 2 = 3, and why I had to decide on all the Chapters in Advance, and can not add nor subtract to them without causing issues in the way I think. When I think about Numbers like 12, I think about the Last Supper in the Bible, also known as Passover the Last Supper Jesus had before his crucifixion, so my question is how many people are painted in the most famous painting Leonardo da Vinci depicted? 13, because all Trinary numbing systems start at 0.

What I know about the Human Brains, could fill one sentence, Madness, that is what Newton said he could not Calculate, and that about sums it up, but being a Light Being, I have more to say about it, and one thing is that it is I, meaning the Light of God that is doing the actual Thinking, and not Me in the Flesh, and why I can think about Math problems in my mind, and only understand the Answer, without seeing it, nor the work that went into calculating it, only the Answer is known to me, with no explanation of how, till you hook my Head up to a Machine that can view my Thoughts as Brainwaves, then it is clear that God is doing the Thinking and not Me. The Human Brain has a Little Voice that some people can hear, some do not, but it still exist in all Human Brains, some can use that Little Voice to talk to themselves in their own Head, while others can not, some can quiet that Little Voice, while others can not, but no one has ever been able to use it to communicate with God, nor have God use it to combination with them, and the Bible Stated that only Satan would tell you otherwise, because we are only made of Atoms with God inside, although our Cells are made of God, the are not a Cell phone to God, yet the Universe was created by God, as was me in the Flesh, but only because of I, and why the Bible States IAM God, so tell the Sheep IAM God.

God is All Light without Darkness, and implies Trinary Intelligence to create the Trinary Universe, yet our Human Brains that were also created by God, using God as the Material to do so, since God is inside every Atom, and even the Human Brainwaves are a Sign of God, so what is the Human Brain without God? Dead.

Human Brains are not Machines, they do not store Memories, nor do Calculations, those things are done using Electrical Signals, so the Human Brain is just an Electrical Device, much like Electronic circuits, only laid out on organic motherboards called Brains, so it is not a Machine but a Living Origan that runs off of the Energy of God, to be a Machine it has to do work, and what work can a Human Brain do? Work requires Energy, so all the Brains work is measured in terms of that Energy, and that still comes down to God, and God is not a Machine, God is only inside every Atom in any Machine.

Do not make into God our Image, instead look at the Human Brain in the Image of God, so take an X-Ray, because God is the Light we can not normally see with our Naked Eye, since God has no Darkness, meaning Colors of the Rainbow, proving God is only an Electronic Signal in the Human Brain, that makes that Human Make into God, what they believe God is, when all God is, is Light without Darkness, that is inside every Atom in the Universe, so God is Everything we can see, and even what we can not see, because the Light is Everything, and we are Light Beings, and Human Brains are just Flesh, short for Me, and why IAM God, and I am not God, and why that sounds like a dual personality, how can I be made 100% of God, and not be God? The Answer is Simple: IAM God, where Me is just Meat meaning the Flesh, and that is the Darkness in Me, and God is only the Light.

I do not try to talk in rhymes or metaphors, the truth is I spend most of my life reading books about: Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Franklin, Tesla, and the Bible, and that is how they all write, so it is what I got used to reading, and how my Brain got wired to think that way, and why all those people also thought that way, that is how the Human Brain Works.

The Human Brain can not Live without an Electrical Signal to show it has Activity, yet Brain Dead People do survive, and even come back from the Dead, but do you really think Jesus will? Once the Body has turned to Dust, and Ashes are Ashes, the Human does not Exist, nor does that Humans Brains, so what did the Bible mean by Jesus will return in the Flesh, did it mean that Jesus was going to some how fall from Heaven as a Human, because that would freak me out, and I am pretty sure that Jesus was not Super Man, it was the Last Supper with two peas in it, and it was Meal not Man, I can see how Cannibals could get confused, and besides my Wife, I do not want anyone eating me, that is a Flesh joke, since it is my Name, and that is what Religion is, a Sheep Joke, according to the Bible, so what the Bible States as Facts, Religion makes a Joke of, for example, Religion teaches people who read the Bible and Psalms 23, that Followers of the Stories in the Bible, are Sheep, and that they believe in a God that does not Physically Exist, and the Bible states only Satan teaches Half Truths, and Half a Truth is that God Exist, proving only Satan would teach God Does not Exist, and why most Human Brains can be Fooled into believing anything, even what I just taught them, knowing that this is what the Bible Stated, and Sir Isaac Newton wrote about when he wrote that God is the Force of Gravity, so that same God is the Force of Gravity inside Human Brains, and why Newton could not Calculate it and I found a way to Calculate the Madness of People, it all comes down to what they can Prove, and in Newtons and My Case, it is only what we write about.

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