Chapter 5.24
Learning from Mistakes
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 5.24
Learning from Mistakes

Some people believe we only learn by our mistakes or the mistakes of others, but few ever own up to making mistakes, while others have no idea about His-Story and all the Mistake that were made there, and in History if you do not Learn by those Mistakes you are bound to make them again, and His-Story repeats itself more than I do, but I believe in correcting mistakes and learning from the corrections, so I can not assume everyone knows enough about Energy to be able to understand all my concepts I talk about: but a basic understanding about Electricity is required and a lot of people do not understand Energy, basic 110 volt Alternating Current or AC that travels in sine waves like this: Illustration 5.01: AC sine wave form:

AC sine wave form
Illustration 5.01: AC sine wave form Full Size

His-Story about Lightning has a lot of Mistakes made in History, for example: in His-Story: In 1753 my 6th Great Grandfather Balthasar Fleischer, took his son Henry Weston Flesher to a gathering of Ashkenazi Masons, Weston wrote that Benjamin Franklin was there, and gave a speech stating that Electricity is in Lightning, at 19 years old Weston was outspoken about Sir Isaac Newton, so when someone in the crowd yelled a remark at Benjamin, that he has No Proof that Electricity is in Lightning, or that Light and Lightning are the same thing, or that this Light is the God of All Light without Darkness, that Sir Isaac Newton Spook of! Weston stood up and introduced himself, because it was a custom you must do so when addresses the Masons, then stated: Sir Isaac Newton Proved this and what Benjamin proposes will just confirm it. Aye was all the Man said as he set down, so a Date was set for when this proof would be given. My Great Grandfather Weston young and full of Energy, and keep up with all the latest in Alchemy, so he was fluent in Witchcraft, as well as: English, German and surround countries like Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, and so on, he knew how to speak almost all the Magnetically North American Native Indians, which is not what he called them, but I wanted to be Scientific and give the Indians who were only named that, because Christopher Columbus got Lost and thought he was in India, so learning by Mistakes starts here, and Weston wanted to be in on the Action that Benjamin was wanting to test, which is: does Lightning contain Electricity, and Weston was already a Member of the Ashkenazi Masons, and they had the best Technology on the Planet bar none, so at a meeting Benjamin asked everyone to come up with an Experiment of their own to prove this, he said the official report will be the Experiment they were about to witness, the now Famous Kite Flying Key in a Lightning Storm, so this meeting was dictated by the weather, now this experiment was cool, do not get me wrong, Weston got to isolate ground from the Higher Potential, witch he referred to by Height towards the Heaven, this was Polarity to him, it also kept the Lightning from using the Kits String for a Conduit, so the experiment Weston wanted to do was hook a lite gauge wire up in the Air with the Kit, so Lightning would hit it instead of the Kit, and then follow it down to Ground, but that is not what happened, Weston wrote that he could feel his skin crawl as the hairs on his body started to rise, I know these feeling well, it happens just before Lightning Strikes, so this wire feed down into others experiments, so they had access to the Lightning, so all these experiments others did, where all done at one time, the proof was overwhelming, Lightning was Electricity, and it flowed from Ground to the Higher Potential, you would think the World would know this Story, instead they only know History, because this News did not sit well with the Freemasons, and they would not allow the Public to find out about this news, so it was a Cold War between Ashkenazi Masons and Freemasons, and the other Masonic Groups did not want to split from the Freemasons, so they split from the Ashkenazi, who have been on their own ever since, so their Militia also operated separately after this event took place, but Weston wrote that he informed the Kings, Queens, Emperors, Government Leaders and so on, in this World that he could contact: about this incident, this was the Start of a War, and Germany was Warned about this War, witch is why my Great Grand Parents left Germany to begin with, now those Zionist Masons just followed them to America, and the other Masonic Groups were not happy about this War that was Brewing, in years to Come lines would be drawn, even after Benjamin Franklin failed to prove his case that Lightning flowed form Ground to the Sky, in his experiment in 1752, he was sure they would allow him to publish his findings after this experiment in 1753, but by 1775 this War was full-blown, and the Masonic Rights Leaders rose up against its Masters, the joined with the Freemasons and their Illuminati Secret Society, decreed that them and only them would be allowed to publish Science, so they created a Masonic Pack against the Ashkenazi Masons, called the Enlightenment era Secret Society, and on May day in 1776 the Ashkenazi made their Last Stand in Magnetically North America, on that Day Thomas Jefferson, changed sides from the Freemasons to join the Ashkenazi Masons at John Adams request, on the behalf of his friend Benjamin Franklin, who was meeting with George Washington, all joined the side of the Ashkenazi Masons, but the War did not go in their favor, and they were losing badly, if it was not for effort of the Ashkenazi Militia, the War would have been lost, as it was, it was a Stalemate, the Bankers had backed both Sides, and General George Washington fought with the Regular Military, and they wanted to get Paid, so a Deal was cut, and on behalf of the Ashkenazi, Henry Weston Flesher gave the Freemasons via Benjamin Franklin, an Altered copy of the Magna Carta, knowing that the English would Sign it, but the Freemasons would not until the Clause: Only Congress can Print Money in it, and that almost ended this Peace Negotiation, then England demanded it, so it split the Masonic Groups forever, and the Flesher's walked away, they refused to sign it, all of them did, so the Militia backed them, they did not come this far to lose the Battle, so Benjamin talked to Washington, Jefferson and Adam, and they agreed to add a clause that would allow the Militia to take back the Country if it should become Corrupt, so the Militia agreed to this, but still would not sign it, they said time will tell if this Secret Society has any Honour, years later after my Great Cousin Isaac Newton and his Son Benjamin Franklin were born, the Militia were being hunted down and murdered, these were called the Great Witch Purge, anyone that knew Witchcraft was Murdered, so my Family lived in Fear, the War is coming, and the Militia keep them safe, but the Dark Wizard Abraham Lincoln was part of the First Reich Movement, and that plan included World Domination, so he took out a huge loan from the Bank to Fund the Civil War that he planed, just to wipe out the Militia once and for all, so the Military and Militia went to War, and this was not the Civil War that History Wrote, it was written by those that Conquered, so His-Story remembers the Truth, and History records Secret Societies Lies, and that means Mainstream, so yew need to learn from His-Story and not History, because His-Story was about what Franklin and the others found out, witch was that Secret Societies can not be Trusted ever, all Franklin and Weston wanted to talk about is Science, but that proved God existed as Science, and His-Story about Moses and Jesus can never be told to the Public, so the Secret Socialites made outlaws of its own Militia, and to this day, that Militia still exist, because I exist, and as long as I exist, the Militia will exist, and I never die, I am just reborn into all of you, and it is up to you to join the Militia, not many do, some say they do, but have no idea of these things I talk about, so they are not in the Militia, just some Group that calls themselves that, so they can feel better about their Lives, so I only call it Trinary Militia, so all of Ewe know who IAM talking about, and this is why I only write and Talk to Ewe, and sometimes I make Spelling mistakes and write You instead of Yew or Ewe, so just to be Clear, only Yew know about Money and Taxes, because Yew are TaxUS, and Ewe are a Female Sheep, and ewer like that, but IAM not allowed to talk or write to the Public, or We the People, or any People of this World, because they are Property of the New World Order, so I can only talk to their Sheep, which I call Yew, so this is what I learned from My Families Mistakes.

Unfiltered Electricity is called Alternating Current or AC, this is normal electricity coming off a generator or form a 110 volt plug in your house, so the voltage level varies as the current alternates, so the x value determines the voltage level over time at any one location on the graph, it is controlled by Trinary Energy by changing its Frequency or Wavelength, and it goes from negative to positive in an alternating state change, and not Positive to Negative, just to be Crystal clear, Franklin was never allowed to publish his Findings, all because he did not want to address it to the Sheep, witch the Freemasons thought was a funny Clause to put into the Agreement, but that is His-Story, and this is about Trinary Science. The wavelength is measured from one point on the wave form to the next x value on the grid, so it can be measured at any x offset, for example, if I make 2 marks in Green as seen in the above illustration, I will use the maximum x offset in the positive peak of voltage, then following the x-axis at that level I will go to the next peak and that is the wavelength, whereas if I want the frequency, I will mark that in blue in the above illustration and measure how many waves are in 1 second of time, or how many waves there are in 1 unit of time, so the shorter the wavelength the higher the frequency, so the relationship is wavelength times frequency equals the speed of Light, and that is a Constant, whereas this range of these variables defines all the Energy humans know about, but this Science is only for Sheep, because of Mistakes made in His-Story, so we must Teach our Sheep the Truth about Unfiltered Electricity.

Filtered current depends on how much filtering is done to get the desired wave form, for example: if you want Direct Current or DC, you would filter out the side of the wave form you do not want, and set its base level, as such it will just be a flat line on the grid: Table 5.03: DC Flat Line on Grid

+1 Positive
         +DC ----------------------------------------------------------------
  0 Neutral ----------------------------------------------------------------
          -DC ----------------------------------------------------------------
-1 Negative
Table 5.03: DC Flat Line on Grid

So this shows a positive DC signal, so it has a plus and negative sign attached to it, the voltage level determines the x value, so DC has no sine wave so it has no frequency or wavelength, but it does follow the Laws of Physics, so like all Electromagnetic energy, it will loop back onto itself, so it does not travel in a straight line, it has an Arc that can be measured, so just to be Crystal Clear: its Arc Light: so AC/DC are both Arc Light.

Lightning is not AC or DC: its Static Electricity, so it does not Move in the Universe. Electrons are Generated by the Planets Magnetosphere, Generate means to Collect, and cause Energy to flow with the Magnetic Field, as such, if I take a material that can be Magnetized, and spin it, it will cause Electrons to be Attracted to it, so they get caught in its Magnetic Force Field, so technically its Arc Light, Arc means it has a Diameter it must Travel in, so Arc means Degree, whereas an Arc Welder is a type of Light that is caused by Electricity, so it is all about what type of Light we are talking about, since a Conduit is required for Energy to flow, there is not a direct connection from Space to Earth, except for the Air, and the only way Electricity can travel through the Air is by changing its Frequency or Wavelength, and DC has no Frequency or Wavelength, proving it is not DC, and while its Static Electricity it can not be AC, so its only what allows it to flow, and that is in the Atmosphere, water vapor, dust and debris, things that bridge the gap from Earth to Heaven, witch Heaven is the Term that Franklin used, and this sub chapter is all about the Mistakes in His-Story, and Franklin did not make any, History did, the Light provides the path through the conduit for the Electricity to ride on, this Conduit was the Wire that my Cousin added to the Experiment, proving that all Lightning needs is a Conduit to Flow, but more to the point, it is because the Light has so much Mass that it turns to Electricity, a point Nikola Tesla made, some people view it as electricity jumping an Arc, and we can build Lightning Generators and watch Electricity jump an Arc, but what we are actually watching is Electricity on the verge of transforming into Photonic Energy, and this is from a fallacy in the definition of Light and Electricity: or the distinction between Light and Electricity, because Light is just Electricity at a different Frequency, otherwise they are the same Power, just transformed from one State into another and that transformation looks like an Arc or Lightning.

If you slow the frequency of Light down, it will transform back into Electricity, that is how a Solar cell works, and if you raise the frequency of Electricity it will transform back into Light, that is how a flashlight works, do not let the technology fool you, Lightning is no different, nor is Static Electricity, its just a matter of how the energy is generated, but the energy for Lightning in our atmosphere being generated by the Magnetosphere, whereas Static implies transference of energy from two sources that come into contact with each other, but the energy itself is very similar, because at the subatomic level Trinary Energy is controlling them, but after Static Electricity starts to flow, the Electricity the Lightning becomes AC/DC, this is what Nikola Tesla Proved, so its both as it flows, and both at the Same time, while neither when not flowing.

In physics the Trinary Energy relates to the 3 States that all Atom's in the Universe have: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible States, but this is not Mainstream Science, so do not worry that you were never taught this in School, no one ever has been since Newton taught Empty Classes, because Mainstream Science does not believe in the Facts, just the Theories, so if I relate them, I must Label then, then define the way they work, so this Grid shows the Solid State, it has a value of 1, the Semisolid State has a value of -1 and the Invisible State has a value of 0, as seen in Table 5.04: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC wave form.

  Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
+1 Solid * * *
0 Invisible * * * * * * *
-1 Semisolid * * *
Table 5.04: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC wave form

I hope you understand the drawing using charters, the previous ones showed an AC sine wave and a DC level, this one uses a Logic Pattern where only one state is active at a time, hence Solid, Semisolid and Invisible state, it is easy to visualize how the Trinary Energy can cause an AC sine wave to follow a pattern, it starts off at the 0 State, then it shifts States to 1, then shifts to a -1, then back to 0 and repeats in a very predictable and repeatable way, so the 0 State is the point where the signal changes States, at the Atomic level this is when an Atom turns Invisible, so it is the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, it can come back in the 1 or -1 state only, so it is the Light and the Darkness, the Father ascends to Heaven while the Son descends into Hell, and the Son will never listen to the Father and always do the opposite, so they are as different as Day and Night, but this all changes when they pass through the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, but that can not be seen, so you must have Faith that God exist.

Now to own up to my mistake in my video series The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, series IAM Step 1 Sub Step 20, I said:

~20. Owning up to one's Ghost, is a hard thing to do, and the Ghost is sometimes hard to give up, in Trinity the Father, Son and Holly Ghost, had some meaning to them at one point in His-Story, then it took on another meaning, but in the Trinary Universe, this meaning has not changed, the Father is the -1, that is the Flesh Being, the Meat, where the Son is what binds the Father to the Holly Ghost, so it is what brings Balance, as such the Son is 0, and the Holly Ghost is 1, so Trinity is 1 + (-1) = 0 ; which is the Trinary Universes Answer to every Question; and just the Start of owning up to the Ghost.

And at the time I believed it, and in my defense, I was out of my mind, this was before I started using Cannabis again, and I was having a lot of pain in my Guts and Cancer, and keep me from being able to even Read my own writing, so I used a Computer Voice to make the Video, but it was false logic, and I know how I made this error, I always think in terms of who we are as a being, and how the Darkside tries to explain it, and that really confuses me, the above is how Sheep view it, and that is what I should said, I did not mean to imply this is the way it is, but that this is how Ewe View it, and this is how Ewe Own up to the Ghost, so it is not that I believed this was true, it is that I know ewe do, but I made the mistake of not Explaining this, and some of ewe got confused as I did when I wrote this, so I concluded the way ewe view it is that in Trinity the Holly Ghost is 1, because God is number 1, so the Father is the Negative one, because all Energy Flows from Negative to Positive, this is what I learned in the Air Force, so the Son was 0, meaning in the 0 Dimension, so you can not see the Son, nor should you look into the Sun, because it is the Brightest Light, which makes the Holly Ghost a Semisolid figure much like a Ghost on Halloween, which is a state that you can see as a Ghost, this is not the invisible state, but the Semisolid state or transparent state, you can see through it, these state correspond to the State changes in Atom's: Solid, Semisolid, and Invisible, now the Problem: If we look at Atomic State changes as having 3 state changes, we must label the states and define meaning to them, as such this Grid of State changes look like this: Table 5.05: False Matrix Logic Labeling

Table 5.05: False Matrix Logic Labeling

I must point out that this was the View modern or Mainstream Science has and it goes along with all the symbols and concepts of the time, so it changed very little about the way the Universe actually works, but the way the Darkside views it as working, which is evident after you understand both viewpoints. My Cousin Isaac Newton said the Bible Stated in so many words that the Son will go through Hell no matter what the Father does, so it stands to reason that the Son is below heaven, or below the 0 Axis witch is also known as the Mother, it all comes down to reading Witchcraft and understanding that it always has more than one meaning, and I learned from my Mistake that I should never try to teach how others view Science, only how I view it.

I did not draw the State changes, they are as previously, only one state at a time, same with the chart below, but Note that this means that the direction of energy flow is the same as most people were taught in school, at Halloween the Ghost are Semisolid, the Father is always Negative and telling the Son what to do, and everything passes through the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother to come to the Father, since the direction of energy flow is Negative to Positive.

When I started writing this PhD I started from scratch and that lead me to think in a more let us say,,, Trinary way of Thinking about how Atom's States are Labeled, because it occurred to me that Benjamin Franklin was right about the direction of the flow of Energy, and it was everyone else who got it wrong after that, meaning that what they called Negative and Positive was reversed in the way that Energy actually flows as opposed to how we think it does, so North for Negative and South for Positive, because someone figured out that it was reversed and tried to fix it, but as a result all our electronic symbols are reversed, as well as the Names of our Countries, for example North America is actually the South America, its really just Magnetically North, because they thought that was actually the direction energy flowed at the time, so it was a Logic Mistake to start with, and not Newton, Franklin, Tesla or my mistake, but lead my mistake in not making that point Clearer, but they have never corrected all the electronic symbols to save Money, so its reversed, as are the Names of Earths Poles, so it only stands to reason that Franklin was right to begin with, and it is only how we label it does it even matter, so why should I use an outmoded form of labeling things, so I decided to change it in the PhD to this:

The Father is the 1 State, viewed on a Grid it looks like this: Table 5.06: Correct Matrix Logic Labeling

  1. +1 Father
  2.  0 Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother
  3. -1 Son
Table 5.06: Correct Matrix Logic Labeling

1 is the Higher value, so the Father is the Highest potential but not power, because all power flows through the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother and it is value is 0, so its on the x-axis of an AC wave form, even though its base line can be set, the x-axis is where the state changes the direction of the magnetic field, and the Trinary Energy causes that State change, and since the Father is where Matter exist and can be seen so the Father is in Heaven, and 0 is the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, and it is Neutral, meaning it is not Negative or Positive, so Mother never takes sides, Mother tells everyone what to do, the Father and Son just do what they are told to do, so all Power must flow from this point or State, and it is in the 0 Dimension, so its Invisible and explains why Atoms disappear and where they go, and -1 is a Lower Potential, and not a Lower Power, because negative Energy can be transformed into a positive energy by setting its base line, its only the direction its flowing do we even notice the difference, and it is the Son but the Son could be the Sun, so the Logic must be the same, if the Son or Sun in the Sense that it is a Trinary Engine, meaning the Core of the Planet Earth, therefore its on Earth or Mother and the Father is in Heaven, and energy flows from Negative to Positive or North to South so this explains how the Trinary Universe works, but this means that the Sun has two faces, its just one very large Atom called a Trinary Engine, so as it obits the Galaxy in a Helical Sinusoidal Wave form, it has to change Polarity, just like all the Planets, when it is their turn to cross the 0 Dimension or Mother, it will change its Polarity, and using Trinary Math you can calculate what Polarity it will change into so, so the Math is very Old, but not older than I, and that is why I know it is the Truth and Sir Isaac Newton Proved it with his Math, witch he was written in Witchcraft, so it was implied, meaning that you can apply Trinary Math to any problem you have, and it still works, all it does is change the sign, and most of Ewe can not Read Signs, because the Bible was always only talking to Sheep, and everyone knows this, the Bible stated the Lord Christ is your Shepard, so you are Sheep if you believe that is the Truth, but using Trinary Math I can prove to you mathematically that all Reality has Polarity, just like the Sun... Before the Year 2000 Bug came along, people asked me what I think should be done to fix it, and I said they need to recompile, problem fixed, but if its embedded, and you base year changes as math, you will be alright if you use Trinary Math, because in the year 2000, if all you use is the last two 00, then anytime you multiply the last two digits of a date code, with a Positive or Negative 1 value, it equals Plus or Minus 1, otherwise it just equals that last two digits code, which in this case is 00, otherwise if you did not write a function to know that when you changed to a Plus or Minus 1, witch is a special case in math, because remember how stupid a Computer Program is, it only knows what you tale it, and if you do not tale it what happens after the year 99, then it has no way of knowing what 00 even means, and the fastest math is using Trinary Math, this is also known as Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost or Spirit known as Mother, not another name like a Deity, witch is the Term used in Avatar, so everyone knows what that means, because until you understand what Artificial Intelligence is, you will never write code that even knows what you know, witch is nothing without the Light of God, and God does not care what yew believe, witch is what pays for your Science and Education, that was approved by the Zionist Agenda, and the Secret Societies that now own the World, because they know someone that knows someone that might own the Bank, that Prints the Money with In God We Trust Engraven on it, with the Blood of the Planet it is Murdering for Christians Sins, so why does this not Compute? Because of the Code! The Code of Conduct is at the core of what I write, it is a Code written using Witchcraft, and Christians believe its Evil and Satan's work, since it proves that Christ was a Lie inserted into the Bible, so that those that Sold Bibles could Sell them for More Money, buy Selling You a Jew Lie, pronounced July, because on May Day! May Day! May Day!, in 1776, the Militia of Magnetically North American won its Independence as a Nation, making me a Native Magnetically North American born Citizen, but being born did not make me a Citizen, it was by joining the Freemasons in the Military, that outlaws its own Militia, so IAM standing in front of the Highest Ranking Officers: in all the branches of the United States Military after making it through a Medical Examination, knowing I could not take an Oath to Defend the Constitution since it was abolished 96 years before I was even born, so how can anyone join without this same dilemma, so when they asked do you have any questions? And I asked this question I had, and this Air Force General said to me, we have no dilemma, we have always worked for the Bank, its only the Militia that have a problem, so do we have a Problem? I said No Sir! I will join the Air Force Sir. So I know that its Treason to not Pay Taxes, because yew have no Rights when you have no Constitution that gives you those Rights, and that was Suspended until the Loan from the Civil War gets Paid off, all because the Nazi split from the Ashkenazi, so this all goes back to the Bible, when Adam and Eve Sinned for the First time, the Sin was to partake of the Knowledge that Bestiality is Sin, because Adam was a White Ape, and Eve was a hybrid, and they had a Child named Cain, who Sinned by having Sex with his own Mother and Sisters just so they can have Daughters and Sons, just to raise and Army to take back Paradise, because Emotions like Revenge for being Expelled from Paradise, is too much for Cains Ego and Arrogance to admit, so that style of thinking was bred into his Descendance, and down through Moses, all the way to ewe, and all because of ewer ways, and this is why I can teach only Sheep like Yew, why the Higher Power is the Electricity of God: because of the Light without Darkness.

In both cases the logic is sound, but the direction of energy flow is reversed, not only that but the concept of energy is all based on Negative and Positive and the 0 axis or variable x-axis is ignored: because in an alternating current this happens when the two states change from one to the other, or reversal of the poles, positive to negative voltage change, as seen in a sine wave at the point where the change takes place, so unless you know a lot about electrons then what I have said may not mean anything to you, but this is the world you live in, electricity is running most things you use, so you should know how it works so it is not just Magic, that only Science Physics understands, but this thought means I need to fix all my videos that reference it, which is a lot of work, but it needs to read like this:

~20. Owning up to one's Ghost, is a hard thing to do, and the Ghost is sometimes hard to give up, in Trinity the Father, Son and Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, had some meaning to them at one point in His-Story, then it took on another meaning, but in the Trinary Universe, this meaning has not changed, the Father is the 1, that is the Flesh Being, the Meat, that is short for Me, where the Son is what binds the Father to the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, so it is what brings Balance, as such the Son is -1, and the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother is 0, so Trinity is 1 + (-1) = 0; which is the Trinary Universes Answer to every Question; and just the Start of owning up to the Ghost.

So before I do this, does anyone see any Logic Mistakes, because I should have never made the first one to start with, I used Negative Logic, or a Double Negative, since I reversed all the Rules to show you how it was and not how it should be, my thinking was I should just add this explanation after it, or Insert it like Secret Societies inserted Christ into the Bible, but then how am I any better, what I need to change is my Teaching, and never giving examples about how you might understand it, because that confuses you, I should never use double negatives, it confuses me, but at the time I knew what I meant to say, but it is not what I said, because I never finished that thought, because I was trying to keep the video under 10 Minutes, so I just left it, and said oh well, The Light Wizzard in the Flesh is only Human and owns up to his Mistakes, but I was trying to fit the Trinary Energy as a replacement part, but it is not, in fact all the Symbols used in Electrons will have to be fixed, they should anyways since everyone knows they are wrong, they did not fix the error to save on Paper originally but in an Electronic Age that is just Stupid and Lazy, and not to mention insane, mistakes need to be corrected.

Just to make my point Crystal Clear: Trinary Energy is Light that has no matter or antimatter, because it is not made of Neutrinos, so it has no Electrons, Protons or Neutrons, and can be seen with the naked eye as Light, Sir Isaac Newton said he saw this Light, my Parents told me it was called White Noise, Newton called it God, and he saw the Darkness in White Light, this Darkness was every color in the rainbow, and the Light was controlling the polarity changes of the Light as well as the Electricity in Lightning, nowadays we know it can control the Microscopic Engines in Cells, and actually moves every Atom in the Universe, so when the Light changes States to 0, this is the Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother, this is where God is Controlling all the Matter in the Universe, it can make the State change to a 1 or a -1 so its Trinary Logic since the 0 State is not Fuzzy, it is a Wizzard, it determines the State change that is required to complete the Logic, and Humans have found a way to use this to their advantage, and the Electronic Age was born, yet most of them that have not read or heard about the Trinary Universe, do not know this very basic principle about how the Universe actually works, and the way they do explain and label things does not explain it in so much detail as this, in fact Mainstream Science of this day and age do not have any concept of Energy that even comes close to what IAM saying, which is why I said I must be Crystal Clear, because this goes against everything that yew who believe in Mainstream Science, but yew Sheeple blow it off because I use Cannabis, so yew think I am on Drugs for thinking such thoughts, but most of you would rather live in the Light of God in the Trinary Universe, instead of the Godless Dynamic Universe of yet another Wizard, the Aspie Albert Einstein, who has a much lower IQ level then I do, where IQ is determined by this Connection to the Light, because Newton had the Connection and the IQ that I do, and he was my Cousin, so this is just a Family Secret.

The thing is that I was born an Aspie, and I had to learn to think like a Neurotypical, I learned how to be Right handed, because I always had to be Right, so sometimes I do not know my Right from my Left, so I started seeing everything backwards, that is my Reality. I understood the Bible in a way that no one ever talks about, no one in my life has ever acknowledged that God is all Light without Darkness, even though the Bible said this was the Truth, most Sheeple will correct me and tell me that is just a Metaphor, that God was some Deity, a Supreme being, Higher Power, but God was not Real to them, God was not physically the Light without Darkness to yew, and God sure in Hell was not Electricity, because a Man of the Cloth told me so, so they must really believe that, so that must be what they thought was the Truth about God, because that is the Truth they still Teach about God, so Religion and Trinary Science do not mix, but remember that all I said was that the Light of God is Controlling these Energies, but the Bible works as written, inserting Christ did not change that fact, it just made it Crystal clear why they did that, so you would not know that God was Science, in fact, God is every Atom in the Universe, God is the Electron that orbits around the Atom, and the Light or White Noise that the Atom and Electron travel through in empty space, so now you have to ask yourself why would the Powers that Be Lie about God being an Atom? Because than they would have to explain why they are torturing God by using Atomic Energy, and killing God in Atomic and Nuclear Bombs, and why they are using the Blood of the Planet to burn as Power for their Machines, knowing it will destroy the Planet, so my Reality is much different than Normal peoples, so do not blame me for pointing out the obvious: that yew are Stupid compared to the way I think: because my Reality is so much different that I decided to call people who believe that the Lord is their Shepard Sheeple, because only Sheeple would believe in a Godless Dynamic Universe and say they believe in God, or those that believe there is no God but use Money with In God We Trust engraven on it, with the Blood of the Planet it is Murdering for Root of all this Evil witch is just Sin, and defend it by saying only the Love of Money is Evil, because that Reality is something that I can not understand, because this is what I call a Man Made Reality, a bunch of Men got together and wrote a book called the Bible, you know Men wrote it because the Muslims sell Women like Sheep, so Newton divided it into 3 separate Religions that exist to day, and not in Harmony but in endless Holly Wars, so they are Warlocks, and they encoded all their knowledge into the Bible, and then told you how to read it, or read into it, because it is all an Interpretation, instead of a Literal meaning, so the Teaching of a Deity is Evil, and you can not choose between the lessor of two Evils, you voted to Let Bar/Abbas go free so Christ could exist, and then Murdered Jesus, in Christ name just so you could continue to live in Sin and do Evil things, when in fact the only different between the two are the Labels you assigned to them, because there was only one Jesus, so Jesus Bar Abbas was the Flesh being, and Christ was Jesus's SOUL, or the Spirit of Jesus, so the Spell Christ is a Title, not a Name, and that is just a fact you can not ignore and it is Reality, and the Muslims or Islamic decided that Woman are property and can be sold like Sheep, so these are Sheeple, female Sheep I call Ewe, because Money is more important than Life itself, so its Evil, hence the Suicide Bombers, and the Buddhist like Empirical Science, but this Science is largely unknown, so I have no idea how any of these Disciplines or Religions will adapt to the Trinary Universe, but for the most part it will change the way they view the Universe, and for the better, because at least now they can agree that they believe the Light of God exist, and I use that Spell, Light of God or Trinary God, because the Spell God, means everything to everyone, but in the Bible, God is all Light without Darkness, so it is not the White Light, but the White Noise, and that does not sound very nice, so I call it Trinary Energy, or the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, you can call it what you want.

So Learning from Mistakes in History proven by His-Story, the Truth is revealed ways that All of Yew Deny, so why I write this to Ewe instead of You, is because I have no way of knowing who You are, and what you believe in, if you believe like a Wizard, than me and you are just the same, so you know who IAM, and why I can only Write to Ewe because of all the Treason, so the Mistakes are not in His-Story, but in History.

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