Chapter 5.23
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 5.23

Mithridatism is a Wizards Spell for the insane belief: that low doses of Poison will actually prevent you from dying of a fatal dose of the same Poison, I use the Insane Spell because a fatal dose means it did kill you, so the Logic or Reasoning to continue this insane practice of Vaccination of a population of Sheep is Insane, so it is a Dark Wizards Spell, because it is all about Money.

Vaccines are a good example of this mid-evil usage, using the Medieval Spell, another is the use of Alcohol, or Pharmaceutical.

Cannabis is not a Poison, in fact it is a treatment for Cancer, but Alcohol Coffee, Tea and Sugar is a poison and can cause cancer, Coffee and Tea mostly from pesticides and like Sugar during the processing of it as a dried product, or cause premature death, and do not forget Pure Sugar is Alcohol, so why Parents allow their Children to use it in the first place is another issue, since all maximum life times are defined in terms of heart beats and you have a limited amount of those, so once that limit is reach your heart stops working, so pick your Poisons well, enough said about the Health of the World, Cancer is out of Control and it is because it is all Drugs, so Mithridatism or Vaccines, give you a disease and if that disease does not Kill you, it makes you Stronger, but in Reality, the disease cause Brain Damage, you get the Disease they Vaccinate you against, you understand that right, someone explained what a Vaccine is to Yew right? Of course no one explained Vaccines to the Sheep, what do you think I am stupid, we force it on them, and most of them Die because of the Vaccines we forced on Yew, its Chemical Warfare, and we test our own Weapons out on all of yew, so I just wanted to point out that Insanity is the rationalization that doing the same thing the same way twice, and will result in different outcomes, when you realize that events are very predictable in Science, so every Atom can be accounted for in any Experiment, so I can rub Cannabis Oil directly onto my Skin Cancer and the sore will heal with a week or two, and stay gone as long as I reapply it from time to time, but so far I have not been able to stop long, before the Skin Cancer starts to return, so it is not a Cure, but it is a treatment, and I know from practice that it can not Cure Cancer and anyone that tales you it can is lying, and that is a fact, so Vaccines do they work, yes, they kill millions of yew a year, so its thinning out the herds.

The reason I decided to publish this Document before it was finished is because I was High, and I also knew that this document would never end, I would write to it for the rest of my Life, and you would have to be High to publish work like this, but in truth, I am trying to make it easier for everyone to read and understand, that means that the Simpler minded people need to understand this also, and I tend to talk at a High Level of Intelligence, so much of what I say sounds like Magic to the Simple Minded, and IAM not saying Stupid, Slow or Retarded, Simple means not Complex, I tend to think in parallel, I can keep countless threads running different thoughts at the same time, but I do not really multitask in the true sense of the word, but I can type and hold on different conversations at the same time, but if I think about something, I can turn off that Little Voice and let my Mind go, and think about everything in the Universe at the same time, and in truth I will remember about the same amount of both conversations about the same if done serially, because my memory is bad, which is why I repeat myself, and adding too many things to this short List will make the process Crash and I will Burn out that connection between I And Me, this is called confusion, so the Idea that taking Poison in small doses is good for you, because Nietzsche was wrong That which does not kill us, makes us stronger., because this concept does not work for Poison to be true, because killing you softly is a term that applies here, but slowly is more like it, what it all comes down to is that you do not want to Vaccinate your Animals nor your People, because it does not work, and what it does is cause everyone to have ever bad disease in History just to make Money, they kill over 100,000 children a year with the DPT shot that almost killed my youngest daughter, so do not ever try to lie to me about Vaccines, I know the truth, and JAMA reported it years about, Vaccines never worked, and they can only cause more harm than good.

Mithridatism is the Witchcraft behind Vaccines, the whole concept was so that Pharmaceutical Companies could Legally test Drugs on the Public, the program was allowed but governments around the world as a solution to over population, all the Vaccines had lot numbers, and depending on where you lived and what Population they wanted to cut down on, they just need to move that lot number their and mass vaccinate that area, those that do not get the shot will get the disease the worse, since they will not have the Antidote, only the disease, that someone that got the Vaccine is now Spreading the Disease they got inoculated for, so vaccines turn normal People into Typhoid Mary's, which is just as bad as the United States Military giving Smallpox's Blankets, to the Native Magnetically North American Indians, no difference actually, why this is legal is Simple, the Banks print the Money and not Congress, personally I do not go out in Public because I know the Government forces all its Animals to be Vaccinated, knowing the Vaccinations can kill them, and others that were around them that did not get Vaccinated, they still get it from contaminated Animals known as Humans, so Vaccines are all about Controlling the Sheeple, and thinning out the Heard, so Mithridatism is a Stupid Vaccine, because it makes yew Stupid.

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