The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.21

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.21

My definition of Drugs is any substance that can alter your state of mind, that said, many foods are Drugs, Cannabis is one of them, it can be eaten raw like a salad, so for Cannabis to be considered a drug, it must be dried out and processed in some way, the Plant itself is not a Drug, in fact it is just Food, and therefor should not be illegal, simply removing the leaves from the planet does not make it a drug, so I must define what makes something a drug in order to talk about drugs. Let's talk about more common drugs that are or should be considered dangerous, for example, there is a drug that comes in a white powdery form, put in a bag and you can sell it on the streets and many people will buy it, and it is a poison in its purest form, and a food if eaten raw from the plant where it came from, so how we make it pure is easy, if we distill water, it becomes pure water, so if we distill this white powder, it too will be in its purest form, but in any form this drug in question is widely used, yet its use can lead to obesity, diabetes, and is the cause of most heart attacks, but since the FDA does not consider it a drug, parents are free to give it to their children, but in its purest form its poison and illegal to give to anyone under a certain age, so if you have not guessed I was talking about Sugar yet, then think about what distilled or fermented Sugar is: its Alcohol, and that is poison, and so is Sugar, and it is a Drug.

What drug we take comes down to how we define what drugs are, but modern Science has proven that Cannabis is better for you then Alcohol, yet I hear people say they Drink Alcohol but do not do Drugs, making them Liars, because Alcohol is a very Dangerous Drug and is listed as a Poison, and it is clear from research that Cannabis does more good than harm, it can even be used to treat cancer, note I did not say Cure Cancer, because that is not the Truth, the cancer may go away, and it may come back, but it did treat it and make it go away if it did, I know this for a fact, it is why I use it, whereas Alcohol does only harm to the human body and mind, and I use it, but do not like it, so do not use it often, because I know it is far more addicting then Cannabis, so as far as Drugs go, Cannabis is better for you then pure Sugar, so those that think that people that use Cannabis are Drug addicts, and people that drink Alcohol are not, are liars, because using either does not make you an addict, the inability to stop or want to stop does, so some Fat people are Sugar Addicts, but Scientifically it can be proven that its better to use Cannabis then Alcohol, but Drugs are Energy, the type of Energy effects different people differently, and how those people act while on Drugs is neither Light nor Dark, its just in shades of Grey, the Light is our SOUL, the Darkness is all we see, its only in the shades of Grey do we understand the Higher Power called Energy, it is in the power of Drugs, so those who do not do Drugs yet preach God as if God was a Drug, the Deity Worshiper does not know the difference between addictions because of the way they define Drugs, and Air is a Drug if you want to buy the Oxygen in it, so Drugs are for sale, and people have sold their own SOUL for Drugs, so be careful how you define what is a Drug, because Love is a Drug, and only Christ was Selling that Drug, Jesus Bar Abbas did not care who you Loved, Love is an Emotion and Emotions are just Drugs, and that is why people use Drugs, so they can feel Emotions, but to think with Logic, you must ignore Emotions, then Reason will Rhyme.

The argument that God created all Plants, so they should be legal to do with as we please, will not work with me, because I know that some of these plants evolved into a poison to protect themselves from being eaten, some mushrooms will make you hallucinate like Magic, others will kill you, while most varieties sold in stores are safe to eat, they are not good for you, not all of Gods Plants are, and not all the Drugs made from them are good for you either.

What is Good and Evil or Light and Dark? It is a Drug: so it all depend on how you define the words and spell them... For example: Good generally means it is not bad, to the Religious its like God without the extra O in it, but bad has been redefined to mean better than Good, so do not ask how they spell it, because some Wizards Spells are confusing, and the word Evil is just the backward Spell for Live, and Sir Isaac Newton proved that humans can only see the Darkness in the White Light of the Sun, so humans never see the Light of God, because God is All Light without Darkness, so it is all how we define words that make them Good or Evil, Light or Dark, but Science is another matter when it comes to Drugs, because Cannabis is good for you whereas Alcohol is bad for you, and since people think bad is better than good, they like Alcohol, and since Alcohol can kill you as it does millions of people a year, it is Evil, the backward Spell for Live, so Cannabis is in the Light, and Alcohol is in the Dark, and somewhere in the shades of Grey between them is a Drug called God, since both are made of Atom's and the Light of God is all that is in Atom's, these Drugs where made of God out of Atom's, the same Light that God is, is in the Atom's, so everything is just Electricity when it comes down to how we react to it, so it is all the Light of God, not the Deity God, which is not Science but a belief that God does not Physically exist, which confuses me, why believe in a Science that does not believe in God, if you believe that God created the Universe, so Drugs makes yew Stupid, no other way to put it, a God that does not exist and has unconditional Love like a Dog, must be the backward Spell for God, who is just a Drug to dull the minds of those that do not understand how the Universe actually works, so I always wonder what Drug Ewe are on when ewe have beliefs in things that do not physically exist, which is actually defined as insanity, so they must be on drugs, because God is just the Light without Darkness, so it is the Energy inside the Neutrinos that make up an Atom, so Drugs are just God as is everything in the Universe, because everything is made of Atom's, so everything is made of Light, so God and Light mean the same thing, and I do not have to be on Drugs to understand that.

When Drugs are all about Money, then God has nothing to do with the Evil it brings, even tainting Cannabis with Money makes it Evil, so keep this in mind, Evil is what Evil does, and Money is a Drug that most of yew are addicted to, its made from Hemp, which is a politically correct term for that type of Cannabis or Drug, and the Blood of the Planet it is Murdering, so Money is a Drug that Destroys the World, and is poison to all that use it, so Love is Drug that Money can not buy, and Crazy is a Drug called Religion, but any Drug that comes from Money is Evil.

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