The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.20

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.20

God created Cannabis, and Evil Religious people who think God made a mistake made it illegal, just so they could make Money by Arresting People, and putting them in Prison for Forced Slave Labor, just so they could make Money, while Drinking their Alcohol which far more Evil, because it is just Poison, so it is no different then Money, because Money is all they care about, because it Poisoned their Minds, because they can control people with Religion and Money, but the Light of God does not care about Money, Jesus said it was a Sin against God to use Money, and the Bible made it a Sin to Engrave God on it, but even Jesus Bar Abbas used Cannabis, and the Christians still deny who Jesus was to this day, so its clear why we have Laws that make things that grow illegal, Laws are made to Control yew like Sheep, and people who use Cannabis are not doing Gods bidding by using it or promoting it, it is all about Money nowadays, so they will Legalize it just to make more Money, because Laws are Evil just like the Money they protect, so in short, Drugs are the new God, because God started it by Creating Cannabis, and humans were stupid enough to Create Alcohol that would kill you.

I, I: meaning Me, so I start talking like Yoda: who was also a Wizard who believed in the Light Force, but I have to say it that way because I is the Trinary Energy, and it is just Me that is using Cannabis, so I can better connect with I, so its Me who has been using Cannabis since the age of 3 to 21, then from 48 to present, so I did not want any confusion, because since I is the Light of God, it is all God is, and God would not have made Cannabis if God did not need it or want it, and that reason is simple, God needed it to communicate with me, so Cannabis played a big role in writing this Document, as it did for those that Wrote the Bible in Witchcraft, because they were using Cannabis when they wrote it, which is why it makes more sense to me when I am using Cannabis, because I may have never written it if not for using it, nor would those that wrote the Bible, because it was all about people that Sinned, but we all sin for our own Reason, and lie about the Sin, and the Pain is one thing few can lie about, its just how we deal with it, that sets us apart, because when I am not using it, I feel so bad that I can not think clear enough to do anything, and I can not think deep enough to help me clear my mind, so I can think deep but not clear, so using it helps to clear my thinking, but I still have to manage my Pain, which is why I am disabled, unfortunately using it does not improve my abilities that much, and the effects just leave me functional for a limited amount of task that I can preform without getting frustrated at my body, things like being able to play the guitar allowed me to be able to type on the keyboard, and it did allow me to think well enough to write, if you can call this well enough to read it or understand it, it still seems like I repeat myself too much, but I do not know why, but Cannabis effects everyone differently, Edward Halley wrote about him and Sir Isaac Newton using it, and it seems to help with random or rambling thought, thus making it more understandable, and that is an individual thing, no two people will understand this the same way, which is why I repeat myself a lot, so it sinks in what are the important facts that I need to talk about, and I think that is because it acts like a buffer between I And Me, because I suffer from stimulation overload, and that was due to many factors that all took place during my Active Military Duty, and I never used Cannabis even around that time frame, and it is the reason I have PTSD, because Post Dramatic Stress Disorder is hard to deal with, its like that part of my body that I call me, starts saying things that I have no control over, its like I am or IAM watching my own body doing and saying things that I have no control over, and it is because of my Connection to I, we really are too separate entities, and this is not because I am Schizoaffective, but maybe why I noticed, because this is true for every life form on this Planet, because there is only one Light of God, so every life form is nothing more than hand puppets of God, only God is not in control our Mind because every life form has Freewill, and that does not mean Freedom, more like Free Dumb, because Ewe are Stupid Animals, and this is funny because it is the truth, and when I use Cannabis it effects this connection between I And Me, so to not talk about it in this Document would be an emission, and that is always a Lie, so I am upfront about my use of Cannabis, and I do not down play the effects it has on me, but without it, I do not feel like living, because life is too difficult without it, the pain that I feel is overwhelming, because of all the Toxic Chemicals I was exposed to just prior to the Gulf War in November of 1990: I got the Anthrax Vaccine and in Kuwait between 1994 and 1995 I was pushed to my limit and it was enough to push my already failing heath to its limit of no return, and face it, I did not Rescue anyone, so the Air Rescue Mission was not a success, and serving in Korea from 1995 to 1996 did not help matters, in fact being a Black Knight in Special Ops was the last straw as far as my health was concerned, and my over stimulation issue was so sensitive that I was medically retired for it, but I did not start using Cannabis for years after I retired, and never used in the whole time I was in the Military, so Cannabis is not the Cure but without it, I might as well be dead, because that is how I feel inside, and since my Operation, that feeling just got worse.

Most people on this planet use drugs, be it Coffee, Tea or Sugar, they are using some kind of Drug, and Alcohol is the worse drug for me, yet the Law did not give me any choice when I was a Child, neither did my parents, but I can not tell you how many times I have heard people say that they might Drink Alcohol, but they do not use Marijuana or Cannabis as if they were two different things, and Alcohol was better than the two of them, because the Spelling of it does make a difference to people, if I told my Doctor that I smoke Dope, they would not like that, nor would people that think that drinking Alcohol is better than smoking Dope, when the word Dope is just a Spell that is undefined, but define it as Medical Cannabis, and now it has Respect, because that is better than Alcohol, because I do not like being around people who are drinking Alcohol, in my life Drunks have proven to be the most abusive people on the planet, instant Asshole just add Alcohol, whereas people who use Cannabis are mild manner compared to their drunk counter parts, so I do not mix the two, a High Drunk does not work well for me, but Pharmaceutical Drugs of any kind are far more dangerous than Cannabis could ever be, for one thing you can not take an Overdose on Cannabis, and I have tried, not on purpose, but pushing the limits on what is way too much, and I have taken so much that my whole body would go into a spasm and I would lose control over my body, and just lay on the ground wishing I did not take so much, but the Pain did not go away, so I wished I was Dead, knowing this did not even kill that Pain, but it was only possible by making Cannabis Oil, which I call MC-Oil, short for Medical Cannabis Oil, I can concentrate a pound of Cannabis into a gram of Oil, so it was a very highly concentrated drug, just as good as any I have ever used in my life, and as a Teenager I used a lot, and even though species of Cannabis nowadays are more potent today, I found varieties that maximize the effect for pain relief over the High THC content that makes me High, because the CBD helped more for Pain then the THC did, therefore MC-Oil is not Cannabis, because like I said, I could never overdose on it, I could vaporize, not smoke, smoke is bad for you, I can vaporize it all day long and then go into the night, but my Tinctures are another issue, I like to Drink it, it helps my Colon from turning into Cancer, I do not have much Colon left, because they removed the Left side completely, so now the Right side hurts and 3 Doctors tell me that it will turn to Cancer, so I have more Pain to look forward too, but I am a Wizard who likes to make Potions so that makes me a Witch, and I love Alchemy, so a Wizard and a Witch, no Gender to imply, a Wizard is a: Alchemist, a Mathematician, an Electron Engineer, any type of Engineer, like a Mechanical Engineer, so these do not imply Gender, and a Witch is someone that can Cast Spells, meaning they can Read and Write, and use their Imagination to Write His-Story, because the term Wizard and Witch is not Gender Specific, its just a coincident the there are more Men Wizards then Female, and normally females are better Witches, they are better than me at Witchcraft, even though my favorite Story about a Science Fiction Wizard named Harry Potter makes this distinction, and I am fine with it, in fact, I like all the Science Fiction Stories about Wizards, I even like the Mainstream Science that I call Science Fiction, I just do not like to mix my Science with Fiction, because that is just a Drug, and it is a very addictive drug at that, it has got this whole planet hooked.

I can be a real Asshole when I am not using Cannabis, and an unreal Asshole when I am using it, but normally when I am not I will tell people to Fuck off, which is a very vulgar way to talk to people, but that can happen when I am using Cannabis or not, but its far easier to happen when I am not, or when I am Drinking, because then its real easy for me to become and Asshole, in fact I think everyone who gets Drunk is an Asshole, and I am no exception, only people who like to get Drunk think they are funny. I have Chronic Pain Syndrome, and it is hard to deal with, using Cannabis as my only pain relief means I have to get High on it to help,

It may seem that IAM talking a lot about Me, but in fact, my Life is just like your life, only it is in my Body, and we all have different versions of Reality and Events that happen in our Life, that is part of being Human, we all have the Same I with Freewill, but Me is always an Individual, and regardless of what drugs you take, you are taking them, its hard not to, it is all how you define Drugs, and I define them in Science, any substance in Nature that is altered is a Drug, that means unless you eat it right off the tree, and it is never had any Pesticides or Fertilizers added to the soil, upwind or downwind for 166 miles, it is a Drug or Processed, you can make organic dishes out of the leafs, then cook some of them, not as much as you think, but then you need to look at what you are cooking it with and in, if you dry it out, it is a Drug, because it is not in its original condition, it was altered, even drying on the vine is decay, and from the decay goes the term Drug because it is Evil, the backward Spell for Live, because yew think ewe can eat small amounts of Poison and that witch does not kill you, makes yew stronger, that is the concept of a Vaccine, it is another type of Drug, one I do not believe in because of Trinary Science, its states that staying Healthy is far more important than being able to survive the plague Vaccines can spread, that is called Empirical Evidence and it can not be denied, stating the Risk is acceptable means we are all going to die, and we are if we think like that, just as Gaius Julius Caesar, Born: July 13, 100 BC, Rome, Italy, Assassinated: March 15, 44 BC, Rome, Italy, another Wizard of Alchemy wrote something like this: there are those around me that wish me dead, so they could steal my power, possessions and title, that is the Game these Fools play, just so they can do more Drugs, but look at the Drugs these Fools take, they take the Plague: thinking that Witch Potions made of Poison that can kill you in known quantities, are safe to take at low dosages, as a vaccine, Witch means Self inflicted with disease, because that is what it is, you force it on Children, or anyone with a choice to Opt out, and you know its all about Money, because Vaccines can cause you to build up a resistance to them, thus that Witch that does not Kill you, can only make you Weaker and not stronger, keep in mind he killed himself trying to become immune to the Poison he was taking, so he was too weak to Fight for his Life, so he gave up his Life all because of a Drug, so what he proved was that when Caesar said this, he was referring to the Drug itself, and not the Fools that would Poison him with it, because he Poisoned himself, so it was always the Drug that they got Yew to take, to thin out the Herds, so they could tale yew how it is, because the only type of person who takes a Drug is a Fool, so I have no delusion about what a Fool IAM to write about it, there is no Glory in Doing Drugs, the Risk is not Acceptable for anyone, so saying everyone else is doing it, so why not me, is called Insanity, and it is always about Freewill, I might be a Fool and a Fool plus Freewill can make me more Foolish, so I would never Recommend doing Drugs, as long as you do not complain about your Pain, because without the Drugs it is going to Hurt, so there is the Fool that Takes the Drugs knowing what they are doing, so is a Fool none the Less, but no more than the Fool who does not take the Drugs that can Help them, for they are the Foolish of them all if they die in Pain, because there is no gain in pain, you have to fix what is causing it, or learn to deal with it, its like a Monkey in control of your Body, so you could follow Buddhism and Meditate, I do it all the time, without it the Cannabis would not help much, so some kind of Meditation is Required, I call it Trinary Transcendence, witch means existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level. This means that listen in your mind for a Vibration of a String, or the note of a Pipe or Flute, but only a single instrument, playing a slow tune you do not recognize, because you make it up as you go along, now think about Reality, but not using that Little Voice, think about the Tone the Tune is Playing, it is a Helix shape Sine Wave, so it is Alternating Current, or AC, so its Electricity, and you are creating it in your mind to replace that Little Voice in your Head, so Electricity with the correct Frequency and Wavelength can cure you, even a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS unit will ease your Pain, there are other types of Electrical Stimulation what might work better, even using Radio Waves in known Frequency and Wavelengths that kill only targeted bacteria or viruses, so there are plenty of ways to deal with pain other than just Pain Killers, so you have to pick witch drugs you will take if you take any, so I recommend that you research everything you do take even Sugar, so you know what Drugs you are Taking, and just ask Caesar, once you take any Drug, the Drug will let you know if your Body needs it or Craves it, so beware of Craves, they can drive you Crazy, but Needs are what you Feed, so do test and see if your Body needs this, so I never recommend what yew do, I just tale you want I do, and how Drugs effect me, that is the way Witch Poison works Witch Way, so Cannabis is only a Drug if you alter it, otherwise its just a Plant, and therefore there should be no Laws regulating its use, its only when you Alter it should Laws apply, but Alter it can mean Drying it out, so Science defines the Truth, any food that is prepared is altered, therefore it is a Drug, proving everyone is a Drug Addict, its just what Drugs we chose to use, right now all I want is the Drug Oxygen, it is what I need, and it can burn down the house so it is a very powerful Drug.

I must also point out that every time I read this document I will rewrite it, so the version number will change, I will try to fix wrong words, since I normally Spell words wrong on purpose, it is who IAM, but the length and depth of this document will grow, but my Health as well as my use of Drugs will alter the way I say things, and maybe even their meaning, because the more I think about things, the more I learn how to convey those thoughts in writing, but the truth is that the VA tested me so I know my Memory of list of items is very limited, and using Cannabis limit is that list even more, so I really can not remember Shit, its why I forget to say things or repeat them, this is a long document and after the day I have no clue as to what is in it, did I say this that or the other thing, will they understand this, should I say that, or other thing this way or the other, its better to say too much then nothing at all, no one would waist their time Reading it unless it worth reading, and it takes a lot of Words and Spells to make it worth Reading, but Memory is what goes when you get old and have too many things to think about, and most of them you I would like to forget, God will have a Nightmare when I die, and so will everyone else that died before me, so I can not see shit without my glasses, I can not hear shit without my Hearing Aids, and I can not Remember Shit because of my Memory, nor do I remember why I wanted to remember Shit in the first place, and that is why, but my usage spanned my lifetime, except for the ages between 22 and 47 were I never used any Cannabis or any other drugs, including over the counter, only the Drugs the Military or VA gave me to take, a point that is true and must be understood about me, because for 25 years I did not use any illegal drugs, and the first time I tried it after that long of a time was almost too much for me to handle, I felt things that I did not know existed before that, thoughts that I forgot about years ago, and details about things I stopped caring about, so it changed me in ways I can not fully explain, but I started using it to fight the Cancer that was eating away at me, after the VA's Chemotherapy was no working, and the Pain was unmanageable, I was dying because I wanted to die because of the Pain, because the Rare form of Lymphoma that I have had to live with since getting the Anthrax Vaccine, or Chemicals I encountered in the Gulf War, this Cancer which comes in many forms, from the Skin Cancer that eat away at most of my Body, to the Lymph Nodes that just burst due to swelling and blockage or poor drainage, they looked like bruises deep in the skin, and felt like someone hit me or kicked me, as if it hurt all the way to the Bone, but the Cannabis helps with the pain, and the pain of the Diverticulitis that I have had to live with since 1995, I had it removed in an Emergency Operation: so my 2017 New Years was not fun, the damage to my Colon was due to Chemicals and Depleted Uranium that I was exposed to during the Gulf War, which on 1 January 2017 lead to a 911 call and ambulance ride to a Hospital for an emergency surgery, which after removing an inch thick layer of pus that covered most of my Colon, and most of my abdomen, since my Colon had burst, causing septic shock, they noted that I have an extra Spleen, which is very rare, less than 10% of the world's population has one, so the surgeon was surprised to find that: in so much infection, it was clear I ruptured my Diverticulitis, they had to cut it lose from a muscle it graphed to, which was always pulling on the injury when I moved, causing it to become sore and infected, so it could never heal, after that they cut out over a foot of Colon and now I am recovering from the operation, normally the VA or other hospitals I have been to would just give me a prescription for antibiotics and send me home, I would have died if that happened this time, so one pain is getting better while another lingers on, like the pain I have from Neuropathy which is still too much to handle, two weeks in the hospital monitoring my blood sugar proves I have onset Diabetes, so health wise I have a lot of issues to deal with, so Cannabis helps with this too, so I talk about a great many things in this Universe, I actually talk about Science that is Real and not Science Fiction, it can be proven with just Logic and Reasoning alone, and it goes along with the Bible and what it said Literally, so I talk about Me, because IAM the one talking to you about the Trinary Universe, I just want you to know that I do not deny using Cannabis or other Drugs, does it effect my thinking? You know it does, that is why I asked the Question: do I Hallucinate? Never! Not even will taking LSD, Peyote, or Magic Mushrooms, its just not in my Nature to Hallucinate, but give me Mainstream Pharmaceuticals and I will Hallucinate, and its because those are not Natural Drugs, Drugs only enhance what your mind is already capable of: so it enhances what your Brain does by Nature to begin with, so my Brain is not capable of Hallucinations, so it only enhances my Reality, and it is the Frame of Mind that I get into when IAM using Cannabis, and believe me, the way I interpret what I, or the Light of God I call Trinary Energy is saying, is much different when IAM using it, as if this Connection is Stronger or easier to access, and it is due to Mediation so the Buddhist may not need it, but if they had my Cancer they would rethink their choices, so its how I Spell things does this start to make sense, but only when you are using it, so it may be true that you are not High Enough to understand it, but you know it is the Truth, and that is something I know about all of you, because deep down inside you are I, because in the Binning there was just the Light and that means there was only I in the beginning, so I created the Trinary Universe, so if I did not want Cannabis to exist, it would not, so I made my choice, and God gave you Freewill to make your own, and that even sounds like something someone who was High would say, but in truth, its just the way I am, it is because IAM an Ashkenazic Aspie with a High IQ, I talk in Parallel, in terms only a Wizard would use, so I ramble on talking about Science as if I can explain the Magic, and people that are Simple Minded that do not fully understand the Concept think that I am calling them Stupid, but in truth I normally only say Yew are Stupid, because Yew refers to TaxUS, and if you take that Personally you must think that you are a Ewe, because only Stupid Sheep would eat TaxUS, so round and round we go, the debate over why I write and talk the way I do, has to do with many things, but its mostly because of who IAM, and that is a Higher Power, also known as Electricity or Energy in one form or another, it is my SOUL, and it flows through every living thing in the Universe, people think they are Individuals only because of Freewill, but once they die that Freewill dies with you, and all that Remains is I, and you have always been God, so this Life is always about You, so never feel Guilty about how you survive, its your Life and if its worth Living its worth dying for, but the same Light in them is the same Light in every living thing in the Universe, so they are not special, we all have the same Light, so I talk the Talk and walk the Walk, and that is all I really wanted to talk about was Cannabis, I think about Halley and Newton sitting around getting High talking about the Universe, that is what makes my life worth living, because it all started out because my Father's idea of having fun was getting me High, and my Step-Mother used it to instead of Baby Sitting me, because I was an Aspie and acted like Aspies do, I can not say that any clearer, because I want you to have no doubt in your mind why I wrote this Document and what I had to say in it, and that requires you to understand why I think this way, its called my Life, and it is why I call it His-Story, so every time I think a Thought, I rewrite it, so it is no wonder I rewrite this book every time I read it.

Mozart said that Music was God's way of talking to us, and I know that the Sound Waves are being controlled by the Light, so I play my 12 String guitar to the Sound of the Light of God with the help from Cannabis.

Cannabis is just another Drug, but it is like no other, for one thing, you can not really over dose on it, your body will only process so much of it, the rest just washes out of you, so it is a safe drug as far as other drugs go, so it is not Poison, and that is a huge point to make, anything that will kill you if you take too much of it, is Poison, and why more people die from the drug Sugar than they do from the use of any Natural Drug, including Morphine, Cocaine, Mushrooms, Peyote, LSD, and Cannabis, excluding stupid things people do while they are high on it, People's ability to handle any drug safely is limited by how they are able to maintain control over any given situation, and many factors like: PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, and other mental conditions not to mention being Neurotypical, Neurodiverse or on the Autistic Spectrum, because everyone reacts to drugs differently, and their life story has a lot to do with how they handle it, as well as their chemistry, we are all individuals when it comes to how we interact with the Light due to Freewill, those that are unaware of it, will not believe it exists, getting high will not change that, so do not expect to have a better connection to the Light just because you use Drugs, its more of a hindrance then an advantage, so pick your drugs well, and know which ones are Poison, and which promote health, but do not think for a moment that Cannabis is good for everyone, if all you use it for is to get high, you will get bored with it and move on to more powerful drugs, because this drug is not about getting high, it is about getting into a zone where all thoughts slow down so you can think more clearly without racing thoughts, it needs to relax the body as well as the mind, if it does not do that, then why use it, you can get high or many things, but in the zone by few, so people ask me if I think it should be legal, when I do not even believe in Laws, they must be high to ask me such a question, those that say they do not do drugs are lying, not sure who to, but they lie to themselves first, and because they believe that, they say its true, and you will find no truth in Cannabis or any other Drug, nor in the lack of them, the truth is only in the Light.

One thing I have learned by researching the relationship between Smoking and Cancer, is that there are different Levels of Toxins created by different Processes, for example: when you burn anything it will produce toxins, I do not care what that something is, so Cannabis or Tobacco for that matter: are no different, people claim the Tobacco industry adds things to the Tobacco that causes Cancer, and that is just not true from all the Data I have collected, keep in mind that the people doing this may use the Product, and Lawsuits are just not worth it, but the fact is that if you smoke any other plant like Tobacco, I would expect the same results, point is that I do not see any evidence that its Tobacco vs any other plants like it, and by Like it; Cannabis is not like Tobacco, yet smoking it can still cause cancer, some studies of people that smoke manufactured Cannabis Sticks or Joints, not sure about the nomenclature, but they have higher rates of Cancer then those that do not smoke anything, and it comes down to how we compare it to Tobacco, so compare it to people who smoke the same quantity as those smoking cigarettes, so if you smoke say 3 packs of cigarettes a day and get cancer, you would have to compare that to someone that smokes 60 Joints a day, most people do not smoke that much Cannabis so there is not that much data on it, but its also why most people think its safe to smoke Cannabis compared to Tobacco, but the data does not support this, but there are also many differences between the two Plants. All plants get contaminated by many things they come into contact with, pesticides are more harmful than bugs, but smoking bugs can also cause Cancer using the same comparisons, and Cigarettes also have many more things added to them, you add those to Cannabis, and I am sure the same results would apply. If you vaporize the same products, you reduce the Toxins, thus reducing the chances of Cancer. If you create a Tonic using the same products and take it orally, you will farther reduce the chance of Cancer, by reducing the amount of toxins in the Product; all of this reducing toxins by this step by step process, also means that we do not create or add anything that would make it more toxic, but by just changing your method of getting the same results from a Plant. When you smoke anything, holding it in does not change the absorption rate much; yet most people that smoke Joints hold their breath, even people that smoke Tobacco do this, but it does not significantly increase the effectiveness of the Plant, by holding your breath while you smoke or vaporize any Plant, in fact you can get that same head rush by just holding your breath with smoking or vaporizing, the head rush is from holding your breath, because your Lungs only absorb the Oil in the Smoke or Vapor, and that is almost instantaneous on contact, and does not seem to change much if you hold it in longer than just taking a full breath, and that is the key: its breathing in fully and exhaling fully. If you go Organic you will reduce Toxins, and if you clean your Product better, removing all Pesticides regardless of if you use them or not, air pollution is just as bad, and do not forget Bugs, those might not be Organic, you have no idea where they have been, and if the label for being Organic included all Bugs up or down wind, there would be no Organic labels; so cleaning to remove all Toxins is very important; and just as important as not adding any new ones. If the Tobacco industry was worried about your heath, they would offer Vaporizers and Tonics, and Chewing Tobacco can cause Cancer, not to be confused with that stuff in those bags or cans, that is not only Tobacco in there, so watch what you compare; but the fact is that some Plants cause Cancer, and Tobacco is one of them, but used in moderation you can use it all your life without getting Cancer, but some are more likely to get it than others, it is your ability to fight off the Disease that makes you get it to begin with; and this is a Study that someone can do that would make more sense than just comparing unrelated events, our Immune system makes a huge difference when it comes to Cancer, so all studies should include a better way to evaluate our Immune System Responses to specific things, so I would include an Allergy test; if you include all Nightshades you can also do a better study, its seems people that have more allergies to them get cancer easier, studies have shown this evidence by Data and not so much the Study I got the data from, since I did not find many studies that included all the information I needed, I would conclude that there are very few Studies about this problem, that meet my requirements for a complete study, since most studies are done by groups being paid to prove something one way or the other, so there method of study is tainted by the results they want, so I can only conclude that Tobacco is something that people have a tolerance to, and after we cross that threshold we open ourselves up to Cancer, and it is possible that Tobacco can also be a Night Shade, meaning it as a Plant has a Mechanism to prevent Animals from Eating it, and the Color Red is normally an indicator of this, but there are plenty of Green Nightshades, so Red Flowers should give them away, and Tobacco has Red, Pink or other colors of Flowers, but Cannabis does not have a real Flower, and Red Hairs do not appear to be a Nightshade, and from all data Cannabis is not a Nightshade, but it appears that Tobacco is, so my guess is that if you smoked Tomatoes you could get Cancer, in fact you can actually get Cancer from Nightshades: it has been proven by Data that people that eat more Nightshades, have a higher rate of Cancer then those that do not; so smoking them has nothing to do with getting Cancer from them, and why you can get Throat Cancer from chewing Tobacco, if it is a Nightshade this would mean you can just clump them into that Category. Note that some Nightshades have beneficial behavior, like cleaning the blood or lowering inflammation, but this does not mean they can not cause Caner, so use them with caution and Moderation, if you eat Nightshades every day; you are putting yourself at risk for Cancer, even if it is a Spice, too much of even a Good thing can Kill you.

What historic people used Cannabis? Sir Edmond Halley wrote more about Cannabis then he did about his own Comet, which is why him an Sir Isaac Newton were such good friends, and as Newton wrote, Halley preferred Cannabis, whereas he himself wrote about his experience with Rye Ergot, which was written using Witchcraft, but was clearly LSD, but he also experimented with Magic Mushrooms and Peyote, so the Greatest Genus's of all times smoked Pot, wow, it should not surprise most people that President George Washington grew Cannabis as well as Hemp, which the U.S. Constitution was written on, and was a very popular Drug during his time, in fact I think they all smoked it, I know Benjamin Franklin did, and I have found references to Jefferson and Adams using it as well as most of Congress, and the People who signed the Declaration of Independence, my Family would not because it included a Legal Loop hole that Allowed Congress to Print Money on Hemp, which should have been listed as a Crime against Freedom, and Treason since its how the Lawyers were allowed to get away with allowing the Banks to Print that Money, and I have no idea what kind of Drug you have to be on to not know its Treason to allow the Banks to print that Money, the words Spelled ONLY Congress should be your first clue, proving how Stupid most People really are when it comes to Crimes, since they are actually Guilty of Treason to this Day for using Money, and the Christians are Guilty of selling out Jesus Bar Abbas for Money, and it was not even Printed on Hemp during his time as far as the History I have read. Its clear that some of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America grew and used Cannabis, so making it illegal in that Country was the Real Crime, and let us not forget, Alcohol is a Hard Drug and Poison compared to Cannabis, you can overdose and die of Alcohol Poisoning, it is actually a Poison and the effects we feel are because it is actually killing us, so that is what it feels like to die, whereas Cannabis is actually a medicine you can not overdose on, and believe me I have tried, so did Halley, he wrote about it, so if you Drink Alcohol, do not put down people who use Cannabis, Poison is what Kills you, what does not Kill you makes you stronger, that means no matter how much you take of it, it will not kill you, so Poison can not make you Stronger, all it can do is kill you, and it is why the Intelligent people only used Cannabis to get High; but it is healthier to Vaporize or take tonics. I must also point out that in the United States during Prohibition, Alcohol was the Major Factor for crimes like Prostitution, Murder, and all manner of Crimes, Crimes for which are not found as much in societies that do not allow the use of Alcohol in their Country, proving that most of the Crime in the World has a direct link to the use of Alcohol, and there is over whelming proof of the bad health effects it has on all Lifeforms.

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