The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.19
Money is the Root of All Evil

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.19
Money is the Root of All Evil

When I say Money is the Root of All Evil, Sheeple will always try to correct this statement to be For the Love of money is the root of all evil, and I say Sheeple, because People already know from History, that Sir Isaac Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century, my Cousin Isaac Newton said it was to show the duality of a Sheep Herd Mentality, simply put: if the Lord is your Shepard you are a Sheep, so by creating two Jesus's: Jesus Christ and Jesus Bar Abbas, it created two God's: Light and Dark, and by changing Live to Love, it changed from For Living with Money is the Root of All Evil to For the Love of Money is the Root of all Evil, Spells of Wizards at work, so they could teach you the Darkside of the Bible, the one that was written to be sold for Money, so it had to make the use of Money acceptable to Humans, and I use the term Humans because to keep calling them Sheep is degrading, and was meant to be, because only Slaves work for Money, Freedom starts with the Spell Free, and to think it did not mean Free of Money is Dumb, so its Free Dumb, and the Road that you can take has two paths, the one you choose is the one you go bye. The Lightside of the Bible is written in Words of Red and not Black on White Pages, its written in the Blood of the transcriber, but the Printed version used a different type of Ink, it came from the Blood of the Planet, proving the Pin is mightier then the Sword, and the meaning of the Spells have been changed to make Money God by engraving In God We Trust on it, so the Slaves would Worship it like God, and then get them to believe that God is a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically Exist, or deny that God does not exist at all, and use Science that does not have God in, that will confuse them all, so they will not think about Money, and soon it will become a way of Life, because the Bible is very clear about what God is, it stated that God is All Light without Darkness, and Money was the Root of All this Evil, but Sheep, they Read into things.

God is pure Energy because Light is Energy, so keep in mind that Sir Isaac Newton proved that Humans can only see the Darkness in the White Light of the Sun, it is a Rainbow of Colors that make up the Spectrum of Light that Humans can perceive as Color, and this band of Light is called the visible spectrum of Light, so its clear that all this Light has Darkness in it, so its Not God that we see, but the Darkness, and God is only the Light, and it has no Darkness, so we must have faith that God exist, then Science steps in and proves that there is a spectrum of Light that is invisible to Naked Human Eye, I say Naked to mean without use of Glasses, Infrared goggles, or anything other than what God gave you when you were born, because if God is Light, and Light is inside every Atom in the Universe, then God is every Atom in my Body of Flesh, and the Light is also Electricity at a different frequency, so God can take many forms, so it is the same as the kind that make up our Brainwaves, so the Truth is revealed using Spells that were written in the Blood of the Pages that King James had ripped out and burned, along with all the Versions of Bibles that do not have two Jesus's in them, but I have read the Version of the Bible with only one Jesus in it, it was the same Bible that I inherited from my first Cousin five time removed Isaac Newton, and the fact that Newton proved that Christ and other words where changed on purpose so that Humans could sell the Bible for Money, which made this version of the Bible Evil, which is the backward Spell for Live, which is why they changed it to Love, knowing that People in the Autistic Spectrum, who did not care about most Human Emotions, would find odd, because it is clear that all the characters in the Bible are Autistic, come on who else thinks like this... In fact, they are also Wizards: Moses and Jesus both carried a Staff of Power that could do Magic, and the Spell Magician translates to Wizard, and as one thought leads to another, His-Story unfolds, words that were changed on Page's tale a different Story, one tales the Story of a man named Jesus Bar Abbas who was in charge of a Militia group that opposed Money and the Use of Money and Taxation, and at the time the Church was using and collecting Money, so they could pay Taxes to the Roman Empire that Jesus was at War with.

Jesus said Free Trade is the only way to Live, the Romans proved that Money is the Root of All Evil, because they would Kill you if you did not pay your Taxes, so the Story was told about how a Ewe named Yew eat from a Yew Tree called TaxUS, but only Stupid Sheep would eat TaxUS, but Jesus was also a Shepard, so Jesus would Steal from the Rich and Give to the Poor, or was that Robin Hood, because the Hollywood Version of this Story, includes the Wizard of Oz, but when Jesus was Captured no one remembered his last Name, most said it was Christ, but no one would say they knew Jesus Bar Abbas, because to the Romans he was a Terrorist to their way of Life, since the Jews Ordered the Romans to Kill Jesus, as if he would come alone peacefully and not put up a fight, so they passed Laws that made Free Trade illegal, and only Money the Legal form of settling Debt, so in God we Trust, so said Newton over 333 years ago, and to this Date no one has proven him wrong, so this is just a fact, and those that do not believe it can not change the fact just because they were ignorant to it, but its easy to prove, just watch the BBC Special The Last Magician, which is about Sir Isaac Newton, so he was the Last Wizard, well the Last Wizard was Nikola Tesla, so the Title the BBC gave it is better, but it should be understood why they Spelled it that way, because Wizards always have a reason for their Spells, and that is all we are talking about to begin with, this information is what separates the People from the Sheeple, the Sheep need to wake up, but to what?

The Truth is that everyone has a Story, mind never changes, and Wizards Minds have Stories that never Change, it always goes back to the Bible where it stated God is all Light without Darkness and IAM God, because that is a Spell called an acronym for I And Me, where I is the Light And Me is just short for Meat so it is the Flesh, and I am in the Flesh, so I is the Light that is just Electricity at a different frequency, so it is our Brainwaves, and we all know that is the Truth, so what other Truth even matters; is a question you must ask yourself, but once you acknowledge that you are the Light and not the Darkness, and you know the truth about why Jesus said he could destroy the Church for its use of Money, and they would just rebuild in 3 days, which is the time it takes for the Dead to be buried and forgotten, because most people think that Jesus Bar Abbas was a bad man, because they made Christ into the good one, who paid his taxes so the Roman Soldiers would not kill him, so not much has changed over the centuries since Jesus died, those that Pay their Taxes still believe that Jesus Christ and Jesus Bar Abbas were two different People, instead of the Truth which is that they are the same person, since you know there is only one Jesus in the Bible, but then you would realize why the 12 disciples of Jesus denied his name 3 time: Table 5.02: Jesus was Denied his Name 3 times

  1. Jesus
  2. Bar
  3. Abbas
Table 5.02: Jesus was Denied his Name 3 times

Once you understand that, then you know that Bar/Abbas was just a HuMan, just like you or me, and Love will never change that, its just a Spell, and anything that can change Live into Dead is the backward Spell for Evil, and you can pay someone to kill someone for Money, so its Evil, and adding Love to it does not change how Evil it is, the Blood of Jesus's Murder will never wash off of Money, it just turned green when it rotted.

Money allowed Corporations to lie about what Oil is, which is the Blood of this Planet that allows it to Freely Spin at over a thousand miles an hour, and it does not take a high IQ to understand that without it, its going to be a very rough ride, earthquakes are just the start of it, Oil has been leaking to the surface of the planet for billions of years, but now its use is out of control, they are drilling deeper and deeper, and it will destroy this planet, all for Money, without Money there would be no reason to Drill for Oil, because the Wizard Tesla gave you the Answer to all your Energy needs, and it is Lighting, but the Powers that be, better known as the Banks, the same ones that own all the Governments on this Planet, decided that God is there Slave, and they will Sell God to the Public, so they needed to get God out of Science, so they Paid Albert Einstein to write a Book called General Relativity to create the Godless Dynamic Universe, so they could Sell God without anyone knowing it, but Tesla said that Energy should be Free, and Light is Energy, so God is Energy, but that sounds like Religion, and Newton and Tesla were not Religious, they only believed that God was All Light without Darkness, they were men of Alchemy or Wizards, which translates to Science, so they believed that God really was the Light, whereas Religion only believed that God was a Deity or Spirit that did not Physically Exist, just so the Banks could own you like Sheep, because that is all you are to them, just Animals that are assigned an account number, they record your Birthday and attach it to the National Debt, so they can Tax you to death, and teach you the Darkside of the Bible that was altered by some boy, who was altered by the Church into believing in things that do not physically exist, also known as Insanity, because that is the very definition for that Word, so its just another Spell, just so all Humans can get Rich on selling Oil knowing its destroying this Planet, and thinking it will not happen in their lifetime is just insane, since the future of all Life on this Planet has to be more important than Profit, but it is not and that will never change until God forces you, and I say God as in every Atom of your body of Flesh, is threatened by your use of Oil, and like I said, earthquakes are just the beginning.

The use of Money as a Tool is admitting that you are an Uncivilized Animal, and that is not meant in a derogatory manner, in the Bible it stated that before Cain there was Paradise, but Paradise was lost because Greed and Lust are powerful Darkside Emotions, then came Moses with his Money and Laws, making him the Dark Wizard, and only Slaves would make him into the Good Guy for the Rape, Plunder and Destruction of an Advanced Society that Built the Pyramids, and we still do not have that Advanced of Technology to this Date, so way to Go Moses, you put the Human Race into the Dark ages just so you could be Rich, and make everyone work for you like a Slave, and since that time: Civilization has fallen to the point that most People did not even understand that the Pyramids are actually Power Planets: for Oxygen, Hydrogen, thus turning Salt Water into Pure water, and the ability to create Electricity, to run the Lights that used at that time, proving Edison is a Liar, but Moses destroyed them just for the Gold that made them work, Gold he would make into Money, just to make People Slaves to the Banks, because Money is all Banks are about, so Moses was the First Banker, because it is Crystal Clear these people did not work for Money before Moses, that did not make them Slaves, it made them Free, and the Bible talked about Flying Aircraft the likes we have not yet built, ones that could fly to Mars and Build Pyramids, well that is the Legend anyway, the Proof is hard to see, you actually have to use both eyes to look at the Images taken from Satellites, but NASA will still tale you its just a Magicians Trick or an Optical Illusion, so do not tale me that this Society of this day, is more Advanced than that before Moses destroyed it and made us all Slaves to Money just because of his Greed and Lust, Humans nowadays do not even know how to build Pyramids, all they use math for is to count Money, but Dead People do not Need Money, and those that Love it, are those that do not understand it, if you Love it, you will use it, if you use it you must love it, Logic... You will allow your whole life to be governed by Money, proving you worship it, if someone tries to steal your Money, or Possessions you will defend it with your life and theirs, because there are people who will kill you for your Possessions they can sell for Money, so Money is Evil, and Love will not change that, you can not Love one another as long as just one Person has Greed or Lust in their Heart, so do not correct me when I state Money is the Root of All Evil, if you try to tell me its just For the Love of Money, I will Defend what I said because I do not deny who Jesus Bar Abbas was, he was the person who said (Living with) Money is the Root of All Evil, so what does Love have to do with it, and besides the Bible was corrupted by Money in the Third Century, just to make the use of Money allowable for Sinners, proving Money is the Root of All Evil.

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