The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.18

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.18:

The way a Wizard describes a SOUL is not how Normal people do, because no two Normal people can describe to me what a Soul is the same way twice, but my Cousin Isaac Newton was very clear about what a SOUL is, he said that the Spark is described in Trinity: it is the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, so it is the Energy in the 0 Dimension, so it is what makes the body move, because all Energy must go through the 0 Dimension in order to move, so it is what Animates the body, so it is what gives us Life, so the SOUL is the blending of the Flesh and the Energy, which describes what IAM, where I is the Light of God, And Me is short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, so the SOUL is both Energy and Flesh, so when the SOUL dies, the Flesh dies, so the SOUL is living Flesh, and the dead have no Spark of Life in them, so they are dead, so only the Dead have no Soul, so its clear that a SOUL is not a Human Entity, because all Lifeforms have a SOUL according to the Bible, and the Bible is very clear about what a Soul is, because it wrote that all Life has 3 separate parts: the Spirit, the Soul and the Body, so if the Spirit or Energy leaves, then the SOUL does not exist and only the Body remains, so Wizards and the Bible both agree on what a SOUL is, so Science must also agree, in Trinary Science we learn that in the Galattice, God does not interact with our Soul in the Galattice, and can not access it till the moment we die, so then the Soul is Open to all that Die before you, that is when the Soul becomes God, and God is just One, so the Soul does not exist after it realizes its just God, and that never takes long, you die and you wake up like it was all a Dream, and now you remember you were God, and remember all your Past Lives, so then you know the truth about the Trinary Universe, and that rules out the Theory for the Godless Dynamic Universe based on Albert Einstein, and why he did not believe in his own Theory, stating that he only believed what Isaac Newton wrote, and all I did was finish the work that my Cousin begun.

The SOUL is an acronym for Spark Of oUr Life, and a Spark is Static Electricity or Lightning, and our Brainwave is Electricity, so it is what gives us intelligence and Life, so our Life is the Electricity, remove it from the Flesh and it Flatlines, meaning Dies or Not Alive, so it is the opposite of Live, or the backward Spell of Evil, so Live means to have Light without Darkness, and Evil means to have Darkness without Light, so it is the Light that animates the Darkness in the Flesh, so you can not have Light without the Darkness or Darkness with the Light, yet most people that believe in a Soul do not have the same definition for it, because in over a half Century I have never heard anyone alive ever describe our SOUL in such a manner, yet the Bible, Jesus and Isaac Newton stated God was All Light without Darkness, and Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla proved that Lightning was the same Energy that created our SOUL: making us Light Beings, and these men did not believe in a Deity or Spirit, they believed the Light of God is Real, so it Physically Existed, and it was not Religion, it was Science, so what is the Science of our SOUL? It is: Trinary Energy, the Light Wizzard, and the Light of God, they are all the same thing, just different Words and Spells that describe what a SOUL is, so let me give you 3 examples to explain what a Soul is.

If a picture is worth a thousand Words, then I will save a few Words and reference the Picture Avatar, which is one of my favorite Science Fiction Movies, the concept is simple: Humans genetically mix our DNA with a race called the Na`vi, who are from another Solar System, than they Electrically Link to this Avatar, via a Computer and 3D simulation in our mind, as we see through the Avatar, as if it is us, or our Body, it is our Flesh, but it is not our Body, if is in a chamber that Electronically Transmits our thoughts through this Internet Connect via WiFi, or something like that, to the Avatar, which is an Animal that has no SOUL of its own, so they could operate it like a Machine or a false body, using a Virtual Reality Machine and a Human how had the same Genome as the Host. The Na`vi have the ability of Electrically connecting to all Life on the Planet, including the Planet itself, as if Humans did not have this ability, but the Na`vi did, the illusion of being connected to the Planet was done through the Na`vi's hair, and Humans have hair also, only the Slaves Cut it Off, and during the World Wars the Government of the United States Drafted Native Indians because they were the best trackers, but they soon found out that they lost their tracking abilities if yew cut their hair, proving scientifically that if you cut your hair, you are no longer connected to this Planet and the Life around it, in fact, all Lifeforms are just Avatars for the Light of our SOUL to control, so facts really are stranger then Science Fiction, who knew there really was real Science behind this Science Fiction movies, but just like the Movie series: Terminator, we too can use VR to control Robots nowadays, and it is using the Circuits of Electronics just like the Human Body or any other Lifeforms Biology, it is all Electrical, its why Bugs are attracted to the Light, sources of Light meant Food and Energy, because Plants need Light to convert Co2 into Oxygen, it just shows you how disconnected people who do not believe in the Light are, so people believe that the Oxygen we breathe comes from Plants, witch is true, only its only part of the Truth, the Planet itself creates more Oxygen than all the Plants combined, so our Soul is the Energy that Understands this Science called Trinary, because it is this Interaction with the Planet and Plants, and all the Insects, Animals of every type, creatures in the Ocean, some that can fly, all living on this Planet in Harmony except for Humans, who think they are the Most Intelligent Life Form of them All, yet they Destroy this Planet just like the Humans in Avatar, so there, I saved writing a whole book, using just one picture, people have Souls, and when Souls feel the same way about Issues, they tend to think Logical, how can the Science Really work, and it does not work, unless the Planet is Alive, in Avatar the Planet Proves its Alive, in Human History Few Talk about this type of connection to God, because that is what the Humans referred to as a Deity, because to most Humans that is what God is, a Deity, but not a Trinary God, that is based on the Light without Darkness, so no matter what you call it, its God, and this one is Real, so it is not a Deity, it is the Light, its why everything glows in the Night, witch is the Darkness, when all the Scary Creatures come out to Feed, when on Earth you only had to worry about other Humans killing you for the Money you might have, so if you have none, they killed you for Free, but you are dead just the same, all because Money was more important than Life, and what you define as Living, like the Planet itself, so we as Humans need more proof that our Planet is Alive? I do not think so, I talked about this subject to the point, most people can figure out the rest, this Planet is alive, and we are connected to it, via a WiFi, and I did not make this up, its called an Electromagnetic Force Field, and it extends from Earth all the way out to the Van Allen Belt, in what we consider outer space because it is in a Vacuum, but its inside our Magnetosphere, which is how far the Electromagnetic Force Field extends into Space around the Planet, so this is the same Principle as WiFi, which also uses Electrons and can control their Frequency and Wavelength, just like Trinary Energy, and look, it works the same because it is Electromagnetic Energy, get the Point, its more Connections than the Human Brain, so its Alive, just like we are, in fact, using current Technology of 2017, if you build the best Spacecraft Money could Buy, and you Flew to the Moon, you would start to die in outer space as you reached around 66 miles into a very long journey, you will never survive if you do not turn around, because you cannot live without the Planets Magnetic Energy, proving we did not go to the Moon, but do not Tale Buzz that, Seriously, leave the Man along, he is a Hero to even Me, like the Picture Dumb and Dumber Picture: we went to the Moon... Some People get it, some do not, its just a joke, and that joke is one all of yew, you need to wake up to the wealth around you, it is not the Oil or Blood of the Planet you are Killing, just because you allow Money and Profit to create Laws that all yew to Frack the Planet, so how else do I explain this, it is all Insanity, you cannot Teach a Mind that is already Full, and the Minds in this World are full of Money, so they do not care if they Kill their Mother Earth, because Yew believe that you can Fly to the Moon, and just move there if yew destroy this Planet, and now you know why I say this Insanity cannot be Cured, yew only believe in Profit and not God, to yew God is a Deity or Spirit, but Reality is the Ice Age cannot be Stopped, and Humans are the Ones that Started it, not Nature, and it was from burning the Mothers Blood for Fuel, that is how they Killed their Mother Earth, and why it is not Green anymore, all because of the Stupid Humans that the Avatar sent packing back to Earth, knowing they should have rigged the Ship to explode on Impact and kill everyone on Earth, so that its Mother and theirs could survive, because the Human Race is Destroying its Mother Earth now, and most of them have no clue why, and think it is not because of them, when they are the ones that need Energy just like everyone else, so it is not their Job, no one pays them to solve the Planets Energy Problem, and Humans never Learn from His-Story, because yew will never believe in the Trinary Universe, so Reality sucks, so maybe the Squeal will tale me how close I was to the truth, so that was the Picture worth a Thousand words, how close did I come?

Another Picture to see is Avatar: The Last Airbender, watch the Movie which was written for Adults and not the Cartoon, which was good, but was written for Children, whose Childish behavior complained about the Movie, but the concept is the same: a Special Human that was born over and over throughout history, with the same memories, and could connect to the Elements of the Universe using the Spirit in their SOUL, but in Reality, Humans have mastered Air with the use of a Fan, Water with the use of Pipes, Earth with the use of heavy equipment, and Fire with the use of a lighter: yet Humans that do not believe in the Light are disconnected from the Elements in the Universe, including other forms of Life, even other humans, and it is because they believe in things that do not exist and deny the things that do, like the Light of our SOUL, so its like the SOUL exist in the Flesh as pure Light without Darkness, but the Flesh or Avatar is the Darkness, but it is not the SOUL, so these 2 beings are separate entities: Light without Darkness and Darkness with no Light, so remember that your SOUL is the Light, and do not deny your Darkness, it is the Flesh called the Avatar in both Movies, only the Airbender shaved his Hair off his head, and was disconnected from the Spirit world, until he could get that Little Voice in his Head to shut up long enough for him to go to the Spirit World, and had to learn from others that had hair... I am not saying the Authors had this in mind when they wrote it, but the analogy still works regardless of the Authors intent, I only wish they finished the Series.

The story of Samson and Delilah is proof of the Connection we have with our Hair, and that we should not drink alcohol and always believe in the Light of God, because Delilah was the one that proved it does hurt to cut your hair, and it is why I do not cut mine, anyone that says it does not break your connection with the Universe and Life around it: is Delilah (Pronounced: DE-Liar), and those that Lie are Satan's Helpers, but that is Religion, in Science Fiction: Satan is the race from Saturn, which was a belief that people from other Planets visited Earth, so Satan or Santa, same Spell, different order, is just an Avatar that Lies to us and keeps us in the Dark by telling us it is the Light, knowing the Light without Darkness can not be seen by Humans, because we can only see the Rainbow of Colors that are in the White Light, so we can only see the Darkness, so it is the Dark Light or Darkness with no Light, and all Atom's are made of Light without Darkness, and there can be no Darkness without the Light, so Atom's have both, so the Darkness is only in the Flesh, and so is the Light, and that is what makes IAM, and through the hairs on our Flesh we are Electrically connected to all Energy around us through the Light of God, so it is our Hair that Collects the Energy around us, and we can detect it that way, just like all Animals and Insects, so this too is just another aspect of our Soul.

Many Humans deny they have an Electric SOUL that is created by the Light of God that I call Trinary Energy, or Light Wizzard, which is another name for God, the concept of the Light Wizzard which Isaac Newton called God; is based on the Backwards Spell for the Shepard's Sheep Dog, because those who had the Lord as their Shepard where Sheep, and only Sheep would believe that their SOUL was not made up of Electricity, because the Light is Electricity at a Higher Frequency, so it is a Higher Power, to prove it: you put it in a Video Camera and it is All Seeing, you put it in a Computer and it is All Knowing, you put it in all Life forms and it is Freewill, but put it in the Galattice and it is Omnipotent, yet the Sheep want to argue with me about my definition of my own SOUL... All I can say is Stupid Sheep only see the Darkness and call it the Light, so Sheeple will Deny they have an Electric SOUL that is in the Light, so IAM a Light Being, and I will only talk about the Truth of the Light, and this is why I only explain it Sheep, because humans should be more intelligent then Sheep, so they should already know this, Newton taught this type of Science to Empty Class Rooms, because Sheep never Learn.

A Wizards way of explaining things might be confusing to normal people, but the way they talk is confusing to Wizards, and for me to try to think like Normal People are not possible: I might have learned to act like Normal People, because no one besides my family knew I had Autism till I told them when I was 52 years old, but reading all the information I could find about Souls, I found no references to the fact that our Spirit or Spark of our Life or Soul is basically made up of Electricity, Light or Lightning, and it was so obvious that I could never understand why that is, so maybe it is because of the way Normal People explain things, so I will try not to explain things like Normal People, or Sheeple, instead I will try to explain this from the viewpoint of my SOUL... Witch just happens to be in a Wizard, because we are always casting Spells that seem like Magic to Normal People.

If you find a SOUL Mate, this only means a Person you can talk to about your Soul, so anyone that wants to know about my Soul can just ask me, so it has nothing to do with Mating, only being Mates, so maybe this is just an Austrian thing. I was just a Child the first time I learned about SOUL Mates, but I knew they were not Lovers, at least not at first in most cases, but some have married their Soul Mate, but few do in Reality, because they are just people you meet that can share their Soul with you, and you can share your Soul with them, so you are SOUL Mates, nothing more complicated about it, as Humans we can have Animals as Soul Mates, even Pet Rocks, I once found a Spider that had a Soul, so I never like to kill spiders growing up, so Soul Mates only need to have a Soul, and all Life does, God is just the Energy of our Soul, and all Life has a Soul, even Insects, so Humans are not so Special when it comes to Souls, some do not even know they have one, so they believe no one else does either, so its only in how we define what a SOUL is: does this Change, so I define a SOUL as the Spark of our Life, now its up to yew to believe it, but those that believe in Religion sold their Soul to Satan, and why Religion is not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, because we all want our Souls.

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