The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.17
The Bible

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.17:
The Bible

The Bible does not need to be interpreted, the words are easy to understand without the commentary, believing it said something else other than what it did say: is called Religion, because you had to Realign the meaning, so if the Bible states God is all Light without Darkness, you should not believe it means anything more than what it states as a fact, so if God is all Light, then God is the Light, but only the Light without Darkness, and that means there is a Light with Darkness, so Darkness is a type of Light, and the Last Magician Sir Isaac Newton proved that in 1666, so if the God of all Light is from a Light Source that has two types of Light, one being Light and the other being the Darkness, then this is the Light of the Sun, also known as White Light, and Newton wrote a book about this Light because he knew it was God, and he knew that Trinity describe it, but he could not figure out how, so he never published his Theory, because he never liked Theories, nor do I for the same reason, they assume too much, but in my time it was common knowledge that every Atom in the Universe has 3 State Changes, and I knew right away that this was the Light and Darkness Trinity described, then came the Last Wizard Nikola Tesla who said that the Father was the Brightest, so he gave it a Mathematical value of (+1), the Son was the Darkness, so he gave it a (1) value and when its Invisible it is the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, so he gave it a value of 0, so its describes an Alternating Current or AC Sine Wave, not a DC Straight Line, because this DC Signal is not straight, just like Light it curves back on itself to close its loop, only this is a much smaller loop then AC, which is measured in Billions of Light Years, so that is the Difference between AC and DC, and you can do math like: AC/DC, but this is not Soul, its called Rock and Roll on the Highway to Hell, so getting yew to stay focused on the Science is hard to do, so my Cousin Isaac's (+1) + (1) = 0 is a Sine Wave Math or 3 Dimensional Math, because 0 is not a Real Number, because to be Real you would have to see it, and since you can not see it, it is not Real, and this describes the 0 Dimension, everyone should agree it does not Exist, because it has no Dimensions to exist in, but I can prove that the 1st and 2nd Dimensions are Real, because we can see the Darkness, in fact it is all we can see, because Newton said that the Light we call White, is actually a Rainbow of Colors he calls the Darkness, so the Color of the Light is defined by its Darkness so it must be in transition between one of these two States of (+1) or (1), and when the Atom disappears it must go into the 0 Dimension, Newton said the Universe has a constant and it is called Trinity, it is not about Christ, since Christ was inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century to create two Jesus's and two God's in the Bible, so that Money would not be viewed as Evil, only the Love of it, and you would have to Love it to engrave In God we Trust on it, knowing that Jesus was Murdered for the use of Money, and that has not changed, so people still deny there was only one Jesus in the Bible, since Christ was not his last name, Bar/Abbas was, so these same people deny what God is by making it such that only Jesus was the Son of God, knowing he died as a Mortal, so this could not be the Son of God, and coming back from the Dead is still not that uncommon to this day, but we already know there are many versions of the Bible, not to mention many Religions that use the same source for the Bible, and I never said what Bible IAM even talking about, because it does not matter, because even if you do not believe in Deities or Spirits, or even the Bible, Reality is based on what is Real, and Newton, Franklin and Tesla proved that God was Real, so the Bible has a Paradox with these new additions the Church's inserted to sell God, so if you remover Christ from it, Money will be Evil, and you will understand why God is called IAM, because I am sure if you say that looking into a Mirror you will understand what the word or Spell means, so the Bible told you the Truth, but the Church lied to you by inserting Christ just so they could sell Bibles, because if they told you God was in all of us, they would not sell many Bibles, since God is our Energy and every Atom in our Flesh, we are God, and not God's, since the Energy is the same Energy everywhere in the Universe, this means that God communicates with us at the cellular Level, and I do not mean with a Cell Phone, and that is why Jesus was murdered, not because of the Cell Phone stupid, because of the Church's use of Money, yew have to keep up with His-Story... Because of ewer View about God being some Entity other than the Light of God that is inside of all Life in the Universe, so it is a Lie, and Jesus did not believe in the Church or Religion, because Jesus believed that God was all Light, and Tesla proved the Light is just Electricity at a different Frequency, and believed that this Energy is what Newton called God, should be Free Energy, and some people lie about what Free Energy is, all so they could make Money off of selling God, so the Bible is the truth and Religion is a lie, Newton, Tesla and the other Wizards did not believe in a Deity or Spirit, but they did believe in the Bible, just like Jesus they believed that God was All Light without Darkness, I call the Light of God Trinary Energy just to Repeat that again, to make it Science instead of nonsense, and I believe in the Light of God the Bible wrote of, and I believe Jesus Bar Abbas was Murdered when he took on the Romans for Taxation, all because the Jews did not want to teach the Truth about what God was, and the Church for its use of Money, and view about Deities and Spirits which is actually Witchcraft, meaning Witches conjured up Ghost or Spirits, Demo's and Angels, so these are Fairy Tales, and it is why the Church hunted down and killed Witches and Wizards for exposing the Church for its practices of Witchcraft, by inserting the Christ or Deity Spell into the Bible, and this is an indisputable fact that Sir Isaac Newton said this was proven and the Ashkenazi Masons knew it and keep it a Secret fearing the Church would have them Burned Alive, because that is what they would have done, so for over 333 years it has gone uncontested, proving it is the truth and everyone knows it, so why lie about when the Truth will set God Free, are you afraid they will Burn you alive or are you just a Coward is a question that all must ask themselves why they would believe in lies, because now the World is owned by those same Banks that print this same Money that Jesus was Murdered for, and now Jesus who did not believe in the Church is now a Religion that dishonors Jesus's Member by lying about him, and they Lie about Jesus just so they can sell the Light of God that is known as Electricity at a Higher Frequency and a Higher Power, and Tesla said we are Light Beings because the Light of God is in all of us, it is our Soul, but it is not that Little Voice in our Head, that is just Meat, so it is the Flesh, because God gave us Freewill to think what ever we wanted and believe it is the truth, when the truth is that all Religions believe that God is a Deity or Spirit, and by that very definition of the word or Spelling of Insanity, which is the belief in things that do not exist in reality are real, that is a mental illness known as Schizophrenia, yet the Religious do not see it that way and some of them would kill me for saying that, proving it is the truth, because only insane people would kill you for not believing as they do, they can call you Stupid, and might be Right, but its better to be Left after the Fight is over, because then it does not matter if you are Right, the Victor will always think they are Right, and this War has been going on since Jesus was Killed and the reason why, so it is a Fight that can not be won by Fighting, Jesus proved that, they Killed him and changed History just so they could continue selling God, so Tesla's Free Energy was about not selling God for Money, but charging for the Power Lines and Maintenance, but the Bankers did not like that idea, they wanted to sell yew every watt of God at a premium price, and sell yew the Blood of the Planet and call it Oil so yew would not know it is Killing the Planet since it uses it to smoothly rotate, so they backed Albert Einstein over Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla, so that a Godless Science would dominate the World, so the Bankers only back that research, so most people do not even know about Newton, Franklin or Tesla's belief in Light Beings, all so they could hide what God was, so they could exploit God with a clear conscience, so these people who lie about who Jesus Bar Abbas was, were Cowards according to my Cousin Isaac Newton, because they deny his name because they use Money, and do not want to stop using Money because they believe they can not live without Money, and they laugh at me for suggesting such a stupid thing, knowing Jesus never used Money, because that place is called Sanctuary, so the Religious had to change the meaning of that word: so that the Bankers that own them like Sheep could continue to exploit God treating God like a Slave, because there is no getting around this Logic and Reasoning, because Science knows for a fact that our Brainwave is an Electrical Signal, so its Electricity, so its clear who is lying about what God and it is not the Bible, but Religion and the Banks that print the Money Jesus Bar Abbas was Murdered for, and the Truth died with him, and that is what Newton and Tesla were saying, and it is what they proved, and Newton's Math and Tesla's Electricity proves it, and it is in the Bible so put your hand on it and swear this is the truth, because God is all Light, and IAM the Light of God, just ask the Dark Wizard Moses who started this whole Money scam by destroying the Pyramids built by Free people, meaning they did not use Money, so there was no way they could have been slaves, since they could have left any time they wanted, they were not prisoners, until Moses used the Gold for Money, and gave us his 10 Commandments that he said God wrote, knowing that God is the Light, and if God was going to give us 10 Laws, he would not have given us the ones we abuse when we go to War in the name of God, when we are really just fighting for the Banks who own us like Sheep, so this whole Reality is a Lie, just to scam the People out of their Labor and their Lives: so the Ruling Class do not have to work for a Living, so it is all a matter of how you read the Bible, because that is exactly what it says to me, and it is all because People can only see the Darkness, and Newton proved that, the Light of God can not be seen by the human eye, it is not in the Spectrum of Light that is visible to humans, maybe the Dog can see it, the Dog sees everything, but people Lie, it is not the Light we see at all, it is the Darkness, and we just call it the Light, because it is Light, but it is not the Light of God, there is only the Light and the Dark according to the Bible, and we can not see the Light, so we can only see the Dark, so why do we call it the Light knowing it is not, why do we call North America knowing its only Magnetic North America, it is because it is Normal to be stupid, and the answer is because ewe read into everything, because if you just read the Bible you would know it is the Truth, even with the Insertion of Christ which Newton called a Lie, and Tesla called a Sin, if you know that Christ is just a Spell, do not fall for it, do not act like you can actually see the Light of God knowing you can only see the Darkness, and understand that God is the Light, so God is Electricity, that is what the Bible said using the Science of Newton, Franklin and Tesla combined, so these men proved that God really exist and it is why they were so excited, it was not so they could sell God to get Rich and Lie about what you are doing by pretending that you did not know that God is Electricity and therefore a Sin to sell without telling you what you are buying, because they think its better to believe in the Theory of General Relativity, which is another word for some degree of Insanity, since Theory means it is not proven, which means it may not exist in Reality, but do not take my word for it, just believe in the Bible, not the insertions that Newton wrote about, because those cause Paradox's, so you know they are a lie, even Einstein said that Paradox's can not exist in Reality, and General Relativity is based on a Paradox, so you know it is not Reality, so if you want to prove to yourself if the Light of God is your Energy and that God is Electricity, then just remove all the Electricity from your Body of Flesh, meaning you flatline, I can guarantee you that you will die, and Electricity can bring you back to life just like it did for Lazarus, because you can not Live without the Light of God, but I know for a fact that you can Live without Money, and that concept is called Freedom, and Mainstream only sells you Free Dumb, and if you are buying it, it is not even Free, its just Dumb, and yew would know this if yew did not interpret the Bible, when all you had to do is just Read it: God is All Light without Darkness, let me see, do you think it could mean that God is All Light without Darkness, wow, you mean to tell me it is that easy to Read the Bible?

The Bible stated thou shalt not have any God before Me, and if IAM is defined to be I And Me then the God Before Me is I, so you can not have any Gods before I, as Proof: IAM God, and I am God both mean the same thing if God is the Light of I, so its how we define IAM that the Bible Literally means what it said, its how Me sees I and the Eye sees Me.

My Cousin Isaac Newton wrote that the Bible does not tell us how to Live our Lives, it tells us how not to, its full of Stories about what Fools do, and his Logic on this subject is flawless, if God is All Light without Darkness, and we can only see the Darkness, then the Bible is not about the Light, because we can not see the Light, we only see the Darkness and call it the Light, so those that Read the Bible and try to Live like the Fools it talks about, become Fools themselves, Fools that will Deny Jesus had 3 Names just so they could continue to do the Bidding of their Masters: Money, proving it is the Root of All this Evil.

Only Sheeple quote the Bible saying this is the way we should live our Life, because only Fools follow Fools, and the 10 Commandments were put their to Control People like Sheep, the Dark Wizard Moses invented Money, and Laws to enslave the Fools, so they can do the Bidding of the Darkside, because it is a Fact that anyone that uses Money is a Sinner in the Eyes of Jesus Bar Abbas, and only Fools and Liars would call him Jesus Christ, the Liar is the Fool that believes it, and only Fools would Preach it as if it were the Truth, because the Only Truth in the Bible is that God is All Light without Darkness, which means the Word of God is not written in Darkness, but in the Light of God, and that means our Soul, and Freewill allows Fools to believe in Paradox's instead of the Trinary Science of God, because God is All Light, so God is Energy and Energy is Science, not Religion based on the Teaching of how Fools live their Lives.

There is nothing you can say to a Fool to change their Mind, it was brainwashed from Birth by Parents and a Society that was built by the Sin of Money, so they are Slaves to a System they can not see, a System based on Darkness and Lie about it by calling it the Light, the Bible was written to be Read and not Read into, it was written by Wizards and Witches, and they are the only ones that can decode it, others Read into it and actually think it is telling them how to live their life, instead of how not to, knowing that it is all about People who have Sinned, so it is a Book about Sinners, and People know this, but Sheeple do not, and that is just a fact that no one can argue, read the Stories, would you sacrifice your Children if God told you to?

Sheeple listen to that Little Voice in their Head knowing that only Insane People hear voices in their Head, what Fools they are to listen to that Insanity, God does not Communicate with us using that Little Voice, that is a Fools game, and Religion is the Name of a Fools Game, Religion has nothing to do with the Bible, it was not written so it could be perverted by Religion, so Religion is a Sin to the Bible, and only Sinners are Religious, and that too is a fact, no Money no Sin, you have a Choice: Fight with Jesus Bar Abbas for Freedom, or becomes Slaves to Jesus Christ, who by the way, was a Wizard, he practiced Magic by walking on Water, turning Water into Wine, and returning from the Dead, only Fools believe in Magic, only Fools are stupid enough to follow other fools who believe that Money is just a Tool, when its only a Tool for Destruction.

For those that actually believe that what those people do in the Bible is the way you should try to live your Lives, did not actually read the Bible, those stories are all about Bad People who Sin, and it describes their Sins in a way that only Fools would deny they are Sins, and like I said, there is no communicating with Fools, they are too Stupid to understand Logic and Reasoning, they only understand Emotions, and Emotions do not make us Human, they make us Animals, so anyone that Teaches that Love is the Answer is a Fool and a Liar, because Love is the most destructive Emotion of them All, because no one can Love without Hate, and History has Proved that all Wars were Religious Wars, the Religion of Hate and Destruction, that is the teaching of Love, you Fuck them and Kill them is all that word means in History, because Religion has driven every War Humans have ever seen on this Planet, Religion allows Money to be Worshiped instead of God, Religion teaches that God does not Physically Exist, its just a Deity, and that Belief is defined as Insanity, no way to define it any other way, and only a Fool would try, if your Science is Godless than so is your Life, so why hide behind Religion if you do not believe in God, a Liar and their Lies make them Fools for believing in Lies and preach it like it is the Truth, because the only Truth in the Bible is that all the People they write about are Sinners and you should stay clear of People like that, yew say it talks about Jesus Bar Abbas, so is he a Fool, well he trusted 12 People to not sell him out, than they made him out to be a bad man by Creating Christ, so how much of a bigger Fool did Christians make out of Jesus Bar Abbas, so yes, they are all fools in the Bible, those that were Fools for trusting Yew, and those that made a Fool of you for Trusting everyone that Reads the Bible to understand it, making Yew who Read it and believed it the biggest Fools of all.

Sir Isaac Newton wrote more about the Bible then he did about any other subject, he mostly wrote about the Light, and how no one in his time understood what the Light was, even after he published his book, people were more clueless than ever, and that was because he could not openly write about the Truth, because the World was run by Religion or the Religious, and that means it is all insane, its based on a belief in things that do not exist, because if a Deity of Spirit does not Physically Exist, and in your Science God does not Exist at all, then God does not Exist at all, so nothing has changed in over 333 years, and that is insane according to Newton, he pointed out that every thing in the Bible besides the definition of God is a Sin, and why is that, because if you understand the definition you will understand the rest is all about Sin, because God did not create the Universe in 6 Days and Rest on the 7th, that is BS, it is Sin, only Fools would believe in such Lies, and that is because only the People who Denied Jesus had 3 names, believed in this fairy tale about Creation of the Universe, and if there is one Lie in the Bible, it was Christ, and Newton Proved that was not in the Original Bible, so Christ is the Only Lie in the Bible, the rest is just stories about Sinners and why they were sinners, was because they were all Fools to believe in things that they can not prove, so Newton wrote that he only wrote about things he could prove, and I do the same, I will not Sugar Coat it, I proved as did History, that Religion is a Fools Game, and only Sinners would follow those Fools who Sin, and the Sinning will not stop until the Buck does, and that is where the saying the Buck Stops here came from.

The All Mighty United States Dollar Bill was encoded with the Truth in it: Table 5.01: U.S. Dollar Bill Symbolism

  1. A Bill means you owe it, not own it, so its Dept.
  2. The Pyramid with the All seeing Eye of Horus is Sanctuary.
  3. The 13 Feathers symbolize the all mighty Pin that each of the tribes used to create Religion with.
  4. The 13 Arrows symbolizing the Waring mentality of all the Religions.
  5. The Owl of Athena symbolize the end goal of Roman Empire Money has Created, which is Sin, and misery for those who use Money which is the Only Sin the Bible actually mentions.
Table 5.01: U.S. Dollar Bill Symbolism

Nothing more to say about the Bible that Newton did not already say, it is a book that is misinterpreted by the Mass of Fools who Read into it, knowing that only Fools believe they should live their Life in Sin, and Misery, so this what the House of the Rising Sun, the fact that Religion is wholly responsible for Denying Jesus had 3 Names, just so they could control People like Sheeple with Money, and Religion, so trying to Communicate with Fools is a game only Fools play, so IAM not a Fool, IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, IAM every shade of Grey in between, IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and that means that the Light is God, the Wizzard is the White Noise that God Controls, but the Flesh, well that is just Me, and Freewill can drive me insane if I let it, but I know the Truth the Bible wrote about, and it does not need to be changed, even with the Insertion of Christ, which just proves that the people of that time viewed it that way, because they were Fools and was Fooled by Money knowing it is the Root of All this Evil, and only Fools defend Lies, I take up the Fight that Jesus Bar Abbas lost, he died so everyone could continue to Sin in his Name, he is both a Murder for killing Roman Empire Soldiers who murdered people for not paying their Taxes, and Christ: who taught us that Fools are easy to sway, just allow the Sheeple to Sin, and they will believe what every the Powers that Be want them to, just give them more Money, more Power, knowing they can not take it with them when they die, a Fools Game that only Fools Play.

For the Record: Like Newton, Franklin, Tesla and the Other Wizards, I believe the Bible is the Greatest Book ever Written, because once you understand Witchcraft and how to Read it, you will understand how it withheld the test of time, because the Powers that Be do not need to insert but one Lie into it, and it changes the entire meaning of the Book, imagine how Intelligent they were to have done so, knowing that only others like them would understand it, but to Fools that need to be controlled like Sheep, it was the perfect weapon to make your Enemy do your bidding, you can enslave a population of Fools, make them Hate each other by telling them to Love each other, how brilliant is that… I would not change a Word or Spell in it, Wizards and Witches wrote it for US not YEW, so if Yew read this, and want to Kill Me in the Flesh, Jeffrey that is, for writing about the Truth that was written by Newton by the way, I am just the Messenger, I did not write the Message, I just repeated it, so do not get Mad at me or call Me a Liar, only a Fool would to do that, because in the pages of this Book, I prove beyond a Shadow of Doubt that the Truth about the Universe is that God is All Light without Darkness, and once you understand that you can not see the Light of God and only the Darkness, you will understand that the Bible is just about the Darkness and not the Light of God at all, and that is because God gave us Freewill, and Dark Wizards will use the Darkness to enslave those that it can Fool, making Fools out of all that follow Religion or Money, and those people are insane and will Burn me at the Cross just like they did Jesus Bar Abbas who fought for Freedom, ever forget it was the Church that demanded the Romans Kill Jesus, it was the Jews that had him Killed, not the Romans, they were willing to cut a deal with Jesus Bar Abbas, but not the Jews, the wanted the Game to themselves, and did not want Jesus Bar Abbas taking Money away from the Church, so the Church has always been about Money, even before Jesus was Born, because Religion fights for Free Dumb, it Prays on Fools that are not intelligent enough to think for themselves, these Fools will work all their Lives trying to make Money just so the Powers that Be can be sitting around in Luxury and laugh at all the Fools, have them Fight Wars against each other just for Entertainment, they create Poor that will steal from the Rich, just to prove they are the same: Greedy Fools who only value Money, and not Human Life, its why Money is Evil, it is the Backward Spell for Live, and only a Fool would deny that, but only Fools do not understand the Truth about the Trinary Universe.

Trinary Sanctuary is based on the Bible, it is the Blue Print on how not to behave, what not to do, what Sin is, and how Sinners behave, so it is a book we value, and one we will quote when it comes to Sinners who use Money, and would sell their Children into Slavery just to make a buck, only Fools use Money, and only Stupid Greedy Fools would defend it, and Cowards will say this is how the World is, and we can not change it, these same Cowards complain about paying Taxes, but Defend Money, what Fools they are, and Trinary Sanctuary can not have Fools in it, Fools do not deserve to survive the Ice Age that is coming, but mark my Words, these Fools only know Money, they are Money Junkies and would do anything to get more money, if one person does something Evil with Money, everyone that uses it is Evil, that is Logic with sound Reasoning, but Fools only deal in Emotions, they do not need Facts, just a Gun to kill you will, or a Knife to stab you in the Back like the Cowards that they are. Trinary Sanctuary is about Living in Harmony with the World, and protecting ourselves from Fools who destroy the Planet we live on just for Money, those that use the Blood of this Planet as Oil are the worse kind of Fool there is, the Stupid Fool, the Destroyer of all Life, the Planet itself, and at what Cost? Money, and Money can not solve it, only a Wizard can, and that is why this Wizard is going to change the World, because I can, and IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and that is why IAM, but the Light Wizzard in the Flesh is not Me, it is the Light that is in the Flesh, and not the Flesh at all, so its Not Me Jeffrey, it is the Light that is in Me and You, and that is the Same Light that is in everyone, but Freewill comes with a Price: Freedom; its incompatible with Money, Religion, and Law.

The Bible is not about Religion, it is about Sin, and Religion is a Sin, because the Bible defines God as All Light without Darkness, and does not Define Light as Good, and Darkness as Bad, that is called a Lie, and only Satan Lies in the Bible, so do not model your life around Sin, embrace the Light of God, and the Trinary Science of God, because Trinary Science is based on the Bible.

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