Chapter 5.16:
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 5.16:

Religion is based on personal experience, so no two people will ever view Religion the same way, Sir Isaac Newton had more to say about Religion then he did Science, all of his Math was based on words that came from the Bible, the God Jesus spook of is the same God that is the Force in all his Equations, yet Newton was not Religious nor was Jesus, by today's standards he would be Atheist of Agnostic, so would Jesus, because he did not believe in Christ, nor did Jesus, Newton believed Christ was inserted into the Bible to make God a Deity or Spirit, and he said that people that believe in the Lie that was inserted into the Bible are Satanic, so he was attacking the Church just like Jesus did, because Newton's main complain was that by inserting Christ into the Bible, and other changes that were made to allow Money to be taken from the people who attended Church, making it a Scam, not the word or Spell Newton used, but it fit is the way I feel about it, because it better describes their motive, because it allowed the Church to make the Existence of God as a physical entity a lie, since a Deity or Spirit is not a physical entity, so it means God does not really physically exist, and that bothered Newton, because that is by its very definition Evil, and only something that Satan would teach, and Trinary was at the base of those changes, since Newton said that Trinity described what God look like, because the Bible was very clear about what God looked like, God looked like Light without Darkness and is described as being the Farther, Son and Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, but in terms of Science, and not Religion, so Newton said that the Church destroyed God by allowing Money to be more important, and he blamed the leaders of the Church who allowed this new edition of the Bible to be passed on as a genuine Bible, knowing that all the 12 Apostles sold Jesus out for Money, and he said that they would have gotten away with it, if it was not for the Ashkenazi Masonic Secret Societies who maintained transcripts of the Bible, and how he was able to prove the fraud was real, and no one ever denied it was not, so the claim went uncontested, and thus forgotten, the Church is very smart, they knew they would have to take out the Ashkenazi in order to take over the World, so the War in Germany was an Attack on the Ashkenazi like my Family, and why they moved to American, so during the World Wars they set up to do just that, but the Ashkenazi were one step ahead of them, and moved to what is now known as Magnetically North America, where my Cousin Isaac Newton would write about the coming War as if it already happened, because they had it all planed out, so Newton said that the Church's were run by the Zionist, witch was all about a Place and not its People and that place was Israel, witch in Witchcraft means Is Real, so our family had to hide being Ashkenazi, and Wizards and Witches, because we all knew the truth about the God of All Light without Darkness, because Wizards and Witches wrote the Bible using Witchcraft, and I am ready to die, and that is no Secret, so I will not keep it, so I do not Fear those that would Kill me for what I have Written or What I have Said, and it is why I only write it or Speak it to Sheep, so I will know that only Stupid Sheep will ever Argue with me, because I only speak and write to yew, and yew is the Name I gave Ewe, so yew is Stupid, because Yew is a Tree called TaxUS, all because Witchcraft always has at least 3 meanings, so it can be Read or Listened to with 3 Different Meanings that are always the Truth:

  1. God: Light without Darkness (Invisible Light Spectra)
  2. Light: Darkness without Light (Rainbow of Colors in White Light)
  3. Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother: Invisible (0 Dimension: No Space, but you can now see the Light is Darkness)

So Trinary Science Teaches that God is Light without Darkness, and the Light that everyone sees is just the Darkness, so that is not God at all, and why when a lifeforms die their Lights go out, and they no longer look the same as they did when they were alive, so concept of Light or Dark mean Live or Evil, so the backward spell of Dark is Kard, most spell it with a C, so its spelled Card, and we know all 52 of them in Suit, of Spades, to bury the Dead that did not believe, during the Holy Wars between Science and Religion, and Clubs to beat them to Death to get there Diamonds, witch is why they are now Red, because a Wizard or Witch had already Read them, so they are the One that God Controls, its why God lives in your Heart, as well as your Soul, but few Sheeple play this game the same way, so we created these games so yew would learn how to Play, so it is all about Magic, just ask the Jamaicans, we all have our Truths, and Magic is the Truth, its just Technology that few understand, so the Reason why Religion is Evil, is because it does not teach about the God of Light without Darkness, because Religion is always seen as in the Light, and the Light has been Proven to be the Darkness in the White Light, so ewer Reality is twisted into believing in Deities and Spirits, instead of the Trinary Energy that everywhere around you, so God is just the Light that cannot be Seen, Trinary Science proved that its just in a spectrum of Light that is Invisible to Humans, but not our Technology, so it is all about Technology witch means Science, and Religion allowed the Godless Mainstream General Relativity Dynamic Universe, to be that Science, so Religion is teaching you that God does not only Physically Exist, but in Science God does not exist at all.

Those that are Religious are under control of those who conquered the Country they live in, and over time History will reveal this as the truth, but not the History that the Conquers wrote, that is how Christ got inserted into the Bible in the first place, and they went to great lengths to make sure no one ever found out about it, no wonder the Ashkenazi had to go into hiding, and moved country to country to hide who they were and what Knowledge they were hiding, so everything was written using Witchcraft, but times change, and the people who did all those Evil things have all died, and those in Charge nowadays, just joined forces with the Banks that took Control without ever having to go to War, they just allowed ewer greed for Money cause a Civil War, so People who had the Black Gene turned on, in same DNA that White People have, could be made to feel like they were Slaves just because they did not get Paid in Money, because they wanted to be Free, they lived off the Land in what was called Land Cropping, where the Land Lords would get their Fair Share of the Crop, so it all comes down to what people consider living free, because my family had these so called People with the Black Gene turned on, Living on our Land, and Like us, we would not allow them to work for Money, because they were no ones Slaves, my family never demanded from them, nor would they harm them, in fact they were friends, that lived on the same land, and worked the same soil to grow food for everyone to enjoy, that was our way of life, because we wanted to live Free, but now these Foolish Black People want US to believe that they were Slaves, wow, so unbelievable since I know the truth, the Constitution allowed every Man Equal Rights, and this means regardless of his Color that his Genes are in, Man: witch by the way is not Gender Specific, and never was, it only is if you are not talking about a Woman, so Words and Spells are Witchcraft, so it all comes down to who are Slaves, and it was not the Black people living on our White Land in Weston West Virgin, because they were all Free, they did not Work for Money and that is the only way they could be Free, because Money always comes to Taxes and all TaxUS is just the same, its Poison to the Sheep that eat it, so the Banks just backed both sides in every War, so they could make twice the Money, so Money became the New Religion, and the Church lost its power, and the only people the War targeted was the Wizards and Witches that knew this, the rest became Slaves to the Banks that know own them, after 1863 every Black Family on our Land became Slaves, their new Land Lords are now the Bank, they took away my Families Property to make it their Own, so Land that was once owned by the Ashkenazi are now owned by the Zion Banks, allowing the Ashkenazi to slowly infiltrate the old Zionist regimes, by becoming their Slaves like all the Black people that once lived Free on our Land, so times are changing and it is almost safe to talk about this without fear of reprisal, especially for those Black People who believed Hollywood's Version of History, since all Mainstream History was written by the Banks that know Own You Like Sheep, so those that defend the Use of Money prove they are Insane, so there is no reason for me to want to talk to or write to anyone that believes this History, or His-Story, this History where Lincoln Freed the Black People from being Slaves, that cannot ever be proven to be the truth, there might be cases where there were people what where treated like the slaves they portray in the Movies, but those Cases are what Free People where fighting against, and it was not Legal, selling people was not either, but yew allowed because they did not have the Courage to Fight those breaking the Law, it was not their Job because no one Paid yew to do it, so only people in the Darkside would see Lincoln as an Honest Man, because he Lied about taking out a Loan from the Bank we fought our Freedom from before, he used our Country and our People as Collateral for that Loan, so this was Treason against the United States Constitution, so the Militia that Protected this Country, which was We the People, found Lincoln Guilty and after failing to take him Legally in the Courts, and Lincoln was such a Coward that he Ordered the Military to Execute all Militia Members, and outlaw the Militia from every taking back this Country by making that Treason, so it was Treason that got into the mess and it will take Treason to get US out of it, while Stupid Black Sheep wine about being Slaves because no one Paid them, so now yew live on Welfare because yew believe everyone Owes Black's like Ewe a Living for treating them like Slaves, and the Banks love it, because no one fights against them, everyone Loves the Bank, even when they Make it Treason to Own Gold, with the Gold Confiscation in 1933, all part of a Plan, so just to make sure IAM Crystal Clear, the Banks use Money and Taxation to make Slaves out of people, so IAM talking about people like me, a Medically Retired United States Air Force, Disabled Gulf War Veteran, so let me remind you about the Rules in the Military, an Air Force Pilot crashes, Air Rescue is sent out to save what they can of them, the Family is given 3 days to move off base if they live on base after that person is legally declared dead to move off base, the Family does not receive any Money unless they are an underage Child, so if the Family was living off base and had a mortgage, they would lose it, and be forced to live on the streets if they had to, because the Air Force can not help them passed the Free Burial, so this is the Life of a Slave, the Land Lord Giveth and the Banks legally take it away, keep in mind that the Air Force is owned by the Country that is owned by the Banks, so it was the Banks that Win either way, not the Slaves, who work all their lives just to die, and their Families lose everything to Taxation, so what changed since Jesus Bar Abbas was Murdered by the Same Jew Religion, Money and Taxation, nothing, it is all Evil and all Sin, so the People allowing this at this moment in Time, for example: 29 August 2017 at 16:33, a thousand years from now if someone reads this, this might not be true, but for now it is a fact, everyone is Evil and a Sinner just because of Money and Taxation, so these same People will not want to find out they are guilty of Treason, just because they Allow it, and if they try to Stop it, they will also be guilty of Treason, so these Sheeple will fight to the death to defend Money, so I have to Worry about Yew Murdering Me for Money, or retribution, but we are talking about the Religious or Money Junkies here, and they are unpredictable, but for the most part, the Church's already know this story at the top-level, and the lower levels only know what they want the Sheeple to know, because they are the Shepard's, People are just Sheep to the Bankers that Own them, and that is what my Cousin Isaac Newton said back before 1841, but by 1863 the Zionist took over the United States where he once lived, so Freedom was gone once again, and control of the People was under the control of the Bank that prints their Money, so they do not need Religion to control its Sheeple, they have Money with In God We Trust engraven with the Planets Blood it is Murdering, so Money works much better, so they are erasing Religion, first step is make Mainstream Science Godless, so around 1916 they found a theory called Cosmological Considerations in the General Theory of Relativity, now remember that this is a Theory and not a fact, and although Albert Einstein wrote it, he said he only believed in Sir Isaac Newton, because this Theory proved he was right by causing a Paradox in Reality, but the Banks did not care, it would discredit God and Newton, and that is all they wanted to do, because Newton wrote about an Ashkenazi Masonic Secret about Christ and Money, so by 1932 two World Wars was shifting toward the Third Reich, where the Nazi would go to War against the Ashkenazi, and we all know who won, so as the Conquered I can tale you what it feels like to lose a War, because you lose: your Country, your Heritage, and your Honor, so is this Reality Real, or as my Father would say, this is Israel, Is this Real, it is because all of yew fought against my Family, who only wanted to Live in Freedom, without Money or Taxation, but yew would not allow that, so now the Black Sheep Hate the White Sheep, and want them to Pay Welfare, so all this Money really does grow on a Tree called Yew, to prove this is Trinary Science, I give to you Empirical Evidence that no one can deny, beyond a shadow of a doubt, because the Tree Money grows on is called Taxus, and Like I said, a Wizard never makes things up, its just how we use Words and Spells, do you start to understand why the Ashkenazi are still in Power, because we are still the most Intelligent Race on the Planet, we are so much more intelligent than yew, its why you can conquer the World with your Magic called Money and Taxation, but everyone knows it is the Devils due, and Satan's Dream, because Money is the Darkness it is the Original Sin, that is how they conquered, by making yew think that you win, when the Banks end up owning it all and you just like Sheep, so the Banks conquered the Sheeple, and Yew will never admit to being conquered, because then you would have to admit you are a Slave to Money and Taxation.

So from my families point of view, Religion or the Church betrayed Jesus so that the Money would become the new Religion, after the Banks took over, the Church was no longer needed, because Religion had been replaced by Money, and those that use Money or are Religious will deny this, knowing its true, because the Banks really do print the Money for the Country I live in, and everyone on this Planet can say the same thing, because the Bank owns them all, so this Battle is over, now its just a matter of resource management, and economics will dictate that, Sheeple are Animals, they will destroy their own Cities, so the Banks own all the Military and the Militia is against the Law, and they own the all the Courts, so they make all the Laws to make this all Legal in all the Courts in the World, so this is all Legal from their Point of View, they bought the Game, so they can make up the Rules, and elect their Rulers, so there is no real reason to hide the facts, yet as Sir Isaac Newton pointed out that Religious Sheeple are all Liars, growing up I found out the hard way to the lengths of the lie's yew will tale, yew even lie to themselves, and they believe their own lies, and may not even know they are lying, for example: I told someone what I just said about how Sir Isaac Newton was not Religious, and in fact called Christians Liars, after he commented that Newton was a Genius and a Christian, do you have any idea what kind of an insult that is to Newton? Calling him a Christian... Newton Proved Christ was a Lie making Christians all Liars, and my Family knew this, Wizards and Witches must appear to be Normal, so Normal People do not attach them, in Newton's case, he had no choice about what Religion he officially belonged to, Christians Conquered his Country long ago, and only Christians would believe Jesus was a Christian, so my family viewed Reality of Religion in a different Light of God, the Darkness.

My Conclusion is that Religious people do not care about the Truth, or about Facts, yew believe Magicians made up the Facts to fit their Truth, yew only care about their Religion, and I do not care what Religion we are talking about, Sir Isaac Newton said that there are 3 major Religions: Christians, Jews and Muslims, and all of them lie about who Jesus is, those that refer to him as Jesus Christ deny knowing his full Name, because Christ is not a Name, it is a Title, his full name was Jesus Bar Abbas, so those that do not acknowledge that Bar/Abbas and Christ are the same person deny him a second time, and those that deny that the Light of God was in Jesus denied who IAM, deny him a third time, and we all know that is the truth, Sir Isaac Newton proved that over 333 years ago and no one ever contested it, because everyone knows Newton is Right, he never writes about anything he cannot prove to himself first, so it is now a fact in Trinary Science.

Sheeple are Stupid People because they are Ignorant to the Truth, and when told the Truth they deny it, but they do not deny that the Lord is their Shepard, even though that makes them Sheep, so ewe are liars if they tale you they are not Sheep, so why is calling them Sheeple offense to you, it is not too hard to prove that Sir Isaac Newton stated that Christ was inserted into the Bible, so the Truth is out there, and it is not even hidden, so why do Christians lie about this?

Christians lie about Christ because they are ashamed of being Sheep, so they do not want to be called Sheeple even though that is what they are using their own words, so Spells are what they want them to be, and it is why they hate Wizards and Witches so much, because we will never let this subject go, because only the Wizards and Witches believe that God really exist, and the Bible describes perfectly what God is, which is the Light without Darkness, and what God looks like, which is: the Father, Son and Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, so we know what and where God is, and we know how God works, it is not Magic anymore, but the Religious will never admit this is true, so they will go to War and Kill all those that actually believe that God exist, and they will never believe that God is Science, witch their Mainstream Science based on endless changing Theories about a Godless Dynamic Universe, because deep down ewe do not believe in God the same way that the Wizards and Witches do, so the Religious made up Stories about Wizards and Witches to discredit them, they even took the word Wizard out of the Bible, and Newton was not very happy about that, but they left in the Staff of Power and Magic, so go figure, all the clues are still there, but Sheep are not very bright because they cannot see the Light of God the same way as these Wizards and Witches, but I must define them in way that applies to terms, so we fully understand who these people I speak are, because I have said it so many times, just refer to Witch and Wizard in the reference page, because I repeat myself a lot, because I am always afraid I would lose what I was trying to say in the translation, because no one can assume to know what I mean when I say any word regardless of how I Spell it, but in this document it is all about Wizards, and you know that IAM a Witch, because I see Images in my mind and not words or what ever it is that Normal people see, not sure since I can not see it, because what I see is the Light of God, and that is an Image, and it is using my Imagination, and that is what Witchcraft is, it is not Real Magic, and never has been, it is all about the Imaginary, so its Art, and Art comes in many forms, including: Science, Math, Music, and other intellectual activities, so they are the Entertainers and the Teachers at the same time, but the Christians hate them, because yew hate everyone that does not think like them, and that goes for Neurotypicals, they may say they like Autistic People, but they do not, because they treat the whole spectrum like they are Retarded, and that is how they treat Witches and Wizards, even though Moses and Jesus were both Wizards, they deny that, when the evidence proves otherwise, the Staff of Power is always a Sign of a Wizard, so they are Lying about it and you know it.

I have one thing to say to all the Nonreligious: as well as the Religious who do not believe in the Light of God that Sir Isaac Newton said was the Force in all his Equations, and this goes for Benjamin Franklin, as well a Nikola Tesla who said we are Light Beings, and all the other Wizards who believed in the Light of God, if you do not believe them, then stop using the Wizards and Witches: Math, Science, Art and Music, because if you think they are wrong, then why do yew use their Work when yew are claiming it is totally wrong, if yew believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe, that is Lying, and it is dishonest, so IAM calling yew on the Carpet, if you want to tale me that the Godless Dynamics Universe that is based on General Relativity, witch means that as humans reach the speed of Light time slows down, so think about that for a moment, I proved that we are traveling at the speed of Light just like Sir Isaac Newton said we are, Tesla proved it with his experiments with Lightning, because Electricity is being dragged through space not shot out like a bullet, so I want to see some proof that you can attach a Flashlight and an Antenna to a Broomstick, and Fly it to the Moon, because that is the Latest Theory, so pay attention to Newton's Math, because without the Light of God it does not work, so these Sheeple who believe in a Godless Universe do not believe in God at all, so stop using him in all your Math that Newton wrote, you cannot replace God with Centrifugal force, and Chaos Theory, that is insane, and believe it or not, insanity means that you can not tell the difference between what is real and what is not real, and by definition Theories are not Real until proven to be, and then they are facts and not Theories, so believing they are true or could be true makes you insane, so I want all these Nonbelievers to own up to what is real and just learn to have a Real Science and Science Fiction category that is very well-defined, as in Theories are Science Fiction, Facts are Science, then it does not matter if you are Religious or not, you are Insane for not believing in Empirical Evidence, and Newton gave you just that, but most people never understood Newton, and the Religious where at the top of that list, because just like Jesus, he did not believe in a Deity or Spirit, all these Wizards believed in the Light of God, unlike other Religions who actually do not believe God is real, so it is no wonder why Money is the new Religion and no one likes Wizards or Witches, so that is why I feel this way, because people dishonor all these Wizards and Witches every day of the week, and they do not care, they use their work to get their job done, and give all the credit to the Darkside, or those that do not believe in the Light of God, so you do not have to be Religious to believe in the Trinary God of Light, in facts its required.

So how does Society as a whole embrace the Light of God and give up Religion and their addiction to Money and Drugs? The answer is easy, these Wizards all believed in what the Bibles said, and again, I do not have anyone Bible in mind, all of them are all based on the same source, and had the same altercations made to them according to Sir Isaac Newton, and he Proved it at the time and no one contested it, so that debate is over and I will not talk about it as if it was not a fact, because it is and everyone that does not know this, needs to, because Reality needs to be Real, and so it must have a Single Unified Model of the Universe, and that is what the Principles of the Trinary Universe is all about, but it is not about the belief in Deities or Spirits, and never has been, so life gets real simple, the belief in the Light of God is based on Trinary Science, so instead of using the term Trinary God, you can use the term Trinary Energy, and you have other terms that work as well, Wizzards or Light Beings, like the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, in fact what you call God is up to you and always has been, that is called Freewill, and that is what this document is all about, individual Freedom, and that means Free from Religion, keep the Bible, lose the Religion, start believing that God is Real, if you never believed in a Deity or a Spirit, then its real easy, believe in Trinary Science, and now everyone is happy, the Churches can stay open, and they can teach Trinary Science as the Science of Trinary God, and the Banks do not have to close, not even on Sunday, because they never did believe in God in the first place, just joking, but do not tell the Bankers that, they have no sense of humor, but they are the Ashkenazi that own the Banks and the World, so they are just Wizards, that already understand, they are 33 Degree Ashkenazi Masons, and they know all the Secrets, but the truth is that IAM trying to change the World, and Newton, Franklin and Tesla start to just that, all I want is for the Real Science to be recognized, and the Trinary Universe is just a continuation of their work, and all I am doing is trying to get you to understand: what it is that Newton so upset about when it came to the Teaching of Trinity, and the Insertion of Christ into the Bible, then you take the Secrets of the Ashkenazi Masons who lost to the Zionist, and then view Religion into reality with respective, Jesus said that the Church should be a place where people could come for Free to Learn about Science, Math and Art, paraphrasing here, but the point is that Jesus believed that God was the Light that I call Trinary Energy, it actually does explain the Universe, so the choice is your, the Universe really does not care what yew believe, nor do I, know it or no it not, the Universe works in a very predictable way once you learn the pattern, that pattern is called Witchcraft, because it uses Imagination or Magic, because not everyone can see in Images, only the Witches, so you know who they are, but owning up to the truth is not easy to do, yew deny it 3 times, but in the end, my Logic and Reason are correct, and I know that no one on this Planet is intelligent enough to prove me wrong, because the more intelligent they truly are, the more they will have to agree, that no matter how yew explain what is happening at the Subatomic Level, the way I describe it does not change a thing, it just explains it, and I did not even need Empirical Evidence, because there is no smoking gun, all the evidence is registered under common knowledge and easy to find, because it was never hidden, that is how the Truth works, it is all around you and always has been, the Words in the Bible were written as Literals because it was the Truth.

Some People are superstitious, not all, and being superstitious does not mean you are Stupid, ignorance is not a factor, but Logic is, and it is only Logic that can change a person into believing in only things that are Real, the concept that People are allowed Freewill and have the Right to believe in things that are not Real is defined as Insane, so how do Humans get past this problem with Logic, and it is simple, if you actually Believe in the Physical Light of God I call Trinary Energy, then instead of believing in a Deity or Spirit, believe in Trinary Energy, but do not Worship it like a God, instead just let the concept take over, if you Pray to God, then know these are the Things that you need to work on, and do not think that others that hear your Prayers do not work on them also, for example, if you Pray to God to build Sanctuary, then those that take up the challenge will work on it as well, because only God can build these Pyramids, and that God is in all of us, it is not that God is only in us, it is in everything that is made of Atom's, and Trinary Engines are just very large Atom's, and this is just one Atom of God, so God is the Universe, now the Bible will make sense, it is not telling you what you should do, its telling you what you should not do, because that is the Darkness, and it is Evil and Sin, the Bible never talks about the Light of God, it just tells you that Humans never see it, because the last place they would look is inside themselves, because that is the only connection you have to God and it is at the Cellular level, the Light of God is in every Atom in your Body and that is a Fact based on Empirical Evidence and there is nothing anyone can say to change that, but everything changes once you do, because then you stop praying that someone else will take care of all your Problems, and start taking responsibility for them and be able to Pray to others for Help with them too, because God is the only 1 that can save you, and that same God is in every living thing in the Universe, so do not make them your Enemy, and that is all Religion has ever done is make Enemies of everyone that did not believe in the same Religion, which is just another word or spell for levels of insanity, and why all the Wars in History were fought over, its why this World is out of Control, because insane people are in charge of it, so Companies are allowed to Frack the Planet, deplete the Blood of that Planet by calling it Fossil fuel, which is the only thing helping lubricate the rotation of the Planet around the Trinary Engine, so it will cause this Planet to go Nova, and that is Legal so its Proof that Insane People are in charge of this Planet, just so they can sell you God and Spell it another way, because that is all this is, it is about how we Spell God or the Light of God.

Circumcisions is a Practice started when Religious Leaders decided that People should not have Sexual Pleasure, the act is very violent and will scare the person for life, they will never have a normal Sex Life because of this Evil act of disfigurement, which if done to a Child this was done without their Permission, and therefore this is a humans rights issue: in Trinary Sanctuary this is not allowed, everyone has to give their Permission, Parents are not allowed to override that of a Child, this only applies to such things that are Permanent in Nature, and goes against Mother Nature, not such things as Bedtime, Tattoos are Permanent, and Children are not allowed to get them, nor are they allowed to get Circumcisions, no one cares if they want them, and Parents do not have any Authority to authorize them for a Child, Children do not understand the consequences of such Actions, but Adults do, Tattoos can be removed in time, Circumcisions can not, as such: the person performing Circumcisions will be Executed, and anyone allowing Circumcisions will be banished with the death of that person on them. You execute any person that would do such a Crime to a Child. In the United States Circumcision was done to me by a Hospital without my Parents understanding it, they had the form mixed in with others and my Parents signed it, no one told them that it would cause me Sexual Problems, so they Lied, and this goes on to this day, they Lie to Make Money, but my Parents were very upset after it was done, that is what my Father told me anyway, but back then what could we have done is what he told me, today people have sued Doctors and won, so the Hospitals and Doctors, as well as the Legal System in the United States: Knows its Wrong and that you can be Punished for it, and we all know they only do that for Money, there is no reason other than to deny people Sexual Pleasure to do such a thing, people Lie about it all the time, they remove your Appendix for the Same Reason, I still have mine after at least 2 Appendicitis attaches, so I know for a fact you only die if it ruptures and you bleed to death, but there is no benefit to having either removed, and very bad side effects if you do, your Appendix has a purpose just like the Parts they throw in the Trash, when they disfigured you for life to do such an Evil Act. Parents that have their Children Circumcised are Cruel, and do not deserve to raise their Children, so their children will be taken from them, keep in mind that this only applies in under Trinary Sanctuary, and only applies to cases that happen after the existence of Trinary Sanctuary, and only applies to those in Trinary Sanctuary, since all would have been informed of this Requirement to protect Children, and would never do such a Cruel Act as this, so this would never happen in reality, because it is a given that everyone in Trinary Sanctuary knows not to do this, whereas most Parents in the World are just Stupid, and would allow there Children to be Vaccinated, which will be dealt with the same treatment in Trinary Sanctuary, because only Trinary Sanctuary is allowed to decide what if any Vaccines will be allowed, not Mandatory, because that will never happen, and therefore cannot be given to Children. There is no Science behind Vaccination, None, it is all about Money, and Trinary Science proves that Vaccination does not work, and proves Circumcisions are Evil, and are illegal in many Countries. Religion is Evil because of the Practice of Circumcision it started.

No matter what yew believe is true about Religion, the Truth is always just the Facts, and the facts are that throughout time, the Churches have always had out their Tray to collect Money, and the Governments have always been those that Supplied the Money, so the Two go hand in Hand, so that is what Religion is all about, and the Bible strictly forbids Religion and Money, and that is why Trinary Sanctuary forbids Money and Religion.

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