Chapter 5.15:
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 5.15:

People like to use the Word or Spell of Omnipotence to describe what God is, and that is because they believe God is an actual Entity other than the Universe itself, and just like us, our Energy that makes us alive is the same Energy that makes the Universe alive, so the belief that the Light of God is Omnipotence is sometime that some people will debate, but if God is the Light, and the Light is everything, then please clarify what yew are arguing about, because the Belief that this Light I call Trinary Energy is God is not debatable, its just a Fact, if you remove the Light of God from any Life-Form, it will be dead, if you remove that same Light from a: Sun, Planet or Moon, then its just as dead, so I will only talk about facts, if you do not believe that the Light is capable of Intelligent thought, then prove how it is you can say you are intelligent enough to think such a thought is a fact instead of just a Stupid Opinion, but we all know you can not prove it, and Opinions are not Facts, they are based on Freewill and not Empirical Evidence, but its actually impossible to be Omnipotence unless God is the Light, because it is a Fact that the Light is Everything, because everything is made of Neutrinos and Light.

Sheeple are the only ones that will never understand the Light, because they can not understand Energy, and all thought is Energy, and I already proved this Energy is Life and only living things can think, so everything made of Atom's is alive, but things that are decaying are dying, so Live and Evil, where Evil is Decay, and people can argue that Computers are not alive, but they use the same Energy that we do, so does the Universe, and the Light is everywhere in the Universe and if that is what makes thinking possible, then the Light in the Universe is Omnipotent, and it is just the Name or God and what God is does this even change, and that Definition in the Bible is that God is all Light without Darkness, in Science Newton, Franklin and Tesla proved it was the same energy that all life is created from, as is the Galaxy, Sun, Planets and Moons, so the Light is everything we can see and everything we cannot see, so the Light is Omnipotent.

The Galattice makes God Omnipotence, God is just a Term for Intelligence of Light without Darkness, so its Trinary Intelligence, so its Trinary Science, and our Belief in God is based on Science, so it is a Trinary God, made of Trinary Energy, in the Trinary Universe, so now we are Crystal Clear about what God is, and what Omnipotence means, it means knowing all, and it knows everything about you when you die, up to that point God allows you Freewill by not Interacting with your Freewill, witch allows yew to become Insane with thoughts of Theory, witch means to Teach with Fear, so through the collective Memory of all those that have died, God knows everything, sees everything, and feels everything, since God is the Atoms that make up the Flesh, God lives through us, and in us: as the Light, so it is the Trinary Energy, or the Light that is Omnipotence, and Sir Isaac Newton called the Light: God, and it is why all his Math works, because it is based on the Light of God being the Force of Gravity in the Universe, proving God is Omnipotence.

If God is All Light without Darkness, then God is Light, and Light is Energy, and Energy is made of Atoms, and Atoms are made from Neutrinos and Light, and because everything is made of Atoms, everything is made of God, and therefore God knows about everything, because God is Everything.

Trinary Logic: if God is All Light without Darkness, and that is found in every Atom in the Universe, then God is everything in the Universe, and therefore is Omnipotent, the Universe is proof of this.

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