The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.14
Does God Exist

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.14:
Does God Exist

So that concludes the History of using Religion vs Science debate, or have we? Maybe IAM just getting started, because facts mean questions, and the only question that needs to be asked at some point in any Society must answer the question does God exist?

The Answer can not be maybe, this is a yes or no question, it is not like anything will change if we wait another 100 years to answer this very simple question, so it must be worded and spelled in a way that is not Confusing, because if you ask does God exist, most people who believed in a Deity or Spirit would say yes, when in reality, a deity is the belief in a Power, which oddly enough they are not referring to Energy, but something else that does not Physically Exist, but this Higher Power is so undefined that no two people on this Planet could describe what it is the same way twice, Trinary Science calls it Electricity, so as far as I can tell a Deity or Spirit is a non existing Being, that just is, for a better lack of a work or spell, so in fact a Deity means God does Not Physically Exist, because so far, over 95% of the people would statistically vote for a Deity over the Trinary God, which I know this is hard to believe, well that is if you believe in Trinary Energy, just because you can see it, describe how it behaves, predict how it will react, and prove that it exist beyond a shadow of a doubt is still no guarantee that this dissertation will be taken serious, let alone award it. I must be the glass is half empty kind of person, I tend to be like Isaac, I lash out at people who disagree with me in a letter that I am writing to myself, because it is only then do they realize that I might be Schizoaffective, but in the big picture does it matter? Does it make me Wrong? So I argue the point for you, how can I and me be wrong at the same time and assume that if you agree you will understand why I feel this way, and if you disagree, which let us face it, you are the only one I am trying to convince, because the others are Intelligent enough to understand it, that was an Aspie Joke where I mix sarcasm with logic, but like Newton, I believed anyone that did not agree with me where Stupid, so even if I do not say it, I believe it, but only because yew proved how stupid you are, but my motto is I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not, because I know how the Universe works, and as it turns out a lot of people through time knew it also, but this dissertation is not about proving if God exist, but it is part of the History about the debate over it, and this question would be implied to be true if this PhD is granted, so it is a valid observation that I must make an acknowledgment of this fact. What would it take to Prove to everyone in the World that the Trinary God Existed?

They would have to prove that God is all Light without Darkness in it, and Trinary Energy did that using Scientific methods that are repeatable and verifiable... So now you have to ask yourself is if you are willing to go there, because Everyone has Freewill, History has proven that, over and over, so what else can I say that its words or spells that are not in a Dictionary, so its just the order that I put them in that confuses yew, and that is why I added a few New ones, because if nothing else, we now have a few more good names to throw around the Camp Fire as we are burning them Wizards and Witches alive in, just because of the Burning Bush of Moses, so I will let you in on a little Family Secret, my Grandfathers on both sides were 33 degree Masons, and also Freemasons, this is the Foundation of Masonry, which started with the Building of the Pyramids, which Moses Destroyed, Moses deceived people into believing that you should get paid to work, so they rose up into an Army and demanded Gold for payment of their Labor, using: Rape, Pillage and Plundering to get their Gold, thus destroying the Technology it was made of, what was not told was that Payment is Slavery, and in Sanctuary there can be no Slavery, only Freedom, and my family has been fighting for that since they arrived in America back in 1752 on board a ship called the Phoenix, my Grandmothers Parents call here in the 1600's, so they were already here we landed ashore, where these documents I call the Bible of the Masons, first made it into the Country before it was the United States of America, making us Native Americans, but not Indians, and we fought in the War of Independence and were given what is now Weston West Virginia, which was named after my Great-Grandfather 5 times removed, so I inherited these books, notes and papers, and they state that God is all Light without Darkness, and there can be No Light without the Darkness, that last part is not connected to the front part, but it is there, and why it is there is what I have been trying to prove, and that is that people who are in the Light, or Enlighten, like Sir Isaac Newton, and the others who believed that God is Light, which is basically because that is what it said, so it is not a stretch of the Imagination, they mean that God Created All Life, so the Light was actually the mechanism that it used to do it, and we all know that Light is an Image, so God Created all Life in his Image, which is Light, so as Tesla pointed out, we are all Light Beings, so as it turns out, these where already the Ashkenazi Masons beliefs, so why keep them Secret, when it is the Greatest Discovery since Newton Discovered it over 333 years ago, as proof, but the word goes back for thousands of years, so how else do you explain this, because chance or coincidence will not even make any sense, because this is a certainty that can not be Random Noise, and I thought that debate was over, so we do not have to go there, but we do need to make sure we document all the thoughts that lead to this Conclusion, because it was stated as a Fact, God is All Light without Darkness, there is no way to not understand this simple statement unless you read into it.

Growing up I saw a lot of People die in front of me, I know what it feels like to wonder where their Soul, which I refer to as the Spark Of oUr Life, go when they die, I never see it leave, but I know in reality it was really just Light, or Trinary Energy, and it is still there, yet they are gone, so the Light which is also refereed to as I, because the Bible said that Gods name is IAM, and IAM God, if God created me in his Image, so I is referring to the Light, so maybe IAM is referring to I And Me, where Me is short for Meat so it is the Flesh, and Jesus did say he was coming back in the Flesh, and I am Flesher, and this must be more than chance or coincidence, and Newton said the same thing, he is the Descendant of Jesus, so maybe we never die, we are just reborn, because Jesus said you can kill me but I will never die. Ascending or Ascension, Descending, these are just levels we exist in while on this planet, it is what we choose to do while on this planet that makes a difference, and I decided to tell His-Story one more time, and this time I would prove that throughout History, the Existence of God was known, but all I have to prove is that Trinary Energy is the Medium that Light and Energy are transmitted on, the rest of what I say is just facts.

If our Soul is Electricity, then it is the Same for All Life in the Universe, so when that Electricity leaves that Lifeforms body, it is Lifeless, or gone, and what is left is just a Lifeless Body, but that Energy or Soul, we call Life, never dies, it is always there, its just not in the Lifeless Body, so Life is not the Flesh, the Electricity is, and Electricity is just Light at a different frequency and Wavelength, so when we die, our Energy becomes Gods Dream, then and only then does God know anything about you, other than that connection you have with the Light, so God exist and exist all the time, our Energy Existed before we were Born, it was transfer with a Spark of Light between the Sperm and the Egg to create Life, and when we die that spark goes out, only to be reborn into another body, to awake wonder where they are, having to learn to communicate with Parents that will convince them that they never lived another life before, so most will forget about those other lives, will some will not, and it is all because of our Electric Soul.

In Trinary Science we read the Statement: God is All Light without Darkness, and we can Prove what the Light and Darkness is, so we proved that God Exist, so God's Existence is just a Fact in Trinary Science.

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