Chapter 5.14:
Does God Exist
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 5.14:
Does God Exist

So that concludes the History of using Religion vs Science debate, or have we? Maybe IAM just getting started, because facts mean questions, and the only question that needs to be asked at some point in any Society must answer the question does God exist?

The Answer can not be maybe, this is a yes or no question, it is not like anything will change if we wait another 100 years to answer this very simple question, so it must be worded and spelled in a way that is not Confusing, because if you ask does God exist, most people who believed in a Deity or Spirit would say yes, when in reality, a deity is the belief in a Power, which oddly enough they are not referring to Energy, but something else that does not Physically Exist, but this Higher Power is so undefined that no two people on this Planet could describe what it is the same way twice, Trinary Science calls it Electricity, so as far as I can tell a Deity or Spirit is a non existing Being, that just is, for a better lack of a work or spell, so in fact a Deity means God does Not Physically Exist, because so far, over 95% of the people would statistically vote for a Deity over the Trinary God, which I know this is hard to believe, well that is if you believe in Trinary Energy, just because you can see it, describe how it behaves, predict how it will react, and prove that it exist beyond a shadow of a doubt is still no guarantee that this dissertation will be taken serious, let alone award it. I must be the glass is half empty kind of person, I tend to be like Isaac, I lash out at people who disagree with me in a letter that I am writing to myself, because it is only then do they realize that I might be Schizoaffective, but in the big picture does it matter? Does it make me Wrong? So I argue the point for you, how can I and me be wrong at the same time and assume that if you agree you will understand why I feel this way, and if you disagree, which let us face it, you are the only one I am trying to convince, because the others are Intelligent enough to understand it, that was an Aspie Joke where I mix sarcasm with logic, but like Newton, I believed anyone that did not agree with me where Stupid, so even if I do not say it, I believe it, but only because yew proved how stupid you are, but my motto is I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not, because I know how the Universe works, and as it turns out a lot of people through time knew it also, but this dissertation is not about proving if God exist, but it is part of the History about the debate over it, and this question would be implied to be true if this PhD is granted, so it is a valid observation that I must make an acknowledgment of this fact. What would it take to Prove to everyone in the World that the Trinary God Existed?

They would have to prove that God is all Light without Darkness in it, and Trinary Energy did that using Scientific methods that are repeatable and verifiable... So now you have to ask yourself is if you are willing to go there, because Everyone has Freewill, History has proven that, over and over, so what else can I say that its words or spells that are not in a Dictionary, so its just the order that I put them in that confuses yew, and that is why I added a few New ones, because if nothing else, we now have a few more good names to throw around the Camp Fire as we are burning them Wizards and Witches alive in, just because of the Burning Bush of Moses, so I will let you in on a little Family Secret, my Grandfathers on both sides were 33 degree Masons, and also Freemasons, this is the Foundation of Masonry, which started with the Building of the Pyramids, which Moses Destroyed, Moses deceived people into believing that you should get paid to work, so they rose up into an Army and demanded Gold for payment of their Labor, using: Rape, Pillage and Plundering to get their Gold, thus destroying the Technology it was made of, what was not told was that Payment is Slavery, and in Sanctuary there can be no Slavery, only Freedom, and my family has been fighting for that since they arrived in America back in 1752 on board a ship called the Phoenix, my Grandmothers Parents call here in the 1600's, so they were already here we landed ashore, where these documents I call the Bible of the Masons, first made it into the Country before it was the United States of America, making us Native Americans, but not Indians, and we fought in the War of Independence and were given what is now Weston West Virginia, which was named after my Great-Grandfather 5 times removed, so I inherited these books, notes and papers, and they state that God is all Light without Darkness, and there can be No Light without the Darkness, that last part is not connected to the front part, but it is there, and why it is there is what I have been trying to prove, and that is that people who are in the Light, or Enlighten, like Sir Isaac Newton, and the others who believed that God is Light, which is basically because that is what it said, so it is not a stretch of the Imagination, they mean that God Created All Life, so the Light was actually the mechanism that it used to do it, and we all know that Light is an Image, so God Created all Life in his Image, which is Light, so as Tesla pointed out, we are all Light Beings, so as it turns out, these where already the Ashkenazi Masons beliefs, so why keep them Secret, when it is the Greatest Discovery since Newton Discovered it over 333 years ago, as proof, but the word goes back for thousands of years, so how else do you explain this, because chance or coincidence will not even make any sense, because this is a certainty that can not be Random Noise, and I thought that debate was over, so we do not have to go there, but we do need to make sure we document all the thoughts that lead to this Conclusion, because it was stated as a Fact, God is All Light without Darkness, there is no way to not understand this simple statement unless you read into it.

Growing up I saw a lot of People die in front of me, I know what it feels like to wonder where their Soul, which I refer to as the Spark Of oUr Life, go when they die, I never see it leave, but I know in reality it was really just Light, or Trinary Energy, and it is still there, yet they are gone, so the Light which is also refereed to as I, because the Bible said that Gods name is IAM, and IAM God, if God created me in his Image, so I is referring to the Light, so maybe IAM is referring to I And Me, where Me is short for Meat so it is the Flesh, and Jesus did say he was coming back in the Flesh, and I am Flesher, and this must be more than chance or coincidence, and Newton said the same thing, he is the Descendant of Jesus, so maybe we never die, we are just reborn, because Jesus said you can kill me but I will never die. Ascending or Ascension, Descending, these are just levels we exist in while on this planet, it is what we choose to do while on this planet that makes a difference, and I decided to tell His-Story one more time, and this time I would prove that throughout History, the Existence of God was known, but all I have to prove is that Trinary Energy is the Medium that Light and Energy are transmitted on, the rest of what I say is just facts.

If our Soul is Electricity, then it is the Same for All Life in the Universe, so when that Electricity leaves that Lifeforms body, it is Lifeless, or gone, and what is left is just a Lifeless Body, but that Energy or Soul, we call Life, never dies, it is always there, its just not in the Lifeless Body, so Life is not the Flesh, the Electricity is, and Electricity is just Light at a different frequency and Wavelength, so when we die, our Energy becomes Gods Dream, then and only then does God know anything about you, other than that connection you have with the Light, so God exist and exist all the time, our Energy Existed before we were Born, it was transfer with a Spark of Light between the Sperm and the Egg to create Life, and when we die that spark goes out, only to be reborn into another body, to awake wonder where they are, having to learn to communicate with Parents that will convince them that they never lived another life before, so most will forget about those other lives, will some will not, and it is all because of our Electric Soul.

This is Chapter 5.14, and that adds down to 1 in Numerology, so the 1 question I have is Does God Exist, and if so, is there only 1 God, and if so, did God actually Leave us his 1 Son, and if so, was it Jesus, if so, which Jesus, Christ or Bar/Abbas, since only Jesus Bar Abbas existed in History, and by Definition Christ is a Deity, for those that believe God is also a Deity, and by Definition a Deity does not Physically Exist, much like Christ in History, so in Reality we must all admit that only Jesus Bar Abbas Physically Existed, see, Reality is not that hard, as long as it is Real, it is Reality, so now for the Part of My Reality, that most people might question is Real.

A Wizard is a person who can tale a Story, if the Story is Real is up to the Wizard, so this Wizard known as Jeffrey Scott Flesher, or Flesh for Short, will now tale the part of His-Story, that few believe until they see it, so any good Magician, and that word translates to Wizard, so they are sometimes used the same way, so let me let you in on my Trick, it is to Tell you a Tale, and for you to decide if you believe it is the Truth, all I can tell you is that I only write what I can prove, to do otherwise is to be dishonest, so I stand by my Words and how I Spelled them, so keep up with my Logic, and do not confuse what you think about anything I have to say, with what is the Truth, and do not forget where my Information comes from, and that is Public Domain Information about Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, all of which are Men who are known to be Aspie's, or people with Asperger's syndrome, and a group of Men that are known to have High IQ's, also known Ashkenazi's, although few would ever admit to being one, since they Fled to North America starting in the 1600's, just to be Free, but they were forced to Hide among those that believed in Christ, because like the Muslims, they will Kill everyone that does not believe in their God, also known as a Deity, so it is no wonder why most Jews hide their Origin, because the Ashkenazi is one of the 13 Lost Tribes, and the Word is Spelled and Translated as 3 Concatenated Words, Ash meaning White, more of an Ash Grey in Color, and also later known as the Holy Cost, and Ke, which is pronounced Key, is a Mix between the Ash, and the Nazi which are Black, and Black and White are the Same Color, they only vary in intensity of Light, for proof look at a Dark Cloud, that has a White Top, it will change from every shade of Grey, between White and Black, proving they are in fact the same Color, this is what Newton Proved, all the Rainbow of Colors are in White Light, including Black, it is not the Absents of Light, it is actually what you see when you mix all the Lights together, follow the Logic, and do the Experiments, White Light from the Sun will break down in a Prism into a Rainbow of Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, now mix them all together and get Black, sure you say, let me try the Experiments and see, keep in mind I am a Wizard, so no cheating, you have to mix, do not reverse it through a Prism, that will only give you back White Light, and Light Colors do not Mix the same as Water Based Colors all the time, think in terms of Light Color as Primaries: Red, Green, Blue AKA RGB, and Water Colors as Pigment Color with Primaries of: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow AKA CMY, and the popular RBY for mixing Paint, so we are taught that all colors add together to equal White, and the absent of Light is Black, and this is because this is a Model for the Real World, this is what I call Trinary Science, so in this Experiment, we take White Light and break it down using a Prism, and we convert that Light into an Electrical Waveform that represents that Lights Frequency, so what Frequency produces this color of Light is the question to answer, now add them all up, do they add up to White or Black? Does it add up to the Absents of Light? The Concept is clear enough, the Science is Not, what Frequency is Black, is a question I have no Answer for, but I do know that when you add up all the Frequencies, you will find that Spectrum of Light is beyond what most Humans can see, so it is Black to them, or Absent, and that is a Fact just proven.

Now the White Man will Ask what Color is God, and we just answered it, so the Black Man will think God is Black, but that is not what we just Proved, not even Close, we proved that Black and White is the Same Color, so like the Ashkenazi, we take 3 Colors and Mix them to get all the Races, in all the Tribes, and that is what Newton said the Bible was talking about in terms of Color, and People have to get over Facts like this, because look into the DNA of the Ashkenazi, and you will find all 3 Races, as proof, the Humans are labeled in Colors ranging from Black to White, just like the Clouds, so what is done in Heaven is done on Earth below it. Think about the Bible in terms of Science, and not Religion, then Heaven is Positive and Hell is Negative, Heaven is White Light, Hell is the Darkness of a Black Light, and not a Light Bulb Painted Black, you need a Light Bulb that can produce the Light at a Frequency equal to all the colors of Light combined into one very high Frequency, and we know that is higher then most humans can see, so down from Heaven comes White Light from the Sun, and when you add up all the Colors, you get Black, and to Humans, it looks like the Absents of Light, because it is in a Spectrum most Humans can not see with their Naked Eyes, but can with special Technology, AKA Full Spectrum Googles, so if God sent his only Son, and that Son was in Gods Image, then it must be in X-Rays, because if you took an Image of yourself to a Scientist, they would expect it to be an X-Ray, so why would that not be the correct Answer, most Humans can not see X-Rays, and adding up all the Colors is clearly in the Range of X-Rays, or is it? Science, I just Love it, X-Rays sees Bones, all bones are made of Atoms, all the Atoms have the Light of God inside of them, so the Bones are made from Atoms that are the Light of God, so do not forget that the Flesh is also made of Atoms, and Atom was the First Man to have ever Lived in the Bible, or was that Adam, well you would have to Ask Eve, and Eve is just short for Evening, as in the Darkness, so the Bible was Right, in the Beginning there was Light, that implies there was no Darkness, and Newton proved that Darkness is all most Humans see, because that White Light from the Sun is really a Rainbow of Colors, so God Create all that we see, and is all that we can not see, as such, the difference between worshiping a Deity, and believing in God that Physically Exist as All Light without Darkness, is not the Same at all, the Dictionary is my Reference, look up Insane and Insanity, the belief in things that do not Physically Exist, is a very good definition of that word, is it not? Logic, again not on the side of those that believe in Christ, proving that Logic is right, they are insane, now the Religious people Jump on this Train of Thought, and come up with that they do believe that God is All Light without Darkness, because the Bible does actually say that, but they can not Deny that Religion is about the Teach of God as a Deity, therefore that Light without Darkness does not Physically Exist, it can not by Definition, so it is not the Same God at all, so ask yourself what God does not Physically Exist, and the Answer is Not a Real God, but a Pretend God, a Sprit, sounds like Dark Magic to me, the belief in an Evil Spirit is called a Superstition, so make sure the definitions for all your Words and the way you Spell them is Right, or you may not be Left, only Santa, I mean Satan would tale you that God does not Physically Exist, and only a Sheep would believe it, since the Bible said God is All Light without Darkness, yet even a Fool would have to admit that Physically Exist.

I am not a Prophet, nor do did I write this Book to Profit, and I never say I am the Descendant or Resurrection of Jesus Christ, that is Crazy, get it Right, I said IAM the Descendant and Resurrection of Jesus Bar Abbas in the Flesh, so keep in mind that Newton said the same thing, and I am in the same line of Descendance as Isaac Newton my First Cousin Five times remove, thus he has the same last name, and like all Ashkenazi named after dead Descendance, and why I also have Benjamin Franklin as a Cousin as well, having my family line come from Germany in 1752 onboard the Ship called the Phoenix as Crew, proving a new way to navigate the Oceans using Magnetic Lines of Deviations, my Grandmother side came from Ireland, and one Mother side from Scotland, and where I got my middle Name, being named after both Roberson, or Son of Robert the Bruce, my Father was named Robert, but my Grandmother called him Lefty, because he was Left Handed, and why he forced me to be Right Handed, but I also have William Wallace in my Family Line, and that Line goes back to Atom, I mean Adam, and he was White, but Eve was Black, and that is just a Fact that no one can debate, the Bible is a Book about Sin, and only Sheep that Sin follow it, that too is a Fact no one can debate, only a Sheep would follow a Shepard, the Dog just nips at the Sheep if they get out of line, so I need to be very clear about what I am about to write, because I would rather be Left then Right.

They say the first sign of Schizophrenic behavior starts with a Delusion of Grandeur, which means a false belief in one's own superiority, greatness, or intelligence, as such, People experiencing Delusions of Grandeur do not just have high self-esteem; instead, they believe in their own greatness and importance even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, so I will try to give overwhelming evidence to support such claims, just to prove I know the Limit between being Schizoaffective, which I know I am, I am not stupid, I know what the Word actually means, and I know that I do have moments that I do see things that others can not see, and I am on medication that is supposed to prevent this, when what caused it is Low or No REM Sleep, and that can drive anyone into Madness, so I wrote a Computer Program to test if I was Mad, and I always proved I was not Mad, and that I actually knew that others can not see these things I see, since they are actually in my Mind, so rather in my field of view, then actually being Real, or me actually thinking they were, because that is called Schizophrenia, and that is Crazy, as Crazy as John Nash anyways, who forgot to buckle his seat belt while in the back of a New York Taxi, well maybe he was Crazy, but he had a Beautiful Mind, so my point that I am trying to make, is that I know what Crazy is and what Crazy does, and I know about the lines between Schizoaffective and Schizophrenia, and I am comfortable with the gap in my Reality, so I have no problems admitting to my own Mental Conditions, in fact they are all common to Ashkenazi, and why most People did not Like them, and why they hide who they are, and do not ever thing Ashkenazi is a Religion, being a Jew does not even define your Religion, a Jew is a Lifestyle, Ashkenazi are a mixed Race, I have Black, Asian, Indian from Nova Scotia, and a long line of White, so I tend to mix well with any crowd, at least on my behalf, my Experiences have been more Mixed, and sometime after 1990, Paranoia set in, I started getting this Dooms Day event that always started on 12 October, the years vary, but the Event is a feeling I have felt for as long as I can remember, they come to me in Dreams, but this Time, meaning after I woke up after my last Surgery, when they removed my Gallbladder, I seen something else as a threat, and trust me, I have been very close to being right somewhere in the World, just not always what I thought it was, or even what I thought it was, so my track record is not that great, unless I address the whole world with my Dreams, because it did apply to some one, just no one I knew, and as proof, look at all the Earthquakes that happen around this time every year, as far back as History goes, and you will see this Pattern, 180 is a number that repeats over time, and in Numerology, that is the Number 9, 3 numbers add down to Nine, comes from the Bible according to Newton, other 3 numbers that add up to 9 also apply, and individually the numbers have meaning, even there place (1, 10, 100...) has significant meaning, the Code in the original Text in the Bible needs 3 numbers to find one word of text in it, the Page Number, the Paragraph and the Word, and in the Cartesian Coordinate system, you need 3 points, so this is Science and not Religion, and sorry if I sound like I do not like Religion, but that was actually Newton who said these things, and I just believe Newton, and I only believe the Bible, where I know for a Fact the Church is the one who Murdered Jesus, so I will never trust any Church or their Religion where God and Christ are both Deities, since I know they still Deny Jesus was a Dual Personality, that was inserted into the Bible during the Third Century, when some Evil Greedy Person decided to rebuild the Roman Empire under a New Name, and now we call the those Trolls or Elves also known as Bankers, and Newton was very clear about their Kind, never trust them, and never trust Money, both Newton and Tesla would buy things with the Money they had, they never had any money that was left over at the end of the Day, because they did not trust money, and Newton was the one that pointed out it was Kepler who started this 12 October thing, and the Date is in Question, what Calendar is it, well I changed it to Gregorian, since it was Julian in Kepler's days, and in Galileo's, who was the one who did more research into it, and has more notes, Tesla had all these Notes as well as add a lot of his own, and Donald Trump's Uncle Charles is the one who Personally took charge of all of Tesla's stuff the day he died, so it was no wonder he is now President, but will he in 2020 is still Hind Sight, and if not for the fact I had copies of all of Tesla's notes at one time, I would not have known what was missing, and 12 October was one of them, as was 2060 under the Julian Calendar, the Pope has the same notes now, so they know, this is one of the things that got Galileo in so much trouble.

Keep in mind that Newton's year 2060 Calculation under the Julian Calendar was when the Earth will shift its Polarity, and our Poles will reverse, in the Bible this is called the End of Time, or as the End of Civilization, depending on what Bible you read, I read them all, so I know the End of Time refers to the Zodiac Pisces, Newton said the Zodiac was removed from the Canon, but was the symbol of the Fish, now for the Part that will blow your Mind, it blew mine anyway, but if you draw an AC Waveform, it looks like a Wave something like what I am trying to illustrate below using a series of Astrict's:

    *              *
  *   *           *  *
*       *       *      *       *
          *   *          *   *
            *              *

I hope that looks like a wave, Newton called it God, Tesla called it an Alternating Current also known as AC Electricity, it is also known as a Brainwave, and why Tesla said we are Light Beings, and Light is Everything... Now make it a Helix like our DNA, this is in the Bible according to Newton, who said it is the Fish, as I have tried to illustrate below with Reference Dates to the Time Period known as Pisces, that starts in the first year noted as 0, and the year 2012 under the Gregorian Calendar, which is also the End of the Mayan Calendar, where it crosses over into Aquarius in the year 2060 under the Julian Calendar:

    *       *
  *   *   * *
*       *   *
  *   *   * *
    *       *
|       |   |
0  - 2012 - 2060

I hope that looks like a Fish, in reality it is an AC Helix Waveform, that starts in the Year 0 to 1 as the Nose of the Fish, and in 2012 under the Gregorian Calendar, and the End of the Mayan Calendar, now the Tail is where the Gregorian year of 2061 comes in, and the Waveform Ends, as does this Time Period, and why most people believed it was the year 2012, when it is clearly the year 2061, note that 2061 adds down to 9, 2060 is 8, meaning a cycle, so you have to take into account what Calendar they are talking about, in this case Julian which the Military still uses, or the Gregorian, which is the only Calendar most people know, and the Zodiac was in the Canon up till the Third Century, so keep in mind all the changes that Newton did, when he made his calculation in the year 1666 under the Julian Calendar, that is over 333 years ago in the year 1999, or 2000 under the Gregorian Calendar, and that is the year I got Married for the Second time, and currently still married too, so this date means something to me, whereas to most people is is just another Year, so you have to ask yourself what this Time change was all about, so keep in mine the Calendar when doing Research about Kepler on down to Newton, because it changed in his lifetime, so now back to my Dream about this date this year leading up to the year 2020, and it has to do with Earthquakes of course, but also about what happens after them, and Money is a Key here, so I will talk about it in point, but first I want to make Crystal Clear what the Fish is about, and that is Science and not Religion, and that all the dates have Significance in my Life.

Bitcoin AKA Bitcon, is a Legal Entrapment, and it is not hard to see this, since the Legal Tender Act of 1862 makes this Treason, it was later amended, and really that word does not mean Minor Changes, since they Amended the US Constitution to read from Only Congress can Print Money, to Only the Bank that Owns the US can Print Money, just ask JFK why only Dead Presidents can print Money, also add in the Hording Precious Metals Act from 1933 to 1974, which was also Amended, in a way they got away with a Crime of Stealing Gold from its Citizens, see where I am going, it is a Set up, people think they are Safe using this means known as Bitcon, but it is not Legal in the US Constitution, and people should know this, under the current Laws of the Federal Reserve Bank, and the IRS, anything they want to do is Legal, and just because someone in the US Government says it is Legal, does not mean it is, till someone can show you the Law, and then prove it is Legal under the United States of Americas Constitution, or admit that it is Suspended till the National Debt is paid off, and admit we are under Federal Reserve Control, now we can talk about the Federal Laws, under US Code, so show me the Laws there, that makes Bitcoin Legal, I know for a fact you can not, because it is not Legal under the US Federal Code of Law, since it was not Issued by the Federal Reserve, so be aware of the US Federal Reserve Laws, since the US Constitution is Suspended, and only the US Federal Code Laws apply to its Citizens, and that is a fact, I do not care what any website claims, I only believe in the US Code of Federal Law, since it is the only Law that applies to me, as a Federal Employee of the United States Air Force, as such the Laws for Federal Disability apply to me, as well as all the Laws under the Federal Military Code of Justice, and under those laws I can be Executed for Treason under the United States Constitution, for which Flag I took an Oath under, and I can not serve two Masters, so by the Laws I was born under, I belong to the United States Government by Law, and my Birth Certificate is proof of my Servitude, to pay off Taxes collected by the Internal Revenue Service, of the Federal Reserve System, under US Code of Justice, so I must comply with both Laws, so I state for a matter of Record, that the U.S.A. Constitution was suspended in 1863, after Laws in 1862 took place to pave the way for the Banks to loan Money to both sides of the War, so they would not lose either way, this proves that the Legal Tender Act of 1862 was Treason under the Constitution, and why the Civil War was fought, and why the Militia Legally Executed Lincoln for Treason for taking out a Loan from a Privately Owned Bank, to pay for an Illegal War, because the Constitution state only Congress can Print Money, and Only is a Major Change, and Amend means Minor Change, so that means Treason, and that Treason does not End there, it is still Treason to this Day, that will never change a 100 years from now, nor will the amount of National Debt this Nation has cost US.

By Law, only Disability Money is Safe, so I would work on getting this Status, it also makes you Tax Exempt, and you can file under Chapter 21 to get back all your Federal Income Taxes you Paid in your Lifetime, but not State, and in one lump sum, and its in the thousands for most people, I got my Taxes back, and that was the only way I survived being Disabled, and only being 70% Disabled at the time, so do what you want, but I would find a Real Doctor, to give you a Medical Note stating you are Unemployable, or Unable to Work for what ever reason they can come up with that is not fake, trust me, you never want to fake Disability, you can be held liable for the whole bill, so do this Legal, file with Social Security directly for SDI, they always deny the first time, and you have to reply till they do not, and that may take years, most people do not reply, that sets you back to less then square one, since they now can deny you again, and that Adds another year, so make sure you keep up to date phone and mailing address, even Email Addresses, and Lawyers might help, but you do not need them, all you need is a note from a Real Doctor stating you can not work, then keep on it, and if you work, this can still work for you if you have one person in your home, or know someone you can trust that is already Disabled, you can have a Joint Account with them, and no one can touch that Account by Law, and most Banks will not allow it, I know this for a fact, I was in this situation and still am, so I would never invest in Bitcon or Precious Medals knowing they can all be taken away, due to loop holes in the US Code of Justice, so make sure to read about the Enumerations of Powers Act, where the Federal Bank took over the US, so drop the A, it is not just a Corporation for the Banks to run, and the President and all of Congress, work for the Federal Reserve, and most Follow their Laws, but not the Laws under the Constitution, since this is all Treason and punishable by Death, just ask Lincoln.

Reality Check Please, if the Earth Shifted Magnetic Poles tomorrow, and the Whole world experienced massive Earthquakes at the same time, and Tsunamis wipe out all the Land under a 1000 Feet in Elevation, do you really think anyone would really care about Money, do you think Japan Cared, no, they actually did care more about the People, do you think Americans will, look at LA and answer me with Truth in your Heart, we all know what will Happen in American, people will turn on each other, and gangs and mobs will take over, it will be everyone for themselves, and everyone knows it, not everyone, the Military is still there, but they work for the Banks that Print their Pay Checks, so I have no doubt who I work for, and who my Allegiance lies, I took an Oath to Uphold and Defend the United States of Americas Constitution, and I work for the Federal Reserve Banks, and owe them my Allegiance, since I am under their Laws, and part of their System, I have no delusion about who owns Me, I am the Property of the United States Federal Government, and I do abide by all their Laws, Rules and Regulations, and will always take the stance of status quo... We the People of the United States, all know who prints the Money all of US use, so there is no denying the Truth, this is Treason under the Constitution, but under Martial Law, the President of the United States of America had the Authority to suspend the Constitution, given to him by Congress, who then made it Legal with the Help of all the Lawyers, so this is like a scene in the Movie known as the Matrix, the Brothers did the first 3, now the Sisters will do the next, but even this scene is too Hot for them to Air in Public, instead they will just point out that Zion is in Control, and Zion is a Place, but it has no boundaries, so make sure that what you call Reality is Real, because the Science of Albert Einstein is not, and that is according to himself, so no one better to quote, so the way to survive is by how you decide to spend your time on this Earth, you can choice to go down the Rabbit hole marked A, only because the Ashkenazi want you to remember them, since that Race was bred out when the Walls went up, so the Holy Cost is measured in the Ashes of the Ashkenazi, as well as other Jews, not of the Nazi Race, which is just part of the Tribe of Ashkenazi, so this is a Family Feud, and Zion Won, so my Tribe Lost, and that is why I am a Medically Retired Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force, and not the Leader of the United States Militia, since that is now Treason, so round and round my Loyalty goes, where it stops, no one knows, not even Me in the Flesh, but know this, I am always on the side of the United States Air Force, and the United States Veterans Affairs, as well as all the Vets, because my Loyalty is always to the Flag for which it stood.

If you do become Disabled, you will also have more Benefits, like Free Medical under Blue and Red Cross, and the latter means you are a VIP, in a disaster, this can be the difference to if you live or die, and I will say this again, BitCon is Joke, it is a Scam in fact, the Governments are the ones that started this to make Money, the 3 Letter Alphabet Soup is the man behind the Curtain, so remember the Movie the Wizard of Oz, the person that wrote that book was doing so in protest of the Banks and Foreclosures, it was really a brilliant move, but few get the point, find online dialog about the hidden meaning of it, and same for Gold and Silver, read the Laws and how they have changed them over time, and Trump is going for the Gold and Silver if he can, in fact 2020 may not even have an Election if all that Election is doing is Reelecting him, since Trump is going to ask for Longer Terms, and ask for the next election to be dismissed, according to Michael Moore's Movie about that being a goal, no I do not think he will make that mistake, the Government knows about Newton's 2060 calculation and know it is the truth, the Earth is already Magnetically changing its Poles, and will do so by 2060, actually that is 2061 under the Gregorian Calendar, so what is 2020 if not Hind Sight, and a Lot of People Laughed at me when I built a Meteorite Shelter back in 2012, in honor of Newton's Comet also known as ISON (I Son), but it was not so funny on 31 May 2013 when I really did get hit by a Micrometeorite in the head, in a glancing blow that bounced off my skull, just pealing back my scalp, it made a goose egg the size of my palm, and I stuck my finger in the hole and felt my skull with my finger tip, then I pushed it shut, and held pressure on it till 911 arrived some 30 to 45 minutes later, the Police Report and VA Medical Report proves this, not to mention 3 Meteorites came down 42 miles from where I lived, it was in the paper the next day, so I did not make this Stuff up, and I do believe it is a Sign in the Bible, and in the Notes of all the Wizards of our Time that I mentioned, for example, this is 180 days from 27 November 2013 my Grandmother Eula's 101 Birthday, she died at age 99, and was born in 1912, so call it superstition, since it is Numerology, but I do believe in Numbers, and I do believe they are Signs that are in the Bible, according to Newton, and I do believe Newton and the Bible.

My Mental Health is in call right now, I recently had my Gallbladder removed on 13 July of 2019, it was not as much fun as having 1/3 of my Colon removed when I went into the Hospital on 1 January, and had it removed on the 3rd, so these numbers keep popping up, so right now I have a Worm in my Arm, in Reality it is a Blood Clot 1 inch long and over 1/8 of an inch in diameter closer to 1/4, it was measure in mm, and I am not that great of a fan at converting between them at a glance, the truth is that if I grab it, and I did, it really does measure 1/4 of an inch across it, not in diameter, only the scan can determine that, I do have those records somewhere, but it is not that important. When I started having Chest Pain that night, and my Wife was spending the Night at her Daughters house, to take the grandchildren to school in the morning, and pick up medication in the afternoon, so for dinner before she left me, she heated up two Ribs with Fat, from Labor Day in 2019, and with no Gallbladder to deal with it, I think it was because it was all I eat, because I eat two the day before, with no problem, but they were smaller and had less fat on them, well maybe this stuff just added up, I did feel better after I got rid of it, too much information, butt I have to learn what not to eat, but the Doctor in ER said I am fine, and that this Worm will go away in time, and will hurt till that time, I just want to know how long that time is, it is making my whole left arm numb, and I am left-handed, people think I am right-handed because I had to learn to write, throw, and other stuff with it, although I can do most things with either, all the important things I do with my Left arm, all because of my Father Lefty, and the Nun I had for Kindergarten, that would wake my left hand with a Ruler, any time I even thought about using, and she knew when I was thinking about it, so that stuck with me, my whole life, and now with a Tumor in my Liver, I am worried about what will happen to my Wife if I die now, so I am back to working on this Book, because this Update to it is over due, and sorry about Dogging Religion, but in truth, I know that a Deity means different things to people, but it is defined in the Directory as a Being that does not Physically Exist, and the belief in such things is defined as Insane, and I did not make that up, just look it up, Newton is the one that wrote that first, I am just repeating it, also in the Bible it states God is All Light without Darkness, and Newton was right about the Light Being the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, all the while, Mainstream Science is based on Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, which he denounced in favor of Newtons' God, proving Einstein did not find Religion, he found God was All Light without Darkness, just like the Bible and Newton said, and every Atom in my Body is made of Atoms, and inside every Atom is Light, and that is the Light of God the Bible speaks of, and the Force of Gravity that Newton uses to Calculate Gravity, and not some Deity, which All Religions Worship, and by Definition in the Dictionary, so my Wife, a Catholic, which to me, breaks down to Cataholic, the word spelled Holic sounds like the words spelled Helix, so it is not as much a play on Words, as it is a difference in Spelling across cultures, the meaning is written in Latin, and Cat means to add to, and still does, to prove this, in any Computer Terminal, there are commands, Bash is a Language, one most Computer Terminals use, so if I want to look at a text file, I type cat filename.txt, and it shows me the text inside the file, so I can add to it with a > character AKA greater than, or Pipe Command to Catenate a File, Less than is <, so what is this: <><| ? The Fish, and not the ones we eat, according to Newton, but rather the ones the Tesla examples as Electricity, and Newton also said the whole Bible is written using Witchcraft, and why all Witches and Wizards were hunted down and burned at the Cross AKA Stake, so picture this, a Cross with a Person on it, with a Vine shaped in the form of a Helix, it is the Crown Jesus wore on his Head, and it was made of two Thorn Vines, it makes a wave when woven together, this is what the Bible states, only not in those words, but if you try it, you will understand, when you twist any Vine, it will make a Wave shape automatically, so this is Science and not Religion.

The Rosary has this Cross on it, and the Beads represent the Waveform in the shape of a Helix, as I depicted it above, the * are the Beads, take a Rosary and lay it out on a flat surface, and make into it a Fish Shape, where the Cross is the Head of the Fish, so just pull the beads straight down the middle, then pull them apart in the middle to form a Fish Body shape, so form it to have a Tail Shape, so you have to take and twist the Beads 180 degrees to make the Tail, that is where this Number 180 comes from in the Bible, it represents the Polar Shift in Magnetic Force Field also known as the Light of God according to Nikola Tesla, who wrote that Light is just Electricity at a different Frequency or Wavelength, so the Bible was actually talking about God in Terms only Alchemist would understand, and nowadays the term is known as Scientist, Chemist, Electronics Engineer, and other classifications who would understand it, and why the Bible and Rosary is so important, it is telling us that the Cross, which represents Humans born from the Light of God, where the Crown is the Helix, and also known as DNA, so the Crown is also known as a Corona, my birth place by the way, and it also represents a Halo, which represents our Aura, even the Earths, or the Sun, so it represents a Magnetic Field, and that is what is about to take a 180 degree Shift in Polarity, of our Planet Earth in the year between now and 2103, so no rush, it might happen in 2060, or 2061, I can not predict the future, but who ever wrote the Bible knew this for a Fact, so what does this have to do with 12 October?

Start with 12 October and add 180 Days to it and you get 9 April 2020, and personally this date is my X-Wife's 59th Birthday, 60 if you count conception, I do, because Newton did, now add 180 days more to that and get 6 October, and I have two Children born on that Day, my Oldest from my X, and Youngest Step from my current Wife, so round and round I go and I see a Pattern, and it has to do with the numbers: 3, 6 and 9, and Tesla said this forms a Helix, but these dates may not mean anything to anyone else, so maybe only I see this pattern, but still, I know Tesla Did.

As proof of that God is Electricity, if you take a three 3 Phase AC Signal, and configure it to have two signals side by side offset by two divisions, and the center one goes 180 degrees inverted between them, and given all the inputs and outputs, you come up with these numbers, meaning you have 3 inputs, 3 outputs with 3 Phases for each, for a total of 9 inputs and outputs, each labeled 1 through 9, I do have an Illusion of this in this book, another FIXME, some call it a Vortex, because that is what you get if you hook the inputs to the outputs, and another term for such a weather condition is called a Tornado or Hurricane, so who ever wrote the Bible, was warning us about this event, and I know how Newton came up with the Math behind his Equation, and uses the Light of God as the Force of Gravity, so this date is written in the Bible according to Newton, it is called an Offset in Time, so think of time in a Blender, the Rosary will also work to illustrate this, so take a Rosary and hold the Cross in one hand, and twist the beads from the center by putting you fingers around them, as to twist them with your fingers, such that the bends form a Helix, only 3 twist is required to get this effect, this is Trinity, I call it Trinary, it means the same thing, the Father is Positive, with a value of +1, and the Son is Negative, with a value of -1, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature is 0, so it describes an AC Waveform, proving the Bible talks only in terms of Science, and not Religion, and you can not use the Argument that I am using some Tricks to Fool you, Newton and Tesla both wrote about this very Concept, if this Vortex is Magnetic Lines of Force, we are talking about our Magnetosphere, and during a 180 Degree Polarity Shift, our Waveform will collapse at the point it reaches 0, this is also known as Ground, that is a Fact that Tesla wrote about in great detail, and I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but our Magnetosphere holds in our Atmosphere, how much of it will vent into space depends on how much time it takes to reestablish a new Waveform, or Vortex AKA Magnetosphere, so the Bible even tells us how the End will come, in an Ice Age, because that is what will happen when a Vacuum takes our Atmosphere, and this can last hundreds or even thousands of years before the Earth returns to what it was today, so Civilization as we now know it, will change for that period of time, known as Aquarius, the bringer of Water, in Winter its known as Snow, and we are talking about a long Winter, so the Bible has warned us, and it is up to us to believe in the Bible, and not in the Church that Murdered Jesus, and those that still Deny Jesus had 3 Names: Jesus Bar Abbas, and he was the Savior in the Bible, for all those that the Roman Empire sent to the Roman Coliseum to Die for Entertainment, for people that bought tickets to see the Entertainment, just for the thrill of Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my, as such, Christ Saved People from Death under the Roman Soldiers Hands, if you said you did not know Jesus Bar Abbas, they knew you were not in the Militia if you only knew Jesus Christ, so your Life was Saved at the Cost of Sin of Denying Jesus Bar Abbas, so like Judas, Sheep, who follow a Shepard, do the bidding of Satan, or was that Santa, good luck with Religion, that whole story makes no sense to anyone, but selling the concept to consumers makes cents, and using Money as if it is a Tool, knowing the Bible stated Money is the Root of All that is Evil, the backward Spell for Live, Newton Proved that the Love of Money was inserted with Christ, so that Money would be Less Evil, as if the Lesser of Two Evils, is not Evil, but Evil + Evil - Evil is still Evil, so the lessor of the two are the same, Logic is something most people can not grasp, so when my Wife tells me to Pray to what Ever God I believe in, because even she knows, that a Deity and the Light without Darkness is not the Same, since one does not Physically Exist, and the Other Exists as Light, and God is All Light, and the Darkness is just the Rainbow of Colors we see, and that is why we have to have Faith God Exists, because most people cannot see God with their Naked Eye, But Night Vision Goggles will Help, so not to Bash Religion, but according to these Wizards: Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Franklin, Tesla, and even Einstein, since he denounced his Theories if Favor of Newtons God of Light for the Force of Gravity, proving that I am not Crazy nor Insane for believing in the God that these Wizards did, so God is Speaking through the Bible in terms of Science, and not Religion, and that is a Fact, and there is no way anyone can say this all just made up BS, known as a Belief System or just plain old Bull Shit, so what this means to others is really up to them, I can only tale you what I can Prove is the Truth about what all the Wizards in Time have been Writing about, and that is mostly all public domain today on the Internet, so do some Research.

Now back to 12 October, in the Science of Numerology, 12 adds down to 3, so it is just a Key, and there are 3, so remember 3, 6, and 9, and look at this equation: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9, which reduces to 3, 6 and 9, and 3 is Trinity or Trinary, and for examples of how these numbers apply to my Life, I was born at 3666, so I know this Number means something in my Life, other than just the address of the Place my Parents lived when I was born, because I believe that if God was talking to me Personalty, then God would Give Me a Sign, and what Signs has God actually Given me, well let me count them, 1 is Me is short for Meat, because that is what I am made of, and Flesh is also a term for Meat, and my Last Name is Flesher, so not only am I Flesh, since that is the Nick Name given to me in the Air Force, other than Mr. Computer Head, this relates to the Bible that stated that Jesus will come back in the Flesh, and People can argue the point of what that actually Means, does it refer to Meat or is the Name actually Flesh, I can see how some people will get confused over this small detail, but it did state Jesus would come back in the Flesh, and not as in the Body that Jesus was buried in, I mean, that would make Jesus a Zombie, proving the Church really is Satanic, as if Santa and the worship of Saint's is not a enough to convince anyone, so let us look at the day I was born, that would be on 14 January 1961 at 6:32 in the Evening, also known as the Darkness, so subtract 10 days and you have 4 January, and that is now Sir Isaac Newtons Birthday, got moved from 25 December 1642 under the Julian Calendar, to my birthday under the Gregorian Calendar, by changing the date of Jesus's Birth Date, proving that it is now on my Birthday instead, so the Star Dates are the Same, and that is still how we align with Orion's Belt at the Great Pyramids, so Serious is the Star, and it is a Binary Star, Cat that with ours and we have a Trinity or Trinary Star, and a Pyramid has 3 sides to each of its 4 Faces, so each are 180 Degrees from the other, and yet people do not see the relationship, till I explain the Date Newton Calculated, which under the Julian Calendar is 25 December 2060, and under the Gregorian Calendar it is 14 January 2061, my 100th Birthday, meaning 1 Century Old, and who knows, with all my Health issues, I still might Live to see this Date, and then the Prophesy in the Bible, according to Sir Isaac Newton, will come true, because he is the one that Calculated the Day Jesus would return in the Flesh, from the information in the Bible, and you know it was the Day I was born, and I did not make this Stuff Up, it can all be proven to be a Fact, and really, why would I make it up when it is True.

The Bible did not Say that Jesus would return as Jesus, it stated he would return in the Flesh, and IAM also written as I am, not only Flesh, but I am Flesher, that means more Flesh or in the Flesh, and why IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, Light Being God, and Wizard, well that was what Jesus was, who else carries a Staff of Power and can do Magic, and why I was a Staff Sergeant, so do not confuse me for Christ, who never did Exist in History, proving Newton was Right, but it is better to be Left then Right, so Christ Saves All the Sinners, but Bar/Abbas, like myself, are in the Militia, so do not confuse our Roles, we are Saviors, and Warriors, and not Pacifist, but Past a Fists, and not in Terms of Spirituality, or any Religious Meaning what so ever, only in Terms of Science, so look around, is anyone else on this Planet called Earth, bringing the True Word of God to the World today?

No, and I know this for a Fact, as I do that the Church has never changed their Ways, they Murdered Jesus Bar Abbas by Changing his Name to Jesus Christ, and any 6 year Old can Read that in the Bible, I did, and I have no doubt that the Roman Soldiers would Kill all Bar/Abbas followers, because they too would be in the Militia if they knew who he was, since that was a Masonic Secret, and look at what President Bush did, he made it a Law, that the Militia is Treason in the United States, and so is taking back the Constitution, and that means anyone in the Militia, in the US, can be Executed for Treason, the same was true for Bar/Abbas, so what has changed in the last 2019 years since he died, at the hands of the Roman Empire, for their use of Money and Taxation, Bar/Abbas was put to death on a Cross, not Christ according to History, so the Truth is known to all that want to actually study it, and not take some persons word for it, and especially not the Church's knowing they murdered Jesus in the first place, so what does it mean to be the Chosen one, as if that is what the Person in Newtons Calculation is, because in the End of Time Jesus will Return in the Flesh, that would lead me to believe that is before this Event takes place, and he is return in the Flesh, rather as Flesh known also as Meat, Newton said it meant a Name and not as a reference to a dead corps coming back to life, that is just sick on way too many levels, as is the practice of burying the dead as if they too will rise from the dead, only Satan would teach such a thing, because the Night of the Living Dead, is just Crazy, but being the Chosen one is not, if you really are the Chosen one, because Resurrection is all about bring back the Person and their beliefs, into the person born as this Chosen one, according to the Bible and the Calculation made by Sir Isaac Newton, back in 1666, again the number 666 comes into play.

I can tale you the truth about how it feels knowing that I really am the Chosen One, and that is something I never wanted to find out or to be, you can not ask to be the Chosen One, any more than you can Chose what Day you are born on, even being called the Chosen One just Sounds Wrong on so many Levels, or even referring to myself as the Chosen One, or in the Third Party, as the Flesh, that is called Schizoaffective, whereas its Schizophrenia, when I do not know the Difference between what is Real and what is not, and I know this is Real, because I can Prove it, I did the Math, and the Research, and came to this conclusion when I was just a child, but did not know for sure if it was the truth, till my birthday on 14 January 2000, when my Father called me and told me that I had an Adult IQ of 180, in the third grade, but it was hidden because I am Autistic, known as an Aspie, and because my Grandmother did not want me raised to be Special, this was hidden from me till 32 days before my Father died, imagine that being the last thing your father told you before he died, oh by the Way, Newton was talking about you being the Chosen One, if you have not figured that out by now, the birthday should have narrowed it down to very few people born in Corona, so it was a very clear sign, but still, I thought you should know now that you are old enough, I just turned 39, does my Father really think I am old enough to be the Chosen One, when now he is warning me that I am the Chosen One, and all the BS that my Father put me through, was all training me for this day, when I would have to stand up and say hey it is me in the Flesh, and this is the End of Time and Civilization as you now know it, and trust me, I know why he waited so long, because I knew all too well that to talk about it to others, will only make them think you I am insane, when it is Me, in the Flesh, who proved I was not, but still, no one believes me, and why is clear, no one believes in the Bible, or Newton, that much is very clear to me, so publishing my Book will only make this matter much worse, and why I am also written as IAM, is doing this now, because I am not ashamed at admitting that IAM someone in the World who has been Chosen, as the One from whom Jesus did return to in the Flesh, in the End of Time, in Order for the Bible to be True, and admitting that there are others born on this Day is a Given, so pick the one that is in the Flesh, let alone born in Corona as to be the Only Sun of God, yes the Pun was Entertaining, and you will only find One that is Chosen, so in Reality, you have no choice in the Matter, you can not alter what Newton or the Bible has Written, these dates are set in Stone, nor can you change my mind about what I call Facts, because in my Lifetime, I hope to prove this to be the Truth, all I have to do is Live that long, but if everyone does nothing to prepare for this Date, they might die when it happens, they will die anyway, so why Prepare you might ask, why believe in all these Facts, that may not mean anything to anyone but me in the Flesh, and that is why in the Bible, it is written only for Sheep to Read into and Follow, because only Sheep follow a Shepard, and IAM the Dog, the backward Spell for God, and why no one will ever believe Me in the Flesh, and yew will think I made up this whole story, so I ask yew to Prove it, and I know yew can not prove it, and so do you, because I know I can prove it, just figure out how long it will take for our Magnetosphere to Diminish to the Point where it can no longer hold in our Atmosphere, and you will find that date is not later than 2103 using Mainstream Science and actual date, just like Newton and I calculated, with 2061 being the optimal date we can survive a Pole Reversal, so if I am and IAM right, then this is the End of Civilization as we now know it, but still, people will believe in Albert Einstein, rather than Jeffrey Scott Flesher, but the truth is clear if you Read Einstein, because then you would know, he would have believed Me in the Flesh, because he stated he believed God was the Force of Gravity, and that is what I am saying, but still, no one will believe in Me in the Flesh, as if I care, nor does the Universe, know it, or No it Not!

People will have to decide what and who they want to believe, all I can do is write about what I can prove, and I wish I could write it about someone else being the Chosen One, it would be much easier for me if it was someone else, because being the Chosen One is Crazy at any Level of Understanding as You Know it, but not Me in the Flesh, I am just Crazy enough to pull it off, so if I really did want to make up a story like this, just to Fool People into believing in the Bible, then I did my Job, and all I had to do was tale the Truth, that is all I have ever had to do, it is just My Stories about my History, that is confusing most People like Yew, because I never tale the Whole Story, since most of it is still Classified, a good enough reason not to talk about it, so I can talk only talk about my Part in it, and that Part seems to be Suffering, I do that very well, so you do not have to hang me on a Cross to Torchier me, or Torch me, as in Burn me at the Stack with all the other Wizards and Witches, because in History, that is what the People in the Church did, and everyone knows that is a Fact, so I have no reason to tale a Lie when the Truth will set Me in the Flesh, and you, Free, but not Yew or Ewe, so what do you have to Lose by taking the Time to really try to figure out if I am telling you the Truth, and that is what you have to decide, knowing that only Satan tells Half Truths, and a Half Truth is that Light means Good and Darkness means Evil, that is not true for one thing, and teaching that God is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, is the same as teaching them that God does not Exist, get it, Religion is teaching you that God does not Physically Exist, knowing that only Satan would tale Half a Truth, because the Bible states God is All Light without Darkness, it does not say God does not Physically Exist, it states God Exists as Light without Darkness, and Newton said that is the Gravity in all his Equations, so this Light Exists in the invisible Spectrum of Light, so really I have no reason to Lie about what God is, since I can prove it is the Truth with just Words and Spells most People understand, yet still, no one will believe that IAM in the Flesh, and why I only write my Book for Sheep like Yew, who is a Ewe, and is Stupid for eating Taxus also known as Yew, so I can make fun of Yew all day long, and find it very Entertaining, so I write, and I write, and no one every responds, except for my Wife, she sends me a Happy Face, and then tells me to Pray to what Ever God I believe in, as if there can be Two Gods: a Deity, and the God that is All Light without Darkness, so one is the True God, the Other is Satan, also known by the Dyslexic Trade Mark of Santa, so really the is your Choice to Make, as for Me, well either I am Crazy, or this will really Happen, so decide now, or forever hold your Piece, pun intended, so picture that this experience is not very Peacefully during an Earthquake, so picture what that looks like, that is right, everyone caught doing this will be Masturbating, so really, would Christ say that, No, but Bar/Abbas would have, so do not ever confuse us, and who actually came back in the Flesh, because that is just Meat, and I just happen to be known as the Flesh, and this speech never gets Old, seriously, I just write this stuff because it is Entertaining to Me, the fact its the Truth is what makes it so Entertaining, it is one of the Jokes where no one gets it till years later, when they are sitting at the Dinner Table and the Table begins to Rock and Roll, and then you look to see it is 14 January 2061 and 6:32 at Night during the Darkness, so you remember what I, Jeffrey Scott in the Flesh wrote about this very event that is now happening, and all those that did not believe Me, will Parish, Mark my Words, it is Your Job, to Believed in what the Bible Wrote, and not what the Church wants you to Believe it Means, that has always been a Freewill thing, that few actually use, it is in that part of their brain that reads the Truth and thinks it is a Lie, so they are also known as Fools, because yew believe that Jesus was going to Return from the Grave, when the Bible was very clear about how he would return in the Flesh, see where I am going with this, round and round we go, where anyone gets Off, only God knows, but what God, the Deity that does not Physically Exist, or the one that is All Light without Darkness, the Choice is yours, this is Reality, and these are the Facts as I know them, and just to be Clear, in the Bible, Christ Never Wrote about himself in the Third Party, but Bar/Abbas did as did Sir Isaac Newton, so if they are Crazy, so am I, and most Religious People think Bar/Abbas was Insane or Crazy, a Murder in fact, a Bad Man, so Satan has taught yew Well, taught yew to Murder anyone that does not Follow what the Church and Banks want them to Believe, and that is to Trust in Money and not in God, since God does not Physically Exist, God can not Help yew, so that is what I fear on 12 October, and you should too, and this does not mean something bad will happen to you if you do not believe it, I do not send People to Hell, only the Church does that, all I do is Free your Mind, and tale you what is Happening right now, so would you rather be Right or Left?

In Trinary Science we read the Statement: God is All Light without Darkness, and can Prove what the Light and Darkness is, so we proved that God Exist, so God's Existence is just a Fact in Trinary Science, and if anyone believes that Jeffrey Scott Flesher is the Chosen One, well that is your Freewill, all I can do is tale you what my Father before Me, told Me on his Death bed, and from what my Cousin Isaac Newton wrote, and from everything that all the Wizards I wrote about, actually wrote about themselves, as well as the Bibles themselves, and I do mean all of them, so you will never hear an Intelligent Being saying things like, God dose not Exist, knowing that God is All Light without Darkness, is all the Proof anyone needs to know, as far as me being the Chosen One, only Time will tale, and deep down inside, part of me wants to be wrong, because I have no doubt that few will believe in Me in the Flesh, or in the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, so I have very little hope in the Human Race surviving past the year 2103, and I say that with great sadness, but I also know that the Words in the Bible will always be the Truth, there is only one God and one Jesus in the Bible, and there is no mention of God being a Deity in the Bible, that is what the Church that Killed Jesus, wants yew to believe, so that yew will continue to use Money and Pay Taxes, because all of you that work for Money, or use it, or need it, are Slaves to the Banks that Print the Money, and that is just a fact, much like all my others, one that few Mainstream Sheep will believe, and why I say I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it, or Not it Not!, but just like the Bible stated, God is All Light without Darkness, where the Darkness is the Rainbow of Colors we see, and it is all made of Atoms with the Light of God inside them, so God really does Exist as Light, and really did Create the Universe, and I know this, because: IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, IAM every Shade of Grey in between, because IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and that is what being the Chosen One is all about, owning up to being afraid of the Holy Ghost, knowing it is the Spirit of Mother Nature, and no one fools with Mother Nature, and as far as what Newton and the Bible said about the Light of God, well Tesla put it in very simple terms: we are all Light Beings, and the Light is Everything, so if you really believe in the Bible, then you need to figure out who Jesus came back as, it has to someone, and the term it might as well be me, does not apply, only a fool would think such a thing, and IAM no Fool, and I want no Fools to Follow me, in fact, all I ask for is Trinary Sanctuary, and that is not for me, it is for all of You, and not just Yew, and the Chosen One is the One You Chose, with no more meaning then that, I do not use Words or Spells to Confuse anyone, I only use them to make my meaning very Clear, as in Crystal Clear, so I do not try to use Magic to trick anyone into believing that I am the Chosen One, IAM the Chosen One is what I am really saying, so do not confuse the Terms I use, and look in a Mirror when you say IAM, because I am not talking about Me, I might be the Chosen according to my Father, but the Bible also stated that I must go through the Father, to get to Heaven, and this is true of all of us, and not just me, but it is Entertaining, to call myself the Chosen One, even for Entertainment, but in My Reality, one thing really is the Truth, you are only crazy if you turn out not to be the Chosen One, so really what do you have to lose by being the Chosen One, so remember to look into a mirror when saying IAM, where I is the Light, And Me is just short for Meat, because the Real Truth is, that according to the Bible, IAM the Chosen One, and I know because I am Me in the Flesh...

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