Chapter 5.13:
The belief in God
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
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Chapter 5.13:
The belief in God

So it seems History is full of Key figures that believed God was the Light, but oddly enough I find that most Religious people do not even understand that Phrase God is all Light without Darkness, because if I ask 95% of them what that means, they tell me it means God is Good, because they attach Light and Darkness as a Concept of Good and Evil, but when I ask them if it means that God and Light are the same word, they say No, but I point out it said All Light without Darkness, again they refuse to read the passage the way it was written, because they do not want to admit that God and Light mean the same thing, because then it is not a Deity or a Spirit, and I think that scares them, because they do not want to admit to that line of reasoning, the Christians believe that only Jesus Christ was the Son of God, which makes them all Sheep, because the Lord is their Shepard as proof of this, so why is it that they do not like my Unified Model of the Universe that includes God?

Because it changes God into something that Exist in Reality, there is no other explanation, because yew always have to be Right even if it means yew have to Kill everyone else, so they will not be Left, and to argue with them is pointless because they will never change their minds after even reading this, because they can not admit they have been wrong about the way that they Clearly Read into the Bible, because it was very clear about what God was made of, because God is All Light without Darkness, because there is Light that Has Darkness in it, Sun Light, so it is saying it is Not the Sun Light, so what other Light is there? Sir Isaac Newton proved that the Darkness was in the Light, so the only other Light we see that has No Darkness, is White Noise, what a great name, how about Gods Particle, or better I will call it Trinary Energy, so this is Science and not Religion, so why would you think that God is Religion when Jesus said not to make into him any engraven images, so you made God into Money, so he was saying that he as a Human, was no different then the others, well there are obvious differences in the way these Wizards think, and Jesus was a Wizard, his Staff of Power and Miracles or Magic are things that made Wizards Legends, but Jesus was real clear about God being the Light inside of him, as were the other Wizards, so Jesus was saying he was the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.

Reality means that which can be proven to be Real, and I must admit, that even though I am an Ashkenazic Jew, I am also an Agnostic or Atheist because I do not believe in a Deity, because a Deity is the Belief that God does Not Physically Exist, and that is by the very definition of it, because once you prove God Exist, then it is Not a Deity, but an Entity, same is true for a theory, once it is proven to be true it is not a theory anymore, it is a fact, and that is just going by the Definition of the word. If you believe in a Deity you will not accept this dissertation on grounds other than personal bias, or Religious Predigest, because you can not do it with Logic, because my Logic is Sound, and my Evidence is Verifiable, in fact I have not said anything that anyone can not find out themselves if they do the research I stated as evidence, and I know for a fact that everyone who is into Science already knows all their facts are the truth, so you pick on my use of English, because Aspie is not a Language, but a way of Speaking or Writing, so maybe it is because I am an Aspie and you are not, so you can not see it my way, or maybe you think that people with Autism are Dumb, as if that meant Stupid, which is actually referring to their ability to communicate using Speech and not Writing or other forms of Communication, which means that people who think that are Stupid, some of those people have a much higher IQ then normal people, so you think about how messed up my mind would have to be to put stuff like this into a dissertation just to prove a point: that people tend to disagree with me more than they agree on this concept of a Trinary Universe, so I assume that everyone feels that way, but statistically its only about 99.999% of everyone on the planet, and I am only assuming the remaining % are rare, so even if you are one of those you might fall into the Religious type, so bring up the fact that the Bible said you must have faith that God exist, so they are saying you must have faith the Light exist, because without the Light, God does not Exit, and that is a fact that even the Bible Thumper's and Religious Leaders can not deny, but still, this will account to why yew will never agree with the concept of a Trinary Universe, and it is because of God, and what yew believe God is, so just to be Crystal Clear, God is all Light without Darkness, just like the Bible Stated: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, so God is described as Electricity.

People ask me how the belief in God as a Deity or Spirit can be Bad or Evil, if thousands of years of unending Holy Wars is not enough proof, and Money and Taxation is not a big enough Sign for yew to Read, then no proof will ever change ewer Minds, but these same People ask me how Money can be Evil, so round and round we go.

The belief in God as All Light without Darkness: is Called the Truth, the belief that Light is Good and Darkness is Evil is BS, a Belief System that is a Lie...

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