Chapter 5.12:
What is God?
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 5.12:
What is God?

What is God is not a question I need to hear your answer, because the Universe does not care what yew thing God is, God just is, and making God into something that God is not, only hurts those that believe you, and that accounts for every War that was ever waged in Gods Name, so the Belief in God as a Deity or Spirit is a very Evil practice because it is responsible for unending War, not matter how many times people tell you that a Deity or Spirit does not Physically Exist, yew are Read to Kill in Gods name, and that is defined as Insanity, yew can not Defend something that is not Real, and those Religious People who believe that the Lord is their Shepard are just Sheep, so yew do not understand how Evil War is, and being a Disable Gulf War Vet I can tale you firsthand that it is all because of Religious People, and these People are just Sheep by their own definition of the words and the way they Spell Words, so I call yew Sheeple, because they will never stop spouting their Beliefs as the Truth, when it is not, its just their Beliefs and that does not make it a fact, the Fact is that Deities and Spirits do not Physically Exist, so trying to define what God is does not even make sense, the concept of Defining something that no Human could ever understand on any level, is just a waste of time, so why did I ask the Question?

The question about What is God, is a simple one, but most people do not think in terms of simple when it comes to God, if they believe in Deities or Spirits, then Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny makes sense to them, or they would not celibate Jesus's Birthday using a fictional character that never existed, and I am referring to the Lie about Santa Claus and his Flying Rain Deer, because they Lie to children just to show them what fools they are, so they can feel better about believing in Ghost and Spirit is that do not Physically Exist, so they will make God out to be this very wise person, because they think God is a person, some even believe that Jesus was God, because the words that the Light of God was in him had no meaning to them, so the depth of their Insanity will never convince them otherwise, and I use the Term Insanity because that is how the Word is defined, the belief in things that are not real, as if they were, so to try to reason with yew will only start a fight, which is why we have unending War on this Planet, because Religion is all about proving you are right no matter how many people you have to kill to prove it, all Wars are Holly Wars, so I want no part in it, the question was simple and the Answer is simple: What is God?

The Bible said God is All Light without Darkness, so Read it, and not into it, it was Humans who made God into Deities and Spirits, its called Ignorance, so it is a Stupid Holly War, ran by Sheeple who want everyone to believe in their Insanity.

When people ask how I can believe in God and not in Religion, I remind them that Jesus did not believe in Religion or the Church, he spoke out against them and their use of Money and Taxation that has In God we Trust engraven on it, with the Blood of the Planet it is Killing in its Holy War, just to prove how insane Sheeple can get, so I will not Sugar Coat Stupidity, this thinking has killed a lot of people, people who Murder in a Deity or Spirits name does not deserve to Live, nor does their Kind, witch are not Kind, they are Cruel, and Ignorant to Reality, but they will never admit they are Wrong, or that its Wrong to be Religious, all because they did not Fight in the Holy Wars, so they do not think that Blood is on their Hands for their Insane Beliefs, only Cowards and Evil Creatures believe in a Deity or Spirit, Intelligent People can not, that is Stupid, and Only Stupid, its Evil because they Kill anyone that does not Believe it, that Religion can not be allowed on this Planet, and Killing them is not an Option, then we would be no better than yew, I do not force my Trinary Universe on anyone, know it or No it Not, but if you use Money or Religion to try to Control me, that is Evil, because it Kills my Soul, if you force your Religion on Others you are Evil, because that is how Evil is defined: Profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force. Immoral is forcing your Religion onto Others, Religion is the Belief of things that can not be Proven in Science, so its Reality and not a very harmful belief that will drive people insane, and to prove that they will go to War, and every War ever Wage was a Holy War, so read the Facts and not into them, now Wickedness is War, so those that have them, all have them, and Buddhist want nothing to do with Religion and on many if not all things we Agree, that is that I never disagreed with the Teaching of Buddhist, because the Foundation is based on Reality, they believe in Real Science, and not of that Mainstream Calls Science, because they want Proof it is Reality, whereas Religion Forces Money into Society, its based on Money, Christ Died so Money would Live, and that is Evil, since someone Died for it, so its just a backwards Spell, so we know this is Witchcraft at work, so depravity: The innate corruption of human nature, due to original sin. The Original Sin was to Deny that the 12 Apostles lied about Knowing Jesus Bar Abbas, they said the only Jesus they know is Jesus Christ, and that is not Him, and the Jews said Mary Magdalene was Jesus Bar Abbas's wife, and the Jews call her a Whore because after the Roman Solders killed her husband, she went with another man to survive, as if survival was a Sin, when the only Sin was the use of Money, because without there could be no Prostitution, and that includes anyone that sells their Body or Labor for Money, so the Spell Hypocrite applies to all of yew, the Original is all about Evil or backward Spells so the Evil can Hide in the Darkness, and that is just the Facts, I did not Read into any Facts, I only used their Words and Spells to prove it beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, with Empirical Evidence, Words and Spells used by Everyone, so your Dictionary is called Religious People Insane, not Me, and History proves Money is the Root of all this Evil, and God, what is God? God is All Light without Darkness.

God will never talk to any Life-Form using that Little Voice in their head, that is called insanity, God only talks to us at the Subatomic level, and we as Lifeforms do not understand what God is saying, but we can determine that God is what created our Life-Form and is maintaining it, so God must want us alive, since God is Light and Light is the Energy of our Soul, then logically God is the Electricity keeping our Heart Beating, and it is only People with Emotional issues that kill others for their beliefs, God does not Punish People, People Punish People, and doing so in God's Name is a Sin, so Religious People allow Wars to be fought in God's Name are just as Guilty of the Sin and those that killed in their Name, because they did not Kill in God's name, because if God wanted them dead, God would just stop keeping them alive, and God is not allowing People to kill in his name, this is called Freewill, God will not find out about it till they die, Freewill is a lock on Memory, to keep God from interfering with it, its just a Law of Physics that God made up when creating Life, knowing all intelligence comes from God, so to keep people from having to Mate with themselves, God created the Concept of Individuality, also known as Freewill, so it cuts people off from Interacting with the part of the Galattice called God, so the only connection you have is via the Intelligence, and it is this connection to the Light that allows us to look past Freewill, only then do you understand the Truth, that Emotions has clouded your Judgment, and yew do not think logically or with reason, yew ignore evidence in favor of emotions, yew say yew think with ewer Hearts, when I proved that God is controlling your Hearts. People need to take responsibility for their actions, and Religious people will never will, they believe everyone is a Sinner, witch everyone that uses Money is, so that includes me, I never said I was without Sin, but I take Responsibility for my Sins, and do not Lie about them, because yew believe that God wants yew to Kill people that do not believe as Religion Dictates, and the Logic of the Insanity of this practice is driven into them, because yew believe that God will Punish ewe if they do not go alone with the Belief of this Religion, and it does not matter which one it is, they are all designed to make Humans Slaves to their way of Thinking through Fear, and Fear leads to the Darkside, just ask any Crazy Old Wizard, its Control, as is Money that has In God We Trust, engraven on it with the Blood of the Planet its Killing so its Evil, and since these same people do not even believe that God is Real, who can they Trust, and when it comes to Money, its Nobody, so the Sin is all because of Religion, Money and Stupid People, so maybe Stupidity should be outlawed, but then yew would all be in Prison, witch most of yew already are, the ones that are not, do not know what Prison is, or what Slavery is, its working for Money that is tied to Taxation, the Original Sin was using it and allowing others to use it, so never listen to that Little Voice, it will Lie to yew just to Survive, and then it will continue to lie for Generations, all so all of US can live without the Guilt of Treason, and that Treason is all because of the Money that all of Yew allowed, by acting like yew are so Stupid yew do not understand what Amend means, because the Spell Only is not a Minor Change, nor was it Legal, so its Treason, so Yew Lie about it being Amended, all because of Freewill, so maybe Freewill should be outlawed.

The problem is that Religious people think they are good because they Believe in God, when in fact they do not believe that God is real, and their Mainstream Science Proves God does not Exist, and they believe it, so ewer all just Liars, and it is just because yew do not understand the agenda of the Church, note I did not say Hidden, they do not need to hide anything, they tell you that you are Sinners if you model your Lifestyle after the Bible, because it was rewritten by 12 Sinners that sold Jesus Bar Abbas out to Christ, just for Money, which is used to control Humans with Religion and Money, so they defend both, and just because they are not Religious does not mean they do not believe in Money, so what is the Difference? In God we Trust is still engraven on it, with the Blood of the Planet, and they have no problem burn it as Fuel, so how can those Stupid Idiot's think they are any better than those that lie about believing in God, and removing In God we Trust will never change what it is, witch is Evil Slavery, so most of these Nonbelievers of God want to remove God from everything, so they made the Godless Dynamic Universe which is just a Theory: into a fact, so they could eliminate God from their Science, but these same people are so stupid that they used Newton's Math: that is based on the Light of God as the Force in all his Equations, so they replace God with Centrifugal Force caused by Curvatures of Space and Time, which really sounds insane, because it is like they are on LSD and Hallucinating, I have not idea how insane you have to be, to even understand the concept of a Paradox existing in Reality, so those that believe it is so insane they have no idea what Reality means, and they offend me for teaching lies as if they are the Truth, they have no honor, no integrity, they are just Liars, so screw ewe, I have nothing good to say about yew, yew are Evil, so this is not Science, it is a Fairy Tale, because that is what yew think God is, a Deity or Spirit, so yew are Insane, which is the belief in things that are not Real, because Money nor Tax is real, it is a delusion that Crime Bosses put in the Minds of Weak Minded People to Control them like Sheep, so it all comes down to is what is Real, and Sir Isaac Newton was very clear about that, and the Bible said God is all Light without Darkness, so God is Real, and is nothing more than the Light, so calling it Trinary God, Trinary Energy, Light Wizzards, White Noise, or God, does not Change this, but believing God is a Deity or Spirit does, it changes it from Live to Evil.

God is all Light without Darkness, so God is that Light that is Logic and makes the decisions about the State Change of every Atom in the Universe at the same Moment in Time, and the Darkness has no Light, so it makes no decisions, it just remembers what decisions were made, so it can learn from its mistakes, so the Darkness does not tale you what to do, it only tells you what the Light told it to do, so Emotions are in the Darkness and are not the Light, so never allow your Emotions to tell you what to do, never react to the Darkness or it will always be the path you take and it will only take you into the Darkness, so instead only follow the Light, because it will always take you where you need to go, stop that Little Voice from Speaking, ask the Buddhist how, I was born that way, and I use their way to get back to that quiet time I can think, and you must trust in the Light and remember what happened in the Darkness, so the Galattice or our Memory is in the Darkness, so the Darkness is all we know, and without the Darkness we would not know anything at all, because the Light only knows the Moment, so in the Light there is no past and there is no concept of the future, just the next Step, which is the next Move, so like a Game: this Logic will use the Darkness to make its next move, the Darkside remembers all the Mistakes its made so you do not have to make the same mistake again, but you do not have access to God Directly through the Galattice because of Freewill, so you have a limited connection to what God knows, so Humans try to write down all their Mistakes and put them into one big book, that might span thousands of books, but condenses down to the worse Sins of all, so think about writing a book about all the Human Mistakes in time, and if you wanted to correct those Mistakes from happening again, you would write them in a book so you would never make those Mistakes again, so that is what Humans did, and they Called it the Bible, which means Book of Sins, and the Church never tried to Hide this, they tale you if you follow this Lifestyle, you too can be a Sinner, and not just any Sins, but the Worse Sins in His-Story or History, so when you want to know about your Failures or those of others, you must go into the Darkness to find them, so learn by them, and never get fooled into thinking that God put those ideas there, because the Light has no concept of what an Idea is, because an Idea is a Darkside Emotion, and only exist as a Concept or Imagination, and Imagination is all Witches know, they do not need to use Words or Spells to communicate their Ideas, they use the Darkside to tale the Story for them, so if a Picture is worth a Thousand words, then Witches know how to communicate these Images without using Spells, they can put their Potions into Motion and make Motion Pictures out of them, but only from the Darkside can these Images be viewed, so we all have our Darkside and can not really Live without it, because it has all the Evil we know about, so the Light and Darkness must always exist together so that Life can continue to Live in the Light of God, and that Light is both Light and Dark, you can never have one without the Other, so God is the Light without Darkness and there can be no Darkness without the Light, so all Life comes from I And Meat or IAM, and IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, IAM every Shade of Grey in between, IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and that is how a Wizard tale's yew what God is, by telling you what God is not, because God is not the Darkness, because Darkness only exist in the Meat that is the Flesh, and God is only in the Living Flesh, so its Live, and the backward Spell of Evil is the Darkness, so its only in Shade of Grey do we understand what God is and is not.

So what is God? God is All Light without Darkness, just Read it, and do not Read into it, and call it what ever you want, I always refer to God as the Trinary God even if I only say God, I will always refer to a Deity or Spirit: only as a reference to Insanity as defined by a Dictionary, and I will only Refer to Money as In God We Trust, engraven in the Blood of the Planet that its Killing, so it is the Original Sin so it is Evil.

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