The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.11

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 September 2018


Chapter 5.11: Pray to God

The Word or Spell Pray use to mean to talk to God, then it was changed to mean to talk to a Deity or a Spirit, so the word means many things to many different people, but the act of it is normally all the same, and I Pray all the time, only its Me talking to I, and that is not the same as a Deity or a Spirit, because God is an Entity called IAM, which is who I And Meat is, its just Me, and so IAM Praying not Myself, but I-Self, you are talking to the Light of God that is controlling you, and you or me, or Jesus as far as people who I know told you that the Light of God was within him, which I am sure he said Me, but that confuses me, because he said he would come back in the Flesh, and that is Me, only IAM Flesher, so the word or Spell of IAM means just that, I am or IAM, its only in the context of what you are saying does it even matter, and in Life, in times of need, its only the Light of God that can save you, and that Light is in everybody, and God does not Judge, nor does God play Jury, so pleading your case to God will not help you understand your problem any better, and those that think they can talk to any God other then the one that is cohabiting in the same physical body that they are, is not dealing with Reality very well, and that is the truth about Religion, and I tale it like it is, the Light of God is who you are, its the Energy of Life, so this Spark Of oUr Life we call a SOUL, is God, not a God, but The God or Allah, so the difference between Praying to a Deity or Spirit or to the Trinary Energy Newton called the Light of God, is that you are physically connected to your Body and the Energy in it, but you have no connection what so every to this Deity or Spirit, nor do Sheep have any understanding of what God is, so the whole concept of God the Deity or Spirit is a Lost cause when it comes to talking to yew about God, because no two people can ever agree on what God is, except those that believe that God is the Light, and that is the only difference, but Jesus did not want anything to do with the Church's because of the their use of Money and Taxation, and that is what the Bible said, and nothing has changed, people Worship a Man that said that God was the Light in his Flesh, so why did they make him into Christ? Newton said it was so he could not come back in the Flesh, and that is what I believe, so I Pray to the Light of God, and it always listens, for example: a while back the Remote for the TV was in the other room, so I prayed and prayed to God to deliver it to me, after hours of talking to God, God said to me: I hear you, but its up to Me to get up out of my chair and do something about it, so Praying works for me, I got up and got the Remote Control myself, but TV will rot your Mind, so I am not Praying to a Deity or Spirit, IAM Pray to the Light of God that resides inside of Me, its in control of that Energy I need to move to go get things.

People Pray to God for all the Wrong Reasons, they Pray to God when they get Sick, but they are Sick because they did not eat like their Body was a Temple that God Made, so who do they have to blame, not God, but those that did not listen to God, so People Pray to a Deity or Spirit to grant them a Mystical, and God says you should have listened to me when I told you not to eat Processed Food, and I told ewe not to eat TaxUS, but do yew listen, so yew pray to God for all the Wrong Reasons.

People Pray to God for World Peace, God said ask for Trinary Sanctuary and you might just get it, but people will not get up off that Ass and do it, so God is talking to himself, and yew are not listening, only the World can Bring Peace, God gave yew what you needed and yew ignored God, so now yew Pray for Peace, when yew refuse to ask for Trinary Sanctuary.

People go to Church and Pray to Jesus Christ, because they do not believe what Sir Isaac Newton Proven, that Christ was Inserted into the Bible, its not like he wrote this yesterday, he wrote it over 333 years ago, so why yew are so Stupid only ewe know, so stop Smoking TaxUS, and stop lying about Christ, there is only one Jesus in the Bible, and only One God, but it has 3 State Changes, so its a Trinary God, not 3 Gods, just 3 Polarities of Light: Positive, Negative, and Ground, or Light, Dark, and every Shade of Grey in between, its Trinity: the Father, Son or Holy Ghost or Spirit known as Mother, so these are just State changes for Light and Electricity, and explain how Atoms have 3 State Changes: Solid, Semisolid, and Invisible, and they do not teach that in Church, or in their Godless Science, so why hide your Science behind you Religion, if you Believe in a Deity or Spirit, and do not confuse that with the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, because that is a State change to 0, and its because the Church allows its Science to be based on a Theory of General Relativity, and that means its not based on God as the Creator of the Universe, its based on the fabric of the Universe being Dynamic instead of Static, so Light was Shot out of a Flashlight at the Speed of Light, so its an Atomic Accelerator, and since Light has a little Mass, it has a little recoil, because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, meaning that a Flashlight should be able to be used like a Light Engine in outer space, and so would a RADIO, so that is all the Proof I need that its Not Dynamic, if it was then prove to me you can fly to the Moon using a Flashlight or a Radio, and I will bow down like a good Dog, until then the Reality check proves that Trinary Science is Correct, since Einstein proved the Universe could not be Dynamic without Paradox's, he basically proved that the Trinary Universe is the only Explanation, and I proved this with Empirical Evidence ever step of the way, so I did not sneak in an I gotcha, I can not get away with that, IAM a Wizard, I know better then to play that Game, when it comes to Science, if its not about God, why go to Church, because Christ is just a Lie so you could continue to live in Sin, and use Money Bar/Abbas died for on a Cross, not Christ, that is just a Title, unlike the Leader of the Militia that fought against the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxation, as if that is something they do not teach in Church about Bar/Abbas, because then they could not deny he had 3 Names, so how hard is that to understand, and that is what Sir Isaac Newton told you in his Notes, so this is Public Domain, so everyone alive should know this is the Truth, because no one has ever denied it in all of these Years, so why start now, no reason unless you want to be as intelligent as yew, and no one else, because the Words and Spells that were written, were written using Witchcraft, no reason to deny it, because we all know what defines who a Wizard is, they always have a Staff of Power, and then you have to decode the Spells to find out the meaning of everything else, you can view if from the Lightside, or the Darkside, the difference is that in the Lightside, God is all Light without the Darkness, so God does not need the Darkness to Survive, its the Darkness that needs the Light, because without the Light, there can be No Darkness, because the Light Created the Atom out of the Darkness, when God Created the Electron we call the Light, so regardless of if we call it Trinary Energy and then get into the Science of Light, there is no reason in denying its what my Cousin Newton called the God, and you can not deny that the Bible states God is All Light without Darkness, so will someone please explain to me how it can be no one knows this? Its not like it was hidden, its still in most of the Bibles out there, but to deny this is Trinary Science is Sin, since it does not change anything the Bible stated as a Fact, and I have Science to explain it, beyond examples, evidence and Intelligence itself, facts are facts, and that is what Science should be, so if its not that, then what is it? Why go to Church if you do not believe that God actually exist and you have Science that Proves it, I mean, where is the Logic, what is the Thinking? That is like a Vegetarian that only eats Meat, or calling someone a Homosexual just because they will only play with themselves, now that the Church allows Gay Marriage and Gay Priest, there must be some hidden agenda why people are willing to be open about their Sex Life, but not about the very Definition of what God is, is the Trinary God, and the God that Sir Isaac Newton wrote of the Same? Oh course, that is the whole point, I was just testing to see if you were paying attention, or buying attention, by thinking about another, because that is how people are, they all use to believe in Newton, till they found out he was a Wizard, and proved that Christ was Inserted into the Bible, so Christ is just a Lie, and once you Read the Story told by the Lightside, you will understand, that the Darkside sees Christ as their Savior, because without him, the Romans would have killed Bar/Abbas Followers, so at the time they all denied knowing him just like he said they would, and that would not be true if they were talking about Christ, how would that meaning make any sense, they did not deny knowing Jesus Christ, they Denied it was Jesus Bar Abbas, and this is the only way the story makes any sense, because if you remove Christ, the story still makes sense, the People denied that they knew Jesus Bar Abbas, by telling the Romans Solders who were about to kill them if they did, that the only Jesus they knew was Jesus Christ, and that is not him, that is Jesus Bar Abbas, do not read into the Bible, just Read it, that is what Newton said, so I must agree, Newton knew more about the Bible then anyone ever did, he had access to all the ancient text, and could read and write in many languages, and the Code in the Bible is not from the Translated Copy, its from the original text, and that is what Newton read, so he found out how and why the text was altered, and then he knew, it was all for Money, from people who wanted it too, its what its always been about, so they wrote it in away, that only Wizards and Witches would understand, they wrote it in Witchcraft, but do they teach this in Church? No, why? Because their is no Profit in that, and like the Churches Mainstream Science, there is no Prophet in that as well, so Church is not about the God that is All Light without Darkness, so what is it all about? Money with In God We Trust, Engraven with the Blood of the Planet it is Killing, so who are we kidding, its all about Money, and its Destroying this Planet, and the People that go to Church are all insane, because they believe in things that are not Physically Real, so the proof you believe in a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically Exist, is the very definition for the Word Insane, which is the belief in thing that do not Physically Exist, so these people are Certifiably insane, how can there Science be Godless, and they believe in things that do not Physically Exist, and they want everyone to believe its not them that crazy its you, when they admit they are insane, in the open, they do not even try to hide it, they are just messing with my head, I went to church to find out if its true, but they told me only Sinners go to church, so I asked the Minister if that was true, and he said of course, we are all Sinners, the Bible tales us so, and it is true, Newton proved it, the Bible is only about Sin, its the Book of Sin, so if you model your Life around it, you are a Sinner, which means you still sin, and how do you Sin, but using Money, and believing there are two Jesus's in the Bible, I mean how Stupid can ewe be, to believe in things the Bible explained to you really exist, what you never read Alchemy Potions, God is All Light with Darkness, means Energy in terms of Photon Energy, which is Electrons in Nature, so its Electricity, and they do not teach this in Church, so what do they teach, how much Money to donate, because its not about Jesus or God.

There is nothing wrong with Praying to God, the Trinary God, even a Deity or Spirit, it does not make you a Fool for believing in God, in Trinary Science your Hear is controlled by God, this is Science and not Religion, so why is Praying not Science? Because it cannot be Proven to work, so I did an experiment, every morning when I wake up I pray to God to give me the Strength to make it through the Day, and God always has done that, so Praying works, so I only pray for things I know God can provide, and God does not deal in Money, only Energy that is only used inside your Soul, so if you ask God for Wisdom, you will never need to be ashamed to be Stupid, if God is All Light thus Electricity, you should ask God for more Light or Electricity, and not the Power to destroy by using Money, because there is no wrong with Praying to God, especially the Trinary God, because face it, a Deity or Spirit does not Physically Exist, so if God does exist, God only exist as Light without Darkness,

What is the point to believe or pray to a God that does not Physically Exist, when you can Pray to one that does? Pointless is not a Point, Sanity and Insanity is...

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