The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.10
The Right to be Black or White

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.10:
The Right to be Black or White

The Right to be Black or White is a subject that fits into the Trinary Universe because that is the way the majority of Humans believe, because they believe they have Rights to do certain things, like the Right to Vote, even though they are Voting theirs and others Rights away, so it is no wonder they think they have Rights to do things, when in fact they already voted everyone's Rights away, witch is because they were raised to think that way, so they would not think about things that really matter, like the fact the Bank was Printing the Money, and changing the Constitution into something that is Sin, because the Native Magnetically North American Indians, are a reminder of who We the People are, We the People have no Honor, and the Spell Honour is ours, not the Or, that is for others, so people that were raised doing Drugs like I was: believe they have that Right, even if the Law says that its illegal, so the lines between Black and White have nothing to do with what is Right, because it is only Right if you make it a Right, so now we know why people who steal and do crimes think it is their Right to do so, because they believe that is the only way they will Live, so to them Crime is not Evil, my Step-Mother raise me to Steal, so she could use the Money we had for Drugs, and she thought that was her Right, so what is Black and White if not the Shades of Grey we call our Rights, so yew vote them away till everything is Rights and if it is not a Right then it makes no difference if its Black or White, because the Law does not matter to those that do not abide by it, so Laws mean nothing to anyone except those enforcing them, and that is a full time job, and it is all because Sheeple believe that Money is a Right, when Jesus said it was Evil, so those that use it will justify it by saying its only the Love of Money that is Evil, so it confuses Me, because why would you give up your Constitution to Defend Money when you know the Banks print the Money and you pay Taxes to a Private Bank with no representation, and do not think the Government is Representing We the People, when they are Owned by the Banks and do their bidding, so We the Sheeple now see Black and White in Shades of Grey that look like Mud, because Sheeple think the Darkness is the Light, because that is how they defined it, because the Treason was allowing the Banks to rewrite the Constitution and making it Legal because they own the Judges and all the Courts, so Darkness is all they see, so it is these Sheeple that define the Universe, and I know what that definition is: The Dynamic Universe, because God can not exist in this Universe if Money printed by Banks is allowed to run Sheeple's Lives, because that is Evil, and that is the Black that I call yewer Right, but the White is a pure Light without Darkness in it, so its God, and God only exist in the Trinary Universe, so yew have the Right to believe in a Godless Universe and call the Darkness the Light, but it does not make it Right, and if you are not Left in the end then what was the Point of being Right.

Growing up I never judged people or Sheeple by the Color of their Skin, only by Color of their SOUL, because God may be all Light without Darkness, but the Flesh or Body that holds our SOUL is the Darkness that Sir Isaac Newton proved was all the Colors in a Rainbow, so if I called someone or something Black or White, I was referring to the Color of the Souls or Spirit and not the Color of someones Skin or the Color of an Object, so Rights have a Color, and that Color depends on how yew define the Darkness; for example: Schools are not White, I do not want to say they are Black, because Black means all Darkness without Light, and there can be no Darkness without the Light, so if it was White, it would have No Darkness, so only in the Shades of Grey does it have any balance, but I tend to think of White as a Standard, and Black as the Reality, Schools do not teach the Light, so they can not even be in the White, because they only teach the Darkness, witch is General Relativity, the Godless Dynamic Universe, and it is all about Money, Religion, and layers of Classes, Race, and Nationality, and Most People only think in terms of the Color of their Skin, so they call me Racist, when I have the Black Gene in my DNA, as well as every Human on this Planet, just because it is not Turned on gives yew no Right to call me Racist, that is Racist as a matter of fact, because I was talking about the Color of Yew Soul.

The Trinary Universe is about making Free Thinkers out of Sheep, which are Animals that believe they are People, instead of their Energy of their Soul, because only Free Thinkers would understand that we are the Light and not the Darkness, so who IAM is defined by that very concept, and it is just that easy, if I is the Light And Me is the Darkness, because only then will you live in the Shades of Grey between the Black and White, which is the Darkness and the Light, and it is this Black and White thinking that makes Free Thinkers want to Live in Freedom, which means no Money, its Free, and Dumb is what Dumb does, so its Free Dumb, and that is what the Banks are selling yew.

The Concept of when I say I that IAM talking about is only the Light, and Me is just the Meat and it is the Darkness, then this will start to feel like Spells a Wizard would tale, and it is because it is, this is how Wizards talk, and it is how I think, so I do not try to hide it, nor will I try to write like so called Normal People, for one think, IAM not, so get over it, and this has nothing to with me being an Aspie, well actually I do not know that for sure, because so far in my life only Aspies have seen the Light this way, that is, Aspies like Sir Isaac Newton and my Cousin Isaac Newton, Tesla and others that seen the Light, I know it gets confusing because sometimes when I say I: I actually mean Me, witch is Meat so it is the Flesh, and IAM Flesher, which is what most none Trinary Minded people would think anyways, so its only in the context of what I say does the concept of who IAM, and who is I or Me make any difference, but its easy to understand that anything that I do that involves me, means that what I do effects me, and not I, because me is short for meat or Flesh so it is the Darkness, then you remember that: IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, IAM Every Shade of Grey in between, IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, so you know who IAM, its just the Concept the some of Yew have a hard time understanding, that you and me are the same, its just our Freewill that makes us Different, and when we die, we come I, and all that we were becomes a Dream I had, because I is the Trinary God.

Our connection to the Light is what makes us aware of the Light, because most people confuse the Light with that Little Voice in their Head, when in fact, that is just the Meat you call Flesh or the Body, and it is not the Light at all, so without the Light, you would not hear, see, smell or feel, or are at least be aware of things even if you are deaf and blind and can not smell or feel, because your connection to the Light has nothing to do with your Body, but with how your Brain is connected to the Light, and if you are ever in a coma and can still think, this means that you have no connection with the Body, but are still connected to the Light, so just because people can not communicate with their Bodies does not mean they cannot communicate with God, because God is what makes your Heart Beat, if you need a Machine, then God is not Keeping you alive, it does not mean it will not work, nor does it make you a machine, God is glad you are alive, otherwise God would not have given you the knowledge to fix your Heart using Electronics, because that is what God is: Electricity, Lightning, or our Brainwave.

The Right to be Black or White, is all up to yew, its just a fact of life that there are Black and White Sheep, so get over it, the Gene to switch the Color between Black or White, or any Shade in between is yours to Change, just be careful changing ewer Genes, because this is not a Game.

Racism is ugly, and the Skin is no different then our Soul, so be careful what you call Black or White, or any Shade of Grey in between, because I can change the Gene to change my Color, but inside I will feel the same, because the Color was not what made me think that way or any way at all, it was only I with the Limitations of Freewill, but the Color of Our Soul is really who we are, and changing its color is to understand it is just Light, once you acknowledge its just the Color of your Soul, you will learn to Except it, and this Black and White World, it is not the Colors that Define us, its how we define the Colors of Light, and once we define it, Racism is Over, and it is, it does not exist in the Trinary Universe.

Yew believe yew are Black or White based on the color of your Hide, and that is why yew Hide it, because it is just skin deep, but Ugliness of the Color of your Soul, goes all the way the Bone, so give up in thinking in terms of Black and White, and talk about the Lightside or the Darkside, but only as Entertainment meant to amuse God after you die.

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