Chapter 5.09:
Learned behavior
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 5.09:
Learned behavior

All that I learned after 20 years of School: can be summed up by what a Dragon Slayer named Viggo [1] said:

They say there are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe what is.

Some think this means there are two types of fools: those that believe what is not true, like the Science called General Relativity and the Godless Dynamic Universe, because it is a Theory with no Empirical Evidence, and it is ramifications using Logic and Reasoning will cause Paradox's that can not exist in Reality, so these same fools will not believe in what is true, simply because they do not know what is true, so a simple observation is that the Light of God or Trinary Energy can be seen around all objects in our vision, and if you magnify the same object you will see the same pattern, and if you put an Atom of the material of that object under an Electronic Microscope, you will see the same pattern, and no matter how you want to interpret what this White Noise is doing, you can not deny that the Pattern is easy to decode, at least the State Changes are, and that is how our Bodies of a Flesh Being: is Wired... At the subatomic level these State Changes are running our entire Life-Form, so the White Noise I call Trinary Energy has a very specific meaning, but does that meaning, mean anything to you? How about Yew, I did not think so...

Its only how we as individuals decide how we define words and how we spell them, so all Learned behavior all comes down to training, from a Child everyone that you socially interacted with trained you to believe in the things you believe in, and when anyone threatens that belief, many people will fight back, and when it comes to defining what God is, well that definition stops here, and that is what we are talking about, because God did not build Fools, Freewill allowed you to fool only one person, and that person is always yourself, because only a fool would believe anything they can not prove to themselves, regardless of what others say to you, it does not matter if the most Intelligent person in the World told you it was the truth, if you can not prove it to yourself, then you are a fool to believe it at all, so all I am asking you are to prove that you can see Trinary Energy with your own Eyes, and if you are Blind, this makes it easier, no distractions, you can see the Trinary Energy because it is Light, White Noise is the Light, and it is in the Darkest of rooms, the Light is everywhere, and if its controlling every Atom in the Universe, then it is the Light of God, because the Bible said that God was all Light without Darkness, so this must be God, because according the full definition: all the Light in the Universe would be God, but if you can not prove it to yourself, then you would be a fool to believe it is the Truth, and because God is all the Light in the Universe you would be a fool not to believe it, since you know you can prove that is the Truth, and the Truth is as simple as that, no matter what you think God is, the Bible only stated God is All Light without Darkness, not some of it, but all of it, because the Truth is only what you believe it is, read it and not into it, and what if you are only fooling yourself by believing that anything you know is the truth, but Reality is that Life is not that Complex, either the Trinary Energy is God or God does not Exist, and that is always a choice of Freewill, because you can think that God is a Deity, which is very vague in definition, but Reality would dictate that all the Atom's in the Universe is everything we know of that is Real, everything else is just interpretation of events, so its Learned Behavior, so when do we stop Learning, and that is when we stop listening, so listen to what that White Noise is saying, because everything in the Universe is talking the same language at the subatomic level, Trinary Energy can Read and Write instructions using DNA as a blueprint for a Life-Form, and it is only when you start believing that to be true, does it become true, and it was only at that moment in time that you proved it to yourself, but first you had to learn something new, and that was how to think about it at all, because where does everything we learn go, do we store it in the tissue of our Brain or is it just Electricity measured as Brain Waves, or maybe even Light, which is just Electricity at a higher frequency, so do not be a fool, reality is what is real, and what is real is White Noise, and what is a fact about it, is the 3 State changes it has, and how they correlate to changes in Atom's: Electrons or Photonic Light, so it has the ability to control the movement of every atom in the Universe, and now you are thinking only a fool would believe that, because only fools would believe that God is Real, yet you know what I said about Trinary Energy can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, but I still have to convince the Sheep, because this starts to sound like things only a Wizard would say, because Logic is easy to confuse people with, call them a Fool for not seeing it this way will only make them believe it is not the truth, because Wizards try to trick you using Magic, and knowing this, I did it anyway, because I want to make sure you actually know it is the truth, and are beyond the denial of accepting that it is true and always has been, because what ever you believe about what God is does not mean anything unless you can prove it to anyone, and if you can not prove it to yourself first, then you are a fool, Learn from mistakes, do not add to them, be the solution and not the problem, and if you can not baffle them with brilliance then confuse them with Bullshit, because that is what people have told me about my Concept of the Trinary Universe, so I know what yew think and why yew think that way, because yew only believe what yew Learned to believe, and now yew can not think any other way, because yew believe yew are believing in what more Intelligent people believe in, so the Masses can not be wrong about something as important as God, so yew go along with the Herd and what they Heard because that is how yew learned to be the way yew are, because the logic of saying that yew are stupid offends yew if you are willing to admit that Ewe are just Sheeple whose Belief System, or BS, is so Rigid, that it because Religion, and that is just someone's interpretation of the Bible, and only if you Read into it, and only fools do that, think for yourself or let I do the thinking for you, because it is only when you see the Light do you believe it exists, that is called Learned Behavior, and that is what IAM talking about, not being Fooled again...

Learned behavior is what everyone that you have ever come into contact teaches you, that includes TV, Radio, and live interaction as you make it through the day, and most of these sources are not the best teachers, so by the time you start school the way you think is already set, because most people learn to think like those around them, but there are Free thinkers, those that never go along with the normal way of thinking, as if there is such a thing, but school is another word for brain washing baby sitters, the majority of school teachers are people who could not make it in the Real World, like the Doctors in the Military, most teachers and Doctors are not very intelligent, they might be good at memorizing things, but they are not good at Free thinking, or thinking outside the box, and most of them are Neurotypicals (NT), and all school books are written for them, so society is mostly geared towards NT's, and that is a sad fact, and why my family hide it from me, so growing up I have had to learn to deal with NT's, and there way of thinking, so all I know is based on learned behavior, because most things I learned in School was wrong, but NT's can never admit to being wrong, because they learned to be that way, because society thought them that being wrong is like being Stupid, and no one likes to be Stupid, so they go along with what ever everyone else believes, and that is Herd Mentality, so its Sheeple thinking they know everything, when very few of them know what Reality is all about, because you have to die to become God, and there might be a little flashback while you are dying, and when you are reborn, you might remember one of the people who died in the Galattice, because your Frequency and Wavelength was the same as theirs, like minds tend to think alike, this too is Learned Behavior, and for the Record: Behavior is what all Life does, Be is like, to Be or Not to Be, as Bee is too Honey, Have means to Have, and I or, it is that or part after I, its I or? If the spell is: Behaviour, then its I witch is our, so the two Spells are not the Same, Learned Behaviour is what we all Learned from I, Learned Behavior is what we learned from others, so never confuse spells, the have more to do with the Word then Meats the I.

Most people have no idea what a Free Thinker is, a good example of a Free Thinker is Sir Isaac Newton, his opinions were never what others believed, before he became popular, his way of thinking caused him much grief in his life, at a young age he went against the standard Learned Behavior, rejecting the notion of Christ, in a Country that embraced the Churches teaching of Christ, after the Christian Crusades, the people were sick of War, but the Warlocks would not give up War to please the masses, the Holly Wars were far from over, and the use of Chemical Warfare was just starting to be known by normal people, so Plague was allowed to kill people for Money, and up to this point very few understood disease, and most people during Newton's time were living like Animals, Alcohol was more common to drink then water, because most water in the cities was not clean enough to drink, nor was food prepared and cooked well enough for Human consumption, and this bothered Free Thinkers like Newton as it does me to this day.

My Cousin Isaac Newton wrote about the Military being ordered to give the North American Indians, smallpox, knowing it would kill most of them, witch Geographically they are South American Indians, but Magnetically North American Indians would be politically correct, Map Makes bugged him also, anyway, if that is all that upsets you about what I said, then yew do not get it, this kind of Learned behavior will cause Genocide, just so they could sell their Land, and then just deny they did it on purpose, as if it would matter all they are all dead, so Learned Behavior is what makes People Like Hitler very Popular, the Ashkenazi are actually 3 Races: the Ash, Ke and Nazi, The White, Grey and Black Races, its just a DNA Genome, just an on and off switch all humans care, just test your DNA if you do not believe me, so we were Related to the Indians that Lived here before the United States of American was here, my Family had been in North America since the 1600's, so we Documented the Learned Behavior our the Military, so we could understand why they Protected Abraham Lincoln, after he was Tried for Treason and found Guilty, and sentenced to Death, so the Militia and Military had to draw lines on who side they are on, the Constitutions or the Banks that now Print the Money, and the Military went with the Money, and have done so since the beginning of History, and His-Story, so on this point we can all agree, those that Conquer must have also been Conquered, that is why ewe are ewer own worse Enemy, they can turn on Ewer Ass, after swearing their Oath of Allegiance, witch was never to the Constitution, because it would not allow you to let anyone but Congress Print the Money, no Wars overseas, and No Taxation, remember that part of it, what were yew thinking, Treason Runs Deep in the Sheeple in the United States of American... So why my Cousin Isaac Newton talked about it, was because he knew it could not last, it would destroy more than just Civilization, it would destroy the Planet and all its Life, and this is Learned Behavior, so what the World needs is Learned Behaviour, so we all know what the Truth is...

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