Chapter 5.08:
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 5.08:

An Asshole is much more than just an Anus, most people can tell you the difference between and Asshole and a Butthole, but when they call someone any of these names, people get upset, the term derogatory or disrespectful is used in Sarcasm, which Aspies have a hard time understanding Sarcasm or using it, but I did learn to use Sarcasm, but somewhere along the line I started using it way too much, and did not even understand I was using it, so people started calling me an Asshole, and they were not talking about my Anus, so it takes an Asshole to to call someone an Asshole, and maybe that proves only Assholes call others Assholes, because they know they are an Asshole too, so it is like saying, IAM an Asshole just like Yew.

All Spells have a reason to use a specific word, and some words are used more in our vocabulary then others, but as a child I used Profanity as if it was just words that people used in normal conversation, because they were by the people I grew up around, which were mostly People who used illegal Drugs, and everything the Pharmaceuticals did not sale was Illegal, because my parents were hard core Drug Addicts, so my use of Spells use words found in a Profanity Dictionary, and I might use them without knowing it, but as I grew older and started School, teachers would get very upset with me for using such language, and would send me to the Principles office, calling my parents did not help matters, but to stay out of trouble with people who did not like the use of Profanity, I asked my Uncle what words I could use, and which ones I should not use around these people, he told me that people who think words are either good or bad have no concept of what words are, and how they should be used, so His-Story goes like this:

One day the Brain said it was the most important part of the Body, and all the other body parts chimed in and said that they were, the Heart said the body would die if it stopped working, which turned out to be true for many body parts, and the heart did not shut up till the heart burn from what the mouth eats some raw onions and garlic with tomato sauce, so the Mouth said it was the most important because it could talk and eat, but the Asshole was the only one that was insistent that it was the most important part, and all the other body parts laughed at the Asshole, so the Asshole said I will prove it, and the Asshole shut its mouth and did not say another word about the subject for weeks, this left a bad taste in the mouth so it stopped talking, at which time the Brain started thinking all foggy and had a headache, and the Heart got Heartburn all over again, and the other body parts started feeling real bad, so the Asshole won this debate, so an Asshole is someone that will go to any length to prove a point.

I told this to my principle, who laughed and said I understand your dilemma, most people may have never heard this story before and do not understand the meaning of the word the way you mean it, and calling people like this an Anus is not much better, nor is Butthole, the word Jerk or other profane words does not have the same meaning, in fact I do not know another word, so I would suggest that you find more words to make your point.

As it turns out, I am an Asshole, and I have an Asshole, as many people do, and many people go to great lengths to make a point, so my point is, does the Spell you used to describe this concept, detract from the meaning if others do not understand the meaning for the word in the context that you mean it, and the answer is that people have their own idea about what words mean, and they assume that you mean their definition for that word, and not the definition that the speaker intended, which is why I tend to make up words to describe concepts, like the word Trinary, so if you think I am an Asshole, its fine with me, in fact I will shut up and see who wins this debate.

Anyone that tries to debunk this document will end up with the Asshole Award, because without equipment that view single Dimensions, you cannot debunk this document with Proof, so you were an Asshole for trying, and if you were trying to debunk this document you would have to read it first, and if you did not read the whole document and every word in it, then it means you did not care about what was in the Document, all you wanted to do was debunk it to prove what an Asshole you are, so you win the Asshole Award. You can not use Einstein's work to debunk this document, because he only believed in Newton's work, and this is all based on it, so you are trying to debunk both Newton and Einstein, not to mention the other Wizards.

Assholes have no idea they are one, it starts out when IAM explaining a Concept and part of it goes against their Belief, so yew Stop me Right there to tale me that IAM wrong, this is called the Freewill Asshole, but Freewill does not make yew Right, it normally only proves yew are an Asshole, because that is how Assholes work, they are designed to keep the Shit yew are putting into ewer Mouth, from spewing all over the place every time yew get excited, butt Ewer found another purpose for an Asshole, so now ewer shitting all over the place and cannot hold it in, its coming out your Mouth and there is no stopping it, its like that Little Voice in ewer head is working overtime, it is no wonder why Sheeple run when ewer cumming around, butt that is how some of ewe are, and why Assholes do not use Evidence to settle an argument, and Bullies use their Fist, and Cowards use Weapons or allow their Country to use them in Gods Name, its why Assholes allow Atomic or Nuclear Energy and Weapons, knowing they are made from the Atom and it is made of Neutrinos and Light, and God is All Light without Darkness, and any Asshole knows that, so why do they Deny Jesus's Name 3 Times, is what makes yew the biggest Asshole of All Time, butt no-body likes to be called an Asshole for allowing these things, because Assholes never take responsibility for what comes out of it, because the Mouth took no responsibility when it allowed the Shit to get in, and it is not the Colons fault for getting Cancer after all TaxUS yew eat, so Asshole take no responsibility for anything, they just blame it on everything else, and this is why the Brain says hey wait a minute here, who is in Charge of this Body of Flesh, IAM, and I always take responsibility for the things I do, so it all comes down to what yew believe in, and what you believe in, yew will always believe in General Relativity, because yew screwed up their life so bad, that their only hope is to go back in time and fix it, that is how stupid yew are, and why yew will always be an Asshole, because some of yew will believe in Theories that the Author did not, and even proved it was not possible by proving it can lead to a Paradox, and if yew use a Paradox to determine what is Real, yew are lost, and a Fool, which makes yew a Foolish Asshole, and those of yew who believe that there are two Jesus's in the Bible, thus believing there must be two Gods, and do not believe Sir Isaac Newton Proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible, are Religious Assholes, in fact if yew do not believe that God is All Light without Darkness, then yew are an Illiterate Asshole, because that is what is written in the Bible, and those that do not believe in what the Bible said, are Normal Assholes, as if that gives them bragging Rights, because the Bible is written in Witchcraft, and unless yew can read it, it does not make any sense, but once yew understand that its just about Wizards and Witches, then you will understand, why yew hunted them down and killed them, because they were not Ewer kind of an Asshole, and if you want to believe in Trinary Science, you can be an Asshole just like Me...

Calling People Assholes is one way to prove that you are an Asshole, I do it all the time, so I know I am an Asshole, because it takes one to know one. I might have said a few things in this book, that I know at some level it is not right, and it is why I am so hard on Religious People, it is not their fault they are Stupid, so I say things to make a point, I did this to prove I am an Asshole.

Yew would think I was done talking about Assholes, but this is really just where I start ripping yew a New Asshole, for being the Foolish Asshole, because there are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what is not true, the other is to refuse to believe what is, and it is why Assholes never use Evidence to argue a point, and why Stubborn Assholes use their fist, because they cannot argue with Facts, or Logic and Reasoning that sounds like the truth because it is, and then yew the Christ Asshole, who will always Deny Jesus has 3 Names, but that is not what made Christ an Asshole, it was yew for making Jesus Bar Abbas a Murder for Killing Roman Solders in the Battle of a War, for Fighting for Freedom from Money and Taxation, and remember it was not the Fault of Bar/Abbas, it was Jew that Sold Jesus out for Money, and demanded that the Romans Kill him, did Jew Assholes think Jesus would go out without a Fight? Do yew know who IAM? If yew did, yew would be you, but that would only mean that you are not Yew, because some of Ewe smoke Yew, because they love Smoking TaxUS, so yew act like yew do not have to Pay TaxUS, and still think yew can use Money, Just-US talk to the Assholes in Charge, I would rather talk to the Powers that Be the Light, because Electricity is a Higher Power, then you attach meaning to the Polarity, like: Positive, Negative, and Ground, so it is Trinity or Trinary, it is just a Name, so is God if that God is All Light without Darkness, butt yew only see the Darkness in the Light, it is that Rainbow of the Colors of Light that are in all of us, as in me or you, but do not tail the Sheep that, because ewer known for this, its why the Sheep run when the Dog is not Looking, so it just comes down to what you call God, and I call the Trinary God, not like in 3, because there is only 1, and witch 1 can be computed from Trinary Math: so its (+1) + (1) = 0, so it can only be (+1), or (1), or 0, so looking at every Atom in your Body, you can prove where it is at, because it is the Math that explains the Trinary God, so do not be a Fool for Believing the Colors are just Black and White, plus every Shade of Grey in between, but that is only in the Darkness of Electric Rainbows of Colors that we see, or c if we are Blind, so its just a variable in some equation in the Galattice that someone left unsolved, some of us find it, some do not believe it at all, that is because Empirical Evidence does not mean a thing to Sheep, because that is all I ever talk to when writing these words in Books, because no matter what me and you think, at lease we know I exist at all, the Puzzles unravel in our Mind, its just Electricity, and that is all that IAM, nothing more than that found in Lightning, the same Place where Trinary Engines are Born, so the Angels that came down from Heaven, did in deed, if Heave is Positive and Hell is Negative, then round and round we go, we are Alternating Current known as AC, Not DC, witch is more Direct, because the Trinary Reality is that Light does not Move, like the Universe itself, its only our Asshole that is moving, and if it did not pass through the 0 Dimension, it would burn up at the Speed of Light, so it is the Helical Math we use in Hell below the 0 axis, as a Sine wave in Electricity, so our Reality is just like Water that flows like Electricity through Gold, and it is why you can break down the atoms in Water and take the Oxygen, and Hydrogen and Burn them together to make Water, only now its pure, some might say Distilled or Spirit Water, the Pyramids worked on this Principle till that Moses Asshole, convinced all the Stupid People that they were slaves because they did not get paid in Gold, because Stupid forgot that in the Beginning there was just the Light, and IAM that Light, no matter what yew Call It, its Trinary Energy, its measured in terms of Brainwaves, in terms of Electricity, and even the Sheep know that, so IAM glad we all agree, if ewer that Foolish then take ewer Light out, besides getting all the Sheep to Run, as it Runs down ewer Leg, because that is all the Sheep think about, is messing around, no time to Work, so let us Play this Game wee call Life, it is all an illusion if yew all can not agree, whoever gave Sheep Freewill made a Fool of ewer kin, who yew have been screwed by before the end, even in the end, because ewer always coming back four more, witch is why me and you know who IAM, but yew are just some Tree called TaxUS, and yew always come back four more TaxUS, yew Spend Money like its Insane, its Engraved in the Blood of the Planet, how did yew think this would End, get ewer Heads out of ewer Assholes so you can see what it is IAM saying, witches TaxUS all the Same, the Warlocks demand it to feed their Military Machine, I know because IAM one of them Fighting for Free Dumb, disability over reality that makes Slaves of us All, who after 30 Years would end the Lives that Slaved Four You, just because yew want Oil, the Blood of the Planet to run yewer Machines, that only Pollute the air that yew breath, then ewer passing Laws beyond Reason except to wage War, for more Blood from the Planet that is Wobbling because it is dizzy from the Lack of Blood to its Brain, its like the Iron that runs through yew, you and even me, its just a conduit for Electricity, and that is what Makes the World go round and not Money, in fact its slowing it down to the point it will seize, all because of these Asshole Vampires that drill and pump the Earth full of Water, or MUD, just to Kill it and make sure its Dead, in the Middle of the Night, so if you feel a Pucker in your Asshole in the Middle of the Night, knowing someday the Magnetosphere its producing will all go away, just because some Governmental Asshole thought a fine was JustUS, as long as its only about Money, there will always be my disgust, so I will discus it here and now and now and then, and repeat it till it drives yew crazy, I will dig my Nails into a Chalk board to figure out this Trinary Math, I will call it Music: so do not laugh, this might be the last thing yew ever Here, because ewer thinning their Herds with all the endless Wars they love so, so Much that War is all yew Know, butt yew are all the Same, and some of Ewer are Butt-Crack Addicts, but all of Yew are JustUS Money Assholes, so ewer Money Junkie Asshole, yew never Learn from His-Story, so yew are bound to repeat its mistakes, and as the Dog I know its backwards to view the Flesh as Sanctuary, knowing when the Light Goes out so do I, so how do ewe think yew think or you think ewe think yew think, witch is a lot of thinking I think, proving yew will only become Devolved Assholes, because none of yew want to think or rethink what yew are thinking ewe think, just gives you a headache, butt what due dodo do day do all day long, according to the Dog that guards the Sheep, who argue with no Rhyme or Reason or any type of Logic, so yew become the Logical Asshole, and those that use Einsteins Theories that he did not believe, yew are just a Mainstream Scientific Asshole that will never Learn the Truth, about the Paradox that is in all of Yew, and never forget there is an Asshole for each and every one of yew, so I warn yew to change ewer ways, because before the Earthquake comes the Sheep will run, and ewer will go running after, making Sheeple's Butts Hurt, along with their Pride, as if they were a Lyon, for believing in Theories that were never proven to be the Truth, what Fools follow Assholes, bowel deep into ewer minds yew will grow, because there are Places so Evil, that Money could not even Hide, all because you built your Homes out of Yew Dreams, so now you have TaxUS, but yew still have Shit for Brains Asshole that you can still blame, for being so Stupid to believe in a Theory and fact are both the Same, that is insane, so these Insane Assholes know who ewe are, they shave ewe bald every year so ewe hair will not grow Solon, because that word is funny to the Gay crowd, who like to Groom Ewe, and Pet Ewe, and like a Pig Pork ewer Chops, and leg of Lamb that are Silent in the Night in Fright of what ewer doing, but I can put down Assholes till the End of Time, so if you know more Asshole, then drive them Nuts, before they drive your Mother or Father Crazy, because they can not come back from the Dead just to hunt ewe, so if that is that yew may have enough of, because of the diarrhea that runs at night as ewer trying to feed her, that yew realize that IAM not trying to deceive ewe, IAM just the Dog sent by God to guide ewe through life with Freewill, to the day that ewe die, and everyone dead can see you, so feel free to add a few more Assholes to this Subject, do not forget witch Polarity to send it, with the Subject Like Heaven or Hell, it always takes an Asshole to know one, so why be one, because in the Beginning there was only the Light, and that will never change, so this is just Gods Dream after my Lights go out, because it is far from over, butt I will stop here because this has been Entertaining, like Buttnaca [1] Jokes what make you think twice, so this is where I got off, so I can stop being an Asshole, and let my Asshole talk.

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