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Chapter 5.07
History of Dragons

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.07:
History of Dragons

There be Dragons here! Is a Historical Quote that no one knows the source of, and few understand the Meaning, case in Point: what Image did you Imagine when you first Read it? There are 3 types of People when it comes to History, there are those that believe in Fairy Tales and Legends and those that do not, and those that know which Stories to believe in, because most Fairy Tales and Legends were based on a True Story, but this quote came from the Log book of a Ship that sailed the Seas thousands of years ago, and is a reference to other Ships that have a Dragon on their Bow, which was common back in that time, either you had a Dragon or a Siren, normally not both, so those that imagined a living Beast only know Fairy Tales and Legends and know nothing about the Real History of this Planet, because Dragons and Sirens were referring to the Bow of a Ship and not a Real Beast, it was a Battering Ram and had to look like something.

The History of Dragons dates back to Wizards that dates back before the Bible, its recorded in every Nationality and Race known on this Planet, and it is Crystal Clear that Moses was a Dark Wizard and Jesus was a Light Wizard, so every form of Religion ever recorded is all about Wizards, and there is no denying the facts, because Sir Isaac Newton proved that Christ does not exist, and was created to try to hide the fact that Jesus Bar Abbas was a Wizard, but defining God as All Light without Darkness made that fact impossible to hide from other Wizards throughout History, and I am talking about Real Recorded History that everyone knows and reads all the time, just because the words: Wizard or Magician were not used, the use of Magic was, and a Miracle is Magic, unexplained Science is Magic, so Magic is something that is Real in History, because History was all about Magic, Wizards and Dragons, did you hear a Siren? Ramming Speed...

When I was a child around the age of 9; my Uncle Tubba (John Thomas Sr.) gave me a book for my Birthday, he knew how interested I was in Real Wizards and Dragons and not the Fairy Tale or Legends, so this book was the best he could find, although I do not remember who wrote it or even the name of the book, because it was a scrape book put together by someone in my family, and I do remember what was in it, and that was stories about how History was written, and there was plenty of Dragons and Wizards in it, and the use of Witchcraft is an ongoing part of History.

Words and Spells are what Wizards and Witches are best known for, in this book, it said that most if not all our Language came from Witchcraft, the English Language was pure Witchcraft from the start and every word and spell in it was originally written by Witches, this is a fact that was written in History and can not be changed by People who want to say No it Not, and that is why I say I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it, or No it Not, this is the main Reason I wrote this Book pointing that out, I did not write this Book in Witchcraft, but I did point out what it is, and gave many examples of its use, but Fairy Tales are another Story, so do not confuse them: Merlin was an Actual person who lived in History, so was King Author, which because King Arthur, because it opened up the Door to Fairy Tales and Folk lore that became Legend, but the Excalibur was Technology and not a normal sword at all, it was Magic given to him by a Wizard known as Merlin, but this story came from a time before Moses, when the Pyramids where at their Peak, it had: running water, electricity, Electric Lights, sewage, the whole city was underground, and all cut out of Rock with the Excalibur, and that technology still exist on this Planet, in the mystical world of Ed Leedskalnin's and his amazing Coral Castle, see: In Search of... The Castle of Secrets (1981)
so it is possible he knew all the Masonic Secrets about the Pyramids, how much technology is lost down through the Ages, all because some People think they understand what is going on this world, now technology has passed us by, and we are still not that advanced to build Pyramids yet, so as it turns out, Words and Spells are what Wizards and Witches are best known for, and destroying Technology is what Stupid People do, because they do not know how to read it.

Some words like Dragon, lost their meaning over time and now Fairy Tales make it hard to find the true meaning of the word, but according to History, a Dragon was the Front of a Ship called the Bow; that sailed the deep seas, the figure was very popular with the Vikings, the concept is simple, today we know what a Waterspout is, it is a Whirlwind Vortex that looks like a Tornado over Water, when it gets big enough they call it a Cyclone or Typhoon, and when they get bigger than that they call them Hurricane, but it is a fact that these were all Names give to Dragons: Cyclops, Typhoon and Hurricane are all names that are still in use for Dragons to this day, and in History, these were not Creatures, but weather conditions we still have to this date, grant you people do not make the Bow of the Boat or Ship look like a Dragon, but you can still find Sirens on them.

As it turns out, the Vikings were not the first Ship Builders, they got the idea from other Ships of their time, and they all had a huge Bow that acted like a Bumper for a Car, they were shaped like a Dragon, and some had a Siren that would be used to warn other ships nearby to stay their distance should they get caught in a Storm, which is where the term being attached by a Dragon came from, as other ships would collide with each other, but Legends and Fairy Tales took over and now everyone believes them instead of the truth about History.

Dragons and Sirens were not Creatures but Technology used by Sea or Ocean Ships as far back as History is recorded, and it does not matter what Nation recorded it, the Chinese wrote about them before the Bible was even written, so it is not a Fairy Tale, its true History that has lost its meaning over time, nowadays it is mostly because the Human Race is being Dumb downed, so they can be controlled like Sheep, so that only Ignorant people do not know what Dragons or Sirens are all about, even though Emergency vehicles use Sirens to this day, they have not idea where the word came from, and that is just Dumb, but its Free Dumb, but that is not what Wizards teach, Witch is just the truth.

Cyclops had one Eye, as do Typhoons and Hurricanes, that is why History is strange, they knew things that people can not believe they knew about, as if the whole Human Race was Stupid 6 thousand years about an further back in time then that, because Humans were taught that, Cave Men are not even a Fact in History, its just Stupid People writing Fairy Tales and calling it History, the truth is that the only way they would know that Cyclones, Typhoons and Hurricanes had an Eye, is if they could Fly, and they did, in fact History and the Bible is full of Stories about Flying Aircraft, the Pyramids, Easter Island, Stone Hinge, and other Mysteries of the World, are not really possible without Aircraft, if you want to believe that Mars has a Pyramid, then you must admit that there was Advanced Societies back thousands if not tens of thousands of years ago, or 66 Million of years, because that is how far back the evidence goes, just because they did not bury their dead and instead burned them, leaving little to no evidence, does not mean that there is no proof, there is plenty of it around the world and written in History, I have read much of that History and Bibles, as did Sir Isaac Newton, so History is not the Problem, it is the Humans that believe in Fairy Tales that is...

It was said by Sailors that when you sailed into uncharted waters where Maps stopped, it was because there were Dragons there, this reference was to collision with other ships that often traveled together in close proximity, which means these Storms came up very quickly. It is clear that Dragon Slayers were Sailors that could navigate the Seas without running into other Ships, or they were Pirate Ships, so History is correct, and Fairy Tales are just that, books that only Children believe in, but this is why I write about Real Wizards, because Real History recorded them this way, and I will not bow down to Children who are too Stupid to grow up and distinguish Real Wizard from Fairy Tales, so People like that are Called Sheeple, because they are just Stupid Sheep who only Believe in what the Herd has Heard, real Wizards know the truth about History, we wrote it, so we would not forget the Truth, witch leads me to my next Topic about Assholes, everyone has one, and only Shit comes out of them, and it is why History and His-Story are not the same.

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