The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.06
What is a Wizard?

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.06:
What is a Wizard?

A Wizard is someone who is considered an authority in the field or subject in question, so Newton was a Math Wizard, Tesla was an Electronic Wizard, and I consider myself a Trinary Wizard, but like to think of myself as a Guitar Wizard, but my point in this section, is to talk about Wizards and separate Rumors from facts.

I have read a lot of websites that talk about Sir Isaac Newton and concluded that very few people actually understood anything he said, some believe that he did not believe in Trinity, when in fact he did not believe that the Father, Son or Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother were referring to People or Deities, it was instead a reference to Energy, as was God being a Higher Power, Newton knew about Electricity, he called it the Light without Darkness, stating there can be no Darkness with the Light, so Trinary was just the Phases of Electricity, and not a reference to 3 Phase Electricity, all electricity has 3 phases: Positive, Negative, and Ground, just like a Sine wave, only in 3D it is a Helix, so an Electron orbits around Ground as it travels through Space, and the reason why Newton switched to Christianity knowing that Christ was inserted into the Bible, and then being upset about that fact, is that Jesus knew that God was the Light without Darkness, and going against the Church would just get him killed like Jesus, and for the same reasons, which still apply today, only I am not paranoid anyone wants to kill me for what I am writing about, IAM just saying that it is a fact that things like this would have gotten me Killed 333 years ago, and that is a fact, so is it that Adam knew this because those that wrote the Bible said that was a long time ago, so this Trinary Science has been known for at least 6,666 years, who knows, the Pyramids might be 666 Million years old, and he knew that Trinity was describing the Energy, even Newton could see the Light, so he knew this to be the truth, and he was obsessed with the idea that who ever wrote the Bible knew about advanced subjects in Alchemy and Energy, but most of what took place is all Rumors or misunderstanding about what Newton was talking about, because his notes are all written using Witchcraft, just take a look at his Alchemy, he was looking for God, then he realized that it was not in the Chemical Reactions, it was in a spectrum of Light he could not see, and that is called Electricity, so Newton all the back to Adam, knew about Electricity, so I think why most Websites bad mouth Newton is because of the Insertion of Christ, but none of them want to call him the Antichrist, and that is so funny, because he was Against Christ more than any in History, besides myself, and may he is where I get it from, so what is a Wizard if not someone that can Think Deep and Clear, through the Layers of Delusion that Clouds our Mind, in a vastness of Sleep we Dream some Dreams so real we call them Lucid Dreaming, we can record those brainwaves, and induce the same dream, but only to that dreamer, as if its encoded only to their Frequency and Wavelength, or up to their Speed, so Wizards always use Terms that make it sound like Science, but what this proves, is that we can all be using the Galattice, and only able to access thoughts at those Frequencies and Wavelengths of those having them, and that is what Freewill is all about, but it does not mean you can not find those thoughts you look for out there on this Galattice, because most of our Thoughts come from there, in fact all of them, that was a easing into that Reality, our brains only filter Light and Darkness as Electrical Signals, that ride down our whole nervous system, its just like Magnetic Energy, because it is, and it is why we can not live in outer space without it, if you could shield the spacecraft from Micrometeorites, you would still have no Magnetic field to keep you alive for the trip to the Moon, and this has been proven, its more than just the Electromagnetic Signals, or Cosmic Radiation, it is the Lack of an Electromagnetic Energy Force Field like Earths, we can not live without it, it is what generates that 98.6 watts of Electricity we need a day, and do you read about this anywhere on the Web today? Its why I concluded that very few people actually understood anything Newton said.

Sir Isaac Newton said that he never had sex with anyone in his entire life, and anyone included himself, and as it turns out, Aspies tend to want sex or not, like it is a switch that was turned on at birth, those that had it turned off, like Newton or Tesla, would find no need to engage in talk about the subject, they might even become upset if people try to set up a date for them, and some people would start rumors that they are Homosexual because they get upset about talking about the subject, whereas those that have this Sex gene turned on, may not feel that way, and have no problem talking about sex, and it is normally the ones not comfortable talking about and are Homophobic, might actually be what they are afraid to admit, but having sex with anyone is a very personal experience for me, and I do not like to have casual sex for that reason, still I have had many females start rumors about me being homosexual because I would not succumb to their advances, and this upsets me, because the subject is something that offends me, not because I am Homophobic, but because I know that in the Beginning there was only the Light, and IAM that Light, so in Reality its just God having this Dream after I die, so if someone knows your Frequency and Wavelength, could they access your Memory, and that is the Stuff Science Fiction is Made of, but to be reminded that actually your Energy is the same as everyone else, means that you are just like me, and IAM has the same meaning no matter who says it, do think Deeply and Clear, after we die we wake up from this Dream, and we are God, and that is not so much an Aspie trait as it is a personal one, but I do see how rumors get started, and that is why I decided to talk about this subject, because I do not like talking about Rumors, only Facts, and the facts are that yew are only playing with one I, and that was God, so Newton believed that everyone would know if he did have sex with someone else after he died, witch is also a fact in the Trinary Universe, because Logic and Reason prove one thing, God is all Seeing but God only has our I, and Newton did not want to have Sex with God, knowing after he was dead he would have to live with that thought, so I play it safe and only do it with those I wanted to for what ever reason I did, knowing that when I die everyone is my Children because IAM God, so Karma plays a different role in a Wizards life, we play be the Rule that we will settle this in the After Life, trust me that was not a battle call for a Dual, take your time to die, because Time is just a reference that God does not understand, but at least now you might understand why Newton never had sex with anyone.

Wizards know about Wizzards, those Wizards that come to us in our Dreams, but also as a Reference to Trinary Energy, since you can see it with your Eyes Closed, White Noise is hard to see, or see Clearly, no matter how Deep you think, but it is not an Optical Illusion, just use Electronic Recordings if you really want to see it, then turn off the Noise suppressor, because in our Minds we use this Energy to create Dreams, witch are like Audio Video Movie Recorders, only in 3D, and Surround Sound, with all the Feel and Smell to go with it, so in Lucid Dreams we can access the Wizzards to create people, places, and things, so we use Energy to create our Dreams, they can be recorded, like EEG's (Electroencephalogram), so we can prove that all we are is Electricity, so that is what a Wizzzard is all about: 3 z's
zzz is the sound of Electricity, or someone Sleeping, so everyone must have understood what cutting zzz's is all about, but few people understand Wizards, yet you allowed them to write your Languages, and wonder why the words always rhyme, and things always add up, subtract down, divide in half when you do not want it to, and Multiply at the worst time, and it is because Trinary Math is based on (+1) + (-1) = 0, all combinations of the number 3 or Trinary, we are the Electricity, and all Wizards know this, it is who IAM and what IAM made of, the Light and the Darkness.

Being a Wizard is a lot about different things, not things that relate to normal people as random thoughts, because Wizards tend to have a one track mind, and what ever has its focus, is all it knows exist, so Wizards have long attention spans, and can not stay focus on small ones, like what is happening right now, or now this relates to that or the other thing, Wizards tend to think in long term Solutions to Problems people talk about, but most the time people do not want a Solution to their Problem, they just want to talk about it, and Wizards can listen, but they can not help but to try to help, because Problems without Solutions drive all Wizards Insane, its like half finished jig saw your not sure has all its pieces, so you do not figure them out because you do not take risk when playing games, and all Life is, is a Game, its just Dream that God has after me and you die, so Wizards are very rigid in the way they think, every problem has a solution and all puzzles should have all its parts, so Wizards are about a lot of different things, but its only about how they are Different from Normal People does this Matter, because few Wizards get to met other Wizards in their Life, just a Galileo missed Newton, that is why Wizards are so Rare.

Some Wizards are good at Music, Newton was, only he would never play in front of anyone, friends like Edward Halley, known for Halley's Comet, who Newton wrote the Math for him to predict when it will come around again, so they were good friends, and Halley like to Smoke Marijuana, and the two of them would get high, and Newton would explain to him how the whole Universe works, Halley was amazed at what a Wizard Newton was, and one time, he played the drums on a table while he pulled on a string, its an instrument I have never seen, but Halley wrote that Newton said he invented it as a Child, over the years he found better material to make it out of, but the way it was played, was by how hard you pulled on the string, so you have a drum skin, its made of animal hide at the time, and through it is a musical string, he had several different sizes, each had a handle you step on, then a handle on the other end of the string, allowed you to pluck and pull on the string, and it would cause the Skin to vibrate and you could hear it, so Newton and Halley set getting stone on Pot, and started to play music, while Newton described what keys you could play on this instrument, which made me wonder why Newton just did not play a Guitar, when I realized that was what this was, only its played differently, he used a broken glass neck of a wine bottle to play it, pulling harder on the string for vibrato, so it like a Slide Guitar, so each person had to play one, so with one hand on the wire to pull on, the other with a finger through the glass bottleneck, and your feet, which could all add to the playing of the music as they taped their feet, well this kind of music would have gotten both of them Burned alive at that time, so those were crazy times, and these were very personal notes, but as it turned out, Newton invented the modern slide Guitar, only it was not recorded in History, only in His-Story, because that is how Wizards tale a Story.

A Wizard is all about what a Wizard Writes about, so a Wizard is not worth anything if they can not not Write, otherwise, we would not know about them, even Jesus Bar Abbas Wrote, Christ not so much, go figure, here is your sign, he cannot write, so he got 12 Normal People to write for him, and all of them spelled his name wrong, just because the Romans could Read, and Bar/Abbas wrote about a lot of things, but since people did not care about Bar/Abbas, they threw them all away and wrote their own bad things about him, so History and His-Story are not the Same Story.

As a Wizard I only tried to do my Duty in the Military as well as a Citizen: in a Country that lies about its Constitution being Amended, yet IAM still honor bound to defend it, but Sheeple get mad when I defend it, they tell me that I am not even from America, and call me Un-American for saying such things, as if I could make up something like that when the truth is far more Entertaining, so being a Wizard and understanding how people will react, and having to act surprised when they act me online and at forums, is no wonder Wizards are Rare, 333 years ago yew hunted them all down, now they are afraid to reveal themselves, in fear of being persecuted, and all Wizards and Witches throughout time had to live in this same fear, all because of Normal People I call Sheeple, so its only those that have the Christ the Lord as their Shepard and use Money and eat TaxUS, because that is how Yew are, Sheeple lie about the Constitution for the same reason they lie about Jesus Christ, so they can continue to live in Sin by using the Money with its Taxation, that Jesus Bar Abbas fought against by the Way, Christ did nothing but tell you to Love they Neighbor, so I married her over (2000 - 2019) 19 years ago, so do not say I do not do what Christ told me to, yeah, Christ allowed the Romans to Crucify him so you could continue to use Money in his Name, are you Joking, do yew believe Christ died so yew could continue to use that Money, keep in mind that in History Christ does not Exist, nor does God Physically Exist in Religion, this is known as a Deity, the belief in things that do not Physically Exist is called Insanity, is that what Yew Read into this, Bar/Abbas Fought to the Death to stop Money, and Taxation from becoming Normal, but Normal People are Cowards, and that is why they Deny his Name 3 times to this Day, it is not just because they never heard about His-Story in their Herd, it is because no one that hears it will repeat it, because they fear someone might Burn them alive if they did, so they have to live like Wizards and Witches, in fear of Religious Sheep.

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