The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.05
The Giant Wizards

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.05:
The Giant Wizards

Tycho Brahe had the belief that God or the Light made the Planets move, and spend his whole life mapping them out in a way that Johannes Kepler could understand, and who wanted to use his work to prove that the Light Created Harmony in the Universe, and then came Galileo Galilei who helped us see the Heavens more clearly, by turning a child's toy telescope into a real instrument of Science, he also believed that it was the Light that created man, but the Church called this Blasphemy, even though the Bible said God was all Light without Darkness, the Church was very clear that God was a Deity, then Sir Isaac Newton stood up to the Church after finding out that they inserted Christ to create a Deity and two Jesus's, so that people would have to go to Church to be saved and enter into Heaven, so Science was Controlled by the Church, so these Wizards like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci who saw the World of Imagery, and saw that the Church was using figures in the Bible to control people with Money, wrote about it, but it was a view that would get them executed if caught, so they painted it into their Art. Albert Einstein who proved the Universe can not exist without God unless it has Paradox's that can not exist in Reality, proved that only Newton's Universe could exist, because if this Dynamic Universe works this way, then the Newtonian Universes could not exist, even though everything is possible, one possibility is always that not everything is possible, and it uses its math to prove it, so it is a Paradox, which actually proves that the Dynamic Universe can not exist, because it is causing Paradox's by allowing everything to be possible, when in Reality everything is not possible just because it is probable, so this proves it is not Reality, its just an Idealistic view of how the Universe would work if it was Dynamic, so its possible to go back in time and change what you said so you will always be right, then Isaac Asimov opened up the World of Science Fiction, and all was right with the World again, because he believed that current Science was Science Fiction.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were fighting for Freedom that Abraham Lincoln took that Freedom away without anyone missing it, and that was just the half of it, because these men believed that we are the same Energy that is in Lightning, even Mark Twain held the same belief that we are Light Beings as did his friend Nikola Tesla, and these men all liked music, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Strauss where the best, and they all wrote as if they believed God was all Light, and they said that God was Real, so they did not believe in Deities, but they did believe in the Light of God, and the two are not the same or even compatible thinking, but Newton was very clear about whom these Wizards were that he called Giants he stood on the Shoulders of and so am I, they were Giant Wizards, or Wizards that were bigger than Life, so Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, we learn what Real Science is all about.

I do not wonder why the world believes in Deities and Science that is Fiction, that is the Nature of the Religion of Money, for it to is not Real, it is used to Control the Weak Minded only, only that the Weak Minded have no idea that is them, because it is Normal to have a Low IQ, and what Normal People do not understand, is that they were born that way, and because they choice that Pattern of thinking that produces Low IQ's, they keep it and even learned how to Lower it using Public Education, where it became a Craze to teach Unproven Theories like General Relativity, while the Public ignored the fact that the Author Albert Einstein said he only disproved, because it only leads from one Paradox to the next, why did the Public Ignore it is because someone coined the Phrase Crazy Old Wizard, and labeled Nikola Tesla with it, after that no Creditable Reporter would go near him, and if they did, he would just chase them off, all because of the Reported named Smith, who reported that Tesla thinks Einstein is a Fool for believing in his own Theory without Proof, because there was something in the Ether (Space) that he does not account for, and it is the Light, and there is no Curvature in it, paraphrasing here to make a point, you can find the Reports buried in old newspapers dating back to the 1890's, I do not have a copy anymore, lost it with my other papers, so I knew the truth about Einstein growing up, Tesla called him a Fool, so when I read Einsteins reply that actually took me by surprise, instead of firing back an anger message, Einstein simply wrote a note from him to Tesla, and gave it to Mr. Smith, and said see what he says about this, the Note said something to the effect that he wrote the Theory to Prove Sir Isaac Newton was Right, because when you create a Universe without the Light of God, it only produces one Paradox after the other, so I only believe in Sir Isaac Newton's Universe, and Tesla replied that Einstein is a very intelligent Man, because he under estimated Einstein, because Einstein had his own Agenda, it takes a very high IQ to understand that E = MC2 is wrong, how can Energy be the Force of Energy Squared? Rhetorical questions still make you answer them in your Head, if this equation were true, Energy and Mass would have a Relationship that is equal to the Speed of Light squared, but if you have an IQ less than 133, you have no idea what I just said, that is how IQ's work, to explain: at the Speed of Light, which is what a Nuclear Explosion will accelerate to, the question being is how much Energy will it produce, this Question was not used to create the Bomb, it was sitting at a Laboratory, because some Scientist thought we should not test it, and after getting the Formal E = MC2, they were afraid the Universe would Explode, because if F = MA is Force, then Acceleration is the Speed of Light and it is the Constant C, so we just write it E = MC, so now it is the same thing, so Einstein hide this in the Math, it does not stay hidden from Mathematicians with an IQ over 133, so Einstein was saying if you take the Force and Square it, you will know how much Energy you have, this would work fine if Mass was related to Energy, but it is not, and can not be proven to be, so Reality Check: an over simplified Nuclear bomb uses an Explosive like C4, which explodes, by a chemical Reaction that causes its atoms to start a chain reaction of getting out of each others way, because Atom can not physically touch each other, when we move our hand fast, we can feel wind resistance, this is because we are swimming in Gas, we call it Air, but its Gas made of Atom's, the Chemical Reaction causes Electrons to flow around incompatible Elements, or Molecules, which comes down to orbiting around Atom's, and even an Electron is an Atom, so we are only talking about Protons and Neutrons, so it comes down to Free Valances, or receptors for the Electron to flow around, but the Flow of Electrons get erratic due to how fast it has to Orbit some Atom's and slow down around others, which means the conduit where energy flows is forced to speed up and slow down, by Adjusting its Frequency and Wavelength, it is the same with the air resistance your hand felt as you moved it fast through the Gas we call air, if you bend your hand like the wings of an Airplane, you will cause it to increase and decrease resistance, it will cause your arm to speed up and slow down, it does this by causing the Atom's Wavelength to vary over time by adjusting its Frequency, this causes it to move like a wave outward, it pushes into the Atom next to it, now if incompatible Atom's try to collide, this is the Fuel for the Atomic Bomb, the trigger was the Explosive that just went off, it will cause more of this Speed up Slow down movement, so the Force will increase thus pushing not just Atom's away from it, but Molecules, if it does so at a high enough velocity it will break the bounds between Molecules, this causes the 0 Dimension to open up when the Neutrinos in that Atom are redimensioned, which can be verified using a Neutrino detector, so this Force is Caused by the Mass of the Fuel which is Energy in the Atomic Bomb, so it is the Energy that is Causing the Force, not the other way around, so this Atomic Bomb accelerates into the Fuel for the Nuclear Bomb, it has Atom's that are even more incompatible with each other, so when they are forced to together by the Atom's moving away from the Vertex of the first Atom to split, their Speed is forced to that of the Light that is now Pushing it, this Light comes form the 0 Dimension, its size is based on how much Fuel you burned at its Fire Resonant Frequency, so you burn a low grade energy called an Explosive, something like Dynamite or C4, and it is Atom's accelerate by speeding up and down till they reach the Speed of Light, and open up this 0 Dimension in that location, thus causing a Void in Space to exist in that Space, the size of which is based on how much Energy you used, and you can not know that unless you know how much Energy it takes to create that much force, now its Mass does give you that quantity, but its based on its Weight, or its Atomic Weight, and every Atom in the Periodic Table of Elements comes into play when exploding Atomic or Nuclear bombs, so we can take every one of those atoms and put them in an Atomic Accelerator, and find out at what Resonate Frequency that Atom will catch on Fire, then I know how much Energy is in that Atom at the Moment it does this, and I will know at what Frequency and Wavelength it is at, and if I can determine at what speed it was traveling, I would know how was any Element can be Accelerated before it catches Fire, then I would understand that you can not Square its Force for Energy computed from Mass times the Speed of Light, because you will find out that most Atom's that are Protons and Neutrons, will never make anywhere near the speed of Light, so force is a product of its mass times its Acceleration, and if its Acceleration is at the Speed of Light, it is Light, and the Energy of Light is Infinite, so if you take an Infinite number like Light and Square it, you are saying you will open a hole in space the size of how far that Light can expand during that time its open, so let me put a number to how far Light expands when squared: Light can travel 186,000 Miles in one second, if we square it, it can move 34,596,000,000 miles in just one second, thus opening up a void in space much bigger then the Solar System which is only 7,440,000,000 miles in diameter, so you can not square the Force based on the Energy you feed it to computer its Energy, that is just Stupid, and it is why anyone with an IQ over 133 thought the Universe would Explode if this equation was true, listening to people try to explain it makes my brain ache, the only way you can measure energy is to know what Frequency and Wavelength it is at, and what Frequencies and Wavelengths it can catch fire at, then we have E = F - (F - x), so if we use a percentage to represent F, give it 100% of its Energy, and x is the value representing a value of its Energy in terms of Frequency, Wavelength, and Speed, note this is still using Acceleration as a factor, but it is the exact factor when if turns to Light, instead of assuming that is the Speed of Light, because that Number gets real crazy when you think about it, so you can play with numbers all day long, but you will find they are a long way from the Speed of Light, these numbers will create creators the size of a Nuclear bomb and not 3 times larger than our whole solar system for one thing, grant you this is closer to E = MA, since F - (F - x) is acceleration, since Wavelength and Speed are Related, but it is the Offset of that Acceleration in terms of when it turns to Light, or catches of Fire, it is at a Resonate Frequency when the Atom loses its Neutrinos, and Electrons never do, they can travel at the Speed of Light, so in terms of Energy, its just Light, its energy can be Recovered, and it does not open up the 0 Dimension, it just passes through it, unless it needs to move, so you can not use Electrons to make an Atomic or Nuclear bomb, but my formula accounts for the exact measurement of peak energy, even for light, remember Force is rate of Speed caused by its Energy, and Energy is quantity of mass required to create that Force, so you have to compute its offset as I did, and not only its Speed, and my formula works with any type of Energy in any Form it takes, whereas E = MC2 only works at the Speed of Light, and the Numbers are insane and make no sense no mater how people try to explain it, because Energy is the question of how much mass is required to Create force, and you can not get it by squaring its Force now knowing how much energy that will take, so x - F, is that offset required to compute the Energy used to create the Force, because F represents the Maximum Force this Energy can produce, and x is the Force it is at, but this force is measured in Terms of Frequency, Wavelength and Force, so it is an exact measurement, and not a guess based on its Acceleration along, but is flexible enough that a verticy Matrix can be used to plot it, so all you need to know is one of them, the rest can be computed as long as you know one to do a look up, without an offset you have a run away equation with no bounds, as if all energy is infinite, let me put it this way, if I use Einsteins math to compute the Energy of a used marshmallow, I can build a Marshmallow Bomb, according to his math I can, do the Math, one Marshmallow packs a lot of Energy when you multiply its Mass times the speed of Light squared, I mean how stupid do you have to be to understand this? If Einsteins formula was right, we would be floating in the vacuum of space right now if we used Marshmallows as fuel, so personally I lost interest in such math when I was 6 years old, so these people that try to explain this Insanity as if it is the Truth, they are not intelligent enough to understand what they are explaining, if they were they would understand what I just said, but they never listen, so they grew up and taught others to have even a lower IQ than they had, in fact the next generation learns how to even lower the Standards, just to they can pass, and nowadays, they just teach children to take test and not even think, so as it turns out, the people who did not do so well in the IQ department, tend to believe they are more intelligent than others, so they take jobs where they have Power, like Teachers do: to mold our Children's Minds into Play due, nothing but a game that Stupid People play when they think they are Intelligent, but only know stupid stuff and think they are smart for understand it, when they do not have a clue as to what they are talking about, and it was due to US, and our Need for Power over Others, so it drives Politics, so it is the Religion of Money, and that is why people understand Science Fiction but have no clues about Science, its why Stupid people try to explain stupid ideas and concepts as if they were Correct, its why the Human Race is Devolving, because it is Normal to be Stupid, so it is normal for Teachers to be Stupid and Teach Stupid stuff, so I do not wonder why the world believes in Deities and Science that is Fiction, that is the Nature of the Religion of Money.

The Giant Wizards is about all the Giants in History or His-Story that were Wizards, there kind have been known for a long time, there normally are only one alive at a time, Galileo Died the Year Newton was born, so its clear that the Giants are rare, so rare that people never recognize their true genus till after they are dead, sometimes not for hundreds of years after they die, like Newton's, and these Giants among Wizard were all teaching about the Light of God, as well as the Darkness, and that goal was to figure out how they did, the Light Wizzards that is, how do they fold space into nothing with Dimensions, that is the Real Magic in the Trinary Universe, and it is the question I answered, what is Magic in the Universe if I understand it all, should a Magician every reveal their Masonic Secrets to the World, and think they would even understand it, they left it in plain site for them to read about, but few people have what it takes to read this so far, and we have a long way to go, so step by Step, I teach yew how the Universe works, and why ewer version of it is 180 degrees off of what IAM talking about, it is because most people never paid attention to the Real Wizards in Life, they only Paid Attention to the Man behind the Current, the all Powerful Great Wizard of Oz, because everyone's Brains are made out of some of the same Atom's as Straw, so we really do have Straw for Brains, if we eat Straw, it is what our Brains are Made of, so does it make us Stupid to eat Straw? Well that is a question yew will have to answer for yourself, but in my Herd they all eat Straw, because Yew is a Sheep, not as funny about a Movie about Fake Wizards, but more Entertaining, most people never connect the dots between what they said and what IAM thinking, and it is because all I did was finish their work, so I had to learn to think like them, so I would know what they were thinking about, and in reality it is always better to start at the Beginning, so in the Beginning there was only the Light, so IAM that Light as was my Great-Great-Great Grandparents Adam and Eve, so the same DNA that runs through my Flesh, originally came form theirs, so its easy to prove, just test it to Isaac Newton's and Benjamin Franklin's two, so these Giants I call Wizards all have one thing in common, they are all from the same family line, and all that have Adam and Eve in it, are all Related, because keep in mind that in the beginning there was on the Light, and that Light without Darkest was God, and it is only through this Electrical Connection with God through the Galattice, do any of us learn to communicate with ourselves, let alone to Communicate with God, most people think that is Crazy talk, but all I can Prove is that God is your Heart beat as well as your Brains, just hook up an Oscilloscope, its only Electricity, so do yew really believe that Nikola Tesla was a Crazy Old Wizard, or do you believe he understood we really are Light Beings like he said, those where his words and not mine, I am just the Messenger, but these Giants knew that God was All Light without Darkness, so there used to be people that believed this way, now there are none, and I have to ask why, because it was not because of Albert Einstein who knew that there was more to this request to write a Theory, about how the Universe could exist without God in it, so he could not use any of Newton's Math since it was all based on God, who was defined as All Light without Darkness, and if you factor in Trinity as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, you get the equation: (+1) + (1) = 0, so how is it that only these Giants understood this simple Math Trick for what it was, Logic and Reason, with Math to Prove it, Galileo said he could remember Flying in a Past Life, and I remember pissing on a tree, so I remember being a Dog, just like he remembers being alive before the days of Moses, who destroyed the Pyramids trying to steal its Technology, all so he could use it as Money and Pass Laws onto Mankind, just so he could control them like Sheep, that is what Jesus Bar Abbas said, and he remembered being able to have Light, because his Staff of Power, had a Crystal Ball that would Light, when you poured Wine into a Challis made of Copper and Silver Spoon wrapped in Wire of the same, nowadays we know this is a chemical battery, we can do the same thing with Vinegar, and even with Lead, and that is why they need the Challis, to figure out if it did, but now its to late and those stories are Told, but if People believe them, who cares, I do not care what yew Believe, yew always believe in Freewill, and that Story never gets Old, its why I do not talk to You, because Ewe are so much more amusing, so I believe in Evolution, Evilution, and Disillusioned all at the same time, it is all in the Shades of Grey does Reality start to come in Colors only the Rainbow can explain, so be it me the Flesh, Tesla, Franklin, Newton, Bar/Abbas, or a far back as Adam and Eve, these people all knew about the Light without Darkness, and it is because Darkness is all you see, so do not go looking for God, because there can be No Darkness without the Light, and Everything is Made of Light just Like the Wizard Tesla said it was, so it all goes back to Jesus and all 3 of his Names, I only know about the Magic of Jesus Bar Abbas, and he was in the Militia fighting for Freedom from Money and Taxation, and the all the Other Giant Wizards of all Time could have told yew just the same, in fact they did... So the Question is: To be You or not to be Yew? Some Questions should be left unanswered, everyone has Freewill and have no idea if they You or Yew, because people are always saying I said you were stupid, when all I said was yew were stupid, but that Joke never gets old, because Yew never Learn from Giant Wizards.

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