The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 3.14

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 3.14:

My Conclusions are based on Facts and not Emotions, because Emotions are what Mainstream Science Theories relay on, as if it was a Drug and should be illegal, because it should be, teaching people that Theories are Reality or even true is a lie, Theory means Science Fiction, not Science, and when Science Fiction becomes Reality, Science means nothing, and that is why I have no goal of becoming Mainstream Science, and why I do not want a Degree from their Schools of Stupidity, and only want a Degree from the Trinary University, and why I call it Trinary Science, because the term Science means to Lie about it with Theories, Theory means Fiction so it is Science Fiction. The Truth proves itself, Lies required Proof, and Mainstream Science is not about the Truth or the Proof: it is about Money, its why Doctors have to Pay Money to get a Degree that is all based on Lies, because it is not based on Empirical Evidence, whereas the Trinary Engine is Reality, all I am doing is explaining Reality, based on the Laws of Physics, and not Emotions or Religion, so the way Wizards explain things is not like Normal People are used to, but they are also used to being Lain to, because it is Normal to Lie, so its Normal to believe everyone is a Liar, if they tale you something that yew do not know about, and it is because of what People consider Normal, being Autistic is not Normal, having an IQ over 180 is Not Normal unless you are Autistic, and having two spleens is physically not normal, so I am not Normal, so why would I want to write or talk like Normal People who allow Lies to become the Truth, and lie about things as if they were the Truth, Autistic people are normally Honest and do not Lie when they know they will get caught, and Normal People believe in Money, and allow this Planet to become a dump because People are not Paid to clean it up, because it is not their Job, and it is not their Problem, they have more important things to do in life than worry about how the Universe actually works, opposed to how some insane person explains their Theory, because I tell you what my Theories are, I know the difference between what is Real and what is not, Normal People have no Clue: if they did, this Mainstream Science would not exist, but Mainstream Media is owned by the Bank that backed the Godless Dynamic Universe: making Stupid Science or Science Fiction, so Science is what you paid for and Lies are what you got, and those lies were Dumb, as in Free Dumb they Tax you for, because God created this Universe for everyone, not just the Rich, and not so some Government could own us like Sheep, and treat us like Mushrooms, knowing that Magic is what Wizards are famous for, but that is why they discredit the work of Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla, cause God is All Light without Darkness, so IAM the Light, where I is the Light, and Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, but together we are Light Beings, and that changes everything that Mainstream has been trying to deny, by discrediting all the Wizards throughout history, and why the Religious have Hunted down and Murdered Witches and Wizards, because the Last Wizard Nikola Tesla proved that Light is Everything, because everything is made of Light, but this Planet is about to go into an Ice Age, Newton Calculated that to be in 2060, we will have to wait to see if Mainstream is right and this weakening Magnetosphere, will last till the End of this Century, but there is no reason to believe that Newton's Calculations were wrong: so do the Math: 2060 - 2018 = 42 Years, so the Count down begins for the End of Civilization as we know it, and Humans are to blame for this Event, not God, if the Planet goes Nova because Fools were allowed to call the Blood of the Planet Oil, it is because Humans believed in Mainstream Science who lied to them about what Oil is, the Blood of this Planet is a better name for it, but that is what Money does, and what the Ink its Printed with is made of, and it is Printed on Hemp just like the Constitution that is being Suspended till the National Debt is paid off, proving its Evil and it will remove the Light from this Planet, so all I can do it tale the Truth about the Light, the rest is up to Yew.

Stupid People tell me that it is because I talk down to People and Call them stupid, is why they do not Listen to what I have to say, they are too Stupid to understand this is what: Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla said, and the way they taught, and the same is true of the Bible that also called its Followers Sheep, because they followed a Shepard known as Christ the Lord, so it is all about a Deity that does not Physically Exist and that Proves its Insane, so what I said has nothing to do with that, people are not calling me a liar, they are calling them Liars, the Bible, Kepler, Newton, Franklin, Tesla, Einstein, and me in the Flesh, so I have to start off defending what has been said, and why I do not care what Yew believe, is because Yew are Stupid, and I do not like Stupid, I do not do Stupid, and I do not want Stupid Science, and besides that, I was 6 years old when I first thought about most of this, so that is how I felt then, because of Stupid Adults who thought they were smarted then Newton, so the truth is that I do not care what yew Believe, and I only wrote this Book for the Female Sheep also known as Ewe, that I call Yew, and Yew is a type of Tree called Taxus, just so I could call yew Stupid, for believing in Freedom when it is all just Free Dumb, and the reason I repeat this so much, is that I cannot remember if I said this before, its why I repeat most of what I write, it takes me years to finish a chapter at my pace, it took me a month just to proofread up to this point in the book it is because I end up writing more, so it needs more proofreading when I am done than when I started, plus I am recovering from Surgery and using Cannabis for Pain Medication, so Reality sucks for me, and Cancer is still eating away at me, so I never feel good and do not have the Energy to deal with Stupid People.

Conclusion after Conclusion, Step after Step, I try to explain the Trinary Universe in Terms that everyone can understand, and Keep in mind that all the Wizards before me all the back to Kepler, wrote about the same thing: Kepler saw it as Shapes, it tried to Model them, but Electricity was unknown at his time, so he had no idea they were just Electrical Waveform's, even Newton thought it was in Alchemy or Chemistry, so it was not till Franklin proved Electricity existed in Lightning, did real break troughs in Science come to Light, and Tesla knew what to do with that Light, to him the Light was Everything, and that was because as I proved: Trinary Science explains how the Trinary Universe works, and how all the Greatest Wizards in the Trinary Universe, on a Planet named Earth, figured out what the Person who wrote the Bible already knew, and that really makes me Wonder, but I know that Humans built the Pyramids, and the Bible said Moses Destroyed it, to use its Gold for Money and Create Laws to make it Legal, and he did this by making People believe they are Slaves if they do not get Paid Money, and why the Bible said it was the Root of all Evil, and with the Insertion of Christ only the Love of Money was Evil, just so Sheeple could live with Con Science, because they have no Conscience, so I wonder about a great deal of things, and I have written about many of them, so I must Conclude that if the Human Race is to Survive the coming Ice Age, maybe some of those Sheep reading this should grow a Conscience, and stop the Con Science, and explain this Trinary Science to the World, and do not expect me to, I wrote this to a Sheep like Yew just: so I could not be Hunted down, and taken to Court or Murdered for my Knowledge, about what all these Wizards and the Bible wrote about, so people wonder why I am so Paranoid, knowing I do not have to Fear the Banks, because Trinary Sanctuary is all about Paying off the National Debt, and I do not have to Fear the Military, because I am a Medically Retired Gulf War Vet, and I do not have to Fear the Governments, because I work for them, and I pay my Taxes, I am a Model Citizen, but I am not one of those, I am Militia, and they are Outlawed in this Country, so its why I am not Religious, yet I base all my work on what the Bible Actually said, and not what Religion said it said, because that is how the Church works, there are actually no Evil People that Run it, these People think they are doing the Right thing, and who am I to say they are not, I will tale you, and a Tale is a Written Story, if I read this out load I am telling you this, and it is this Detail of Explaining things, that separate it from Law, because Law uses Witchcraft just like the Bible, it talks in what sounds like Metaphors, but the truth is much Simpler then that, yet you can argue about what God is all day long, and change nothing to a Devout Religious Person, but it is hard to believe that same Person could read all my Books Cover to cover, and still be Religious, and trust me, very few people in the World have read and understood the Bibles, meaning more than one, and wrote more about them that made more sense than Religion did at explaining what it said, more than if you added up what: Kepler, Newton, Franklin, Tesla, Einstein, and myself, since unlike Einsteins Theories, I did not write these Books just to Make Money, I did want to make enough to pay for the cost of what I am doing, but I make them available for Free on the Internet, and that is about all I can do, it is up to yew to do something with this Information, the Principles of Trinary Sanctuary explains how, but you have to be the one to ask your Government for Trinary Sanctuary, no one can do that for you, and someone has to be the first, and as the Author it can not be me, I am not the Spokesmen for Trinary Sanctuary, that is yew, and it is why I wrote this book for yew, this Book is the Science, that book is how to implement it, in a way that can save a lot of the Life on this Planet when it Shifts or Reverses Poles, a Shift implies its starting, and it already has, a Reverse means it will happen, and everyone knows that is soon, and as the Strength in the Magnetic Field weakens, we will be more vulnerable to Cosmic Radiation and Meteorites, and it is just the Laws of Physics that when our Atmosphere leaks out into Outer Space, because our Magnetosphere is too weak to contain it, this Planet will Freeze, our Oceans will Freeze over, and it will take a long time for them to thaw out, and longer time for the temperatures to get back to the way are now in 2018, so I conclude that in coming Chapters or Steps, yew will get a better understanding about what is really going on, so buckle your set belts and strap, because this Spaceship called Earth is already in motion, and is about to change direction Magnetically, so hold on, and a tank of Air would be nice to have handy, I try to keep a few bottles of Oxygen handy, and I should re-certify my SCUBA tank, just in case I actually Live long enough to witness a Pole Reversal, so as the Magnetic Field degrades, the Collapse is nearer, and no one made a better Calculation then Newton, and it is why he Wrote about it, and why I am reminding yew that he wrote about it, so maybe someone will do something about it, and that someone is yew, and who ever reads this.

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