The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 3.13
Trinary Engine Math

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

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Chapter 3.13:
Trinary Engine Math

Trinary Engine Math is very simple, the Engine itself only has 3 State Changes: 0, (+1) and (-1), and is represented as the Constant formula (+1) + (-1) = 0, which states that the function of Quiescences denoted as a Q, and the function of Containment represented as a C, are all the math I need as proof of this simple relationship, the rest of the Math has already been done by Kepler and Newton.

When a Trinary Engine is born, its outside shell is in State 0, and all the state changes inside of it are only toggling between (+1) and (-1), or Light and Dark Energy, this is called Containment, and everything in it is in balance and is known as the state of Quiescences, so for the engine to grow, we must do some math, so we can write this math in various ways, but I like to look at it from the state of Logic, so I will write a small C like program function to show how simple this is:

if ( state == { 1, (-1) } )
# Change State requires the outside to gain a 0
and inside to gain the set of 1 and (-1)
if ( Q( { 1, (-1) } ) < C(0) )
# If adding another set of state changes inside Containment
after we add a State change of 0 to it,
is less than what it can handle then make change
state = 0; # Change State to 0
elseif (state == 0)
state = state; # No change required

Basically it shows that if a state change of (+1) and (-1) is encountered, it can convert it to the 0 State if the criteria is meet and then add it to the outside of the Engine and then add the state changes of (+1) and (-1) to the inside, so the inside stays in Quiescences, and the outside can Contain it, so the function of Containment is to make sure it can Contain all the Energy inside it. Basically this means that it needs Light on the Inside, and Neutrinos on the Outside, and it grows so that it can maintain the Mass of the Surface around it. When the Light without Darkness calls the Neutrinos using a specific Frequency and Wavelength, it creates Particles from the Neutrinos, that form to create one Particle called an Atom, as such, this Trinary Science is about the Math behind the State Changes, and the Pattern in which it grows, and it does this by moving from one Track in our Galaxies Disk, as if this Galactic Disk is a Record Player, and the Arm that plays it, makes sure that all the Suns travel around the Galaxy at the same Rate by at a Different Speed, I will go into more details in: Trinary Mathematics.

The Math of Kepler and Newton fully explain all the Orbits of Planets inside our Solar System, but do not explain the Orbit of our Sun around the Galaxy, and that Math is (+1) + (-1) = 0, where the 0 is a Dimension where the Ground Plane of the Galaxy and Solar Systems is, and (+1) and (-1) correlate to the Sine Wave that the Suns path through the Plane seen in: Illustration 3.07: Sun Path makes Sine Wave.

Sun Path makes Sine Wave
Illustration 3.07: Sun Path makes Sine Wave Full Size

In Science: Empirical Evidence is based on observable phenomena, and the fact is that this Sine Wave path the Sun makes is also more complex in Nature, because it also forms a Helix when viewed in 3D as seen in: Illustration 3.08: Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix,

Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix
Illustration 3.08: Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix Full Size

This pattern is seen in many types of phenomena, Electricity is one example where its clear that all Energy behaves in this manner, so the Math is already known, even thought the Frequency is just a guess based on a Galactic Year, which is about 226 Million Years, based on Mainstream Science, this illustration also shows a Dark Star and one Companion Dark Star, although there can be many Companion Stars, I see no need to guess at how many of them there are, and it is easier to explain one, and it does not change the Math of the Trinary Universe, the Dark Star is pulled around the Galactic Plane at the same rate, such that the outer Solar Systems will travel faster, and in line with the inner Systems, as such the inner and outer system are in sync, such that the Math of (+1) + (-1) = 0 forms this Helix when its combined with Newton's Math describing a Sine Wave, and the Sun travels faster as its heading into the Galactic Plane, so its speed has a range between a minimal and maximum, and I calculated that to be between 333,333 and 666,666 Miles per hour, this confirms Newton's calculations using other Math, which means its speed is not constant, because it is wave length and frequency vary to maintain this speed around, putting it in the range of 3.333 to 6.666 hertz, it is about 7.826 hertz right now, and the Core of the Planets and Surface are not the same Frequency, so do the math and think what you want to think, believe what you want to believe, but do as Newton did and prove it to yourself.

I try to teach in Steps, and this step is not ready for Trinary Math, we have to talk about many things before then, so the answers are coming, for now you just need to see that this Math is very simple, its based on what it needs to know to do its job, as such: everything the Sun needs to do, is based on its Size, and the Number 137 plays a huge role in calculating the Speed where Life can exist in the Galaxy, so knowledge is what we learn in steps, and in this step, all we needed to learn was about Trinary Engines, and how they can grow, shrink, and even disappear when no longer required, and how they use the same Laws of Physics as Atom's.

Trinary Engine Math is any math like Kepler's and Newton's, that is based on God being the Force in the Equation; so I did not need to list all the Math that Newton wrote, since it was all based on God being the Force of Gravity, as well as Tesla's Math, since it was based on what Newton said. Once you understand what that meant when the Bible stated that God was All Light without Darkness, and the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, describe Electricity and Light, so its really just the Math used by Trinary Engines.

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