Chapter 2.24:
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
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Chapter 2.24:

The Conclusions I will make are all based on Trinary Science, which means they are based on Energy with 3 State changes, this means that its based on Trinary Logic: (+1), (-1), and 0, and not Emotions, Religion, or Theories, and it is Free of Money, Licenses, Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks or other Legal Rights.

The principles for a Trinary Universe are based on Empirical Evidence, so everything can be proven to work this way regardless of any Theories, which are ideas that have not been proven to be true, and may never be proven, so it is not a Theoretical Universe, it is a Universe based on Empirical Evidence, and the fundamental principles are easy to remember: Table 2.12: Fundamental Principles of types of Light

  1. God is All Light without Darkness.
  2. Dead is All Darkness with no Light.
  3. Emotions can Lie, only Logic and Reasoning prove what is True.
Table 2.12: Fundamental Principles of types of Light

So God = (+1), the Darkness = (-1), and Emotions = 0, that about sums it up.

So in Conclusion, Trinary Science is a way of Life, to become a Trinary Scientist, you must become a Wizard, and that means you must learn: Table 2.13: Trinary Scientist are Wizards who believe

  1. Live without Religion, Money and Laws.
  2. Read the Bible without Religion.
  3. Prove ideas are true before making them a fact.
Table 2.13: Trinary Scientist are Wizards who believe

Calling People Stupid is an understatement, but it is required, because the truth must be the goal, and not about worrying about Peoples feelings, so I used this to teach people, not to make them believe they are Stupid, or just because they are Religious makes them Stupid, or because they use Money they are Evil, that might be true, and that is why its so Entertaining to mention it, because the word Stupid does not imply they are Retarded and can not be taught the Truth, so I call People Stupid to attack Stupid Ideas, like believing in Deities or Spirit is that do not Physically Exist, or believing that God does not exist, or believing in Theories knowing they have not been proven to be the truth, because that is by definition insane, so why try to hide it, if I do not state the Truth then I am lying, and the truth is that Religion, Money and Laws make you insane, Laws to not make things Right it takes them away, nor does having the Right to do something make it right, it is all about Words and Spells, and those that do not understand the meaning of them are Stupid, and if I have Autism, or I am an Ashkenazi has nothing to do with it, but the truth is out there, why I found it and no one else has, leads me to conclude that others like myself, see the truth, but those that are not like us, do not, and that would not be so bad if for the fact that they believe that people like me or Newton who are Autistic that are Retarded, and it is all because of those who wrote History, and why its so different than His-Story, so what choice do I have, People that will not believe in the Truth are not just Stupid, but they are insane, and Freewill does not give them the Right to be insane.

If God is the Truth, then the Light is the Truth, so it comes down to what the Light is, and I proved what the Light was with Empirical Evidence using Science: so I proved that Trinary Energy is the Truth, and if you want to prove anything is the truth, you can not use Emotions, Religion or Theories to explain it, nor can you use any Logic or Reasoning that can not be proven, only the truth can become Facts, yet Mainstream Science on this Planet at this time has been proven to be insane, and Trinary Energy is 100% the opposite of what Mainstream teaches as Science, and in reality, this is not new Science, it is the oldest Science known to the Human Race, so I can only conclude that Mainstream Science is lying about Science because they are Stupid Liars, so I will call them Sheeple, because they started the name-calling years ago when they decided that Wizards are fun to pick on, so they made Wizards Fairy Tales, because they were too Stupid to understand them, so they did nothing but make fun of Wizards, and now that the table is turned, they want me to learn to be like Normal People, they want me to talk and write like Normal People, for what: Light Beer and Blue Genes... So I can Lie and use Money, and go along with the other Sheep in the Herd, but that is not going to happen, these people are Stupid, and they have to own up to being Stupid, because people who Lie, have no Honour, and in the United States of America, every Citizen who allowed the Bank to print Money instead of We the People, are We the Sheeple, just Liars, just Stupid Sheep, so they disgust me, people who say they Love Jesus, but deny his 3 names are Jesus Bar Abbas, dishonour him and his memory, and they are Stupid liars and the Hell they will go to is the World they allowed to be destroyed because they were too Stupid to understand that Oil is required to make the World go round, not Money, the Sheeple made a deal with the Satan or Santa; Spells, that is all Words are to a Wizard, but all I care about is the Truth, not this Lie that all of Yew [2] allowed to become your Reality, once you understand what the Light is, you will never allow Stupid People to tell you what Science is, so Trinary Scientist only teach the Truth and call everyone who does not know this truth Stupid or Sheeple, it does not matter what you call them, it does not change who they are and how they got that way, if they do not change, this Planet is Doomed, I almost wrote Dumb, but that does not mean Stupid unless its Free and you get Taxed for it, so I ramble on about this that and the other thing, because that is how a Wizard is, nothing is worth saying that does not use as many words as it needs to make a point, and why Normal People hate them so much, they are always: Know it all's, when it is a fact that IAM the Light and IAM the Darkness, because if God is All Light without Darkness, then I is the Light, and the Darkness is just Me, so it is the Flesh, the same Flesh Jesus said he would come back in, to finish teaching the Light of God I called Trinary Energy.

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