Chapter 2.23:
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 2.23:

You cannot have a book without at least 1 Rant, and a Rant is an animal that is half Rat and half Ant, it crawls up your back and you can not get it off. As a Child I learned from Adults how to Rant, everyone Loves to Rant, they just can not get it off their Back.

My First Rant about this book is that if Chapters are Short, it is because I am not done with them, I have plenty more to Rant about, but I wanted to keep Ranting as short as possible, just so I could talk more about Trinary Science, but it is not possible to tale you His-Story without all the facts, so some like Rants, others are Rants, but it is all part of His-Story, the Art of Ranting is well documented in this book.

We all have thoughts we think about all the time, I have OCD, so when I say all the time I mean it, and at the core of those thoughts is Safety: am I safe in this place or situation I am in... Being Safe means a lot of different things to people in general: if the house you are in is on Fire, it is not safe to stay in that house, so you have no time to Rant about the Situation, you only have time to react to the Danger, so to be Safe you must have no immediate danger... In my Reality the year 2060 is coming up, and that means Danger: according to Sir Isaac Newton, the Bible had a Spell in it that he calculated to that date, at the time: which was back around 1666, so time is only relative from one date to the next, and I can Rant all day long about how all this time has passed, and yet no one has solved the Problem that Newton Calculated would happen around this time frame, which is less than 42 years from the time I wrote this, and over 333 years since Newton wrote about it, and we are talking about the End of Civilization, not the End of the World... Basically we are talking about a Pole Shift, and we are long over due for one: how over due is a question of the Math Formula used to calculate the time between Pole Shifts, so my Rant is about such things, since we are talking about the Equation of an AC Signal, witch is (+1) + (-1) = 0, and we are only calculating when this Planet will change Polarity, and what that actually means... If we create an Experiment to Simulate the Earth, we would need to create an AC Engine, also known as an AC Generator, since this Planet is self-perpetuated, its both an Engine and a Generator, and at the Core of all Planets is the Trinary Engine, its main function is to produce Gravity, and it uses the Light inside of Atom's to do that...

Think of Gravity as an Electric Force Field that has Polarity, similar to any Electromagnetic Field, all the Atom's in its Affective Range can be manipulated, like water in an Electromagnetic Field, its Frequency can cause the Water to Freeze or Boil, and since we are talking about the Planet, this Affective Range includes the Space around it: which extends farther than 666 miles in diameter, so it is this AC Engine that is driving the Rotational Spin of the Planet, and it is also Creating Gravity 90 degrees from its center of mass, and holds objects between 66 and 666 miles to orbit it, so as you can imagine, when it shifts polarity, this Electromagnetic Field around this Planet will Collapse, like all such Generators, it has to collapse its field to start up in another polarity, the time it takes to shift polarity is unknown, and Newton had no formula for such an event: but I know from countless experiments with such Engines that Tesla designed, that this time frame is very fast: regardless of the size of the Engine, the Field changes polarity in one Cycle, it takes many cycles to cause all the Atom's to align to this polarity, and that time can be measured in billon's of years, so do not confuse the actual Pole Shift with Polar Stability, that has more to due with the Oil layers, also known as the Blood of the Planet, this is what makes the World go around, the Trinary Engine is only around 800 miles in diameter, then there are molten layers of elements that get feed to the surface of the Planet, one is called Oil: so it does replenish, but not at the rate it is currently being Bled out at: which accounts for Polar Drift, and if the rate of depletion increase, so will polar drift, maybe to the point of land migration, meaning that the land will move when the pole shift occurs, this has never happened in the History of this Planet, but the Oil Reserves have never been this low in its history either, so this condition is unknown, and no one can make a prediction as to when this pole shift will occur, but we do know for a fact that it does so at a very predictable time frame, based on an AC signal... It is all how we calculate Time, and as the Planet grows, Time slows down, its Relative to the diameter of the Planet, and the size of its Engine, which never changes by the way, if it did the Earth would go Nova, and is in fact what causes that condition, when the Core Size can no long Ballance its Mass, or its Mass becomes unstable: so like all Engines, as its diameter grows, it pushes its Moon away at the same rate, the question is can it push it out of its Affective Range, or will the Moon also grow in size to preclude this, and that is a question more than a Rant: the Rant is about what is about to happen, and that is this Pole Shift, what will happen in my Mind, based on experiments Tesla did, is that our Gravity will shift with the polarity, what was Ground will always be Ground, only its Polarity changes, the Engine spins in the same direction, so its only the direction the Electron orbits its Atom's: just like the Sun when it changes Polarity every decade: in fact the Earths changes will be just as dramatic, and I documented these changes in my series the Sun, so we all know how well that worked out for the Sun, unlike Earth: it has no Atmosphere, if it did, you would note it vented into space when its polarity changed, which only took a fraction of a second, but its Effects took years, and Earth will be no different: our Atmosphere must replenish, how long that takes is any ones guess, Newton wrote no equation for this, but if he did: it would be based on how many Plants we have that can scrub CO2, but that will only last for a few days, because all the Heat in that Atmosphere also vented into space, so the Ice Age has begun, and most of these Plants will freeze overnight, as will the Ocean at a much slower pace, as the salt in the water separates from the O2 molecules, as it starts to align with this new Polarity, proving that Polarity Changes can produce Chemical Reactions, and all the Ships in it will pop like balloons, and everything that orbits around the Planet, within this 666 miles of Affective diameter, will lose its Gravity for this time frame, sending most of them back to Earth: where the Magnetic Field must be built back up to full strength, and again, just a guess as to how long that will take, but I know that at least 10% of the life on this planet has survived in the past, and that is what this Rant is all about, that 10% that might survive this event, will have to survive this Ice Age, which let's face it, we know will last for thousands of years, so underground bunkers will become known as Tombs, and we all know our Cities can not survive more than 3 months of Winter, so our Civilization as we know it, is about to end... Yet all Sheeple act like this is not going to Happen, they lied about Newton's Comet just to have ISON, the Son of I: the God of Deception from Dark Wizards, also known as Mainstream BS, because no one wants to deal with the Fact that Newton Calculated this Event, he did not Predict it, this was not a Prophecy in the Bible: it was pure Science... But this is just a Rant, so go back to Sheep, and do not worry about what the Man behind the Curtain says, all Wizards will tale you His-Story, and Rant about many things, it all comes down to what Wizards you believe in, and I believe in Newton, Franklin and Tesla, since we only use their Science in our Daily lives, so my Rant is about 2060: and my Solution is Trinary Sanctuary...

Life just a Dream: is a Rant I have had for ages: if all our brain activity is caused by our Nervous System, then that includes our Thoughts as well as our Dreams, which explains why most of us are always Nervous, and we know from countless Dream Studies that our Dream State have many Stages, and being Awake is just one of them: so Life really is just a Dream... Our Brainwaves are all Electrical, and they make up our Thoughts and Dreams, so we all have something in common, we are all Light Beings, so we all have the same types of dreams: some deal with our Reality in an Altered way, some deal with our Fantasies, others with some unknown origin, while others are just flashbacks, and it is clear even our Nightmares are just Dream States, and some Dream States like REM, are states that I lack, making the difference between the Dream and Awake states a fine line at best, blurring my Reality with that of my Dreams: making Life just a Dream and a Nightmare... I have met many people in my Dreams, and I know that just because I am Dreaming of a Person, does not mean that Person is Dreaming about me, yet on some level, I know that all our Dreams come from the same Energy, and that Energy is Trinary Energy, so it is the Energy of God: All Light without Darkness, so in our Dreams we have both Light and Darkness: since we only see Darkness, we cannot see the Light when we are awake, but we can see the Light in our Dreams, even in our dying moments we are drawn to this Light, so this Light is very important to all of us on some level... Once we fully understand that we are Light Beings, we can start to use our Dream States to Communicate with each other, not Telepathically, but in a Dream State Reality: a Field of Dream where People come to Dream on the Same Field... Dream Weavers are People that can get you through the Nightmares, and they hold the Keys to Dream Linking, where you actually can link up with People in this same Dream State, this can be determined using Technology that records Brainwaves, and can analyze them and distinguish the Brainwaves in others with the same Dream, regardless of how much the actual dreams have in common, since we all use our own Imagination in our Dreams, so our Dreamscape will not look the same as others, yet our Brainwaves can be so similar that it can be proven that they are in fact linked Dreams... The Trinary Dreamscape is about such possibilities, it is a place where people can Dream Rant, and make Virtual Reality Dream Tracking a real thing, where people can link up and record their Dreams, they can chase down all the Dream Links to see if they made a connection with someone else... You can have Legions of People on this Trinary Dreamscape Field, and the Internet can connect peoples Dream Data and correlations, but it cannot connect people, in fact the Internet has not made people feel more connected, people feel more disconnect then ever, and ignorance is one of the main factors, because ignorance is what makes people think there are different Breads of Humans: as if Black, White and Grey are different Races, rather than just different DNA sequences, which is the core of Prejudice: typecasting Skin Color as a Race, when Ashkenazi is the Only Real Race of Humans on the Planet, and it is actually just the Humans Race as it exist today, so it represents all the Colors in the Rainbow, and in our Dreams we know this is the Truth, our Science proves it at the DNA level, so Life is but a Dream, and we are all Light Beings, and IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and this is my Dream Rant.

Knowledge Ranting is when you Rant about your Knowledge compared to that of Others, in my case its Mainstream Rants compared to Trinary Rants, so the Art of Ranting begins... Mainstream Ranting is based on what Sheep have Heard in their Herd, so it is a Heard Mentality, I head this so it most be true because everyone I know have heard the same thing, which does not mean it is the Truth, but rather a Knowledge Rant... Trinary Ranting is based on what Wizards like Newton, Franklin and Tesla Rant about, which is about God being all Light without Darkness, and how we are all Light Beings, so its based on Facts that have Real Science behind them, so Trinary Ranting is not based on Emotions... How Normal People come to understand the Truth is by a series of events, each leading the person to believe this is the Truth, and the Truth about the Truth is that its only a Word with a Spell, and how Wizards use that Spell, the Magic: is believing in things you do not understand, where Trinary Principles apply to all Trinary Rants, Trinary Rants must therefore be Fact based, and those Facts must be Facts, and not made up Facts, because it is a Fact that 99.999% of all Facts are made up, I should know because I just made that Fact up... To be good at Knowledge Ranting you must have a High IQ, and that too can be Made up as long as you can Prove it, because it has to be a Real Fact, and Knowledge and Intelligence should have some relationship, so Knowledge Ranting can also be called Intelligent Ranting... Ranting about a Subject must mean you know enough about the Subject to be called a Wizard at it, so Wizard Ranting is also another name for Knowledge Ranting, since Wizards are Wise and have Great Knowledge...

Ranting about Spells Wizards and Witches use is called Wanting, and a Want is something we do not actually Need, but have a Desire to have it anyway, even when it is illogical to Want or Rant, so the two go hand in hand... There are Many Spells that Wizards use: Words like Bitch come from Stories about a Dog, witch is the backwards Spells for God, the Dog is normally a Female, but Males can also act like a Bitch, so when applying this Spell to Humans, the meaning of Spell takes on a different meaning, and that meaning varies on whom you ask, so a Wizard or Witch does not Read into anything, they Read it Literally, so when a Female Dog Whines about something, the Male Dog takes note of it, and this is how Nature works: with Humans it is the Difference between a Complaint, which is a valid reason for describing what is wrong with something, and a Rant which can be a Trinary Rant which is Logic based, or a Normal Rant which is Emotion Based, and Bitching which is both of those combined with Whining, which is determined by Volume and Emotional Content, so a Rant can become a Bitch if you raise your Voice, and the difference between a Complaint and a Rant is clear, a Complaint has no Solution, and a Rant does... All Females have a Cunt, its also known as a Woman's Genitals, but to be Called a Cunt using a Spell, means that the Female is using it to get what she wants, and we already talked about Wants, which is a Wizard or Witches way of Complaining about something they do not have, which for the Males is normally the Cunt, but not the Woman the Man calls a Cunt, so Wanting Cunt is what Wizards and Witches do, and remember those terms Wizards and Witches are not Gender Specific, a Wizard uses Spells and a Witch uses Poisons, so Wizards are Intellectuals and Witches are Chemist, but they normally Spell better than Wizards... Wizards deal with the Mind and the Art of illusion or Magic, whereas Witches deals with Drugs... Males can also be Cunts, since all Humans are Female that might turn to males given the Right Hormones, or the other way around, so Cunt can just refer to Genitals in General, so Spells can be confusing, especially if you are in Prison and someones Bitch, making a Males Asshole his Cunt... A Bastard is someone born to Parents not Married, which describe most Dogs, but can also be a Person no one likes, and a Bitch can be a bad situation or something that causes displeasure, so these Spells should not be used unless you are fighting, and that is never much fun, so it is a Bitch... Most People Want Cunt of some specific Sex, be it male or female, most normal people are bisexual, since they can have sex with themselves, so its just a matter of what Sexual Parts they like to Play with, so the Role the Bitches play varies, as does who are the Cunt in the Relationship.

There are other Spells like Fuck, which in use is not much different than Fornicate, which refers to intercourse or sex, sometimes they mean the same thing, other uses like I am Fucked, does not mean I just had sex, anymore than this thing is Fucked, meaning I just had sex with this thing, so these Spells can get Confusing, and why these Spells are normally misused, unless go Fuck yourself really means you want them to have sex with themselves, Fuck me is not an invitation or permission. Spells like Shit have many meanings, like Feces: which refers to waste products produced by all living beings, but can also refer to how we feel, which if not good, could be a waste, but is also used to deceive people, Wizards use this Spell to Bull Shit People, and some people get Pissed about the use of this Spell, where Piss is the liquid form of Shit, so to Piss on someone is different than Pissing them Off, as is Shitting on them or Shitting them, and my Favorite Frack or Frak, Frak means the same as Fuck, as in that is Fucked up, Frack means to Frak the World, so Spells like this are sometimes misunderstood. Using Spells like Stupid or Ignorant are common, most of the time these Spells are not meant to demean, nor do they Educate, so should be used with care. Using Spells like Black or White, or Race Related, should be avoided, since Race is a very Prejudice Spell when it comes to Humans, since there is only one Human Race, and meany combinations of DNA, which produce Black, White and colors in shades of Grey, so Race Spells should only be used with Stupid Spells. The use of Words and how they are Spelled, is the main focus of this book, with the intent of making everything I say or write, Crystal Clear, such that you can fully understand what it is I have to say, without having to play Games with Words or how they are Spelled.

Ranting about how Intelligent you are is called IQ Ranting, and since most people want to believe they have a High IQ, it blurs the lines between Wanting and Ranting, while some are just Complaining, while others are Bitching about it, but the act of thinking you are Intelligent various only in Intensity between People, because to think means you are Intelligent, and the actual score has no meaning, since the Test is biased towards those that do well with test in general, and not all test are created equal, nor can anyone agree on what a good IQ test should be like, and what types of information should be tested, and how much is just learned Knowledge, thus has nothing to do with Intelligence, and only in our ability to remember things, even if those things are wrong, making IQ scores useless, and Ranting about them knowing this is just insane, so I normally only mention my IQ score as Entertainment value, I do not Want a Higher score, not that there is one, nor do I complain about my Score, it is what it is, and speaks for itself, so Ranting about is just insane on many levels, yet here IAM Ranting about my IQ, well actually its Me that is writing this, and I have been diagnosed as Schizoaffective, so insanity is more of a State of Mind, then a State of Being, and a Rat that you can never get off your Back.

Ranting is useful as a way to talk to Animals, since its Rhetorical, meaning all Rants contain both a Complaint and a Solution about something, so it works well in Books, because Readers can not answer a Rant, since it is not a Question, nor can they Solve a Rant since you already did by telling it, yet Animals may not understand what it is you are Ranting about, so you normally Rant for yourself and not others, so Rants should be self-contained and need no more data to complete them, not that the Animals care, since all they care about is themselves, and that is difference between Humans and Stupid Animals, not that all Animals are Stupid, and many of them Rant, and the difference between a Rant, a Complaint, and a Bitch, are all in the way it was interpreted, just ask my Dog...

Ranting about Religion is my number 1 job, because when I was a Child people asked me if I believe in God, I said Yes, than they ask what Religion are you, I tell them I am not Religious, than they say but you are an Ashkenazi, I tell them that is a Race of Humans that have within them: White Light or Ash, Ke or Grey, and Nazi witch is the Darkness, so it is a Mixed Race of Humans, and not a Religion... Then they ask how can you believe in God, I tell them that God is not about Religion, they say the Bible is, I say it is not, Religion is about how People interpret the Bible, and not just People but Sheeple, since they Lay down in Green Pastures, witch makes them a Sheep... The Bible is very clear about what God is: All Light without Darkness, Religion teaches you that God is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, according to the Dictionary People who believe in things that do not Physically Exist are Insane... The belief that Jesus Christ and Jesus Bar Abbas are different people are also Insane, according to Sir Isaac Newton who proved Christ was inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century... The difference between a Cult and Religion is simple: I will compare it to an Alcoholic since they have so much in common: according to an Alcoholic: anyone that drinks more than them is an Alcoholic, likewise, anyone that does not believe in your Religion belongs to a Cult... Trinary Science is not a Religion or Cult: its Science... Just because Trinary Science is based on the Definition of God right out of the Bible uncut, does not make it Religion, reading into what it says does, the Bible states God is all Light then do not redefine what the Light is just to make it a Religion, we all know what Light is, in the Beginning there was Light, Light is not a Good Spirit any more than Darkness is an Evil Spirit, in fact it does not say the Light is a Spirit or that God is a Spirit: Trinity states: The Father, Son, and Holly Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, Mother Nature was removed at the same time Christ was inserted according to Newton, as was the extra L removed from Holly just to hide its origin, and Trinary Science proves that the Father is just the Solid State of an Atom, giving it a value of 1, and the Son is the Semisolid State with a value of -1, and the Holly Ghost represents the Atom in the invisible state, the term Holly Ghost, is used by Witches to signify the use of Holly or Ilex witch they make elixirs for their Potions, such that it is the Ground made by Mother Nature, Ground as in Ground up Holly, although most Wizards know His-Story, and about Alchemy, and Witchcraft, witch uses Words and Spells to hide the meaning of what they wrote, since Witchcraft was forbidden by the Church and punishable by death, and why Wizards and Witches were hunted and Murdered for their beliefs, History is another matter... Religion is for weak-minded Fools:
They say there are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe what is.
Viggo the Dragon Slayer
Those that are Religious will never admit this, and some will Kill you for saying this, Christians and Muslims can never be trusted, according to History they are all Insane Murders, who actually Murder People in the Name of their Deity, and that is Insane... Trinary Science is about what can be Proven to be the Truth, and the Truth in the Bible was that God is All Light without Darkness, and IAM God, since every Atom in my body is made of Atom's, made from the Light of God and Neutrinos, and this Light Physically Exist as Light, and not as some Deity that does not Physically Exist, also known as Insanity or a Lie, and there is no place for Insanity or Lies in Science, so the main Principle of Trinary Universe, is that God is All Light without Darkness, and as an Aspie I read this Literally, I try to never Read into things, and in Science this is a most... I Rant about Religion because it is the mark of the Beast, the Numbers 666 have a different meaning and well documented in this book, the Beast lies to you, by teaching you God does not Physically Exist they are lying to you, and you know it if you think for yourself, you know the Light exist, even though you can only see the Darkness in the White Light, and by not telling you what Sir Isaac Newton wrote about Religion they are lying to you, and by not telling you that Albert Einstein only believed in Newton they are lying to you, and the lying never ends in Religion, Jesus brought people back from the Dead, so have I, so Jesus is not the only Wizard in History, and as long as the Church gets 10% of your Money, they will lie to you about everything, because to be Free means without Money, and Religion and Money are tied together because they are both Evil, the backward Spell for Evil is Live: so only Trinary Sanctuary can set you Free...

Ranting about Scientology is something that I have to do to set the record straight, because I grew up reading Science Fiction and L. Ron Hubbard was one of my favorite writers, I always thought he was a Dark Wizard, meaning he had a high IQ, was in the spectrum of Autism called Aspies, was Schizoaffective crossing over to Schizophrenia, and Dark because his OCD was centered around Money, and this is what I still think to this day, his work was brilliant, and for the most part was written for other people with a high IQ, so it was Candy for smart people, only thing is that its only Science Fiction to me, and I know he is only writing it to make Money, yet for some reason he believed that the United States still had an active Constitution, which is stupid since we all know that the Privately owned Federal Reserve Bank prints the Money and not Congress, so its like 911, No Plane wreckage no Plane crash, an illusion that Dark Wizards weave, a Light Wizard needs evidence to believe anything, but Hubbard lived in a Fantasy world that he himself had created, his main hobby was called Hypnotism, where he used data from documented cases involving Hypnotism: including MK-Ultra, and he used this Hypnosis on people to get them to do his bidding, not that Hypnosis worked, in fact the MK-Ultra experiments failed, but there is another thing called Freewill, where people give theirs up to listen to what the Hypnotist is saying, and act out on those commands using their Imagination, but his goal was to make Money, and others that wanted to make Money became more influenced by the Hypnotism, then people that do not want to even use Money knowing its Evil, so Hubbard's work was all based on making Money and not Paying the Banks Taxes, which pissed off the Governments around the World, so he made it a Religion instead of Science Fiction, but it did not work on everyone, including his wife, so on the run for tax evasion, due to his misunderstanding (AKA Stupidity) about the Constitution, knowing that US Code TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUBCHAPTER 9 SUBSECTION 341, under the enumeration of the Powers Act, clearly puts the Federal Reserve in charge of the United States, and not Congress or the President, they fall under this Act as subordinates, so the Law proves who is in charge, and it is the Privately owned Bank that prints the Money instead of Congress, so Hubbard used People that believed that his Science Fiction was the Truth, when in fact it was all an MK-Ultra experiment gone on for far too long, hooking people like fish on a line, not weak-minded fools mind you, but very intelligent people, because only the ones that had Imagination could be taken in by this type of Mind Control, and Hubbard was very clear about being Clear, which means to give up all your Money to Scientology, and like other Masonic Organizations, they will take care of you, and they did, and so it works, this much is Clear, so you do not need to get that Degree, remember the first 3 Degrees are Free, but its still just Science Fiction, and I love Science Fiction, just not in my Reality, other than reading about it, I am not a Scientologist, nor do I advocate it, in fact Trinary Sanctuary is about Paying off the National Debt, and it does not take in Money, it is not allowed to use it, so the People pay their Taxes directly to the Local Government that owns them like Sheep, and is based on a Militia not allowing Civilians into their Organization, since it is the Civilians that allowed the US Constitution to become Suspended till the Loan that Lincoln took out, is paid off, grant you Lincoln was legally executed by the US Militia for Treason for his Crime, but after the Banks took over and everyone was working for Money, also known as Legal Slavery, everyone that did not want to be in Prison lied about the Constitution by stating it was Amended, when Amend means a Minor change and Only is a Major change, proving Civilians are Stupid to the English Language, and Cowards for not Defending the Constitution the way I do...

I have a Plan to pay off the National Debt and get back the Constitution, Hubbard found a way to make Money and destroy Freedom using Religion, and wracking up the National Debt for his Personal Gain, that is called Greed by the way, and why I do not believe in what he wrote, its Science Fiction, so I like what he wrote and understand it, like I understand that the use of Money not Printed by Congress, is called Treason, so all that use it is Treasonous Traders to the Constitution, myself included: just ask JFK why only Dead Presidents are Printed on Money that state: in God Trust, knowing that most people believe God is a Deity, meaning they do not believe God Physically Exist, witch is insanity just like believing in MK-Ultra, and the use of Biofeedback machines to weight your thoughts, sure they are Electrical and have a little mass, but they are also Light and Neutrinos, and only Neutrinos have mass, and that is very little mass per atom, except for Trinary Engines, where its mass is very large, so the Truth is what separates fact from fiction, and although Hubbard was not really lying as far as he was concerned, he also was not telling people the whole story, witch is His-Story, instead he wove a Science Fiction story into a Religion just to make Money, so Scientology is the Religion of making Money... I learned a lot of Truths from Hubbard, for example: I believe our SOUL is Electrical from Light Beings that existed before we were born, since all the Atom's in our body existed before we were born, so Hubbard was right about part of what he says, it is the extent he takes it, is Science Fiction at best, most people actually remember a prior life, some in great detail as I can, not through Hypnosis mind you, but actual Memories, and there are many documented cases to prove this is the truth, some children remember how they died in their past life, and like Newton: I also have Memories of being Crucified like Jesus Bar Abbas, but Hubbard took it too far, till it was unbelievable to normal people, AKA Neurotypicals, Hubbard was not a Con Artist in any way, he always tired to do his best to keep his word, and either I outgrew my Asthma, or his method actually worked, I tried everything up to that point in my life to get rid of it, but more research lead me to believe my immune system built back up, after I started eating better, which is something I also learned in his books, the Mind is a very powerful tool, and we are God, since 100% of us is made from the Light of God, its only in our interaction with God do we understand this, and Hubbard really did understand that.

Fair Game is what I learned to use the most of what I learned from Hubbard, if someone does not understand Trinary Science I attach them by calling them Sheeple, this is an MK-Ultra attack, by making people that do not understand what I am saying out to being Stupid like Sheep, and no one likes being called a Sheep, so this type of Physiological attack is useful in converting your Enemy, but that is why I limit my use of what I have learned from Hubbard, because you can take this to a Level that is Evil, Secrets you have to Pay for are Evil, because Evil can only begot more Evil, which was the downfall of the Church, that made Enemies of People that did not believe, whereas my Motto is I do not care what Yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not, grant you that Yew is a genus of a Tree called TaxUS, and that is Poison to Sheep that eat it, making them have Shit for Brains, so its still an Attack using the Fail Game Principle I learned from Hubbard. Once you understand what the Banks are all about, you may have second thoughts about paying your Taxes, as did Hubbard, he knew the Banks owned the Word and everyone in it, he was a very brilliant man, he saw the Banks and people that used Money as Evil, yet making Money was his only Goal, so he knew he was Crazy for thinking this way, and like myself, the VA could not fix those thoughts, since I too am Military at heart, anyone that served is my friend, knowing the Military works for the Banks, is enough to drive anyone insane, and there is not fixing that type of insanity, once it takes hold of your Thoughts, and if you have OCD, well this one thought that the Banks are your Enemy, and the Governments of the World are owned by the Banks, so only at Sea outside the Legal Borders of these Governments can you be Free, but that Freedom cost Money, and why Hubbard had a Goal of making enough of it to pay for this type of Freedom, but at the Cost of raising the National Debt, and the Federal Reserve Bankers could not have that, so they went to War with the Church, a War that they could not win... Trinary Sanctuary works for the Governments, not the Bankers, but We the People of those Governments, so we can never be at War unless we go to War against ourselves: this is what Hubbard taught me, his way does not work, because it makes we the People an Enemy of the State, and no one likes to be an Enemy, Hubbard like myself worked for the Military, and we have a Code of Ethics, and that Code works, and it is actually Part of the Law, parts that few uses or know about, only those that Serve even know what the Articles of War are all about, and why Trinary Sanctuary is based on the Militia, that uses these Codes of Ethics, rather than make up roles that make anyone an Enemy, Trinary Sanctuary is about having no Enemies, and Yew will not change that, Yew are not the Enemy, in fact the Dog is protecting the Sheep that eat the Yew, in fact Yew is just the Name I gave a Sheep that is a Ewe, and eats Yew... Trinary Sanctuary has no Secrets, it has no Laws, Religion or Money that dictate how it operates, instead its based on Individuals working together to build a new State, in the form of a Pyramid, and these were Masonic Secrets, and Secrets are Evil, so all is Documented for all to examine, and you do not have to Pay for anything, its Free: as in Real Freedom. Scientology is based on MK-Ultra techniques that Hubbard learned to use against his Enemies, and once you have an Enemy, you have someone to Fight, and as a Military Man, he was taught to Fight, but his Targets were questionable at best, shoot first and ask questions later, Trinary Sanctuary is based on Individuals, and not so much their Rights since they have none, they are in the Militia, no delusion about who you are and what your Job is, and it is not to Fight Wars, the Military is taught to not fight each other, to have Allies, so our goal is to make an Alliance with everyone on the Planet, and never allow anyone to be abused.

The greatest lesson I learned from Hubbard, was that you can not control the minds of others, nor try to bend their Freewill, I learned how not to make a Society, and that lesson was proved by Hubbard, more Control does not solve the Problem of having Laws, the more Laws you have the fewer Freedoms you enjoy, and ignorance of any Law is no excuses in Court, pleading Stupid does not change the Law, being Stupid is not against the Law yet, but in an Advanced Society, the People as Individuals regardless of age, must adhere to a Code of Ethics, and not Laws, they must use Technical Data and Technical Orders to do any Job the Correct way, so everyone in Trinary Sanctuary knows their Job, and what they need to do in this Society, and no Laws does not equal Anarchy, a Militia is well-defined, they have a Code of Ethics that does not need to be written, but it is, its based on common sense and individual needs as a Society, and would never allow anyone to be abused for any reason, that is why there are no Laws, and no JustUS System to deal out Punishment, because Trinary Sanctuary has no Jails or Prisons, it has no form of Punishment at all, not even for its Children who may not understand that they did something wrong, instead Training them about this infraction of unwritten Laws is required, if an individual can not be Trusted in Trinary Sanctuary they are Banished from it, otherwise there is no Eye for an Eye Revenge System in place, that is called Abuse, and even if someone does unspeakable crimes, they are guaranteed not to be abused because of it, we are a Militia, so if someone starts killing people, it is the Duty of every Member to put them down using the Minimal amount of Force required, and a bullet to the head might be the minimal in some situations, so you do your duty and move on, but you never allow anyone to make the same mistake twice, third time is the last strike, and they are banished, so first time is a mistake, second time you just do not care about that mistake, and actually want do that behavior, and depending on the Severity of the behavior, dictates what action to take, for example: you never banish anyone for Life, you banish them knowing one day if they change their Evil ways, you will take them back, forgiveness is absolute, and you never banish anyone that does not deserve the death sentence; because that might be what you banish them too; in contrast Hubbard made anyone that was an Enemy Pay for their Crime, he wanted his Freedom from the Banks, yet wanted others to Pay for it, and Freedom is not Free in this World, the Banks own the Governments who do their Bidding, as a Military Man I know this is true, I get paid in Money, so I work for the Bank, I have no delusion about that, so once you make anyone your Enemy, you will have Enemies and that means a War, and then People get treated like War Criminals, and the Church acts like the State, and Punishes its Enemies, so never make Enemies, especially with those you Banish; Murders should not be allowed to Murder, and there are many Crimes that can be committed, like all such crimes against other individuals, the way an offender is treated is even in training and limitations placed on them, any Rape or Molestation is not different than other crimes against other people, so they are all dealt with sever limitations on their Freedom, and there movement or interaction with others must be monitored at all times, this is not a Punishment, it is for the Protection of others; and those limitations can be removed if no longer deemed required; so Hubbard taught me well as to what this Society would become if allowed, so instead of trying to fix this Society, Trinary Sanctuary is required to make a new Advanced Society, that works with existing Societies and Governments, so there will never be a Bloody Revolution, or a shake down of its Members to get others to follow some Plan, in fact Trinary Sanctuary has a very detailed Plan, and it only includes everything you need to know to create such a place, so it is not about using Mind Control, Fear, Shame, Obedience, Faith, Belief, Religion, Law, Rule, Regulation, Money, Barter, or any form of Control to influence anyone to do anything, instead its driven by the fact that People actually want to do the Right thing, and given the choice between what is Good and Bad, will always do what is Good for them regardless if its Good for others, so its based on how People really are as compared to how you would like them to be, this does not assume everyone is bad, only that they tend to only care about themselves when it comes to what they do with their time, for example: Lazy People, how do they fit into Trinary Sanctuary, well it is based on them, so it all works out in the end, because like I said, Hubbard taught me to have No Enemies if we want no War, he did the opposite because he was insane, it is a fact he became his own worse enemy, and made enemies of everyone, and that is because he wanted to be in Charge, and in Trinary Sanctuary Everyone is in Charge, there are no leaders or representatives, power corrupts people, getting people to believe in a Higher Power then Electricity is insane, yet in the Name of Religion People are encouraged to do Evil things, and as long as they are making Money they are fine with it. Trinary Science is based on the knowledge of what Scientology is about, and even uses some of its teachings to some degree, and that is knowledge about People and how to Control them, and that is what Trinary Sanctuary is all about: Freedom; but to understand that type of Freedom, you must have something to compare it to, and as Religion goes: Scientology is a good example, Christians lie about Christ, knowing Jesus Bar Abbas was the Leader of the Militia that defeated the Roman Empire, for its use of Money and Taxation, in History Jesus Christ did not exist, and in the Bible the name Jesus is only used to describe the same person, and not multiple people, the fact that both are in the same Prison cell should be a clue to that fact, the fact people denied he had 3 names is another, because they denied knowing Christ, and let Bar/Abbas go Free, but History of the Roman Empire proves otherwise, since it shows that it was Bar/Abbas that was executed and not Christ, in fact in History Christ only exist in Bibles that had been altered by the Church, the same Church that hunted down Wizards and Witches; people like Newton and Tesla; and they used them for their Knowledge, and did not pay them with Money, since neither care about it, so the bottom line is that the Bankers are still in charge, and the days of the Roman Empire are now in its 3rd Reich, and why Scientology uses all its methods for its End Game, which is total control over its Citizens, so it can bully them into submission to their Laws, and all they want in return is for you to use their Money, and only Trust in their God, they do not want to teach you how to think, they just want to dictate what you believe, so do not blame those that fell for such tactics, it is not because they are weak-minded fools, it is because they actually believe that their plan to conquer the World will work, so it all comes down to Money and Power, so its driven by Greed, but also by the desire to do Good, Nazi is the Darkness that is inside all Ashkenazi, and that is the Brightest Race of Humans on this Planet, Bar None: yes that is a Reference to the Fact that Jesus Bar Abbas was Ashkenazi, so was Newton, Franklin, Tesla, Einstein and countless others, they were also Autistic on the High Functioning Spectrum, also known as Aspies, so they think different than Normal People, and do not see the problem the way Normal People do, and many not see they are doing Evil to accomplish their Goals, and Hubbard has Great Goals, its just how he decided in Secrets that were Paid for with the Blood of this Planet, well it is Science Fiction brought to Life... I have learned more form the writing of Hubbard then any other author in History, every trick in the book of Dark Magic was used to accomplish his goals, not that the Goals are Evil, but Dark Magic is, and MK-Ultra is very Dark, and Hubbard went way beyond that, into levels of Darkness that only Money could bye, as in Good Day if Heaven is paved in Gold, and Money is your Religion because you Trust only in that God; so Hubbard taught me well, a lifetime of reading every book he wrote taught me all the Dark Magic I need to know, and I also read all the Secrets and did not Pay Money for any of them, they were given to me for Free, and they were worth all the Money people paid for them, Science Fiction at its best, total Conquest of the Planet Earth with this New Religion, that thinks Money is God, its true Money is made out of God, as is everything in the Universe, it is all made of Light, and Dark Magic proves this to be the Truth, so understand when you read this book, that I was trained by Hubbard and his Dark Magic, and that is why IAM the Dark Wizzard in the Flesh...

Scientology is about creating a Society where everyone believed the same thing, and as it turns out, that is a Science Fiction Fantasy, although I do believe we are Light Beings, I also believe that if you remove that Light, we will Die, that is the Difference between Science Fiction and Science; Hubbard saw a World in which you could identify Spirits by the Sins they commit, then use those Sins to control that person with Fear and Shame, than they can find out who that effects then Disconnect from that person, as to isolate that person: so they can fully control them, this is the Science behind MK-Ultra, to use the people's greatest Fears and Sins against them, in order to control a Society into submission, so they could except this Life Style, which is based on Money that they do not have to Pay Tax on, which caused the National Debt to raise Billions of dollars a year, costing Tax Payers Billions of dollars in lost revenue, not to mention the harassment, and Nightmares caused by years of abuse, all involved must have PTSD, because that is the key to our Sanity, and it was Key in Hubbard's books, he exploited trigger points for PTSD attacks in people, and used them to shame or just pure fear of their Sins, becoming Public Knowledge, kind of like telling your Sins to a Preacher who writes a number 1 best-selling book about them, this was the Hunger Games in Reality, to get to the Top they had to demoralize everyone below them in Rank, and use Fear and Shame to control them to do their Bidding, which is to give up all your Possessions to the Church, and allow them to run your Life, kind of like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, only crazier, since People are doing this of their Freewill; they are Hypnotized, and that actually works better than most people would admit, so its Not complete Bull Shit, well maybe by the standards of some Wizards, and they do have a valid point, for the most part its BS because it does not take Freewill away, but its clear from watching any Hypnotist in action, that its just a cheap trick based on peoples ability to go along for the fun of it, just because the spotlight is on them, they act the part given them, and it is why people that can Act are Fair Game, a scam is a scam by any other name, and when it comes to Money, the bigger the scam, the more Money, and Scientology is a Scam to make Money, and I can Rant about how Evil Money is all day, but I think I am done Ranting about Scientology for now, but I would not spend my Money to get a Degree in it, I can get a Free Degree through the Trinary Universe, and it is not based on BS, but it does have its Game, so do your Research before you become a Trinarian, but understand it is not about making Money, it is not about getting People to Believe in it, it is not a Religion or Cult, it is a way of Life, and the only way you can Live in true Freedom.

I, like most people, like to Rant: its like Venting but with a more defined approach, since most of the time people do not make much sense when Venting, and Venting is normally just a Problem, but can have a Solution, as in pulling someones head out of their Ass, whereas a Rant should make sense, it should have some logic to it, and should convey some meaning, and should contain both a problem and a solution, otherwise it can be confused with a Complaint, and if you say it loud or in a high pitch, it can be confused with Bitching, so be careful how you use a Rant, and follow these simple rules to help people distinguish between the different styles of using Spells to Communicate. Ranting is not for everyone, some people are just not good at it, they do not define the problem correctly, and often get the solution wrong, these are just forms of Venting or Complaining disguised as Ranting. Ranting is an Art Form few have mastered, it takes years to prefect a good Rant, they have a lot in common with a Chant, the Words in the Spell can be Poetry, and the Logic can be flawless, this is called Trinary Ranting.

The Difference between Teaching and Ranting is the Level of Details you give... If I teach a subject, I can start off with Rants about that Subject, because Trinary Rants are Fact based, and if Ranting about a Subject long enough: you will cover all the Facts about a Subject, yet may not Teach anyone anything about the Subject, so I will try to balance my Ranting and Teaching, so they are in Harmony...

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