Chapter 2.22:
Trinary Science vs Mainstream
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Chapter 2.22:
Trinary Science vs Mainstream

Trinary Science is based on the 3 State changes of Energy, and it does not matter what type of Energy that is, because at the subatomic level, all Atom's and Electrons have 3 State changes.

Science should be about the Truth and not Theories, so Trinary Science will not depend on Theories, although I must admit that Technology is a limiting factor when it comes to proving a lot of the things I have said about Trinary Science, this can be corrected once people start learning how to use Trinary Energy, note I did not say Electrons, but the Energy itself, only then will the Truth reveal itself and Theories can be proven or disproved.

The Human race has devolved instead of evolved, thousands of years ago most humans believed that God was All Light with no (without) Darkness, but then greedy people learned that they can control humans by controlling their thoughts, they could start rumors and control people with those rumors, so Religion was born, how else do you explain a book that states God is All Light, when Religion redefined what the Light was, till it because a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically exist, just so they could convince people that it was the Love of Money, and not Money itself that was Evil, so they had to define what Good and Evil was, but they did so using Wizards Spells, take the word Good, remove an O, and you have God, so O God is Good, and Evil is not God, but the meaning got lost because Religion is all based on a nonexistent God, and not the God that is All Light, in fact the way Religion defines Light is not Science, so its easy to understand why most Religious people believe in General Relativity and the Godless Dynamic Universe, because they do not believe God exist, proving that Religious people are just Insane, and that is Crazy, but the Religious people blame me for attacking their Religion, which means they own it and will Kill me for saying anything against it, proving it is all about Hate, when the Bible proved that Money is Evil because Jesus was murdered because of Money, and that crime is still the number one crime in the World, so it was Money and Religion that is the cause of all this Evil, and that is because people devolved.

Trinary Science is based on what the Bible stated as a Fact, and that is that God is All Light, and the kind of Light had no Darkness, so the Science is proven that all Light has 3 State Changes: Trinity has 3 State Changes, IAM has 3 letters, is this all a coincidence?

As a Wizard I use Words and Spells to explain things, it is how the Bible was written, so this style of writing is as old as the Bible, and it is why the Religious people make fun of Wizards, and want to blame me for starting this War, when all Wars are Holy Wars and all of them are about Money, without Money there would be no War, without Religion there would be no reason to Fight, but Wizards did not start bashing Religion, it was the other way around, Religion hunted down and murdered Wizards and Withes, and than they lied about who they were and what they did, Religion is a Lie and those that believe in it are Liars, those are just facts, I did not make them up, facts have been known for hundreds of years, since all I did was quote Sir Isaac Newton, who quotes Jesus, so all of this is from the Bible, all I did was Read it, and not Read into it, God is All Light, end of subject, get over it and move on, but do not lie about what God is, because to add to it is lying, Words and Spells define the Truth or a Lie, and all I care about is the Truth.

Trinary Science is not about Love or Hate, in fact it is about learning the truth about Emotions, because once you get over the fact that Love and Hate are the same Emotion, you can understand why you love and hate, and hate to love, and love to hate, because Emotions are what Animals feel, and humans need to evolve, and to do that they need to stopping using their primitive brain to think using Emotions, Emotions do not make you human, that is a lie, Humans are a higher evolved then to allow primitive thoughts to cloud their judgment, Emotions make you an Animal and only Animals react to Emotions, that is why the Bible tales the truth about Emotions, but most people only believe what the Herd has Heard, so they believe the lies about Love being the best Emotion and Hate being the worse, when in fact they are both the same Emotion, you can assign them to shades of Grey, but in Reality, you can not Hate without Love or Love without Hate, so the truth is in Science, remove all Emotions before you apply Science, Science is based on Logic, not Emotions, Love = (+1), Hate = (-1), add them together and you get 0, and the 0 State change is where all decisions are made, and all things are equal, it all comes down to Energy and it takes more to deal with Emotions then it does Logic.

The Light without Darkness = (+1), the Darkness with no Light = (-1), add them together and you have 0, so they are in balance and one can not exist without the other, so Live = (+1), Evil = (-1), they add up to 0, so Evil is the backward Spell for Live, and Love and Live are Spells, and Hate and Fate are Spells, so always use Logic to determine if Emotions are being allowed to change the meaning of Words or Spells, but remember the logic: God = (+1), because God is all Light without Darkness, and Evil is the Darkness with no Light so its (-1), so it does not have God in it, and People with no Light are Dead, your Lights go out and you are dead and that is a fact, so why lie about it with Religion, Evil is anything that can take God out of you, and Money can do that, people die for Money, people are paid to kill people for Money, People can not Live without Money, so it is all the Proof I need that its Money that is Evil, and the Love for it has nothing to do with it, because Love is just an Emotion, and they used that Emotion to make you believe that it was not Money that was Evil, but the way you feel about it, as if you do not Love Money and only do good things with it, that you are a good person, whereas people who steal Money and would kill you for your money are bad people, know that Money exist so Good People can use it, makes the Sins of those that use it to do Evil, makes them just as Evil as those that done the Evil, because the Sin was to use Money, and that is what Jesus said, and he was not Religious, he was not a Christian, he was a Solder fighting against the Roman Army against Money, but like he said, he could destroy the Church, which represented Religion based on Deities and Spirits and based on the use of Money, so the Church means the Bank, Religion is just brainwashing them into thinking Money is Real, and God is not, but in Trinary Science, Jesus Bar/Abbas was a Warrior, he was a Wizard, and he taught Science not Religion, he never spooked of Love or Hate, those were the 12 Assholes who betrayed him, and sold him out for Money and denied he had 3 names, so Trinary Science is about the Truth, and not to be a coward and go alone with the Herd and what they Heard, but to only tale the Truth about the Light.

Most people that are Religious and reading this for the first time, had a hard time getting this far into the book, since all I do is repeat how Evil Religion is, and how Evil Money is, but yet this whole World is Run by Money and Religion, so how do we change this is a subject for The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary, so not much else to say until that becomes a Reality.

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