The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.21

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 2.21:

Life is Energy, we can measure all the Atom's in our body and use the E = F − ( F − X ) function to calculate how much food we need to eat to stay alive based on how much Force we need to produce to stay alive, so Life can be measured using Science, Math and Technology.

Trinary Energy creates all Life, with the use of DNA, it can create any Life-Form that DNA has combinations for, which means you will not find Planets in other Galaxies that are much different than Life on Earth, that is a Fact, since all Life here started out there.

Everyone has a Table of Conscientious, its written in our Mind with the Energy that makes our Brainwaves, the Trinary Energy that flows through us, thous giving us Conscientious, so in the Big Picture in Life, Trinary Energy is what fills that Table of Conscientious, every time you need to make a Decision, you ask God, even if you do not know that is what you are doing, because the Light of God is Trinary Energy, and debating it is not really an option, because Logic and Reasoning is way beyond that fact, because Logic tells you that your Brainwave is created by Electricity, and Reasoning will tell you that is the Light of God, so why do some people appear to have no Conscientious, or do bad things is a question about people that believe everyone has the Right to believe what they want, because that is why people do the wrong or bad things, they believe they are the only ones that will ever know it, when in Reality I know that the Trinary Energy Flows through me, so my Thoughts most also flow through me, and Logic tells me that I have Freewill, meaning that God can not or does not interfere with my Thoughts, but once I am died, meaning me or you, because the Light of God I call I, never dies, because the Light of God is Energy, and once the Body Dies, that Energy can no longer be contained within that Body, so all the thoughts that body was keeping Secret with its Freewill, are gone, and then God knows everything you have done, and when anyone Dies, they also merge with God, so they know everything you did also, so that is Life, while you are alive you have Freewill, but that dies with you, so your Table of Conscientious gets uploaded into the Universes Memory, which I call the Galattice, so every mistake everyone that died has ever made is stored there, and when you ask God a Question, God uses the Galattice to answer it, God is the Galattice, but God is also the one that gave you Freewill, so that is Life, we all learn by the Mistakes of others, we learn to Trust in our instinct, but that is not always right, and it is because everyone confuses that Little Voice in their Head as Reason, and that Little Voice does not even know what Reason or Logic Mean, its just like a Parrot: it only repeats what you are thinking, and God would never use that Little Voice to talk to you, so Life is all about trying to Listen to God, and you can Hear God if you know what to Listen for, because God makes my Heart Beat, and between each Beat you can hear God talk to you, because God is your Life.

From the Viewpoint of DNA, our Lives are written in Stone from the day we are conceived, at which point we do not use that Little Voice to think, only God talks to us, our Thoughts and Dreams are what God is thinking or dreaming, because in our beginning there was only the Light of God, and as we grew up, we were educated by Stupid People, and turned our backs on the Light, we learned to communicate with each other using Speech, that God would never used to Communicate with us with, all we really need to do is learn to communicate more with the Light of God, instead of the Stupidity of the Human Race, which is not bound by the Color of their Skin, but by the Color of their SOUL, which is written using DNA, and altered by our Education, so we are all conceived knowing how to communicate with the Light of God, but that is all Educated out of us by Stupid People, who will never learn to communicate with their own DNA.

Some view life as Biological instead of Electrical in Nature, and those that do will always miss the Miracles of Life.

If we look at Life as all Electric, we will have a better understanding of Life, most people look at life through Emotions, and that is not a very scientific view point of the Universe, our Emotions are just that, so we should keep them in check, its why Religion is not allowed in Science, it is because the Bible is interpreted by Emotions, because God is some Deity to those types of People who need someone else to interpret the Bible for them, because they are not intelligent enough to understand what it says, so only Stupid People believe in Religion for this reason alone, and keep in mind that Stupid means Uneducated, once Educated you are no longer Stupid, so if they do not understand what they are being thought, they were not intelligent enough to understand what it means, so they go along with all the Other Sheep, which the mention of Sheep to Religious People really gets their Emotions fired up, yet it is their own words, because if the Lord is their Shepard, that makes them Sheep, so there is no talking about Logic when Emotions are allowed to rule your thought process, God is All Light without Darkness so God is only Light, not just that, but God is only the Light without Darkness, so that is very specific, but not to Religious People, they only see it in shades of Grey, so there is no reason for me to finish this chapter till that changes.

The subject of Life is endless, I can write books about it, so this will be another short Sub Chapter that is waiting for the time I feel up to the challenge of expanding this information, because that is all I am doing, is expanding the Information I give about any one subject, hoping this Education will Enlighten you, but only the Light of God can Enlighten you, all I can do is show you the way to understanding the Galattice, it is your Memory and mine, yet we may not have the same Memories, all because either of us knows how to Live only in the Light of God, so our Darkside will always cast Doubt on what we Believe, and IAM no different, we are all IAM, witch is just I And Me, where I is the Light of God And Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and Jesus said he would come back into the Flesh at the End of Civilization, and Sir Isaac Newton said the Bible Calculated that to be in 2060, so where is the Flesh now?

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