The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.18

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 2.18:

I write the word Atom to save the space of writing: Proton, Neutron, and Electrons, so the Word Spelled Atom means Neutrinos that are bound to Light, and there are 3 Types of Atom's. To understand the difference between Trinary Energy, Atom's which includes the: Proton, Neutron and Electrons, yet Electrons are much smaller than the Proton and Neutron it orbits, so first we must remember that all Energy is Trinary Energy, the only difference is the package it comes in, for example: Atom's: Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons have a shell of Neutrinos, but the Energy inside is still Trinary Energy, so Trinary Energy refers to the Energy itself, Atom's depend on the type of Neutrino: whereas Electrons use a generic type of Neutrino that is not in our Periodic Table of Elements, which is why I think it is another type of Neutrino, because it makes up no Elements, in fact the Proton and Neutron are both made out of different types of Neutrinos, and as a combination that make up the Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, as such every Element in the Table of Periodic Table of Elements has 3 types of Neutrinos in it, yet as a molecule it has other elements in it, so all we are talking about is the materiel they are made of, but my main point is that Trinary Energy has 3 types of Light, not all of them are in every Proton, Neutron or Electron, or Trinary Engine as we will talk about later.

The Trinary Universe defines all Energy as 3 State Energy: Newton, Franklin and Tesla all said that this is the only type of Energy that exist, it was just the names that have change, and they all agreed it is the Light of God, but the term God is useless in Science, because of the many definitions of God, which is as a Deity or Spirit, which is insane, because God is All Light without Darkness, but Religious people only want to argue about Spells, so they argue God is all light without Darkness, as if the Spell without does not mean no, and try to convince me that Darkness means Evil and has nothing to do with Energy, so I call Religious people Stupid for believing this, that is not what the definition states, also it is a fact that they are insane for believing God does not Physically exist, and personally I do not care about hurting their Feelings, thinking that Freewill allows you to believe in crazy ideas: is still crazy, and I do not do Crazy, you do not have the Right to think that Insanity is Reality, I do Science, and in Science we can not have Crazy Theories, thinking that a Theory is just a way of explaining facts is Crazy, when a Theory is not a fact, since all of Theories are Crazy until they are Proven to be the truth, so I had to come up with Trinary Science to remover Crazy Theories, and Crazy ideas, God is not about Religion, and never has been, Religion is about Hate and not about Love, anyone that believes that is not the Truth just proved it is, because they Hate that I said that, when they should Love that I told the truth, and the Bible is not about Religion nor was it written for them, it was allowed to become Religion, because people are ignorant about the things they do not understand, but God is very easy to understand, Gods Law is called The Laws of Physics, Moses Laws are just that, so they are Mans Laws and only Liars would state otherwise, and I do not defend Liars, they have no Honour, nor do Religious people, they are self-serving and only care about their own needs and Lie in the name of God, and people who deny God exist are just as insane or crazy, I can not say it enough that people who only believe in things that do not exist and deny the things that do are insane, so Trinary Energy is about Science, it is not about what I believe is Science, it is about what I proved is Science, and trust me, I have plenty of Crazy ideas, and some of them might find there way into this document, so do not believe anything I write or say until you prove it to yourself, and that starts with 3 State Energy, so call it what you want: the Light of God, White Noise, Light Wizzard, or Trinary Energy, but do not lie about what it is, because it does not change the Bible... Religion did that, and it did so to create Hate in the minds that they wish to control, its brainwashing 101, make your Enemy do your Bidding, as for me, I will believe in the Bible and in God, I even pray to God knowing that God only helps those that help themselves, so God is the Energy inside every Atom.

Atom's are a vast subject, Trinary Energy is just unbound Energy, also called White Noise, if you want to believe this is God as Newton, Franklin and Tesla: then you are a Wizard, and Gender does not Matter, Witches only know how to make Spells, so they use Words, so it is the Witchcraft that is the Art of Writing, and it is how I write, and why most People have a hard time with the way I write, it is because it is using Witchcraft, that is the Language of Wizards, so I use Spells and Words as if they meant something, and what that something is, is the Subject of Science, and not Stupid Fairy Tales, so I use Old English, and terms no one uses nowadays, and so did the other Wizards in this Story, notice how the Word This has the word his in it, that is Witchcraft, it `tis what it is, so do not read into it, just Read it, I write what I mean and I mean what I write, so when I talk about Trinary Energy, I am always talking about Unbound Energy, or the Energy Bound inside an Atom, but when I talk about Atom's, I might be talking about Neutrinos, and I might be only talking about one of the 3 types of Atom's, so it is in the context of what I say about them does this become Crystal Clear.

Atom's are created by Light Binding to a specific type of Neutrino, this requires Intelligence, witch is why the Bible, Jesus and Newton stated that God is All Light without Darkness, because that is the Intelligence that binds the Neutrinos to the Light, and once they are bound, they become Atom's, and Tesla said Everything is Light, and this proves it.

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