The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.17
Trinary Electron

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 2.17
Trinary Electron

The Creation of the Trinary Electron is similar to the Trinary Atom, the main difference is the size, and the type of Neutrinos, which causes the role the Electron takes to be much different then an Atom, so it is only necessary to talk about the differences between Atom's and Electrons, since Atom's include: Electrons and also Protons and Neutrons, making the comparison between Electrons and Protons and Neutrons, so I could have said that, or said to difference between the types of Atom's, but I like to be very clear about what I am talking about, so I use way too many words to describe stuff, even little stuff like Electrons.

Electrons are what Electricity and Photons are made of, Lightning is made up on Electrons at various frequencies and power levels, Nikola Tesla said that Lightning has just about every form of Energy in it, which would include: all spectra of Electromagnet energy, Photonic, Gravitational, Thermal, Kinetic, and even Chemical as it interacts with the Atmosphere, thus making Lightning the best source of Energy.

I should point out that Electric Generators do not Create Electricity, only fools would argue this point, but there are a lot of Fools in Science today... Tesla understood that by 1922 when he wrote that Generators is not the correct term, they should be called Electron Collectors, because Energy is never Created nor Destroyed, but that does not mean that Electrons and Atom's are not Created and Destroyed, only the Energy that is in them, its just the Science of Atom's and Electrons that needs to be understood in order to better utilize it.

Not all the Elements in the Universe have been Identified, so no one knows how many types of Neutrinos exist, only 118 of them have been identified, and some of those are just Theoretical, whereas Electrons seem to only have one type of Neutrino, I say seems because of the Technology of this day can not distinguish more than that, it appears that the Neutrino changes colors depending on its Frequency and Power levels, and no matter how many Electrons that Atomic Accelerators smash, they have not learned anything new, so I lost interest in all that research years ago, and find it all to be pointless and a waste of time and energy, so I will not talk about any of its findings, since it has no Trinary Scientific importance, other than to prove how Stupid People really are for allowing these Experiments.

Once an Electron is created, it will behave in a very predicable way, all modern electronics depends on this predictability, yet the science behind modern electronics is ignorance based on observation and experiments, rather than knowledge about the Trinary Universe, considering that most of the people working on electronics believes in General Relativity, which they can never apply to anything they know, because it does not work, so they use Sir Isaac Newton's Math, knowing that Einstein said it does not apply to General Relativity, so it does not apply to the Godless Dynamics Universe, because the Force in all Newton's equations was God, proving that people do not need to understand something in order to use it, ignorance is bliss.

The State changes of an Electron determine how it moves, it will follow an elliptical path and not a straight line, current Mainstream science lies about Light Travel due to Ignorance, a straight line is 180 degrees, and ellipse is 360 degrees, so they are 180 degrees off, and if I did not have an IQ over 180, I would have never guess at how wrong they are, because it is easy to prove that Light does not follow a straight line, just look at the return path of Light, it always Red-Shifts on its return, all Electromagnet forces follow this same path, just like the Electrons that flow around a Magnet, it is because the Frequency and Power is set to the Magnet, changing that will change the path, so its easy to prove, yet most Electronic Engineers are Ignorant to Trinary Science, because they were never taught it, because the Bank wanted to remove God from Science, so they replaced it with Ignorance, and it is why our Technology is limited, because our knowledge is limited to the Ignorance of Science, but this Redshift is proof of that ignorance, so Science is what you pay for and nothing is Free except Free Dumb, and it is the only education most people can afford.

Electrons very seldom ever change to the 0 State, they normally just pass through it, because when Electrons flow through a Medium like a conductor, it will follow the conductor, and take the path of least resistance from Ground to a higher potential, so if the Conductor takes a 90 degree turn, the Electron does not need to change to the 0 State to move, but when the Medium is Space, and a beam of Light hits a mirror, it will change to the 0 State in order to change directions, and in Electronic Circuit is this can also be achieve, but for the most part, the Electron will only toggle from 1 to -1 States, and pass through the 0 dimension without having to make that State Change, and will change colors depending on its surrounding temperature, which effects its frequency and power levels, the Gas it is in also effects its color and other characteristics, so it is the Electrons that change color and not the Atom, so when you heat a material, it is the Electrons in it that change color, it excites the Atom's it flows around, and will bring their frequency up to the point that they too glow, but I still believe it is the Electron that puts out the Light and not the Atom meaning Proton and Neutron, words like Atom get confusing, since it includes the Electron, not that I would separate it, it is a type of Atom, but it is the only type that actually orbit around the other, so it is a given if I forget to mention that I am talking about Proton and Neutron only when I say Atom, in reference to Electrons, since it is one of them, but it is a special type of Atom so keep this in mind and try not to let it confuse you.

When an Atom is created, and an Electron is created with it, the type of Neutrino will determine how many Electrons are created with the Atom, but the Atom will always keep that number of Electrons regardless of how many electrons flow around it, it is always on a one for one exchange, and Electrons are always present with Atom's, even in a non-conductive material, keep in mine that some neutrinos are transparent like glass, while others reflect like a mirror, others absorb like a solar cell, so each type of Neutrino is very predictable once you understand them, and maybe there are different Neutrinos that make up Electrons, I have no way of proving what they are made of with the Technology of this day and age, and I do not want to guess at things or make Theories, I only want to talk about things I can prove with Empirical Evidence, but sometimes that leads me to speculate, or Guess or even create a Theory, but I have to be clear about which one is what, but all I can prove is that Trinary Atom's have patterns that can be proven to be the truth, how I explain them is a matter of its own, the way Sir Isaac Newton explained them was no better, and Nikola Tesla did not improve on that understanding, so I have no one to model this type of teaching on, since I am the only one teaching this subject as of this date and time.

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