The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 1.18

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019



Chapter 1.18:

Most people do not believe anything that they do know, and believe in the things they Know to the Point that they will reject anything that proves them wrong, and Religious people are Trained to believe that only Satan would Lie to them, and they would go to Hell where Satan is in control and not God, so I must be Satan because I proved yew and others like yew wrong, because yew feel safe in Numbers and why they Flock together, so yew only believe what yew have Heard in yewer Herd, and will refuse to research anything that I told yew, and just assume its wrong because what yew know is right, and yew believe that 99.999% of all the Sheeple in the World can not be wrong, yet yew know Gregorian Calendar changed the date Jesus was born, so that Santa could be worshiped by the use of Money, and Dyslexic people have a hard time figuring out the difference between Santa and Satan, and it is not just the Spell of Evil, or backward Spell of Live, it is the concept that Christ is Evil that confuses yew, but if God and Christ are both a Deity, they do not Physically Exist, this is what the Dictionary proves, it also states that belief is falls under the Spell of Insane, and Sir Isaac Newton taught all Religious People were insane, but at the upper level of Leadership, they did not believe in Religion, but Science, and the Religious Leaders of the World, embraced Newton's Universe calling it the Newtonian Universe, but Religion is what Religion does, it does not care about Words or Spells, in fact it does not care about Logic or Reason, God is All Light without Darkness, no where in the Bible does it define Light as Good and Darkness as Evil, that is called an Interpretation, also known as a Theory, and that Theory was disproved by Sir Isaac Newton, so now its know as a Lie, and to prove it is a Lie, Religion was responsible for replacing the Newtonian Universe, with a Godless Dynamic Universe, based on a Theory called General Relativity, that I prove was so Stupid only Retarded Sheeple can understand it, because it has no Logic or Reason, what it does have is Paradoxes, for one thing if Light is Dynamic, you need to prove how Light Moves at a Constant Rate with no Acceleration, and it is impossible to prove that, because a Flashlight would have to be an Atomic Accelerator that uses Magic to move Atom's without any Acceleration, that is called defying the Laws of Physics, and there is no equal and opposite reaction, if there was a Flashlight would be a Rocket in outer Space, proving Light can not be Dynamic, and most be Static, so who is Lying? Santa is... I mean Satan is. So Religion is Evil because they Kill everyone that does not think the way they do, witch is Insane, only Insane People build bombs using God as Fuel and lying about what they have done, so when the Bombs go off, God will be the one that Kills yew, so it all comes down to who yew believe is the most Intelligent Person to have ever existed, and if you think it was Albert Einstein for writing the Theory of General Relativity, or E = mc2, which I will prove is wrong and give you the right formula, but Einstein Denounced all his Theories on Nikola Tesla's Birthday before he died, and Einstein said it was because without Newton's God as the Force of Gravity, there will always be a Paradox in my Theories, and Einstein said Nikola Tesla and Sir Isaac Newton were the most Intelligent people to have every lived, proving that Mainstream Science based on Theory is a Lie, and something only Satan would say, so its Evil, and also ever stupid since I proved it is all wrong, and not just a little but 180 degrees off, so I have to conclude that anyone that believes in Science based on Theory, or Religion: is Insane, my Proof of this Claim is in the Dictionary, anyone that believes in things that do not Physically Exist are Insane, and when the Bible said yew must have Faith, and yes the Bible did refer to the Reader as a Sheep who followed the Shepard called the Lord or Christ the Lord, and since I am using the Bible as a Reference, I must also do the same, but I call the Sheep Yew instead of the Lord or Christ, since both of those are Satanic Terms, and refer to those that Read into what the Bible says, instead of just Reading it, that is an Aspie trait, write what you say and say what you mean and only want you can prove, but Neurotypicals do not care about Facts, they just get in the way, so there is no way they would ever research anything before forming an Opinion about it, so they will always Deny the Facts, like the Fact that only Jesus Bar Abbas exist in History, and we know this because the Romans Executed him for being the Leader of the Militia, at the request of the Jews, who were turned down on the first request, because the Romans did not want to Martyr Jesus, and as it turned out for good reason, the use of Money was not possible for Centuries after everyone found out the Truth about Money, and Religion is not about the Bible, but using it to Get Money and Molest Children, and I did say Religion and not the Church, the Church does not Deny that the Majority of Preachers are Pedophiles, why should they, they do not Work for the Church, nowadays its just a Job that anyone can apply for, and have a Private Flock, and get all the Tax breaks, because it is all about Money.

As an Introduction I wanted you to get used to how Sir Isaac Newton taught, and why few showed up to many of his classes, that he taught even if no one showed up, so I keep the Style of Newton, and I do not care if my Class Room is Empty, because I am not here to let yew down easy, IAM God, and I do not put up with anyone that does not Consider themselves to be made by God, or do not Believe in God, only the Insane believe in a Deity, why its Legal is clear, they are doing Satan's work, and making Money work just like it did during the Roman Empire, only much worse, and it is because Sheeple use Con Science, and have no Conscience.

People who want to attack the Science of Sir Isaac Newton or Nikola Tesla, whom Einstein acknowledged he knew the truth, and said that these men were the most Intelligent in History, and this is all Documented in History, the News Papers all covered it, it was Huge News at the time, the Headlines read Einstein finds Religion, and then they keep the Science, and discredited both Newton and Tesla, and just ignored this fact to this day, proving they are Lying, and I have no respect for Liars, and calling the Blood of this Planet: Oil, is criminal, and treason against the World, yet its allowed because the Banks own the World, and only care about Money, and not Life, proving how Evil Money is, and yew do not care how they get Energy, the will Lie about it just to make Money, they will drill a hole in the Ground and tap off the Energy calling it Green, as if this is Good for the Planet, when it destroys Cites due to Earthquakes and damage to its Water Tables, this practice is also known as Fracking, and it also causes Sinkholes, in fact every time you drill a hole in the Earth, its going to cause Earthquakes and Sinkholes, and there is no way around that fact, all you can do is Minimize them, by only allowing so many holes to be drilled; and that is what Trinary Sanctuary would do, but the fact is that the Banks do not care, nor do yew if yew work for Money; and it is a fact that the Earths Magnetosphere is weakening, and at its current rate will not last till the end of this Century, and without it, life will cease to exist on this Planet, at first it will mean more Meteorites will hit land, and eventually the Atmosphere will start leaking into Outer Space, and Mainstream Science knows this, and so the Governments are building huge underground bunkers, not for its Citizens who they will let die, but for the Elite that can afford to pay the Price to Live there, not that I would buy a Ticket if I could afford it, I know that without all the Oil in the Reserves of the Planet Earth, this might be a very bumpy ride, so Earthquakes will bring down most if not all these underground Bunkers, so that is not a good idea, and why I call them Tombs; instead build Pyramids above the Ground, they survived the Last Polar Reversal or Shift, and they can do it again; and most people should know that in 1666 Sir Isaac Newton wrote a paper about the End of Civilization in the Bible, he had just published his book on Light, proving that Darkness is the Rainbow of Colors in White Light, and why yew have to have Faith God exist, because yew can not see Light without Darkness, so Newton Calculated using the current decay of Strength in the Earths Magnetosphere, to predict when the next Polar Reversal or Shift would take place, and that is in 2060, so do the Math 2060 - 2018 = 42 years from now, so in the coming chapters I will explain what this means, proving why an Ice Age will start the moment this Happens, as the Atmosphere vents into Outer Space: the Earth will get Colder and the Oceans will Freeze over, basic Physics, and by the time the Poles shift, it will take the Earth thousands of years to get back to the climate we enjoy today, so this is the End of Civilization not the World, but Mainstream Science thinks that over 90% of all Lifeforms on the Surface of the Planet will die, so this is an End Game for only those fit enough to survive an Ice Age, and just so yew understand, that 10% does not include Humans, currently it is not possible for them to survive an Ice Age, at least not the way current Housing, Building and Support systems work, in modern Cities around the World, think about how the Poles are now, on a Global Scale, for thousands of Years, Trinary Sanctuary is a Book I wrote to show ways that the Human Race could Survive such a fate, but it is not for me, I am over half a Century old now and would be 99 years old if this happens on time, and there is no reason to believe it will, but if it does, its 14 January 2060 at 6:32 PM, and that was Sir Isaac Newton's Calculation also known as a Prediction, and the Church would not allow him to Publicly publish this work, and as Greedy Sheeple cared more about Money then Sir Isaac Newton's work, it was sold at Auction, and made Public Domain, and that was a long time ago, so people have known about it for over a 100 years now, even Tesla wrote about it, but like all things Newton and Tesla, the New World Order also known as Mainstream Media: will not talk about it, and that is because they do not want yew to survive, they only care about the Bankers and their Mentions, who run the World, so they are all so Happy to Deny this Claim, but could not deny these Bunkers exist, but they can lie about what they will be used for, but yew all know it is not to protect the Sheep, so yew are left out in the Cold, and even though this will not affect me, since I will be way too old to care about dying, I do care that the Human Race ends then, but if yew do not do something to prepare for this, yew will all die in less than Half a Century, and if Mainstream Science is Right, you only have to the End of this Century, so there is not much time no matter who is right or wrong, and since we can all agree this will happen, we should all focus on a Solution.

The Conclusion for this chapter is the beginning of the next chapter in this document and not the end of it, as it is with time: unless it is the last Chapter, then it is what came before the beginning, the conclusion comes from how we define Intelligence... What does it take for any human to be considered Intelligent? Does the ability to communicate make people Intelligent? All questions I know the answer to, but in reality, it only matters what the Reader or Listener Believes, and that would require a simple test:

What does this paraphrase out of the Bible mean:
God is All Light without Darkness? Table 1.04: What does God is All Light without Darkness Mean?

  1. God is the Trinary Energy inside of Atom's.
  2. God is a Deity and does not Physically Exist.
  3. The Light is Good and the Darkness is Evil.
  4. B and C.
Table 1.04: What does God is All Light without Darkness Mean?

Only you know the answer to this test, so I will put the answer into categories, and we will call all of those that did not answer A, into the Sheeple category, because this introduction was just supposed to answer this one question, because if I can not get you to understand that God is the Light in the Introduction, then you must have the same intelligence as a Sheep, but not to worry, the rest of this document was written for a Sheep I call Yew.

Every Chapter has a Conclusion, one of those Conclusions is that yew are Stupid, not a judgment, just a Fact, most tress are as Stupid as the Paper they are made of, which is not the same as the Paper I write on, which is made of Electrons, and stored Magnetically, but I am sure I killed a few trees in the years it took me to write this book, and a few trees have been hit by Lightning since that time, so maybe that is God's version of an eBook, but the Introduction comes down to one Conclusion, this is Old Science, older than the Bible, because it wrote about it, so why People do not know about it, is because they are Stupid, because Stupid means Ignorant about a subject, and after you have been educated on a Subject, you can still be Stupid about it if you do not understand it, and that is my conclusion, those that understand this, and those that do not may never... But never say never, it only takes education, and this is just an Introduction, so by the end of the Next Chapter, you should understand what the Light is, and what God is, since the Statement God is All Light without Darkness, means what it states, and I always try to say what I mean, and mean what I say, so its just what I said and how I said it that confuses some of yew, but not all of you, and that is just the Wizard in the Flesh, so really what you have to ask yourself about this Introduction, is where are you in terms of Knowledge, do you Know it or No it Not? Where we go from here is always there, and once you get there you are here, so here we go again, words are just spells that can be used in many ways by Wizards and Witches, the Lightside and the Darkside do not agree on what the Light is, since its only in the Shades of Grey that the Colors of Light become the Darkness, and when you call the Darkness the Light, then all you see is the Darkness, and you have no idea what the Light is, because Newton proved that the Rainbow of Colors in White Light is Darkness, and it is all we can see, we can not see the Light without Darkness, so you must have Faith that the Light Exist, or Technology that can see in the Spectra of Light Humans can not see, because as Tesla said: Everything is Light... So my Conclusion is that all the Real Wizards Know this, and all the Sheeple No it Not.

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