The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 1.18

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 2 May 2018



Chapter 1.18: Conclusion

The Conclusion for this chapter is the beginning of the next chapter in this document and not the end of it, as it is with time: unless its the last Chapter, then what came before the beginning, the conclusion comes from how we define Intelligence... What does it take for any human to be considered Intelligent? Does the ability to communicate make people Intelligent? All questions I know the answer to, but in reality, it only matters what the Reader or Listener Believes, and that would require a simple test:

What does this paraphrase out of the Bible mean:
God is All Light without Darkness? Table 1.04: What does God is All Light without Darkness Mean?

  1. God is All Light without Darkness.
  2. God does not Physically exist?
  3. God has no Evil in him.
  4. B and C.
Table 1.04: What does God is All Light without Darkness Mean?

Only you know the answer to this test, so I will put the answer into categories, and we will call all of those that did not answer A, into the Sheeple category, because this introduction was just suppose to answer this one question, because if I can not get you to understand what that God is the Light in the Introduction, then you must have the same intelligence as a Sheep, but not to worry, the rest of this document was written for a Sheep I call Yew.

Every Chapter has a Conclusion, one of those Conclusions is that yew are Stupid, not a judgment, just a Fact, most tress are as Stupid as the Paper they made of, which is not the same as the Paper I write on, which is made of Electrons, and stored Magnetically, but I am sure I killed a few tress in the years it took me to write this book, and a few trees have been hit by Lightning since that time, so maybe that is God's version of an eBook, but the Introduction comes down to one Conclusion, this is Old Science, so why People do not know about it, is because they are Stupid, because Stupid means Ignorant about a subject, and after you have been educated on a Subject, you can still be Stupid about it if you do not understand it, and that is my conclusion, those that understand that understand this, and those that do not may never... But never say never, it only takes education, and this is just an Introduction, so by the end of the Next Chapter, you should understand what the Light is, and what God is, since the Statement God is All Light without Darkness, means what it states, and I always try to say what I mean, and mean what I say, so its just what I said and how I said it that confuses some of yew, but not all of you, and that is just the Wizard in the Flesh, so really what you have to ask yourself about this Introduction, is where are you in terms of Knowledge, do you Know it or No it Not? Where we go from here is always there, and once you get there you are here, so here we go again, words are just spells that can be used in many ways by Wizards and Witches, the Lightside and the Darkside do not agree on what the Light is, since its only the Shades of Grey does the Colors of Light become the Darkness, and when you call the Darkness the Light, then all you see is the Darkness, and you have no idea what the Light is, because everything is Light... So my Conclusion is that all the Real Wizards Know this, and all the Sheeple No it Not.

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