Chapter 1.17:
The Big Picture
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  


Chapter 1.17:
The Big Picture

The Big Picture is what you see when you open up your eyes, and describe what you see without describing the Darkness, which is made of Atom's, so its Some type of Matter or Antimatter, so its everything in the Universe that is made of something, and all that leaves is this White Noise: Also Known As the White Light that I call Trinary Energy, and that is what everything comes down to, when you remove all that Physically Exist, you are Left with what does not Physically Exist, and IAM not talking about God, because to not Physically Exist means there is no Atomic Structure nor any sort of Energy, in other words, Electricity Physically Exist, its Electrons have a small amount of Mass, and the only difference between Light without Mass, and Light with Mass, is the Mass itself, and that means Neutrinos, so if White Noise is inside of Atom's, then it Physically Exists, even without the Neutrinos, we all know this is the truth, because we can see the White Noise with our Eyes, even if we are Blind, we can still feel the White Light, I normally refer to as Sunshine, but it is much more than that, because the Light is everywhere in the Universe, and it is not just Sun Light, and can be broken down into two words: Trinary means it has a 3 State Logic, and I call it Energy because that is what it is, and it exists only in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, nothing exist in the 0 Dimension, this may lead to misunderstanding, because the Neutrinos still exist around the 0 Dimension, just not in it, but since it has no Space, it is so flat that it cannot be seen, so we will talk about Dimensions later on, but the concept is very simple, you have 0, 1, 2 and 3 Dimensions, and 3 dimensions are known as normal space with: and every Atom in the Universe exist in all 4 dimensions at some point and time, 4 dimensions includes the 0 dimension where nothing exist, yet when we add 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 we get 6, because that is how Stupid People add up the Dimensions of Space, if you add 1 to each dimension you get; 0 + 1 = 1, and 1 + 1 = 2, and 2 + 1 = 3, so if Math is not your Strong suit, then do not play that card, Newton knew math better than Most, but Energy and Math explain the same thing, so to understand Math is to understand Energy, but it is clear that all Energy originates from the 0 Dimension, and it all adds up, so even though it does not exist, it must originate from there, even if that is nowhere and everywhere at the same time, and why it is called the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, and the truth is that I have no idea how this dimension works, because I can not see it, so I must have faith that the Light or God exist in this place, but it is a fact that it does exist because it does not exist, confusing at first, but true enough in logic, so to be very clear about it, I had to create a name for it, but to describe it we must look at each element of that White Noise, as if it is a Pixel on a computer screen, it exists, but only as a reference, it can be scaled up or down, but no matter how much you magnify it, it seems like it needs to be magnified more to see it, yet if we look under an Electron Microscope, we can see this Same White Noise, so it is not just Electronics that is creating it, it is just magnifying what we are seeing, which is why we did the experiment to prove this, but what are we looking at? The Big Picture...

A simple observation would be that it has 3 State changes, one in which it appears to be it is brightest, another where it moves to a completely different location and appears to be less bright or darker, and then it just disappears, which is all observable and verifiable, in fact it has been known since at least 1931 when they first took credit for discovering it, but Newton said it was known since the Bible was written, so this is all the proof I have to offer, in fact, this will never change a hundred years from now, because it is just a fact, so naming it should not change this fact, so I assert that this Trinary Energy is a phenomenon that can be observed with the Naked eye, or any other device that can record this White Noise. I have to be very clear on this point, because it is the basis for my whole dissertation.

Trinary Energy, is just another form of Energy, but it is not in the 3rd Dimension at all times, we will get to that later, so it refers to a 3 State Element which I will refer to these States as: Table 1.01: Trinary Energy State Names

  1. Light or Matter State and give it a Value of (+1), and call it the Father.
  2. Dark or Antimatter State and give it a Value of (-1), and call it the Son.
  3. Null or Empty Space or 0 State and give it a Value of 0, and call it the Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother.
Table 1.01: Trinary Energy State Names

Mathematically it has a Constant Relationship of (+1) + (-1) = 0, not to imply it can be added together, but rather when you see the (+1), then it changes to (-1), then it changes to 0, and the order does not matter, since it can only be in one state at a time, and when in either the (+1), or (-1) States it can be seen, whereas 0 State can not be seen, so this is a Logical Mathematical formula, called a Constant, since it never changes, the (+1) plus the (-1) is equal to 0, meaning it takes both the (+1) and (-1) to be equal to 0, so it is a Logic Primer (pronounced with a small i as if it was spelled Prim`er).

The word Trinary refers to the 3 States as Logical States, (+1), (-1) and 0, Trinity teaches the same concept, the Father, Son, and Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, but also has Religious undertone, so the word Trinary itself is very descriptive, and even though you might not find the word in many Dictionaries, the word is just an extension of the word Binary, which means a 2 State Logic system based on (+1) and 0, whereas Trinary is a 3 State Logic system based on (+1), (-1) and 0, the (+1) and 0 are the same logic types, and the (-1) is not Fuzzy Logic, but the opposite value of (+1), (+1) is true, (-1) is true negative, as (+1) is true positive, so the logic is the same, but (+1) is Light, (-1) is Dark, so it is represented differently, because (+1) represents an Atom or Photon in its Brightest or Light State, and (-1) represents an Atom or Photon in its Dark State, and 0 represents an Atom or Photon when its invisible.

The Math (+1) + (-1) = 0 goes back way before Sir Isaac Newton's time, and even before the time of the Bible, but he talked about it as if it was an accepted fact, if you add the Light to the Dark its color value would be 0, the logic for this is simple, the Suns Light contains every color in the Rainbow, so it is the Darkness, so you can see the Light and you can see the Darkness, as we proved above, so when these two are added together they cancel each other out, so you are left with 0, which means there is no Light or Darkness, and the same is true for Matter and Antimatter, they both cancel each other out and leave you with nothing or a 0 value known as Null or Empty, so the Math works for Light which is Electromagnetic Force, and Atom's which is both Matter and Antimatter, remember the Positive 1 is Matter, the Negative 1 is Antimatter, add them together and you get 0, that is where Energy Flows from, so all the Energy will Flow out of this Dimension should you do that. It took me many years to understand this simple concept, because I was looking at it like a Normal Math problem, but one day it dawned on me that it was 3 Dimensional Math, and everything changed for me, my life would never be the same after that, image learning something so fundamental to understanding Sir Isaac Newton's Math, then by understanding his Logic Primer, at the time I was 9 years old, after that I lost all interest in anything other than this one thought, and when no one was looking I would stare into this Light and apply the Math, and it worked, and to this day I can not see without noticing this.

Newton was very Intelligent, but he hated when anyone disagreed with him, he would become very upset, so he would never print anything he could not prove, so this Math never made it to the Printer, and those that knew about it, did not do well to disagree with him on this formula, because it was the Primer for all his Math, so to disagree with him on this point, was to disagree with all his Work, people like his nemesis Robert Hooke and his close friend Edmond Halley did not understand his Primer, so he never talked about it again to anyone, and if it was not for the fact that I read one of his notes where it was written, I would have never had known this, and if it was not for the fact that I too am an Aspie, and hate it when people disagree with me, I might have never understood it anymore than Halley did, Newton told him to smoke more Cannabis and think about how we see the Light, but few can smoke that much to understand the Big Picture, so it was clear that Newton thought that everyone must think the same way he did, because Halley was as smart as they come, and others are less intelligent than he was, but as it turns out only 1 in 100 people have any form of Autism today, and less than .0000001% of them are as intelligent as Newton, but in his time that number was more like 1 in 10,000, and having the same type of Autism or Spectrum is even rarer, but I too do not like to have my Printed Ideas attacked, and I will defend them, but first I must defend Newton's work, because the only way Newton thought he could prove that the Light was controlling all the Elements in the Universe: was by dissolving the dimensions away using Chemicals, so he spent the rest of his life working in Alchemy on doing just that, it was called looking for the Philosophers Stone, because it could transform one type of Compound into another, and not just one element into Gold, but rather using Chemicals to separate elements that in a Compound, he though this was the only way to solve this problem and would not look into others, because he was so sure he was right, so it occurred to me that Alchemy was not the Answer, and Mercury should be used with extreme caution, this is called learning from others mistakes, so instead of Chemically dissolving the Dimension, I changed my view of Life being based on Chemical Reactions, to our DNA Codes being built by Trinary Energy and not Chemical Reactions, and years of research on the Science of Biology at the Subatomic Level, so standing of the Shoulders of Giants, I can tale you that Hooke was a Small Person not only in Mind... I was able to see Further into Smaller or closer, so I could actually see Microscopic Engines, that are in no doubt in my mind under intelligent control, and this is not based on Chemical Reactions, in fact the Chemicals are only there so that the Trinary Energy can Control it efficiently, it is Chemical Compounds that allow this type of Energy to manipulate it mechanically so when the States change from 0 to (+1) or (-1), a mechanical movement in let us say a pump chamber that seems to spin in a circle, it is clear that these state changes take place and are in sync with the motion, enough to explain how they spin, because even if that Energy is like Electricity, meaning it uses Electrons to orbit around an Atom, this Math still applies, as I will prove below, because what I am saying is that our body is built like a biological robot, it requires Electromagnetic Force of many types: Magnetism, Electricity, and Ion, so the body must create its own power, and it has a Computer for a Brain, only the brain has no way of Storing Data in it, all it has are pointers to a memory, which means that Memory is stored in Space and not physically in the body, but as a computer chip would store state changes with Electricity, so does our Brain, it is the Medium that Light and Energy is Transmitted on, and once I started thinking like that, I knew that the only explanation could be that these Dimensions are not accessible to Dimensions above it, so the 3rd Dimension could never interact with the 2nd, 1st or 0 Dimension, but starting at the 0 Dimension, they could interact with the dimension above it, up to the 3rd Dimension. So it took Science over 333 years to finally figure out the Mystery of the Universe, even though it was known as far back as the Bible, and they actually understood then what IAM trying to explain now, and it all comes down to one simple Math Formula, proving the Universe is very simple once you understand it, so for now, this is the Only Mathematical Formula I will add back to Newton's work, since it was older than his work, I do not know who to give credit, so I give it to the Bible, which is why Newton spent all his time researching this very subject, and why he said the (+1) + (-1) = 0 is the Mathematical Construct for Trinity, and why I believe that the Bible is the Truth about Science, so this formula can be called Trinity or Trinary Logic Primer.

I refer to Dimensions only as Physical Dimensions, starting with the 3rd Dimension, it has Width, Height, and Depth, or x, y and z, so it has 3 Dimensions, if you remove one of those Dimensions, it is no longer in Normal Space, meaning 3 Dimensional Space, nor does it follow the Rules for 3 Dimensional Space, so references to Width, Height, and Depth have no meaning, nor does Time, because there is no Dimension for Time, since it requires 3 Dimensions to track the passage of time, since it is only a reference, which oddly enough Newton referred to as a reference to how many particles from a straight line of White Light, which also correlates to how many Atom's would pass by during that same time frame, so imagine a horizontal line or Medium in: Illustration 1.07: Time Line below, and imagine that the Yellow dots are Light Photons, and the spacing between the vertical lines: represent a unit of measurement: so we can measure the passage of time as the Photons pass by the Measurement lines, let us say from Left to Right, so it is a physical measurement of a known quantity, over a period of what is known as Time, so if I push the button on a switch twice, the distance that Light can travel in between pushes can be measured, so if it is 10, we can say 10 units of time passed between pushes, so it is only a reference to 3 Dimensional Space, so it only works if you have width, depth and height, so in this Time Line we see Yellow dots that represent Photons as they travel across the time line increments that are measured in attoseconds, which I have no idea if this is true, meaning I have not actually clocked this measurement this way, its only an illustration that is a Theory that fit is the facts, but if you do take the real measurement, you can record it and replace this value with the Actual value, so it is the only known time measurement that comes close, but I will define it mathematically later on, but let us pretend it is the smallest measurement of time possible, it is based on the Speed of Light, and is the highest frequency of Energy, so in 9 attoseconds, we measure the passage of distance in space, so Time is a reference to how many units pass, so in 1 second 1.0 x 10-18 units will pass, but in reality, 1 attosecond is the time it takes for Light to travel the length of 3 hydrogen atoms, so I would have to create a new time frame to describe it more accurately, so I will call i Trinary Time [1], each interval represents the time it takes for Light to travel the distance between two Electrons that orbits a Hydrogen Atom, and not the Atom itself, but the distance between two atoms, the closes they can come to touching, and it is about 10-66, this is the closet number I can calculate that comes close, but this was not a measurement I could make with a machine, it was a study of countless photos of Hydrogen Atom's under the most powerful microscopic images I had available to me at the time I was studying this, but there is new research, but I have no access to such evidence, so I have to make a guess, and it came down to 10-65 is too large and 10-67 is too small, so my best guess is 10-66, so as it turns out, I did not just make this number up. I also must point out that I normally always use base 16 and not base 10 Math, then I convert.

Time Line
Illustration 1.07: Time Line Full Size

The exact distance a photon can travel in 1 second is about 186,282 miles, time on this scale is hard to imagine, so would the ruler you would need to measure it, but in Science we may have the need to measure how long it takes for an Electron to orbit around an Atom, or how long it takes for an Electron to get from one atom to the next, so the need to think about Light Travel is a very real Science, but when dealing with Trinary Energy, the scale of density is much smaller than an Electron by an order of magnitude, and currently science is not advanced enough to measure the width of 1 Trinary Energy Element, and I call it an Element because it is 1 Unit, and it is so small that under the highest magnification it appears solid due to the resolution of the equipment, so it is not possible to guess at how small something is if you can not see it to begin with, but we do know that it has a frequency, but we do not know exactly what it is, because it crosses many spectra of Light, and each has its own frequency and wavelength, so we can conclude that what ever these frequencies are, they are natural background radiation, we have been monitoring them for years now, so we know exactly what all the Frequencies and Wavelengths are, because it is full spectrum, all the Light travels together as a whole, yet their wavelength are different, so let us do the math: Table 1.02: Relationship of the Speed of Light with Frequency and Wavelength

Table 1.02: Relationship of the Speed of Light with Frequency and Wavelength

All Electromagnet waves travel at the Speed of Light so it makes this calculation very straightforward, yet we look at the Trinary Energy, which is not Electricity or Photonic in Nature, its just White Noise, it has State Changes, but it has no Measurable Energy, well none that we can measure or know how to measure, stick an energy meter into thin air or the vacuum of space and see if you read any Energy, then Remember that White Noise is Massless Energy, so now ask yourself what is White Noise if it has no Measurable Energy, yet you can see it is really there in nature, it has no mass or material that binds it, it is not a gas or vacuum, it is just Empty Space, well it turns out it is not really Empty Space, because it is filled with Trinary Energy, yet I just told you that you can not measure any Massless Energy, so how can that be, and the answer is that not all Energy can be measured, because to measure any Energy we must take a sample of it, so if we measure the energy of a battery, we actually use up some of that batteries charge to measure it, same way with Light, because we have to convert that energy into a reference that we can convert into a meaningful value, it is the magic of a voltmeter to check the voltage level of a circuit, or test the illumination of a Light bulb, but Trinary Energy can not be Transformed very easily, and that is why Sir Isaac Newton's attempt to use Wizardry called Alchemy to dissolve dimensions failed, and why he could not find a way to measure its energy, so I knew I could not do it with the Laws of Conservation of Energy, so I just concluded that it can not be Transformed into any other type of Energy because it has no Mass to Transform, so Trinary Energy is a Special type of Energy, not to mention this is also Trinity Energy, since it is the Father, Son and Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, yet it is Energy, and there is no denying that, it is a Higher Power or God.

In my quest to define Trinary Energy, I had to take the Dimensions it occupied into consideration, because the Father was in the 3rd Dimension, and the Son is in the 1st or 2nd Dimensions, I say both, because us mortals can not see into either, so the reality is that my best guest is that it is in both at one point in time during its transition, because the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother is in the 0 Dimension, and that has no Dimensions, yet when an Atom enters into this part of Space, it transitions much like Trinary Energy, it fades out, it is not a switch that just turns on and off, even though we cannot perceive the switching, but the fact is that the Atom must go into the 0 Dimension without destroying it, because Energy cannot be destroyed, so it must pass between the layers of space by folding through its Dimensions, so as it moves from the 3rd dimension into the 2nd dimension, it might shift positions if the Atom needs to move, but it will fade in brightness becoming Darker, so this shift into the 2nd dimension takes this atom out of our 3rd dimensional space, and we can not interact with it, we can still see it, but we can not touch it, as if it was between this dimension and the one under it, and when it shifts into the 1st dimension, we actually can not see it, nor can we see it in the 0 Dimension, so the three state changes are in the 0 or 1 dimension, the 2nd dimension and the 3rd dimension, at first this confused me when I first noticed this, but I got over it by the time I was 10 years old, but since then I get confused when trying to explain it, because of the way normal people think about space and dimensions, I can not assume anyone knows how Atom's actually move through Dimensions, most do not even believe they do, so there is little to no research on the subject, but one day it came to me that an Atom is not solid, in fact, it is made out of a material that is called Neutrino, these are the remains of Atom's that have been destroyed, and can be used to make new ones, but do not break out the Atom glue just yet, these materials are very hard to collect, the only thing I know that can collect them is a Trinary Engine, and we have not talked about those yet, but basically it is the core of the Galaxy, Sun, Earth and Moon, and every Atom in the Universe goes through this same state changes, so the question is where does that Atom go when it shifts from the 1st to the 0 dimension, and answer was that it went through it because it was just a hole in space, who said that a 13-year old Aspie has no sense of humor did not know me, that was my Black Hole Theory.

I was 13 years old at the time I came up with this hole in space idea, and it made sense to me then, but now it seems like a way to cheat, because I did not really answer the question, even though the 0 dimension is a null space, and not empty space, because it does not contain any dimensions, that space simply does not exist, but actually it is there all the time, as are the other dimensions, they do not appear and disappear every time an Atom needs to change states, it has to be the other dimensions that are moving that particular atom into its space, and that means its intelligent, it is not like its randomly changing the states of all the atoms at the same time, it is changing all of them at different times, that is why everything appears to be solid when in fact a lot of its atoms are invisible at any given time.

If you imagine that every atom is made of the same material as Neutrinos, then you can look at all the properties of this substance that you can not collect, because they are so small that they can pass between two atoms, which is 1 Trinary Second, so you know where this research is leading me, to guess at things, but just like Newton, I do not like to write things I can not prove, I do not do Theories, only Facts, so how do I get around this issue?

It is a hole in space... Neutrinos give off an energy signature, they are detectable, so we know a little about them, we know that they can travel through solid objects without touching them, so there must be a property that allows them to do so, and that means intelligence, if a Neutrino can navigate through a solid object, that means it can navigate around Atom's, I have found no proof that a Neutrino can pass through an Atom, so I tend to believe they would navigate around them, because it does not appear that anything can even come close to touching an Atom, and it is why we have to use Neutrons to split atoms, but actually that is a misconception, we do not split atoms, we split molecules, because Uranium or Plutonium is just a combination of two types of Atom's: Krypton and Barium, give off a few extra neutrons, so does it create Neutrinos? Or are Neutrinos the byproduct of nuclear fusion, combining two protons or hydrogen atoms to form a deuteron, releasing a positron or antielectron and an electron neutrino at the same time, and research also shows that there are many sources of Neutrinos: Galaxy, Sun, Earth and Life Forms, so we produce Neutrinos, so I got to thinking about Tritium, it is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, it has one proton and two neutrons, so it made me think of a Pyramid, so I came up with the name Tritanium [1], then I remembered it was from Star Trek, and then it clicked, this material is hard to get and there is nothing better to build with, so this is it, logically if splitting atoms creates Neutrinos than they must be made out of them, and if Neutrinos come in many types, I must be specific, so I will call it Tritanium, and now I know how Atom's disappear, it transforms from an Atom into a Neutrino and back, so Neutrinos are what happens when Atom's do not make the Transformation, and it fully explains how people give off Neutrinos, not every atom in their body survives the transformation, so this is my proof of this concept, so I state it is now a fact.

All Atom's are made out of a material called Neutrino I call Tritanium, which has a property that allows it to maneuver around the 0 Dimension, so it is not as vague as my hole in space idea, but still lacks a lot of details, but this is just an introduction of the Big Picture, and the type of Energy starts and follows a Transformation, even though its energy can not be measured, its effects can be observed.

The 2nd Dimension is the only Dimension that a Change in direction can take place, this is due to its x and y Dimension, since it is bound to these Dimensions, it must follow them, it should be obvious that in Space this dimension is Static, meaning it can not move in the Universe, this concept is hard to Imagine any other way, Albert Einstein tried to prove it could be Dynamic, making Time part of Space, but this Theory always creates Paradox's in Reality, because you could travel in time, which I will prove can not happen using a Vertice Matrix [1] Grid. The Term Subspace could also apply to this term, but there are too many theories about it, when the fact is that this space is not complicated at all, once you realize that 3 Dimensions are required for objects to be interactive with, it you remove 1 Dimension, it is like defining that space by taking an Atom and cutting it in half until it loses one Dimension, so this space is very small, but in the Universe, this Space is the Entire Universe, and it fills this Space 100%, unlike Normal Space that is 99.999% Empty Space, so it is very dense, yet depending on the perspective of the viewer, this space extends both horizontally and vertically in an infinite direction, and can occupy all that space or any part of that space, but this space is always in straight lines, in 360 degrees, in 3 dimensional space, so it is all the space we can see, even though we can never see it, because we can not perceive it because it is missing a dimension, and in the Big Picture, we can not see this Light because it is so Big, so it is the Big Picture, if we could see individual Dimensions of Space, it would over overwhelm our Senses, we could not see beyond even a fraction of an inch from our eyes before we saw the Energy that is in the space in front of it, and if that is true for us, its true for Electronics as well, they might be able to detect Dimensional Shifts, but they could not record them as Images, because single Dimensions can not be physically drawn without using Imagination, and as I said, Electronic Machines have no Imagination, but humans do, so we can Imagine what this would look like, but I can not draw it on paper or even simulate it with a Computer without using Imagination.

In the 2nd Dimension, the Trinary Energy can be in any state, although I tend to state that it is in the same Dimension as its State to simplify it, the truth is that I have no idea, since I can not see into the 2nd Dimension, but I do believe that it is possible that the 1st and 2nd Dimensions have different State changes and can use that to Communicate to each other, but this is a Theory I could never expect to prove, so I am speculating only, because I do not like Theories, all I do know is what I can observe and prove, base on facts based on observations and so far I have not said anything that has not already been proven, except for the existence of the 2nd Dimension, which is based on the observation that Trinary Energy must have a Medium it travels on, just like Light and Energy must have a Medium it can travel on, which in this Case is Trinary Energy, so what does it travel on? It does not travel, it is Static, and that was my proof it exists, and how it exists, but this seems to simple of an explanation for most people, as if this was a trick, but I am using Newton's Math to do it, and he was the Last Magician, so maybe this is a Trick, but this is what his Math is stating, so regardless of what state changes take place in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, we can never see them in the 3rd Dimension, only the effects of its Energy as it interacts with the 3rd Dimension, which is the only reason why I know it has 3 State changes, and I also know that we can not see the effects of the 1st dimension because it is inside the 2nd dimension, and it is bound to the 0 dimension in a way that puts it in the middle of it, but at the same time it does not exist as space, so the whole Trinary Molecule appears to disappear, one atom at a time. The 2nd dimension appears to be a Spirit or Ghost you can see through, whereas the 0 dimension is invisible and is called the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, it is the confusion about what is a Ghost or Spirit is, is it the Atom when it is disappearing or when it disappears, because these are two different state changes, most people will draw a picture of a Ghost or Spirit of their Mother as the (-1) state change and not the 0 State change when its invisible, yet they define a Ghost or Spirit of Mother as invisible, so it is confusing, because if it was invisible they would have nothing to draw, so the state change to (-1) or the Dark Antimatter State, the Atom appears to be translucent, and you can not physically interact, so I call it the Son, it is not as bright as the Father and will sometimes take the opposite position, so it is clear how these terms were defined by Newton, because this was Alchemy to him, it was a Spell to a Wizard and written using Witchcraft.

The 1st Dimension is where Logic must take place, this Logic is said to be Intelligent, this Theory is based on Observations made over half a Century of research by many people over the years since its discovery, and is based on data that suggest that the pattern of State Changes seem to be random when being recorded, but patterns of none random State changes have been recorded while a Human Observer is recording the Session, which is the reason why Scientist are so interested in the Phenomenon, and the reason why I assert this is the Dimension that this Logic takes place is due to the Physics of it, which would logically lead me to believe that the change must be decided before the change is made, because it can change into what ever state it needs to make this Change, and observations which lead me to believe that the state changes are only toggling between (+1) and (-1), unless a change is needed to it is direction, or as a place holder, at which point it has to change back to State 0 first, then State (+1) before continuing on it is course, although I have recorded State changes to (-1) without a change in direction, I have detected a pattern to explain that, it involves changing the magnetic field around the Light, and this can be verified under a Microscope. It should also be obvious that the 1st Dimension fills 100% of Space in its Dimension, since it only has 1 Dimension, it has a very limited amount of influence on making changes to the 3rd Dimension, since it is inside the 2nd Dimension, so it has to remember what the 1st Dimension told it to do, so it has Memory, it is this memory that allows Humans to remember events in the past, and use their imagination, so it is the 1st Dimension that allows me to have enough Intelligence to understand this simple concept, and it is the 2nd Dimension that allows me to remember it, and this is all the proof I have to offer that it even exist, because if it did not, we could not have this conversation. It can also be stated that the combination of changes that the 1st and 2nd dimensions make, will add up to the change in the 3rd dimension, so it takes two dimensions to make a 3 dimensional change, hence (+1) + (-1) = 0, where the Logic fits into these dimensions, so this is 3 Dimensional or 3D Math, the (+1) Logic value is in the 1st dimension, the (-1) Logic value is in the 2nd dimension, and the 0 Logic value is in the 0 Dimension, but nothing exist as Space there, and it is this place where the Atom is renewed, or redimensioned which also means redemption, talk about Spells, if you get redemption you get renewed, if not you are gone, because when the Atom comes out of the 0 Dimension it will either be renewed or it will vanish forever, meaning that Atom will not reappear after more time, and I have seen videos of Atom's disappearing and not returning, it happens more when live tissue is decaying and explains how this happens, although the mechanism in which it does this is still a mystery since I can not see into these dimensions, and that will never change, so I know this transformation takes place, you can observe this behavior, both the redemption and the renewal, of course if it does not renew, you will notice that as well and can detect it with a Neutrino counter, so this is real Science, so I say it is a fact, but do the experiment to prove it, so you are not taking any of my Facts without your own evidence to back them.

In the 0 Dimension it should be asserted that Nothing Exist in this Space, which is why it is Invisible, it acts like an Anchor in the Universe which is mostly in the 0 Dimension, if 99.999% of Space is Empty, this Space could be Null Space, so it must switch back to this State before any direction change can be made, and is normally always followed by State (+1) if the energy does not change direction, so from observations it appears that if it switches to State (-1), then normally a direction change was made, or a Magnetic Field change of polarity was required, and also implies that it is required to make this State change as if it was just Checking in so to say, as if it is Intelligent, and needs a point of reference to know where it is at, so it is mapping out its path, this varies depending on if it is an Atom or a Photon, because Photons only change direction if they hit a mirror or reflecting surface or if they encounter a strong enough electromagnetic field, and toggles from (+1) to (-1) every step of the way, whereas Atom's follow this same pattern, but they only change directions when the Atom is physically moved, and tend to change states to 0 more often, this is why Electricity looks like a Sin Wave and Objects tend to have lower frequencies, that appear to be erratic.

I will never refer to other Dimensions above the 3rd dimension, only the Dimensions: 0, 1, 2 and 3, so there are 4 Dimensions, but not to be confused with the 4th Dimension, or any other theories about Dimensions. I must also point out that Current Technology is not advanced enough to detect these State changes in Dimensions, only the Effects they make, in fact even with Electron Microscopes we can hardly see them, because the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimensions are not Real in the 3rd Dimension, so what we are seeing is just surrounding Energy reacting to the State change, and not the Dimensions themselves, this point must be understood, because it is not possible to see any dimensions less than the one we are in, which is why all Dimensions greater than the 3rd are all Viewpoints or Perspectives, which is why I will not discus them, because they have no meaning other than to describe something from another point of view, and I only want to discus the point of view of the Human Eye or Camera following the path of Light or Energy on a known Medium of Transmission.

Energy is defined in terms of the Atom's Protons, Neutrons and Electrons that revolve around an Atom, so I refer to them as Matter/Antimatter, which Atom's make up Molecules that make up Material, just like Electrons orbit Protons and Neutrons, they do not make up the Material, Photons are viewed as an Electromagnetic Force, and for the Simplification of discussion, I will ignore the Technical details since it is not my intentions to change how Science defines Energy, only how Energy interacts with Trinary Energy, so I make a distinction between Energy and Trinary Energy, since Trinary Energy is massless and does not contain any: Protons, Neutrons or Electrons, or any Material what so ever, it is pure Energy that does not appear to Transform, instead Trinary Energy is responsible for all the changes made to Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons, so in effect it is controlling Energy, this is observable once you apply these Simple Rules: Table 1.03: Simple Dimension Rules

  1. The 3rd Dimension is Physical, only Matter/Antimatter can exist here.
  2. The 2nd Dimension is not Physical, No Matter/Antimatter can exist here or any Dimension below it, the atom is starting transformation for redimensioning in this dimension. All Changes in Matter/Antimatter (also known as Neutrinos) in the 3rd Dimension is made here. The Neutrinos in the Atom's can maneuver through the 2nd dimension.
  3. The 1st Dimension is where all Logic takes place. The Neutrinos in the Atom's can maneuver through the 1st dimension.
  4. The 0 Dimension is Null or Empty Space, nothing exist as Space here. The Neutrinos in the Atom's can maneuver around the 0 dimension during redimensioning.
Table 1.03: Simple Dimension Rules

I will not discus any theories about Quantum Mechanics or Albert Einstein, because some or all of them are wrong, although Albert was wrong on Purpose, since he wrote the Dynamic Universe to prove that Newton's Static Universe was the only way it could be, and this becomes obvious once you understand that in the 0 Dimension Time does not Exist, and most of the Universe is in the 0 Dimension if 99.999% of all Space is Empty, which is why I assert the Universe is Static. This Concept is very simple and easy to understand, so most people do not believe it for that reason alone, but if the Universe was anymore complicated then this, it could not work, and the truth is that this Concept works in all situations, I can use this Model to explain how the Entire Universe works, so I will, but each Step I take, means you must keep up with what I am trying to explain, so I will repeat key concepts using other methods to teach the same idea, in hope that one of these methods will make you understand the concept, even though it seems very simple to me, most people I try to explain this to look at me like I am stupid for coming up with this idea, when in reality I did not come up with it, the Bible did, and Newton wanted to know how they knew, and all I did was answer that question, which is the same Reason that Nikola Tesla said: it is because we are Light Beings, and not Flesh Beings, our entire biology is based on Light, which I call Trinary Energy, and the Bible called God All Light without Darkness, so in essence I am trying to prove that God Exist, the same God that Newton said was the Force in All his Equations, so I must separate Science Fiction from Science.

It should be clear that Trinary Energy is not a Physical Atomic particle, whereas God's Particle or the Higgs Boson, is based on a Physical Atomic Structure with an Unknown Substructure, but the fact is that it is governed by Trinary Energy like all Atom's in the Universe.

Trinary Energy is just a mechanism that controls how every Atom in the Universe behaves at any point in time. Trinary Energy may appear to be an Aura around an Atom, and why some texts refer to them as a Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, it appears to be Light, but has no measurable Electromagnetic properties using the Technology of this Day. The State Changes of Trinary Energy always correlate with changes to an Atom, even if there appear to be no changes, it is simply holding them in place. All Atom's have a Frequency that they vibrate, this too is controlled by Trinary Energy.

Graphically Trinary Energy can be represented by a Grid with a horizontal line on an x-axis with a value of 0, another positioned above the base line with a value of (+1), and another one positioned below the base line at (-1). Under a Microscope Trinary Energy will appear to be a Solid object as its brightest intensity which I refer to as its Ligh or Matter State and will show up on the Grid above the base line at a Positive 1 position, I assert that this is because it is in the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, and when it changes states to a Dark (-1) State that appear to be Semisolid, it also changes position on the Grid (in real life an Atom may not move, so do not confuse what the Trinary Energy is doing in correlation with how the Atom moves), I refer to this State as Antimatter State, because it is always positioned on the Opposite side of the base line at a Negative position and will assert that it is in the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimension, again this is only using Logic and nothing more, and when it disappears or turns invisible, I refer to this state as Null or Empty State, it is referred to Null because it has No Dimension, so I assert it is in the 0 Dimension, and distinguish between Null and Empty only as Concepts, Null refers to 0 Dimension, whereas Empty only refers to Space with nothing in it, including Space, hence Empty Space, and as proof of these assertions, the fact that it has to go somewhere when it disappears is the only evidence I need to validate this argument, since I do not believe I can prove that these Dimensions exist any other way, since it is not possible to see a dimension that has fewer dimensions then our own, since that creates a paradox, and paradox's can not exist in reality, but without Dimensions Energy can not be Explained, so it might be obvious at this point that if it is Intelligent, then it is using the Logic to tell you that it has 3 Dimension, and this is how it is representing them to us. I should also note that Trinary Energy is not a Physical Atom, but a Ghost, now you see it, now you do not, but it is not Physical since it has no mass and only appears as an Aura, or White Noise, I repeat this because it gets confusing, we have Trinary Energy that has 3 State Changes: Solid, Semisolid, and Invisible, and we have Atom's that have the same 3 State Changes, yet the Atom is a 3 Dimensional object while it is in the 3rd Dimension, but when it shifts into the 2nd dimension it is no longer a 3 Dimensional object, and it does this in a (-1) State change, and because the Neutrinos navigates through the other Dimensions, as such the Dimensions the Trinary Energy is in does not correlate with what dimension the Atom is in, because it has to move around the dimensions, because there are 4 dimensions and only 3 state changes, it means that you can not see the Atom when it is in the 0 or 1st dimensions, since it is almost invisible.

I must point out that when I say Light, I might be referring to Trinary Energy, but most of the time I am referring to Energy surrounded by Trinary Energy, every Atom and Photon in the Universe is always surrounded by it, but in the following paragraphs I am talking about White Light, or Sun Light, and I know how confusing the Light by itself can get, so I try to be exact about what type of Light I am referring to.

In order to prove that Light is Static, a point of reference must be agreed on, I refer to this reference as the Vertice Matrix Grid, the Vertex is the point that the Light Originate, the Matrix is a collection of all points on the same path described by the Grid, so its origin will always start at a vector at the center of mass of the Light Source, and can be illustrated with a Circle drawn with Straight Lines running through the center of it, in regular intervals making up a 360 degree as shown below in Illustration 1.08: Vertice Matrix Grid.

Vertice Matrix Grid
Illustration 1.08: Vertice Matrix Grid Full Size

The Circle represents the Light Source, and the Lines represent the possible paths the Light or Energy can take as it Travels, so it represents the Medium it travels on, and the Vertex is the center of origin of an Atom or Photon in this case. If the Light Source is Labeled as Point A, and it is End Point is defined as Point B, then the following: Illustration 1.09: Path of Light from Point A to Point B will depict the Light Path:

A -------------------- B
Illustration 1.09: Path of Light from Point A to Point B

For Light to travel from point A to point B, we must establish which direction we are Referring to, I will pick the Center of Mass of the Planet Earth as Point A, and for Point B, I will pick a 90 degree Right Angle line that points straight up to Outer Space, so this Line is Vertical, even though the illustration is Horizontal, it is easier to present it this way, but it is important to set up any Scientific Experiment in a way that anyone can verify the results and repeat the experiment. I chose Earth because we are on that Planet, but more to the Point, Gravity flows between these points, and at some point in this Dissertation I will introduce a hypothesis about how the two relate, so this setup is to insure our experiment is set up correctly for all experiments required for this dissertation.

Science must be observable and hypothesis must stand up to Logic, but since some evidence is missing, dimensions in this case, since we can not see the 0, 1st or 2nd dimension, so a hypothesis is necessary, and just to be clear, a hypothesis is an explanation with limited evidence, in this case the Dimensions of Space, I can prove they exist but without any evidence, just observations, so if we view the Vertice Matrix Grid at Point A, and for purposes of this Experiment we will use a Pulse LASER, with the Shortest Pulse possible with current Technology, as such it will fire the LASER as if only one Photon is being created, we will fire the LASER from Point A to Point B, as such Point A is the Center of Mass of the Planet and the LASER, I will go through this Process one step at a time:

Regardless of how you view Earth moving through the Universe, the Earth is rotating or spinning and at the same time it is orbiting the Sun in our Solar System, which is orbiting our Galaxy, while rotating or spinning at the same time, and that Galaxy is moving through Space, while rotating or spinning at the same time, and regardless of what Direction Light is Travailing, the Galaxy will continue on the same Path it has traveled for Billions of Years, so the Key to this Step is to Define this path Light Travels or Line, known as a Medium, in terms of 4 Dimensions, but keep in mind that the 0 dimension has no dimensions, confusing I know, how can something without a dimension be considered a dimension, and it is only when you count is 0 dimensions does this make any sense. In Step 1 we are going to energize the LASER, so it transforms Electricity into a Photon by raising its frequency and it starts off in the 0 Dimension, so during the transformation, this Electron is going to change Frequencies, and will cause the Electron to transform into an Electromagnets force or Photon, and it will be invisible at this point, and it is not even possible for it to move because it has No Dimensions to move in, so it is an Anchor point in the Universe, which I assert that the Energy is Static in regard to the fact it can not move, I also assert the Universe is Static and does not move, so as the LASER moves in relationship to the Universe, the LASER is moving at the Speed of Light, that is the Universe is not moving, we are moving through it, and the State of the Trinary Energy will change, I will assume it changes from 0 to 1, so now it is in its Light or Matter State of 1, and we can see it now (and interact with it, so we can collect its photon and transform it back into electricity by lowering its frequency), yet it only appears to have not moved any closer to Point B, because it is still at its vertex, which is the point of origin, I assert the Trinary Energy is in the 1st Dimension, which is not part of Normal 3 Dimensional Space, since it is missing 2 dimensions, it should be obvious that it too can not move, so it too is Static, but it is also in the 2nd and 3 Dimension at the same time, because it is a real photon, it is just the Nature of Dimensions that is confusing for some people at first, because they were never taught about Dimensions in a way that relates to what I am asserting about them, but the fact is that Dimensions can not be explained in terms of Normal Space unless you are talking about the 3rd Dimension, because at the Subatomic Level, Energy is an Atom or an Electron from an Atom in the case of Photons, Electricity and the Trinary Energy, in a way that allows Energy to Travel through Space, because without Dimensions Energy can not Travel through Space, since it would have no medium to travel on, so without dimensions, there is no way to explain how this is even possible, so the fact that Light does travel through Space with No medium, is proof that Dimensions exist, but observations will prove that it is Trinary Energy that is controlling the movement, while providing the Medium for the Energy to travel on, so the proof is in the fact that this is possible, seems to be more Magic than Science and having Faith seems more like Religion, but observations prove this is the truth, so seeing is believing, so now we transformed electricity into a photon by changing its frequency, it started the transformation in the 0 dimension, so it is invisible, then it appears for the first time, it can be in the 1st or 2nd dimension, but since I can not see the 1st or 2nd dimension, I can only guess at what dimension it started off in, but I can see the Photon in the 3rd dimension, and it is state change can be (+1) or (-1), not confusing state changes and dimensions, because I can see all the state changes in the 3rd dimension, and I know it will not go into a 0 state change unless the photon needs to make a change in direction, so other than a change in direction, the state change will only be a 0 State change the first time a photon is created, so we assume it started in a (+1) State, so we can explain it step by step, so in this step it changed from 0 to 1, and did not appear to move location, and keeping in mind that it is physically in all the dimensions at once.

When the State of the Light changes to its Dark State of Antimatter, it switches to (-1), and it appears to Move the distance from position (+1) through position 0 to a new position of (-1), as such the Medium it travels on are the Dimensions using the State Changes of Trinary Energy, as such, the photon moved starting at a 0 state to a (+1) State then into a (-1) State, and also shifted between dimension as it did so, causing the photon to appear to move, since it did not move in relation to the Universe, it was the LASER that moved, but its movement can be mapped out by the Trinary Energy, proving that it is the LASER that is moving and not the Photon, this concept is something you have to prove for yourself, since it is difficult for most people to understand dimensional travel, because the Photon is not moving, it is the LASER, and for some reason most people I try to explain this to get stuck on this part of the process, how do we do an experiment to prove it is the LASER moving and not the Photon that was transformed by it, since I do not want to say the LASER created the Photon, but since all the Trinary Energy is static, it means that none of it is moving with regard to the underlying Universe at the Subdimensions, meaning less than 3 Dimensions, or the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, as such, all you have to do is match the pattern of Trinary Energy to the Photon, so position a LASER, and many Microscopes in its path and look for this energy pattern, once you see it, you will fully understand that this has to be the only explanation for this to happen.

If the Light is traveling in a Straight line, the Trinary Energy will toggle states from (+1) and (-1), and will change back to 0 at some point when it comes full circle, because as it turns out, the Line is not Straight, we call it that, but in reality this model does not work, so it must travel in a Circle, so a Straight line that is a circle with a diameter of 13 to 16 billion Light years, so my guess is that it needs to recharge the Energy as it is moving away from its source, otherwise the Energy will dissipate, but in truth I have no idea if it actually renews the Photon on a complete Circle or if it just terminates the Light, it would take billions of years to prove this one way or the other, you would notice it redshifts during its return trip, so its possible to observe a Billion-year-old Light, and prove this is the truth. Light only changes to a 0 State to make direction changes, yet in a straight line I do not see any direction changes, then it occurred to me that this is because the line is not really straight, it has an Arc of a circle with a diameter between 13 and 16 billion Light years, so it only appears to be a straight line, so it takes the same path as all Electromagnetic lines of Flux.

If the Light needs to change course due to obstacles like a Mirror or Electromagnet force it encounters, it will always revert to a 0 state at that point, and then to a (+1) or (-1) state, so when it toggles form (+1) to (-1) is the only time it is moving away from its source, just to point out that it actually does not move when in the 0 State, only when it switches to (+1) or (-1), this is because it would burn up if it moved then, Neutrinos are Matter and Antimatter, so they are Make up Material, and since we know we can not accelerate Atom's to the speed of Light with them burning up, we have to wonder if we are trying to get them to move at twice the speed of Light, since they are already moving at the speed of Light before the Accelerator started, but the fact is that if we could move the Atom to the Speed of Light, its Relative Speed is the only thing that has changed, and not the Speed of Light, it is a Constant, so if that Atom made up a Flashlight and you turned it on, it would still travel at the speed of Light, the only thing that changes is that the Photon and Flashlight are now traveling together, so the Photon would not really leave the Flashlight, things might appear to slow down, because of the difference in Relative Speed we perceive, but in Reality as the Atom moves closer to the Speed of Light, it has no time to cool down, it can not switch states fast enough to keep up with the rate the Atom is traveling, till it can no longer maintain a Frequency that it can exist as a Solid, so it will transform into another type of Energy, so Relative Speed of an Atom relates to its Frequency, so an Atomic Accelerator is raising the Frequency of the Atom till it turns to Light.

Things to keep in mind about a photon being observed under a microscope is that: the photons are moving so fast that our brains can not comprehend the movement, so you will need high speed recordings that need to be slowed down, so real time observation is not possible, in 1 second the photon will be 186 thousand miles away, the Earth is only 25 thousand miles in diameter, so keep this in mind, that is about 7.5 times around the Earth in 1 second, so when I say you need high speed recordings, I mean real high speeds.

There should be an experiment that can determine the exact arc the Light makes, my best calculations for a circle would put its radius, which is based on a Diameter of between 13 and 16 billion Light years, the difference in the Range is because not all Light travels at the same Speed, confusing I know, the Speed of Light is a Constant, but the way it travels through Space is not, Blue always takes a lower or longer time to travel compared to Red, that is a Fact, it is not the Speed that has Changed, it is the Path it takes in Space that does. We need to have a way to prove this using Science and Data collected, so this is based on images taken from NASA and other organizations that take deep space photography, it is based on the Doppler and Red shift, but not on Hubble's Law, it occurred to me that if Hubble is right about the Universe Expanding, then the Universe would be fully Expanded by now, because facts are that: at the present rate of expansion the Universe would have already expanded out of view since the time Hubble came up with his Law about the Redshift, so what I concluded was that the Redshift was the return path of Light, so if Light traveled in a complete circle, what would the diameter of that circle be, and my answer was in the Redshift of Light, and that appear to happen when Light is billions of Light years away, so studying countless photo's on Redshifted objects in space, I saw a pattern where objects at distances between 13 and 16 billion Light years or greater, would be traveling at twice the speed of Light, which is not possible, unless it was the same Light that is looped back onto itself, meaning that all Light travels in a circle instead of a straight line, this circle has a radius from a diameter between 13 and 16 billion Light years, so we are not seeing the Universe expand, we are seeing the Light from that Galaxy making a complete circle, so it is only a reflection of the Galaxy and not the Galaxy itself, in fact that Galaxy may not even be there, so we are only seeing a Ghost, proving that Light travels in Circles and not in Straight lines. This concept is hard to visualize, but imagine that if you are so far away from a Galaxy that you could see the whole path the Galaxy traces out in Space as it moves through the Universe, you would see that all its Light travels in Circles instead of Straight lines, it is like having an open aperture on a photographic lens, keep it open long enough and you will see that all Light travels in a circle, so you are not actually seeing the object in the photo, only the light it emitted the entire time the aperture was open, figuring it took billions of Light years to get here, this aperture has been open a very long time, more time than our minds can comprehend, yet the Galaxy appears to be static as if it is not even moving, otherwise keeping the aperture open that long would cause light streaks or blurs, yet our measurements we calculate it as moving are twice the speed of Light, so it is clear this is an Optical illusion, Redshifted Light must be a reflection of this Light, and not the Galaxy itself, that is true enough, since that Galaxy would have moved a long way in the billions of years its light took to get to us, so this Redshifted Light must be the return path of the Light, meaning that the Galaxy that created the Light has moved on, while its Light keeps traveling through space, but if Light traveled in Circles, then its original vertex at the 0 dimension would still be the origin of the Galaxy at the moment that Light was created, so as the Galaxy moves through the Universe, its Light does not move, only the Galaxy does, which explains why we see the Galaxy as if it is not moving, instead of seeing it moving at the speed of Light, let alone twice the speed of Light, so what we are looking at is Light that has made a complete circle, and the Redshift is because that Light is the original Light that has made a completed the circle, it has redimensioned the energy in that Light, so all we see is the Ghost, this occurs when the Light completes 1 complete loop and terminates the Light with a final State change of 0, causing it to shift its color spectrum, so if that arc is a circle with a radius between 13 and 16 billion Light years, then that is the reason the Light seems to travel in a straight line, but in fact is a very large circle, and once it completes this circle, the Light will shift into the Red spectrum, and if you look at it with a Lens, you can see the Blue Aura around it, thus becoming a reflection of the original Light, and not the Light itself, because the object that created that Light is long gone by now, it may not even exist, the whole Galaxy could have gone Super Nova years ago, but its Light will keep going in circles till the Super Nova catches up to it, and because the Galaxy itself is bound to this corridor of space, meaning that core of the Galaxy itself is what creates this corridor of Space, so the Galaxy is bond to this circle of Light, even though it is much smaller than the radius of this circle, so all the Galaxies that are within the distance of this circle are included in this corridor of space, also known as Clusters, so in fact, we are viewing the Galaxy as it was in the Past, so this is Time Travel. Our own Light has this same limitation, so all our Light has this same Arc, only we are too close to see it, so it stands to reason that we can only see object in space up to this Limit and not beyond it, so object less than 13 billion Light years away are within our Blue vision, therefore should not be Redshifted, so objects outside that distance of 16 billion Light years are Redshifted, and the Blue Light wraps around to the inside of the Light Source, and are only reflections of objects that fell outside our vision 3 billion of years ago, for all we know: it could just be our own Galaxy or Galaxies in our System as they existed billions of years ago, so what we are looking at is just a complete loop of Light that we have physically moved away from billions of years ago, and if Light is static in the Universe, this is not only a possibility, but proof that this is a fact, because if all Light is within a 13 to 16 Billion Light year loop, then our view of the Universe is Limited to this very distance, or the radius of that distance, but without knowing exactly what that arc angle is, this is just a guess, but with more research and better technology I could answer this question, but for now I will just point out that this is reality as I see it, and photographs of the Universe can confirm this observation, once we determine what Galaxies are in our Cluster, we can map out these Corridors of space, and then determine what our physical path is through the Universe, but we must know our limits on how far away we can determine an object to be, because Light that coming from beyond our limits, which appear to be between 13 and 16 Billion Light years, we can not assume that objects outside that range even exist, because it appears that any object outside that range is just a mirror reflection of that object, meaning that if you can imagine that we send a probe 16 Billion Light years away, and we had a LASER pointing to a Mirror on it send that same LASER beam back to us, we would note that LASER beam is unbroken, but after let us say 17 billion Light years, which is well outside our corridor of space, this LASER beam would redshift, because that beam would loop back on itself, and instead of it being in front of us, it is now behind us, and even if that probe had a LASER and had a beam pointing at us, it two would loop back on itself at that distance, it follows the Laws of Physics and Electromagnetic Force, so what does that tell us about that space where the probe is now, can we still see that space? Yes, but it is Red shifted because we can see the full circular path of that probe, so it is not the Light from the probe that we are seeing anymore, it is just the reflection of where it was, but if Hubble is right, we can figure out how far that is using what is known as Hubble's Law on Red Shift, otherwise it will take 17 Billion years to wait for this probe to give us the true answer, so I would send this probe out tomorrow, because we have a long wait, so instead we guess at everything and pretend that it is a fact, when a fact is just a guess that correlates to the observations, and may not even be close to being the truth about how the Universe actually works, but as long as Observations can account for what you are seeing, then that Science is based on best guesses, and nothing more, because no one knows what the truth really is, and I do not believe God is an Entity that can tell us that directly, but I do believe God talks to us, only not the way most people would think is useful, for example I have had many dreams over the years about this very subject, and most of it is from these dreams, but the notes that I had read also talked about dreams, and it is why my Grandmother told me she would not give me the Secrets to the Universe unless I had these Dreams, and my Father and Uncles never had these Dreams, so I inherited these Secrets, and they explained the Dreams, and with the Dreams the Secrets do not make a lot of sense to some people, so most of what Newton, Franklin and Tesla talked about were also just their Dreams, so it is possible that this Science about Dreaming about Science, is all just a Dream, and none of this is true, because I have to admit I have considered that possibility in more than a few dreams, but then reality kicks in and I look at what I am saying, and it does explain what I am seeing in reality, so the dreams appear to be valid, but they are dreams nonetheless, so I must be very careful, as have the other Wizards, because I can only talk about dreams that I can prove scientifically, and not some wild dreams like Albert Einstein wrote about, so do the experiments, and prove it to yourself, and when you dream ask God who is keeping your Heart Beating? God Talks to everyone, few listen, so listen to your Heart, its God talking to you...

This Experiment should be Repeatable and Verifiable by anyone with the Correct Equipment to Validate this Experiment. It is a very simple experiment, as the process is very simple, it is no more complicated or harder to understand than this, so there is no reason to make it anymore complicated than it is.

The reason I refer to the State change of (+1) as Ligh or Matter is because Light is made up of Photons which is an Electromagnet Force that travel on Trinary Energy, and Electricity travels around Atom's as Electrons that orbit around that Atom's which is Matter, but Matter relates to the side of the Neutrino, it has two sides, so it is the State that can be Measured as an Electrical Charge that is Positive, whereas the State change of (-1) referred to as Dark or Antimatter is because if it is a Photon it can change its direction or polarity of its Magnetic Field, but doing so makes it Darker, because the field is directed inward, instead of outward, and if its Electricity it changes its direction by means of what I call Antimatter, because it has the Opposite Charge of the Matter, so it can change its direction physically by altering its Charge, otherwise it can toggle between states without changing direction, because only a 0 state change can change direction, so the Terms are used to distinguish between the two types of Energy, and that is based on what side of the Neutrino is outside, so every time it goes through the 0 state, it can change what side is facing out, this is what drives a Sine Wave, the Electron comes out of the 0 State into the (+1) State, so its Matter Side is facing Out, and it climbs up toward the North in the Right-Hand Law, and then it goes back into the 0 State, and returns in the (-1) state, with its Antimatter facing out, and it causes it to pull in, which means a Circle, causing the Electron to go up and down, round and round, but it needs to be clear that in order for a Photon or Electron to move in any direction, its state must change from (+1) to (-1), but with Atom's this change can also take place with no movement, and this appears to be because no change was made in the 1st dimension, it gets confusing when I am talking about Electricity which uses the Electrons that orbit Atom's to travel, and Atom's that make up objects, like in a body, because it effects different types of atoms in very specific ways, and therefore can not be generalized, but follows a very predictable pattern.

The direction of travel is based on the point of origin from its 0 state, it can start off as (+1) or (-1) depending on the direction it needs to travel in, and reversing this state change during the 0 state, will cause a change in the direction of travel, but it will not cause a change in direction after the initial change, for example, it starts off at a state change of 0, if it starts off with a (+1) state change to go in forward direction, using the Right-Hand Law, it would need a (-1) state change to go the opposite direction, but after that initial change, the next state change from (+1) to (-1) will only change the brightness of the photon or atom and not its direction, I repeated this so it is very clear, its going around in a Circle in 3D, in the shape of a Helix, in 2D it looks like a Sine Wave, moving up and down, but in 3D it is a Helix, it moves up and down as it goes around and around in a Circle, like a corkscrew, it is twisting as it travels, and at the center of its Gravitational Bounds of 13 to 16 Billion year loop, it is also orbiting around a path that is too large to see, this is called a Pattern, as the States change this pattern is drawn out, it shifts to (+1) it goes up as it spirals around an Arc that the Electron makes around the 0 Dimension, picture this as a round object like a Straw, you can imagine that if you hooked both ends of the Straw together, it will form a Circle, the Electron will orientate itself to the curvature of the Straw, as if it is orbiting it, if you draw the path with a marker around the straw, start when the 0 state, its inside the Straw and you can not see it, then when it shifts to the (+1) state, it will be on the inside of the diameter of the straw, and climbing up to the top in a corkscrew motion moving forward around the straw as it moves, it will move over the top of the straw till it starts its decent on the outside of the Straw, at the middle it will need to change directions so it shifts to the (-1) state, now its less bright, and it will continue the path till it gets to the middle of the inside of the straw again, then it starts all over, so it shifted to the 0 Dimension twice in one revolution, staying in a (+1) or (-1) state the whole time you observed it, this is how Electricity and Photons appear to move.

I must point out that the path the Photon takes is based on the source of the Light, different types of Lights have different paths, for example a normal house light bulb puts out light in all directions, but each photon of Light has its own path.

Once you look at the Universe as a Vertice Matrix Grid, you will start to understand how Light and Energy are Transmitted on any Medium, so if you can imagine drawing a 3 dimensional grid, with an x, y and z, which you can locate a Single Atom, now every Atom in the Known Universe, which consist of about 118 Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, and we need to locate 1 Atom in 3 Dimensional Space, so our grid has lines 1 Atom wide, now we go down to the Subatomic level and look at Neutrinos, which are subatomic particles that have no electrical charge, yet they are physically made of Matter and Antimatter, also there are many types of elements that Neutrino Detectors have Detected, one of them I call Tritanium, it has no Protons, Neutrons or Electrons, making them very difficult to detect, the better detectors are miles underground, and these elements pass through it like it was not even there, so we are talking about smaller than Quarks [1], which are inside a Proton or Neutrons, and held together by Gluons, and at the center of the Gluons, is Trinary Energy in a Null State, as proof of this, if you try to break the Gluons, it will cause Color confinement, because the bound is so strong it will destroy the atom and release a Neutrino. Once we get to this level of the grid, we go down to the next level, which is the Trinary Energy, and it is so small its missing Dimensions, as if you could take a 3rd Dimension Atom and keep cutting it in half, until one of its dimensions was gone, and then keep cutting it in half till you are down to 1 dimension, then keep cutting it in half till it has no dimensions, which is how Sir Isaac Newton tried to do chemically with no success, but Tesla was able to do this with Electricity and Light, proving that Franklin was right about it all the time, Lightning is Electricity and Electricity is Lightning, so this is now Science, now we are at the Vertice Matrix Grid level, the Vertex is the intersection of the grid location at this level.

The Matrix is a list of all points on a line running in a given angle and direction, such that all coordinates are taken into account, all State changes can be recorded to see what State they are in, because only then do you understand that these State changes are not just real, but they are really controlling the Atom from the inside, so each cell in the Matrix is just a state change recorded in a visual observation, so it is a one-to-one correlation, and it is the only way to collect data and record it in a way that can be validated, and this can be done on any normal grid paper, or Graph paper, in fact Newton did this on normal none lined paper, using just a series of numbers, but he used an encoded method, because he realized that for every Atom there would be many Trinary Energy Molecules, or dots or pixels, for each atom, so he labeled the 10 closes to the middle of mass of each Atom, which during his time Atom's were not even found because of the quality and power of microscopes of his time, but he knew they were very small, because we can not see them, and they must flow through our body, and even glass, so nothing was really solid, so he had to encode them as numbers from 0 to 9, 0 is when all states are 0, (+1) is when only one state is not 0, so by the time you get to ⅓ of the scale, it switches from 0 to (+1), and then (-1) in the last half of the scale, so that Darkness is at 0, and the Light is 9, kind of like HEX codes for HTML, where Black = 0 and White = FFFFFF, these are just Color Codes, it took me years before I figured out what all these number sequences were all about, it was not till I tried to record them did I even think about the fact that incremental changes would require many more than just 10 Trinary Molecules, but then I remember that during his time he had no idea how big an atom was, and the resolution of microscopes is still not advanced enough to do a detail analysis of Trinary Energy to this day, but Colors are something everyone understands, its just in the Shades of Grey do we see the Light.

Note that due to current technology, it is very difficult to accurately determine a state change because of how fast the change takes place, the need for higher resolution and more magnification and higher speed recording capabilities, will increase the accuracy of detecting and logging Trinary State changes. To this day I have never had the equipment to monitor and record state changes, so I use the same method as others that have tried to imagine what state changes would need to take place in order for the Atomic Structure of an Object to follow all the changes it makes, this process of using Imagination my not sound scientific, but is actually based on logic, and is no more than mathematical models based on (+1) + (-1) = 0, while the observations are based on Light viewed under a microscope and by eye, the state changes can be seen, but due to the frequencies that state changes take place, which is measured in Trinary Time or attoseconds, is beyond the technology of this day and age, such that only future generations will have capabilities to record these stated changes after the equipment is built to specs specifically for this task, so in short, our best equipment of this day and age is not advanced enough to do the job required, but it does not need to in order to prove its taking place, observations based on the eye is all it takes, equipment is just verifying it is not our Imagination.

Imagination is a great tool, but only instruments can be used to document scientific research, because imagination allows for the possibilities that everything is possible, because I can see the State changes with my naked eyes, but the timing and rate of change is so fast, that I can not begin to perceive how to document the changes, other than to build hardware and software that can be used together to record and analyze Light in real time, in order to accurately record all the state changes and perceived movement of the Light, till such time, Imagination is the only tool I know of, but by saying Imagination, I am talking about computer models that generate Animation based on principles of Light and Trinary Energy. This technique has been used for years, in fact, it has been used so well that no one has actually seen Electrons orbiting around an Atom, they have all been Computer Animations based on Imagination, because there is no way of knowing where an Electron is in relationship to the Atom it is orbiting, and you would require equipment much more advanced than that to record Trinary Energy State changes, since the size of the Energy is so small, that it would take billions of them just to cover 1 hydrogen atom, and the timing is so fast that an attosecond would be too slow to record that at, since 3 hydrogen atoms would pass by a frame in 1 attosecond, and we do not even have equipment that is that fast, so it will have to be measured in Trinary Time. It is clear that this document is ahead of its time, so mush so that I can not prove this simple concept using current technology, but it is also clear that to this date, we have not been able to prove that electrons orbit an Atom, but scientist do not seem to have a problem with that, nor using computer animation to prove scientific theories, so I make this disclaimer here, I only use Computer Models and Imagination.

If you look at Energy as Electricity, and look back into History, you will find that for a long time people viewed it as flowing from Positive to Negative, but nowadays we view it running from Negative to Positive, Electrons are Negative, Protons are Positive and Neutrons are Neutral, but the truth is that the Medium is what determines the direction of flow of the Energy based on the charge of the Energy, and Ions play a role in changing the charge, but I should point out that the fallacy they used in assuming it flowed from Positive to Negative is the same one they use for Light, because it always flows from Ground also, only it is a Floating Ground caused by Null Space.

To understand how Trinary Energy controls Energy, we will look at an Atom, there are many types of Atom's in the Periodic Table of Elements, but all of them have common characteristics. An Atom has a Nucleus, which at the Subatomic level it contains Protons and Neutrons, and it has Electrons that orbit around it, and how the Electrons orbit around it has never been adequately explained in Science, so that is about to change, Trinary Energy can be observed as being the force driving the Electrons, all Atom's have Null Space at it is Core, it can be found at the center of Gluons (so those that like Quantum Mechanics will like Trinary Science), this allows it to be autonomous (independent), and prevents Atom's form colliding with each other, it also helps keep the Electrons orbiting it, as the Trinary Energy switches from (+1) to (-1), it will cause the Electron to spin, as it spins it forces it to orbit around the Null Space using the same math that Newton used to explain how planets orbit the Sun, because a Trinary Engine is just a very large Atom, so the principle is the same and so is the math, as well as the Laws of Physics that it obeys, the arrangement of Protons and Neutrons define the sphere of the atom, as these two elements are bound together by this Null Space, and trying to break this bound releases the energy in the Null Space binding them as proof of this fact, but the number of Electrons and Protons will be the same in a balanced stable atom, as well as their charge, but as they orbit the Atom, they will also orbit the Neutrons, which have a neutral charge, and will cause the orbit of the Electron to be erratic, so it will orbit in a high or low orbit, and change direction, and may need to switch to a Null State in order to correct its position, this makes it very difficult to predict where the Electron is at in its orbital path, but by mapping out a Vertice Matrix grid, we can use the Trinary Energy to determine the orbit of an Electron with great accuracy, all we need is the technology to do this, which means microscopic high speed recording devices.

Magnetism has never been adequately explained in Science, it is perhaps the most misunderstood concept in Science that I have ever read about, and it is only when you view it from the viewpoint of Trinary Energy does it even start to make sense, I do not say this to make current understanding of it sound wrong, so this concept will sound right, I say it out of frustration: over having to compete with an explanation that has been base on a fundamentally flawed concept about energy, and the only way to get around this, is to point it out and explain that you will have to forget about what you think you know about Science, because Science has to be based on Facts and not Theories that can not be proven by observable facts, and the theory that Electrons are attracted by Protons or visa versa does not answer the question about how they are attracted, as if some Magic has to take place here in order for this Attraction to take place, but Magnetism can not be the answer, because this does not change if an Atom is in a very strong Magnetic Field, if it did the field would collapse as the Magnetic Field fluctuated as proof of this, so logic states that it is the Electrons that are Creating the Magnetic Field, and not the Attraction, it is just the by product, as proof, just crank up the Electrons in an Electromagnet and see if the Field strength increases, if it does, then I am correct, so this is just a Fact.

I will try to prove how Magnetism works based on Observations and Logic, with sound reasoning, and will try to fully explain it in a way that is Scientific, but in terms that most people can understand. The first misconception is that Centrifugal Force has anything to do with why Electrons orbit an Atom, or the Moon orbit is the Earth or the Earth orbit is the Sun and the Sun orbit is the Galaxy, and this Galaxy orbit is this Cluster, and so on, because Trinary Engines are just large Atom's, so the same principle and Math still apply to it, as it does an Atom, so this fallacy is also due to the fact that some people believe that Centrifugal Force causes Gravity, when all experiments prove that Centrifugal Force would throw everything off the Planet, and not hold it to it, and these same experiments prove that Centrifugal Force must have a mechanism to continuously supply this driving force, and as proof of this, Atom's would behave differently if under a very heavy Centrifugal Force of let us say 1 G, so power would fail in a Jet fighter making a 9 G turn, although the Pilot may pass out, the electrical system does not fail, so this theory makes no sense to me, and it is because Centrifugal Force is a by Product just like Magnetic Force, so only through the concept of Trinary Energy can Magnetism be explained, yet some will argue that it might take 1,000 G's or more to even make an effect, which would actually prove my point, because the Earths normal Gravity is only 1 G, which may not sound like much, but how can an Atom generate that much Gravity, and the answer is that it can not, so Gravity has nothing to do with Centrifugal Force, and that is a fact based on logic, our planets behave like Atom's, and once you notice this pattern, you can not deny it, our Sun navigates through the Galaxy, it travels in a Helix around a point in space in the middle of the Galactic plane, passing from one side of it to the other, one side is positive the other is negative, so its just like a Sine Wave, our Solar System travels through space while all the planets in it are orbiting it, and some have Moons orbiting them, if you were looking at this under a microscope instead of a telescope, you would think it was just some atomic structure, because that is what it is, that is the Pattern I see, because if this was Centrifugal Force, then what is making us travel in a Helix? Its not Centrifugal Force, and how much Centrifugal Force can an Electron make around a Magnet? It is the by Product and not the Reason why, the Atom creates the Magnetic Field as it does the Centrifugal Force, and the Driving Force, if that were true the Solar System closer to the center of the Galaxy would travel around the Galaxy faster than the outer systems, instead of at the same rate, so it is not even possible that Centrifugal Force even takes into account the Reality of the Universe, it is not what causes the Planets to orbit the way they do, because Einstein did not know this information back in his time, and Newton did not need to, because he saw it the same way, because that is how he wrote his math.

Magnetism is not Magic, it is based on Scientific Principles that I will try to fully explain, but it has two parts, one is why is there Magnetism, what purpose does it serve, the second is how does it work, what Mechanism, and what Medium is it being Transmitted on. Magnetism has so many uses in Modern Society that it is known to be one of the most useful of all phenomena in Nature, yet the Earth itself requires it to create an Electromagnetic Force Field around the Planet to keep in the Atmosphere and keep out the Deadly Radiation and Micrometeorites from Outer Space, so this implies intelligence, and that is a Scientific Analysis, think about it this way: we can use Magnetism to create devices, this is Intelligent, and if the Earth did not use Magnetism to shield the Planet, we could not be having this conversation, because our bodies can not exist very long without this magnetic force field, so I assert that this shows Earth has Intelligence, and statically I could prove it requires Intelligence for this design to even be possible, yet there are many Scientists that would argue this point saying that debate would require the belief in God, but the Bible said God is All Light without Darkness, so I will agree with them on that point, but it is not about Religion, it is about Science, explaining how God does this is called Science, so if they can agree that without Magnetism any Life form will die and would never have existed in the first place, so this whole planet was designed for the purpose of creating this Electromagnetic Force Field, also known as our Magnetosphere, so every detail that went into the construction of every aspect of our Universe, was designed around this simple idea, the core of the Planet is a Trinary Engine or very Large Atom, therefor the Laws the Atom's have must apply to this Planet as well, so if the Sun is also a very large Atom, then it also must behave like one, and considering that all the Mainstream Science of this day, state that the Sun is Compressed Gas, and a controlled Nuclear Fusion is taking place, and that is over simplifying it, but for one thing, the Compressed Gas defies the Laws of Physics, so it is a lie, since it requires that a Black Hole or singularity to be in the center of the Sun, which would make it have so much Gravity that it compresses the Empty space in all the Atom's of Matter, and we all know what happens when we try that, we call it an Atomic Bomb, so the Science I am competing against is based on Centrifugal Force and Atomic Bombs, sounds like things that little Children Make up to explain the bogyman at night, and people want me to be serious when I talk about Mainstream Science, it is a Joke, get over it, move on, if you use the Model that the Galaxy, Sun, Planets and Moons, all have a Trinary Engine, which is just a very large Atom, and then you apply everything you know about Atom's to the Universe, then it makes sense, in fact it explains the whole Universe, so I am done with this debate, that is my proof, so now you know my feelings about what I call the Trinary Universe, for one thing the Newtonian Universe is much older than the Dynamic Universe, but Newton did not define the Universe in the detail that I have done, so it was necessary to rename concepts with the Trinary Logic, because it changed the model of the Universe, from Macro to Micro and back again, it uses a simple principle that explains the entire Universe, from the Subatomic level through the entire Universe, and can prove it with empirical evidence, because the explanation take into account Reality, if the Sun was an Atomic Bomb, we would see more Suns going Super Nova, and trust me, these things blow up and there will not be a dwarf star remaining, so I will explain that also, but it all has to deal with Electromagnetic Energy, because it is the True Magic of the Universe.

It has been proven that Astronauts can not live long in Outer Space, because of the weaker Electromagnetic field then that found on the Surface of the Planet, and have concluded that Space Travel would be impossible without an Earth Normal Electromagnetic field, as well as Gravity, so it is clear that Life requires Magnetism just as much as the Planet, and since over 90% of all DNA on this Planet is the same, I would say that we are all related to it, in fact I assert that the Planets DNA is in our DNA, so we evolved from being the planet to being life on the planet, but I will leave that for another chapter, so now let us discus how it works.

The Experiment: The LASER is fired, at this point Electricity is transformed to a higher frequency to produces a coherent Light source producing one Photon, if we view this under a Microscope, we can observe that the Trinary Energy switches to a 0 State and it is in the 0 Dimension, so its Logic is the same as its dimension, this is called redimension or redemption, now the Trinary Energy disappears or becomes invisible like a Ghost or Spirit, the only logical explanation would be that it has No Dimensions, so it does not exist in Space, so it can not move because it has no dimensions to move in, so it is Static, so the same principle applies to a Magnet, the Energy flowing through a Magnet forces electrons to transform to a higher frequency producing an electromagnet pulse (lower frequency then Photon) to be transmitted out of the north or negative end of a magnet, the highly energized electron will flow to the south or positive end of the magnet, this is called magnetic line of flux, and it forms a loop, so the principles are the same as Light, an electron is excited to a high frequency, the Trinary Energy will switch to the 0 State, then to the (+1) State, it will then toggle between (+1) and (-1) until it loops back, this explains how the Sun Orbit is the Galaxy, as well as the Planet orbit the Sun, and Moons Orbit Planets, so it explains how the Universe works.

After I figured out how this simple magnetic force worked, I applied it to Light, and figured out that it too must travel in a loop, I was 16 years old when I came to this reasoning, I had been working on a problem with my hole in space concept since I was 13, and I was not happy with the explanation, so it took me 3 years to do all the calculations, so I could prove to myself that this was even possible, because the thought that Light did not travel in straight line was something that I have never heard anyone state before, and people I told this to thought I was Crazy for believing in such a thing, and for years I just researched everything I could to figure out how to explain this, and it was not till I seriously looked at Hubble's expanding Universe idea, that I realized he proved I was right with his observations on Red Shifting, so I applied this model to all the Planets, Moons, and then the Sun and Galaxy, and I found a pattern, it explains the movement of all of them, but only if a Dark Star existed, so I started looking for one and found two, so I knew this must be how the Universe works, because Magnets are easy to understand, and so is the Universe once you apply this simple model to it.

As we previously discussed how Atom's work, so most of this work is done, because all humans are capable of Logic and Reason, and for Imagination to be Scientific, it must also be proof, so each step of a process must start off with proof, so currently in Science, there is a Phenomenon called God's Particle, which has a White Noise or aura around it, although all atoms have this aura, it was easier to detect around this particle then others, it was due to the nature of the substructure of the particle, and made it easier for the equipment of our day to detect it, but most scientist dubbed it God's Particle as a joke as I said earlier, because of the direction the research was going, so most of those scientists want to call it something else so they called it the Higgs Boson, which has nothing to do with this work, so I do not want to get people confused by using that Term, so I renamed it Trinary Energy, as I have already explained, but it is this misconception that God's Particle was any different from other particles, and they tried to prove it was by using atomic accelerators and smashing the particles to see what was in them, believing they would find new Elements in Nature to expand the Known Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, but now they just have Theoretical Elements, because this particular particle had an unknown substructure, because it refused to give any details about its makeup, but the reason for this was never documented, and it was due to the magnetic field generated by the Atomic Accelerator, which was proof enough for me to use that fact in this document, because it was never documented by them, because they had no idea why this was, so all that flash of Light that the particles made when they were smashed together, just left them in the dark about magnetic forces effects on some particles, and it is why I said their research has nothing to do with mine, because mine explains why electromagnetic forces govern ever atom in the Universe, and I did not need an Atomic Accelerator to figure that out, because the Particle itself was not the key, it was the White Noise around it, and for years that is what I thought these Scientist were talking about, after I figured out that they were actually talking about an Atomic Particle, I understood that it was a Joke.

Magnetic energy flows in patterns that can only be interpreted as intelligence, if you take the time to plot out the path of just one stream of a Line of Flux in a Magnetic Field using a Vertice Matrix Grid, you will see all the State changes that drive the strange magnetic lines in patterns flowing from the North Pole to the South Pole on the outside of the Magnet, inside it always flows from North to South, or Negative to Positive, and a state change occurs every time it cycles through the 0 dimension or Ground, so it becomes clear from the data collected: that the reason is that Electrons flow through a Magnet in a very predictable way is due to these State changes.

In an Electromagnet device the current flow through a wire coil around the Magnet can create a North Pole or a South Pole depending on the polarity of the current that runs through it, so the Lines of flux are dependent on the direction of current flow, and in a Natural Magnet, this is determined by the structure of the Medium at the molecular level, and can also be programmed, which implies Intelligence, so it is possible to change the poles of a magnetic, by reversing its current flow in an Electromagnet, the Earth has changed the direction of it is poles many times in history, and will change again around 2060, the Sun reverses poles every 10 to 11 years. I calculated the Sun goes through the Galactic Disk or Plane every 60 million year, this calculation is based on a Helix model, and will switch sides of the disk every 30 million years, which currently Mainstream Science places it closer to 72 million years, but the speed is not constant, because it is traveling in a Helix, as it gets farther away from the Galactic Plane it will slow down to the point it will turn around and head back to it, Illustration 3.08: Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix, the earth has to adjust its poles depending on where it is in the cycle, which would mean it needs to change about every Million years, when going through the Galactic Plane the Poles will align horizontally with the plane, this provides the maximum Magnetic field so the Earth can survive the journey, as two poles are in constant contact with the effect of the Ground state it is forced into during the journey through the Plane till it changes to a Negative or Positive state, this also puts most life on the planet into Hibernation, the surface of the Planet will freeze solid pole to pole.

During a pole shift the Planets Core will have to physically switch, so the Trinary Engine which I will discus later, is my hypothesis on how this is possible, but it is clear that the only way a Magnetic Field can exist is through the use of Intelligence, so if God is in charge of the Universe, then God must be in charge of ever magnet in Nature, because God created the Trinary Engine which is the Core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet, Moon, and other objects in Outer Space, and it is all based on Trinary Energy, so it is all based on the work of the Greatest Scientist of all times because they all thought that God was in charge of it all, well at least the Wizards did, Mainstream Scientist do not believe in God, nor do they believe in the Newtonian Universe if they believe in the Dynamic Universe, which Einstein said only Fools would believe in, a fact in His-Story that no one that Believe in the Dynamic Universe wants to admit, so they document is as Einstein finding Religion, when that was a Lie, Einstein was not Religious at all, what he was an Ashkenazi with a High IQ, and also in the Autistic Spectrum known as Aspie, so he was just a Crazy Old Wizard like Tesla, Franklin, Newton and the others.

How a magnetic works is very simple, as a child I was given a Magnet by my Uncle for my 5th Birthday in 1966, and he told me to figure out how it works, and did not ask for the answer until I was 13, at which time I told him that it was under intelligent control at the subatomic level, and he said that is correct, it is just as simple as that, but if I left it as that, you would know I am just a Magician trying to hide my bag of tricks, and you might not understand the mechanics behind it, but Wizards like to teach Science, because like I said, it has two parts to this question, why does it do it, and how does it do it, and the answer is easy for why, it is because the Universe requires it, the Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons, all require a magnetic field to operate in, for reasons that are very clear like I said, and keeping in the Atmosphere and keeping out deadly radiation, and micrometeorites is only 3 of many uses, it powers all the life on this Planet, purifies its water, creates oil to allow the crust to rotate around its core, it moves lava and land masses, its an endless discussion: so I will have to leave it as one, so now let us talk about how.

The understanding of Energy is the first thing to learn, Benjamin Franklin said that Lighting flows from Positive to Negative, some people believe he was wrong, and that Lighting flows from Negative to Positive, but at the time, the idea of Atom's and Electrons was unknown to modern Science, but Franklin believed like Sir Isaac Newton, that all energy is governed by the Light or God as he called it, yet the knowledge of the Light or God, and it is state changes: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, have been known since the Bible was written, so it is clear that they must have known about Atom's and Electrons, and knew that Electricity and Electrons are based on an interaction of Atom's depending on their Atomic Number, which represents how many Protons an Atom contains, for example a Hydrogen Atom contains 1 Proton, so it is atomic number is 1, but in Franklin's days, this information was lost through the ages, so this was new to scientist of his days, and the direction it flowed was just a guess, and more of a definition then a fact, although Franklin's idea of how Lightning flowed was that the positive field raised from the Earth and extended into the heavens above, so he saw the core of the Planet as Negative, and all Energy flowed from it, so it flowed from Negative to Positive, and that is true depending on how you define the direction of the Electrons, so it was not Franklin that made a mistake, it was those that decided what was a positive charge and what was a negative charge, because they assumed that Lightning flowed from the Heavens down to Earth, so they reversed the roles of the charges to fit their assumptions about them, and now they blame Franklin for the mistake, when he got it right in the first place, so this is a huge problem, all our Electronic Schematics are drawn backwards, and no one wants to fix this mistake, they figure its better just to keep it status quo, and that is just stupid, I do not care who yew are, mistakes should always be corrected.

The Nucleolus of all known Atom's are listed in the Periodic Table of Elements along with their Atomic Number, currently there are 118 elements listed there, but they want to add Theoretical Elements to it at some point, and I do not have a problem with that, just for the Record, and it is because there are way more than we have currently listed, 137 to be exact. Atom's are comprised of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, the Protons and Neutrons make up the Nucleolus, and the Electrons orbit it. If the number of Protons and Neutrons are not even, the Atom is designated an Ion, the number of receptor sites for Electrons are based on how many Protons and Neutrons an Atom has and will govern how Electrons flow around it, which is a Design that proves it has Intelligence built into it, which proves that at the Atomic Level, there is proof of Intelligence, but this is old news: All knowing, all Seeing, Omnipotent, proving that God created all the Atom's in the Universe so that God could control them, but God is Science and not Religion, its Atom and Eve or Atom and Event.

Science is based on Facts and not Fiction, and what I see at the Subatomic level proves there is Intelligence that is controlling every Atom in the Universe and that is a Fact, everything else is just Fiction, because Mainstream Science is based on the Big Bang, which means every Atom in the Universe came out of a Black Hole, meaning the Empty space around Atom's can be compressed to the point: where every Atom in the Universe would fit on the end of a Pin, and no one questions that Logic, just listen to how stupid that sounds, we can not compress a drop of water small enough to fit on the end of Pin, but Scientist want you to believe that the whole Universe can be compressed that small, because they figure they can go back in time and Kill their Parents, so they would never be born, just so they could deny they ever thought this Crazy, and this is the crowd of People that I have to explain real Science to... So where do I start? I told myself I would leave out sarcasm in this document, but then again I promised myself I would not call yew Stupid, because it has no place in a dissertation, but after a lifetime of trying to explain this concept to people, it just got harder to do without it, especially since I do not know how or when to use sarcasm, I am very bad at, I now know that its an Aspie thing, but I also know its just me and who I am, many times I have tried to delete all sarcasm and Stupid remarks, and found that when I try to read this like a Neurotypical, or have a Neurotypical read it, the first thing they do is start comparing it to the Mainstream Science, so at this point I have to deprogram peoples misconception about Science based on the Dynamic Universe, as long as its Mainstream Science this process of having to compare one Universe against the other is required, but still I figure its faster to just tell everyone that they are Stupid for thinking that the Dynamic Universe was even possible, but they believe anything is possible so there is not way to convince them otherwise, so why would I think for a moment that the fact the person who wrote it told you it was all Bull Shit, that only Fools would believe in, and if the person who wrote said that, then why its Mainstream Science is because they are all Fools, but in all fairness I need to tell them why its so Stupid, so this is how I do it, by rambling on about details about both Universes, one based on Fact, the other based on Fiction, also known as Theories, and there is nothing wrong with believing in Theories or having a Theoretical Universe, I just prefer to refer to them as Science Fiction and when they are proven, then call them Science, but not the other way around, but that is Mainstream Science, and why I think its Stupid and only Fools would believe in it, is because that is what the Person who wrote it stated as a Fact.

The Space around an Atom can never be compressed, no matter how much Gravity is present, no matter how much Force you apply to it, not even and Atomic Accelerator can compress empty space, to understand why we must look at Electromagnetic Force, because if the Big Bang was correct, there can be no Electromagnet Force in the Universe, because the presents of a Black Hole anywhere in the Universe would collapse all such fields, as it would also the Light and every Atom in the Universe, because if a Black Hole really did exist, this Universe would already be inside of it, and that Logic is sound enough for even Stupid people to understand, it does not take a Genus to understand the logic of Black Holes, they do not have an Off value, they would continue to collapse down on themselves till the Universe was gone, and it would be impossible for them to Expand, let alone at the Rate that would be required if that event did take place, let alone to continue to expanded, because at the rate it is expanding, we would not be able to see any of it at the end of the day, so the fact we still can, proves the Big Bang never took place, and if you do not believe me, just go back in time, but you will never build a machine that can do that, because of the nature of this Machine, which I call the Paradox Machine, so its Pandora's box, just a tale, and stories like those are Science Fiction, because Reality is something that Wizards always add to their illusion, because the Universe you build in your mind, which for most is the one that Schools have taught them, were mostly folklore, you have groups of people who actually believe there are Aliens from Outer Space, while the other half believe its possible and will admit that it would not surprise them to find out they are real, or more to the point really here, because I know they are real, but I do not know they are really here, nor will I pretend I do believe that, because I do not, and never have, I have always believed that our corridor of space was safe to live in, meaning we are not being invaded by Aliens from Outer Space, otherwise it would be a different Reality, and since I only like to talk about Real Science based on Facts only means its Reality, so the physics of the Trinary Universe does not allow the Empty Space in Atom's to be Compressed, so the Sun is not a Compressed ball of Gas, nor is it an Atomic Bomb, so comparing Alternate Universes to the Trinary Universe is a waist of time, so we need to talk about the Nuts and Bolts of the Trinary Universe in terms that guild you step by step like a Wizard, so this is how I define the Trinary Universe, one Atom at a time.

In the Vacuum of Space, you can take two Atom's and place them close to each other, and they will attract or repel each other depending on the charge and configuration of each atom, and if you want to connect the two atoms together, you can not use Atomic Glue, you must use their receptors to connect them like building blocks, so a grain of Sand is a bunch of Atom's that are all connected into a molecule that combine to make a compound, and if you take two grains of Sand, they will always attract each other, so Gravity is taking place, and it is clear that Electromagnet Force influences that Gravity, but does not create or alter it, so I use the term influences as in just a little, Gravity would not work outside of an Electromagnet Field, some will stay hey wait a minute, there are many objects in space that do not have an Electromagnet Field, or any Atmosphere, that is what Mainstream Science teaches them, but do not believe it till you prove it, and that means Empirical Evidence, and so far that proves that all Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons all have Magnetic Fields, so it has influence, so the two are key elements in the Process of Gravity, as the Fields collapse they cause a sweeping motion that correlates with the affects of gravity, this sweeping motion is an Electromagnetic Field that flows around the Earth, basic Earth Science 101, yet artificial Electromagnetic Fields will not create artificial Gravity, or maybe they are not using the correct properties to reproduce the Earths Gravity, because that force field wave is as wide as the Planet, and has a very long wave length and a very short frequency, covering 3 spectra of electromagnetic frequencies around 3, 6 and 9 hertz, and it is also in spectra of Light, my guess is high frequencies with short wave lengths, and covering 3 spectra of Light, maybe in the Red, Green and Blue range, which pretty much describes the Earths Magnetic Field narrowing it down to just these spectra, it is a fact that these waves have an effect on objects entering our atmosphere, the slower waves slow down objects creating friction, this happens before the objects encounter the Gas in our Atmosphere, which will produce much more friction, but for a different reason, this is clear because the effects takes place before the Air is thick enough to create a dynamic flow due to air friction, as proof of this, in a vacuum all objects will fall at the same rate, and the physics of it, the larger the planet, the stronger the magnetic fields are, Moons are very small compared to the Planets they orbit, and have a very weak magnetic field, which is why they have no atmosphere, so why is it that we can not create Artificial Gravity? We can not reproduce the Trinary Energy that created the field, nor can we create the spectrum of fields required, and sometimes size really does make a difference, the Earths Magnetic field is huge, much larger than the Earth itself, and these waves also counteract the effects of Centrifugal force, because they collapse evenly around the Earth thus canceling out the effect, proving that Gravity is not created from Centrifugal Force, in fact it is canceling it out, so we can stay on the Planet, but if the Planet stopped, Centrifugal Force would play a huge role in what would happen next, and if the Planet runs out of Oil to lubricate that Rotation, the Planet will grind to a Stop, but will go Nova way before it could stop.

To fully explain Gravity we must first define what Magnetic Force is, and that is defined by Trinary Energy, so it is time we move past the introduction and get started, but I first had to point out that all my work is based on the work of others that thought like I do, that may sound like an assumption, but the fact is that all these people I refer to spook for themselves and do not need me to explain what it is they said, because nothing I will say will change anything that they said, nor does it go against their ideas that they have described and I believe that Sir Isaac Newton did a great job of describing his work and his Math explained what his Notes did not cover, so his work needs no more explanation, but that does not mean that everyone understood his work the way I did, and the only explanation for this is that many people read into things, instead of just reading them, because when Newton said God was part of all his Equations, he really did mean what he said, the Light was causing Gravity.

You have to forget about all the Science you think you know, in order to learn new Science, which is actually the Oldest Science known, and why you must go out of your Mind to prove you were never in it to begin with, because only then will Trinary Science come into the Light as Science.

The Science that is documented here, is based on a few words or phrases out of the Bible, this makes many Scientist feel uneasy about having what they think of as Religion being brought into Science, but the Bible itself is not Religious, its just a Document that has had few changes over the years, besides Christ being inserted into some Bibles, but the viewpoint of this is based on Science, in the past this Science was called Alchemy and only Wizards and Witches practice Alchemy... Not true nowadays because the Science of Alchemy was just renamed to the Science of Chemistry, just as the word Wizard was renamed to Scientist, but I find no reason to use one word over the other, saying that I am a Wizard does not change the fact that I am really just a Scientist, and it is only the names that are confusing to some people, and it has to do with Fairy Tales, and some view the Bible as a Fairy Tale, while others only view it as Religion, but very few believe it is the Truth, and I do not have any ambition to prove that the Bible is Truth, only the Words and Phrases that I use from it, and that is that God is All Light without Darkness, and there can be No Light without the Darkness, so what is God's Name? IAM, so look in a mirror when you say that word, and then the Acronym: I And Me will start to make sense, where I is the Light, And Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and Jesus was to resurrect back into the Flesh, so Sir Isaac Newton spent most of his life researching the Bible to figure out what the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother was, and never figured that out, but knew it as the Light, so in this regard, I am finishing the work that Sir Isaac Newton started, so this is Science at its best.

I already pointed out that Nikola Tesla was the Last Wizard, even though the BBC said that Sir Isaac Newton was the Last Magician, which means the same thing as the Last Wizard, so Wizard means Scientist, so the term Magician takes on a new meaning, and I prefer the term over Scientist, because Scientist of this day and age believe in Fairy Tales called Theories, better known as the Dynamic Universe, whereas Newton and Tesla are already known as Wizards, so it is that I prefer to be known as a Wizard, and not a Scientist for that very reason: so I invented the Trinary Universe, so I could finish the work of the greatest Wizards of all time, because few would call Newton or Tesla Scientist, but they do recognize them as Wizards, and in fact that is the way History records them, and it is why IAM recording them this way as well.

The Trinary Universe is what most people experience while living in the Universe, regardless of what they are calling it, because most people live in a place known as Reality, where we do not see any Time Travailing, and there is no curvature of Time or Space anywhere to be found, nor Black or Worm Holes, regardless of what the tabloids print as news, a theory is not a fact, and I only want to talk about facts, only things I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the truth about Science, and not some delusion about the way the Universe works, and this is not based on a Deity or any thoughts about God being an Entity other than the Light, because the Term God is only a reference to the Light, and the Light is just Energy, so its just Electricity at a higher frequency, so it is a Higher Power, but talking to God using that Little Voice in your head is just Crazy, God is talking to you, and it is never the other way around and it is not a conversation unless you are talking to yourself, but that is Crazy, so I will not go there, this is about Science not Religion, it is about Reality, and that must be the same for everyone, or it is not Real.

Universal Reality, or UR as I like to refer to it, since its Your Reality as well as My Reality, making it our Reality, so it should not be based on your Religion or mine, and other factors like: Mental illness, or what Drugs you are taking at the time, Universal Reality means that its Universally Real regardless of those things that can alter our perception of Reality, so in general it is the Reality of most people if you view it under a microscope as if its forensic science, because at this level of detail, Trinary Science can not be hidden, it is there or it is not there, regardless of if you have an Autistic Brain or a Neurotypical Brain, whether you are below normal intelligence or above it, because it is based on empirical evidence and not someones interpretation of the facts, so words like God is all Light without Darkness, is not a metaphor but a scientific fact, if God is the Father, Son and Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, then this is describing the Light at the subatomic level, so these words are not metaphors at all, but literal meanings of what God is, and that is a Universal Reality, because at the Subatomic level this is a fact that has been verified, there are repeatable experiments that can be verified to prove this to future generations, which is why they chose those words to describe God as a Higher Power, because the Light is just Electricity at a Higher Frequency and Power, and we know for a fact that all Life forms have this Energy or Life Force in them, in fact, Tesla said we are all Light Beings, and not the Flesh Being that host our Soul, and Newton said that this same Light is in all of us, and it is the key to resurrection, because this Energy never dies, it can not be created nor destroyed, so its only recycled between all the life forms alive, and that is a fact based on this Science, so God is not describing an Entity other than Light, in fact its describing the Energy that makes up all Entities, or Light Beings, because it is our Life Force, it is our Light Force, and the Trinary Engines are just massive or Macro Atom's, so you need a telescope to look at them and not a microscope, but they behave exactly like Atom's under a microscope, and when you start to view them like Atom's, then the Galaxy is just very large Atom that has other Atom's orbiting it, so our Sun is an Atom, and the Earth is just an Atom that Orbits it, as the Moon orbits around the Earth, so this science is based on observable evidence, so if you think of God as a Light Entity, then God is the Universe, but our Galaxy is just an Atom of God, and we are just a form of Life that is living on the Electrons orbiting that Atom, so we are the Life Force of God, because at the subatomic Level we are the same Light, so once you understand this, you will start to understand what all these Wizards have been telling you all along, we are the same Energy that God is made of, so if God is the Light, we know it is the same Light everywhere in the Universe, so the debate over if God really Exist is over, because I just proved that the Bible was Right about God all along, it was the Belief in Christ that changed that, and why Newton was so upset about Christ being inserted into the Bible, because it was a Lie, there was no Christ, there is only one Jesus in the Bible, and not two, nor are there two Gods, Satan was just the Darkness as God was just the Light, God was real, and God was really the Light, but the Dynamic Universe does not have God in it, it is a Godless Science, so those that believe in it, do not believe in God, and according to Albert Einstein they are Stupid Fools, that is not a Theory by the way, it is a Fact, and there is no getting around that logic, the Trinary Universe is a valid science: based on thousands of years of scientific study by the brightest minds this world has ever known, all I did was defined it in a way that everyone should be able to understand.

I repeat myself a lot, I have found I have to some time, because simple concepts take a while to soak in, like the Concept that I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it, or No it Not, in simple terms, I is the Light, because it refers to that persons Soul or 3rd eye, and we all know that is just Energy and not the Flesh, so the Light also known as God: does not care what yew think, which again the word Yew (Y E W) or Ewe (E W E) are just Spells and should not be confused with the word You (Y O U), where Yew (Y E W) is a Tree called TaxUS that only Stupid Ewe (E W E) eat, so ewe are what ewe eat, so yew are a species of animal that eat TaxUS, so the word Yew is just a Wizards Spell, so not only does God not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, which is just the Atomic Structure of God at the Atomic Level, so its every fiber of God, so this is like saying that not even the smallest part of God cares about what yew believe, so Know it, meaning you do not just believe in the truth, but you know it is the truth, or No it Not, because that is what Stupid Kids say when you tale them the Truth, and they reply No it Not... So I repeat myself because I think most people are just Sheeple, because they believe that the Lord is their Shepard, and do not see the irony of Sheep being lead by the Shepard, so by their own admittance they are Sheep, so I call them Sheeple, because there is no other way to refer to Stupid People: without making them upset at you for pointing out how Stupid they would have to be to believe in the Dynamic Universe, but if you attack a persons Beliefs they will Fight to the death defending their belief even if they know they are wrong, so I rub in the Fact that I am also an Ashkenazi, who are the smartest race on this planet, and that I have a very high IQ, higher than most adults when I was only in the 3rd grade, so maybe I should find a more adult way of making fun of Sheeple, so I throw in the fact that I am Autistic, and yew are actually the retards, because that joke never gets old, because Neurotypical children will say it takes a retard to know a retard and most Neurotypical people think that people with Autism are all retards, so who is acting like a child? This book was written from the viewpoint I had as a Child, so its why its sounds Childish at times, it is because I was a Child when I though of these things the first time, and now its just Entertaining to call yew Stupid, the fact that it is the Truth makes if Funny.

The fact is that I can not hide these facts I talk about, if someone actually did a fact finding investigation into all facts I have written about, they will find that they are the truth from my point of view, or the Wizards point of view actually, so leaving out all this strange information would not be the whole truth about this subject at all, because I have been telling this story since I was very young child, and it is all about when I was young so I was a child then and that is the way I saw the world, all the Adults were Stupid, since my IQ was higher than most of them, this was a fact, because anyone with an IQ less of Mine is Stupid, even if it is Normal to have an IQ less than 100, it all comes down to what you define as Normal, but I gave up because no one would listen to anything I had to say about this Science, and now I am much too old to care, and like I said, I do not care what yew believe, not even the smallest part of who IAM, so if you really want to believe in a Godless Science, then who am I to say otherwise, Freewill is proof that Stupid is Normal, so all I can do is make fun of yew because IAM that Child that is in Me, and I only tale the truth, and I do not sugar coat the lies, so if I say you are Stupid for believing in lies, then get over it, even if I offended yew for being Stupid when it really is just the Nature of the Beast, so all I do is tale you the truth, so I call yew Stupid, and that is all I have done, because it is the only way I know how to be, I do not try to hide my emotions, I have keep secrets all my life, and some of them I should have taken to my grave, so I told the whole truth instead of just fragments of it, because that is how lies get told, for example: Sheeple in the United States of America know that the Banks print the Money, yet they pretend that the Constitution still exist, and that is insanity, not reality, it is not an Opinion, you can not Amend a document to change the word Only, because that word is absolute, but to Wizards its just a Spell, so the Light Wizards define it as Minor Changes, and the Dark Wizards define it as Major Changes, so it all depends on if you follow the Light or the Dark Side, so these are the obstacles that I must over come, most people do not want to know the truth, which is that the Governments are lying to them about Science, or they are actually to Stupid to know the truth, because the Government knows the Constitution does not exist, it is the only way they can do the things they are and get away with it, and it is why they backed the Dynamic Universe over the Newtonian Universe, because they wanted everyone to not believe in God, and they have succeeded, we live in a Godless world because 95% of all people on this planet believe in a Deity and not God (note that The God always means Allah, which means The God, I do not use that term because IAM God, and not The God or A God), and the other half of them that say they do not believe in Deities also believe in the Dynamic Universe, which is a Godless Science, and those that claim to be Religious yet believe in a Godless Science, well those people are insane by the very definition of that word, because it is not possible to believe in God and not in God at the same time, so it is a fact and not an opinion, because it is a fact that this is the way the World is, using their own statistics, all I did was point it out, but I repeat myself a lot, and ramble on, and one subject blends into another till the whole Trinary Universe becomes as clear as the Crystal Ball Wizards look into, so joke about it all you want.

People think they know everything, they think they can tell the lies apart from the truth that might be in them, which is a nice way of saying they are not logical, and no one ever wants to admit they are stupid, so they go along with everything Einstein said, except for the fact that he only believed in Newton, they do not believe that at all, because the Powers that Be appointed him as the smartest man in history, but your own test proved that he only had an IQ of 160, when I had an IQ of 180 in 3rd grade, so I wonder why I think everyone is so stupid, maybe because compared to me they are, 20 IQ points is the difference between being Normal and being Stupid, and I know that, and it is why I am the way I am, because I do not care about what others think if they do not know how the Universe actually works, and a high IQ does not mean I know anything, in fact it proves nothing, in fact my father told me the reason he never told me about my IQ before 2000, was that he did not want my IQ score going to my head, unfortunately I had others since that time, so I did a lot of research into High Intelligence, or Genus, so I already know what history will say about me, and I do not care, I just tale it like it is, and let history sort out all the details, so people can believe what they want, the Sheeple have no will power, so they follow their Shepard, which is symbolized as a Man with a Staff standing next to a Sheep Dog, who knew all kinds of Magic, so he was a Wizard, because that image is how I see myself and there is a word for this condition and many Wizards have had it throughout History... Newton also had it, but it is too obvious to state its name, so I will leave that Spell up to you to figure out, but it is not a Messiah Syndrome, but maybe its Jesus Syndrome, because it was Jesus who said God was all Light without Darkness, and I did not tale you everything I know about the Trinary Universe, in fact, I have hardly touched the surface, this is just the introduction, and I had to tale you why I sound so argent first, and it is because I do know everything, and I am an insufferable know it all, and I am fine with that, so I use it to communicate with people who do not think the way I think, and that is the Majority of yew, so anyone with an IQ lower than 133 is Stupid, because that is a Normal IQ as far as IAM concerned, because it is a way of thinking, and any less is just enough intelligence to survive, but not enough to understand how the Universe works, because really only study people who think this way, so you will see a pattern, because Wizards like: Sir Isaac Newton acknowledged that he stood on the shoulders of Giants, so he could see further, so I stood on the shoulders of: Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Richard Strauss, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Samuel Clemens (also known as Mark Twain), Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Isaac Asimov, just to name a few, and all of them were Autistic, like myself, it is in the Autism Spectrum called High Functioning, also known as Aspies to acknowledge Doctor Hans Asperger who also had i and for which Asperger's Syndrome was named after, because he could see this pattern, we all act like this to some degree, we see how the Universe works, and we tale people about it, or we act on it through our deeds, if we are right or wrong history will tale, but we change the way others view the Universe, and I do not care if it makes me look like I think I am conceited, because all I am interested in: is the facts, and the facts are that I am intelligent enough to figure out how the Universe works, how I did it should not matter, but in my case it is the rest of His-Story, because if it was not for these other Aspies, I may have never thought about it at all, and if my parents had said it is nothing so stop looking at it, I would not be talking about this subject now, but I would be talking about something just as profound, well maybe not as profound as figuring out how the Trinary Universe works, but it was due to a series of events that changed my life, like my parents knowing about White Noise, and everything that happened in my life, like my Step-Mother dying, because that was the center of all this information for me, and that event changed my whole life in ways that I may never fully understand, but her husband named Merlin set me right on this event, and now I can talk about it, so now you know why I believe in Wizards, even if they did not know they were one, Wizards are just People who reveal the real Magic in Life.

This is where I will stop this Introduction, it is far to long of a chapter, but there was really no reason to make chapters shorter just so people can stay awake while reading it, and I know that Stupid People have short attention spans, so it is not written for Stupid People to Read, its only written for those People who do not want to be Stupid, so I wrote it in a way that should not be boring, I tried to get people to think differently, well some people anyway, no idea how many of the people in the World think the way I do about this subject, but it did occur to me that no one has written about this subject in this context, so it is a unique idea, but some have said it differently, like Newton's Math had God as the Force in it, so I did not have to write any Math to prove what I am saying, that work had already been done by him and Kepler, and Franklin and Tesla proved that we are Light beings, so really all I had to do is figure out how all this ties together, and then go beyond all that and figure how the Universe works, and to be truthful, I am happy with my explanation for the Trinary Universe, and that is all I care about, and I know it, but communication had never been my strong suit, so I had to find a way to do more than just tale His-Story, I wanted to prove it is the truth about Science.

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