The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 1.16
Empirical Evidence

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019



Chapter 1.16:
Empirical Evidence

Empirical evidence, also known as sensory experience, is the knowledge received by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation. The term comes from the Greek word for experience.

I talk about Empirical Evidence as if everyone should know what it means, but as my Cousin Isaac Newton pointed out that all Humans live in Shades of Grey, and they are incapable of Living in the Light without Darkness, nor can they Live in the Darkness without Light, because there can be no Light without the Darkness, so the inverse is true as Empirical Evidence, so Isaac said that people can be categorized as being between Light and Dark in Shades of Grey, and because Empirical Evidence is explained differently depending on what side or Color in the Shades of Grey a person is will create Paradox's in Science, because one person is Wrong and the other is Right, so we must fine a way to define Empirical Evidence without the Shades of Grey redefining what this Word or Spell means, so it is an explanation in Shades of Truth, because it is never everyone's Truth because everyone is not on the same side as the Empirical Evidence, so all anyone can do is agree to disagree on anything and if we happen to agree on anything does not mean we agree with everything, so Reality is somewhere in between these Shades of Grey, regardless of what side you are on.

The Lightside tips the scale to the Right side, and the Darkside tips the scale to the Left side, notice I did not say the Wrong side, because this is a Scale, it does not define what is Right or Wrong, just what makes something Light or Dark, and that is very well-defined by the way the two sides use Logic and Reasoning to define Empirical Evidence, so the Lightside will always explain everything in terms of Light, whereas the Darkside will always define things in terms of Theories or Emotions and will always redefine what Light is to fit their argument, because that is what the Darkside likes to do, play Games with Words and Spells, so they inserted Christ because they could not change the Fact that Jesus Bar Abbas: fought against the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxation, so the True Followers of Jesus would not use Money and instead put their Faith in God, you cannot serve to Masters, the Empirical Evidence was the Bibles written before the 3rd Century, which meant that Sir Isaac Newton had more than one of them to Compare the Writing in, yet the Empirical Evidence is also encoded in the Bible, because by Inserting Christ they created two Gods as well, the God that Bar/Abbas spoke of that would not allow him to use Money or Pay Taxes, and that of Christ, that was Murdered by the Romans for the Jews that made the Money, so they were the Bankers of that time, and the Romans Worshiped Money, so they did the Bidding of the Jews that Owned them, since they made the Money, the Romans worked for them, so regardless of the facts of the Story, and the fact that both men had so much in common, like being born on the same date, in the same City and so forth, making this coincidence look like Empirical Evidence that they were the same person, and Jesus said that God is All Light without Darkest, so unless he talked in metaphors that made no sense to anyone, he was talking about Light and Darkness, two states of all Energy, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, which makes all 3 states of Energy, so coincident is not probable, if you are born on the same day in the same city, and have the same first Name, changes are astronomically in the favor that these two are in fact the same Person. You would think that was the end of the Debate that Newton had with Halley over this subject, but Halley relied that I know what you say is the Truth, but this Truth can get you burned at the stake! That was the end of this subject, and Newton just filed those notes with all his others, but someone found them and now they are public record, and that was years before I was born, back before my Mother was even Born, so my Guess is that Empirical Evidence does not mean anything to the Darkside. To argue about what Empirical Evidence is insane, yet the Darkside will go to any length to prove that point, because they use Theories and Emotions to make all their arguments, whereas the Lightside states all its Evidence in terms of the Light without any Emotions or Theories, so its just Facts that have some type of Empirical Evidence, and is very clear how they define the Light, but the Darkside does not care who is Right, so they discredit and dishonor those in the Light not so they can be Right, but so they can be Left, because Empirical Evidence proves that the Banks are still in Power and you still pay taxes to prove it, so nothing has change and everyone is still living in Sin, because the Bible is the Book of Sin, you model your Life around it and you are a Sinner, but that does not stop the Darkside from only being able to see the Darkness, yet call it the Light, a Lie that they have no shame in telling, and to the Lightside this is Wrong, so the argument has no Winners, only losers in the Shades of Grey, so its best to understand the difference, and try to Live in the Light and be Evil in the Darkness, so when you are in between the Light and the Dark you will know what the difference is, so you become the Grey Wizard, not as Wise as the White Wizard, but not as Evil as the Dark Wizard.

Sir Isaac Newton was on the Lightside, as were all the Wizards I call Light Wizards, but they also had a Darkside, as do all of us, so they are also Dark Wizards and live in all the Shades of Grey, so at times Newton was the Dark Wizard, and he allowed his Emotions to cloud his Logic and Reasoning, but he always came back to the Lightside, and only tried to argue his points using the Light, and that is what Franklin and Tesla said was a value they lived for, it influenced their lives to the point that all they ever talked about was the Light or on the Lightside, and to make an argument against them using the Emotions of Darkness or Theories to make your point, will cause these men to defend their Honor, because to disagree with them means you disagree with Empirical Evidence, which is the very foundation of their reality, and since they only talk in terms of the Light, everything they say or defend is in that Light, as if the Darkness would allow that... I know because that is the way IAM, and being Autistic has nothing to do with it, its just a coincidence that all these Wizards I talk about had it, and just because it might be a trait that is passed on from one generation to the next may also be a coincidence, as was my ancestry, but Empirical Evidence is based on Facts, and it is a fact that these Wizards I talk about were all Ashkenazic Aspies with high IQ's, those hating Ashkenazi's, Aspies, or even people with high IQ's will argue this point because they are in the Darkside, Science can use DNA and other Empirical Evidence like Birth Certificates to prove what is Real, so the Lightside states it as a fact, and the Darkside argues its just a coincident without knowing if its even the truth, because the Truth does not matter to them as much as being Right, so it is all a viewpoint of either side, whereas the Spells I used to explain things in terms that should be neutral of Colors of Grey: in terms of Empirical Evidence so that we can all Live in the same Reality, but the Darkside will never see the Light so they will argue this point because they think its acceptable to live in the Darkness and call it the Light and that is why the Darkside is all based on Theories and Darkside Emotions, so trust me, when anyone argues with Me, my Darkside comes out, and it is my Darkside Emotions that I can not deal with like Normal People, Aspies are better off without Emotions, because Emotions just confuse us, so call it an Aspie Meltdown or a PTSD attack, I will defend Reality with my last breath, and if I have to die in the Process so be it, I would rather be dead then to have to be Evil in the Darkness in the land of Free Dumb, because I only want to Live in Freedom in the Light, so keep your Emotions and Darkside Theories to yourself at all times, I do not care to engage in them as Reality, because Emotions and Theories have nothing to do with Reality unless you make it and doing so is Evil so it is in the Darkness, but if you want to talk about Science Fiction then make sure we are both on the same understanding about but what Theory or Emotion we are talking about, do this and we will never have a fight as long as you follow all the rules of that theory and do not make up your own just to support your Theory, because I tale no Theories unless I have to because I can not prove something any other way, so I admit that its Science Fiction until proven otherwise and I only care about your theories if we can agree its just a Theory and not Reality, unless you can prove it with Empirical Evidence, and even with it, the way you explain it means everything, so I can not say I will agree with all of how people explain things, well that is not always true about arguing about it, arguing is a very Darkside Emotion that is impossible to get rid of, because my Darkside loves to Fight, I would not be a Disabled Gulf War Vet if it did not, so Wizards take Empirical Evidence very Serious, and are willing to fight to the death to prove it, because people who do not agree with me are calling the Other Wizards Liars as well, and they are worth fighting for, so unless you are willing not to use all their: Math, Electricity and Art, including the Music of these Wizards in your Godless Universe, and that includes all the scientific achievements that came from that Math, Electricity or Art or even Music, because they were all based on the Light of God and do not work at all in a Godless Universe, because that is what Einstein even said, and why he said he only believed in Newton's work, because without the Light: the Life that you are Living would not exist, and that too is a fact that the Darkside can never change, and once they agree to these terms, the Darkside is over, and there will be two types of Science, Real Science, and Mainstreams Theoretical Science, then the two can learn to live together in Harmony, because we need the Light and the Dark to live in Harmony, but this Reality of present day is not Harmony at all, its just the Darkside taking over and pretending that the Darkness does not exist, thinking that they know what the Light is, because in the Darkness everything brighter appears to be the Light, and by their definition of what Light is, the though that if they were Right about it, they would be instantly killed by the simple task of turning on a Light, because that Light is being shot out of the Light bulb like a bullet out of a Gun, and that would be lethal, so the Darkside has no concept about Reality, or how dangerous their Theories really are, which makes good entertainment for Stupid Movies, and people like Stupid movies, personally I like intelligent movies, so we are all different, so to live in Harmony we must come to an understanding about what we are going to call Reality, if we base it on Empirical Evidence then we need to call it Real Science, currently the only Science I know that is like this I call Trinary Science, it is based on Reality and it is in Harmony with the Universe, it the Only Science that defines God as All Light without Darkness, it is based on the Bible but Not Religion, so you have Freewill to believe what you want, I just want you to know the Truth, I do not care what you believe nor does the Universe so Know it or No it Not, so what are you going to call Reality: and what we are going to call Science Fiction? The Question is for you and you only to answer...

Empirical Evidence are things that can be proven to exist and has nothing to do with how we explain their existence, and this removes all the Colors of Grey from how we view Empirical Evidence, so its unbiased, with no explanation these things exist and will behave in a very predictable way, so the explanation for Empirical Evidence is always explained in Shades of Grey, and IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, IAM every Shade of Grey in between, so it is all from the viewpoint of the Wizard with one Z, does this explanation unfold, so now we must define the Scale for the Lightside to use for the explanation in terms of the Light, which means that it is all based on Empirical Evidence, whereas the Darkside will base their explanation in terms of Theories, Emotions or Religion, but keep in mind that the Lightside still has Darkness in them, you will even find me Praying to God: so Theories and Emotions are hard to keep out of an argument, and they know the Darkness exist in them, so they have to remind themselves to stick to the Facts, and those Facts are the Empirical Evidence I talk about, so we need to be very clear about who we call being in the Lightside and those being in the Darkside, because the Darkside will always think it is in the Light, because they always want to be Left, meaning that they win the argument even if they have to kill you to do so, so the Darkside is always at War, as for me, a Disabled Gulf War Veteran, well I have a hard time staying in the Light, so I try not to hide my Darkside, I embrace it with just as much effort, because I know that the Lightside is not stronger than the Darkside, Empirical Evidence proves they are both Energy, the Light is energy without Darkness and the Dark is energy without Light, so the two are bound by every Atom: Proton, Neutron, Electron or any other Particle with the exception of Neutrinos that actually bind them together, using the Light... So this explanation is based on Empirical Evidence and not Shades of Grey, and it is the only thing you used to explain the Universe: because it is the only thing that the Universe is made of, and what tips the Scale either way is the persons Belief System, or BS, which is a Darkside Emotion only, because the farther into the Lightside you go, the fewer Emotions you used to explain things, whereas the Darkside will use Emotions or Theories to tip the Scale in their favor, and will ignore the Light the deeper into the Darkness they go, so the two sides are always arguing about something, and most people argue with themselves, for example: Religious People who believe that God is a Deity, or none Religious People who believe God is a Spirit, actually do not believe that God is real, since they believe that God does not Physically Exist, so they can easily be swayed to believe that the Godless Dynamic Universe exist in Reality, because that is the Definition of this word called Deity or Spirit, and it is spelled out and defined in the Dictionary, so we have to at least agree on what Spells mean before we can even argue, but most people on the Darkside use Emotions, and ignorance to what Spells even mean, and they will go so far as to deny that Spells are even Real, or Wizards that define Spells, and dismiss them as Fairy Tales, because Ignorance always Rules the Darksides Emotions, because the word Reality has no meaning to people in the Darkside, because their Emotions are more important to them than the Truth, so they argue what Light is, because the Bible said God is all Light without Darkness, and Newton proved there can be no Light without the Darkness, so the Darkside is easy to determine, because if you use Emotions or Theories to define Empirical Evidence then you are in the Darkside, and it does not matter if you say you are in the Light, because the Universe does not Judge you, only you can Judge yourself, because the Judgments others made against you will never change the Fact that the Universe never Judges you, so the Judgment of others has no meaning to the Universe only to you, because it feeds your ego, and the Lightside has no need of ego because it is the foundation of all Emotions and Theories, and Theories means it is not Proven to explain the Empirical Evidence, because the Word or Spell Theory means it is not a Fact, and for Empirical Evidence to be useful, it must be a Fact, so to keep Science Real, only explanations that are void of Darkness can be allowed to be called Real Science, Theories are Science Fiction, and my Darkside loves Science Fiction, just not in my Science, so we can all agree that we have Theoretical Science and Real Science, so we must all agree on the rules of this Game we call Science, because it is all a Game if we are allowed to use Theories or Emotions to explain it, so if Mainstream Science is based on the Darksides Theories or Emotions then we must define Mainstream Science as Science Fiction, so let the Games begin, so what side are you on?

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