The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 1.14
Science vs Fiction

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019



Chapter 1.14:
Science vs Fiction

All Mainstream Science is based on Albert Einsteins Dynamic Universe, so if Einsteins theories are correct then Time Travel would be Possible, if it is not Possible then it is incorrect, so which one is it?

A rhetorical question, because Theories are concepts that have not or can not be proven to be the truth, so it is Science Fiction, but I can not dismiss it without an argument, so based on facts and not theories, let us separate fact from fiction.

If we take a small amount of an Element with an Atomic Structure, let us say Uranium, which is made up of countless atoms and is always found as a molecule, not to say that you can not find a single Atom in the wild, but normally all elements combine into molecules, which is just a structure that binds the atoms together like glue, and it is made up of many types of Atom's that bind the Uranium together, such that an Atomic Accelerator is not accelerating a single Atom, but a Molecule that is only 99.999% pure, so we must remember that as we accelerate this Molecule and try to get it to travel near the Speed of Light, we will run into a phenomenon caused by the Resonance Frequency of each Element type, such that when each Element reaches the Speed of Light, it will become Light, the simple principle that operates a Flashlight: Electricity is excited to the Speed of Light, so it should be clear that all Atom's resonate at different frequencies, so the Molecule will break apart, or lose its bonds to other Elements as they shift from Sublight speed to the Speed of Light, so it is clear that they can not travel faster than the Speed of Light, because they are now Light itself, and it is speed is Constant, and most Elements will have to give up their Neutrinos to make the change to Light, thus destroying the Atom, but not its Energy, which is Light.

We will assume Time Travel means to go forward or backward in Time, and not just a measurement of how much time it takes to travel. At the subatomic level of Science, we must not rely on Theories to explain things we do not understand, that is called Magic, instead we just need to describe what is actually taking place in words that most people can understand, this task is what made Wizards famous, Magicians and Wizards are words to describe people with the ability to do Magic, which means they understand the trick, and never forget that Atom's are Magic if you do not understand them, so Wizards can do Magic and explain the Magic, and because Time Travel is one of those things that only exist as a Theory, I can call it Magic, and in terms of Reality the term Time Travel is misleading, Light travels at the Speed of Light, so Time Travel is Possible, Light does it all the time so this is normal in fact, but Atom's on the other hand make up Molecules, or a collection of atoms bound together to create cells in our Body, and in terms of the Body, Time Travel would require our Bodies to travel at the Speed of Light and then decelerating back to Sublight speed and still work as they did before the Time Travel took place, but the problem is that if we accelerated our bodies to the speed of Light, our Molecules would break down into separate Atom's, as each Element enters into its Resonant Frequency and it shifts into the Light, the Galattice does encode this transaction, so maybe one day it would be possible to decode the Galattice and create a machine that can print a 3D object from the decoded information, because this is not a Natural Phenomenon, its just Magic, but to do so with a living object, its Light or SOUL also known as the Spark Of oUr Life, is that which makes us alive, which we visualize as our Brainwave, so that would also have to be transferred into this new life form, and it would be a New Life Form, a copy of the old one, one was destroyed to become the Light, and must be recreated and reanimated, this is clearly beyond human conscience to understand that this is how we got to this Planet in the first place, so it is not only Possible, but it is the Normal way of Time Traveling, because all Living things are just a collection of Atom's, which are made of Neutrinos and Light, and the Light is always traveling at the Speed of Light, if it did not, we would not be alive, as such: Time Travel is a Term that needs to be defined in terms of Reality, for example: if a Nuclear bomb explodes, many Atom's will reach their Resonant Frequency and turn to Light, it will in effect, burn off its Neutrinos as it transforms from one type of Energy into another, the process of fission and fusion, while some Atom's will become unstable, and cause Nuclear Radiation until all its atomic structure is stable again, yet in the Galattice, all this information was encoded, but to reassemble that much information, would take a lot of Energy, not to mention Elements that can be assembled back into the Molecules in which it came from, so it is a matter of putting the Neutrinos back on the Light from which it came from, and that is Magic, because you can not travel at the Speed of Light unless you become the Light, and we all know that the Light becomes the Elements that are made up of Neutrinos and Light also known as Atom's, although most current science on Biology does not take into account that all Atom's are Energy and all those Microscopic Engines we call Cells, are being manipulated by the Trinary Light, so all Life is created by the Trinary Light, and that is the Magic of God who is All Light without Darkness, and this is Trinary Science, and IAM just a Wizard who is explaining the Magic of God in terms of Trinary Science: that most people can understand if they really want to, but Scientist most not rely on Theories or Religion, just the Facts, and that is all I have done, IAM just explaining what is taking place, and I use no Theories or Religion to do so, I only describe what is happening in terms of Science and not Magic.

To test this Theory called Time Travel, we need to look at one Event, for simplicity we will have a button being pressed and a Light Bulb Lighting up, the time it takes the Light to be Lit and the Brain to acknowledge that as a fact takes Time, so Time and Space are terms that must describe this event, how much space is between the Button and the Light would be the first equation and the time it takes for the Electricity to travel the distance of that space, because if the space is short, very little time will take place between the time you press the button and the time your brain registers the event, so if Space is short, then Time is Short, but if we move the switch 1 Light Year away, and I push the button it will take 1 year for my brain to register the event, even though you would be bored out of your mind and crazy if you had to sit there and hold the button down and look for the Light to shine: for one year which is the length of time it would take for the event to occur, it should be clear that Time is a Reference based on how far Light can travel through Space, so if the Space between them is Large, Time is Large, so to travel in time, you would have to wait till the Light lit, and then go back to the time before you pressed the Button, and then do not press the button and see if the Light ever lit the first time you pressed it, because you might create alternate time lines and multiple parallel Universes, which sounds confusing, but that is time travel: confusing; because the order the events happen, the event can not happen till after it took place, so all time travel would have to take place after the event, which makes sense because if it took place before the event it would be the Future, and there is not way to predict the future, in reality events unfold only in the moment, but if you went back in time and changed the event, it would be the future, since that is after the event but before it happens, so if time travel were possible then the future would not exist, because the past would have to travel before the future, causing a paradox, or a closed loop where time itself loops back on to itself for all eternity, as you try to go back in time to cause events not to happen in the future, thus destroying both at the same time... I hope that clears that up, because I do not want to try to explain that again, but I will... It is only possible to travel at the Speed of Light as Light and since you can only travel at the Speed of Light, you can never travel forward or backward in time, because the speed you travel at which is the Speed of Light, is a Constant and you would have to transform from one type of Energy into another, and even if you could do so, you could only travel at the Speed of Light, which in terms of Distance in Space, the Time is a Constant since its based on the Speed of Light over a given period like a Light Year, so no theory will ever change this fact, so Traveling forward or backward in time is not possible. Note: You would have to be insane to believe that Traveling forward or backward in time is possible, even Einstein said that, in fact he stated he did not believe this theory is true, and Theories do not need to be true, that is why they are called Theories, because they have not been proven to be the truth.

Another aspect of Time Travel is Light Travel, as I proved above that Time and Light Travel are a Constant, in other words, the distance traveled in one Light Year can be measured in terms of the amount of Space and the Time it took to travel that distance, which is in terms of Frequency and Wavelength for every type of Element that makes up the spectra of Light, which depends on the type of Neutrino, since there are 3 types of Light: Light without Darkness, Darkness without Light, and the Guiding-Light of Destiny, and contains both Light and Darkness and contains no mass: I call this type of Light Trinary Energy, which is the Guiding-Light of Destiny that controls the flow of all Energy, so I must point out that most Science Fiction about Time Travel or Light Travel, in terms of Reality, is that you can not change the Speed of Light nor the Distance it can travel through Space, since that is always a Constant, some will think its still possible to travel at the Speed of Light, or even close to it, which the closest you can travel to the Speed of Light: depends on the Resonant Frequency of all subatomic Particles that make us the Objects attempting to travel at those speeds, so instead of spending a lot of time trying to build a machine that can travel near the speed of Light, you have other options: one would be to send the information about the object to a 3D printer, this printer is Magic at this point, but it will have the ability to print single Atom's, this would be easy for none living objects, the real Magic is to Print a living object, then transfer its Light or SOUL into that Object, so in effect, the Information travels at the Speed of Light, Cell Phones do that now, all you need to do is transmit the Blue Print for that Living Object, and with a little Magic, you can reanimate that object, thus cloning it, but at the same time you have to destroy the original copy in order to transform its Light from one form into another, and this is possible, but its only Magic that I can not explain, because I have no idea how to build such a machine to test this Theory, and that is all it is, is a Theory, and I find no interest in talking about Theories or Magic, that is still in the realm of Science Fiction.

Now let us look at what the event would be like if we were the Electricity traveling to the Light, and to do that, we must describe how a Single Electron Travels through a Medium, and that is based on its Frequency and Wavelength, at high frequencies the Energy will turn into Photonic Energy, and will not need a conducting wire or conduit to travel on, and even though traveling through space in a vacuum would seem like a clear path, it is full of space dust, gas and other things like Magnetic Energy and different forms of energy like Gama Radiation, Radio and even Brain Waves, so it is clear that this journey is going to be dangerous from the point of view of the Electron, because if you only fired one Electron into space over a large distance, it would be statistically more likely that it will never make it there, even in a wire, because it may run into some none conducting contaminate that got into the manufacturing of the wire and end up as a free valance around that atom, so if we try to transmit a person, which would be one way to travel in time at the speed of Light, it is probable that they will be missing more than just a few Atom's once they reach their destination, so error correction routines will have to be in place to retransmit the missing Electron or Photon, so keep this in mind as we take this journey, but if we want to take this journey with our own Atom's, then we need to use a Particle Beam Accelerator like the one that Nikola Tesla designed, but keep in mind that you have no way of doing any Error Correction, because you do not have any extra Atom's to retransmit, so every time your Atom is interpreted on its path, that Atom is not going to show up at its destination, so you can never transmit Life Forms like Humans, because you could never ensure that the path is clean of all contaminates over a short distance, let a lone a long distance, because even the slightest amount of Electromagnetic interface can send an Atom off its course, let alone a Single Photon, so on with the list of possibilities: Atomic level transportation of living beings will be on the possible but not probable list, its possible to build such a machine that could transport matter near the Speed of Light, but it could never guarantee it will show up intact with all its Atom's in the same place, but I can guarantee you that its Atom's and it is Light will not Travel together using such a machine, because the Light is not Bound to the Atom's, it simply flows through them like water in a stream, the Light that is bound inside the Neutrino actually never moves, its point of creation is fixed in space, but as the Atom moves through Space, its Light Energy is flowing through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions in space, and all its energy flows back to the 0 dimension where the atom was first created, or the Light Wizzard changed its State back to 0 to change direction, such that the path it takes depends on many factors: including fluid dynamics and electromagnetic energy, so it would be impossible to transport living beings, and this logic is sound, if our SOUL is pure energy, as it is measured as Brainwaves, that energy is bound to our bodies like glue, break those bounds and the connection is severed, your body dies without its own Light, and although high voltage will help start the Heart, it will not bring back your SOUL, once it leaves the body, it will take some sort of Magic to bring it back to life, and that Magic is possible, I just do not know how to make such a Machine, so this concept is as simple as the reasoning behind it, in order to teletransport living matter, you would have to disintegrate the life from, meaning to literally rip it into the Atom's that make up the Organism, and keep its current Charge intact, and then either shot it out of an Atomic Accelerator, which I already proved that is improbable due to error correction, or send a digital representation of it, so that a 3D printer on the other side could then print out the Atom exactly as it was in the living entity, and this is possible, but still improbable, because that Energy may be able to be Duplicated, but it will not be the same Energy, so the life form would not be the same person, but a duplicate or clone, not to mention that all Memories are Electronic or Light encoded in our cells in DNA, and that would be gone if you can not transmit it also, and in either case the original person would be dead, so the time travel would have to be defined in a way that deals with this paradox of possible verses probable, and then we have look for other methods of time travel, because we know we can not simply put a life form in a cannon, and that is how an Atomic Accelerator would behave as it shoot it near the speed of Light, because we all know that it would behave like a Shotgun, Atom's would scatter, and all objects traveling in open space, seem to have a limit of 666,666 miles an hour, which is just a number I made up, but very close to the truth, because all objects within a Galaxy very seldom travel faster than that speed, it is not the maximum speed, because objects can sling shot around a Sun to gain momentum, but they can not maintain it for long distances, just like our Sun, the fastest it will ever travel is about 666,666 miles an hour, and it is traveling much slower than that now, but it will pick up speed as it heads towards the Galactic Plane, so trust me, even if you build a Spaceship fast enough to fly in front of the Sun, it will take a very long time to get 1 Light year away form it, and I must also point out that even if we could come up with a machine that could teletransport objects, it still would have the limitation of the speed of Light, so you could not travel forward of backward in time, because theoretically: that would take a machine that can travel much faster than the speed of Light: which has been proven to be a constant.

At the Cellular level Time Travel means that the Atom's that make up a Cell most stay intact, and in the same basic configuration, but it is clear that not all the Atom's exist at the same time, because some of them are in the 0 Dimension, or Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother State of Invisibility, while others are in a negative State which is the Son, and the only State an Atom can be physically interacted with is in the 1 State, so it is only the Father that has a physical form, so no one comes to the Father except through God, and the Nature of Mother is to be God, and God is the Light without Darkness and is in the Atomic Structure, so disintegration will destroy the life form, and that is just a fact, you must be able to manipulate every atom in an object, and the only way to get to it, is to remove the atom in front of it, there is no way a machine like a CAT Scan, or MRI would have the Resolution to detect every atom in a cell, currently it can not even detect single cells, only tissue, but the limitation is in the size of the detector, which is larger than an Atom, and that limit will never change, since you can not create a detector smaller than an Atom, so it can not replicate an object without knowing all its atomic structure, so a method known as Disintegration would be only required once, and then you could make multiple copies as long as you are doing it electronically, because if you are doing it by Atomic Acceleration that is another story, so we have now proven that Transmission Travel is possible, and has Limits, which is Speed of Travel of Atom's, which can be from the Speed of Light if electronic transmission of matter is used or if Atomic Acceleration is used we know that after 666,666 miles an hour, the atomic structure of all known elements will not be able to sustain that rate over a long distance, as I said it is not a Maximum, Atomic Accelerators can move atoms much faster for a short distance only, so you must set safe limit is that can be achieved, this planet is proof of that concept, and it is traveling in time as we speak, so how much time can we travel in, given a distance in space, in terms of what most people would agree is time travel, so now let us deal with that question alone.

I must point out that Earth is a Spaceship, and possibly the only type that are capable of long term space travel, because of its mass and electromagnetic field that we can not live very long without, this may never change till we learn to build Trinary Engines, till then all I can talk about is Reality, and that Reality is that this Planet called Earth, has a Trinary Engine that is the Core of this Planet, and the Sun has a Trinary Engine, and the Sun Travels around the Galaxy as fast as it can, as does the Earth traveling around the Sun, and we can only send Man made spacecraft without any Living Entities onboard to planets inside our Solar System, because of the amount of energy that would be required to send a spaceship outside our Solar System: it is out of our Technological ability at this time, but the concept of traveling in time is not new, it is the traveling back and forward in time as if time was a quantity and the universe was recorded like a Record that had a reverse and forward feature of time, when time itself is nothing but a reference to a concept of time passing, or how much time will pass, whereas we can record events in many ways, even in our memories we can go back in time and even look at the future as we think it might be, but this is not to be confused with Time Travel, which means that you can physically go back or forward in time and change events, I have even heard people tell stories how this is not only possible, but the government has been using this technology for years, because they got it from Aliens from outer space, and trust me this story never gets old, and these people actually believe it, which is Crazy, but true enough, but having worked for the Government, I can tell you that we do not have Aliens from outer space or Time Traveling Machines, so I do not wish to even include the possibility that I am wrong about that statement, I simply state it as a fact, so if that sounds Crazy, so be it, I said it, if God wanted you to travel to other Solar Systems, God would have created a Universe where this was possible, and not one where this is not possible due to the Gravity of the situation, because it would take a lot of energy to travel between Galaxies, so much that I would say it is not possible, yet we can travel around our solar system with ease, reality is great, I will try to keep it that way, we can not fly to the Moon in a space ship and live to talk about that experience, no one ever has, that was just a Dream that some Dark Wizard Dreamt, and it is why only Dead Presidents are printed on Money, because only the Banks are allowed to Print Money, not Congress, so it is a Government Trick to get another country to invest in space travel, but Tricks are things Wizards do, so this was a Dark Wizards Trick, reality is that space is a very dangerous place to travel, our fragile brains, would be burned by the cosmic radiation of the Sun once we left the protection of our Planets Electromagnetic Force Field, which is also known as the Van Allen Belt, but that name has no meaning in Science, so I simply call it a Force Field, so we can send unmanned space craft, but we have no Alien from outer space technology that allows us to defy the Laws of Physics, so reality kicks in, and real science can be discussed.

Time Travel is a misconception at best, because if you think for a moment that you can travel back in time and kill yourself, you are insane, because of the very physics of what is required to travel that far back in time, because if Time is distance traveled from the point of time the button was pushed and the time the Light lit, then the farthest you could go back in time, would be a measurement of how much faster you arrived at the destination point which is the Light in this case, and while time never stops, this number will always be a positive number, no matter how fast you travel, even if it was possible to travel faster than the speed of Light, it would still be a positive number and no magic will change that fact, you are always moving forward in time and using smaller references for time will not change that, so a microsecond or an attosecond will always pass by in a forward direction since the numbers will always be positive numbers, and they are adding up the passage of time, and not creating portals to the future, so in Reality how we travel in time is just a misconception, because we can not travel backward in time, because time never stops, and we can not travel forward in time because of the same reason, so time is only at the moment, so the Start time will always be smaller than the Stop time and the present is always in that moment in time we call now, so it will always be at whatever value it is at that time regardless of how fast or slow you travel, so maybe there is another way to travel in time besides using magic, and that would be to define Time Travel in a more Realistic way.

The Earth Rotates around 1,042 MPH while it Orbit is the Sun around an Average speed of 66,666 MPH, while the Sun rotates around 4,420 MPH, while the Solar System Orbits around a maximum speed of 666,666 MPH around the Galaxy, and of course the Galaxy travels through the Universe at the Speed of Light which is 670,616,629 MPH, so the closest you can get to traveling at the Speed of Light Safely is about 669,949,963 MPH short of what you need, and these figures are based on Maximum safe speeds for Matter transportation and not Electronic Transmission, so now for an example of how far back in time that will get us: If we push the button on the switch to a Light, and then take off at maximum speed of that Ship, let us say 666,666 MPH, and flew around the Planet once, that would be 666,666 − 24,902 for the circumstance of Earth, and then you would have to take into account that it is spinning around 1,042 MPH, so it would matter which direction the Ship was traveling, so let us limit the time to say 1 hour, because any more than that is insane, in fact thinking you can actually move backwards or forward in Time is Insane, since time only exists in the Moment, and Time is just a Reference that does not really exist in Reality, Time is not a Variable in an Equation, even Einstein knew that, a Theory is something that can never be Proven, once it does: it becomes a Fact, but a Theory is never a Fact, the Difference is Reality, because everyone in the ship is already dead from the gravity generated by the spaceship to get to this speed, so you will only survive this if you have a Gravity Force Field to protect you, such as this planet provides, but the fact is that no matter how fast the ship flies, from the surface of the planet you could see the effects of such a flight, because it is in Real Time, going faster does not Change time, it only changes the amount of time it takes to get from point A to point B, and if you traveled the distance like an Electron on a wire, you will note that the distance is always the same no matter how fast you travel, so traveling the speed of Light, and then half-way through the journey you turn on a flash light and point it at Point B, the Light will still travel there at the Speed of Light, and will arrive at the same time, and there is no way of changing the laws of physics, these speeds are constant, that is the way the Universe works, and it is because the Frequency of Light verses its Wavelength can never change states any faster than that speed, and it is why it is a constant.

So did I answer the Question about whether Time Travel is Possible? Yes, but it depends on how you define Time Travel, in Time is possible, without breaking the Laws of Physics, but to go Forward or Backward in Time is Not, an Atom can not be accelerated fast enough to change Time, and the greater the distance the more impossible it gets, as if that were possible, so any talk about this subject as if it were Possible, is only a subject for Science Fiction and that is where it should be, just a Theory, because I just proved it is not Possible under any circumstance, because we can not Transmit human Life in an Atomic State, disintegrating them and then integrating them back into the same life form, because you can not Create nor Destroy Energy, you can only transform it from one form into another, and in doing so you would lose that Energy called Light, because it is as unique as our Soul in this Universe, you can clone a Sheep, but it is not the same Sheep, it is just a Clone, it would not have the same Memories, nor would it live the same life over.

The Logic of Time Travel is simple: if you invent a Time Machine, then the Present becomes the past the first time you go back in time and that is why you can not go forward in time, because that Future does not exist yet, so how can the present become the past if the future does not exist, so yesterday becomes today, and tomorrow is now further back in time, because it already happened when I went back in time, this paradox is something you can not get out of once you invented the Time Machine, which proves everything Albert Einstein said was Science Fiction, because he even said that a Paradox can not exist in any Reality other than Science Fiction, so he wrote all these books to prove it, and no one understood why, it was not to prove it was possible, but to prove it was not possible, because Einstein believed in the Newtonian Universe as I do, it is only Mainstream Media that wanted God out of the creation of the Universe: that tried to make this Science Fiction real Science, but Einstein renounced his believe in his own Theories, and that is a Fact on record, he did not believe his own Theories, which means that those that do are Legally Insane.

Black Holes and Worm Holes are one of the Greatest Science Fiction tales of all time, and the biggest lie of all time next to the Big Bang Theory. Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is all based on one Paradox after another, knowing that such Paradox's can not exist in Reality, for example: according to Newton Gravity was caused by God since God is the Force in all his Equations, which to him God was just another name for the Light without Darkness, so the concept of the Light is that Space has 4 Dimensions: 0, 1, 2, and 3 dimension (note that the 0 Dimension is actually the lack of any Dimensions, so it does not physically exist in Space, because it exists without any Space in it), and that every Atom must be moved by a State change of the Light, so every Atom is regulated by the Light, its Frequency verses its Wavelength, using Newtonian Math you can prove this to be true, and since the Light created Gravity, a Black Hole or Worm Hole could never exist, because the concept is that it has so much Gravity that Light can not escape, the theory is that it defies the Laws of Physics, and compresses all the Empty space into a Singularity, and the Big Bang theory states that the entire Universe expanded out of this Singularity, so the idea is that eventually the whole Universe can be sucked back into one of these Black Holes, and that these Black Holes can fold space and create a Worm Hole, such that the space between two distant points become the same space if you fold Space, that is called a paradox, because according to Einstein, Gravity is caused by Curvature's in the Fabric of Space and Time, where Space is a 3 dimensional area Also Known as Normal Space, meaning it has width, depth and height, and a place where matter exist, it can be in the Atmosphere of a Planet like Earth, and the Planet itself can be in this space, or it could be in the Vacuum of Open or Outer Space, meaning a chamber that contains a vacuum, or Space outside a Planets Atmosphere, where Normal Space is assumed to be empty, and is defined at the Subatomic or Quantum Level of Science, it is an area that is not occupied by an Atom or other types of matter, and includes the space between and Atom's Nucleus and Valence Electrons, and even the space between its protons and neutrons, it simply refers to the space that is not physically occupied by Matter of any kind, although Real Space is not like that, even in the Vacuum of Outer Space, there are Micrometeorites or Space Dust, and other matter, including gas, and other types of Energy that flow through it. Einstein said that this Fabric of Space is Curved, as such, it creates a mechanical means for Atom's to follow the curvature of such space, and that Time was just part of Space, and it too could be Curved to allow it to fold back on to itself, forming a Worm Hole, which is a special type of Black Hole, and is Key to Time Travel, but we have already discussed how all Atom's in the Universe travel, you can verify this under a microscope, every time an Atom moves, there is a corresponding change in the State of the Light around the Atom, because in the 0 Dimension, it is the very center of the Mass of the Nucleolus, which includes the centers of all its protons, neutrons, and electrons, this space is called Null Space, because it has No Dimensions, Space can exist there, and it is where all Energy from the Atom flows from, so it is like a Floating Ground, and it is linked to the 0 Dimension as a whole (not hole, not to make a pun about Black Holes), but it does appear to be a hole in the fact that it can not be seen, but in fact as a whole, meaning that the 0 Dimension fills 100% of the Space in normal Space, so it is everywhere in the universe at the same time, it is infinite and exist as pure energy, so instead of thinking of it as a microscopic spec so small that you can not see it, think of it as so vast that it can not be seen, because you are looking at it all the time and do not see it, nor do you interact with it, because it is Null Space, so it has no Dimensions to see or touch, all Matter and Antimatter is Subatomic Particles known as Neutrinos, without the Light in them, they will not blind together like Atom's, nor does Gravity have much of an effect on them.

From the viewpoint of Null Space, it can only see the 1st Dimension, so all its Energy flows through it, so the 1st Dimension most control the flow of that Energy through the 2nd Dimension, because this is the only Dimension it can see, since it can not see the 0 Dimension for the same reason we can not, it has no dimensions to see, it is just a Floating Ground that energy can only flow from and never to, so the 1st dimension can only see the 2nd Dimension, so it must make the changes to the 3rd Dimension, and the 1st Dimension knows what changes are made and can keep track of them in the 2nd Dimension, it has a known law of physics, which dictate how all energy flows from it, we can call it Electronics, and look at Circuits, or we can examine a Living Life form, and look at all its cells, and discover these laws for ourselves, and we will realize that every Atom in the Universe is governed by the Laws of Trinary Energy, so it is the State changes of the Light that cause Gravity, and we all know there is no Curvature in Space, so why lie about it being there, that is not a theory, it does not exist, and has been proven to not exist, so it is a fact, therefore Curvature in Space is Science Fiction, so the Emperor has no cloths, and Newton's Math proved that it is the Light that is causing Gravity, and it is very predictable.

So Big Bang, Black Holes, Worm Holes, and any Curvature of the Space Time Fabric of Space has all been a Lie, the biggest hoax of the Century in fact, so what was the Purpose of such deception? To keep people in the Dark, and that is why for Thousands of years, the search for the Truth was outlawed, and Wizards and Witches were hunted down and murdered for the pursuit of knowledge about Energy, when the Bible talks about how advanced our Society once was, until Moses destroyed the Pyramids and used the Arc Light, Also Known As an Atomic Bomb, which were used over time to destroy Cities like: Jericho, Sodom and Gomorrah, so this was not a coincidence, the Church was trying to stop the Human Race from destroying itself again, they just went about it the wrong way, they thought that by Destroying these Wizards and Witches that normal people would live in Darkness, and be happy to serve the Church and use its Money, and it is Will over them, so they used Religion and Money to control them and their Technology, and nothing will ever change that till People wake up to the Real Science, and it was hidden in plain view in the Bible, just read it and do not read into it.

Science is based on Facts, Science Fiction is based on Theories never proven to be the Truth, Trinary Science is based on Facts, it only describes what is taking place in Reality, the fact that God is All Light without Darkness is the bases of Science and not Religion, the Darkness is the Light we see, it is all the Colors of the Rainbow, the Light without Darkness is controlling the Darkness, it is what I call Trinary Energy, which is Light we can not see, but we can observe its effect on all Matter and Antimatter… As a Child I called this Light without Darkness: White Noise; sitting in front of a Window and watching the White Light from the Sun shine through the Window, I observed particles of Dust interact with this White Noise that is present in the background of our Universe, it is everywhere and controls everything, it is what I call the Light Wizzard, this is Science at its best, observation and recorded Stated Changes that can be proven to be real, Trinary Energy is what the Light Wizzard is made of, and since its just Light without Darkness, its also known as God, so this Science is very Old, and is a fact based on current observations based on Atomic State Changes using the newest technology, so it is not a Theory, it has been proven to be the Truth about Science at the Subatomic level.

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