The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 1.13

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019



Chapter 1.13:
Energy is Eternal

Energy is Eternal so Energy can not be Created nor Destroyed, Energy can only be Transformed from one form of Energy into another form, for example: Water or H2O can be transformed into Oxygen and Hydrogen by separating the H from the O, and if you burn them together, it will transform back into Water, just like Light can be transformed into Electricity and visa versa, but all Energy is Constant in the Universe, so it is never created nor destroyed, it is only transformed, just to be clear: if you start up a Generator, it is actually attracting the Electrons that already exist in the Universe, in other-words, it did not Create the Energy, it only collects it, so if you do not have any extra Electrons flowing around, you will not Generate any, and if you add more to it, you will generate more, this principle is part of the Conservation of Energy.

Splitting an Atom does not create nor destroy Energy, it only breaks the bounds between Matter and Antimatter, where the Matter is the Proton, and the Antimatter is the null space at the center of a mass of the Atom, the Neutron is neutral, causing the Atom to lose both, causing every Atom that comes into contact with a Split Atom to break the bounds between its Proton or Neutron or both (since Neutrons are Neutral and balance the Atom) and an Electron, in a process called Fission, thus causing Beta Radiation, and giving off Gama Radiation, which over time will give off Alpha Radiation, this could be from a Neutron splitting a Uranium or Plutonium nucleus in half forming a new Nuclei called Barium and Krypton which give off their Neutrons which continues the Fission process, thus becoming an unstable element, and it will jump to another Atom and cause it to become unstable, and it will throw it out of its bound, causing a cascading effect of unbalanced atoms, but Energy is not in the Atom nor is it the Atom, the Atom is just Material, it has an Atomic Number and is documented in the Periodic Table of Elements, Electricity flows around the Atom's on Valence's for Electrons, but the Electrons just orbit the Atom and carry the Electricity from one atom to the next and are not the Electricity itself, and if the Atom is Destroyed, its shell will become Free Neutrinos, which is the stuff Atom's and Suns are made of Atom's, as are we, so the Energy all comes from the 0 Dimension, and when you Split an Atom, it opens this 0 Dimension and allows Energy to flow through it, so the more Atom's that are Split, the More Energy it produces, also it is a combination of Energy Flow, the more access you have to the 0 Dimension, the more Energy can flow, so you do not need to Split Atom's to create this access to the 0 Dimension, you just need more Surface Area for Energy to flow, for Example: if you took a long copper rod, like a Lightning Rod, you can pass just as much Energy through it as you could produce using Atomic Fission or Fusion, and you do not have the problem with Radiation.

There are at least 3 types of Radiation: Alpha, Beta and Gama, the Alpha Radiation is caused when an Unstable Nucleus becomes stable by giving up 2 Neutrons and 2 Protons becoming a stable Helium Atom that is called an Alpha Particle, if the unstable nucleus can not break off into a stable atom, it will emit an Electron and is called a Beta Particle, and Gama Radiation happens when Alpha or Beta Particles are released forming a Gama Wave, it has a very high frequency with a short wavelength. Eventually all the Atom's will become stable, but until then the atoms are dangerous to all life forms, and therefore should never be used as an energy source. As the Atom's start to become Stable, they will Fuse back together in a process called Fusion, which is another transformation. It may not be apparent but the Energy is not Created by splitting the Atom's, its just excited energy being released by the Transformation, and that excitement is a transformation of one type of particle into another type of particle, so Energy is not Created nor Destroyed, it is only transformed from one state into another, the Atom will transform into Neutrinos, thus releasing its Light as Energy, and will be recycled back into Atom's when needed, thus conserving all the Energy used in the Transformation process.

All life was Created by God, this statement assumes that everyone believes this to be true, when in fact some people do not believe this is a Fact, and this is due to how they were trained to think, and is based on Education, Religion and Freewill, but in my Universe, which is a reference to how I think, God is Light and an Image is made up of Light, not the Atom's we are made of, so the phrase that all life was made in God's Image, does not mean God looks like us, it means we are made of Light which is the Image of God because God is all Light, so it means just that, it is read literally, and again this is the Autistic Brain speaking, or reading in this case, because we normally take everything Literally, so this means that if God is all Light without Darkness and there can be No Light without the Darkness, it is very clear that it means that God and Light are the same, because God is all Light, meaning 100% Light, and as we all know Light has different Spectra, it is Energy, and therefore can be measured in Frequency and Wavelength, which comes down to Colors, so we have Dark and Light, which is a very confusing choice of words, since Light in this sense, is referring to its Shade of Color in a Spectrum of Energy, so we have Black and White, and every shade of Grey in between, so it is a Rainbow of Colors that make up the Darkness in the Light, so God is Energy in multiple spectra, so the Bible describes it by saying that God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother, and when we look at the State Changes of White Noise, which I renamed Trinary Energy, just so we are very clear about this Concept, so we will view the 3 State Changes as such: the Solid State as being the Lightest or Brightest State, and give it a value of (+1), we will put it on a graph, above the X Axis we call Mother, and call it the Father, then when it changes to a Darker State and it moves to the opposite side, we will give it a value of (-1), and put it on the graph below the X Axis we call Mother, and call it the Son, and the last State change is when it disappears, so we give it a value of 0, and call it the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, and put it on the X Axis on this Graph, so if we graph this on a sheet of paper, we have an X Axis labeled 0 with a Line above and below the X axis labeled (+1) and (-1), so it is based on Science and Math, and now we can recognize this pattern as Alternating Current, and it describes how the Sun Orbit is the Galaxy, as it passes through the Galactic Plane, as well as how Earth Orbit is the Sun, or the Moon Orbits Planets, and the Father or the Son must go through the Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother as it travels, so Trinity is Science, if all that come through the Father to get to the Nature of Mother witch is to be God, then this relationship is circular, and we can refer to is as Matter, Antimatter and Null Space, and it is a constant with the Formula (+1) + (-1) = 0, which is the Logic for Trinary Math, Also Known As Trinity. So as it turns out, this concept has been known from the beginning of the Bible, and this Definition has been described by many Wizards throughout time, but most people view the Bible as Religion and Assign God to a Deity, instead of pure Energy, all because they were trained to think that way, and then they believe that I made this all up by reading into it, when all I did was just Read it, but that is thinking like an Autistic person, in literal absolutes, so maybe the Word Autistic and Wizard mean the same thing if they both think that way, because Wizards are people who use Alchemy, and Alchemy is all about Energy, not Deities, but physical form, such as substances which can be measured with predictable, and repeatable experiments in Science to prove it is the Truth, so God's Image is the Image of Light, and at the Cellular level this Energy is in every Atom in our Body, and it is controlling the Microscopic Engines that make up a Cell, so it is God's way of Communicating with every life form in the Universe, so it is God's Cell Phone, because it is our Life Force, that 98.6 watts of Energy the Human Body produces while we are Living is enough to Light a 100 watt Light Bulb, where we are that Light, and I got all this Information from the Images that were printed in the Bible, and I did not need to go to School to learn this, in fact in School they taught me just the opposite of this way of thinking, and that is because they are teaching the Darkside, which is just a reference to Science that does not teach that God is the Force in all your Equations, so the Lightside is Newtonian Science, and it is been around for over 3 Centuries, so this is nothing new.

This very concept of the Lightside is something that you must understand now, or the rest of what I have to say will make no sense at all, so this is the foundation of everything I have to say, and it will go against what most people learned in School, and what they learned at Church, and even what they Learned on the Internet, and what they Learned from reading Books, because I have not found any information about this Simple concept anywhere in the World, except for the references I use, mainly the Bible, and the collective work of other Wizards like: Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, and others I have mentioned in this Document, so in short, Trinary Energy is the smallest level of Energy in the Universe, it exists in all Atom's as well as all Empty Space, where it is seen as White Noise, it is the building block of the Universe: God or the Guiding-Light Of Destiny, takes Neutrinos and White Noise and Makes Atom's, then uses Atom's to create the Universe, when the Atom is disintegrated, meaning it breaks its bounds with the Light, it transforms back into Free Neutrinos and White Noise, thus is Energy was never Created nor Destroyed. The Reason I do not call it God is because that Term means nothing in Science because of the dogma of the Word itself, and that is because of the ignorance of people to believe that God is a Deity or Christ, which is why Sir Isaac Newton was so upset about this issue over 333 years ago, and nothing has changed, God is still the Force in all Newton's Calculation, so his math is based on this very concept and will not work any other way, it does not work in the Dynamic Universe because there is no God, but it does work in the Newtonian or Trinary Universe, so the fact that it works is proof of this Concept so it is a fact.

The belief that everything is possible, however improbable, is my definition of the word Insanity, because it is like thinking that everyone hears that Little Voice in their head all the time and can not shut it up, because only insane people think that way, because only Crazy people hear voices talking to them in their head, and it is because of the way Society has been allowed to become, everyone is Vaccinated, and those that hear voices talking to them in their head after that event, are Crazy, because that is what the term is referring to and it is because people like that believe that everything is possible but because one possibility is always that everything is not possible, you enter into a Paradox the moment you enter into this line of reasoning, which is why Nikola Tesla knew that everything Albert Einstein said was Science Fiction, and I feel the same way, so I will dismiss everything Einstein said as such, because these two belief systems are incompatible, but in reality Einstein said he only believed in Newton, so why did he wrote Science Fiction comes down to Money, so the word Sane means of Sound Mind, and what does a Mind Sound like when it is Sane? Is it the Sound of that Little Voice or the Sound of Light? Some believe that Light has no sound, yet in space there is no sound, yet the Light still shines on, and without that Light, there would be no Sound on this Planet, because the Light creates the Magnetic Force Field that holds in the Atmosphere that makes sound Possible, even the Gas we call Atmosphere is made of Atom's that contain Light, so Sound is Light. For those that believe this is possible because of the Light, start to see things the way Newton, Franklin and Tesla believed were facts of Science, so Energy is not created nor destroyed, it only transforms from one type of energy to another.

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