Chapter 1.12:
Mind Thinking
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 1.12:
Mind Thinking

Mind Thinking Not Brian Think, the Brain does not Think, it only Reacts, and our Mind does not React, it only Thinks it does, that is actually the Brain, so the Mind and Brain are not the same Entity, for one thing, the Brain is just Biological Tissue we call Flesh, and without the Energy of Light, it would be Dead Flesh, so the Mind is Light or Electricity when it interacts with the Brain, which only understands Electricity, whereas the Mind only understands the Light. Thinking starts with a thought, how that though gets processed depends on how the Brain is Wired, an Autistic Brain is wired one way, and the Neurotypical Brain is wired differently, but they both perceive the Light the same way, meaning that the way the Brain transforms the White Noise into Light, which by the way makes it an Electrical Generator, and now you know how that is done, so Science explains things as we go alone, but you must incorporate this very large jump in Science Technology, because this is not a Mainstream Science concept, in fact: it is a Trinary Science [1] concept, so never mix Trinary Science and Mainstreams version of Science together, they are not compatible at all, and will only lead to confusion if you do not separate the two sciences, which is why I added the prefix Trinary to all key aspects of this Science, so it will become clear that every thought we think, comes from these State Changes in the White Noise, and why it is so important to this Concept of Trinary Science, because it is the core of all thoughts, it is what generates the Energy required to have that Thought, and it is the Logic that formed this thought, and it is only how the brain is wired that changes the way we perceive that thought, so this is why our brains are wired differently, and it is not because one way is better than the other, because this World of Humans needs this balance, it needs people who can see the Light, and those that see it in a diminished capacity, meaning they see it, but it is not so bright, which means that Neurotypicals are not as bright, but this has nothing to do with Intelligence, it only has to do with how we see the Light, and there is very little proof that anyone sees it much different, and those that are truly Enlightened, or should I say Trinary Enlightened, see this Light very clearly, we understand it exists and is in fact God, but this was Knowledge and not something they learned in a Dream, or maybe that is what it seemed, but is not life but a Dream? Is this Trinary God? No its Trinary Energy, simply known as the Light, and God is all Light, and that is how I think and who IAM, it is not a Rhyme to make you think IAM cleaver, I have no idea why I write like this, does it have to do with the way I think or my Intelligence, or is it just Knowledge that I string together like a rope of rhymes, that is Witchcraft at its Best, its just like all the rest, and that you get as being a Black Knight and insomnia, that is learned behavior, adapting to blend into a society that wants everything to be perfect, they only want to believe that Money is Reality, and it is the Only Reality that matters, some people think I cut into people with Words and Spells, I willed the truth with Words and cover them in Spells, so they do not remind me of the truth as most people do, I know that some truths hurt more than others, as a Nation I know what Shame Feels like, its when you realize this Money Systems is all a Scam, and you invested your life and that of your Children's into it, that is the Difference between Intelligence and Thinking, if you do not have any Intelligence then all you are thinking is not intelligent, and if your Knowledge is not based on Facts but instead Theory, then your Reality is not even Real, so life is but a Dream, so how do we sort this out? We define what each role requires, and we fix it every step of the way, that is how you fix problems, you find what the problem is and find the best way to fix it, in this case how do we fix thinking so that Intelligence increases, and knowledge is the truth, which means Freedom, and not Free Dumb, it means Learning what the Truth is, so instead of just telling what is the truth, I will teach you how to prove what is the truth, then let you decide what every you want to believe, but at least you would have proved it to yourself, and that is the best anyone can do in a lifetime.

Human Intelligence test is not measured by what people know, nor does it measure how they use reason and logic to deal with problems, that is part of Thinking and Remembering, so its how IQ is tested does this become clear that the test are wrong, in fact the test that are available nowadays are biased on the way the person making the test thinks, and what is accepted as being knowledge that everyone is required to know to get high scores on an IQ test, and Neurotypicals do not use their brain the same way as people with Autism and not all of them think the same way, and as individuals we all think differently due to many factors in our life, and education plays a key role in this process, because Schools try to teach people what to think and how to think, so most people never learned to think any other way, and that way has never been the way that people with Autism think naturally, because all Schools only teach now Neurotypicals should think or more to the point how they want them to think, and it is geared on all these people being Right-Handed, although people born Left-Handed can learn to adapt, and being born Left-Handed I know this all too well, and learned to use my Right Hand the hard way with help from my Father: who said he would dislocate my Left Arm again the next time I use it to write with, and teachers would smack my Left Hand with a ruler if I tried to use it to write, so this is called the School of hard knocks, so I learned to adapt, well somewhat, I have a 50/50 chance of guessing which is my Right Hand, and I feel very strange trying to write with my Left Hand, like its illegal or someone is going to punish me for it, so the way I think influences my Thinking, which influences my Intelligence which influences my Knowledge, because thinking is formed by the way our brains are wired, and Intelligence is based on reasoning and logic based on the way some people view it, instead of the way it really is, and knowledge is based on what we have remembered and not so much on what we understand, so its different for everyone. As such I do not put any stock into IQ scores, I use mine to compare it to Stupid Peoples IQ, for no other reason then Entertainment, mostly to show how Stupid People are if they buy into the argument that IQ scores prove you are more Intelligent, when Common Sense is not a requirement.

People think that Doctors know everything, so when you talk to a Doctor they always want to convince you that everything you know is wrong if they say it is, for example: a doctor once told me that it is physically impossible not to hear that Little Voice in your head, and most people I have talked to would agree, because I have asked this question a lot, I know that most people have this Little Voice in their head, but when I was in 3rd grade I remember a Doctor asking me if I hear Voices in my Head, and I told him no, but then said what kind of voices, because if I think about a movie, or a memory, I can see and hear many voices from many different people, and he said are they telling you to do bad things? I said no, they are not actually talking to me, just talking and I can hear it, and he said good, because only Crazy people hear voices talking to them in their head, and I know for a fact that I never heard voices talking to me in my Head: till after I had a vaccination shot at School as a Teenager, where I was forced to get a vaccine to go to School, now I have a doctor that wants me to believe not only that it is normal to hear that Little Voice talk to you in your head, but its impossible not to, so I concluded the first doctor was right, only Crazy people hear voices talking to them in their head, so when it became normal to hear voices talking to you in your head it is a clear indication that everyone is Crazy.

As a Teenager, not only did I have to deal with this Little Voice in my head, but I had to deal with all the things in was saying, it was very confusing, it would say something when my mouth would say something else, the two were only the same it I wanted them to be, and that took a lot of effort, so dealing with this was hard, and Cannabis helped to slow down the thoughts I was having, but it did not help with that Little Voice, it only talked Crazier, as if that was possible, but a few alcohol drinks and the body starts to talk as Crazy as this Little Voice does, so things only got worse, and to top it off I had a teacher that was trying to get me to use this little voice to read with, I thought this teacher was Crazy, because teaching that little voice to read sounds Crazy to me, and if that Little Voice tells you to do things, well you are insane, and my all time Favorite is when People tell me that it is not your Little Voice you should worry about, it is when you have other Voices in your Head that are telling you to do bad things, let me think about this, I watch a Movie, I hear those Voices, are those the Voices you are referring to, or are there yet other voices, because as far as I know, that Little Voice is responsible for all the Voices I hear in my Head, and you would have to be insane to think otherwise, I actually always had that Little Voice, it just never talked to me until I turned 13, before that it was just the Voices in Movies and Memories, so what People try to tell me is that there is another Person in their Head, a Person that is not them, as if Possessed, now that is Crazy, and also not Possible, because everyone has the Same Energy running through their body, this is the Energy that Little Voice uses, if anyone tries to convince you that Possession is Real, Run, you are talking to a Crazy Person. Unless your Brain has something wrong with it, you will have a Little Voice and a Memory unit that is attached to it, using that Little Voice to talk with is a Learned Behavior and not everyone Learns to do that, but it is a form of insanity to use it to think.

Cannabis was another issue that many people have when it comes to thinking, and I could have said Drugs, but that could be anything, because Sugar is a Drug, and all Drugs can make you think differently, so I will limit my drug to Cannabis, because they think it causes you to think differently, when Alcohol makes you think just as different and most people do not have a problem with it, and it is because of the way people view drugs, Alcohol was legal therefore it is fine, but Cannabis was illegal in most states for years and therefore not fine, but you get a Fine of using it, so what is a Drug? If it is a substance that has a physiological effect on someone that takes it, then it is a Drug, so Sugar is a Drug, and just as powerful as Cannabis in the effects it has on my thinking, mix that with Coffee and you have one of most widely abused drugs in the world. The truth is that any foreign substance can be classified as a drug, it is just the degree that they effect the way we perceive things that make us decide what a physiological effect is to us, because even Vaccines can change the way you think permanently, but most people think they are safe, when the facts prove otherwise, but Money is the Root of all this Evil, not much money to be made if everyone can Grow Cannabis for free, so the Public is educated on the Evil ways of Cannabis, they put it in a Class of Drugs so powerful that they can kill you, whereas Cannabis can not be overdosed on, while Aspirin or even Sugar overdoses can cause serious health issues, and Cannabis can help reduce cancer in the body, not sure it can cure cancer, I still have it, but without it, the cancer grows out of control, but as a child I did not worry about cancer, now it is a way of life, so we must choose what drugs we can take for Pain, and what drugs we can take for Moods, and what drugs we can take for Cancer, then decide what drugs we will take, and that is what I did a long time ago, now I am living with that choice, but I know that it did not influence the content of this document, only the way I try to explain it, because it does not make me hallucinate, or dream up strange thoughts, all it does is calm down my mind so I can quiet that little voice in me: so I can hear myself think without the distraction of the ranting of that little voice, and my tinnitus is real loud, and it calms it down a lot also, and it also cuts down on the number of things or threads that I am thinking at one time, so it slows my thoughts down, so in general, it helps with pain, because I just do not think about it, not that it makes it go away, morphine did not even do that, but it did help with racing thoughts better than medication that was supposed to do that, like Benzodiazepines, which never worked all that well for me, so the VA had me try every drug on the market at least once just to make sure, yet they do not like me taking Cannabis and told me to stop, which I did for a while and things got worse, the cancer came back with a vengeance, my attacks got worse, not sure if it is a panic attack, or PTSD related, but my meltdowns have never been much fun since I was a child, and growing up did not change things, but as a child I was never depressed or anxious, and that is very strange considering how bad my life was having to live with a Step-Mother who had very bad physiological problems that she like to treat using Benzodiazepines to give her the will to live till the next day, because that is how she acted, if she did not get her pills she would go Crazy, and my father had to have his Drugs, so living with Drug Addicts made me question my own life, and I know I can stop using drugs any time, I do it all the time, I only use them when I want to, and not when they want me to, and if I wanted to, I could stop forever, so I am not addicted to them, I know I take them because I need to, and not because I want to, and that is a huge difference, I stop taking them and the cancer comes back, as does the uncontrolled emotional outbreaks caused by: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Meltdowns, or a mixture of all of them, it does not really matter what you call it, I call it an Attack, and Cannabis is the only drug that has ever helped for this condition, normally it feels like a warm blanket, it melts the tension and thoughts that brought on the attack, just like it eases skin cancer, but as I said, it is not a cure, it only works when you are using it, but it does alter your reality, and it also over long term usage, effects your IQ, because it effects how you think, so it effects your Intelligence and Knowledge.

I did not learn to Read till I was a teenager, when a School teacher asked me to read something out load, but I could not read words I had never seen before, and had no clue how to figure them out, I only knew how to memorize what word patterns looked like and I could use the primer keys to sound out words, those are letters that make up how the word sounds, they are found in dictionaries, and I have read a few of them, but still not every word is in dictionaries, so learning new words was not easy, to me letter are just images, and the idea that one image was added to another image to form words seemed insane to me at the time, I thought she was joking at first, because up to this point in my life I could read and write, in fact I could speed read, because all words were just images that had meaning, the idea that words were made up of letters that had no mathematical reason for being added together confused me, for example the word Spell meant Word to me, the concept that it meant that individual letters were added together to pronounce the word Spell, as if it was S + p + e + l + l = Spell, yet if you have it in parentheses like (spel) then I know how to pronounce them, and I thought that was because it was designed that way, because the over-line was an operator that tells you how to pronounce letters, but without them they did not add up to me, Spell was just an Image that had meaning, I look at it and know what it means, even though the concept was something I did not understand, the idea that an image had to have the correct order of letters to make up a word did, but what it sounded like was something I never gave much thought until it came to reading out load, so then I had to think of each word one at a time and convert the image to the sound it was supposed to represent, but that was not good enough for this teacher, she threatened to fail me from school if I did not learn to read and write the correct way, so she taught me to read and write, which was very unfortunate for me, because it is much faster for me to recognize a word, then to read it letter by letter, and then by reading out load, I trained my brain to say the words using that Little Voice in my head, so then I could only read as fast as I could talk, instead of at the speed of Light, which was how fast images would travel in my mind, so maybe it was not the Vaccine that made me hear voices talking to me in my head, maybe it was this teacher... So School was not a very good experience for me, they only taught me to think and read slower which is Stupid, what used to take hours to read, started taking days, weeks and eventually months to read, and they only taught me to regurgitate information that they wanted me to remember, like the Multiplication Table, instead of just teaching me Math, and that is because they were teaching me to think like Neurotypicals, and that made me less Intelligent, because it hampered my ability to think, read or write fast, because all words were just Images to me, I assigned them meaning, so they were just symbols that only contained meaning that did not require me to read individual letters or words, and then speak them out loud in my Head using this Little Voice that Drives me Crazy because it is so slow and inefficient, no wonder only Crazy people hear voices talking to them in their head, and learning to do math equations with no problem was just as pointless, because I learned nothing, yet this is the same way everyone is taught in School to this day and age, all because Neurotypicals think they Think better than people with Autism who think using Images, but not all of them do, and not that all of them have a Photographic Memory as I do, but without it I would not remember anything at all, because I do not remember words, only images that are attached to other stimuli, like emotions, smell, or feeling, as well as sound, so how do you untrain your mind to think in terms of Letters and Words, Also Known as Spells, and train it to only use Images? That is a Trick that this Wizard has not learned, so I do not know the Answer, but I need you to understand the concept so that I can explain what I am trying to say, which is stored in my mind as a Series of Images in Parallel, and not in Letters, Words or Spells that are stored serially, so I am asking you to try to think of concepts as Images in your Mind that have Meaning, but are not heard in your Head, only visualized in your Mind, and that does not mean that you have to see them in your Imagination, or project them into your sight, I normally only sense them and very seldom visualize things, so when I read a document, I am not reading all the words, I am just storing the pattern for them in my mind, then I interpret that image, so the words are never the exact same words, and they are always changing every time I recall a memory.

It is possible for anyone to think without using that Little Voice in your Head, you do it every time an Emergency happens, or when you need to walk and talk at the same time, it is not because your legs are part of an autonomic nervous system, believe it or not your legs normally walk where you want them to and you do have to think about it verbally in you head or out load, so you do not have to tell your legs to walk with that little voice, yet your body knows what to do, so why not think like that, its much faster, and you do not have to limit a thought to a single thread, as you do with speech, since its sequential, and images can be thought of in parallel, so the limit on problem solving can run at the speed of Thought, which is at the speed of Light, and that is how I think, and why IAM is able to think that way, because it has been engraved in Stone, you have no Laws that govern your way of thinking besides those that you apply yourself, but that Little Voice will Lie to you as it does others, so do not be deceived by the Flesh, because Computers are not the only ones that can get a Virus, and Viruses and Drugs can make a person say things they would normally not say, nor think or do, but in the Light, there is no such Darkness, and it is this place I speak of, the Lightside, that part of your Brain that thinks at the Speed of Light, so all you have to do is ignore that Little Voice and become the Light Being, and this is not a metaphor, it is the only way you will understand what it is that IAM is trying to explain about the Light, because that Light is the I in me and you, not the spelling, but the Energy, because if that Light goes out you are Dead, your heart can stop, but as long as that Light is still there, you can live through it if someone jumps starts your heart, but no one has ever come back to Life after their Light went out, which proves you are the Light, and not the Flesh which is the Being that has that Little Voice, so that Little Voice is Not God, so what other voice would you hear in your Head? Could it be the Devil? That is Religion or Superstition, and all I talk about is Science, I do not care what you believe, nor does the Universe, know it or no it not.

That Little Voice in your Head is just Me, and that is just short for Meat, which is Also Known As the Flesh, because Wizards use Words to make Spells so people would understand what they are saying, so all words have two meanings, but only one of them is the intent of its meaning, this was how you wrote using Witchcraft, and it is what the Bible is written in as well, one is for that Little Voice to understand, and the other is for the Light to understand, and those that do not think this way will never understand that, which is why the Churches Hunted down and Murdered Wizards and Witches over the ages, because they did not want people thinking like this, this is proof that the Little Voice in your head is the Devil, because no one else in your head could lie to you, and that is the Science of it, spells like Evil are just backward spells for Live, so D-Evil is a Spell, and that is not read D minus Evil, the dash is silent so if you remove it you have the word Devil, this also has the Spell of D`evil, and it has many meanings to different people, but to me it means Disseminating Evil, which means that the Devil is a liar if they are talking about things that go against the Spell Live, and that Little Voice can be just that, if Live means to eat, then Not to Live means to starve to death, so do not listen to it if it tells you to die or kill, because only Crazy people hear voices in their head thinking they are coming from someone else, and do what those voices tell you to do, because it is clear that you do not need that Little Voice to control your Body, and that is because that Little Voice is not in control of your Body, no matter how much you might want to have a bowel movement, if your body does not want to, your body is not going to, so who is in charge of your Body? Where your Bowel movement comes out of is in charge, so once you get over that fact, you can start to understand why its Crazy to think that people hear a third voice in their head, because I can not tell you how many people tell me: that they are referring to voices in their head to mean that there is another voice other than their Little Voice in the head, because when I hear voices in my head, they can be like a movie, and I hear multiple voices from multiple people, so what is this mysterious third voice coming from? You only have one voice in your Head, I do not care how Crazy you are, you would have to be Crazier than that to think its even possible to have a third voice in your head that was not you, so who is Crazier, the person that said you are Crazy if you hear voices in your head, or the person who added that its impossible not to hear voices in your head, making it that voice that is telling you want to do, but the reality of it is that you listened to that voice knowing this from the beginning, yet you went along with all the madness, and that is Crazy, and it must be Spelled with a Capital C, and that is so you can C how Crazy you are for listening to that Voice in your Head to start with, so its just like Flip Wilson always said The Devil made me do it, so as it turns out that this concept is well-known, and most people were trained to use this Little Voice, and now they do not know how to stop using it, and most people do not even care and give it no thought at all, because they do not think that they can ever think any other way, which is what I call Insane, where Crazy is a term to describe degrees of Insanity.

The way that you think determines the way you will interpret any event, and there is no denying this, your Little Voice will tell you one thing, and unless you can hear that other voice, which is Silent at Night, because it comes out in your Dreams, and is nothing more than Electricity running your Circuits as if your Body was its Computer's Motherboard, or nothing more than a Robot made out of organic material, because that is all it is, because the same energy it takes to run machines, is the same energy it takes to run all the other Life in the Universe, so this proves there is only 1 God, and that God is the Light, whereas some people believe that Electricity is not God, that Electrical Circuits are what makes Electronics work not God, well that is just Stupid, how do you think Electricity makes it through the Maze of Paths it can take? Logic, it has to determine the fastest route before it goes there, that means it has Intelligence, also it is normally running backwards from what Engineers believe, and it is because they actually have no concept how Electricity actually works, and this is a Scientific fact based on Science that I called Trinary Science, because it explains how the entire Universe works at the Cellular Level, and it uses the same Principles that a Cell Phone uses to communicate with other Cell Phones, only it is using the Light, which is just another frequency of Electricity, so how different are we from a Computer, since all our Sensory inputs all come down to Electric Circuits we call Nerves, its just the programming and the circuit boards that differs, so all our current Science proves that what I am saying is a fact, and it is only how IAM saying it that makes this feel like Religion instead of Science, and that is because Scientist hear Voices in their Head, and they believe them, so instead of believing in the Light, they continue to Live in the Darkness, so it is Evil, which is the backward Spell for Live, so it is also called the Devil, because that voices says to do something your conscience knows is wrong, and that is because your Conscience is the Light, so is it Con-Science or just Science that deals with that Little Voice that is always Conning them, but that is how a Wizard explains things, and it is because that is the way they think, and all IAM asking is for you to try to think this way if you do not already, because what IAM about to tell you might go against everything you believe in, that is if you are just that Little Voice in your Head, but I will tell it in a way that at first you will not understand unless you are in the Light, as opposed to only living within that Little Voice in your Head that I call Darkness, because if that is all you hear, then you are deaf, not that you may not hear from your Ears, but you can not hear from your Eyes, Also Known as I's, or Third Eye, because trust me, God has a Cell Phone, and at the Cellular Level I can prove God is talking to you, and if you do not hear it, or worse, understand it, then this World I Live in, will not be seen by you, so you are also Blind, because you can not see my Imagination or your own, which is Witchcraft, witch is actually just Wish-Craft, what ever you wish comes into your Mind as Images, not words, but Imagine that all your senses link to, you visually see it in your mind, upon recognition all the: Sights, Sounds, Smells, Taste, and Touch, as if you could label one of those senses as the first, because in the Bible I do not remember God giving any of our Senses a Ranking, and if you had to choice which Sense you Rank More Important, most Sighted People would pick Sight, having asked a few blind people, I would think it would be Sound, because a Blind Person depends on that most of all, having Neuropathy in my extremities, I would pick Touch, but what is point in living if you can not Taste anything, so it is Senseless to Rank your Senses, so do not forget your 6th Sense: which is just an awareness of the combination of all factors that allow you to see beyond what your sense in Reality, it is something you can perceive, which may lead you to believe you can tell the past or future, as if you know something is about to happen because it happened before, it also gives you Ballance so you can stand still, yet that one ability is not a combination of other abilities, instead it is connected to your Earing, it is a Three Ring Antenna built into our Head, it has an: x, y and z-axis in the Electromagnetic Senses, just like a Bird, or an Insect, which have their Antennas on the outside, this allows all Lifeforms to Navigate in the Dark, and humans use it for a lot more than just Ballance, trust me, I have Vertigo because another part of my Earing system, which has these tiny Hairs that these Rocks roll around in, where destroyed by Antibiotics, so I get a sense of spinning sometimes when I look up or down, or left or right, or for no reason what so ever, but the Fear of Heights, is actually not caused by Vertigo, but by the way they define the meaning, which one is due to the fear of looking down from a great height, or even looking up at one, because I suffer from that fear also, its called the Reality of Falling Down, I have gotten up way too many times to not know this feeling, and to fear it, but the Reason behind why you fear it is not the same at all, as the Movie Title for which it became known for, people like me fear looking any direction when we are walking, and it is hard to talk to people when we have to stand, because we are always looking for a place to fall safely, and the more we look around the more we need to find that place, or sit down before we do, so this Sense is something that is not working so well in me, so I know a lot about it as a Result; I have Tinnitus, which is a very defined Ringing Tone, that is nearly the same pitch, duration, and oscillation pattern, due to the Bio-electrical characteristics that causes this condition, which can be caused by many Factors, and Load Sounds are a Major Factor in mine, as was explosions, and where the term Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury came from, but not to be confused with the term his Mind was Blown, or his Music was always too Loud, because Volume is a Personal Thing, and why headsets instead of load Speaker, are a better idea in public places, but maybe that is an Aspie thing, we tend to over analyze everything, which in Science is a good thing, because if we are going to not really care about the order of the first 5 senses, why bother with the 6th, because the next sense is one that allows you to connect to every Cell in your Body and understand that you are just the Energy flowing through this Body, and not any of its Parts, and that its just the Body that Feels the Pain, and it is just sending electric signals to the Brain to let it know about problems, so it is the Light and I call this the 7th Sense, but for some this will take a monumental leap in Evolution, because some people can not quiet that Little Voice enough to hear themselves think, and if they have Tinnitus, which affects me, then I have a hard time communicating with myself, as if that gabbing pain in my body was not enough, from the Neuropathy down to my feet might be from my broken back, because all pain has a reason, if I thought about it long enough, I could figure out what it is I think it was saying, which is normally not to do that again, because pain is a punishment for doing something wrong: do this, do not do that, eat this, do not eat that, can't you read the Signs, and it is all because of the way that you think determines the way you will interpret any event, so you can not continue to Think in the Dark if you want to See in the Light.

Living in the Light is easy to do once you understand the basic concept, which is to ignore that Little Voice in your Head, and think about everything IAM Writing or Saying as images that you look at without judgment, as if the Letters, Words or Spells are just Energy Signals like those you get when you poke your finger with a Pin and it Bleeds, and if you keep doing that every time that you hear that Little Voice, the Punishment will sink in, it is telling your body not to do that, so pinch yourself every time you allow that Little Voice to become you, as if that is you, and it is you talking, sure it is the Meat that is talking, but it is using the Light to do so, taking away your Energy just to talk, it is not thinking by the way, and you cannot use it to think, all it does is slow you down to the speed of speech, the facts are you do not need it to think. I did not need to have my Left Arm dislocated again to remember not to use it to write with, because IAM part Human, and Humans can adapt to situations, because all the Light that is your Soul comes down to Energy, Pure Energy, Light without Darkness, but the Light can not Live without the Darkness, this actually means that the Word or Spell of Live, means to animate the Flesh, whereas the Light never Dies, so Live has no meaning to it in terms of Energy, so the Flesh is Required, but not that Little Voice. I only believe Doctors that tale you that only Crazy People hear voices talking to them in their Head, so get a Pin and take Notes every time that Little Voice says that this Document is not my Truth, prick yourself with the Pin, because the Light never Lies to you, only your Darkness can lie to you, and only if you let it, this is called Freewill, this is not dealing with Spirituality, only Science, what is happening at the Atomic Level of our Body, at the Cellular Level you can see that the Light is Controlling all the Microscopic Engines in your Body, so it was what created all Life, and is controlling it at the smallest level which is the Atom, so call it what you want, the Light or God that is all Light without Darkness, Newton said God is the Force in all his Equations, Franklin said that Lightning has Electricity in it, and it was like touching the Hand of God, Tesla said we are Light Beings, and Jeffrey Scott proved that your Brainwave is Electricity and your SOUL is Light, but if you do not believe this when you read it, you will never understand it, therefore you will never believe it, and like I said, I do not care what you believe, nor does the Universe, so know it or no it not, because if I say that it is a fact that the Light controls every Atom in the Universe and you say no it not, then I feel like IAM talking to children who do not know any better, because the Universe will work what ever way it works, all I am asking you to do is believe it till you finish this Document, because you can not mix the Dynamic or any other Universe with the Trinary Universe, you can not compare what I am saying with what you know or believe, the Trinary Universe is based on Observable Science that can be put to a repeatable experiment and proven Scientifically, but it requires you to think about the Universe in the Light, from the Lights point of view, and at the Subatomic Level, every Atom in your Brain is being Controlled by the Light, it is that 98.6 watts of Energy the body produces to stay alive, and being in the Light: is knowing this, not believing it, but knowing it, so it is to become Enlightened, being a Light Being is becoming the Energy, and not the Little Voice, so the choice is yours, Freewill is not a choice, nor is it Free, every action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction, so even thoughts come with a price, and for those that believe in the Dynamic Universe and believe everything is possible, whereas reality is much different, it has its own set of rules, and the Light has its own set of rules, only those rules follow a pattern, and to see that pattern you must think in terms of Images, so Sights, Sounds, Smells, and other perceptions are all in these Images, much like a video recording that also has tracks for emotions, tactile feelings, as well as other details like smell and the 6th sense, so when taking notes do not bleed to death in the process, the first prick is when that Little Voice starts to talk, the second one is when it fools you into thinking it can not stop talking, and the third prick is for when you believe it can not stop talking, after that you slowing bleed out, as your mind tells your body to prick itself with a Pin every time that little voice says something, but you are stuck in a loop, because the Body can not believe it can not stop its own body from pricking it with a pin every time it talks, because it thinks it is in charge, that is called Freewill, because when you know it is not, and you can prove this by pricking yourself with a pin to prove it, despite the body not wanting to be pricked, the body will self inflict this pain, and can not stop itself from doing so once you put your mind to it, so if the body had a mind of its own, it would stop you, as it would if you tired to commit suicide, because that is Evil, and you do not have to do it to know that it can be done, thus proving my point, because some people have committed suicide just to shut that little voice up, and trust me, both of them lose, the Light and Darkness must work together to Live, and anything that disrupts that is Evil, so why did I tell you to prick your finger every time that little voice talks to you? How else will you get it to shut up? In practice, you prick your finger and yell Ow, as that little voice says that hurts, you tell it to shut up and it rambles on, so you prick it again and repeat this process till you stop bleeding, good luck with that one, Aspies are bad at Sarcasm, and our Humor is based on facts, so I mean what I say and I say what I mean, and that is how I Live in the Light, by proving that the Pin is mightier then the Sword in the Stone, and when you start using your 7th Sense, buy since all Trinary Numbers Start with 0, we will call this the 6th Sense: you will be able to communicate with Cells in your Body, so its Gods Cell Phone to the Flesh, that you call meat, or Me for Short, so if you look into a Mirror, you would be say I, and truly understand what the 67th Sense is all about.

Memories are stored as pointers in the Brain, not as actual data, and these pointers get edited as well as the data every time you access a memory, so you normally only remember it the way that you last remembered it, and not the way you did the first time, so Knowledge is always changing, it is not set in stone, so beware of this fact next time you swear that a memory of something was a certain way before you call up that memory, or you will impose this information over the memory, thus altering that memory, making it a false memory, too many of those and you will have Deja Vu, and not always with regard to that memory, but other memories that have crossed linked with them, and this happens on many levels, like: Sight, Sound, Smell, the 3 S's are the Snake in the story of Adam & Eve, Adam was White as Day and Eve was as Dark as Night, and the name Eve is just short for Evening so it is just a Spell, that means the Flesh has turned from White to Black, its just a DNA Gene that can be passed on to children, so their Descendants would be a mixed race of Jew Tribes, each remembering things their own way, and that argument continues to rage on to this day, and Religion was all about remembering it a specific way, and not the way the story actually goes, but in Science we can do DNA test and confirm that all Jews have both White and Black Genes in their DNA, and every DNA on file has both, so everyone is a Jew according to their own DNA test, yet some do not want to admit to that, so most will not get their DNA tested, but the Government already did that to everyone living on this Planet in search for someone Special, so unless you are Special, you are just a Jew, and in Religion it makes little difference, the Christians can not remove the Word Judeo to hide the fact they are just Jews, because Judeo relates to Judaea where Judas betrayed Jesus Bar Abbas, and do not get me going over the Muslims, Mohammad just stole the Bible, and added a belief that you have to Murder anyone that does not believe in the Interpretation of Mohammad, who himself was only concerned about having sex with Children and exploiting women, selling them like Sheep because that is all they are to the believers of Islam, which in itself was an altered memory from those after Mohammad, but the Christians only want to make the Muslims out to be Suicide Bombers, and bring up the Beheading of Christians as something new and Evil, because they do not want to own up to the Christian Crusades, but the Jews are no better with their Memory, because some of them live in Israel which is the place the Nazi's blackmailed the World to get in their World War, so all Religions are Evil and only see the Darkness in others and not in themselves, so the stories in the Bible were changed to fit the beliefs of a specific Religion, its original memory came from the person who first wrote it, and that was a Human, so every time they thought about it, they changed that Memory, and by the time they wrote it down, it was not even the same memory, so this is where Knowledge starts. You must set all your Religious beliefs aside in order to understand what it is IAM trying to say, and the word IAM spelled all upper case I A M with no spaces, so it is just a Spell for I And Me, in English it is spelled upper case I space lower case am, the word means I which is a symbol for a Light being, it is the 3rd Eye, which forms a Pyramid, and can be found on the back of a U.S. 1 Dollar Bill, and Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, so it is the Body, and that Little Voice goes with that Body, and I is literally the Light of God, and Memories are all Stored in the Light using the Darkness, I will talk more about this in other chapters, but if you think about the Light as the Energy, and the Darkness as the Conductor, it starts to sound like an Electronic Circuit, or any Life Form, because we all have to have a path for Electricity to flow through, too much Energy and you can burn out the circuit, its why our Blood is rich with Iron, it is a conductor, out entire body uses Electricity for every function it preforms, things most people would argue are Chemical Processes, are really just Electronic Circuits, and you know that is true if you start knowing it is, as such knowing and believing are not the same, beliefs are weak bounds to concepts, people go back and forth on issues all their life, and will do so as long as they hold on to beliefs, once they decide to let go, and only rely on what they can prove is the truth, than they know the path to take and thoughts that work: as long as Truth is the Path they take, based on Facts, and do not forget the Empirical Evidence, now what your Brain must do is rewrite those Neural Pathways, that is called Rewiring your Brain, and now you will start to Think differently, once you do, you will find that mapping Electrical Pathways in the Flesh, will provide you with a Schematic of the Human Body, if you know where to apply the correct energy, you could repair systems, even keep life forms alive, you could reanimate the dead without a SOUL, it would then become a Monster that is full of Evil, it is the Story of Frankenstein, Lightning has always been known to bring back the Dead, or make them Dead... The Light is the Energy in all Life Forms, and the Darkness is the Bodies, but the Memories are Stored in the Light and not the Bodies, so the Brian is not forming Memories, just storage areas for Electronic Memories to be stored like a memory circuit in a computer, its just an index into the Memory of the Universe, where the Memory is actually stored, our brains only store and process Electric Impulses, we call these Brain Waves, only in the Electricity is the Light, the Light is actually everywhere in the Universe and accounts for 100% of the volume of the Universe, the Darkness covers the same amount of space, only it is in the 3rd Dimension, so its both Matter and Antimatter, its composed of Neutrinos from an Element in the Periodic Table of Elements, so it is what all Atoms are made of, and there are 3 types of Light that is inside of it, whereas the Light is in the 1st and 2nd dimensions and can be seen in the 3rd dimension, but all its Energy comes from the 0 dimension, which is why our thoughts become jumbled when we get electrocuted, our brains are Electrical, only its Light and Not Electricity, and why I call it Light, and not Electricity at a different frequency is because our brains are a filter for the Light to flow through, and there are parts of the brain that think about this that and the other thing, but it works by chemical changes caused by the Light, since it is the Energy that is required to make every Cell in you Body to operate, so our Brain only stores pointers to Memory, and the actual memory is encoded in the Light, so when that Light goes out, so does that memory, so memories are made of Lightning, and are stored in the Galattice as we will talk about in chapters to come, its basically like a Memory Chip, and the reason Electronics works so well is because we do...

Our thoughts are not from our Brain but from our Mind, and our Brains are not Computers running a Program nor are they Biological, because our Brains are just filters for the Light, just like Plants need Sun Light, all Life needs the Light, it is also distributed by the Earths Magnetic Field, and that too is Required, so Space Travel will also need to meet that requirement, and do not forget that White Light is not just in the Visible Spectrum, the Light in our Bodies of Flesh, are not Visible to the Human Eye, but to full Spectrum Recorders the Light can be seen, but you cannot see our Thoughts, those are not even in our Body, they are part of the Galattice [1], and it is only through this connection that awareness begins; keep in mind that if you number your Senses starting a 0, your 6th would be Light. The Reality of Life is seen as Energy and not Biological directly, but more to the fact that Biology is creating Electrical Circuits in the Body, and since its talking using Light, its Talking to God, since God is All Light without Darkness, and it is not a Deity, it is the Light without Darkness, I call it Trinary Energy, you can call it what you want, but Newton called it God, but said it was not Christ, nor the Son of Christ, that was Jesus Bar Abbas, and that is how this whole departure from Science began, it all started with an Insane thought that Jesus was two Men instead of one, witch all comes down to how you Read the Bible, because if you allow someone else to tale you what it says just because you do not understand it, well that leads you down a road where you no longer think for yourself, so your Mind is locked away in a Box that becomes the collective Minds of all the other Sheeple in the Herd: that Heard that Jesus was two Men and actually had 3 Names, because if people do not understand that Story, they will never understand what he was even talking about, witch was the Light without Darkness, that was his God, his Father was Light, his Son was the Darkness, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit was Mother making Mother Earth the Nature of God: the Light that Humans can not see with their naked eye, and it is all because our Mind is not in our Brain, our Brain only records pointers to it, and those are stored in our DNA, but only certain parts of the Body can read and write to them, so the Brain is a very important Organic Recording Machine, but the Intelligence comes from the Light and not the Organic Material, that is just you, so its Me, and that is just short for Meat so it is the Flesh, but you are actually out of your Mind, literally speaking, your Mind is not in your Body at all, and it never has been, it is in the Energy that flows through you, and once that Light is put out, you are Dead, and that is what Jesus said: you can kill me, but I will never die, because I is the Light of God, and that is who IAM, and what you are, as Tesla put it: we are all Light Beings, this is why out-of-body experiences seem so real, because your Energy can leave your Body while you are alive, it just has no way of interacting with the Environment, but I do have a Theory that you can create a Machine that is in tune with our Energy, as such you can interact with it from long distances, even Light Years away, the machine would have to be real sensitive to distinguish between two humans, or an external device will have to be used to boost the signal, such that it only transmits a brainwave that it is connected to.

The Brain as an Organ has a left and right side, at times its redundant, that is that you can live with only half a brain, and it does not matter which side, and your Brain has to function differently when not in backup mode, meaning that you Brain can store long term memory in one side of the brain, but not the other, so you can forget it, also known as short term memory lost, this is more of an issue when it happens on one side of the Brain, then when crosses Brains during backup mode, this is done in both Parallel and in Serial mode, this is all Electrical in nature, so a transmission line is required, and if you cut this connection, you will effectively cut that side of the Brain away, and Brain Surgeons know how to do this now, this is not Science Fiction, its Reality, our Brain is designed to have a backup, so if one side is injured, the other side can take over, much like a hard drive, so it has to have a full copy of all the files, and any that do match both sides might get deleted, or lost memories, so we understand the Brain well enough, and we have no Evidence that our Mind is in there, other than that is where the sound seems to be coming from, but in reality, it would make more sense for it to be in our Throat, since that is where our Vocal cords are, and that Little Voice is part of that System, because it is only good to help you simulate speech, you never use it to do any real important thoughts, like keeping your Heart Running, although you can effect its rhythm, very few people do it in a good way, and thinking about where our Mind is located might be a Moot Point, or a Mute point if you can not talk, and throat cancer does not affect our Mind, so I have no reason to believe it is there, its just a fact that the brain is so fragile, that it would seem a good place to put it, not a good reason I know, considering that sometimes people hit each other in the head when they fight, yet I have no reason to think a Persons mind ever stops working, no matter how damaged the Brain is, and I have many facts to back me up on this one, because people come out of comas after the Brain heals. What makes some people insane and not another is due to how we handle insane thoughts, for example: a Deity is an Insane thought, it teaches you to have Faith the God is Good, and Evil is Bad, but the Bible States God is All Light without Darkness, so is it Light that is Good and Darkness that is Evil, if so: you would never sleep good knowing what awaits you at Night, do this is known as a Paradox, and that is what Religion is, how can Darkness be Evil when we cannot Live without it, and how can Light be Good if it can give us Skin Cancer that can kill us, because the fact is that the Bible only Defines what God is in Terms of Light and Darkness, and never States that Light is Good or Darkness is Bad, only Religion does that, so it is a Lie, and only Santa, I mean Satan lies, so this Paradox is why Einstein said that his Theory of General Relativity was not true, because you can not Deny the Jesus Bar Abbas was the Leader of the Militia, who was fighting against the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxation, and you know it is the same Money that got Jesus Christ Murdered, when Judas sold him out, because he used Money, and accepted it to bring Jesus to them, but the Jews did not want to Murder Jesus themselves, because they said it was against their Religion to Kill, so they made the Roman Empire Kill him, and according to History, Jesus Bar Abbas was executed, but Jesus Christ never Existed, a Paradox that Faith can not Solve, because a Lie is still just a lie, and that is what Sir Isaac Newton called it, and said that the reason Christ was inserted into the Bible, was to prove that they would Deny the Jesus Bar Abbas was their Savior, and not Money, and this is why he died, Newton's said Bar/Abbas was Martyred, by allowing him to Live and Leave Free for the Crime of being the Leader of the Militia, or, get this, you chose Christ, who never existed in History, and only in the Bible after the 3rd Century, so witch History do you Believed, the one you know is Altered just to make only the Love of Money Evil, or the Version where you tale the Store of Bar/Abbas, who died because of your Sins for continuing to allow the use of Money and Taxation, think about that long and Hard if you are still a Christian, or Religious in any way, because both versions of Jesus end in the Same Money with their Blood on it, and that Blood will never wash off, so its Evil, and the Paradox of Religion, proving you can not buy a Cake, and Eat it without it being Evil too, meaning only Sinners would Defend Money, because it is a Satanic Act, just ask Santa why Satan Mocks him, and Saints only bring Suffering and never Eliminate it, and whose Science do you buy without Money, it was Newton's, or My Trinary Science based on his, Franklin and Teslas work.

Personally I do not believe in Religion, I believe in the Bible, and it does not make any difference which one as long as God is All Light without Darkness, but I do not believe in a Deity, knowledge has to be based on facts, and a Deity can never become a fact by its very definition, because no two people could ever agree upon what a Deity is, yet the Light can be Scientifically validated, and the Bible states that God is All Light, so the two words mean the same thing, so call it what you want, but anything that is All Light is the Light by another name, but leave Religion out of it, if I refer to the Light as God, or God as the Light, or the Light Beings as being who IAM is part of, the other half being the Flesh Being who is just Me or You, so if God created all Life, then that Life is part of God, because God's Image is in Light, because God is all Light, and I only see in Images, so the Word God does not mean much to me but Light, but Gods Image does, because that is the Light. Note: Image means the Light of an Object, and without the Light you could not see the Object, yet we can not see the Light without Darkness, we can only see the Darkness, and therefore most have Faith that the Light Exist.

So the word think is all based on how you think, and how you think I spell it, if its with that Little Voice then that thinking is all a Delusion, because it is not using the Light, and any Intelligent person knows this is the truth, so Knowledge is based on facts and not fiction, so Religion has no place in Science, but God does, in fact God should be the basis of Science, instead of the Godless Science of the Dynamic Universe; and why I talk so much about the Bible, and not Religion, just like Newton, so you might now see the Pattern, since we are both talking about the Same thing, which is what God is, and how God is the Force of Gravity in all Newton's Math, Proving God is Energy; and knowing all our Thoughts are Electrical in Nature, they too are just Gods Energy, so Gods Lights is how we know the Gallice is Real, and not just a Word with a Spell, that describes the Spirit of God, or Gods Memory, or how God Communicates with all Lifeforms; because Mind Thinking is all Minds and how they do the Thinking, and do not forget our Brain has Cannabis as well as LSD Rectors, specifically for those Drugs, so even if you never use those Drugs, you can still be influenced by them; so when people ask what kind of Drug have I been Taken, I can say Gods Drug, its just a Natural Drug that my mind can handle, but the fact is that I never had to take Drugs to Get High and feel those effects, that is Bad Science, Trinary Science is about Mind Thinking, not Brain Thinking, or Brainwashing, this is not your Brain on Drugs, what that has to with Fried Eggs is Simple, add a little Bacon or Pig with it, and you will understand that Taste in your mouth, its called the Law of Money.

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