Chapter 1.11:
Colors of the Mind
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  


Chapter 1.11:
Colors of the Mind:

Autistic, Allistic
or Neurotypical

The Human Mind has colors, these colors define who we are, and as individuals we are all different and at the same time we are all the same, we are all Humans, and it is only how we categorize Humans do Labels even mean anything, and labeling them by Color does not mean anything, as an Ashkenazi I know that the Black Gene is in my DNA, its just dormant, so at the DNA level Color is just one Gene that we both have, one is turned on, the other is not, so the color difference is only 1 genes state, and does not define who we are or how we think, just what color we are, whereas the way we think has more to do with our brains color, and that is in shades of Grey, and as far as I know there is not a gene for brain types, that does not mean one does not exist, only that no one has found it yet, but I am sure it is a gene that controls the Color of the Mind, not the Brain, I am sure those are all the same Color, but our Mind will show many types of Color, as seen in Illustration 1.06: Colors of the Mind, so these colors are in shades of Light, and they range from Light to Dark and can be identified as such: Autistic, Allistic or Neurotypical, the image below only shows the difference between the Autistic and Neurotypical, where the Allistic may not be Autistic, but they are not Neurotypical, they are Neurodivergent, so it is in the Color of our Minds that these colors allow us to see the world in different colors, and it might be a DNA Gene.

Colors of the Mind
Illustration 1.06: Colors of the Mind Full Size

The Neurodivergent War is just starting to get as Ugly as the Race Wars, for years Neurotypical believed that they were better than Autistic, but now the NT War is getting down to name-calling, just like in the Race Wars, all because someone and I will not mention their name, started comparing Neurotypicals to Sheep, and this angered them, not sure which one it angered the Most, because Sheep do not like to be called Human or even Human Like, the truth is when Humans start calling them Humans they run for the Hills, just so they do not have to squeal like a Pig, so I can understand why the Sheep do not like being called Human, it makes their butt pucker at the Thought, but that is how some Sheep have to Live, not knowing whose their Daaadddy, but all jokes a side, why Humans want to defend acting like Sheep is beyond me, I mean if you do not believe yew are stupid, what is the point in talking about it, but that is just a Game called Witchcraft, its using Words and Spells to make a Point, and by making a problem and identifying it as a problem, only defines the Problem, and the Cure is Education, Sheeple are not Real Entities in the World, they are make believe, like Money, it is no more valuable than Monopoly Money, and even the rules are not much different, if you have enough Money you can get out of Jail for not using Money, this does not bother most Neurotypicals as much as it does me, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin all warned you about Money, but the Words Spelled Only has no meaning to Greedy People, they think only applies to others without Money, so Law is what you pay for, as is the Science the that it Pays for, so this War on Ignorance is getting out of Hand, People Deny the Truth about simple things, like the meaning of the Spell Amend, all because of Ignorance of what Words mean, Only means Only, it is not a Minor Change to make it Disappear, it is the Magic of Money, and it is why Autism is being treated like a Disease, soon you will be able to get a Vaccine if you cannot already, just for Autism, and it will be forced on Children who go to Public School, and Neurotypicals do not have a problem with this, it will soon pass into Law, all because of Stupidity, ignorance must be Bliss, imagine a Life if none of the People in my Acknowledgments were never born, form Newton's Math to Mozart's Music, all gone just because Neurotypicals allowed this Law to pass, its called the Ignorance Law, and the Law of Ignorance States that the School Districts must Lower their Standards for what an IQ of 70 means, so they lower the Bar for Stupid People just so they can pass High School, but it starts in Elementary School, the dumb kids down by teaching them things to remember, and not teaching them how to use Logic and Reasoning to figure Problems out, they teach time tables and do not require Math to pass lower Grades, then lower the Grades by average, so that no one fails and never has to learn math, than they make jobs that do not require anyone to think, till we are at the point in Evolution that only the people with high IQ's know how to work things, now that job is being automated by Computers, so if they break, who will fix them when all the Smart people are Gone? As a Society based on Money never changes, its need to make more money increases to cover its debt, till after only 20 years, the system is doom to failure, those Nations that do not want to deal with the problem, borrow Trillions from the Bank that Owns them, and we all know who is in charge, it is not someone Stupid, I know its easy to call people stupid, and do not forget its entertaining, that is why I do it, no other reason by the way, its called Trinary Humor, it goes like this, a Typical Neurotypical has an attention span of 32 seconds, that number is a constant throughout time, it starts when you are afraid that if you step out of line, the Man comes and Takes you away, just like the Song said, that is how long it took people to swear on their Children's Lives that Jesus Bar Abbas was not Christ, and that belief is not just based on Neurodiversity, but it was known that Jesus Bar Abbas was Autistic, so what changes when you finally agree that Christ was inserted into the Bible, so that Money could be used to make People Slaves to the Banks that Own them, just Logic and Reasoning that most People do not apply to Reality, so it allows them the Right to Vote to weather or not this Vaccine will become a Law, or just an Optional Vaccine, knowing that JAMA released a 50-year study that stated Vaccines never worked, and that is not recent history, it is a few years old now, I think it was 2012, but who cares about Facts like that, I did not even bother to look it up, because no matter how long ago it was, no one acts like they got that memo, because as far as I know they are still required by Law, so what are these Vaccines doing? Making Humans Stupider as if that is a word and was even possible, these People actually do not care if they get a Vaccine or Not, or if their Children have to get them, so this is all about the Colors of not just your Minds, but your Children's, they are not a Disease, nor is a High IQ, yet most people voted to allow the research into a cure, now its just a fact, and like all others, it is a fact hidden in plain sight using Witchcraft, its why all the Wizards and Witches know the Truth, but Normal People actually believe this is all Legal, as if the Meaning of Law has no meaning to them, only means ONLY, give me a break, if does not matter what Neurodiverse you are, Stupid is Stupid, if the Meaning of Words has no meaning to a Nation, then either does the Truth, so take a good look at the Colors of your Mind, not so much the ones you get in a Hospital, but the one that allows you to ignore the Facts I present as Rantings, but that is just Projections, and some far from that stuff so, I left in, so I would be write in the end... Not that My End has its Problems, Mine is full of Shit most of the time, as a matter of fact, I took that issue to new levels of Pain, and that is what Words and Spells do when you add them to the Colors of my Mind, because this War is not so Silent anymore, people attack you when they find out you are different from them, as if there is an us and a them, as if the Government was not made up of a group of people known as we, but that is not Reality, and only those with Colorful Minds know this, others Learn the Truth and Open your Mind, there is nothing in an Autistic Person's brain that is not in a Normal Persons, the only real difference is the way they connect the dots, as such, there is no specific brain chemistry that makes high IQ offspring, maybe they have it, maybe their parents had it, mine did, not sure about my child, but that is my life, all I see is a War over who is Smarter, as if it is a Contest you have to enter to Win, but in reality it does not matter, not even to me, my IQ is as full of Shit as I am, not that IAM, because sometimes I am just Me, and that is because I do not allow the Light into my Life, so the whole game I play with Words and Spells, ones that Say that IAM an Ashkenazi, and Autistic with IQ two, sounds like a game but its true, that is why its so fun to Play, sometimes the truth is stranger then the Facts, but when it comes to me, I know only one thing, the truth about the Light of God Sir Isaac Newton wrote the Math for...

People want to believe they are Enlightened, when the word is just a Spell that Newton, Franklin and Tesla and other Wizards used to mean that they believed they were Light Beings, whereas people who believe in Spirituality or Deities and I do not distinguish between them, because they believe that this Higher Power does not take a Physical Entity, in other words the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother is not in a Living Entity, or maybe it was in Jesus Christ, but not in Jesus Bar Abbas, he was a Murder and has 3 Names, and just because they were born on the same day in the same city at the same time, this is just a coincidence because Jesus is a Common Name, well it is not if the Whole Book is about just him, and that is why my writing Style does not go good with Religion, I believe in what the Bible was written, not the Religion that tried to get me to believe it was not Real, that is what Isaac Newton said, so who AMI to argue? So who is God? Mainstream states it is not in any mortal being, which is a Darkside belief, most believe that God is a Deity or Sprite that does not Physically Exist, as Sir Isaac Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible to make people believe that using the Money that he was Killed for is just fine, because we all Sin, when the only Sin was to use Money and Deny that you knew Jesus's last name, because even in the Bible it was not Christ, it was Bar/Abbas, so Christians are all Deniers, so in Shades of Grey our Belief System, or BS is regulated by the Colors of our Mind, because those that can see the Light, know that Light is who we are, and being Autistic, Allistic or Neurotypical has nothing to do with that any more than the Color of our Skin, because we all have the Ability to change our prescription of Reality based on Light, and it starts by giving up our Ghost and becoming the Light, because Nikola Tesla said that we are Light Beings, and Tesla's Electricity still lights up my lights, but like Newton, they both had Autistic Minds, so the Colors they could see was amazing, and as Albert Einstein once said, I believe in Newton, so he wrote a Theory about how this Universe would be without the Light of God controlling it, and one Paradox after another, His-Story about the Godless Dynamic Universe colored the Minds of its believers a very Dark color, so this is called the Dark Ages, where Einstein wrote it as a Joke, the weaker Minds believed he was telling them the Truth, and it is only in the Colors of our Mind can we actually prove what is the Truth and what is a Theory, but then Reality kicks in, the Dynamic Universe is just a Theory and not a Fact, so it is not the Truth, so it is a fact that only the Darkside believes in the Godless Dynamic Universe, and those Humans did not include Einstein, because he believed in the Light of God till the day he died, but he will be known as the Dark Wizard, because he wrote the Darkest Theory of all time, but I am also a Wizard, because I practice the ways of the Wizards, I know how to read and write using words that are just Spells in the Art of Witchcraft, so it is in the Colors of Autism that I see the Light, and know its just who IAM, and I tale you so you will become Enlightened, and I can Light up your Mind. People that Believe in the Light that Newton called God, or the Light I call Trinary Energy, are called Trinarians [1].

In Light of the Enlightened comes Knowledge, and that is that everyone and everything in the Trinary Universe, is made of Light, the same Light that is in me is in everything in the Universe: Atom's. The Knowledge is that Atom's are made of Neutrinos and 3 Types of Light, or Trinary Light, this knowledge was an Ashkenazi Masonic Secret, so Secret the few knew it, that is how Secrets get forgotten, just like Newton's work, when Einsteins Theory became the Public Rage, there were lots of Mix emotions, but as the Banks only Funded Research into Einsteins Theories, it was clear which Science won out, and the word Enlightened took on a whole new meaning, but the Colors of our Mind was always in the back of our Minds, well at least it is for those that think about it, because deep thoughts take you to deep places in your mind, just because you are NT does not mean that you can not learn to think like someone Autistic, in fact they are easier to learn then NT, not because NT is less complex, it is because they are more predictable once you understand their pattern, its why I learned to blend in for some long and few people guessed I was Autistic, some do not believe it after I told them, mostly because they had no idea what Aspies are all about, it is not that its Normal to have a High IQ to be one, but it takes one to be one, since you are actually Autistic, but functioning at high level, which is not always enough for some to fit into society with Normal People, but those like me who learn to blend, do so because we had to learn to think like NT do, that sounds weird, like I should have just said Neurotypicals do instead of NT do, and sound like a commercial, but that is what I learned to do, use Acronyms that are harder to pronounce or Spell, and never rhyme with the word Orange, not much else to learn about them, them are very simple-minded Sheep, because I was talking about being a Dog in my last life, because that thought made it much easier to blend in, the Wolf did not even know who IAM, and that is how most people like me live their life, they just ignore the fact they are different from Normal people, so much that its Normal to call them NT instead of Normal, or just People for Short, that is because this War is getting out of hand, next the Name Calling will get down right Mean, because that is how Bullies behave, I learned that as a Child and never grew up, because Adults said that I would then understand all this Madness, and since I never did, it must because I never grew up, logic and reasoning does not escape me even in my darkest moment, but we all have those moments in our Life, when we wonder who IAM, and I am not talking about Me, I am talking about Life in General, the Colors of our Mind are just Areas of the Brain a Person uses to think, you can learn to open your Mind to new ideas and Concepts, that forces your brain to open up new pathways to learn new concepts, so it can also be used to train your brain to think using Logic and Reason, instead of Raw Emotions, which is not just an NT thing, I have more Emotional Break downs than most NT do, that would be the Neurotic side of being an Aspie like Newton and the others, its why Newton and Tesla could not have relationships with people, they thought they were lower life forms just because those people did not want to learn new ideas, and women only came into their lives to take over their life, and they wanted their Freedom, not so they could meet others, but so they could live alone if they could not live with others like them, who pushed the limits of their Knowledge, and that is what its like to have a high IQ, and anyone can increase their IQ, the Brain is the only limiting factor, if its healthy and not over vaccinated, and not feed chemical pesticides, it might form correctly, no Pollution, no Pharmaceuticals, and maybe it will learn new ideas, but mostly it is up to those that want to learn new things, and new ways to think, for example, if you start to think that Humans are just DNA based living entities, based on Gene Sequences, and Black and White are just switches, with 3 States they can create every shade of Grey in between, this is called Trinary in Lightning, it does away with the Color Race or Race War, and I think that Neurodiversity is also a Gene, but I cannot prove it, so its just a Theory, but if its true, then all you have to do is learn how to turn it on or off, not that it will change you overnight, Genes do not work that way, it takes over a year to replicate all the Genes in a body, and the Brain is no different, it is a change that only time can heal, so think twice before doing Gene Therapy, you might turn into a Frog, that sounds like a Story only Wizards would Tale, but the Truth is that everyone has the Ability to believe what they want, its called Freewill, the Color of our Mind is a Map to our Universe, it starts when everyone starts to believe they are 100% made of Light, since every Atom in the Universe is made of Light, and Neutrinos, it is not a far leap of Logic to conclude we are Light Beings in the Flesh, and the Colors of our Mind are just Snap shots of our total Potential of Brain Power being Used at that time, so learn to think more Deeply, more Clearer, and with more Logic than Reason, and with absolutely no Emotions, whatever... I was joking about the last one, but please keep it to a minimum, think with your mind and you will not die of a heart attack, that is what my Mother taught me when I was 3, but the Colors of her Mind live on in me, and that is all I wanted anyone to see in the Colors of my mind.

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