Chapter 1.10:
White Noise Experiment
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Chapter 1.10:
White Noise Experiment

Sir Isaac Newton included Imaginary Light in his work, but did not really talk about it much, only to point out that you must insure it is Real, which means that Imaginary Light should not be able to be Recorded, but he had no such tools in his time, so this is Science at its best, proof to end this discussion for the last time, so we can do a Scientific experiment based on anyone's and everyone's observation, so we need to set up this experiment so it can be validated and repeated.

Form 2 Groups: a controlled group and a none controlled group. In the Controlled Group ask them to describe the White Noise that all humans see in their vision, this phenomenon is a very well-known fact that has been studied for over half a century, so its existence and state changes are not in question, what we need to know is does it have a Pattern and if so what is it, they need to record their observation after looking at a blank white paper and a blank wall of any color, in fact test all colors and color combinations to rule out any perception issues, and you must do these tests indoors under artificial light, and also in a completely dark room, 66 minutes is the minimal time and 3 days should be the maximum time spent in total darkness, and outside in the Suns Light, and then observe the Sky during the Day and at Night, they should also record the same White Noise using different types of cameras and recorders, including full spectrum light recorders, which means that this recorder will record the full spectra of Light, including Infrared and Ultra Violet, these frequencies cover a spectrum starting before 0 hertz and travels up the scale as high of a frequency that can be recorded at the time, and also covers the range of amplitude from positive through negative like a sign wave, so you have negative frequencies to record also, not just negative amplitudes, and obviously you want a recorder without White Noise cancellation turned on, so do not forget to turn it off, so they can compare all the sighting and note any difference in what they saw and what was recorded, so we can all agree on what White Noise looks like, and how many state changes it has, and all the details we can conclude from it.

The none controlled group will be asked if they see White Noise under these same circumstances, but unlike the controlled group where you asserted that everyone on this Planet sees this White Noise, so it is a fact, and all you want to know is does it have a Pattern and if so what is it, so you set them up to assume that everyone knows that this White Noise exist and it has a Pattern, so what they will do is try to figure out what this pattern is, so this controlled group is preconditioned to believe that the White Noise and this Pattern exists, whereas the None Controlled group knows what the intent of this controlled group experiment is, and only needs to verify that in fact everyone in the World sees this White Noise, if it has a Pattern is irreverent at this point, but I will prove this Pattern is encoded, so it will be very important to determine if this is Real Light or Imaginary Light, or if the White Noise even exist, do not assume it does just because I have stated that it does and use others work on it as reference to the fact it actually exists, because I am a Schizoaffective Aspie, but that does not make me Crazy, but the drugs might have, but my point is that no Science should start with Assumptions, unless you want to Assume the person wanting this test validated was Crazy, so question everything, and Assume nothing, and validate and repeatable.

I have done this Experiment many times over the years with many people, enough to conclude that even Blind people see White Noise, so I know you do, and I do not think you will find anyone that does not, even though most people will say they do not see anything in pure Darkness, it takes 20 minutes just for the human eye to adjust to darkness, and Newton and myself stayed in total darkness for 3 days doing this experiment, and I can tell you the Light only got brighter and easier to see, because it is a fact of life, stay in the dark long enough and you will go blind and see this Light for the rest of your life, trust me it is better to take my word for this instead of trying it, and it has nothing to do with Electronic Recordings, because they are recording the same thing we are seeing, and this Experiment has been done so many times over the years by so many people, that I assert it is a fact that White Noise is Real Light, because that was the Conclusion that Sir Isaac Newton was trying to make, and hundreds of years later nothing has changed.

Some Autistic people seem to have an advantage over Neurotypical people when it comes to Pattern Recognition, whereas Allistic are not Autistic but the are Neurodivergent and not Neurotypical so this advantage works for them as well, I refer to this as Pareidolia Syndrome [1], this is a known fact, so no experiments are required, as was the above, but I needed to make the point, so I did the Experiment, and ask you to do the same, because all of what I am saying must be proven using Science, so to that end, I must point out that it might be due to the fact that I am Autistic that I even noticed this Pattern, and that just like with patterns in the clouds, most people do not see them the same way, so I will not talk about the Patterns much, because they have no real meaning in Science, other than looking at the State Changes, but these will create Patterns, so the experiments are important to prove, but only because of Science.

Face it, if you do not believe that White Noise really exist, all the experiments will not convince you otherwise, some do not see the Light, and I can not show you a picture of what it looks like, nor a diagram, because it is just Light that shimmer around all objects like an aura, and it has 3 state changes, and I can not describe it much better, but it is not a visual perception problem due to the resolution of our eyes, because blind people can see it also, which means it might not even be our eyes that are seeing the White Noise, it might be our 3rd eye, called I, because that is how I explain it, because it is the truth of the matter, our eyes can not see the White Noise at all, as proof of this, when I close my eyes, the pattern does not change, so everything you look at will appear to have this white noise around it, and it does, but is it the white noise we see with our eyes, or is it really just in our head? The answer is that it is just in our Head, as proof of this I will let you study the Human Brain, if you put a person in a Dark Room and then Radiate them with certain levels of Cosmic Radiation, they will see it in their Head, not eyes, Astronauts confirmed this, its why we cannot travel to the Moon with no Shielding for Micrometeorites and Cosmic Rays, and Cosmic Rays are White Noise at a different Level of Energy.

Our brain is a filter for White Noise, it has this Grey Matter that only has one purpose, to focus this Light, so the White Noise turns to Light when it interacts with the Grey Matter, this transformation is easy enough to explain, the White Noise exists in Empty Space, which is Space with no Atomic Matter in it, and the Grey Matter in our Brain is 99.999% Empty Space, and that does not change, we really are Air Heads, so the White Noise is in our brain filling up this Empty Space, as it does, the Atom's in this Grey Matter get stimulated by the White Noise, and are converted into Light, which is how our bodies produce this 98.6 watts of Energy we call a SOUL, which is just an acronym I made up meaning the Spark Of oUr Life, or Energy our body requires to form brain waves, produce muscle contractions, make the heart beat, and other functions, and the Grey Matter is not the only place in the body that transforms this Energy, but it is the only place we see it, we do not see it with our eyes, and that is so apparent when you do the Dark room experiments, it is not an illusion, we can see the Light in our Brain, just do the experiment, when you can see the Pattern of White Noise, note that it does not change when you go into the Darkness, but beware, the Light can Blind you, so do not be Blinded by the Light.

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