Chapter 1.07:
Light in a Crystal Ball
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Chapter 1.07:
Light in a Crystal Ball

If we think of how Light Travels through a Crystal Ball, we can see Light more Clearer, Crystal Clear in fact, so image that you are a subatomic camera that is recording things that happen at the subatomic level, as the human observer looking at this Crystal Ball, we can use an LED Flashlight to record how one Photon of Light will travel through the Crystal Ball, viewing the subatomic Particles called Neutrinos in the Atom's that are in the Flashlight, we see an Electron that orbits around the Atom's in the wire leading to the LED, and these Electrons are hard to view under a Microscope, they are surrounded by this White Noise I call Trinary Energy, you can see a pattern that the Trinary Energy creates as the Electron gets closer to the LED, these patterns show you that for every Atom the Electron passes around, 3 State changes of the Trinary Energy will take place, we know that the Atom has 3 State changes also, and these State changes are controlled by the Trinary Energy, that much is clear, because when the Electron enters the LED, its frequency is raised to the frequency of the Light it will emit, at that point the Electron will change States to 0, and the Electron will disappear at the same moment that last Atom of the material the LED's circuit path is made of, which also changes States to 0 and disappears, and it will not reappear till the Electron changes States to (+1) or (-1), and it will not change States back to 0 unless it has to move again, or has finished running its loop, since Light does not travel in a Straight line, but in Loops like all Electromagnetic Energy, so its transformed form one type of Energy into another, in this case an Electron into a Photon, so from the time it leaves the LED to the time it hit is the first Atom of the Crystal Ball, the State changes will only toggle between (+1) and (-1), and the Trinary Energy will follow these same State changes, so its clear that the Trinary Energy is causing the Light to change States, and when the Photon, which is just the Electron at a higher frequency, hit is the first Atom of the Crystal Ball it will change States to 0, and the Atom it hits will also change States to 0, and when it changes to (+1) or (-1), the Atom will also follow that State change, and the Photon will be transformed from a Photon back into an Electron and then back into a Photon until its Frequency has been slowed down enough that it will remain an Electron, at which point the Crystal Ball will absorb that energy and dissipate it like Static Electricity, so now we need to explain how this transformation took place.

If the Atom is just Light and Dark Energy that is bound together by Neutrinos, then the same must be true for Electrons, only they are much smaller, so they have much less mass than an Atom, yet they are not Massless, yet when they transform from an Electron into a Photon, there mass is reduced to the point that it is nearly Massless, and the only explanation that can describe this phenomena is that when the transformation takes place, its due to the fact that its Neutrino shell has a frequency it resonates at, and there are as many types of Neutrinos as there are Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, and that frequency will alter its molecular shape in a way that causes it to stay in its 1D state, or Single Dimension State, and at the same time all the other dimensions are there at the same time, so in the 0 dimension, the Energy is allowed to flow from the 0 dimension into the 1st and even the 2nd dimensions, and we see this in the third dimension as Light, which the term Light gets rather confusing in terms of what type of Light we are talking about, because the Trinary Energy is a type of Light, and it always precedes the State change of the Light its controlling, whereas the Light from an Electron is always in a Spectrum of Light that has a known Frequency or Wave length that corresponds to its Color and visibility, so in essence we are seeing a spark of energy as its flowing from one dimension into another, and every time the Photon moves from one Atom in the Crystal Ball to the next, that Atom will change States to 0 at the same time that the Trinary Energy and Photon does, do its intensity will very from 0, where you can not see it, to (+1) or (-1), where (+1) its brightest, and (-1) is at its Darkest, which correspond to the Electron or Photons Light and Dark Energy that the Neutrino particle is composed of, so when the Electron changes from its 3D atomic structure into its 2D and 1D States, its outer shell of Neutrino transforms, and depending on the Frequency the Electron is at will determine if the Light and Dark inside of it is visible, so Photons are just Electrons at a different frequency, and different types of Neutrinos will resonate at different frequencies explaining all the Rainbow of colors in White Light. This also explains why we cannot see Electromagnetic Fields in a Magnet, their Frequency is not high enough, raising it will confirm this, its science at its best.

If we take this Crystal Ball into outer space and release it to fall back to Earth, we can make some more observations about this Crystal Ball and the effects we call Gravity, the first things is that the Crystal Ball with always follow the path of a larger body of Mass, in this case its Earth, and the reason for this, is that the Light and Dark inside the Atom's, Electrons and even Photons, are all Static within the Universe, and it is only how we view the Universe as moving does this make any sense, so let us look at how this Light can be Static, when the Crystal Ball does not appear to move as its floating in space, and that part is easy, as Newton said, bodies in motion tend to stay in motion and bodies at rest tend to stay at rest, because (+1) + (-1) = 0, meaning that all Energy is in harmony and cancels out any need for movement when at rest, but eventually the Crystal Ball will be attracted to the mass of Earth, and then the object will follow the Path of the least resistance to ground.

As the Crystal Ball enters the Earths orbit, we must explain how it got caught by it in the first place, and Newton answered that question as well, Newton said that the Light of God is the Force in all his Equations, and the way I will explain it, is as such: if we take two Atom's and release them into the vacuum of Space, they will be attracted to each other through the 0 dimension, because they are connected together at that same point in space, and that point is on the Solar Plane determined by the Galactic Plane, so the 0 dimension is the base of the Universe, and since it has no dimensions, it can not move, so its static, so think of the Universe as Static in the dimensions less than 3, its only the Subatomic Neutrino Particles that move through Space, and they collapse in the 0 dimension when ever an Atom moves through the Universe, such that it does not burn up, which is the whole reason it does this, because Neutrinos can not travel at the Speed of Light as Atom's, an Atomic Accelerator can prove that, and another noteworthy observation is that Photons only Travel in the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimensions, and that is why it can travel through some materials like a Crystal Ball to begin with, and we know that every Atom has 3 State changes, and those are the 0, (+1) and (-1) States that make up the 3rd dimension, so the Atom is only in the 3rd dimension a 3rd of the time, so most of the time it is not in our dimension at all, so when these two Atom's are released, every time they change States: they are drawn closer together by the attraction of the 0 dimension, also known as a floating Ground, so this Ground has a Plane, meaning that at the 0 dimension, this Plane will extent through its domain on a flat projection, this can be seen in our Galactic and Solar Plane, which is the invisible Plane that our Planet orbits around our Sun in as the Sun orbits around the Galactic Plane, so its center is at the core of every large body in our Solar System, from the Sun, to Planets and their Moons, to Comets, Asteroids and Meteorites, all objects are attracted to each other and effect how each other orbit around this invisible Plane that is nothing more than the floating ground of the 0 dimension, so we call this Gravity, and this attraction is so strong, that if you break this Crystal Ball in Half and through both halves into Space, they will always align to the same position in Space, as if they were still one Object, as if by Magic, and that is why Wizard and Magician mean the same thing, because this seams more like Magic than it does Science, but it is a fact.

As the Crystal Ball picks up speed, its due to the attraction of the mass of all the Atom's in the Planet, because they are all going through these same State changes at the subatomic level, so the more mass or amount of Atom's a Planet has, the more Gravity it will have, so Kepler's and Newton's Math explain this relationship, and the only thing that will affect its decent into our orbit, will be the Atmosphere it encounters on its journey to Earth, and this is all very predictable, its called Fluid Dynamics, and any good Physics Simulator can predict the movement based on Kepler's and Newton's Math, note I did not say Einsteins, because he has no Math that explains this, because the Light of God really is the Force that Newton said it was, Newton always said what he meant, even though most people did not take him for his word, and that is because of their belief that God is a Deity or Spirit and not Real Light, and why he was so upset over the teaching of Trinity, because the Bible said that God is Real and not a Deity or Spirit, and most people can not get over that thought, but the Universe does not care, it keeps working the way it always has, despite the way you explain it, which the Godless Dynamic Universe does not explain any aspect of it, because I do not see any Curvatures of Time in Space or Paradox's in the Universe, nor can any exist, and there is no Empirical Evidence that will prove otherwise, I do not make up Theories, I only explain Empirical Evidence, so do not confuse Theories with Facts, everything I say in the Document is based on Facts and not Theories, and in my Reality I do not see any Time Travelers or Light Travel Machines, Space does not have Curvatures so it can not Wrap Around itself to form Black Holes, that is not what I see in my Crystal Ball as it speeds up, what I see in my Crystal Ball is the Light of God known as Gravity.

The Universe behaves in layers, at the base layer we have the 0 dimension, this is space that can easily be mapped out, its boundaries are widely known and called the Galactic and Solar Plane, and Kepler's and Newton's Math are both based on the Light of God as being the Force of Gravity, so my work is cutout, all I have to do is point to the work of the greatest Wizards of all time, so if we look at the changes that take place in the 1st dimension, we will see that this is where all Movement comes from, and the 2nd dimension remembers where it is and why it is there, this is obvious once you see the pattern that the Trinary Energy produces to make all the State changes: that every Atom in the Universe makes all the time, so it is a set of rules I call the Laws of Physics, and it explains every aspect of the Universe, so when if we point that LED Flashlight at our own body, we can see that our Body absorbs the Light and puts it to work transforming elements into Vitamin D, at least it tries, not sure how much Vitamin D a normal LED can produce, but you could design them too to better, and it explains why White Light contains every color in the Rainbow, because all Electrons of different types of Neutrino Material, which vibrates at a different Frequency, so Science is explained by the Light, because it was the Light that created us, so we are the Light as Franklin and Tesla pointed out.

I use a Crystal Ball for an example because of the same reasons Wizards have always liked Crystal Balls, because they make it easy to see the transformation of Light, so they can see God more clearly, my cousin Isaac Newton said that, and I agree, so I use it to explain how the Universe works, so to answer the question: What is the Light in a Crystal Ball, I would have to say it is the Light, but my Cousin Isaac Newton would call it God, and so did Franklin, but Tesla said it was the Light and that we are the Light, so I agree with all of them, it is the Light of God, so the Bible was correct, it is the Father, Son and Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, but its Real, and not a Deity or Theory, so it is a Fact based on Empirical Evidence, so now you must look into this Crystal Ball and decide what you want to see, and what you want to call it, as for me... I call it Trinary Energy.

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