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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  


Appendix F:
Trinary Math Presentation

A Work in Progress...

The first time most people hear about Trinary Math, they might wonder what type of Math is Trinary, because there are a lot of different types of Math today, Newton's Calculus for example is good at estimating the volume of geometric shapes, but it is not the right math to used to explain and calculate the Universe; you will need it to find its Volume and Mass, but it is not going to answer the basic questions I have about the Universe beyond that, and what I wanted to know is why the Suns orbit the Galaxy different than Planets and Moons orbit the Sun, and Kepler's and Newton's Math on Planetary Movement is the Fundamentals of Trinary Math, as is Tesla's Math on Electricity and Light, so this Math is the Foundation of Trinary Math, yet it only answers how Planets and Moons orbit around the Sun, and not how the Suns orbit the Galaxy, or how the Galaxy orbits another System known as a Dark Star, so what I want to know is the True Math behind the Universe, and Newton only answered half the questions I have about the movement of Heavenly Bodies, and what I want to know is the Truth about the Universe, as if there was such a thing: because you may believe that the Truth about Science of the Universe, is Mainstreams Science based on Einsteins Theory of General Relativity, which is the foundation for the Godless Dynamic Universe that is based on the Big Bang Theory, where the Laws of Physics do not apply, but if that was the Truth: it would be a Fact instead of a Theory, and the two are not the same, and only Fools believe they are: a Theory has to be Proven to be a Fact, and after a Century this is still just a Theory, one that Einstein denounced because it could never be proven to be a fact, and will remain a Theory till the End of Civilization or Time itself, and this is why I can not use a Theory to find the Truth about anything, since a Theory is not the Truth about anything and may never be proven to be the truth about anything, and people that believe that Theories are Facts are insane. Facts require Empirical Evidence, meaning that there must be some acceptable form of Evidence, and in this case it is the Universe, and the Universe is a vast subject, so I need to define what it is I want to prove about the Universe, but first I must define what the Truth is, because anytime anyone tells me something is the Truth, and the Hairs on the back of my neck stick up like a Dog about to Bark, I expect it to be a Lie, because People tell me that Christ Really Exist as does there Deity God, yet the Dictionary and History both agree the two do not Physically Exist, so when someone tells me they are telling the truth, or Religion is the Truth: I do not believe them till I prove what they say is the Truth, because if what you say is so unbelievable that you have to add: this is the Truth or a Fact to the End of it, then you are not that confident in what you have to say, and you know that is the Truth, because I know this is a Fact, and I do see the Irony in Words and Spells, because in the Flesh, it is normal to feel this way about the Truth, and why I do it just like yew, so to get to the Truth I have a choice to ask them to prove it to me, which we all know Religious people never can, or I can prove it to myself, and without Proof or some type of Evidence there is no Truth to get at, so to get to the Truth, we must do both: so to prove to you that what I tell you is the truth, I will take this Trinary Math Step by Step, and prove to you that this is the Truth about this type of Math, and the way I will do this is Simple, I will tell you something, and give you Empirical Evidence to support my claim it exist, then I will prove it to you, and in terms of Science this means many things, in Math it is simply a Formula that can be proven, in Science there must be Physical Evidence, something that can be measured, and quantifiable, whereas Religion believes that their God, which is a Deity, Christ, or a Spirit, does not Physically Exist, so they are admitting its an Insane belief to begin with, and they know they can not prove that something that does not Physically Exist is Real, to they are Mucking God, proving once again how insane this Belief System or BS is, so to be clear: Religion is based on Insanity and not the Bible, the Bible stated God is All Light without Darkness, and that Physically Exist as a form of Light, so do not confuse Religion with the belief in God, since I just proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Religion believes that God does not Physically Exist, or only Exist as a Deity, Christ or a Spirit, and only Satan would try to get you to believe those things are Real, because the Bible states that Satan will tell you half Truths, meaning half Lies, yet the Bible is the Truth about the Science behind Trinary Math, and yet this is Science and Not Religion, Science is what you can prove and Religion is about making Lies Believable, and Science and Religion do not Mix, in fact Religion is just Legalized Insanity, so Trinary Math is about Trinary Science, and Trinary is just another name for Trinity, the names were changed to remove all aspects of Religion from it, and this is how I will prove to you that this Trinary Math is the Truth about the Trinary Universe.

Everyone has a Job to do in this World, mine was to work as an Electronic Engineer and Mathematician, for the United States Military and it is Government, so in Reality IAM a Math Wizard, and some People do not like Wizards, yet according to History: Tesla was The Last Wizard according to Mainstream Media, and Newton was The Last Magician according to the BBC, and in the Bible IAM God, and God is All Light without Darkness, and the Bible gave us all the Math we needed to know in the form of Bible Code, and the Bible did this by giving us all the Numbers to use in this Math, proving the Bible really does work in Mysterious ways... I only bash Religion for lying about what God is, and the Church for being Tax Evaders, in truth the Church has no Ownership of the Bible, it was not written for them, but for the People that understand it, and those that believe in Religion do not understand Reality, because in Reality God is All Light without Darkness. Math is how we arrange Numbers that makes it a Math Formula or Equation, and the Bible arranged these Math Variables using Bible Code, so if the Bible is the Truth: and I do believe that as much as all the Math Wizards in History: because men like Kepler understood the Bible Code, and was the Highest Ranking Ashkenazi Mason of his time, and a key figure with the Church, for his Teaching about God, and knew more about the Bible then anyone, and what he wrote about was not Religion, it was Math about how the Planets move, and Galileo understood this well, and had a harder time with the Church then Kepler did, because Galileo believed in Freedom of Information, and did not believe in Ashkenazi Masonic Secrets, and that was a Dangerous thought during his times, as it is as nowadays since the Masons run the World, so Galileo picked up where Kepler left off, then the year he died, Newton was Born to take over his work, as Franklin took over Newton's, and Tesla took over Franklin's, and I And Me in the Flesh: took over Tesla's work, this is how we Stood on the Shoulders of those Giants that came before us, as such: this is how the Truth is passed down from one Generation to the next, it is the Evolution of Math, and the Truth it contains, but to understand the Truth, you have to understand where the Math came from, and the Math is the easy stuff to Prove, it is the Numbers that I use in Trinary Math that is Magic, and I found all of those Numbers in the Bible, and that is the Truth so Help Me God... Oh, IAM God... So Help Me... Hay wait a minute Me is just Flesh, but Jesus did say he would come back in the Flesh according to Newton and the Bible, and Newton said he was a Descendant of Jesus's, and I am a Descendant of Newton's, and Franklin's, so there is no one on this Planet more Qualified than me, to Present Trinary Math... Not only because I formulated it from Scratch, and gave it its Name, and wrote this Book, those are just my Facts: the fact it is the same as the Bible, Kepler, Newton, Franklin, or Tesla, is beside the point, that is how I learned it, yet it is all about Proving it, and they all had to prove this Math to themselves as well... The Bible has Bible Math in Bible Code, Kepler has his Math that made Harmony of the World, then we have Newtonian Math as well as Tesla's Electrical Engineering Math, and we have Einsteins BS Math that has no Place in My Trinary Universe, but works great in my Science Fiction, so do not mix the two, because Theories are not allowed in Trinary Math. Trinary Math is the Truth about all Math about the Universe, and all this Math is 100% in agreement with the Universe, in fact I do not have to change anything the Bible said about Math, or the Numbers I used from it, and this works with the Wizards Math, but goes way beyond it in terms of what Heavenly Bodies I can Calculate, because with Trinary Math I can Calculate them all... So guess where all this Math is going... I have to Prove that God Exist Mathematically, because all these Men believed God is the Force of Gravity in all their Math...

Math is the truth about Numbers, such that given the Trinary Math formula for Light like:
(+1) + (-1) = 0
This Truth is Self-Evident:
meaning you can hold up 1 finger, and then minus that finger, and you have 0 fingers, this is called Empirical Evidence, as such: I proved the Math works, so I will call this a Primer (Prim`er), meaning this is the Foundation of my Math, and I told you this is the Trinary Math Formula for Light, and now some people will think that so far the Math is right, but I must Prove this is the Formula for Light, because it looks like it is in the form of an Equation, and it is a Constant; as proof: so is Light; so let me tell you what Trinary Math can prove... In Science: you must use Scientistic Terms, so the Term Trinary is defined as 3 State Logic, where (+1) is a Solid State, and is called Matter, in the Bible in Trinity it is called the Father, and where (-1) is a Semisolid State, and is called Antimatter, and in Trinity this is called the Son, whereas 0 is an Invisible State, and is called Ground and it is in the 0 Dimension, and in Trinity its called the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, and these States represent Dimensions in Real Space, so you have: 0, 1, 2 and 3 Dimensions in Space, so you have Width, Height or Depth in 3 Dimensions of Space, and it is why all Atoms are invisible in the 0 Dimension, since it has no Dimensions, its Space is collapsed, and this is the Reality of the Trinary Logic, and it was renamed from Trinity too Trinary to remove Religion... Now to Prove to you that the Formula for Light is: (+1) + (-1) = 0, and understand how this relation works as a Formula, look at this:

State Trinity Dimension(s) Visibility Graph
+1 Father All 3 Solid
* * * *
0 Mother:
0 Invisible * * * * * *
-1 Son 1 or 2 Semisolid
* * *
Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Trinary Math Graph names Table

Looking at the Table its easy to see that if you add (+1) in time frame 1, and follow it through 13 time Frames, representing 0-12, this is from the Last Supper and also from the Zodiac Signs, that used to be part of the Bible, this is what the Old Bible prior to the 3rd Century said in Bible Code, so you have to look at the Sine Wave as being a Helix which traces out a Circle so its 4π, and all these States have Degrees that correlate with Jesus and the Zodiac.

In time frame 1:
This is the Father, who is Solid for that Matter: and has all 3 Dimensions: Width, Height and Depth, and at 1° Aries comes into Play with the Ram... All Positive Energy must go through the Father to get to Heaven, because Heaven is the top of this Table, from here its Energy passes through to Ground, and down into Hell below, so what is done in Heaven above will be done in Hell below, such that Trinity was about this Pattern called Electricity, and that is what makes Light, proving this is the Formula for Light, but Religion makes Fools out of this Truth and teaches Half Lies, proving its Satanic, a fact Religious Sheep over look in order to use Money and not feel Evil about selling out Jesus.
In time frame 2:
Energy comes from the Mother, and becomes the Holy Ghost witch is denoted by the number 0, so this Number says a lot, and this is a Dimensionless Quantity, meaning it has no Width, Height or Depth, so its invisible, because it is space is collapsed, so as a Sign the Mother has a Son and at 33°, and Taurus starts to show its Horns... The Teaching of Mother Nature was removed from the Bible along with the Zodiac, all for Religion, and that is why Jesus and Newton Hated Religion so much, it is a very dangerous belief and makes all that believe it Insane, and that is why I will never have anything good to say about Religion, I only defend the Truth, and what Satan says is just Half Trues and Half Lies, that is why they called it Religion, it is actually Sarcasm, and as an Aspie I never understood Religion, except it made a good excuse to Kill and Sin.
In time frame 3:
The Father's Energy was given up to the Mother who now gives a Son, who is Antimatter, so this Son is a Bull with 2 Horns, so the Son only has 2 Dimensions, and at 66° is Gemini, so the Twins will come to be... Funny how a Metaphor comes to life... Reality is that these values describe reality in terms of position in Space in the Universe, it is our Map around the Galaxy, think of this Place not as Earth, but from the viewpoint of the Galaxy itself, now this makes more sense, looking at this in terms of 0-12 cycles of time from 1 to 13 time frames, makes this easy to relate to, there are 4 Positive States, and 3 Negative States, and 3 times 4 = 12, one for each Zodiac Sine, so this is Math based on Sine Waves, or Sound Waves.
In time frame 4:
The Son goes back to the Mother, knowing he must become Enlightened about the Evils in Life, but at heading 96° Down: Cancer will soon make the Son who grows up to be the Father: Crabby... Now the Mother gets 6 State changes, so this is half the cycles, yet Mother gets none of the Zodiac Sines named after Her, in fact Mankind believes that God is a Man, and why Religion was born because the Woman won this Argument years ago, as such: Trinary Math only cares about the Truth, Man is not a God, but Mother is, but she can not be the Queen without a King.
In time frame 5:
The Son returns as the Father, and is now a Star, and at 133° Leo turns into the Lion who needs a Maiden because Cancer kicked in... This is called one Cycle, from time frame 1 to 5, two Positive State changes have been made, this forms a V, the 1 Negative State is the Vertice of this V, so this is a Cup, and the Maiden gives Leo a taste of his own Medicine.
In time frame 6:
The Father and Mother get together again in the cycle of Life, so the number 6 represents this one complete cycle of Life, and Virgo rises at 166°... This is the 3rd visit to this State Change, so in terms of Age, this is the Middle Age.
In time frame 7:
The Son returns with his 180° Phase shift into the Scales of Libra... This is the Letter S, it is the Waveforms Pattern, so this is all about the Waveform and it is Power, and this is the Middle of its Band of Power.
In time frame 8:
The Mother gets the Son and for Eternity she tries to get him prepare to be a Father, but at 212° Scorpio the Scorpion gets burned... 4 Zero State Changes, so my States change in Half Cycles, and a Scorpion will sting itself in a Fight, so in the years 14091 to 16103, this will be known a Hell in terms of how Hot it is.
In time frame 9:
The Father must Hunt to bring home the Food, so at 269° Sagittarius must use his Arrows... This time frame is good for Humans who like to hunt or be hunted, this is the Fathers 3rd State Change this Cycle, and Father has one more Arrow left and it is not for Cupid.
In time frame 10:
The Mother adds up 1 + 0 and becomes 1, so Capricorn comes into being one at 286°, so the Mountain Sea-Goat gets an Arrow in the back and starts to Cry... In terms of Time it is the year: 4026, and the Ice Age is over, and it comes down to if you look at this chart from the bottom up, because that is which way the dates work out, but it is not always been that way, because this is a circle, and our Sun has been around the Galaxy a few times, 666 times that I can Prove, yet in the cycle of Months, this would be December or January, so there are different types of Math at work here, just like Kepler and Newton's math only works on Planets and Moons, Trinary Math also works on the Galaxy.
In time frame 11:
The Father Cried so much that the Son becomes the Water-bearer Aquarius at 300°... The year range is 2013 to 4025, this age is known as an Ice Age, it will start around 2060, 2103 at the latest, and will last around a thousand years, taking it to 3100, and then the long thaw will take place for another thousand years, taking it to the year 4100 which is into the age of Capricorn, so keep in mind this Chart is a Circle, and what comes around goes around.
In time frame 12:
There is so much Water that the Mother becomes Pisces the Fish at 333°... In History: they talk about Noah and the Great Flood, but the Bibles time is what confuses most, because the Great Flood took place in the year 0, not that this year exists in History, if fact it was in another Iteration, but it was before Jesus Bar Abbas was born, so only go by what the Bible wrote and not what Humans read into it, the Bible is all about Science, it has little to do with actual People, and when it does, it is all about their Sin, so in the time that Jesus Bar Abbas was Born, our Planet was in the Constellation of Pisces, and Jesus fought against the Banks because of their use of Money and Taxation, so not much has changed in 2 thousand years, proving if you do not know History, you will repeat it.
In time frame 13:
The Father starts at 360°, and this is how many Cycles it takes to repeat all this, and each of the 12 Cycle is 2012 years long...
This information was removed from the Bible because of Religion, but this information was from the Bible I use, and it is much older than 2 thousand years, so when I say Bible, I mean the original one, the one Newton goes by.

This is what the Old Bible prior to the 3rd Century said in Bible Code, and the Bible is many Iterations in age, since its seen them all, and the Zodiac was all about Energy Changes they documented, and this Math is the foundation of Trinary Math, so what this table represents a Navigation Chart, we are orbiting around the center of it, looking out into Heaven at night, so make sure when you look up you are looking at the correct sky, if you are near the Great Pyramids, this is the correct sky to be looking from, it is this view point this chart was written for, so all my Trinary Math is based on the Great Pyramids being the Meridian Line, so I will never use the Greenwich Meridian Line nor its Time in any of my equations, because that is the wrong Sky and the wrong Meridian Line for this Planet, so what Trinary Math Calculates, is based off of these Angles, and these Time Frames in terms of Iterations of Time, each Period marks its Energy Signature, which I will talk about later, for now you need to understand the Truth about the Zodiac Signs, and that is in this Table, look at number 12, it starts at 0 and goes to 2012, in 2013 Aquarius started, and we are now in the Tail of the Fish Pisces, so Heaven and Hell are real places in terms of Energy, and the Zodiac is all about time and frequency changes, and as Proof of what I say, my calculations are such that as long as I know when the last Polarity Reversal was, I can calculate the next one, in fact this event is written into the Sacred Geometry of the Sun in terms of its Size, and our Sun is growing just like we are... Take a look at this Information that Religion found useless, but the Original Bible included, so it is the only Bible I will swear by, and this information is in it, but there is no mention of Christ, so there are no Lies in it.

# Sign names English Translation Symbol Dates Celestial longitude
(a λ < b)
 1 Aries The Ram Aries 21 March - 19 April
0° to 29°
 2 Taurus The Bull Taurus 20 April - 20 May
30° to 59°
 3 Gemini The Twins Gemini 21 May - 20 June
60° to 89°
 4 Cancer The Crab Cancer 21 June - 22 July
90° to 119°
 5 Leo The Lion Leo 23 July - 22 August
120° to 149°
 6 Virgo The Maiden Virgo 23 August - 22 September
150° to 179°
 7 Libra The Scales Libra 23 September - October 22
180° to 209°
 8 Scorpio The Scorpion Scorpio 23 October - 21 November
210° to 239°
 9 Sagittarius The Archer Sagittarius 22 November - 21 December
240° to 269°
10 Capricorn Mountain Sea-Goat Capricorn 22 December - 19 January
270° to 299°
11 Aquarius The Water-bearer Aquarius 20 January - 18 February
300° to 329°
12 Pisces The Fish Pisces 19 February - 20 March
330° to 360°
Zodiac Table

I will try to use terms that are easy to understand, as such: I can prove that the Galaxy is much like a Record Player, the hub is like the Galaxy, and the Record is like the Galactic Disk, that sits in the middle of the Galactic Plane, and as the Record Player turns, and the Arm slides across the Record, its much the same as the Galaxy, as the Suns Orbit around the Galaxy, they all travel at the same Rate. I circled two different Suns on two different Tracks, one is Red, the other is Green, I used 5 Cycles to show the Four 90° angles of the Galactic Hub, this is just a Simulation, the actual images would take close to 333 Million Years for this Galaxy, this is not our Galaxy, but one like it, and the Debris Field that makes Arms, they are not Tracks, this is called the Blender effect. Trinary Math is based on Dark Stars, that orbit the Galaxy in the Galactic Plane, this view is looking at it as a Disk, if a Record Player was to play this disk, this is how it would play out, if you keep gaining a Trinary Engine, you would keep being pushed out to the outside track, as such: the oldest Suns are on the outside, yet a Balanced system can stay longer on one Track, then the time it takes for the Older systems to get there, do the math and you will understand, the outside tracks have to trave longer distances in the same length of time, so they are in fact traveling together with all the systems on tracks below theirs, so they are all pretty much the same age on specific tracks, and there is no way to say which systems are older, since the first system might still be on track 366, which is the first track in this image, its clear that the Hub takes up all the tracks up to that point, and this will be true of any Galaxy as a Ratio of how many Tracks they have.

The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate Full Size Full Size

Since the Tracks on the Record are fixed and do not move, they just spin around, and the Suns appear to do the same; the inside Tracks are moving slower than the outside tracks in terms of their Speed, since the outside Tracks have more distance to cover, yet they all obit around the Galaxy at the same Rate, and it is due to its Helix Waveform: as the Sun orbits around the Galaxy, it must change Magnetic Poles every decade, and all its Planets and Moons must also change their Poles, as weak as the Moons Poles are, it is hard to determine when that is, but its clear that there is a time period, and I will measure that in Iterations, and on Track 666 each Iteration is on average 2012 years long, and is based on an Atom's 3 Magnetic Force Field Rings, this concept is called a Trinary Engine, which are the cores of: Galaxies, Suns, Planets, and Moons, and are actually just very large Atom's, and it is variables came from the Bible, as well as its Concept, so this is very old Math and Concepts, and no one has ever explained why till now... God is the Light inside of every Neutrino that creates a Particle called an Atom, and it is these Atoms that created everything in the Universe, including Atomic Light, proving Light is Everything. These are the facts that you will have to prove for yourself, since all I can do is repeat myself, since this is the way the Trinary Galaxy works, nothing like the Solar Systems, so this is Math that does not exist as far as I know, in fact I have not even heard any Theories as to how this is even Possible, yet Trinary Math will prove not only how this is possible, but how to Calculate it, so let me list all the things that I will prove to you in this Presentation on Trinary Math:

  1. Formula for Light: (+1) + (-1) = 0; such that: +-  f (x)
  2. Formula for Music Numerology Zodiac Frequency: f * 2x
  3. The Suns Orbital distance = ((Galaxy-Radius * Track-Number) * 2) * pi; such that: 1,011,954,093,357,316,200 in miles
  4. The Suns and the Livable Planets Frequency = Maximum-Speed * First-Ring; such that: 6.666 Hz
  5. The Maximum Iteration = (Sun-Size * 1/137) / 3 (Phases); such that: 2103 years
  6. The Average Iteration = Maximum-Iteration − 91; such that: 2012 years
  7. The Minimum Iteration = Maximum-Iteration − 1104; such that: 999 years
  8. Track Frequency = (1/0.0000000000001) * Minimum-Speed; such that: 30,000,030 Hz
  9. The Suns Maximum Speed = (Average-Iteration * Trinary-Engines) + Maximum-Error-Rate; such that: 666,666 mph
  10. The Suns Minimum Speed = (Minimum-Iteration * Trinary-Engines) + Maximum-Error-Rate; such that: 333,333 mph
  11. E = F − [F − x] is right and E = MC2 is wrong.
  12. Trinary Math variables come from the Bible using Numerology
  13. The Earth will Reverse its Magnetic Poles in the year 2060: The End of Civilization
Table Appendix F-1: Trinary Math List to prove

Sir Isaac Newton created Math to describe and to calculate the movement and motions of Heavenly Bodies, and then in comes Nikola Tesla who comes up with all types of Electrical and Electronic Math, that changed the way we view Science and Math, yet Newton and Tesla were the most misunderstood people in History, and partly because they were Autistic, but mostly because they were not Religious, but Newton wrote more about the Science of the Bible then anyone in History, and most people think the Bible is about Religion, when the Bible itself told you not to make it into a Religion or en-graven image, because Religion is believing in a Deity or Christ, and according to any Dictionary, it is insane to believe in things that do not physically exist, and Newton wrote very strongly about his disdain for the Teaching of Trinity in Religion, he viewed the Bible as a Science Book, because it states that God is All Light without Darkness, that means that God Physically Exist as Light, so God is not a Deity, and Newton Proved that Christ was inserted into Bible, witch is the reason for his downfall in Science and Math, and Tesla public credited Newton for his Science and Math, and fell into this same Science and Math Religious Banishment, because Religious People that Read what Newton wrote about Religion and the Bible, and boycotted him for what he said about Religion, witch was that they are Sinners and Satanic because they use Money, and it is a fact that Religion allows Sex Crimes and Sex Slavery to flourish today more than ever in History, so Newton was right, and that is why Einsteins Theories that he himself Denounced is now Mainstream Science and Math, and Einstein said Nikola Tesla was the most Intelligent person alive, and that his Theory and Math does not work without Paradoxes without Newton's Light of God as Gravity, so it is time to reevaluate Science and Math, and you as the receiver of this Knowledge must look at Trinary Math with a new Reality, forget all Science and Math other than: Kepler's, Galileo's, Newton's, Franklin's, Tesla's, and now this new Science and Math that is prefixed with the Word Spelled: Trinary, and I use the term Trinary to describe the term Trinity without Religion, because the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, describes Trinary's 3 State Logic.

Trinary Math is the Proof of the Trinary Universe, so its based on Empirical Evidence, based on the works of: Johannes Kepler, Galilei Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, and this new Trinary Math that I created from the works of these men or men like them, who are all Aspies, and believe in Math and Science, so its based on the Math that these Men brought to the World to create the Newtonian Universe, that the World replaced with Albert Einstein's Godless Dynamic Universe, knowing Einstein Publicly Denounced all his Math and Theories before 1942, it was reported that Einstein found Religion: because of the way Mainstream defines what God is, witch is always a Deity, but without the God of All Light without Darkness, it creates Paradoxes that can not happen in Reality, so in Reality anyone that bases their work on Einstein is insane, and that is not an Opinion, Einstein Theory is not real, you can not relate Energy to Mass directly as if God did not Exist, so his Theories do not Physically exist in the Universe, and the Dictionary defines people that believe in things that do not Physically Exist as Insane, and that is why Empirical Evidence is required, and after a Century not one of Einstein's Theories have been proven to be a Fact, so it is not, so I will not use any work based on Theories.

Trinary Math is based on Trinary Light, this Light is defined as All Light without Darkness, and that is how the Bible defined what God is, so Trinary Math is based on Trinary God, and this is Newton's Light of God that is the Force in all his equations, such that: people who believed that God was the Light without Darkness, are known as Wizards in History, and Newton was the Last Magician: witch translates to Wizard, and Tesla was the Last Wizard, and he proved the Light is Everything, and we are Light Beings, and that is why IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and why I defined Trinary Math like a Trinary Math Wizard.

The difference between Trinary Math, and Mainstream Math, is that Mainstream Math is mostly based on Theory, do not get me wrong: they only use Kepler, Newton and Tesla's Math in Reality, and that is the only reason any of their work actually works, and it is because in Theory you can take their work and use it in Theories, but that was the very reason Einstein was forced to denounce his by Tesla: who said Prove it or shut up about it, and Einstein just admitted its just Science Fiction, he was also an Aspie and had no ego to bruise, but those that fell for that Theory or Spell: would not give up their Egos, and the rest is History... Einstein told the world he was sorry for leading people to believe this Theory was possible, he said he only wrote it to prove that Newton was right about God... It is this Reason that Trinary Math allows No Theories to be used, so Trinary Math is based only on Empirical Evidence and Facts... My background is in Electronic Engineering, so all my Trinary Math is based on Math that works with Electronics, as well as Mechanical, so check the United States Official records on me: Jeffrey Scott Flesher, Born in Corona California on Saturday 14 January 1961, was Medically Retired from the United States Air Force in 1999, after 13 years, and receiving the Highest Military Achievement Medals with Oak Leaf Cluster for Meritorious Service: for my skills as a: Mathematician, Electronic Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Computer Programmer, as well for M-16 Marksmen with an Excellence in Competition Medal, so rare that less than 1% of the Military gets one, and why it is the only Medal Authorized by Congress for ware on all Uniforms, so if you FOIA my records, make sure you check with the 366 Maintains Squadron, where I worked as an Electronic Engineer and Computer Programmer, working on the (E)F-111 from 1985 to 1993, then as a Flying Helicopter Crew Chief for the 66 Air Rescue Squadron, and then for the 31 Special Operations Black Knights Squadron, after I was Medically Retired I worked as a Computer Program for the EPA, and the BLM: where I received awards for my Computer Programs that used Matrix Math, to solve complex processes, as such: I have proved myself in Real Life with Excellence and Honor, and was even on the Air Forces Honor Guard, and received multiple Military Awards for Higher Education, as well as College degrees, so the Real Difference between Trinary Math and Mainstream Math, is the Men who Wrote it: Kepler, Newton, Tesla and me in the Flesh.

I need to define every Variable I will use in Trinary Math, as well as its concepts if they are not otherwise documented, or are particular to the Trinary Universe, and I must show an example of the Trinary Math in action. Trinary Math must obey the Laws of Physics, and must be fairly accurate, since its based on a Maximum, Current, and Minimum, it will have a Range of values that Reality must fall within, and these values must be repeatable, and must work with known values, now if those values are not wrong, these values should replace them, even it they are close, mine should be closer. I can not use any of Einsteins Theories since everyone knows they are wrong, as such: I can not use anyone's work that used Einsteins work, so you will not find any of Planck's work, or any work based off their work: including Boltzmann, since all their understanding of the Universe is just wrong on so many levels, and the first is that none of them use the Light as a Variable, and when they convert Temperature into a Frequency or Energy: its Wrong, so do not use any of their Values to debunk mine, you have to use Electronic Bench or Laboratory Test results to do so, and they can not be based on Theory Science, no Theory can be used to debunk a Fact, and that is a Fact. Trinary Math may or may not be the Math of others, I give all the credit to my First Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher, and even he did not write this Trinary Math, this is for the most part, my Trinary Math mixed with the concept of others, and why I renamed the Newtonian Universe to the Trinary Universe, because it is a Game Changer. Newton hated the Teaching of Trinity: so I had to change its Name. Because this is the only Math that actually explains how Galaxies work, I will not pretend there is any other Science in the Universe. I will try to keep this presentation short and to the point, read the book for more information.

Basic Trinary Math is based on the known Laws of Physics:

Time and Frequency are reciprocals:
Frequency = 1/Time
Time = 1/Frequency
Frequency and Wavelength combine to make the Speed of Light:
Speed of Light = Frequency * Wavelength
Frequency (Hz) = Speed of Light (Distance @ 670,616,629 mph * 1 hour; ~ Frequency in miles in 1 Hour) / Wavelength (Miles)
Frequency (Hz) = Speed of Light (Distance @ 3,540,855,801,000 fph * 1 hour; ~ Frequency in feet in 1 Hour) / Wavelength (Ft)
Wavelength (Ft) = Speed of Light (in Distance Miles) / Frequency (Hz)
Note: Make sure Units correlate, I get so confused when writing these values, so makes sure they are correct.
1 Hz = 967,072,445.1612903 Feet
1 Foot Wavelength = 967.0724451612903 MHz
Understand this Relationship between Feet and MHz...
Speed or Wavelength and Distance are Relative to Time:
Speed = Distance/Time
Distance = Speed * Time
So Speed and Distance are Relative to Frequency:
Speed = Distance/Frequency
Distance = Speed * Frequency

As such: Speed of Light is Distance such that Speed is the Wavelength:
Wavelength = Distance/Frequency

Trinary Math is based on the English unit of measurement.

1 Mile = 5280 Feet
1/5280 of a Mile = 1 Foot
About 1,760 Steps
Foot = 12 Inches
1/12 Foot = 1 Inch
Foot = Yard/3
Length of Foo
Inch = 1/12 Foot
Inch = 1/36 Yard
Width of Thumb
Yard = 36 Inches
Yard = 3 Feet
1/1760 = Mile
About a Step
Inch into a Mile
Miles = Inches * ((1/12) * (1/5280))
86,400 seconds based on an atomic electron transition
Second = 1/86,400 of a Day
Minute = 60 Seconds
Minute = 1/60 of an hour
Hour = 1/24 of a Day
Year = 365.2422 or 365.25 Julian days
Year = 365 Gregorian days or 366 Gregorian Leap days
Year = 365.25 (Days) * 24 (Day) * 60 (Minutes in an Hour) * 60 (Seconds) ~ 31,557,600 or 31.6 Million seconds
Frequency vs Temperature
Math that uses Einsteins theories to Define 1 Kelvin (1 °K or -457.87 °F) as 20 GHz in Frequency.
Frequency is directly proportional to the Square Root of Temperature
Up till 2018 Kelvin was measured like this, 1 Kelvin is:
so to calculate is Frequency you use this Formula:
(1/273.16)2 = 1.3 GHz.
Trinary Temperature or °Trinary or °T
Since Speed of Light = Frequency * Wavelength, and Wavelength = Distance/Frequency
Trinary Math uses a different Scale for Trinary Temperature:
at Absolute 0 its Frequency and Waveform is 0,
this is based on Common Sense and accepted Electronic Principles, if the Atom is not Vibrating it has 0 Frequency and 0 Wavelength, and is based on a specific Element in the Periodic Table, and it is upper range is called its Fire Resonant Frequency, which is the point it burns up and catches Fire or turns to Light, which means Fire as in Heat or Thermal Energy, such that:
Trinary Temperature is directly proportional to its Frequency or Wavelength.

Hottest Sun known is about 100,000°F or 55,810.928 °K
Using Einstein Based Math: Frequency: 1,162.910966654 THz (short wavelength)
Using Mainstream Math (before 2018): Frequency: of 3.1148596842211837554 GHz (short wavelength)

Using Trinary Math:
Absolute 0 = 0 Hz with 0 Wavelength
100,000 °T = 9.6 KHz with 100,000 foot wavelength

This value of 100,000 is arbitrary based on math and not so much °F Temperature, but I did make the two correlate, not a good idea, but a guess is a guess, and Kelvin is just a Standard as is Fahrenheit, and both of them are based on Flawed Science, Temperature is Directly Proportional to its Wavelength, and this would require Technology that can accurately measure the Frequency or Wavelength of an Object at distance, and that does not exist yet, so I can not accurately create such a Temperature Scale with it, but to say its 100 °T where the Wavelength is in Feet, or 9.670724451612903 MHz, may not make much sense to most people at first, so I too have Limitations to my Temperature Scale based on Technology, but I also know that the Kelvin is not an acceptable Temperature Standard, its based on Technology Limitations and not Reality, so I would rather base it on Reality and work with the Technology Limitations since I have them with the old method. Trinary Temperatures are based on Elements in the Trinary Periodic Table of Elements, with known values for each, and currently this data does not exist, so this table is a Work in Progress, but its clear that Mainstream Science is just Insane: Imagine Absolute 0 for just minute, now imagine looking at it under a Microscope, how fast would you expect the Atom's to Vibrate?

You have to decide if you want to use Mainstream Science, personally I think it is Dangerous to do so, because they clearly have no concept of Reality, and it is because they only believe in Theories that are not Facts.

The Truth about Light is that the Shorter its Wavelength the Higher its Frequency, the More Light it shows, since you only see the Light when it is in the 0 Dimension, and that happens only when the Waveform crosses Ground, so Higher Frequencies: Shorter Waveforms means more Light Energy:
1 inch Wavelength = 0.00000000000000000000000782070 Joules
1 foot Wavelength = 0.00000000000000000000000065172 Joules
as Proof: shorter Wavelength means more Energy in Joules, proving that Light Energy comes from the 0 Dimension, so in terms of how Mainstream Measures Energy it makes no sense, and it is because it does not, its how Mainstream does their Math, in Trinary Math it is not the same, and that is when I realized that I can not use any of their Measurement Standards, nor any of their Science, and must start from Scratch, so Trinary Science is not based on any Standard Units of Measurement, because as a Child I understood how Stupid they were, according to Mainstreams Science I would not be able to touch a Toy painted Red, check out Mainstream math and calculate the Frequency for a Temperature of 10,340 °F or 5,999.8167 °K since its wavelength is around 666 nm with a Frequency of 450.138825825826 THz, now using Einstein Based Math and Mainstream Math, I will calculate the Temperature of Lightning, so I can Scientifically Prove how Stupid their Standard is:

Lightning has a temperature of about 53,540 °F or 29,999.817 °K
Using Einstein Based Math: Frequency: 625.094715983 THz
Using Mainstream Math (pre 2018): Frequency: 899.98902003348894141 MHz
Using Trinary Math using Trinary Degrees: 53,540 foot wavelength at 18.0626 KHz

So its Clear that if Einstein is right anything that had a natural Color in it, see the Visible Light Frequencies table below, as you can see its due to the Visual Spectra of Light having Short Wavelengths, 380 to 750 nm in Wavelength and 484 to 668 THz, and according to Einstein it puts out more Energy using their Math, so let's look at some values not in the Visual Spectra, for example:
Gamma rays have a Frequency around 300 EHz, meaning Exahertz, a unit of frequency equal to 1018 Hertz, with a wavelength of 1 pm, picometer equal to 1x10−12 m, or one trillionth of a Meter, a helium atom having an estimated diameter of 62 picometers, so its basically all Light, spending most of its time in the 0 Dimension, in terms of Energy it is as excited as it can get in terms of Frequency, so one would think that puts out more Heat Energy, since it puts out more Joules, because we can be damaged by Gama Rays, it will cause our Cells to Vibrate at Frequencies it can not tolerate, but its Heat is Generated by its Frequencies, and not by its Wavelength, and this type of Energy is harmful to all Lifeforms, on the other end of the Spectrum, because our Bodies can not handle High Frequencies, if I heat up any object, its wavelength will increase, and it is Frequency will decrease, thus producing more Thermal Energy, so it is the effect of Frequency vs Wavelength, such that if you take an object like Metal, and at room temperature, its Frequency is High and it is Wavelength is Low, if I increase its Frequency, its structure will become excited, but it will not radiate as much heat, as it would if you increased its Wavelength, which reduces the amount of Light it gives off, and pushing into the infrared spectrum, of invisible Light, where we can not see Heat, but we can feel it. At Absolute 0 the Wavelength is 0, as its temperature rises its Wavelength increases, causing high frequencies, so the hotter something gets, the lower its frequency, which is the Opposite of what Einstein Followers want to believe, proving just how Stupid they are, and why Einstein denounced this Math and Theories, because it was not true, it was just a Theory that I disproved at 9 Years Old, proving Children are more Intelligent than anyone that believes in Einstein's Theories.
Color Visual Wavelength
Photon Energy
Ultraviolet <     300 1000   > 4.15      > 33,333         >
Violet 380 – 450 668 – 789 2.75 – 3.26 20,000 – 33,333
Blue 450 – 495 606 – 668 2.50 – 2.75 13,000 – 20,000
Green 495 – 570 526 – 606 2.17 – 2.50 6,000 – 9,000
Yellow 570 – 590 508 – 526 2.10 – 2.17 5,200 – 6,000
Orange 590 – 620 484 – 508 2.00 – 2.10 3,700 – 5,200
Red 620 – 750 400 – 484 1.65 – 2.00 3,700 – 3,333
Infrared 1000    > <     300 <     1.24 <        3,333
Visible Light Frequencies

Trinary Science can not move forward with new Standards until it has a Laboratory that meats its requirements, such that a new Standard for all Measurements can be made, and they will all be based on Electrical Properties of Trinary Elements, so comparing current Mainstream Stupid Standards is worthless, their Science is not worth Saving, it is all based on Ignorance and Superstition, which is worthless in Science. One day when I was on Active Duty in the Air Force, I was looking a new Digital Equipment, and it made Analog look dirty, it had signals I had no idea where they were coming from, cross talk, signal merging and cancellation, it was a mess, and I relived at that moment, that Humans only think in terms of current Technology, and when a New Technology comes alone, they think the only stuff was junk, because it was, it worked at the time, but its obsolete now, and that is what all Technology is to me now, because it is all based on Flawed Science, and I know I have to be the one to come up with a New Standard, but without the Equipment I can not, so this is my Limitation, no Money, and why I hate Money so much, but the fact is I can not finish this book until I get more Money, so I can buy the Equipment or Lab time I need, or better yet, form Trinary Sanctuary, and let them do it.

To understand the problem with standards in Measurement, is to first understand how bad our current Standards Suck, and Metric is just too Stupid for me to address, it is a System I want nothing to do with, in fact I want to use Trinary Units for Distance based on the size of Atom's, so I have a one-to-one relationship with Reality, so let me show you the problem with the Current System that make me crazy, take an Atom, it is the basic unit of Standards in Trinary Science, yet to make it useful in Trinary Math, I have to convert it to Miles or Feet, and these are far closer to a Ratio of Size then Metric, which as designed for Stupid People to make it easier from them to Learn, and that was how Python became a Language, it is a Language for Stupid People, and that is why a Trinary Programming Language is required to replace all this Stupidity, as well as all its Standards in Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. I will define the Trinary Standard starting with Time, our Current Time Standard is insane, the People in Charge of Time decided that the only way to fix it was to start over on the correct date, so they picked 0, not that this is a Year, that started with 1, but the beginning of that year was 0 and by the end of it, it was 1, so 0 to 1 is a measurement of 1 year, this was known as the Julian Calendar, and the Military still uses it, as do I, now the Gregorian Calendar also known as the Satanic Calendar, according to Newton, who said that this is a bad change for the Calendar, because the thinking was, that if we calculated the End of Civilization on 25 December 2060, then the Powers that Be: decided to change that date, so Newton was born on 25 December 1642, the Gregorian Calendar move it to 4 January 1643 and then removed 10 days, making it 14 January since these days did not disappear, and that is my Birthday, and it is the Star Birth Date for Jesus Bar Abbas, and Sir Isaac Newton, as well as: Horus, Mithras, Krishna and Dionysis, so this is a well-known data, but not anymore, let walk you through this date stating on 1 December or Winters Solstice (WS) under the Julian Calendar when Jesus Born (JB) on the 25 December:

J 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 01 02 03 04
N 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
G 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Julian to Gregorian Calendar Changes December and January

The top calendar is the Julian Calendar used when Jesus Bar Abbas was born on 25 December, Winter Solstice came on 1 December, when the Gregorian Calendar changed Sir Isaac Newton's birthday from 25 December Julian, to 4 January Gregorian seen on the second line in the middle, than they removed 10 days from the Calendar, shown on the third line, making 14 January fall on my Birthday, and now Sir Isaac Newton's and Jesus Christ (CB) Birthday is now celebrated on 25 December, and this upset Newton to no end, Newton said this makes him the Antichrist, since his birthday now falls on both Jesus's birthdays if you look at the chart, so its easy to see why the powers that Be: did this, according to Newton it was so no False Prophets could be born on 25 December, but Jesus said he would come back in the Flesh, and so it was that I was born on 25 December Julian and 14 January Gregorian, so I share my birthday with Jesus and Newton, but Newton said this was Satanic, and Santa and Satan have a more in common then just Letters in Spells.

Just how we measure time, says a lot about the Human race, so think about what Newton said about this Calendar change: it is a Satanic Calendar, what else do you need to know about Mainstream, and why I can not use their Measurement Standards, they are also Satanic. You need to understand that the Spell Satan, does not mean what most people think it does, in context with what Newton said, it meant a change in the Standard to say the least, so Newton told the Leaders of the Church that 25 December should be known a Christ Mast, and that is how we got Christmas, but the Real Jesus's Birthday is now on 14 January. All units of Measurements have there limitations, but when you live in the Moment, or Real Time, your Units of Measurements must be relative to each other, so let me try to explain my concept of a Standard Unit.

If we could agree that the size of a Hydrogen Atom is about 0.000,000,004 inches in diameter, we understand that the size of units makes a huge different in math, and you would expect that number to be smaller in terms of miles, but as it turns out a Hydrogen Atom is about 0.0000000000000631313131313131313 Miles in diameter, doing a little math: 0.0000000000000631313131313131313 * 100,000,000,000,000 = 6.31313131313 in terms of Inches, One Hundred Trillion represents the amount of Hydrogen Atom's it would take to create this Mass, so I find humor in Numbers like this, so it got me to thinking that Trinary Science should measure everything in terms of Atom's, as such a space of 6.31313131313 Inches, can be filled with One Hundred Trillion Hydrogen Atom, if I created and did this experiment, for one thing I would think I could put more than One Hundred Trillion Hydrogen Atom in that much space, so my math is wrong, or is a Hundred Trillion of anything no matter how small it is, still a lot, but maybe Trinary Math is simpler than that, this is just a Mass equation, 6.31313131313 is in terms of Potential Energy in Inches, meaning in terms of its Wavelength, and that brings up the subject about Wavelength vs Frequency Energy, the math is simple, I have the size of the Hydrogen Atom in inches, I converted it to Miles, but due to the way math works, a Hundred Trillion was the lowest number that would give a single digit, so you have to keep in mind what you are calculating or you can get lost, so do not get lost, let me continue with more Math, so try to explain how Mass and Energy are not the Same, so what I calculated was a translation between its Mass in Inches and Miles, and I know I could not contain One Hundred Trillion Hydrogen Atom in an Inch, but in terms of a Trinary Engine, so if you have One Hundred Trillion Hydrogen Atom, and packed them in a 6.31313131313 Inch Sphere, check decimal places when assigning length, we started out in inches, converted to miles and multiplied by Units, giving us a number in terms of Inches and Miles, so what did we just calculate? A Hydrogen Bomb, if you square its Mass you will get the energy of One Hundred Trillion Hydrogen Atom. (6.31313131313)2 = 39.8556269768225 ft, 24.264389209676168 KHz of Energy, witch is about 6,313 °F, let me explain this in more detail.

Now that I showed you some of the Trinary Math in the Trinary Universe and how I came up with it: I just Super Sized the Laws of Physics, and using these same principles on Atom's will result in the same results of accuracy, since all Atom's are about the same size: a Hydrogen Atom is about 0.000,000,004 inch, that is read 4 Billionth of an inch, so if you figure an inch is 1/12 of a Foot, and there are 3 Feet in a Yard, and 1760 yards in a Mile, such that: 1/1760 of a mile is a yard, divide that by 3 to get a foot, (1/1760) / 3 where 1 is a unit of miles, or 1760 * 3 = 5280 ~ 1 Mile, such that 1/5280 is feet in a mile,
a = x * ((1/12) * (1/5280))
where x is 0.000,000,004, such that it equals 6.31313131313e-14, or .0000000000000631313131313131313, in terms of a Hydrogen Atom's size in Inches in Miles, it is a very small number, such that: 6.31313131313e-14 * 0.007299270073 = 4.60812504608e-16 / 3 = 1.536041682e-16 of an Iteration year, which is 1 iteration for an electron orbiting around a Hydrogen Atom, therefore this is a time period, so 333 x 1.536041682e-16 = 5.11501880106e-14, these speeds seem low compared to Planets, so think of it this what, imagine shrinking down to the size of an Atom, as far was as that above number gave us, is how far I must travel in 1 Iteration around the Atom, and that is at the Speed of Light, so it is a very short distance. This proves that Atomic Level Solar System have the same Ratio, its smaller in size, but the Laws of Physics are intact, it is this Ratio that never changes no matter how big or small something gets, and as a number this is confusing to me if this is terms of miles an hour, but if I were siting on that atom traveling those speeds I would understand, size Matters when it comes to speed, and why its worthless in terms of what we can understand at this level of size, because we are talking about Orbiting around an Atom but in terms we use on Galaxies, because a mile is a long way compared to the size of an atom, so instead just look at its relationship, and to understand this relationship, you must understand part of Numerology that I use in Trinary Mathematics, see:
this is a very important term to learn, so it would do you good to read the whole link and return, so do not assume you know what Numerology is til after you read this. Numerology proves that the number 666 is the Mark of the Beast in the Bible, so the Bible tales a different History then Religion does, for one thing the Mark of the Best depicts the End of Civilization, because every Zodiac brings in a New Energy, and it follows the Rules of Music Numerology, such that each Semitone represents a Zodiac, so every Zodiac Sign as a Sound to go with it.

To convert a Hydrogen Atom's diameter in inches to a Mile:
where Inches is 0.000,000,004, which is the size of a Hydrogen Atom, such that: it equals 6.31313131313e-14, or .0000000000000631313131313131313 in terms of a Hydrogen Atom's size in Miles, so keep in mind that these same ratios apply to the Galaxy, Suns, Planets and Moons, and why I must convert from inch to mile, because talking about the Universe in terms of inches or Atom's, is way too big of a number to deal with, and this will not work using the Metric system, since it is not a Ratio that is useful, its just Stupid, and I do not do Stupid, and it should become clear why Miles are no better, but they work, and it is because inches work, and why I did not change to Trinary Units of Atom's, but if I did, each Atom in the Trinary Periodic Elements Table, would have a Size, and the Average of all those Sizes, would be the new Scale for Measurement, but from there, it might work out to be the same as an inch since I can use it to measure those Atoms now, but why not Metric is easy, the Bible did not use it nor will I, it is that simple, Metric was based on the Speed of Light, but uses a 10 based multiplier system with no ratios, it makes reducing easier since it is not a Fraction, but in Reality the World is a Fraction, and by World I mean its Sun, Planets and Moons, they are all Spherical thus Fractional, and why Metric is the wrong system of Numbers to use, the Trinary Numbers must be Fractional in Nature, based on an Atom, and this is why I will use this system of inches, feet, yards, Miles and Light Years. It should be clear from the size of things, that its Mass is not the same as its Energy, its Mass is only Potential Energy, and Potential Energy and Energy are not the same thing, and lead to huge mistakes, for example: using Einsteins E = MC2, I get that 1 Kelvin = 20 GHz in Frequency, in Trinary Math that I use: the Kelvin Formula: (1/273.16)2 = 1.3 GHz, so that is a huge difference, proving that any Math based on Energy and Mass being related is wrong big time, and this formula says nothing for its wavelength witch makes the biggest difference, since Speed of Light = Frequency * Wavelength, now Trinary Math uses a different scale for Temperature: at Absolute 0, its Frequency and it is Wavelength is 0, so this is a special case, this is called Trinary Temperature or °Trinary or °T, and is based on Common Sense and accepted Electronic Principles, if the Atom is not Vibrating it has 0 Frequency and 0 Wavelength, and this is only based on a specific Element in the Periodic Table, and it is upper range is called its Fire Resonant Frequency, which is the point it turns to Light, which means Fire as in Heat or Thermal Energy; so this Science of Mainstream and Trinary are not Compatible: such that Trinary Temperature is directly proportional to its Frequency or Wavelength, so Hydrogen has a Range of 0 to 3 MHz at 0.06 Mile or 328 Foot Wavelength, and keep in mind that 442.6 THz with a .0000022 foot wavelength: would be the color Red in our Spectra of Light, so this is a very long wavelength. To convert Frequency and Wavelength into Energy, for this Formula:
In terms of Frequency:
E = F − (F − X)
In terms of Wavelength:
E = W − (W − X)
In terms of Percentage:
E = 100% − (100% − X%)
where F is the Fire Frequency, and it is Wavelength will always be a in relationship to speed of Light = Frequency * Wavelength; and where X is the current Frequency, such that:
3 MHz − [3 MHz − 3 MHz] = 3 MHz,
such that its Energy is equal to its Frequency, in terms of Percentage, its easier to calculate, if 0% is 0 Hz and 100% is 3 MHz, this is a Temperature range, so in terms of Energy it is a 100%, in terms of Watts, 1 Watt = 1 Joule per second and is used to quantify the rate of Energy Transfer, its measured as an electric current of one ampere as it passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second, so it is a measurement of quantity of Electrons per second, an ampere is measuring the electromagnetic force between electrical conductors carrying electric current, so Energy is proportional to Ampere in terms of numbers of Electrons, due to how Mainstream defines all its Units, there is not direct conversion, and even if I did write one, the Units are too Flawed to use.

I have come to the conclusion it would be easier just to define all my own Measurement Standards, then to attempt to use the ones of today that will soon all be based on Theory, and the problem started with no one knowing everything they needed to know to make the correct decision, and people that did not believe in Newton, created Science based on Theory that they never had to Prove, and now we have Science that is based on Theory that is not a fact, and does not work in real world Applications, because Reality means its Real, and in my Reality, when I measure anything at Absolute 0, its Frequency and Wavelength is at 0, if not, then you are nowhere near Absolute 0, and if you are measuring any type of Frequency, then the Atoms are still moving therefore you are not at Absolute 0, that is a fact, so current Units used for Measurements are not Compatible with Trinary Science, so at some point I must refine everything in terms of Light; for now: Energy is in terms of the Frequency, Wavelength or Percentage, and an Amperage is measure in terms of quantity of Electrons, and everything will be based on the Elements involved, so you have your conductor, and electrons, because Electrons do not travel the same way around all Elements, so Energy is in terms of what you would find if actually measuring it, and if it is not then it is not Trinary Science.

Trinary Math is based on Electronics, so an Atom has 3 Rings around it, and do Trinary Engines, when talking about the Ring that Rules them all, it is the Ring of the Sun, and it has so much power that it controls all the Trinary Engines in its Solar System. All Atoms have 3 Force Field Rings of Power, the Electron and Trinary Particle, that has an Atomic Number of 0, and currently not listed in the Official Periodic Table of Elements, but Theoretical Particles can be found there, but neither of these Particles have Valences, but all other Atom's do, and a Valence is a Key or Receptor, that other Atom's bind to, and it is how Electrons orbit Atom's, it orbits around there Valance or Force Field Rings, and there are always 3 Rings, each Ring is 10x:
101 = 10
102 = 100
103 = 1,000
1/(101) = 0.10
1/(102) = 0.010
1/(103) = 0.0010
and in Numerology they are known as Ring Powers:
R | Powers of 10R
1 | 0.10
2 | 0.010
3 | 0.0010

Once you understand the Primer, you will never look at Trinity the same, but I renamed it too Trinary, to remove Religion from it, and because Newton hated the Teaching of Trinity, so by Renaming it, I am hoping that Newton would approve. The Light without Darkness is also White Noise, I call this Trinary Energy. (+1) + (-1) = 0, is actually short hand notation for a Function of x: +- f (x), with a plus and minus sign change of x every time the waveform passes through 0, or ground, where the Atom turns invisible.

Where do numbers in math formulas come from? In Trinary Math I use the Bible as a Reference to where I got the number, but in Trinary Science I must show how these Numbers work, and using Empirical Evidence, I feel the need for Speed, and looking at the Abbreviated Trinary Galactic Track Table, on Track 666 I have a Maximum speed of 666,666 and Minimum of 333,333 Mph, and using the Numerology formula for Music Scales I have:
Frequency * 2x
such that:
666/2 * (24) = 10,656
~ 10,656 / 16 = 666, as such: this number 10,656 is a Magic Trinary Constant Number, and I need you to understand the Ration it represents, so I create a small Bash Program that will create the Table below, I will only include a sample of the rows here, since these are all we need to talk about, so you can look at the Math that created all the Variables; for now have Faith that I will talk about them more later, for now these Numbers I use in Trinary Math, all come from somewhere, and I will explain them as much as I can, but first let me introduce you to the Trinary Galactic Track Table, its based on our Galaxy having a Helix Shape Waveform it travels around its Hub, and the Sun is our Hub, its Hub is our Galaxy, and yet even our Galaxy has Hub, it is a Massive Dark Star, and it uses this same Trinary Math to plot its Course and Speed, so its based on Iterations, and there are many known Time Periods in an Iteration, but for our Sun, its based on 3 values, its Maximum, Average and Minimum, elliptical orbits require 3 Ranges, so this Galactic Record is based on 2 times 666, which is 1333, the tracks start at 0 and go to 1332, when I run the Bash Script, I use this command: ./ 864575.9 7926.2109 333 241828072282107.5071453596951 appendix.g.xhtml, this tells the script I have a Sun the size of 864575.9 miles in Diameter, the Livable Planets size of Earths 7926.2109, and I have 333 Trinary Engines, and the Galaxies Radius is 241828072282107.5071453596951 miles, and I have the file name appendix.g.xhtml, this script will easily allow you to change these 5 variables, so you can test it against any Sun in any Galaxy, from there the script will create the table below.

The Galaxy is based on:
The Galaxy is based on a Record Player, the Galactic Plane is the Record or Disk. All the Suns orbit the Galaxy at the Same Rate like the Record Player Arm, and each Track has its own Speed.
An Iteration is a Time Period defined as:
An Iteration is a Time Period defined in years, I will calculate here as Maximum, Average, and Minimum, these Periods are Labeled using the Zodiac Signs, and use the Julian, Gregorian and Mayan Calendar.
Trinary Matrix Mathematics is based on:
Trinary Matrix Mathematics is based on a Matrix Table, each row is a Track in the Galactic Disk, each column has data about the Sun(s) in the Galaxy that supports Life. This is based on known Ranges of Energy that Humans could Survive in.
This concept is based on:
This concept is one that I came up with myself as a child by age 9, its based on the Sun having all the Information it needed to know to do its Job in the Galaxy.

Once I understood what Sir Isaac Newton was describing, I realized that the Suns Size has everything to do with its Solar System, so I started calculating everything I could, based on its Properties, and wrote this Bash Script to create this xhml document File that contains this Matrix Table.

Based on a Sun Size of: 864,576 miles in Diameter
Based on: 333 Trinary Engines
Based on a Galaxy with a Radius of: 241,828,072,282,108 miles
Total number of Tracks: 1,333

Maximum Iteration: 2103
Average Iteration: 2012
Minimum Iteration: 999

Track number of our Galaxy, based on 0 to twice 666.
Tracks below 336 have Negative Trinary Engines because they are Dark Stars, they mix with the Galaxies Force Field Rings, making the numbers Negative Frequencies.
Trinary Engines:
Based on how many objects it would require to produce enough forward momentum to keep up with the Sun.
Max Speed in MPH:
Based on the Maximum speed the Sun can travel through the Galactic Plane.
Min Speed in MPH:
Based on the Minimum speed the Sun can travel after going through the Galactic Plane.
Frequency in Hz:
Based on the Core Frequency of the Planet, the surface frequencies should be much higher:
Livable Planet Frequency of 7.830 Hz in the year: 2018.
Orbital Distance:
This is like the Track on a Record, it is the Circumference of the Track.
Track Frequency:
This is based on the Helix shape our Sun travels in around the Galaxy, it also calculates when we pass through the Galactic Plane.
Life in the Galaxy is Located:
Currently Life in the Galaxy is on Track *666
If a new Trinary Engine enters or leaves our World, we will change tracks.
After the Polar Shift due in 2060, you should start a New Calendar starting with year 0, or continue and use the dates in the Zodiac Table, this is the Age of Aquarius, and an Ice Age will Mark its Rain.

If you pick out two Suns on different Tracks across from each other: shown in Red and Green, and imagined that as I rotated this image simulating the Suns Orbiting the Galaxy, you would note that all the Suns in the Galaxies stay in line as they orbit it, this is a poor simulation but it makes my point, this Math is much different than it is for the Suns Solar System, so Kepler's and Newton's Math will not help you here, so Trinary Math that I created at age 9 works to solve this problem.

The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate but not speed Full Size Full Size

Trinary Math is 3 Dimensional Math because it is based on Electricity also known as Light, if you view the Sun as orbiting a Dark Star in the Galaxy Plane, and having a Trinary Star Configuration, such that Sirius is our Binary Star, and there is also Dark Star Companions that obit around the Trinary Star Systems (Our Son, Sirius and a Dark Star), so this Table calculates the Frequency of this Waveform shown in this Illustration, as well as the Speeds it travels at as it power dives into the Galactic Plane at Maximum Speed, and how its at Minimum Speed as it gets its farthest in Amplitude before it dives back into the Galactic Plane.

Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one revolution
Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one complete Orbit
Illustration 4.35: Complete Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy Full Size Full Size
Track Trinary
Max Speed
in MPH
Min Speed
in MPH
in Hz
Orbital Distance
in Miles
0 -333 -667,332 -332,667 -6.67332 0 0
1 -332 -665,319 -331,669 -6.65319 1,519,450,590,626,601 -30,150,542
2 -331 -663,306 -330,671 -6.63306 3,038,901,181,253,202 -30,241,539
3 -330 -661,293 -329,673 -6.61293 4,558,351,771,879,803 -30,333,088
330 -3 -3,042 -3,327 -.03042 501,418,694,906,778,297 -3,005,710,851
331 -2 -1,029 -2,329 -.01029 502,938,145,497,404,898 -4,293,688,278
332 -1 984 -1,331 .00984 504,457,596,088,031,499 0
333 0 2,997 -333 .02997 505,977,046,678,658,100 0
334 1 -986 1,333 -.00986 507,496,497,269,284,701 0
335 2 1,025 2,333 .01025 509,015,947,859,911,302 4,286,326,618
336 3 3,036 3,333 .03036 510,535,398,450,537,903 3,000,300,030
337 4 5,047 4,333 .05047 512,054,849,041,164,504 2,307,869,836
660 327 654,600 327,333 6.54600 1,002,837,389,813,556,595 30,549,929
661 328 656,611 328,333 6.56611 1,004,356,840,404,183,196 30,456,884
662 329 658,622 329,333 6.58622 1,005,876,290,994,809,796 30,364,403
663 330 660,633 330,333 6.60633 1,007,395,741,585,436,397 30,272,483
664 331 662,644 331,333 6.62644 1,008,915,192,176,062,998 30,181,117
665 332 664,655 332,333 6.64655 1,010,434,642,766,689,599 30,090,301
*666 333 666,666 333,333 6.66666 1,011,954,093,357,316,200 30,000,030
667 334 668,677 334,333 6.68677 1,013,473,543,947,942,801 29,910,299
668 335 670,688 335,333 6.70688 1,014,992,994,538,569,402 29,821,103
669 336 672,699 336,333 6.72699 1,016,512,445,129,196,003 29,732,438
670 337 674,710 337,333 6.74710 1,018,031,895,719,822,604 29,644,298
1332 999 2,005,992 999,333 20.05992 2,023,908,186,714,632,400 10,006,674
This Trinary Matrix Math Galactic Disk Track Table

This Trinary Matrix Math Galactic Disk Track Table, proves that Life in a Galaxy can be calculated, proving it is not random, and thus has an Intelligent Design, meaning that God created all this, and not some Deity, because God is an Intelligence called the Light without Darkness, as proof: this is the Math that explains the Galaxy, proving it can calculate when a Sun will pass through the Galactic Plane, and when it will Reverse its Magnetic Field, which is related to its Speed, so the big question is where do these number I use in my Formula come from, and the answer is in the number: 10,656, it is a number from the Bible Code, and it is not required to understand the Stories in the Bible, most of them are not about what you might think they are about to begin with, since the only people it talks about are Sinners, its clear it is a Book about Sin, and personally I never got any of my Morals from Sinners, even Jesus Killed people in Battle, so the Bible is not what most people think it is, if they think it is a Good Book, they are very disturbing and disgusting people, if you do anything that anyone in the Bible did, you are a Sinner, it is not about Good People, it is about Bad People, and that is why Newton said Religion is a Sickness for Sick Minds, the followers are Sheep to begin with, just Stupid Animals according to the Bible, and the Bible warns you about Satan, and Religion is the Worshiping of Satan, and Saints in General, even Santa and Satan have more in common then just the letters in its Spell, so I will never use Bible Passages to Explain Science, but I will use the Numbers it used to figure out the Universe, so looking at the Numerology of 10656, its 1 + 0 + 6 + 5 + 6: grouped: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 ~ = 9, so there is more to this number than meet the eye at first, so take a look at all its Factors of 10656:

# Factors Equation Proof Usage Math
1 1 10,656 ÷ 1 10,656 Revelation 3:12
Revelation 13:17
John 4:14
144 x 74
666 x 16 = 111 x 96
37 x 288 = 111 x 96 = 888 x 12
2 2 10,656 ÷ 2 5,328 Revelation 1:3
Revelation 17:18
Hebrews 10:21
144 x 37
666 x 8 = 111 x 48
37 x 144 = 111 x 48 = 888 x 6
3 3 10,656 ÷ 3 3,552 Luke 2:21 37 x 96 = 111 x 32 = 888 x 4
4 4 10,656 ÷ 4 2,664 Matthew 12:29
Precession Rate Sun
37 x 72 = 111 x 24 = 888 x 3
864575.9 (Sun) ÷ 324.540503 (Precession)
5 6 10,656 ÷ 6 1,776 Revelation 7:17
War Independence
37 x 48 = 111 x 16 = 888 x 2
Sheep ÷ Throne
6 8 10,656 ÷ 8 1,332 Luke 2:27
Revelation 16:14
Luke 4:5
2 Peter 2:3
37 x 36 = 111 x 12
666 x 2 = 111 x 12
666 x 2 = 111 x 12
666 x 2 = 111 x 12
7 9 10,656 ÷ 9 1,184 Golden 888 Ratio 888:1184:1480 = 3:4:5
8 12 10,656 ÷ 12 888 Revelation 15:3 Hebrew name: God 37 x 24 = 111 x 8 = 888
9 16 10,656 ÷ 16 666 Revelation 18:03
Revelation 17:17
Revelation 17:15
666 x 1 = 111 x 6
10 18 10,656 ÷ 18 592 Angel Number 5 + 9 + 2 = 16 Hex Base
11 24 10,656 ÷ 24 444 Genesis 22:8 Holy-Cost 37 x 12 = 111 x 4
12 32 10,656 ÷ 32 333 Hebrew name: Jesus 1 + 3 + 9 + 37 + 111 = 161
13 36 10,656 ÷ 36 296 Hex 128 2 x 2 x 2 x 37
14 37 10,656 ÷ 37 288 Pentagonal Pyramidal 1 + 4 + 27 + 256 = 11 + 22 + 33 + 44
15 48 10,656 ÷ 48 222 Strobogrammatic 2 x 3 x 37
16 72 10,656 ÷ 72 148 Psalm 148 22 x 37
17 74 10,656 ÷ 74 144 Revelation 14:1
Revelation 14:3
144 x 7 = 1,008
144 x 32 = 4,608
18 96 10,656 ÷ 96 111 Genesis 3:9 37 x 3
19 111 10,656 ÷ 111 96 Revelation 13:17 666 x 16 = 111 x 96 =10,656
20 144 10,656 ÷ 144 74 Psalm 95:3 37 x 2
21 148 10,656 ÷ 148 72 Revelation 13:2 666 x 12 = 111 x 72 = 7,992
22 222 10,656 ÷ 222 48 Revelation 17:18 666 x 8 = 111 x 48 = 5,328
23 288 10,656 ÷ 288 37 Daniel 4:2
2 Corinthians 4:4
37 x 1
37 x 37 = 1,369
24 296 10,656 ÷ 296 36 Luke 2:27 Child Jesus 37 x 36 = 111 x 12 = 1,332
25 333 10,656 ÷ 333 32 Luke 2:21 Name Jesus given Angel 37 x 96 = 111 x 32 = 888 x 4 = 3,552
26 444 10,656 ÷ 444 24 Matthew 12:29 God is 1 37 x 72 = 111 x 24 = 888 x 3 = 2,664
27 592 10,656 ÷ 592 18 Revelation 13:6 666 x 3 = 111 x 18 = 1,998
28 666 10,656 ÷ 666 16 Luke 11:15 Demons Ruler 276 x 16 = 4,416
29 888 10,656 ÷ 888 12 1 John 2:18 Antichrist 666 x 12 = 111 x 72 = 7,992
30 1,184 10,656 ÷ 1,184 9 Revelation 16:2 Beast Markers 666 x 9 = 111 x 54 = 5,994
31 1,332 10,656 ÷ 1,332 8 Revelation 3:12 Sanctuary 144 x 8 = 1,152
32 1,776 10,656 ÷ 1,776 6 Revelation 14:11 666 x 6 = 111 x 36 = 3,996
33 2,664 10,656 ÷ 2,664 4 2 Corinthians 3:6 Killeth 276 x 4 = 1,104
34 3,552 10,656 ÷ 3,552 3 Revelation 16:13 Dragon 666 x 3 = 111 x 18 = 1,998
35 5,328 10,656 ÷ 5,328 2 2 Corinthians 3:3 Stone Tablet's 276 x 2 = 552
36 10,656 10,656 ÷ 10,656 1 The Lonely Number ((1 * 1)/(1 + 1 − 1))1 = 1
Table 36 Factors of 10,656

In Trinary Astronomy, we can use the angle of Light to measure a Parsec in distance, so I can use these numbers to check my math. In the Bible the number 666 is the Mark of the Beast, and now it is time to use this Number to find out what it means, so how do these measurement systems we use work:
First assign X to our Magic number of 666, and this number 666 is the Size of this Beast in Diameter, and since we are talking about a radius, so we have to divide by 2, such that:
666/2 = 333, such that:
X = 666/2 * ( x ((1/12) * (1/5280)))
such that:
5280 * 12 = 63,360 inches in a Mile,
333 * ( 63,360 * ((1/12)*(1/5280))) = 1
Now in Genesis 6:6 in the Bible, Newton said the number 136 was significant, which lead him to believe that there are 136 Elements in the Periodic Table, but Newton thought this number should be 137, based on the Bible when Abraham is 137 years old when he binds his son Isaac in the Torah Portion of Vayeira, if you understand Kabbalah, you realize this relates directly to the idea of an electron absorbing a photon or desire connecting to Light; so we must bind our ego (Isaac), the negative desire in order to connect to the hidden, concealed realm of Light (Abraham), that is what the story of Abraham binding his son Isaac is all about, I got this from the internet, Isaac Newton did not write down why he though it was in 6:6, but Newton spent a lot of time researching the number 666, and spent years in the Lab trying to figure out why it was not 137, but I took a different approach, and tested all the prime number till I got to 33, the Masonic Secret Degree. I already knew there was another Element not in the Table, I call it the Trinary Element, it has an atomic number of 0, you will have to read the book to understand this, this presentation can not go into any detail and remain short and to the point.

I realized that in Numerology, I can take 136 and add a 0 Element to it, such that 136 + 0 = 137, confusing Math I know, but 0 exist in this case, as such I figured out how many Elements belonged in the Table of Elements, remember I was just a child when I stated this book, and one day I was looking at Pictures in the Bible, and noticed that my Grandmother had a Rosary which was a Bible Artifact, it was a string of Perls that came together in a hub, that had 3 attaching points, two of them was the loop that went around the neck, the other went down to another string of Perls holding a Cross, and the Lights came on: 1 is the whole Rosary, just like Jesus on the Cross, there is only 1 Jesus in the Bible, so the 3 is the attaching points, it is what binds the 0 and the 1 together, because the string forms a 1 when not attached, so the 1 becomes 0 when you attach it, so this is my String Theory joke, as such 1 is just a string, it is attached to the hub of 3, it becomes a 0, and the Cross is a Plus Sign in Math, then it occurred to me that if 1 is the string, and connects to the hub that has 3, so I took off the strings using its clasp, and was holding this hub in my hand, it looked old, it had 3 gold rings soldered to a silver disk, the disk was like the reeded edge of a U.S. Coin, which reeded edges are often referred to as ridged or grooved in US usage, or milled in UK usage, and was in fact a silver coin but not from the US, it was much older than that, and this got me to thinking about Atom's, what if they all have these reeded edges, and like this Rosary hub: these Rings are caused by the Atom's configuration of Protons and Neutrons, so this is the Life Blood of this Necklace, without it the 0 is 1, and Jesus stands alone, so I counted the edges of this coin and it only had 134 groves, at first I was sad, I was maybe 6 or 7 years old at the time, so I hooked the strings back up and looked at it, then added the 3 Rings to it and got 137, and now I knew the answer, and who ever made the Rosary and wrote the Bible knew it too... so the Rosary is Proof that 136 + 0 = 137, but it is not very Scientific, but its Empirical Evidence that someone knew this. I spent a lot of time looking at what I could use this number for, and reading Newton I knew it had to do with the Diameter of the Heavenly Body, as he called them, so I tired this:
1/137 = 0.007299270073,
Trinary Math is based on where Life exist, based on Maximum and Minimum values, so think about the Sun, its Diameter is:
864575.9 Miles * (1/137) = 6310.77299011 / 3 = 2103 years Maximum in 1 Iteration, now I dived by 3 Phases since I only want one of them, that means the Sun must orbit it in Iterations of 2103 years, now using the Error Rate we know it is 2012 year, now think about how far it can travel in 2012 years, that is 1,348,031,952 miles, so this is the distance, now we must average that distance since it has a high, low and average distance in a Helix shape orbit, and that is what we do when we multiple 2012 by 333 equals 669,996 with an Error Rate its 666,666 miles an hour, and that is the maximum speed of the Sun as it is Orbiting the Galaxy... so 666 is the Mark of the Beast.

Now to calculate when we pass through the Galactic Plane, which is a Disk of debris similar to Saturn, and all Suns orbit around the Galaxy in a Helix Shape, like a sine waveform if viewed from 2 Dimensions, one complete cycle takes 60 Million years, or 30 Million years to complete a half cycle, the time it takes to go from the disk, out of it, and back into it again, and it is based on the Track number of the Sun,
.0000000000001 (13 Multiplier) * 333,333 (minimum Speed) = .0000000333333
as such:
1 / 0.0000000333333 = 30,000,030 Hz
where 1 is one cycle: Time = 1/Frequency, and the 13 Multiplier is a special purpose multiplier for tracks, such that: 30 MHz is the Frequency that will cause the waveform to cross over every 30 Million years, so its just how you calculate its Wavelength, see the Trinary Matrix Mathematics Galactic Track Table and the bash file for the Math I used to make it.

Numerology is older than the Bible, and so much disinformation has been written about it, that few knows anything about it. Numerology is about Numbers and not about Religion, nor is the Bible about Religion, but Numerology is about the Bible, and is also known as the Bible Code. The Bible was written by Witches and Wizards in Witchcraft, a Witch is a none Gender Person who can Write, a Wizard is someone that has Knowledge to Write about, so the Witch normally writes the Knowledge of the Wizard, using Witchcraft and Numerology you get the Rules for Bible Math. In Numerology there is a rule about Patterns in numbers, and one such rule is called the Galactic Record, each Record has a Track, each Track is laid out with Trinary Mathematical Precision, see Galactic Track Table, which shows how the Tracks work, and the math that was used to create them is in, and the Trinary Science behind this is in chapter 4, just understand that the Galaxy works like a Record Play, and not like our Solar System works. Rule 1: Adding Down: take any number and add down all its digits till there are only the required digits remaining, for example: if you want 1 Digits Precision, given the number 123.321, the equation is as such: 1 + 2 + 3 + . + 3 + 2 + 1 = 6.6, therefore it was in 3 digit precession before doing the math, and as a result of this math, it now has 1 digit of precession.

This proof should make you understand the need for Iterations, and not just use one long time frame, for example: we know there are some 30 Million Years and 3 days, and I cannot ignore those 3 days, these 3 days always comes back to bite us, and I know its 30 in terms of Frequency 30 Million comes out to 30,000,030; see the Table to try to understand why, it is the Wavelength that determines its Speed, and it is Speed is distance over its time, and it is Track number is 666, and it has 333 Trinary Engines, my Math in the Bash script that create it is:
sunSize=864575.9; # Sun Size in miles in diameter
ringSunFirst=0.00001; # This is based on the First Ring of the Sun, not Earth,
tm=$(bc <<< scale=13;1 / 137); # 1/137 = 0.0072992700729,
you can also use this number 1/137.03599913 = 0.00729735256683, but I do not recommend it.
maxIteration=$(bc <<< scale=0;(${sunSize} * ${tm}) / 3); # (Diameter in miles) x 1/137 / (3 Phases) = Max Iteration in years
aveIteration=$(bc <<< scale=0;${maxIteration} − 91); # Sun changes polarity 10 (0 - 9) times a Century: 100 − 9 = 91
maxSpeed=$(bc <<< scale=3;(${aveIteration} * ${trinaryEngines}) + ${maxErrorRate});
frequency=$(bc <<< scale=3;${maxSpeed} * ${ringSunFirst});
for track 666 it has 333 trinaryEngines, + maxErrorRate which accounts for precession: you must remove the speed required to over come it, so its clear I did not make up this 30 Million Years, I calculated it, so its clear that these Iterations are the key to understanding Galactic Time, and I have never read about this subject anywhere, I had to figure it out on my own, if Newton knew it, I did not get that memo, so just understand this Program, this Track Frequency of 30,000,030 Hz, is calculated by taking the Size of the Sun in Miles in Diameter times 1/137, and this number 137 gets back to Planck, and one of the reasons his Math confuses me so much, but I got this number from the Bible, by using Numerology on the number 136, witch in Bible Code, was a reference to how many Elements can be found in the Universe, it is the way they worded it was confusing to most that read it: Psalm 136:13 Or the Sea of Reeds; also in verse 15 witch add down to 6, the Numerology Energy represented by the number 136 expresses itself as a source, where things begin; and in the Bible there is a section that Newton like to write about, it is about Moses and the Sea of Reeds...

Every Iteration the Zodiac takes on this Property, and adds it to what you have, so for example the 12th Zodiac is Pisces, 32 + 6.66 = 38.66 Hz, in turn this adds to the Precession needed to counter act the forces, required to complete this Iteration, keep in mind there are over 14 Thousand Iterations per Galactic Crossing, and each are required to bring Harmony to the World according to Kepler, so Newton understood some of this, but enough to figure out the Math, Tesla understood much more, but could not get the funding to do experiments to prove any of this, and I just found new Trinary Math that uses new Methods to Calculate what Newton had to do by Hand, and Newton's math works just fine, this just proves why, and gives you a much simpler Math to do it. We just moved into the 11th Zodiac Sign of Aquarius, its Frequency is 30 Hz − 6.666 = 36.66 Hz, and this is the Frequency of a Polarity Reversal, to Calculate a Polarity Shift use this Formula: Iteration in years * (Frequency * .00001 (0-3 − 4 Decimal points) ) * 2012 = Maximum Years between Magnetic Polarity Reversals, (2012 * (30000030 * .00001)) = 300.00030 how many times it reverses in a half cycle, 300.00030 * 2012 = 603,600.60360 years, do not confuse this with this Formula for speed, Iteration * Trinary Engines = Speed, 2012 (Iteration) * 333 = 669,996 mph.

In the Bible its very clear about what Numbers mean:
666 x 16 = 111 x 96 = 10,656 = And it provides that no one should be able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of its name (Revelation 13:17); making it clear that the Use of Money and the Mark of the Beast are the Same.
37 x 288 = 111 x 96 = 888 x 12 = 10,656 = The water which I shall give him shall become in him a fountain of water springing up to life eternal (John 4:14); this is the coming of Aquarius, the Age where an Ice Age will test the Human Race.
144 x 74 = 10,656 = And I will write on him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem (Revelation 3:12); this speaks of a New Jerusalem and not the Old one, so it implies Trinary Sanctuary...

Trinary Engines create Gravity, to prove this you must understand what a Trinary Engine is, its basically a very Large Atom, such that all its Laws of Physics apply, as such if you take anything made of Atom's, even two grains of Rice, in space they will attract each other, this is an Electrical Attraction, because an Atom has 3 Magnetic Force Field Rings, each have a Power rating, as such: they send out a signal much like a Radio, and like a Magnet they attract each other, so Gravity is caused by Electromagnetic Force Fields Rings, and it is these Rings you need to focus on, these are the key to Gravity, and why I assigned Power Multipliers for each of them. A Trinary Engine like our Sun, has very little Crust, or external shell, its mostly ground up space debris, its Magnetic Force Field Rings are so massive that they encompass all the Planets and Moons in its Solar System, and Light is just a Electromagnetic Field, so distant Light will be bent around the Trinary Engine, this is an Electronic Lens Effect, and is used in the original TV sets to make a line scan, and why you saw lines on old TV sets, its Light being bent by an Electromagnetic Force, proving Light is Gravity and Light Creates Gravity, it is all a matter of how you measure Gravity, because even Light has Gravity, yet it does not have much Mass, proving Mass and Energy are not even close to being the Same, since all Energy comes from Light, and why Einstein denounced his Theories and Math based on Mass, he knew that he could never prove that. Gravity is not a measurement of Mass, as such: you can not use the size to determine how much Gravity it can produce, as proof, a Hot Dead Star can put out more Energy and Gravity until it is a Cold Dead Star, a which point it puts out no Gravity, and since nothing is holding it together, it just floats a part, or may say intact due to Atom's holding the Mass together, which fully explains Asteroid's and Comets, they have little to no Gravity just like most Moons, yet Moons orbit an object forever, unless something interrupts it, so its clear Gravity and Mass are not Related, yet Gravity and Energy are, our Earths Rotational Rate creates Electromagnetic Energy, and this produces both Gravity and Atmosphere, as proof: if the Earth Loses its Magnetic Field Strength, which has been happening since the year 1000, its Gravity will be affected as soon as the Field Collapses, which should happen around the year 2060, but will only last till 2103 at maximum, so I can prove this in my Lifetime, if I live that long, but Newton Calculated this over 333 years ago, and my Calculations prove he was right, and he was right about everything else he said, so I have no reason to believe he was not right about this Pole Reversal, but I know he was right about God's Light being the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, and that means his Math is all based on Light, as was Franklin's and Tesla's, and that is why all their work, still works with Trinary Math.

Gravity is not as Complex a subject as most believe it should be, I have written pages on the subject, but it all comes down to Light, meaning White Noise in White Light, I call this Trinary Energy, and this is what is contained inside every Atom made of Neutrinos, and there are 137 Elements in the Trinary Periodic Table of Elements, 0 to 136, so the Math of 1/137 is based on this table, yet the number came from the Bible, and like Gravity, its based on Elements, so Gravity has everything to do with Elements, as does the Light they contain.

There are two forces that Drive Energy: Frequency or Wavelength Driven Energy, and to understand that, we can create a Heater Loop, and power it with a Frequency/Wavelength Generator, first we turn up the Amplitude of the Voltage, such that the Coils heat up, now we will adjust only the Frequency/Wavelength and note that as we increase its Frequency its Wavelength will get shorter, this is Frequency Driven Energy, now note the effect when you turn the Frequency as high as it will go, will the coils melt? I really need a lab... My guess is that at some point it will hit a Resonance Frequency, and melt down. Now do the same for Wavelength, the higher or longer the Wavelength the lower the Frequency, this is Wavelength driven Energy, and do the same range test and then compare the results, and see if the Long Wavelength or Higher Frequency puts out more Heat. No Lab, but I have done this before, it is a good experiment, it demonstrates the power of the Wavelength. Understand that Electricity is normally around 50 to 60 Hz, and higher and it will lose power, and higher and the wires may not handle the Power. If you run this test on a Light Bulb, LED or LASER, you will get different results, Light Energy comes form the 0 Dimension, so the Higher the Frequency the More Energy it puts out in Terms of Light, but as the Heater experiment showed us, Wavelength Rules in the World of Heat, you will also find out that a Light Bulb, LED and LASER's do not do well with Longer Wavelengths, compared to higher frequencies, and in fact will damage them, so be warned, do not damage any equipment, know its Limitations. Once you prove this to yourself, you will never look at Energy the Same, the Power Companies understand this concept as well, and it is why they use Low Frequency Energy 60 Hz, or 3,052.63 Mile Wavelength, and some countries use 50 Hz, personally I like 33 Hz, this is where its Energy is at, but you want to see the Light Energy, it is in High Frequencies, so do not confuse Power Levels when it comes to Frequency vs Wavelength, and keep in mind that longer wavelengths will kill you faster, and that is why you do not see much 33 Hz Electricity. To understand Trinary Math, you have to understand the how the Energy is Driven, we think of Types of Energy as AC or DC, or Single Phase or Multiphase, Trinary Energy means all Atom's are Electrical in Nature, they are Trinary Elements, so I must finish the Data in my Trinary Periodic Element Table, and you must understand that when it comes to Energy, its Frequency and Wavelength are the key to Power.

Trinary Math is based on Trinary Engines, as Empirical Evidence I offer the Trinary Track Table, this type of Evidence is Self-Evident, Atom's exist, therefore I proved larger ones can and do exist as the core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet and Moon, and it is not hard to prove we have 333 of them, if we did not, my Math would not work, and some will argue the creating Math to fit a Model, this is called Fraud, and is illegal, so it has Legal ramifications if I get caught, and just as many ramifications for Slander if I am right, and I proved I was, so it all comes down to what is Legal, and Slander is not Legal, and I have nothing to worry about because I know my Math is right, and as a Concept it works without any Paradoxes, and there is that little detail that most of yew forget, all Trinary Math proves that Kepler, Newtonian and Tesla Math is correct, and their Math is the only Math anyone uses, and even Einstein would have agreed, and to get down to the real question, and that is why no one believed me when I told them when I was 9 years old, because it is the same reason most people do not believe it now, because this Math is so simple a 9-year old could have written it, yet its so complex, it answers all the Questions most Scientist wanted to know, and that is how does it work... The answer is found under an Electron Microscope, as a child I went out of my way to see as many of them as I could, and then Neutrino Detectors lite up my Mind with concepts about Light and Neutrinos being Atom's, and then I wrote a small program to make an Atom grow up to be a Galaxy, then used it to find where Life could exist in that Galaxy, and that all came down to Frequency and Wavelength, and by age 6, I realized that the White Noise in White Light can be controlled by Electronics, the age of TV is my domain back in 1967, I remember looking a Dust flow into the air vents, and how it would swirl around coils, and create vortexes, at the time I was much more amazed at the concept of understanding Gravity, then I did watching TV, after having watched a Coin roll around an inverted cone, I knew the Adult Population of the Planet was just retarded, as in the spectrum of Stupidity, Centrifugal Force is what throws everything off the Planet, not want keeps it on, that is just common Logic, countless experiments will not change that fact, nor will the size of it, if you want to use Sir Isaac Newton's Math, you have to use God as the Force of Gravity, and my Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher said that Newton read the Bible literally, and God was All Light without Darkness, and this is how I thought as a child, I thought I was this Light Being, that got stuck in a Human Body, I did have some Memories about being a Human before, but in my last Life I was a Big Bad Sheep Dog, and we all have these dreams as children, some decide they are just dreams and forget them, not me, I document mine, and try to learn from them, so in my Dreams, I was this White or Light Wizzard, at times I was also the Dark Wizzard, so my Dreams mimicked my Reality, so growing up I dismissed everything I could not prove, as a result I dismissed everything the Schools taught me, I could not trust any of their sources, and it was all based on Theory that was never proven to be a fact, so Growing up I had to create my own Math, and learn how to translate it to Mainstreams version of Math, which is an Aspie Joke in case you did not get it, as Proof: what I learned was that different sciences do not mix, because people that believe in Kepler, Newton, Franklin and Tesla, believe God is the Force of Gravity, and this Force does not exist in the Dynamic Universe or Einsteins General Relativity, and why he denounced it, as such: Trinary Engines are the only way to explain the Universe, it explains how the Suns orbit the Galaxy, yet some People can not wrap their minds around that concept, regardless, it is the way the Universe works, or my Math would not be so accurate across all Tracks, so this type of Evidence is controversial, because some People do not believe in God, all I have to say to them is I proved God Exist, because the Light without Darkness Exist, and to Deny that is Insane, as such: Trinary Engines are Empirical Evidence, and Self-Evident, because once you wrap your mind around the Math, the concept will become crystal clear, the Galaxies behave like Atom's, therefore they are Trinary Engines, as Proof: do the Math, if it works this way, so does the Universe, there has to be a mechanical reason for the way the Suns orbit the Galaxy, and an Electrical reason that we have this Frequency, and why the Sun and Planets reverse their polarity, and why the Sun travels through the Galactic Plane, and there must be an explanation to why I remember writing this book in other lifetimes, because the Dream World is where you interact with the Galattice, this is in the 0 Dimension, but its structure exist in the first and second dimensions but not in the third, so it is not a 3 Dimensional structure, and it exists everywhere in the Universe at the same time measured in cycles, it is where the White Noise lives, and how it exists at all, so the Galattice is the Universes Memory, and it is how I remember past lives, it is because I can pick up on lives that live in the Galattice, which is all Life in the Universe, so it is a very popular place to live, since all Life only exist in this place, and it is the only reason you can remember who you are, and understand what I am writing, its Electricity or Electric City of Dreams, and it is Signal is being broadcast by the Trinary Engines, such that the White Noise in White Light I call Trinary Energy, and Newton called God, Lives in the Galattice just like we do, since we are made of Atom's, and Atom's are make of Light without Darkness and Neutrinos, its crystal clear we are Light Beings in the Flesh.

Sheeple is a term my First Cousin Isaac Newton's son Benjamin Franklin Flesher made up, it is actually from Sir Isaac Newton's notes, stating something like the Bible called all the People Sheep, so they are Sheep People, and understand not what they do, or how things are done in Heaven and on Earth and Hell below us, meaning Trinity or Trinary, so Newton was talking about Electricity, the Higher Power is Electricity, just ask Tesla, so Trinary Math is based on Atom's at the Subatomic Level, and Trinary Engines at the Subatomic Level are Atom's, and all that is inside of them is the Light without Darkness, so God is inside every Trinary Engine, and also inside of every Atom, such that Trinary Math is God's Math, because it came to me in a Dream, from the White Wizzard, who was an Old Man with long white hair and a beard to match, and I was the Dog beside him, and if I blew this off as just a Dream, I would have never written this book, how many people dream about Math that actually works, and fully explains the Universe all by age 3, and the only reason I held on to those dreams, was because of what the White Wizzard was telling me, and that was that the End of Civilization is coming at the end of my Lifetime, I am the last Wizard, and that Dream never goes away, it just reveals more details, and they are all just references to the Bible, as if its encoded with all my Dreams, as if Bible Code is a way to link to these Dreams I am having, at least that is what Galileo wrote, and those words almost got him Banished or Executed, as it did other Wizards and Witches throughout History, so it is no wonder why Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Franklin and Tesla hated Religion, and spoke out against it at every chance, it is because God is Real to these Men, and God is the Force of Gravity and not Centrifugal Force or Warped Time and Space Continuum, where you can travel faster than the Speed of Light, this is about Reality and it is Limitations, which the Speed of Light is not much of a Limitation once you understand it, but to understand Trinary Math, you must fully understand all these concepts I call Trinary Science.

The difference between People and Sheeple, is that Sheeple lie about everything, and only deal in half-truths, whereas People are actually so Rare that few understand that they are in their Presents, and I have only met a few people in my lifetime, the rest are all Sheeple, since they are about 99.999% of the Population of this Planet right now, and this Trinary Math is about teaching Sheeple to become People, and that is not an easy task, and those that are Religious make this task impossible, because Religion is a Mental Disorder, and the sad thing is that its preventable, just read the Bible and do not every allow anyone to explain it to you, the passages are rarely about People, and mostly about their Science and understanding of Math, it is a document about how People Sin, and Slavery is one of the biggest Sins in the Bible, and Moses was the biggest Sinner, as were those that Denied Jesus Bar Abbas, and continued to use Money and Lie about it, so Sheeple are how the United States lost its Constitution, because People are so rare that no one listens to them, because they are not Normal, and so those Sheeple have to Lower the Standards each year, just so Children can pass School, know that everything they were taught was a Lie or Half Truth, such that now its Normal to be a Liar and only believe in Half Truths, this is called Brainwashing and it is how Religion works, first it makes all the People that are Rational believe that God does not Exist, proving Religion is Evil and Satanic, because only Fools believe that believing in things that do not Physically Exist is Sane, when all the Dictionaries of this time say that is Insane, and if you actually read the Bible, you would understand that Money is the only thing Evil, and is the Root of all that is Evil, and once anyone understands who is Evil, and that is anyone that uses Money or 99.999% of all the Sheeple in the World today, you start to understand the Problem with Trinary Math, those Sheeple will reject the Truth just so they can Live in Sin, proving that those that are Religious are Insane, and all those that believe God does not Exist are also Insane, so all Sheeple believe that Money is not Evil, and they believe that everyone has the Right to believe what they want, and if that means they have the Right to believe in a Deity or Christ, thus they have the Right to be Insane, and if this is Legal, then are Legally Insane, and this is the World I Live in today, and the Reason why allowing this Satanic Cults to Live as a Parasite off the Governments that Allow them, and allow them to have Tax Exemptions just so they can Keep that Country under Control of the Banks that own them Like Sheep, proving how Evil the Churches are and why Jesus said he could destroy them all, and the Sinners will rebuild them in 3 days, proving how Disgusting Religion is, and how those Trolls live with this Evil, and Lie about being Free, when they are in fact Slaves to the Banks that Own them, and since Sinners Lie, they are incapable of telling the truth, so this World will never change as long as this Mental Disorder is allowed to Exist, and there is no Vaccination for Religion, those Sheeple are insane and there is no cure for a self-inflicted Insanity, all you can do is distance yourself from Religion and those that believe in it, they are Dangerous and should not be allowed in any Society, and in History they were driven out of every Country they Infected with their Money Scamming ways, starting Wars and making People Prejudiced with their Ignorant Lies, by teaching People that Black and White is a different Race of People, that is a Lie and it is an Evil Lie at that, Black and White and every color in between is just a Gene in your DNA, and only and Ignorant Fool would tell you otherwise, so it is no wonder all the Wizards and Witches Hate Religion and the Religious Fools who Lie about us, and Hide the Truth about our Science and Math, just so they can Make Money off of yew, and own yew like Sheep, and Lie about what God is by making God into a Deity or Christ, that does not Physically Exist in the Universe, and why they believe in the Science of Einstein, witch he denounced stating it was Satanic in Nature because it did not have God in it, so all that believe in the Dynamic Universe are also Satanic, as such all these Sheeple will never understand Reality, nor Care about anything but Money; so Trinary Math is not for Yew, and soon Yew will all be Dead because Yew were too Stupid to prepare for the End of Civilization, instead yew denied it like yew denied Jesus Bar Abbas, just like yew believe in things that do not Physically Exist, yew proved yew are Insane, and not worthy to Live on this Planet, and yew are so Evil yew Hide this Truth from All, so yew could be a Sinner and Keep Satan Happy, so I calculate about 99.999% of all of yew will die during the Polarity Reversal in 2060.

If the World is to Change and People are to Survive, Religion must Go away forever, and banish all that practice it, Religion is Evil because it is a Lie and it is been Lying about this Science of Newton's and Tesla's for years, I can Prove this in Court and it is why this will never make it to Court, because the Judge works for Money thus Satan himself and has the Mark of the Beast to prove it, all Money and Law is about Sin and Control of Sinners, the Bible proved how Evil Moses was for Making Gold into Money and Creating Laws to make People Sheeple, nothing but Money Junkies to the Deadliest Drug ever invented: Slavery, and only someone that is Satanic will argue these points Newton made, and why those Evil Lying Christian Murders are allowed to live, when I can Prove in Court they are Responsible for the Treason by allowing the Banks to Own US, so I sentence them all to Death for Treason for the Money they Use, and this is Legal and actually Required by the Constitution itself, proving those Christians Sold US out for Money again, so I will make those Fools a Deal, you can Live if you stop being Sinners, and own up to the National Dept and Pay your Taxes, or be punished for Treason, this is what the Constitution Demands, and I took an Oat to uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States of American, after 2 thousand years of Religion waging War on Wizards and Witches, I declare War on all Religion, and demanding everyone of its Members in the United States be held in Trial for Treason against the United States of America, and hold their Bank accounts to pay off the National Dept, that would be the start of Justice, do this and Build Trinary Sanctuary and you might survive, but you allow these Lying Treasonous Traders to keep running this Country into the Ground, and yew will all be dead in less than a Century, and that is just insane, no Religion for a Deity or Christ that does not Physically Exist is worth the Genocide of the Human Race, this is a crime far more Evil than Treason, and this is why Sheeple call Newton the Antichrist, and forced all the Schools to Denounce his Teachings, because Newton Proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible, so the Churches could use Money to Control yew like Sheep, that is what the Bible stated as a Fact, and I only care about what the Bible said, and not what some Tax Evading Lying Treasonous Pedophile has to say about it, I proved beyond a reasonable doubt they are the Root of All that is Evil, and Guilty of Treason, now its up to those People to wake up and take control of the World back from the Evil that owns it and Yew like Sheep, so let me make myself clear, Newton had no Tolerance for this behavior and either will I; I am Retired Military and I have the Right and Duty to defend the Constitution, and this is how its done, I want a Trail to prove once and for all why the Bank Prints the Money and Not Congress, JFK knows why only Dead Presidents do that, now is the time for Justice and not JustUS... I demand Trinary Sanctuary, give US our Freedom and allow all the People that want Trinary Sanctuary to Exodus this Evil Place, or execute all guilty of Treason, the choice is yours, Religion is Cancer to any Society, those with this Mental Disorder need help, they need to know the Truth about Satan, and why they do Evil Things for Money, and Trinary Math can calculate the Madness of Humans, they all have the choice to believe in the Truth, and do the right thing, so if Money is all yew care about, yew can take it to the Grave, because Reality sucks when the End of Civilization is near, and the only reason you do not know about it is because of Religion and all its Lies, so you will have to decide if you want to Live like Sheep or People, after thousands of years of Prosecution from Religious Fools, its time the tables are turned and the Truth about Satan is revealed, Wizards and Witches have Rights also, and Religion being the institution of the Devil, their crimes have gone unpunished for Centuries because people Fear them, knowing how Evil they are, this is what Jesus Bar Abbas said two thousand years ago, I just paraphrased it and brought it up to our time, and applied it to what is going on now, so Jesus was right then, and he is still right now, and Like Newton I believe in God, Religion believes in Deities and Christ, either of them Physically Exist, so why should anyone allow this Insanity to continue knowing their Crimes against the United States and it is Constitution.

Trinary Math is about Science, and Religion has made it clear that they do want God in their Science, proving they do not believe in God, the truth is very revealing about Satan and who Satan or Santa is, but Fools will never admit to being wrong about anything, and Religious Fools would rather Kill everyone that believes what Jesus Bar Abbas and Newton's had to say about God, they Deny it, thus Deny the Truth, all to Serve their Master: Money... People that believe anyone has the Right to be Insane and Teach their Insanity as the Truth, is insane, and should acknowledge they are Sheeple, and they have lost their Way, an Ice Age is coming and Sheeple are acting like Global Warming is here to stay, and it is Mainstreams fault and that is run by Religion, as is the United States of Sheeple, the Home of Cowards and Liars, I defend the Constitution and not the Bank that Suspended it, Lincoln was Legally Executed for Treason against the Constitution, he is a Trader to the United States of America, and a Hero to the Banks that own US, if yew call me Un-American for telling the Truth about American and the Evil that took it over, get over yourself and your BS, I have a Duty to tell the Truth, I have a Duty to Defend the Constitution, and Pretending it Exists while the Banks Prints its Money is a Lie, and only Cowards Lie, so Trinary Math can Calculate just how Insane anyone would have to be to believe in Money, and Trust in Money and Not God, and to allow Religion to Lie about what God is, that is a Crime against Humanity, and all for the Greed of Money, and Tax Exemptions, proving how Greedy the Church is, they own the Bank or the Bank owns them, either way it is all Lies, their Math is a Lie, their Science is a Lie, their History is a Lie, that is proof that Satan is in Charge, and Newton knew this in his days and that was over 333 years ago, and Jesus Bar Abbas told you all about Satan and how he only uses Religion, Money and Law to Control you like Sheep, and Sheep are Cowards and will Lie for their Masters, and why Newton called them Sheeple, I have no reason to Sugar Coat Religion, it is the Work of the D`evil, and all under its Spell think everyone that does not believe in Religion is Satan, and that is how Satan works, even Santa does his bidding, so you do the Math, you decide what Master you want to Serve, and only you can decide what God is, if you allow Religion to define God then you are all insane.

Neurotypicals normally have an IQ under 70, they can not do any math in their Head or on a Calculator, and that Standard has to be lowered every year because Neurotypicals are getting Stupider, do the Math, the Statics prove it, not use how will do the Math for you if you do not understand the Facts, but the real Problem is this Race known as Neurotypicals, they are Arrogant, Egotistical, and in the entire history of the Human Race, they never had anything to say that turned out to be the Truth or Insightful, in History only the Autistic People made a Contribution to Math, Science and Art, that is just a Fact that Neurotypicals will never admit, because they think they are better than us Autistic People, so it is a waste of my Time to try to teach Neurotypicals anything, they are too Stupid to Research anything, and doing the Experiments is way beyond their Mental Capability, prove me wrong, I predict that Neurotypicals will waste no time trying to Debunk this Book with Theory, and it is because Neurotypicals, or Normal People are way too STUPID, yes that is all they are, and all they Proved they can be, so I will not Sugar Coat how stupid this Race of Neurotypicals is, Neurotypicals and Stupid are the same Term in Science, Neurotypicals have no contributed anything to Science every, anything and everything they did was all for Money, and that is Evil so remove all the Evil that Neurotypicals did in the Lifetime, and you have nothing else to talk about, because all of them are Evil and only Love Money, and there are by far more Neurotypicals that are Religious then there are Autistic People in the World, proving that all this Insanity is Neurotypical Driven, as is Money, Law and Crime; so do not ask why I wrote this Book to a Stupid Sheep called Yew, because I know yew are a Coward and a Liar, yew use Religion because yew are a Coward and have to go along with all the other Sheep, that is what the Bible said about Satan, so this book was a waste of time, all it was for is to Document why the Human Race went extinct by 2103, and it is because Neurotypicals will never believe anything an Autistic Person says, so Neurotypicals need to learn about who was Autistic in History that had something to contribute to Math or Science, all the Wizards I mentioned in this Book are all Autistic, not on Purpose, its just a Fact in History that Neurotypicals never had anything Intelligent to say ever, a Sad Fact but the Truth, Neurotypicals means you are Stupid, it is a Term coined by Autistic People to mean Evil, and to be truthful, Darwin said that Stupid People seek out Stupider People to mate with, and why its Normal to be Stupid and why that race is getting stupider all the time; and it is because to the way Autistic people think, they read things Literally for one, they do not make stuff up like Neurotypicals, and Neurotypicals can learn to think like Autistic People do, it takes more effort to actually Prove things to yourself, and you have to Read things and Interpret them for yourself, and Neurotypicals do not like to think, that is just a Fact, they like Stupid Short Videos because their Attention Span is too Short to understand Long Video, or they are too Lazy to think that hard, its just a Fact that Stupid People may not Understand what I wrote about, thus they will not believe what I have to say, some will try to say my Trinary Math is not the Truth, when the Table proves it is, the Math and numbers are generated from a Computer Program, so the Math is very Accurate, the Formula's came from the Bible Code, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Franklin and Tesla as well as the Fact I wrote all the Math myself, based on what others have proven to be the Truth about their Math, and the Universe, so if you prove that Trinary Math is Wrong, then it means that the: Bible, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Franklin and Tesla were all wrong, so stop using their Math and Science, because I know that is not the Truth, they were telling the Truth, but it is something some stupid Neurotypical would say.

I do not Hate Neurotypicals, if fact my wives were Neurotypicals, and I actually did not know any Autistic people other than Family when I was growing up, and they were both Religious, so there was no talking to them about Reality, because Religion is not Reality, not any Part of it, it is the Biggest Lie every told in History, and the Bible does not back it up, in Fact the Bible tells you not to make into it a Religion, or Engrave God on the Money that is the Root of all that is Evil, but Neurotypicals has no common sense or any Sense at all, and that is because the Last Person to know they are Insane is that Person. So for the Record, I loved at least a few Neurotypicals in my time, and I am still Married to a Neurotypical that also a Catholic, so I obviously have no Problems being around them, and most of the Rants about how Evil Neurotypicals or Religion is, actually came from the writing in the Bible or from one of the other Wizards, and I had to include it, because that is what they said, and it is why Newton said his Science and Math will be perverted by them, and why my own Wife does not believe in my God, but she believes in the Catholic God, and trust me she has heard everything I have to say after 19 years of Marriage, and why I still tell her that Ewe are Stupid.

Sir Isaac Newton said that all Religions are Insane and only exist to Control the Sheep that Flock to them, or get Flocked by them, since Pedophiles and Homosexuals were Normal back then, and it was not Illegal so most of the Neurotypicals engaged in it, and that why its so acceptable in the Church, since over 99% of them according to Mainstream Statics are Pedophiles, and everyone in the World knows this so it is acceptable, and personally I am not Gay nor have I have had sex with Children, I think its Disgusting, I would kill anyone I find Molesting Children, and if another Man every tries to have Sex with Me, I will Defend myself, and even Kill or Harm them if they force the issue, because this behavior is unacceptable in Society, ask first, never try to kiss or touch someone without their permission, people should always ask before they try anything with anyone, but this Society is not about Me or my Morality, it is about the People and not the Sheeple, so it is about what is good for Everyone, regardless of what anyone believes, the Gay Generation can Push their Views else where because they are not allowed here, there is no Gay Rights, there are a Minority of People in the World that have Sexual Identity Problems, this does not make them Gay, nor does it make them Strange or Perverted, this is not a Sickness or a Mental Health issue, therefore these People known as Transgender, will be treated like Normal People, and People that fall in love with people of their Own Sex, should not have to identify with Transgender if they are not one, that is wrong on so many levels, because Sexual Preference may come down to who you love, and I have Loved Men, besides my Uncles and Fathers and Grandfathers, I just do not ever want to have sex with them, and that is my Sexual Identity, the Opposite sex, but more to the point, its just because I am a Male in love with a Female, so Sexual Preference is a Personal Choice, and like Freewill, its something Sanctuary does not Limit much, but it has to set limits on Sex, because Mainstream is out of Control, and an Advanced Society can not allow unregulated Sexual Activity, for example: Prostitution is more than a Sin in Sanctuary, it is a Death Sentence with Banishment more Sever than Rape, and as a Society it is their job to ensure the Safety of the People that Live their, and Sexual Safety is job number One, since Rape and Molestation are a Death Sentence carried out that day, no judge no jury, you get caught you go to sleep and never wake up, and why Registration to have any Physical Contact with another person is required, sure it puts a damper in that in the Moment Passion when you want to have Sex with someone for the First time right now, but if they have a heart attack and die, so do you for Rape and Murder, because there are no Laws, Lawyers or Judges, its just the Facts, and we were going to Register does not mean anything to anyone, so Registration is easy, and requires 1 witness, but if you get caught having any Physical Contact with someone you are not Registered too, you could be Banished or put to Death, that is how Serious Trinary Militia are about all their Children, it is our Duty to ensure they have the best environment to be raised in, and anyone that wants to have sex with random people, or Young Teenagers or Children, no one cares about what the Child or Teenager wanted or allowed, if an Adult gets caught there is no exception, it is no different if they Molest Children: it will make them Dead that Day, for the Record Trinary Sanctuary does not care who you marry, as long as they are of Age to be Married or have Sex with, and in Trinary Sanctuary you must be Married to have Sex with anyone, this is not Sodium and Gaymora, Trinary Sanctuary is not about Controlling People, it is not about Laws, it is about what is Right, so what ever people do in Private as long as it does not involve having Sex with anyone they are not Married to, is what Trinary Sanctuary tries not to get involved in, Sanctuary does not care what Sexual Ordination you are, as long as it is Adult people that are Married together having Sex, and Teen Sex outside Wedlock is not allowed at all, underage Sex Restriction are very strict, so Teen Sex has age Limits of 16 for Dating and 19 for Marriage, Dating means only Lips no intercourse or sicking anything in any body hole other than the Mouth, there might be some exceptions made, but not many, Animal Sexuality is not tolerated in Trinary Sanctuary, having sex with random people is dangerous in a closed Society and not allowed, since Registration is required prior to that, as such you are not Stranger anymore but its still not something we encourage, Love is something not required either, so if you find someone that just wants to have sex, that is permitted as long as you are both Adults, this does not apply to Teenagers since they might always want to have sex, and why they have more Restrictions, and Children are never allowed to have Sex, not to say they can not play with themselves, but Mainstreams Version of Sex is just degrading to the Human Race, there are no rules that limit how many people you can marry, because putting limits on Marriage is Control, saying only same Sex Marriages can take place is Control, so the only Limits are set by Age and Ancestry, because inbreeding is not allowed: no Exceptions, nor is Rape, in Trinary Sanctuary it is a Death Sentence, and that goes for Teenagers, there are no Age Limits for the Death Sentence for Molestation or Rape.

Banishment is allowed if the gaining Country imprisons them for Life in hard labor, since that is the Punishment for Rape or Molestation, because Sanctuary is not a Prison, there are no Jails, no Judges, no Lawyers, no Fines because this was not Fine, the Militia have no Rights, that is the only way they can live in true Freedom, they know their Duty and Requirements, and everyone involved in it: are Trinary Militia, no Civilians allowed, Babies are born into Trinary Militia and fall under its Code of Conduct, which is to protect all Babies born till the day they turn 19, so no one is exempt based on Age, so Teenagers will find this a bit Rigid, but if they are willing to Marry for Life they can Marry at age 16, and therefore are not allowed to divorce if they do so before age 19, because in a Closed Society where all members are in the Militia, divorce is not acceptable, I have done the Math, all Marriages fail because the couple can not do what the other desires, they are not allowed to Cheat, since all Registered People know about everyone in the Registration, because they must approve it if more than one person is Married, no one is allowed to Marry and Divorce just to have sex, Marriage is a long term Relationship, you can only Kiss someone you are Legally Dating, and not before that moment, so a Kiss or Touching is not permitted without a Dating Certificate, and these are Big Deals, it is not like Date night and you just have to file out the Paper work, people need to Date to Marry and Marry for Life, this is not a Game and Teenagers that treat it that way will have that Right revoked till the age of 19.

Alcohol is not Publicly Allowed, so People are not allowed in Public if they have been Drinking, and there are No Bars that Serve Alcohol, that is how the United States lost their Constitution to a bunch of Drunks, who turn to Crime if you try to take it away from them, and over 60% of all Crime is caused by someone who has Alcohol in the System, in all Cases Money was involved somehow, and that is why Money in any Form including Barter is not allowed, that is called Slavery, and it is been Abolished here, so this is not Party Town, Sanctuary is about a new way of Having Fun, without having to Drink Poison, and have sex with everyone you feel like, instead it is all about building a New Future, where these Creepy Days can be put behind us as History we do not ever want to Repeat, and it will not replace Alcohol with Cannabis, it is a Drug and only used as Treatment for an Illness, so it can be used to treat Cancer, Pain, Depression and Anxiety, opposed to just getting High, because Sanctuary is not about getting High, it is about Freedom, and if you have to use Drugs to Feel Fine, you are not Free, you are just a Prisoner to getting High, and it is not like anyone expects this to happen overnight, so never banish people for wanting to get high, just do not allow another Generation to grow up Addicted to Drugs, and that is why it is all about Children, and their Right to Grow up with the Same Parents, and not with some Alcohol or Drug Abusers, parenting is very serious business in Trinary Sanctuary, we have our own Schools, and Train Children from grade 1 how to be a Light Being, and not some Animal that needs Alcohol or Drugs to survive, sure those like myself are set in our ways, and Sanctuary is not about Prohibition, Alcohol and Drugs are treated like Prescriptions, if you have one, you can have them, but it is a controlled substance that is not allowed in the same house as Children, so they will never be allowed to grow up with Poison in the House, so maybe there will be places were people that have existing Addictions to go, but only those Grandfathered in, such that this places dies when the last one of them die, so Trinary Sanctuary is not for everyone, Religion will never be allowed to exist in any fashion, nor will Voting, Trinary Sanctuary is not about We the People, look what that did to the United States, the home of nothing but Cowards and Liars, this will never be allowed, this is not a Republic nor a Democracy, those are Satanic Concepts about how Satan would Run the World using Money the Root of All that is Evil, whereas Trinary Sanctuary actually reads what the Bible has to say about Sin, and will not allow it to exist in Sanctuary, and the Bible is not about Religion, Religion are just a bunch of Criminals that want to Control others, and Lie about what the Bible says, and that is a Sin, and Religious people are all Sinners for this reason.

I talk about Trinary Sanctuary because if it does not get build, the Human Race will perish, so its really the only thing I have to talk about, since 2060 is getting closer all the time, but Religion want everyone to die, because they took all the Money from the Sheep, and build underground Tombs where they will all be buried in the Earthquakes that will come, and they feel safe, so they will keep those places Secret, and let all the Normal People die, they do not want a Panic on their Hand, so they do not talk about 2060 anywhere, no one does, because the Banks will not allow it, they would rather allow everyone to die, then have them be Free, proving they only want to Control you like Sheep, and if you allow them, then you are a Sheep.

I love Science Fiction, Battlestar Galactica was my Favorite, because the Humans were all Neurotypicals, and the Cylons were all Autistic, and the Neurotypicals believed in Many Gods, whereas the Cylons only believed in the 1 True God, and to me God is the Galattice, the Memory of the Universe, and God is the White Noise in the White Light, so God is all Seeing, because God is All Light without Darkness, but Neurotypicals only see the Darkness can call it the Light, because they are nothing but Liars, so Life and Science Fiction are not that different, People Believe they can not Live with Money, so in the End of Civilization they will Learn that Money is what Killed them, because Money caused the Ignorance to the Truth the Bible wrote about, and only Wizards and Witches understood, but all the Neurotypicals are just Money Junkies, and Slaves to the Banks that Own them like Sheep, so Reality Sucks, and it is why I love Science Fiction, and why I love Einsteins Theories, they make Great Science Fiction, but Reality is the Trinary Universe, and if Trinary Math is to Survive, so must the Human Race, the problem is that Neurotypicals are not Intelligent enough, and they do not Trust Autistic People, so the Human Race is Doomed, I did the Math, and I calculated when they will Die, so did the Bible and Newton, and I confirmed their Trinity Math, and created my own Trinary Math.

Neurotypicals and Autistic people are what is wrong in the World today, one thinks the other is inferior, and I went out of my way to make that point by telling Neurotypicals just how stupid I think they are, when in fact I did so for entertainment only, its just Aspie Humor so do not take it serious, all Flesh Beings have flaws, because they only think about themselves, I know all my flaws, and I can not change them, because they are what make me: me, and that is what the Bible is all about, it teaches you what Moses did was wrong on so many levels, he destroyed an Advanced Society for Money, and he did so by brainwashing people into believing in Religion, and then in comes Jesus Bar Abbas, and he said these are the Sins of Humans in the Flesh, and then the Wizards come in and find all the Science in the Bible, and they teach others that Religion is a Lie, just to so the Bankers can Control you with Money, and only Stupid Sheep need Money, that is what the Bible states as a Fact, that all that Use Money are Evil, and there is no lessor of two Evils, Money is the Mark of the Beast, and only Satan deals in Money or Barter, and only Criminals deal in Law, so I would never allow any Neurotypicals or Autistic People to ever be in Charge, in fact the only person I would trust in the Bible, is IAM, and IAM the Light, such that: Light Beings are the only Answer.

In terms of Energy, I would only use Frequency and Wavelength for everything, because everything is Light, so in terms of Speed, the Wavelength is King, in fact: it also equates to Distance, so anything that uses Speed or Distance, can use the Wavelength to solve their Problem, in fact: that is how I solved the Trinary Universe.

A Light Being uses Trinary Math to plot their way around the Galaxy, and understand how the Trinary Universe works, and Trinary Militia only allow Light Beings to join its Ranks, they are the only ones Intelligent enough to understand Trinary Math, so in Trinary Sanctuary, there will be no Neurotypicals or Autistic People allowed, only those willing to become Light Beings. Light Beings do not need Religion, Money, Barter, Laws or any other Controls in order to get them to work, it only needs people that want to live like Light Beings and not Animals, and that is why Alcohol and Drugs have to go, as well as Vaccinations, in fact everything Mainstream must go, that is Sin City, and Trinary Math calculated their Madness, and is done with their ways, the only way I care about is the Trinary way... Trinary Sanctuary is about Trinary Math, it is about Trinary Technology, and a new way of Trinary Life, but most of all it is about building Trinary Sanctuary, it is a large Pyramid shaped Spaceship, in the event the Earth goes Nova, so it is about building a City like a Spaceship, with the concept that someday it might end up in Space should the Planet go Nova, which is all a Matter of Time, I calculated when this Planet will cross the Galactic Plane, where all Life will be scrapped off like a Sand Blaster, only the Pyramids survived, as well as those under it, so this is about 2060 and the Polarity Reversal that is called the End of Civilization, but we need to start building it way before this event, and Mainstream is not even talking about this, leading the Lambs into slaughter, as if it is not about to happen, and it is, and that is a fact that Mainstream Scientist know, and one day they may claim they did not want to Panic the People, that is called Covering your Ass, but I am sure once this happens the People will Panic, and they should, everyone has known for a fact that in 2060 the End of Civilization would happen, and they have known this for over 333 years now, it is all Documented, and hidden by Religious People and Religion, all because Sir Isaac Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible, so the Bible they Sell: is all a Lie, because its Satanic if it has Christ in it, because the Original Bible was all about Sanctuary, that is what the Great Pyramids were, and Jesus wanted to rebuild them, and the Romans Laughed at him, as they stole all the White Marble Stone from it to build houses of Sin, those Pyramids could convert Saltwater into Pure Water or Oxygen and Hydrogen, so it provided Water and Electricity, as such it should be called a Power Planet, and not a Tomb, ignore the Stupid Graffiti from vandals over the Centuries, take a look at its Sacred Geometry in: The Code by Carl Munck. Its up to People if they believe Earth Polarity Reversal or End of Civilization Event will happen, regardless of what the Bible Stated or Newton or I calculated, in fact I am pretty sure they will all die if they do not Build Trinary Sanctuary, and why its called the End of Civilization, because this is what happens when you know all this Trinary Math is right, and do nothing about it, I mean this is like the End of Civilization: get it, most of the People will die immediately others not so lucky will freeze to dead eventually, unless they can find shelter and a way to survive a Thousand-Year Ice Age... Jesus said he would return in the Flesh, if you believe that does not change the fact that IAM in the Flesh, telling you the same thing Jesus Bar Abbas said over two thousand years ago, so how did you think this Presentation on Trinary Math would End?


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