The Light Wizzard Content Management System (CMS)

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019

Version: Alpha 1.366

A Project to create a Content Management System (CMS), written in Qt, with V-Play and Go (Go Lang) or Cutelyst, so it runs on any Device they support, which is just about all of them, so if you have an Android Device, or any OS under a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, DVD Player Box, Video Player Box, or any other device regardless of the OS, as long as Qt Supports it. This CMS is designed to Manage Content, it can save that content to many file formats, including HTML with CSS and JavaScript so it can run on any Web Server, and other formats for ePublications like: eBooks in many Formats for Mobi, and Amazon, as well as Screen Play format, and PDF, to custom Reports in Open Office Formats, so the usage has unlimited potential. This CMS is designed for the requirements of Governments, Corporations, Businesses: Large and small, Schools, and Industry, yet its simple enough that most people will use it to organize their Lives, with its built in Calendar, and Blog, more secure then Social Media, yet designed for both Public and Private use, and it Manages eMail like Content, so its easy to access and tie to the Calendar and Blog, yet powerful enough to create any Website; and if you want a Dynamic Website, you can use our Go (Go Lang) or Cutelyst Application written for this CMS, to run as a Web Server, it can handle Dynamic Content and themes, so this has many Applications that combine to make this a very Secure CMS, that has General Application suitable for most requirements to Manage Content, in a Multi-user Collaboration with real-time content editor, and version control, with logging capability, and Security requirements from No Security to Beyond Top Secret, this system was designed before it was written, to be very flexible in the way it can output its content, such that its not written to do just one thing like manage a website, in fact, that is not even the top reason why I wrote it, I wrote it to manage the Book I wrote this Book in, so one of its outputs is to various ePub formats for eBooks, as well as Printed books, in the formats they require, so this system is designed with Authors, and Technical Writers in mind, as well as Administrators who need to Use and Manage projects, and IT who need to maintain and setup the Web Servers and Clients, it can manage bug reports, and help fix them, so its a Content Management System, that uses the concept of the Light, which is what is inside an Atom, so its the Content, and a Wizzard is an Electronic Wizard that Helps you with each Task; so Light Wizzard means Content Manager; and I should know this because IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.

This Document is CopyLeft so you have the Right to use a Copy of it.

Table of Contents



I have been using and writing Content Management Systems (CMS) since the 1990's, and I have never been happy with any of them, so this document is an attempt to create yet another CMS, that I hope to be happy with, and hope you will too. This System is based on using Qt as a Cross Platform Computer Programming Framework, that supports most major hard ware on the market, using QML, Qt Quick and V-Play, this document assumes you know Qt, QML, Qt Quick and V-Play, as well as C++, Java, and other Computer Programming Languages I will be using. This CMS requires a Web Server and a Client to update the Web Server, and in the Appendix you will find a project for a Raspberry PI to create a low cost Web Server, that can also be used as a Client, so your can do both with one device, but the App it self will run on any Web Server, or computer that Qt Supports, which is everything you will need hopefully, as well as using a normal desktop or server to build a Web Server, to give more options, I will also talk about using a Public VPS accounts, and other services both free and commercial.

The Web Server is considered the Front End, it loads web pages, the Front End is what the Web Browser users will be looking at, and a typical CMS will use the Web Server as the Back End, where only authorized users can maintain the website, CMS's like: WordPress, Drupal, and others are very popular, but they are a different type of CMS, because this CMS will not have a back end on the Web Server, and for many reasons, security being the major one, the other was to separate the two roles, so that the system can be more flexible; so instead of running it from a Web Sever, it will run from a Qt Quick Mobil App, so it can run on Android or any OS Qt Supports, so this Application will also run on Smart Phones, and you could use a Smart Phone to create a Web Server, using a Web Server and Dynamic DNS IP App, and you can also run a Linux based Web Server, and even a Windows or MAC if you want to, so this CMS is very flexible, and will support doing both on the same device, so you can use a single Android device of any type, or a desktop, laptop, tablet, DVD Player, TV Box, TV, Fire Stick, or any device running Android, Linux, Windows, MAC or any Qt Supports, so that is flexible. This CMS is used as most CMS's of this day are used, with one exception: this CMS is designed to create content in the form of: HTML, ePub, eBook, Mobi, PDF, and more, it does not mean it has too, but your Website can be turned into a Book that can be printed; and it is also designed to handle Audio and Video, and runs on all Platforms supported by Qt, and can be viewed as an HTML Website, or in an ePub or eBook Reader like Mobi or Amazon, or as a PDF, and even other formats you can add to it.

The CMS will handle the Menu's, Content and Media, and format its output to handle many types of file formats for different devices, for many types of devices, it also handles multilingual, and other aspects to make a website look and feel more native to the user. The App can also be used to maintain the Web Server, so it has tools to maintain email, and other services, so there are no other tools required to maintain a Website, so you can buy cheap VPS accounts with only SSH access, and not control panels, and without having to load Apache or other Services, it has its own Web Server called Go (Go Lang) or Cutelyst, its an open source C++ Qt Web Framework, and I will write apps for it that can give you more flexibility and power, plus better security, and a much faster Web Server, with lower memory usage per user, or you can use any Web Server Software like Apache, so it has many apps that can be used to make a more flexible solution to Content Management. Light Wizard is a C++ project, it is designed to scale, its web server that has no back end, so it is very secure, and the back in also has very good security, it is written for Governments, Schools, and large Corporations to use, yet is simple enough for personal use; so its a whole application solution for any Content requirements.


The Reason I chose the Name Light Wizzard CMS, is simple: Light is what is inside every Atom that is made of Neutrinos, so its the Inside of the Atom, so its the Content, its what you use to spread the Light, so a Wizzard spelled with two Z's, is an Electronic Wizard, that helps you store and retrieve that Content, so the Light is the Content, and the Wizzard is the Content Manager.

I would like to acknowledge all the Content Management Systems that came before this one.

Chapter 1: Introduction

A Content Management System or CMS, is a Computer Program that is used to Manage Content, and this is not a typical CMS, so I will only explain how this CMS will work, and why it needs to work that way, so the reason you are reading this book is to find out if my concept of a CMS, will work for your Needs, or maybe its because you want or have to use it, so you want to know what it is all about, and at this point in the book, the Code for the CMS is unwritten, so as I write this book, I will plan on what code will have to do, then I will start to write it, test it, and they deploy it, so this book is all about how to write a book and code at the same time.

My name is: Jeffrey Scott Flesher I look kind of like my Picture in: Illustration 1.01: Jeffrey Scott Flesher , I have been into Science since I was a child, growing up as a Maintain Mechanic, working in the Air Force on the F/EF-111, as an Electronics Technician and Computer Programmer, and after the Gulf War Started, as a Helicopter Crew Chief on the H-60 in Air Rescue, and H-53 in Special Operations, to being medically retired, and working for the EPA and BLM as a Computer Programmer, I leaned a lot about what a good program is, having never seen one, and over the years have thought about what type of Program could handle all task, that a Government, School, Cooperation, Business, Manufacture, Agricultural and other industries, down to individuals that need it to help manage their lives, so it almost seems impossible to write one Program that Rules them All, but it is possible if you make it flexible enough, so you have to think of this CMS like a book, it is designed to be printed, so the Text and Images are important, but Audio and Video files can not be printed, so this is also an Electronic Book, so it can play Audio and Video files, yet its still a book, so the Website is a book, it can be downloaded in many formats like: HTML, ePub or eBook formats like Mobi or Amazon Formats, and popular formats like PDF, and others that are required, so its great for things like Books: Phone Books, Contact Books, Manuals, Technical Orders, and can also be used for anything that is automated, or communication, its just another chapter in the Book, for example on the Contact Page, there might be a Phone Number, and Clicking it will call that number on a Smart Phone, and pull up a Video call, or a Conference call, so the App is aware of what device its running on, so the Web App also has to know what limitations each device has, and try to scale up and down to fit that device, so a CMS has to be flexible, its job is to handle the content in a way that the user needs, so if the app needs input from the user, it needs to be able to present them with forms to fill out, in the language they know, it must be able to validate the data, and the app needs to be able to schedule events, it needs a built in Calendar that can handle anything thrown at it, it needs inventory, and other features to handle online stores, there are so many things a CMS needs to do that the list is endless, so we must make this list manageable, and organize this book so you can find the information you are looking for, so this is just an introduction, so let my introduce myself, I am the person who is writing this book and program for this CMS.

Jeffrey Scott Flesher
Illustration 1.01: Jeffrey Scott Flesher Full Size

People tend to think in terms of what they know or have experienced, so what they know in life varies, so to explain what a CMS is in General will vary as well, but we all need Data for some reason or another, so who we organize that data means a lot, for for example I have this Data: Table 1.01: Data

  1. This
  2. That
  3. The Other Thing
Table 1.01: Data

What we do with this data is what we call processing, or Data Processing, so I took a list and Processed it, and in my Experience, this is what that list looks like to me, but I need other ways to display this list, so I do not want to have to write HTML tags, I do not want a WYSIWYG editor, unless my Data is just HTML or Text, so so data is just text, while other data may need more processing, and that is where the power of a CMS comes in, we need ways to store data, we need to know what kind of data it is, so we need to build a system that allows us to add data, then build pages of Text with that data, so we might have a Table like the above, only we need to store those items for further data processing, This could be a Contact, or the Price of a Widget, and may need to be maintained by a group of people, but I might need to write a report and get that data, so I need a system that can maintain a Database, and make build pages of text easy to do, so I can pull in data from a database to build a web page, or to create a search page, there are many ways people can use data, and this app needs to find a way to work with all of things you might need to do.

This CMS looks at the end product as two parts, the Website is one aspect, if this is a private website, it might have just a login screen, or it might not have anything, a blank page, or even a error page, because maybe the Website is not important to them, maybe they are only using it to sync data, and only use it for the App, because these are two different aspects of this CMS, once one hand its a virtual office, a person might login to this system and work all day, so they have to punch in punch out, this is a job to them, if there is a website, its so far removed from this app, that it might as well not exist, yet to others, the Website is all that matters, so it has to be flexible, so if I was a Book Publisher or Author: it would be cool if I can just Publish a Book to the Internet, or any device, maybe sell the Book on Amazon, so I need all the formats it requires, so it has an option to publish as an HTML website, and you can even make links to the other formats it can provide, so if I am writing a Book, I might want to chose what types of chapters I have, if its a Screenplay I need it in several major formats, and I want my text to be formatted the same way on my website, I need to move words, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters around, and I need it be multilingual, and I have to track what language its written in, or edited in, because the may vary, in a multi-user environment you never know, so the system has to handle it, so this CMS is tailored for writing books at the core, so its the right tool for writing a book, and one day I will import this book into that system, and that is why I am writing it, so I can use it; but for others, a Book is a Deal breaker, and that is not actually a problem, its just Data and that ends up as Content, so this system is so flexible you will not even know you are writing a book, so the Website and back end are two different worlds. You can add content any way you want, and if you do not need it to look like a book, or will not need a book format for any files, this system will still work fine, to it, its just all data, you define what type of data it is, and what to do with it, its so flexible that you will never find much you can not do with it.

This app can run from any Platform that Qt supports, so pretty much everything you will need it to run on, so it can run on a Desktop under any OS like: Linux, Windows, MAX, Android, Chrome, BSD, and so on, so its not a limiting factor of what type of device it can run on, I want to talk about what type you might want it to run on, so that it fits your needs, that is why the Web Server is one machine, its purpose is to Serve Web Pages, it was written to run on Linux Web Servers, or Android Web Servers, but could work or be made to work on any Web Server, including Windows or MAC, so its never an issue what device you are running on, in the Appendix, I will list a very low budget Raspberry PI Server, that can be used as both a Web Server and a Client,

Chapter 1.1: Qt

Most of the information in this chapter was copied directly from Qt's website.
Qt is a Cross-Platform application development framework for desktop, embedded and mobile. Supported Platforms include: Linux, OS X, Windows, VxWorks, QNX, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Sailfish OS and others. Qt is not a programming language on its own. It is a framework written in C++. A preprocessor, the MOC (Meta-Object Compiler), is used to extend the C++ language with features like signals and slots. Before the compilation step, the MOC parses the source files written in Qt-extended C++ and generates standard compliant C++ sources from them. Thus the framework itself and applications/libraries using it can be compiled by any standard compliant C++ compiler like Clang, GCC, ICC, MinGW and MSVC. Qt is much more than just a cross-platform SDK - it's a technology strategy that lets you quickly and cost-effectively design, develop, deploy, and maintain software while delivering a seamless user experience across all devices.

Development of Qt was started in 1990 by the Norwegian programmers Eirik Chambe-Eng and Haavard Nord. Their company, Trolltech, that sold Qt licenses and provided support, went through several acquisitions over the years. Today former Trolltech is named The Qt Company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Digia Plc., Finland. Although The Qt Company is the main driver behind Qt, Qt is now developed by a bigger alliance: The Qt Project. It consists of many companies and individuals around the globe and follows a meritocratic governance model.

Everyone who wants to, individuals and companies, can join the effort. There are many ways one can contribute to the Qt Project, e.g. by writing code or documentation for the framework, reporting bugs, helping other users on the forum or maintaining pages on this wiki (see also

Qt comes with its own Integrated Development Environment (IDE), named Qt Creator. It runs on Linux, OS X and Windows and offers intelligent code completion, syntax highlighting, an integrated help system, debugger and profiler integration and also integration for all major version control systems (e.g. git, Bazaar). In addition to Qt Creator developers on Windows can also use Qt's Visual Studio Add-in. Other IDEs (e.g. KDevelop on KDE) can also be used. But of course it is in no way mandatory to use any IDE at all.

Qt features excellent support for internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n). The tool Qt Linguist and its companions lupdate, lrelease and lconvert make it easy to translate applications to locale languages. Qt supports most languages and writing systems that are in use today. For a complete listing see the corresponding manual pages.

Another way to write GUIs with Qt is to use the QtQuick module. GUIs using QtQuick are written in QML. QML is a declarative object description language that integrates Javascript for procedural programming. QtQuick provides the necessary modules for GUI development with QML. It is possible to write whole applications in QML only, but usually only the GUI is written in QML and the application's backend is implemented in C++ (see Integrating QML and C++). Also Qt Creator features an integrated QtQuick GUI designer and profiler.

QML Applications: QML is a declarative language that allows user interfaces to be described in terms of their visual components and how they interact and relate with one another. It is a highly readable language that was designed to enable components to be interconnected in a dynamic manner, and it allows components to be easily reused and customized within a user interface. Using the QtQuick module, designers and developers can easily build fluid animated user interfaces in QML, and have the option of connecting these user interfaces to any back-end C++ libraries.

What is QML? QML is a user interface specification and programming language. It allows developers and designers alike to create highly performant, fluidly animated and visually appealing applications. QML offers a highly readable, declarative, JSON-like syntax with support for imperative JavaScript expressions combined with dynamic property bindings.

What is Qt Quick? Qt Quick is the standard library of types and functionality for QML. It includes visual types, interactive types, animations, models and views, particle effects and shader effects. A QML application developer can get access to all of that functionality with a single import statement.

Chapter 1.2: V-Play

V-Play is a Cross-Platform development tool, based on the Qt framework. It can be used to create mobile apps or 2D games. V-Play apps and games are supported on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, embedded devices and desktop devices.

I was very impress with V-Play, not just with their Videos, Website and hype, but with how well it actually works. One day I found out about V-Play, and decided to install it and run it, I am using an old machine that is not very fast, its running an Arch Linux Clone Manjaro, which is also support by NOOBS the Raspberry PI Official OS Installer, its a rolling version OS, so there is no version number, unlike Arch Linux, Manjaro only pushes stable releases, so its more stable, whereas Arch Linux is Cutting Edge, and the best OS in my opinion, I use Cinnamon as my Desktop Environment, and I have been using Qt since it was in alpha, so I install V-Play, play around a little bit, and install V-Play Live on my Samsung Edge 7, and hit the connect button and I can see the app that is on my Desktop, I have an Emulator on the Desktop, I can change between: Desktop, Android and iOS, and I can change resolution of the display type for many popular Smart Phones, so it was very impressive, I can test on a Live Device at the same time as an Emulator, to compare the two in real time, and every time I save the project after making a change, it will compile it, and update the Emulator and the Smart Phone at the same time, so it is very good at debugging and testing.

Chapter 1.3: Web Server

A Web Server is a Computer that can Serve Web Pages, for this application that service only requires it to run the Latest version of: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

We will build a Custom Web Server app using an Open Source Project called Go (Go Lang) or Cutelyst, this is not required, but an optional Web Server to use, the concept of using Go (Go Lang) or Cutelyst, is so we can write C++ apps that can apply Themes, and serve better controls to a variety of devices that plan HTML, CSS and JavaScript, cannot supply, and it can also supply a second Security layer to the App, so it will be more Secure then standard Web Servers like Apache, just for the fact those have exploits that are known, and therefore attached, whereas this app will monitor all traffic, and make sure its secure, it can also monitor file changes, but it is still just maintaining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, and not feeding them, other then pass through, so throughput is fast.

Chapter 2: Backend

The Backend for most CMS's is normally done on a Web Application what runs on the Web Server, in my opinion that is not very secure, for one thing all the Hackers know this, and once they know there is a login page, they will try brute force attacks on them, and you are giving them the IP address to hack your website, so Light Wizzard CMS will do things in more secure approach to security, and the Backend will be an Application that runs from the any Device Qt supports.

Chapter 2.1: Login

This chapter will cover the Login Module, I will deal with the Security aspects in another chapter, so we can stay focused on the Interface, and details about what information we need to create a User Account, and that varies depending on so many things, like what Country, State or City you live near, and there are some Legal Concerns when dealing with Users, that too is in another chapter, this chapter is not about if we should do something this way or the other, but why we did it.

To Use a Content Management System or CMS, there are no Legal Requirements for the software developer to worry about, other then the Customers they are writing it for, and in this case its the Government, and I worked for the Government most of my Life, and they all pretty much work the same way, they have rules and regulations that govern them, so I have be aware of all these rules and regulations to support them, so at some point I will document all of them that apply to this CMS, so anyone using it can find out if it supports them or not, and have test that verify its working, so all features have Security Testing that is built into the System, to ensure that something does not break and someone did not notice it, this software has to be tested before its published, you never publish thinking that is just a Alpha or Beta Version therefore its acceptable if it fails, this software can not be released to the public until after its tested, and it has to be tested again before each release, so this CMS will have a One Button Concept, it has a Button that says Test, it must automate all test, and every feature must have a test, so this one button test them all, you can also have a test this button, so you can just test on feature, very handy if you are developing it, but these test must conform to all Governmental Use, as well as Schools, or some Corporation that has a higher security need, and our goal is to support them and their Security requirements.

The basic need to identify a person using a system varies, if this is a Government Agency, and the entire Government was running from this System, that requirement has Legal issues that surround it, this User has to be Verified, and that includes Physical, as well as Legal, including Birth Certificates, so it needs a field to include what level of Security this User Account is at, and lets face it, Security is only as those enforcing it, so this one Control over this Level Entry, is the weakest part of this Program, but its still required, and it has Legal Implications, so it must work as advertised, and that is hard to do, so this System is written with this in mind, it knows that one person can setup as site and lie about everything, so without an Authority to over see that Authentication Process, this System is not Fully Functional, so its Written in such a way, that it only pulls this data from an actual Security database, this too can be faked for testing, since its just another System you have full control over, so it will also used verifiable agencies, such as the FBI for the U.S. Government, so this will vary from Country to Country, but the CMS can be configured to use the service provided by them, so the Data we collect here, is just a redundant system of checks, to make sure both are in sync is a job for this software sending notices when its not, as such it can detect login locations, and track a user that is in a high security profile, so lets say they give the President of the United States this App, he can learn to use it for both his Private and Public Life, he can have his own Blog, that has to be approved by Public Relations before it goes live, and there can be no way around that Security measure, so the System is designed to enforce the Rules, Regulations and Laws, so that the President can have his own Blog, and at the same time, this device can not track him for anyone but the Secret Service, so it can be setup with Rules, so that only them can track this device, since its a Security device, it most have many forms of Communication in case of an Emergency, what if this is the only device they have to use in time of a disaster, what if the fate of the population rest in the hands of this CMS, well I want to make sure it can handle it, so this is built in, so I hope the President of some other Country will appreciate this CMS, if I am writing it to protect my Country, and was willing to die to do that, then you know you can trust it, and with just one button, you should be able to do just that.

This App can handle all your needs, so a Login Screen is very important to anyone that uses it, it has to deal with eMail, ePubs, and other types of documents, it should be able to do every task you need to do, and that is not easy, nor is this just a pipe dream, everything you do that is Data Driven and store that Data and send it to another device, so you might need to login to another device to do that, so for example I am running a blog, and I want to post to my You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Social Media, I need to store those Credentials so I can automatically login, so this App will also Store all my Credentials, so that must be Encrypted Data, since the Device can not be used to store much information unencrypted, so its an option to store everything encrypted, and that means you need a way to change those codes to re-encrypt, so when you change your Password, does that effect the Encryption, wow, that is crazy, if you lose your password you can not unencrypt the data, so maybe its best to have two passwords, one for encrypting the other for login, and that is why I wrote this book, so even if I die before I finish this app, which is a real possibility, since I already had most of my Colon removed, and waiting for cancer to take the rest of it, so I will focus on this book, so that its finished before the App, but right now as I write this, I am still working on the Login part of the app, its the most important one to begin with.

This App will give you an option to Double Authenticate, this uses another Service that tracks your GPS location, this can be a personal device, or a Smart Device like a Cell phone, such that if you have it on you, you can Double Authenticate; this is just a button, you click it and it verifies your devices Location, so this CMS must know its Credentials to be able to communicate with it, and that might require some more Technology, and why I have the Raspberry PI Project, I can add a board to that project to track its location, and make it available for Double Authentication, if that device is the same you are using, you are good to go, so this Security level is built into the App if you want that, if you need more, it will interface with a Tracker app, that is not tied to the Smart Device in case its stolen, so you need the ability to login to that other Tracking System, that we will also provide, so you can report a lost or stolen device, then use this system to find it; so this Double Authentication is used to Physically Secure the device used to maintain your website; how cool is that; and we will even make hardware for it, that can not be flashed to erase a stolen computer, it will use chip ID's to track this computer for its entire life, it can use MAC ID and other features already in technology of this date; so its time to start work, do you know where your Web Server is, that is a question some people that get into the SoC and Smart Device Technology will asking themselves for years to come.

This CMS is about Hardware as much as its about Software, and this Login Screen needs to be more in tune with that requirement, we need built in Eye and Thumb Scanners, and PI Projects can add that capability to our System, and this book is all about PI Projects, and is the main reason I am writing this App, because I just ordered my first PI, and I want to document this Project for that reason, plus anyone that knows me, knows I have been writing very useful CMSs over the years, my first one was back in the 70's, I worked on Hardware, until the later part of that year, when Commodore came out, I wrote my first CMS in Basic, and I just love to program in Basic, its as much fun as C, put not as powerful, so this is all about both Hardware and Software, and this Login Screen needs to reflect this, when we say Login, we want to know that the person who is suppose to be that person, is actually that person, and it will take both Hardware and Software to do that.

So far all we talked about is this Login Process, and not so much the Nuts and Volts of it, but this book is about a Pipe Dream, since the Code is not finished, but most Computer Programmers would not write a book, someone else will years after the CMS was in use, and that is why I do not like any CMS out there, if you write the Book first, you know what the System is suppose to do, and it if does not live up to its hype, then its not finished yet, and that is the Process of writing a Login Screen, you need a whole book on just about what information you will need, what type of Authentication service it will require, because we have to write that also, so this is not just one program, that can just run on this OS or that, or this device and not that one, its designed to run on everything, and login who ever needs to be,

What Level of Security you use depends on your needs, so we need a chart to document what each level means, so see the table below: Table 1.02: Levels of Security

L Target Method
0 Individual User Name and Password
1 Website eMail, User Name and Password: Optional eMail Verification
2 Small Business eMail, Address, User Name, Password with eMail and Address Verification
3 Corporations eMail, Address, User Name, Password, with eMail and Address Verification, plus Identity Validation
4 Schools Same as above with Physical Validation
5 Governments Same as above with Keyed or Carded
6 Classified Same as above with Biomatrix
7 Secret Same as above with background check
8 Top Secret Same as above with world wide background check
9 Beyond Top Secret Same as above with Biomatrix Chip Implant
Table 1.02: Levels of Security

Level 0 is called Anonymous, and its one of many levels that can be applied to any specific data, for example, the Government can have a website that gives out details about family history collected by the Government, and for the Government, some of it is Public, so you can give Level 0 access, understand that a User Name is assigned by all Browsers, and an IP address is the Password, and it does not require it be stored, but it can be logged if enabled, so it does not require a Login Form, but the Login App is allowing this Access, so the device can be used without login in, and only require the Level of Security for that Data being accessed. Note that Level -1 means we do not track or Log IP, and Level -2 means we do not track or Log Browser Agents, and Level -3 means we do not track or Log this visit.

Level 1 what normal Websites use, and it is the first level that requires a login screen, and normally that is optional as well, you only need to login to gains more access, if it requires eMail verification, it will require a valid eMail address, so an automated response is generated, and there are two methods to validate, ask them for the code, or with a validation that requires them to reply to the email, or click on a link, so it logs the routing information, and does not just ask for the code, but those are sub levels, like 1.1 to log IP, 1.2 to log User Names, and 1.3 to log other information, and 1.4 to require Email Verification, and 1.9 must use two email address that both need verifying, and one can not be a free public account, and must be a private email that can be validate to a URL, like a private email account for your website, so this level like all others, have varying degrees of Security.

Level 2 is good for most online retail stores, they need to verify your information, but do not need all the much; the Address can be faked, but if you do not get what you ordered, that process will fail, and that is how fraud works, I can say I live at any house that I can steal mail from, by checking there mail for only the packages I want to steal, and that is what this level does not prevent, because its like Level 2.1 is verifying the Address by mailing to it, and getting no complaints, and 2.9 requires and electric bill, rental or ownership documents, and hand signed receivership of goods shipped.

Level 3 is used to log into their Network, and now we need to know more about this person and their user account, and that varies depending one where you work, you might get into that Corporation as a Janitor with this Level of Security, but 3.9 means we have proof this person exist, they might be able to fake their entire life and all their documentation, and some Government Witness protection agency might have done do Legally, and why this is only level 3, we have to draw the line when someone has what appears to be a state License, and it looks like them in the Picture, this Level does not require an outside agency to do a background check on you, but Identity Validation must be preformed in level 3.6, this requires some type of evidence that you are who you say you, even if your Name was Changed Legally, they do not have to know your Real name, so this Level of Security is lacking.

Level 4 is for Schools, and keep in mind that any Corporation can use what ever level of Security they want, but the starting point is level 3, but so can Schools, this is just the Starting point, we can not take a State ID as proof you are who you say you are, and a lot of Corporation's are going to be the same way, whereas Small Businesses can not afford Level 3, most Corporation's can not afford Level 4, but Schools have a minimum Security Level for a reason, its required by Law, and 4.9 is very good Security for any School.

Level 5 is just the baseline for where the Governments start, having worked for the U.S. Government I know this is true, there are many known cases where people faked all their documentation to get jobs working for the Government, even to get into its Military, so this level is good, but not that good, people can still fake documents, and not all levels require a lot of money to verify someones identity, up to this level it cost money to verify someones identity, but not like Level 6

Level 6 Classified means we need to make sure this person is who they say they are, but the background check only goes back so far.

Level 7 Secret means we have more money to spend on this validation process.

Level 8 Top Secret means we can not afford not to spend more Money, this typically requires an Agency like the FBI to do a background check, and it most go back to asking School teachers about you, and to show them pictures and videos to see if the teacher thinks that is you today, and ask friends, neighbors, and people who work in stores you go to all the time, so this investigation must be done, before the next level can be met, and I know all about this level, since I had a Top Secret Security Clearance at one time, and like all things, they are only good for so long, and my security clearance is no longer valid, and that is the Point of all these Levels, as some point they will not be valid any longer, so you have to maintain these Levels to keep them. So the Best Security you have available is to just tag them and know that at least, its the same person that says they are this person, because even up to this point we have not real idea if you were switched at birth; or your parents kidnapped you as a baby and raised you to replace the child they murdered, this happens all the time, that is scary, but this is Security from Scary People.

Level 9 is Beyond Top Secret and requires a Biomatrix Chip Implant, and lets face it, up to this point we still have no clue if this person is who they say they are, they could have been switched at birth, or abducted and raised by Aliens from another planet as far as anyone can prove is another thing, but after this level, we will know who they are from then after, so its the only way to identify anyone when it comes to real security. These devices must be passive, meaning they do not transmit or require Batteries, they are magnetically encoded by your DNA, in a non magnetic material that is safe for Magnetic Imagining machines, like CT-Scan or Cat Scan and MRI, so its safe around very strong magnetic fields, and can not be altered by them, the encoding is done in the Material itself, and not by using Magnets to encode them, none magnetic material can not be Magnetized this way, and this Technology does not exist as of this date; so we will have to make this Technology, and why its a PI project, so a PI Biomatrix Chip is one of the Projects we will build, and I will even test it out on myself first, that is how much I trust my own technology, this is not like a breast implant, its far more dangerous, the idea is that you take elements not harmful to the human body, that is none magnetic, so its safe around strong magnetic sources that might rip it out of your body, or change its signature, these devices can built like IC chips, you use logic to using materials that can create a magnetic field if passed alone the device, or near it, like taking copper or silver, which has a weak magnetic attraction, yet still can make magnetic fields, in fact, only iron, nickel, cobalt, gadolinium, neodymium and samarium are magnetic, so it does not limit what material you can use by much, and remember you have Iron in our blood, so small about of it will not pose much of a risk of being ripped out of your body, but it can be changed by strong fields, so unsuitable for this purpose, the concept is to create a magnetic field using materials that can not be altered by other Magnetic fields, so this circuit will be great for card readers, and hard drives, as well are new Technology, this will be a great discovery for Science. I came up with a concept of using a machine to read a small magnetic signature, looking for unique markers, that can be encoded from this magnetic device, and used to look that person up in a Global Database, it will take a few months for the device to stabilize, but after that the magnetic device will have a unique signature, if you cut it out, that signature will change, and it will change the second you die, it records the living body around this magnet, which has a unique signature to begin with, so it can be identified after removal, it has one signature while inside the body, and another outside it, so its based on Science and Technology, but its a fact you can implant a the same exact unique Signature Magnet, also known as exact Clones, into a group of people of any size, literally in terms of the Group and the People, and note that the Signature will change with all of them, giving them all unique signatures even if you use a cloned magnet to do the research, so do it first to make sure, also the detector must take the person whole body into account, and not just the magnet, it has its own Signature and you know what it is before you embed it, use material that will not harm the body, nor be rejected by it, its encased in something the body will accept as being part of it, its simple, you implant a device that only needs to be authenticated once when installed, and any Doctor could do this Legally if required by Law, and for this level of Security they would. These devices can be installed at Birth, over the years its measurements will vary from the baseline, since its based on your whole body, it requires periodical updates, and unless this is done at birth, there is never any way to really identify who anyone is.

So the Code must do what the book explains, and that is why I wrote the book first, so I know what the code should do, so now that we understand what the Login program should do, all I have do is figure out what fields I need to add, so I need to know what information I need to create a User Database, it can also have other fields in it, that are not populated when you create the account, and this is normal, we get verified, then we can go in and edit our Profile page, and add more records, that are not fields in the user database, so all information required by different entities, can be configured in a Security Template that we will provided, such that each template is numbered starting from -9 up to 0, then 1 through 9, so all levels below 1, is not much security, even 1 is not much, so its the starting level for security; so to make it easy, when you set the levels, you need to know how much its going to cost you, the tools are free once written, but using them cost money, a Top Secret Security Level cost a lot of money, but a Biomatrix Implant is something that may some day be a real player in the Security field, babies will be tagged at birth, no more Kidnapped children, a removed device is something you can not hide, nor is an implant, if they are done at birth and not all in the same location, since it does not matter where its its at, the Device looks at the whole body when it scans you, the concept is that we have this technology now to read a persons Aurora, so maybe we do not need a device, but the device insures its that persons Aurora, because it alters it in away its unique, so its best they are not all in the same place, and you can use more then one; they only alter our Aurora, so we start by building an Aurora reader, and maybe we can use that for a while, because implants are scary and should be, and Security should be the same way.

It should also be noted that other security measures must be carried out by the Login and Security software, options include broadcasting logins to a group that monitors all logins, and versions control, are all front line ways to secure any app, but you must plan on all the things that can go wrong, as well as those that you do not know about, which is why I am thinking about them, and writing them down as Notes, so that someone can turn them into a Reality, so even if I write not code, this book should have enough details that you really do not need me, all you have to do is write the app, so this book is like Open Source, in the fact its CopyLeft by, means its Free to adapt, just not to claim ownership of these ideas I wrote about, even if they were already patented or copyrighted, I do not claim that any of these ideas are mine, in fact most of what I know is not what from me, because I is Legal Ease, meaning an Entity, and this Body I call Me, is Flesh, and that just happens to be my real name, so my point is that as a Legal Entity, our given name that our Parents gave to us, is just a Name, but our DNA can be traced back Generations, so it can prove who we are, so we will also work on a DNA scanner, its sounds like a good PI Project, as for the Software end, this book is about the Pipe Dream, the Code I write, if any, is just the icing on the cake, and I like my cake with plenty of icing, so I hope that my code reflects what the book describes, or anyone that takes the challenge to write a CMS that really can do it all, but for now all I want to do is finish the Login page so I can get started.

I will not talk about the Code in this chapter, first I need to talk about what that app needs to do, and the code chapter comes after I talk about the Languages, so this chapter was just about Login Screens, it should give you the concept of what the app needs to do, and then we look at how we do it, and then we do it, and then we test it, then we read this chapter over to make sure we got it all covered.

Chapter 2.2: Main

This Chapter will cover the Main Page after Login, so at this point we assume we are not being hacked, and the hackers are using my book so they know how to hack it, in fact, its the other way around, I know how to hack it, that is how I got it to work in the first place. The Main Page of any app normally has all the buttons you need to push to get started, but this app is not like those, in fact, in only has what you want it to have, its more like a Desktop, what every you put on it: stays on it, so you hit the space bar or right click, or swipe, and you get a search box, type Security, Permissions, or other keywords and the Group will come up, it allows you to add an Icon for that item, this way its easy to remove that icon or menu item, when its not needed, so your desktop only has on it, what you are working on, so if you need an Image, Video and Audio Editor to work on a Video, then you can create a custom folder that has all those apps in them, when opened they all open up to where you left off last time, as if they were sleeping, same for Authors writing books, they need a Document Editor, the Internet, and a few more tools, so they create an Icon for that. You can add a theme, it includes both a selection of apps that may open up, or just show yet another icon that you can open, the theme remembers what items you had open, and what you were doing, even knows where to put the cursor when you shut down, or if the system crash, it will revert to its last saved position, which is set on a timer in case you forget, and you can adjust that time, even set it to not auto save; the system is flexible; so every theme also has a Color Scheme to go with it, but the theme itself is based on what it does, or what tools it gives you, and you can add or delete from those tools are the time, so themes evolve, and can be shared, but not the data, that is another feature known as File Sharing, and its in another app called a File Property Manager.

Keep in mind this is an Application running on an OS, so this CMS must use the Rules of that OS to work, its written in C++, so there is no limit except those of the Machine, so I can set the Time on the Clock, but it will not effect the Time on every ones Clock, unless that clock is used by some agency that sets the Time in the first place, and that is someone, so maybe one day they will use this App to change time for everyone, but it will not make Time Travel Possible, only means we have more control over setting the time, but it can not keep us from being late, because that moment is over before you got there, so these are the same limitations on the Computer Program, as I pointed out, it can if fact change the Time, just not alter the Universe as we know it in the process, only our perception about what a great idea it would be, so I throw in the fact its written in C++, and everyone thinks it can do more then it can, but still it was a cool idea, to create a CMS that can change the time; but now we are out of that time on this subject, so moving on without taking up more more time, even though Time never Stops, we never have enough of it, its like Money, so Little and too much time, or Too much and too Little time to enjoy it, because you killed yourself having too much fun; which is why I write this book for entertainment, yet be serious about a CMS at the same time, so my point is that just because its written in C++, it takes a lot of time to write all the code, so this is a Journey, so think of this book like driving through a wild animal park, do not roll down the windows just because its getting hot, turn up the AC, because the Animals might be Hungry, in this case I am really just talking about Hackers, because anyone can take my code and Hack it, but if they can do that and get into your system, then I did not do my Job; but that talk is after we get through Security, right now we are Secure, we logged in right?

Security Starts after you login, before that it was called a Firewall. Every app that Runs on this CMS must be written for it, its an App, and all the Apps it runs, are other apps written just for it, if it allows you to run any app that is not under its control, that is called a Security breach, so you will not be using your Favorite Tools, but we can have Short Cut Key Mappers as a theme in every app, so our Word Processor, is not an HTML Editor, it uses a markup language called QML, so its like an App, and not a Web Page, its only when you save it to other formats that it becomes what it is, so for example, I have a video icon, I click on it, make a video, then I write an article to go along with it, then I create a Page to display it, I finish the page and send it for approval, if is a one man show, its just me and I approve it, and post it, no one sees all the work it took to make the video, and you only used the tools provided, nothing stopping you from using what ever tools you want, then importing them, just do not confuse the two, you can set the option on all icons, they can give you as many options on what app to use, its up to you, but you will have to import the data, because your system should not have access to that folder, its set by permissions to keep it safe, so never work on files outside that permission zone, use import and export for all data, make sure the App runs as Root, that way any hacker can wipe out your machine, that was a joke, do not run as Root, you make an account that only runs this app, if you need to run your favorite app, log out of the system, and log back in with another account, or you have no security; because all Security comes down to is what apps you run in that system, even if its open source like this, you get hacked using this system, do not blame us if you think its not a security risk to run this open source app or that, that is not what I am saying, this App is used to run your Life, if you are using it to run your Website, that you use to make a living, schedule your appointments, do your bills, so yes, you will have to run software that is not part of this package, right now, you have to use all of it, because at this point in the book, regardless of it the app is finished, this is a Story, beginning, middle and end, plot, we have to use the software that works, we have to trust its not Spyware, Malware or a Trojan Horse or some other virus, but that choice is force on you anyway, and this app does not change that, even if this app never gets written, the concept can still be done by hand now, sure it take more time, you have to learn to program so you can look at the source and find ways someone can exploit it, and that might happen to this app even if I wrote it myself, even with the best of intentions, things just go wrong because no one thinks of everything, and that is why we have to test, and make buttons the user can press that say Test on them, because they need to know if its working.

The App is designed to be the only thing running on this device, it can not be responsible for what is running on the machine other then this, and this is not Windows, Antivirus and Spyware/Malware should never be an issue, this App runs as a User only, and it does not run under your general Account, you can have two and should have two accounts for this app, the reason is security, if all that is running is this app, in theory if all goes right, the device will run as its suppose to, you start running other apps, and who knows what they will do, so my thought is to find programs we can trust, and put them into a Circle of Trust, so this App starts off as just that, as a Network developer, an Group can setup a Network, and save Comments and Ratings, you can do this on Social Media right now, so why not rate and comment on all the Apps you run, now in Android Market this is wide open, and its very hard to trust any of them; but if it says any major brand name on it, then you assume its safe, so Security is always a risk; and this is life, you learn, or you die from your mistakes, and it does not take a heart attack to teach you take.

What Options do we have at this time, we have a login page, that is only because I actually already found an example from V-Play, just do an install, and create a Tabbed Project, then create a Login Project, then add them together, that is how I got my login project, and I will only alter that code, so you can follow along with how I did this, so in my chapter on the login page, I will eventually write about how I wrote it, if that is not finished, I say that because right now its not, but to say that like it is, is not real-time, this is a book, I wrote the ending first so I know how it will turn out, in case I die tomorrow, which is a real possibility for anyone alive today, so live for the moment and find out what options you have, my options was to take what was given me and make something out of it, and that Login example V-Play wrote was great, it did not do anything, but that is what made it great, it was not just a drop in, you use it and it gets hacked and you blame them, only a fool would think that app was usable, it was just a demo, and it got me in the mode to finish it, so this book is about taking code examples and finishing them, so if you find some, you will know how to do it, so in this Book, I will write a lot of Words and Spells, all of witch are there to make concepts easier to understand, this book is about how to Write the Best CMS in the World, and that does not get done unless you follow along and write the code with me, but if Coding is not your style, not to worry, you actually do not need to learn to program to use the concepts, this should be one of those books you pick up at a doctors office, and take it home because you could not put it down, and that is how Security should be.

You will notice that I like to keep examples real, and my code is the same way, I will show you the code, you can learn to actually understand it, its just a Language like we are using now, this book will need to be translated, but not the code, why, do computer languages come in other dialects then English?

Chapter 2.3: Admin

This chapter will cover the Admin Section.

Chapter 3: Security

Security is something everyone talks about, but few really understand it, so let me assume you have no idea what it is, and think a user name and password is all you need nowadays, and for the most part, if your password is longer then 12 characters, it will take a while to crack, but also understand that you are transmitting to that app over the Internet, if you are running from the backend of a Web Application, and that is why this CMS has no backend on the server, it makes the IP address to attack the site unknown, since you give the hackers information like a URL, that can be traced to a physical location using public websites that report such information, so now you are vulnerable to physical security as well as electronic, if they know where your Web Server is Physically Located, it might be easier to break into it after they steal the whole server, and now they have all your backend files to go with it, that might include your Database with all the Contacts, your inventory, credit card information, and who knows what else they have information wise, so Physical Security is the first concern with any Web Server, you should not be able to locate that Server Physically, if you can, its not Physically Secure, so it has no physical security other then what you can provide; so it its at a major ISP, you have some Security, but would you trust your Web Server Physical Security with anyone, is the question you must ask yourself, but with this CMS, there is no real need for it, since they can download everything they can physically steal, so Security starts by making things not worth stealing, only a fool would steal a Web Server knowing it has no data worth stealing, unless they just wanted the computer it was on, because all they will get is HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript, and some resources like: Audio, Video and Images; all which can be installed on another Web Server getting you back up as fast as possible.

If Security is the Reason you want to use this CMS, then you came to the Right place, so now that Physical Security is not really an issue, if it is, then see the Appendix for the Raspberry PI Web Server, the Hardware does not matter, you can use what ever you have laying around, or can buy, its just a Linux Box that is Portable, but it does not need to be, the concept is that I can purchase a VPS account, several of them in fact, low cost, and all they do is run a Proxy Service, that routes all incoming IP request, to another IP address, even a Farm or List of IP addresses, all of which can actually point to other Proxy Servers, but keep in mind with each jump or forwarded request, you get a delay, so if they is real-time processing, keep your jumps numbers as low as possible, and if you do not mind a delay, you can setup or use a VPN Services, you can set one up one a Web Server, and use it to connect to the Network, then use TOR Network to obfuscate your IP Address, this is not good for Pear to Pear Networks, but you could write a custom P2P app that works over TOR, even Voice Over IP (VoIP), so to take Physical Security serious, you have to make sure no one can trace your IP, yet still be able to run a Secure Network over TOR or VPN, so you have to encrypt all data sent over these Networks, you cannot send any unencrypted data over any unknown Network, that is just a fact about Security, so this CMS will use JavaScript to encrypt data send from the Client, and C++ to decode that information from the Client, so its encrypted both ways, but that encryption is optional because of the overhead both ways, also the app can issue Certificates to use in most if not all Modern Browsers, so it can do the Encryption Natively, with less overhead, so it all comes down to how much Security you need; and this CMS is written to make it easy to scale, and easy to setup, it can control the Server it is on if you are using our Go (Go Lang) or Cutelyst Web App, the app is designed to communicate with the CMS backend in Real-Time, so you can ping it and get the response back in milliseconds, but this type of Security and functionality is only available to apps that are written to communicate with each other.

The User Interface that Qt combined with V-Play, make this the best combination to write this CMS, and I can add Games to it, not all will run from a Web Server, but the App itself can also be published, so that others can just use it to view your site, this can be a separate App, since we will provide the basic client app, which will allow users to have an App look and feel, even using native controls, so you take your text and insert it into QML controls, thus turning any Website into an App that can run on any Platform Qt Supports, so you do not need to write a Web App for Android, it comes with one, all you do is maintain your Website, and it automatically creates the Android App for you, and this feature is built into the CMS, so you can switch between the Public Web Server running HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and a Web App that runs on Android or any other OS that Qt Supports, so you can see the best of both worlds at the same time; so we will also write a Go (Go Lang) or Cutelyst Web Server Android App, so you can run your Entire Website from your Smart Phone, but the Web Server and the Web Client, even the Backend to create and maintain it, so this is the most flexible CMS I know of.

The Login Screen had its own Chapter, its a Security measure outside the scope of this Chapter, which deals with Real Security, if I have my Website on my Cell Phone, or Smart Device, I do not want people knowing where its at, so with a little information, this CMS will upscale to a hidden Web Server, using Proxy Servers, VPN accounts and TOR if necessary and as a last resort, its just a Deeper Security measure, the TOR Network is very Secure, and easy enough to integrate into a CMS.

Multimedia Security is an Issue that most if not all Content Management Systems ignore, not this one, if you set an Option to check all Images for GPS finger prints and remove them, your Images will be more Security proofed, since it can give away information you may not want out there.

Chapter 3.1: Secrets

Secrets are only as good as it gets, because it never gets any better then the Secret it keeps, so its the way we store and retrieve Secrets that keep them safe, so there is never any Security in Transmitting Secrets to be verified over a Public Network, anyone that has ever been hacked knows that its always when you transmit a Secret to verify if its right, well its not a Secret anymore, if someone is listening for it, and there, so you have to make sure that you have a secure connection when using Password Authentication, because Secrets are only as good as it gets, its all down hill once you give them away, so this Chapter is about how to minimize being Hacked, not preventing attempts, because that is a fools game, people attempting to break in need to be banished, so just use fail2ban, but do not transmit Passwords; write the system to use a Hash Code Authentication system, its easy, just write a Web Server Service that listens on a specific Port used to login, so the Login screen has a Secret Password and a User or eMail address; if you transmit any of them in clear text there is no security, so combine them in a way they can be parsed, and then get a checksum and transmit it, the Web App will decode it and and send a SMS (Text) to your device, based on IP authorization table if enabled, so weed out login attempts from unknown IP addresses, and then it does look ups based on checksum's to verify your Credentials, and only logins you in via SMS (Text), and that is not over the internet. How safe is this concept?

I try to look for Solutions that are easy to implement, yet just work because its so simple, if you transmit a combined checksum, no one can decrypt it to find the original message, and it never changes unless the credentials do, so its a constant and easy to look up in a database, so its fast, and using a SMS or Text service, means you need to trust that service is being hacked, so we will build our out SMS server, sounds like a PI Project to me.

Chapter 3.2: Scanners

There are many types of Scanners on the Market, and they change all the time, I will try to look at both Commercial and Open Hardware products, but will expand this Project into PI Projects that we can build. Current Technology that works is Thumb, Ear and Eye Scanners, Card Scanners are also good, but can be stolen as easy as credit cards, as can Key Cards, so there are Security issues with all systems,

Chapter 3.3: Biomatrix

Biomatrix is a Spell: Bio meaning Biology, and Matrix meaning an Environment or Material in which something Develops; a surrounding medium or structure, so is anything that applies to a Matrix in terms of Biology, so it can be a question about your Environment, or a type of Material, or maybe the stuff its made of, or the Structure of it, so it can be Scanned Electronically, and Identifies you as the Owner, so it can be a Medical Identifier of any type, a Dog Tag, an Electronic Alert device, a Card, a Necklace or keychain, it can be on a USB as a file, but the ID is actually just the USB device itself, as it can be scanned in from a photo, it can also just be an image on it, or design of it, it can be anything on our body, finger and ear prints, eye scan, a patch of skin that never changes can be photographed, then scanned to compare them; so this Technology can be a combination of all things possible.

Chapter 4: Programming

If you have never programmed in your Life and have no Idea what a Computer Language is, then that is a good place to start, I will assume that, and instead of trying to teach you to Program, I will teach you how to Hack, and there is a Huge difference, we will learn how to take running examples, demos, and snippets, and Hack them into working without needing to know how to program, so its up to me to teach you what you need to know, to get this code to work, without a long course in Computer Programming, this is easier for me to teach, and easier for you to learn, and you will learn to Program in the Process, but in real life, you will never start a Project from Scratch, you would prototype it first, you find code on the internet that works and Hack it, and Open Source Project: Fork it, then we learn to make things work. We will take V-Play and Qt and other Code Samples, Demos, Examples and Snippets, and learn to blend them, mold them, re-purpose them, and Hack them to our Will, to make this Program work the way we Program it, so Hackers vs Programmer... Maybe I should Change the Title, or Teach you how to Program first, let me think about this a second, because that is a long time for a Computer to think.

Programming 101: A Computer Programming Language is Written in English, and that Sucks if you do not Speak it, so I imagine that they can be translated, but would only be guessing, all the code I have ever worked with was in English, or it was Computer Code, so maybe I am wrong, ask the Japanese or Chinese if they have Computer Programming Languages written in their Spoken Language or Dialect, it seems to me there must be, and if I really wanted to know I would just search the Internet, but my Point is, that its written in the same language I am writing in now, so unless this is a translated page, this is English, but the Translator would Translate that also, so who knows, and that is my point, who cares as long as it works right.

If you want to learn Go Language,

Chapter 4.1: QML

To get started in Qt; you must install it, your OS will determine how you install it, I only use Arch Linux Manjaro, so I can just install it from the command line, or a GUI, if you need to install it for another OS, please look here:
its beyond the scope of what I like doing to give instructions on how to use another OS, but I did update the script to install V-Play, see it below.

declare OS; OS="ARCH"; # ARCH, FEDORA, UBUNTU, CENTOS # FIXME add function to determine OS via this script if [ "${OS}" == "FEDORA" ]; then sudo dnf groupinstall "Development Tools"; sudo dnf install gcc-c++ mesa-libGLU-devel gstreamer-plugins-base pulseaudio-libs-devel glib2-devel valgrind; sudo dnf install qt-devel qt-creator qt5-qttools-devel qt5-qttools qt5-qtquickcontrols qt5-qtdeclarative qt5-qtbase-devel sudo dnf install qt5-qtbase-gui qt5-qtdeclarative-devel qt5-qtmultimedia-devel qt5-examples qt5-connectivity qt5-location sudo dnf install qt5-networkauth qt5-quickcontrols qt5-quickcontrols2 qt5-sensors qt5-speech qt5-styleplugins qt5-svg sudo dnf install qt5-systems qt5-translations qt5-tools qt5-webengine qt5-webglplugin qt5-webkit qt5-websockets qt5-webview sudo dnf install qt5ct qt5-xmlpatterns if [ "${OS}" == "CENTOS" ]; then sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools"; sudo yum install gcc-c++ mesa-libGLU-devel gstreamer-plugins-base pulseaudio-libs-devel glib2-devel valgrind; sudo yum install qt-devel qt-creator qt5-qttools-devel qt5-qttools qt5-qtquickcontrols qt5-qtdeclarative qt5-qtbase-devel sudo yum install qt5-qtbase-gui qt5-qtdeclarative-devel qt5-qtmultimedia-devel qt5-examples qt5-connectivity qt5-location sudo yum install qt5-networkauth qt5-quickcontrols qt5-quickcontrols2 qt5-sensors qt5-speech qt5-styleplugins qt5-svg sudo yum install qt5-systems qt5-translations qt5-tools qt5-webengine qt5-webglplugin qt5-webkit qt5-websockets qt5-webview sudo yum install qt5ct qt5-xmlpatterns elif [ "${OS}" == "UBUNTU" ]; then sudo apt-get install g++ build-essential libglu1-mesa-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0 libpulse-dev libglib2.0-dev valgrind; sudo apt-get install qt5-qmake qt5-default qtbase5-dev qttools5-dev-tools qtdeclarative5-dev qtmultimedia5-dev qt5-webview sudo apt-get install qml-module-qtquick-controls qml-module-qtquick-dialogs qml-module-qtmultimedia qt5-examples qt5-connectivity sudo apt-get install qt5-multimedia qt5-networkauth qt5-quickcontrols qt5-quickcontrols2 qt5-sensors qt5-speech qt5-styleplugins sudo apt-get install qt5-svg qt5-location qt5-systems qt5-translations qt5-tools qt5-webengine qt5-webglplugin qt5-webkit sudo apt-get install qt5-websockets qt5ct qt5-xmlpatterns elif [ "${OS}" == "ARCH" ]; then sudo pacman --noconfirm --needed -S gcc gdb base-devel glu gst-plugins-base pulseaudio glib2 valgrind android-tools lib32-readline sudo pacman --noconfirm --needed -S lib32-gcc-libs git gnupg flex bison gperf sdl wxgtk2 squashfs-tools curl ncurses zlib sudo pacman --noconfirm --needed -S schedtool perl-switch zip unzip libxslt python2-virtualenv bc rsync lib32-zlib xterm sudo pacman --noconfirm --needed -S qt5-base qtcreator qt5-declarative qt5-doc qt5-webkit qt5-imageformats qt5-3d qt5-canvas3d sudo pacman --noconfirm --needed -S qt5-connectivity qt5-examples qt5-location qt5-multimedia qt5-networkauth qt5-quickcontrols sudo pacman --noconfirm --needed -S qt5-quickcontrols2 qt5-sensors qt5-speech qt5-styleplugins qt5-svg qt5-systems sudo pacman --noconfirm --needed -S qt5-tools qt5-webengine qt5-webglplugin qt5-webkit qt5-websockets qt5-webview qt5ct sudo pacman --noconfirm --needed -S qt5-xmlpatterns qt5-translations lib32-ncurses # yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S android-ndk android-studio; if ! yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S android-platform; then # Problem with keys yaourt -S android-platform --m-arg --skipchecksums fi # yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S android-sdk yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S android-sdk-platform-tools yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S android-sdk-build-tools yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S android-support android-support-repository # android-studio-launcher Orphan yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S android-studio-launcher yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S etcher etcher-cli # Needs key, but seem to have a problem with the one I need, skipchecksum on error sudo gpg --recv-keys 702353E0F7E48EDB if ! yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S aosp-devel; then # Problem with keys yaourt --m-arg "--skippgpcheck" --noconfirm --needed -S aosp-devel fi # yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs if ! yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S ncurses5-compat-libs; then # Problem with keys yaourt --noconfirm --needed --m-arg "--skippgpcheck" -S ncurses5-compat-libs fi # Additionally, LineageOS requires the following packages: xml2 AUR, lzop, pngcrush, imagemagick yaourt --noconfirm --needed -S lineageos-devel sudo pacman --noconfirm --needed -S maven gradle fi

After you install the above, and if you have trouble installing packages, just skip the ones you can not find, if its important, then email me, and let me the problem, and I will update the Install script. Now its time to install V-Play, you have to use their Install script:
again, its beyond the scope of any book to give all the details for every OS, so I hope you will register at the Forums:
V-Play Forum:
Qt Forum:
If you have any question about either of these products, Forums are always a good place to ask them.

Chapter 4.2: JavaScript

QML uses JavaScript, and there are many forums and websites out that that can help you with JavaScript, but we can talk about common things, and just what you need to know to use it with QML.
This is a List of JavaScript Objects and Functions:
and this is about Integrating QML and JavaScript:
you might want to know about JavaScript Host Environment:
and you can find out about Use Case - Integrating JavaScript in QML:
and Defining JavaScript Resources In QML:
and you might even want to know about Dynamic QML Object Creation from JavaScript:
and that is just what I found by doing an Internet Search, and making Links so you can bookmark them to get started; because most of the work you will do while programming, is to look up information on how to do something, and a good set of bookmarks helps out.

Chapter 4.3: C++

I learned C in the 80's, and have been using ever since, up to that point I was using Basic, and Machine Code and Assembly, so C was a set up, then they extended it to C++, and now that is what I use. Learning C++ is a lot of work, it will help to know the Language, but learning it takes time, and this book is about saving time, I learned it so you do not have to, that is a short cut that does not always work, but we will try it anyway. If you want to Learn any Computer Programming Language, I would recommend C or C++; the only difference is in how you make Objects, C++ is Object Oriented, C, not so much with Extending it to C++, and why they did it, but once you learn it, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Basic, and a lot of other Languages will be much easier to learn. You might want to check out You Tube, or do an Internet Search for c++ tutorial:

Chapter 5: The App

We Talked about what the App needs to do in a previous chapter, now we need to talk about how to Code it.

Coding Convention: I will use the old style of delimiting a function, in format is like this:
There is another way, its called the Lazy way:
As you can see, it saves you from having to hit return once, and make is so hard to read the code, you wonder if it was worth it, for example:
function() {
    anotherFunction() {
As you can see, if you look at the first example, you will note placement of the {; the name function can be anything, the face brackets {} are used to delimit or hold all the data inside of them, if you trace the indents, 4 in this example, you should be able to follow it up or down, and find the other matching brace.

Chapter 5.1: Login

Previously we talked about the Login Page, and know all the things it needs to do, now we need to talk about the Code. I will assume you have some level of knowledge about Computer Programming, this is not like learning another language like: German, Chinese, or Japanese, for the most part, its English Code, and its QML using V-Play, with some JavaScript, and some C++ code, we will deal with each line as we talk about it, since I will not try to teach you any Language, you can learn that one your own, this is just about the Code needed to create this app.

The First thing we need to do is create a new Project, pick a V-Play Login Project, and I call mine LightWizzardCMSLogin, I decided on Camel Casing, with no separators, you can name yours what ever you want, save and close it, create a new Project and we want to pick a V-Play Tabbed Project, and I call mine LightWizzardCMS, and save it, now we are going to add the Login Project to the Tabbed Project, this is called Hacking, breaking into computers is called a Crime, Hacking is the art of taking a code project, and using methods known as: cut and paste, you use Examples, Demos, or Full Applications Code or Snippets, meaning specific sections of code, like a function, or a form, to mold a program into something else; in this case we are going to take the Tabbed Project, and add a login screen to it.

First things we need to do is some house cleaning, open the .pro, in my case its the, in QtCreator, its the top file. Below is what the file looks like, the changes I made to it are defining PUBLISHING, this is a much cleaner approach then having to remember to comment or uncomment code for deployment, so do not forget to uncomment PUBLISHING when deploying, so that the resources are protected, and comment it when developing to make if faster to compile, and unprotect the resources.

# allows to add DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS and links to the V-Play library and QtCreator auto-completion CONFIG += v-play QT += quickcontrols2 positioning location webview # define the qml folder source qmlFolder.source = qml # NOTE: for PUBLISHING, perform the following steps: # 0. Uncomment when Publishing: This defines PUBLISHING in main.cpp #DEFINES += PUBLISHING # # 1. comment the DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS += qmlFolder line below, # to avoid shipping your qml files with the application (instead they get compiled to the app binary) DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS += qmlFolder # comment for publishing # # 2. uncomment the resources.qrc file inclusion and add any qml subfolders to the .qrc file; # this compiles your qml files and js files to the app binary and protects your source code # Add more folders to ship with the application here #RESOURCES += resources.qrc # uncomment for publishing # # 3. for more details see the "Deployment Guides" in the V-Play Documentation # during development, # use the qmlFolder deployment because you then get shorter compilation times # (the qml files do not need to be compiled to the binary but are just copied) # also, for quickest deployment on Desktop disable the "Shadow Build" option in Projects/Builds # you can then select "Run Without Deployment" from the Build menu in Qt Creator if you only changed QML files; # this speeds up application start, because your app is not copied & re-compiled but just re-interpreted # assetsFolder.source = assets DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS += assetsFolder # The .cpp file which was generated for your project. Feel free to hack it. SOURCES += main.cpp # Distributed Files DISTFILES += assets/readme.en.txt # Andriod Assets android { ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR = $$PWD/android OTHER_FILES += android/AndroidManifest.xml android/build.gradle } # iOS Assets ios { QMAKE_INFO_PLIST = ios/Project-Info.plist OTHER_FILES += $$QMAKE_INFO_PLIST } # set application icons for win win32 { RC_FILE += win/app_icon.rc } # set application icons for macx macx { ICON = macx/app_icon.icns } # End of File

The main.cpp is the entry point for the app, its standard setup for a V-Play app, and does not require any more work at this point, but I did add comments for each line if you want to take a look.

The Main.qml file is the first file we will look at, looking at the file snippet below, we see import for VPlayApps, import is used to pull in the code and include it in this project, in this case its being in VPlayApps, this is required for all V-Play programs. QtQuick has several version, starting with Qt 5, 2.0 came out, then 5.1, and 2.1, if you know what version of Qt you are Targeting, you can update it, but keep in mind that you have to have that version install to run it, which is why we are going with 2.0, its the lowest version for Qt 5, and this app will not support anything older. LocalStorage is what we will use for storing application data, its a SQL database, currently its uses Sqlite. Note that import QtQuick.LocalStorage 2.0 as Sql, so we use it as such:
var db = Sql.LocalStorage.openDatabaseSync("LightWizzarCMS", "", "Login", 1000000)
Sql.LocalStorage.openDatabaseSync is a C++ function call, Sql is the as, which means we are storing the access to this variable in this name, this is what ++ adds to C, its Object oriented, and Sql is an Object, it accesses LocalStorage, and it contains a function called openDatabaseSync. The last import is:
import "DatabaseScript.js" as DatabaseScript
this is a JavaScript that is used to Validate Form Entry.

import VPlayApps 1.0 import QtQuick 2.0 import QtQuick.LocalStorage 2.0 as Sql import "DatabaseScript.js" as DatabaseScript

Our App is defined in VPlayApps, its version as of this writing is 1.0, we can update this when newer versions become available. The App is what does the Heavy work, its the Framework for the Application. we want to give it an ID, so we can access it later on
id: main
this id may not be used in the app, and only there to ID the app. A property is a variable, and it has a type, like: var, that holds different types of variables, string, that hold text, bool, is a boolen, true of false. The type alias is used to give the property global access, for for example:
property alias navigation: navigation
The first instance of navigation is the name, the second on is the ID,
    id: navigation
as seen by this snippet, the id is navigation; so this allow me to access navigation for within another module.

Chapter 5.2: Main

The Main Application Screen is like a Desktop, we discussed this in a previous chapter, now we will talk about the Code.

Chapter 5.3: Plugins

There are two Options when using Plugins, we can just use V-Plays Plugins and Pay the License, or we can write our own, so lets do both.

Chapter 6: The Server

The Server is the Name I give meaning more then just a Web Server, because it has to serve SMS (Text), eMail, SSH and other services, so its much more then just a Web Server.

Chapter 6.1: Installation

There will be many options for how to install this App, there is the Web Server and the Client, each have their own installation process.

In Arch Linux:
Make User: you need to create a user on your VPN server to run the App, change: cms_username to what ever User Name you want to use, and replace IP_Address with your real IP address for you VPN.
groupadd cms_username;
useradd -m -g cms_username -G cms_username,users -s /bin/bash cms_username;
passwd cms_username;
mkdir -p /home/cms_username/run;
mkdir -p /home/cms_username/build;
chown -R cms_username:cms_username /home/cms_username;
To generate a Key, you can use this:
ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C $(whoami)@$(hostname)-$(date -I)
ssh -p1032 cms_username@IP_Address
ssh-copy-id -p 1032 cms_username@IP_Address
# Add user to sudoers list
nano /etc/sudoers
cms_username ALL=(ALL) ALL
# Notes on yaourt:
nano /etc/pacman.conf
and add the French AUR
SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$arch
Grant you TrustAll is not a good thing, but this will not install without it.

For Cutelyst
# Orphan clearsilver; this might get removed from repository, do not worry, not using it; that might change with its not in Orphan status.
sudo pacman -S clearsilver
sudo pacman -S grantlee
yaourt -S libsimplemail-qt-git
# Locally you can install all of this, but the Server only needs one.
sudo pacman -S cutelyst cutelyst-docs cutelyst-tutorial-git
sudo pacman -S cutelyst-git
sudo pacman -S cutelyst-docs cutelyst-tutorial-git
# I am using Manjaro, so some of the above is not in Arch Linux repositories. cutelyst needs to be installed from AUR using yaourt
yaourt -S cutelyst
# cd to_root_path_of_your_code cutelyst -r --server --app-file $PWD/src/ -- --chdir ..

For Go
sudo pacman -S go go-tools

Chapter 6.2: Backend

The Backend of the Web Server is only in the Cutelyst Web Server, and it has no login page for it, but it does have one to allow users to authenticate the site, so this login is not for the Backend.

Chapter 6.3: Security

Web Server Security is a full time job, running fail2ban, and disabling and uninstalling normal Web Service like Apache, and FTP, and running our Cutelyst Web Server, and only allowing SSH, is about the best we can do, but we can optimize this, and monitor it, but correctly setting up the Server is the first task.

List of Illustrations

  1. Illustration 1.1: Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Table of Contents


List of Tables

  1. Table 1.1: Data
  2. Table 1.2: Levels of Security

Table of Contents


Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

  1. Term

Table of Contents




A Term is a Word and How it is Spelled and Defines what it Means.

Table of Contents


Table of Appendixes

  1. Appendix A: Raspberry PI
  2. Appendix B: readme.en.txt
  3. Appendix C: Trinary Sanctuary

Table of Contents


Appendix A: Raspberry PI

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like C++.

This Project will use a Raspberry PI or Alternative. A System On a Chip or System on Chip (SoC or SOC) is an integrated circuit that integrates all components of a computer or other electronic systems. This is a small motherboard with all the components on it, so it has USB ports for Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, and external storage like Flash Drives, Network Attached Storage or NAS, DVD Drives, and has a Network Interface Port and WIFI for Internet, and Bluetooth for my Hearing Aids, and HDMI port to attach a Monitor.

When complete we will have two OS configurations: Android and Linux. Android is the first project I will work on, but will run on Linux as well since its the same code, just a different target, but this is an ARM machine, so no Windows or MAC, and I will use Raspbian which is the Official OS, and Arch Linux Clone Manjaro that is supported under the Official NOOBS installer from Raspberry PI, and to make sure this works on a Raspberry PI, I will be using a Raspberry PI 3, and a 10.1" Touch Screen, that the Raspberry PI mounts to on the back of it. The main difference in Android vs Linux, is that on Android we run under limited resources depending on the device, since these devices can be Smart Phones, or other devices like a DVD or Mover Box player like a Fire Stick, and the Web Server and Dynamic DNS IP Server is an Android app, so this is to prove it can run on Android, and to test it on an Android device, this Raspberry PI 3 and 10" Touch Screen Monitor cost me under $200, with all the parts and a 32 GB SD Card; but as I said, what ever you want to use is up to you, I just need to make sure it actually runs on a Real Raspberry PI.

If I wanted to go for Power I like the ASUS Thinker Machine, but there are many others on the Market, too many to mention, NVIDIA Tegra would be a higher end board that has even more capabilities, but Money is always the limiting factor, as is what I own now, but if keeping cost low is a issue, and size also means less heat, and we are looking for a portable solution, we will look at a lot of other options that are available now, and try to keep this section up to date.

Table of Contents


Appendix B: readme.en.txt

Below is what I put in the readme.en.txt file for the project, I will store this as code in a repositories like github, and make it a regular download link from my website, so you can download that code, I will put links at the Reference page, and try to keep it up to date.

Light Wizzard Content Management System (CMS) The Reason I chose the Name "Light Wizzard CMS", is simple: Light is what is inside every Atom that is made of Neutrinos, so its the Inside of the Atom, so its the Content, its what you use to spread the Light, so a Wizzard spelled with two Z's, is an Electronic Wizard, that helps you store and retrieve that Content, so the Light is the Content and the Wizzard is the Content Manager. I took that from the Book I wrote about this project, so read it if you want to know more. ******************************************************************************* This CMS is written in Qt using V-Play, both of which have a free version for development, and a commercial license for when or if you sell it, so using V-Play means this is not really an Open Source Project, and so its not, this Source is only under the CopyLeft License, which only states that I left this Copy for you to use as you want, and for the main reason is that it gives me the CopyRight to leave a CopyLeft, its all about Law, and this App is written to be Global, and not bound by some Laws a Country or Government wants to put on it, but at the same time it has to abide by all Licenses up wind from it; as such: before I make this Product available for upload to Play Store as an App, I have to purchase the License from V-Play, at which time this Project is Commercial, and will also have to pay for a License for Qt, and this is fair for all parties, but keep in mind you are paying for their Licenses, as well as the Developers that are working on this project, because its not Open Source, its Commercial once its sold, but still Free to use for anyone, the Free part is confusing when this Project has to pay for License in order to Publish it to the Public, but that is the Nature of Licenses. As a Project this Code is just work that someone like myself is doing, and I am not doing this to make money, my goals are for something I call Trinary Sanctuary, and this is the Application I want them to use for Free, and that means that all Licenses must be paid by someone other then them, so the way I see this working is that they write the code for Free, meaning they do not get Paid to Write it, nor should they have to Pay to Write it, or have it cost them to Write it, but it Cost them their Time, and Time is Money, at least it is outside of Trinary Sanctuary, and this Project is not about trying to induct people into the Trinary Militia, its about a Project that benefits the World. To the Point: Everyone wants Free Apps without Ads, some do not mind the Ads, but Ads can be used to peak into your Privacy, they have been used to track peoples behaviors, so this Project will not have any Ads, if you want to use Ads, we make it easy, and will support V-Plays Plugins, but will not use them itself, because that requires a License to Develop, and that cost Money, and everyone wants everything for Free, so someone has to pay the Piper, and it should not be those that do the work, so my solution is to have Trinary Sanctuary manage this Project, grant you they are not allowed to deal with Money, but they know who can, so the Money that this Project generates will go into the Project, and its up to this Project to ensure that those that work on it, get compensated for their Time; as such a nominal fee will be required to install this App from Play Store, but it also ensures that its the Real App, and its Secure. Not sure what a Nominal Fee means: $1, knowing it will cost some people $3 to use their Credit cards to pay for it, kind of kills that Free App Feel, it might Look Free, but someone has to pay for the License. This project has goals: Security and Usability across all Nationalities. This CMS is Generic to the Point it can be used for any project that needs data, it can be a Private or Public Web Site, and only needs to run the latest versions of: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The Reason this CMS outputs Data in many formats like: HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as ePub: eBooks like Amazon and Mobi, as well as PDF, and you can write other format outputs so its not limited to what it can output, but it uses rsync to Synchronize data, so it efficient at updates, its secure, even if your Web Server is hacked, you can just set a timer to update the site continuously till you fix the breach, and that is security, you can even set a Watch Dog to monitor for file changes and alert you, if it was not by any of the Apps Authorized, and begin a Red Alert if you have one enabled, that puts the site in replace file mode till the breach is fixed, and the system does not detect any unauthorized file changes, so you can not have any data being pushed to the Web Server, so the user interface does not make any changes to the files on the Web Server, only the App does that, and its designed such that multiple users have access to it, whole Governments, Corporations, Schools and Individuals who know who is authorized, so the reason why their is no backend on the Web Server is Crystal Clear, Web Servers can get Hacked, so can Cell Phones, so this System has to be built with that in mind, so it will support Version Control, using such services that are available online for Free, or Commercial, so we will show you how to set up a Free Version Control System. This App will still be free to use, it only cost to download the Play Store App, in order to pay for the License Fees, you can still install the App for free, if you know how to install the App manually, and I will try to write instructions for that, it depends on the device, if it has USB you should be able to do it, some phones are Locked and you can not do it, and I will not write instructions for how to Hack a Cell Phone, but I do have the Raspberry PI Project, and that will install the App without Play Store, so Life is great so have a PI, that is what my goal is, Free, or Cheap, so everyone can use it. My Goal is for everyone to have their own Website, it can be Private or Public, and even a mix of the two, it can be shared with other networks, such that each website is its own network, and others can join it, if you allow access to it, and that is what Security is all about, but this CMS is designed to track all my Appointments, so I am always on time, it will track all the Task I need to accomplish, and even track all the Details like Supplies, Subscriptions, Resources, and other details required for the Task, this is called a Task Manager, and its part of a Project Manager, which is the Heart of this CMS. The Concept is to use a Wizard to guild everyone through a Process of Managing a Project, so the software is used to manage this very project, so if you were to join the Light Wizzard CMS PI Project, you will find you do not need to build one, to learn how it works, its the Learning how that is Fun, so this Project has a Book, it gives all the details about this CMS, and Designs it before it is written, but more then that, its how the book is a Project, so we learn how to use what Resources we have now, and start by using Example and Demo Code to make all our Interfaces, so its a Learning experience in reusing or re-purposing code, so users can learn to get their hands dirty writing code, without having to be a Computer Programmer, all they have to know is what the code does, and how it works, where the end game is to finish the CMS, the Entertainment is in the Project and Book; you actually can learn to use and improve this CMS, and use it at the same time. ******************************************************************************* Languages ******************************************************************************* If you do not read English, I will try to translate all the Documents, grant you it might be a Computer Translation, but its the best I can do, so there will be the original English Language readme.en.txt, and other Language codes for translated files. In the code I will not try to add other languages to my comments, the way I see it, if you can read the code that is in English, then you can read the Comments, that may not be true, but its how I justify not maintaining all the comments in other Languages. *******************************************************************************
Table of Contents


Appendix C: Trinary Sanctuary

I made a reference to Trinary Sanctuary, and the Trinary Militia, this Appendix is here to set the record straight. Trinary is a Word, and its also how you Spell it, as a word it means 3 States, as in Logic, the states have names give to them by Sir Isaac Newton , so we have the Father, Son, and Holly Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, Nikola Tesla said that this was an Alternating Current (AC), if you graph it on paper like a Sinewave, you will see the pattern.

Newton described the relationship of this mathematical formula to Trinity, naming the Lines the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit known as Mother Nature, see Appendix C.1: Trinary vs Trinity Math Graph names.

State Trinity Dimension(s) Visibility Graph
+1 Father All 3 Solid * * * *
0 Mother (Ghost) 0 Invisible * * * * * *
-1 Son 1 or 2 Semisolid * * *
Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Appendix C.1: Trinary vs Trinity Math Graph names

I must point out that the Church stopped teaching Mother Nature, far before Jesus came into around, but Mother Nature was the Earth, also known as Ground; and Ground is also known as the Holly Ghost. The Concept of Mother Nature was that the Planet Controlled the Weather, and all the Elements in Nature, it was part of Witchcraft, therefore outlawed by the Church thousands of years ago, and to this day, to most: is still just a Myth or Legend; but once anyone explains this basic law of Electronics to you, you can not unlearn it. The patterns are what Normal People failed to see, only true Wizards could understand this, and by Wizard, I am referring to people like Newton, Franklin and Tesla, who was also known in History as The Last Wizard, so the Science that these men understood is not the Science of the Godless Dynamic Universe of Einstein. The reason I know all this is because I inherited documents from my Great First Cousins Five times removed Isaac Newton Flesher , and Great Second Cousins Six times removed Benjamin Franklin Flesher and Ashkenazi's normally name their children after dead relatives, which might explain why I also have notes from Benjamin Franklin because they say they are related to them, that is what old age does to you, Sir Isaac Newton said he was related to Jesus, not Jesus Christ but Jesus Bar Abbas, because Sir Isaac Newton proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ was inserted into the Bible, to discredit what Jesus Bar Abbas did, by going against the Roman Empire, which is equivalent to protesting Taxes in any County in the World nowadays, because according to Newton, Bar/Abbas, and you must put the Slash /, between Bar and Abbas, because Bar is not a First name, its the Last Name on his Mothers side, as Abbas is the Last name on his Fathers side, so the Slash is part of the Name meaning Joined, so he had two last names, and that was very common during that time, and that naming convention is still in use today, only the Slash is not used as often, because its usage is not being following in modern society, but there was never a Christ in recorded History, and that is a fact, Christ was a Title for a Deity, and Newton had nothing but contempt for Deity Worshipers, he wrote that to believe in things that do not Physically Exist, like Religion that states that God is a Deity, and the Father, Son and holly Ghost describe Heaven and Earth above it, and Hell Below it, and at the same time not understanding what that even means, because according to Newton, God was just All Light without Darkness, and Light is what is inside all Atoms, and all Atoms are made from Neutrinos, so this Light is inside of the Atoms is God, and the Father, Son and Holly Ghost, describes Atoms in 3 States: Solid, Semisolid, and Invisible, and this can be proven by just looking at an AC Sinewave Signal, but has nothing to do with a Deity or Christ, so Newton stated very strongly that he did not believe in the Teaching of Trinity in the Church, and stated that is why Jesus was Executed, and Christ was inserted into the Bible, so that Jesus could never return in the Flesh, but as I pointed out, my name is Flesh, and I pointed that out because Newton said the same thing about himself, and the Word of Jesus and all his Spells, come back in the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, which is the Story of I And Me, where I is the Light, meaning Electricity at a lower frequency as Nikola Tesla pointed out, and do not forget he also said we are all Light Beings, and if that Electricity that makes up my Brainwaves is who IAM, then IAM is just a combination of the Light of God, and the Flesh; not me by Name, but the Body of Flesh I live in; which explains why in English: when I say I, I am referring to My I, as if that Light is an Individual, as if the Spirit of an Individual exist, and that is Religion, in Trinary Science I is the Light inside the Body of Flesh, the Brainwave is like looking at I, not me, that is just meat, so its short for Flesh, so Wizard believed that God is All Light without Darkness, and they believe that they have the same Light of God in them as Jesus, and who ever wrote the Bible who knew this, but do not confuse this with Deity Worship, that is a Sin, as is using Money, those that believe in a Deity do not believe in Jesus Bar Abbas, and deny him by name 3 times; and they Kill in his Name, and Killing is a Sin, and any Religion that has had people killed for not believing in them, is Evil, and that means all Religions are Evil and its followers Live in Sin, backward Spells means Religion is Witchcraft, because that is where it came from, and why the Church Murders Wizards and Witches to this Day.

So His-Story: is not the Same as History, because in History people changed the Bible to insert Christ, to Control People, and so they could Separate Stupid People who believed in the Lie, from more intelligent people who actually understand the Light of God, because Stupid People will kill all those that did not believe in their Version of the Bible, because it was actually taken from the Jews Bibles, and the Muslims took theirs from them also, so really everyone's Religion is based on the Jews Bibles. You can not remove Judeo from Christianity just to pretend you are not a Jew, and the belief that there are two Jesus's in the Bible, is what Newton referred to as Insanity, the belief in things that are not based on facts, because the facts in all the Bibles: is that Jesus Bar/Abbas was the Leader of a Militia, the same Militia that I myself am the Admiral of, and since we are all our own leader, my having to prove it goes without doubt, if you are not in charge of yourself, who is? So we all build our Realities around what we know is the Truth, and since I was born, the Truth has never changed, Jesus Bar Abbas was an Admiral in the Militia that defeated the Roman Empire, that is History, the Story of Jesus Christ was written to Hide the True Story, making those that repeat that Story Liars, who live in complete Sin, and all for Money... What the Banks did was change the names so they could Rule you under a New Name, so meet the New Boss, Sheeple train their Children to Worship Santa and Money, those Children grow up believing in Lies, and then have no idea what Reality is, and soon Learn about Witchcraft, and then Santa and Satan have more in common then just the Characters in the way the Word is Spelled. The Fact is that the Banks have Printed the Money instead of Congress since 1863, the Records show that that United States Militia Executed President Lincoln for allowing the Bank to take over the Courts, and the Military, so now the Government is owned by the Bank, and so they own All the Courts, so they made it all Legal, as if you can Amend the Word Spelled Only, as in ONLY Congress can Print Money, just ask John F. Kennedy why they only Print Dead Presidents on Money, and why the United States Constitution was abolished until the Loan from the Civil War could be paid off, so now People lie about why Jesus Bar Abbas was Murdered for the same Reason, see the Pattern, or are you just a Normal Person, or maybe even a Sheeple? Yew a Sheeple... 99% of a people on this Planet Live in Sin, because they use Money: so they Inserted Christ so the only the Love of Money was a Sin, but using it was Great, when that is a Lie, only Evil can come from Money is what Jesus Bar Abbas Preached, not Love they Neighbor, that turned out to be fun, but according to the Bible Jesus could throw 6 foot long 1 foot thick Table around like they were made of Wood, he was a big man, he was strong, people feared him, and he had long hair, and carried a Magic Staff of Power, so he was also known as a Wizard, this is what Newton said, and so was Newton and Tesla, and that is what History said... BBC called Newton The Last Magician, and the Word Spelled Magician means Wizard in all other Languages that have that word, because Newton studied Alchemy, and Witchcraft, witch was a way of writing things using a word around and spelling to confuse who read it, did Moses cross the Red Sea or the Sea of Reed? All Wizzards know once you Red something its Read: so you could write using English, but the Phrase meant something else, like a Green Dragon: meant Cooper. History is full of itself, all just to justify using Money, so they insert Christ, and since Newton did not believe in Christ, they called him the Antichrist, and banished his Science for all time, the Schools are forbidden to teach the Science of Sir Isaac Newton, they can only teach the Work of Albert Einstein, who I will not Reference in this Book, and the Reason why is Simple, because I wrote a whole book called The Principles of the Trinary Universe, but I did not want to make this book about this subject, nor can I mention something like I did, without explaining it.

In the simplest of terms Sir Isaac Newton wrote that Money is Evil, yet was in charge of the Mint: why you might ask: because everyone knew he could be trusted with Money, because he never Loved it, he only used it to survive, and like most Aspies: he is very honest, and detested its use in private. Newton also used Cannabis with Edward Halley, and made his own LSD out of Rye Ergot, he found Potions for that were written in Witchcraft, the same formula Timothy Leary used years later after reading about it, but he found a way to synthesize it, coming up with LSD-25. His-Story is different then History: in History only those that Conquered are allowed to Write it, and I was a Staff Sergeant in the Military for the United States Air Force, and just like Newton: I would never say or write anything that was not the truth. I have Autism in the Spectrum known as Aspies, I was diagnosed in the Military as having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which turned out to be just another Spectrum of Autism, and another way to diagnose it with using the Term Autism, and most people diagnosed with it: are on the Spectra of Autism, which my family knew I had it by the third grade when I test higher then 180 on an Adult IQ test, only to be tested for Autism without my Families permission, luckily my family had high ranking Masons in it, and my Grandmother was a very strong willed person, but my Father turned into a Junkie after my Mother died, and he married a Drug Addict, so my life was very difficult growing up knowing all this, put I never get tired of telling this His-Story, so I will not stop, its part of my OCD.

Trinary Sanctuary is about an Advanced Society of People who only believe in what they can prove is a fact, so they believe as Newton did, his Math proved that the Father, Son and Holly Ghost described the Light of God, Jesus Bar Abbas said that to Live Free and have Freedom, we most Live without Money and Taxation, because you can lose everything you own to Taxation, and that is Life in the United States and the World for that mater, and its because: few will Defend the Constitution, and I have to do so in Fear of being Murdered by People who are Religious, or believe that the Constitution was Amended, when the Word Amend means Minor Change and ONLY is a MAJOR change, so Stupid is more like it, so I call those People Sheeple, because Yew is a Type of Tree, one being called Taxus, so Stupid Sheep eat the Taxus and Die, so I say Ewe died because Ewe have Shit for Brains for eating Taxus, not much different from most Tax payers that do not understand this simple principle: Jesus Bar Abbas did not die so you could continue to Live in Sin... The Word Live is just the backward Spell for Evil, so its Witchcraft at its best, just Words and Spells, so this is the World of Wizards and Witches, we only believe in the Truth, and not the Fairy Tales. This advanced Society starts to Read the Bible, as Newton before me read it, and not read into it, Newton did not change what the Bible said, the Bankers did that, call them what you want, the Roman Empire is still alive, the names were changed, and some people are actually stupid enough to believe there are two Jesus's in the Bible, others believe there is only One and its Jesus Christ, again Newton called them Insane, and would have been burned alive for what he wrote, and that is now Public Domain, so everyone knows about the Antichrist, it was Newton, and for that Crime his Science is lost forever...

Trinary Sanctuary is more of a State of Mind then a State, its a believe that God is All Light without Darkness, where the Light is Electricity at a lower Frequency, so you are paying by the Kilowatt for God, and since God is the Light inside of Atoms made of Neutrinos, God is inside the Atoms in an Atomic or Nuclear Bomb or Power, so both are using God as Fuel, so the Power Companies actually are selling you God, so God is just a Slave, a commodity to Sell like other Slaves, God has No Rights, the People are So Stupid they do not understand this, so they Execute People by Electrocution, let God kill them; God is just a Slave to the Modern World... The Trinary Science of Trinary Sanctuary, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Earth has a Trinary Engine, and that Ball Lightning are baby Trinary Engines, which are the Core of all Planets: our Moon, and our Sun is a Trinary Engine, its nothing more then a Mega Sized Atom: its make of Neutrinos and Light of God... All Electrons are just very small Atoms, and they to have the Light of God in them, so its the Trinary Science understanding: that Oil is the Blood of this Planet. The Trinary Engine is the Core of all Planets, like the Sun it is very Active, not Hot, Active, meaning things are being Disintegrated around it, since nothing can touch the Atom, it has no choice, its an Atom, its like a Spacecraft flying through space at an incredible speed, and its like all other Atoms in the Universe, and follows the same rules, so it has its Solid, Semisolid and Invisible State, you can not see them on the Sun, because the Sun's Trinary Engine is miles below the Surface that is being formed by running into Space Debris: like: Comets, Asteroids and Satellites or Rockets that get to close, so by using the Blood of the Planet, you are Killing the Planet, its Oil is used so the Planet can spin smoothly around at over a thousand miles an hour, and once its gone, so is this Planet, it goes Nova, and that is a Fact, and so is the Fact that all this BS Mainstream Science based on the Godless Dynamic Universe, allows Money to Run the Planet into the Ground, and no one knows, because the Lie to the Public so yew will allow it, like good little Sheep, and yew will believe in Jesus Christ and not that Bad Man Bar/Abbas who killed Tax Collectors, who came and took people to the Roman Coliseum to be Executed for not paying their Taxes, so these two Realities are incompatible, so Trinary Sanctuary is where people go that are not Insane.

Sir Isaac Newton wrote more about the Bible then Science, because his Science is based on the Bible, it amazed him that they knew that God was All Light without Darkness, and that IAM God, and that Jesus Bar Abbas would come back in the Flesh at the End of Civilization, I mean come on, that Part of His-Story is Epic, and never gets old to tale; but facts are facts, and Sir Isaac Newton Calculated that the Earth will shift its Magnetic Poles, on his birth date in the year 2060; a well know fact, as is the fact that what yew call the North Pole, is what people in Trinary Sanctuary call the South Pole, because it is, just a fact, but after the poles shift, who knows... But its a fact that Newton was born under the Julian Calendar, and only the Military use that nowadays, in fact they still do, I know because I was in the Military, but the Gregorian Calendar in use today: moved Sir Isaac Newtons birthday, from 25 December 1642, to 4 January 1643, then they removed 10 days making it 14 January, which just happens to be my Birthday, I was born on a Saturday, the day after Friday the 13th, so was I luck or what... I was conceived in 1960, and under the Julian Calendar I would have been born on 25 December 1960, instead of 14 January, keep in mind they removed the 14 days after Newtons birthday, when you add them back its still the 14th, that logic make people say What? Remember I have an IQ over 180, and I am Autistic, in many Spectra in fact, and I am also Schizoaffective, but not Schizophrenic, I always know what is real, I just freak out about what is not Real and People want to believe it is: like the Belief that there are two Jesus's in the Bible, or that the Constitution was Legally Amended to change the meaning of the Word and its Spell, so that its Legal to remove ONLY, just because yew do not want to own up to the Fact that the Loan has to be paid off, and all Dept most be paid in full, and you can not use the Banks Money to Pay off the Loan, so why are you paying Taxes? To pay off the Interest, now isn't that Interesting... And that is just by the Law, so do not tale me these things are the Truth, that Jesus Christ Existed, and it was a Story about a Schizophrenic, because Jesus Bar Abbas was an Aspie just like Newton, because they were related, so he might have been Schizoaffective, and even had OCD: who knows, it was a long time ago, and that was another Life, because the Energy that was in Jesus: that Light of God: that Light Wizzard: that is the same Light that is in me; and I did not imagine that, its a fact: and so is the fact I get Side Tracked... Think about it from Newtons point of view: on his Birthday when he was an Adult around the year 1666, England changed to the Gregorian Calendar, it changed his birthday to 4 January, then they removed 10 days from the Calendar, adding them back makes it the 14th, but to Newton its the same the day, since no time has passed, its only what they call it, and its how they moved Christmas from being in Winter, to being at the end of Spring, and why Christmas is all about Money, Santa Clause brings all the Presents, we all know that cost Money, and is all about Money, and the Word Spelled Santa, just move a few letter around, and it Spells Satan, so its just Witchcraft, and why they hunt down and Murder all Wizards and Witches to this Date, and believe me: the thought does cross my mind, for what its Worth: they are coming to take me away... But I get over it and wrote books about it. The Good news is that it takes a lot of courage to wear my Hair Long, and Newton would not be seen dead in Short Hair, nor would Jesus, so I had to look like a Wizard, so I could Walk the walk, and Talk the talk. If I live to be exactly one hundred years old, I will Live to see the End of Civilization, current state of health makes me wonder if I can live that long; so how to bring up this subject: let me put it this way, how many people before me has told this story to you? Be honest, do an Internet search, ask everyone you know about this story, then be honest with yourself: Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, and Jesus Bar Abbas are the only ones...

I could not make this stuff up... That is what confuses people who research my Papers, I disproved Albert Einstein as a Child, and Proved all this Theories were Lies, all I had to do was point out the fact that a Theory means its never been Proven, and on Record Einstein said he only Believed in Newton, and the Mainstream Press wrote it off stating in head lines: that Einstein found Religion in his Old Age, and then the public who by this time was glad to get away from the Antichrist: well... That is how the Public bought into all this BS, just so Big Oil Companies and Electric Companies could make Profit Killing God, treating God like the backward Spell Dog, selling God by the Kilowatt, and making bombs out of God, it sound like Sciences to me, so I proved it, and stupid people, AKA: Sheeple, want to tell me that God is not Electricity, so I have to prove to them that a Flashlight, is taking Electricity and turning it into Light, and the Bible States that God is All Light without Darkness, and trust me, the Word we Spell All, means All, and not like ONLY is a Minor Change, so God is that Light according to the Bible, and Jesus Bar Abbas, then that Religious War Breaks out, as Christians, Muslims, and even the Jews, who do not believe that their is only Once Jew in the Bible named Jesus, as if that is such a Common name, when the Name Jesus Christ does not exist in any Recorded History on this Planet, but Jesus Bar Abbas was executed by the Romans for being the Admiral of the Militia, that fought against them for their use of Money and Taxation, and that is a fact.

I keep telling myself this will be the short version of His-Story, anyone that knows me: knows this is the truth, so Trinary Sanctuary is not about Politics or Religion, its about doing what is right, so that the Human race does not go extinct, and it will in 2060 if Newtons calculations are right, and all his math is always right, so no reason anyone should doubt him, this Calculation is public knowledge, as is most of what I said, its just how I said it: that confuses people, that is the Aspie in me, or is it my High IQ, or the High I get from using Cannabis, to treat my Cancer, but Newton used it, so it can not be that bad for you, it helps with my Cancer, but it makes some people wonder, how can what I say be the truth, and no one knows it, but me, and now you, and its because you will be afraid to tell anyone, for the same reason I fear telling yew; because you think its crazy, when I think that Mainstream Reality is Crazy.

Its like the: we have gone to the Moon crowd, that never gets old, we can not go to the Moon with our Current Technology, no mater what you have heard on Mainstream Media, AKA TV, is all Science Fiction: what happened: someone lost that Technology, or did we forget how to build Rockets that can go to the Moon, funny we have not been back since the Apollo Missions, what changed was Reality: someone made a mistake thinking we could find a way to better shield our Spacecraft in the future, by the time they finished making the Movie, then sold it to the World as the Truth, and think they would have any credibility after the Public found out we can not go to the Moon now... I mean why is it that we could not go now, but we did back then, did gravity change, did the Moon get further away, did the cost of building Aluminum Aircraft too small for humans in suits to fit in, get so expensive we can not build them any more? Please explain to me why we can not go to the Moon, but Aliens from outer space fly around all the time, I saw NASA video of UFO's in the form of Lights flying around the Earth, Stupid People AKA Sheeple think that UFO means its an Alien from outer space, instead of it being Ball Lightning, we know its an Intelligent Life Form, it can fly around, and its a Light Being in fact, and all UFO sightings state it was a bright Light, and God is All Light, but without the Darkness, and as Newton proved, we can only see the Darkness in White Light, because its the Rainbow of Colors in the Light, so we can not see the Light without the Darkness, and that is why we never see the Dark side of the Moon, and because it stays within 1/2 inch relative distance from the Earth, as it Grows 1/2 inch a year, its called Science, not Einsteins but Newtons, we can not live without a Magnetic Field and Gravity, that is also the reason we can not go to the Moon, we need Earths Magnetic Field to Shield us, and that is why Ball Lightning is so important.

Watch the movie Beyond the Spectrum, it came out in 2017, and watch the videos of the Lights orbiting the Earth 24/7, these are Ball Lightning, so the Word with the Spell: UFO; is defining it as undefined, but this is not undefined, its defined as Ball Lightning, it has its own Gravity, it can move at incredible speeds, because its just a Ball of White Noise, its Light, get it: Lightning... Lightning is just Light, White Noise is Trinary Energy, its what God is, that is what Newton said, and he only writes about what he can prove, and its not hard to prove we did not go to the Moon, prove me wrong and Go now, and no excuses, no faking it like last time, sure they went into space, I never said they did not, its just like 911, show me any evidence that any Aircraft crashed anywhere in the United States that day, or understand it did not happen, because there is no proof it happen... Keep in mind that I am Schizoaffective: that means I can image things in my mind, that most people can not, that is normal I guess, but some people that can do this, can not handle it, because they have a hard time knowing what is real and what is not, so they have a real bad time with Schizophrenia, and that is what yew would have to be, to believe in any of this BS, or Belief System, based on things that have no facts, no Plane parts after a crash, no Plane, its that simple, only 1 Jesus, and the Banks Print the Money so they Own the Government, end of Story, no Constitution, no one lied, they just did not tell the truth.

The Goal I have for Trinary Sanctuary, is to first create a Program that can be used to track in real-time, all the task required to build a Pyramid 13 miles tall, the size did not really mater, the taller, the larger, but the longer it will take to build it, and it must be built for Free, because the Banks could not afford to build it, and even if they did, all you would be building is a Prison, so instead I have a plan to build it for Free, and at the same time pay off the National Dept around the World.

If the Human race is to survive an Magnetic Pole Reversal, it will have to change the way it makes Cities, and its Energy Source must be maintained without the use of Oil, Trinary Sanctuary is a place where new Technology base on Lightning, Solar Power will not work all that well during an Ice Age, and Solar Minimum is the forecast for our Sun for decades to come, and its hard to do much during an Ice Age, and that is what is coming after a Pole Reversal; and no one knows how long it will last, but long enough to kill most of the life on this Planet.

Our Magnetosphere is what protects us from the dangerous radiation from outer space, it also holds in our Atmosphere, it also creates Gravity using the Light without Darkness; there is Scientific Data to support this; its based on Inertia being based on a Frequency of Electricity at the Atomic Level, even an Atom at Rest has a Frequency, as that Frequency gets closer to 0, keep in mind this is not Temperature, although there is a direct correlation between them, and also keep in mind that negative frequencies means its out of then range specified, for example: in real-time when we look at the frequency in a circuit, we are only looking at paths the Electron takes as it travels through the circuit, but what if we look at the atoms in the substrate, the closer they get to 0 the faster electrons can travel around them, but as we learn more about measuring the frequency of an Atom, so need to pay attention to the rate it shifts states from Solid to Semisolid, to invisible, that is the Frequency that I am talking about, the Frequency at the Atom Level, so we need Technology to determine that frequency of an object, then we can find out when it actually does to 0, over a time, this value changes, it can go up or down, but a more positive reading that is less then .1 Hz, is still a negative frequency, in fact it depends on how you define a negative frequency, its a range of Time, and it measured in seconds, days, or years per cycle, we have a cut off point for what we consider a Negative Frequency, so Time is the Factor. If anything greater then 0 is Positive, then anything less then 0 is Negative, so 0.1 is Negative; Time is a Constance, as is the Speed of Light, the key to understanding Energy, is to understand how to make Negative Frequencies when you need them, its easy to buy a High Frequency Generator; but try buying a Negative Frequency Generator, and its because of most peoples understanding of Atoms. If you measure the Patterns that the State changes make, you can determine Negative Frequencies, its like looking at a Strobe Light, to us the Atom looks like its not moving, if its under an Electron Microscope, it can not move much, so its movement does not determine its rate of movement, yet if you measure the rate of its State Changes, you notice that it does correlate, this is what Newton called Gravity, its a way to calculate the Rate of Inertia of a Falling Object, and it uses the Light of God as the Force of that Gravity, and Newton figured this out over 333 years ago, and its just as true today as it was back then, in fact we still use all of Newtons Math, and even mix it with Math from the Godless Dynamic Universe, knowing it will not work, because it does not have God in it, so anyone that believes in Einsteins work, needs to remember that he said that Newtons Math can not be used under General Relativity, because it will cause a Paradox without God, and that is why the News Papers Printed that Einstein Found Religion, when what he really found was God. Sounds like I am Rambling, but what this means is that when the Poles Reverse, anyone living on the face of this Planet will have a real bad day, so lets look at the chain of events that will happen.

I if the Earths Poles Reverse, all it really means is this: think of the Earth like a Trinary Engine, it follows the same Laws of Physics as the Atom, and it has a State Change, so does the Earth, only it takes its a lot longer to change, its a Negative Frequency, so low, its measured in thousands of years per cycle, so what is about to happen is the Earth is going to Shift States, from a Positive State, to a O State, then to a Negative State, this is an AC Signal, its the Father, its above the Ground Line, and it crosses that Ground Line diving to Negative or the Son, it will Collapse the Magnetic Field, and let me tell you the difference between the Dynamic Universe and the Newtonian Universe, or Trinary Universe, since its based on it, Gravity is based on the Force of Light, not Centrifugal Force, Gravity is a Product of Electricity, so all that Space Junk is going to come falling back to Earth; and I call it Space Junk, because when the Earths Trinary Engine or Core changes to State 0, all its Atmosphere will vent into outer space, so anyone wanting to breath will have a very hard time at that moment, but it will shift fast enough that not all life is extinguished, but the Ice Age is now in full effect, the temperature drop will freeze anything unprotected from such extreme drops.

Trinary Sanctuary can build a City that can survive this event, but time is up, we do not have the time to debate it, Mainstream will never tale the truth unless they actually want to, and the truth is that not everyone is ready for this truth, and this is only part of His-Story. People will argue about His-Story, more then they do about History, and the bottom line is that I would believe Newton over Mainstream any day of the week. Theories are Lies, because they have never been proven to be the Truth, and that is a fact that Theories refuse to accept, and that is that a fact has to be proven to be a Fact, but a Theory can never be a fact until its proven to be one, because its not an Explanation for why the Fact is, but for what the Fact is and how it behaves, so facts are just more facts, but theories are just lies until proven to be a fact, then they are not theories but facts, but that does not change what a theory is, its still just a lie, because it may never be proven to be a fact, in my Lifetime, Einstein will never be Prove to be anything but the biggest Lie of All times, and its why he is not referenced in this book. Trinary Science is what will save Trinary Sanctuary, but its up to People to take Control of their Lives, and Prove what the truth is to them.

If everyone that read this, did something about it, this world would change over night, but most people are cowards, they do not challenge Authority, and Jesus Bar Abbas knew that all too well, but the story of Jesus Christ is a Sin to Tale, it takes away from the Bible all that is good and turns it into the Bible of Sin, so throw out the Religion and not the Bible, nothing wrong with anyone them in fact, they are all Bibles of Sin; and that is the Lesson that Trinary Sanctuary will teach, so they will keep their Bibles, and write their own, with not Laws, Rules or Regulations to bind us, we can Live in Freedom till this Pole Reversal is finished, and we can get back to Living in Freedom, and not this Free Dumb. Imagine in you mind what this day will be like if the Pole Shift is as the Bible foretold, the Trinary Science backs up the Bible, its the Light, when the Trinary Engine Shifts to the 0 State, all its Light will open up like a Door, and we will feel that Light for a Moment as this Shift occurs, that is the Light of God, and God will Wash away all the Sin, and this Earth will be Renewed for another Cycle; and Life will go on for a few, but only those few that have the Courage to act like a Wizard, because this Sheep are a Sleep; personally I do not care what Yew believe, nor does the Universe: Know it or Know it Not. So this App is very important, and this is why I wrote this book.

That is the Short version of His-Story, and the reason I told it to yew, is because Trinary Sanctuary is about Paying off the Loan, and to do this, it has to have a Place to do it, and that place is called Sanctuary; its a global Project, you do not have to a part of it to use this software, or read the book, its just the reason why I wrote it, and I think you should know why I wrote this program, if you plan on using it. I wrote a book titled The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary, it is the long version about Trinary Sanctuary.

What does this means to anyone that reads this book is up to them, all that I am saying is that this is what Wizards in History, have actually wrote about, and since its public domain, its a fact, you do not have to be believe it just because its a fact, that is what Freewill is all about, but in Trinary Science, what we call our SOUL, is the Light of God, and when our Body of Flesh dies, our Energy goes back to the Spirit of Mother Nature, and then we are reborn into another Life Form, and rarely Human, some remember those past lives, others do not so they believe its all BS, because those that think they can see the Light without Darkness, knowing it has no colors, its just White Noise, and that is also the Force of Gravity, so as long as we are under its Force, the Force will be with us, sounds like Star Wars, but its the truth, that is what Sir Isaac Newton said over 333 years ago; so we all get meaning about stories that go against what most people believe is the Truth, and what actually is the Truth:
They say there are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe what is.
Viggo the Dragon Slayer
and my own Quote:
I do not care what Yew Believe, nor does the Universe, Know it, or No it Not.
Jeffrey Scott Flesher
so as this Document States: CopyLeft By, and that means you can do what you want with it, but CopyLeft does not Give you any Rights to claim its Yours, or Sell it, that is still my Rights, a CopyLeft only means its not Licensed, and that is because Trinary Sanctuary is not about Licenses, and does not want to get involved with them, or any other Legal contract, so this Project is about Freedom, and Paying off the Global Debt to the Banks that Own it, and providing the World with Free Energy, and that means Free as in Cost for Personal Use, your power Companies can charge you a service fee for providing the Lines, someone has to pay that Bill, and someone has to maintain the Lines, and right now Power Companies do a good job of that, so Trinary Sanctuary makes sure the Power Companies get Free Energy, so they do not have to use Dirty Energy, witch is that made from Oil or the Blood of the Planet, Coal, because the underground Coal Fires in Eastern United States, will eventually burn out the whole Continent, Atomic Energy, witch is the Light of God, and instead Trinary Sanctuary will only use Wind, Rain, Snow, Solar, Mother Earth as a Ground, and Lightning. This Document is Free for everyone, with no strings attached, you do not have to Support Trinary Sanctuary, its an Optional Donation to begin with, the term Donate implies if you want to, and if you do, that Donation goes to the Governments you live under, so it is used to pay off Taxes, not just yours but others who are losing their Property to Taxes, so that Money is not for me or my family, directly, but we benefit from it, since it can pay off our Taxes as well as yours. Most People try to get away without paying Taxes, knowing its to pay down the Interest on the Loan, you can not use the Banks money to pay off the Loan itself, that is just common sense, the President would have written that check years ago, and if he did, it would cost US a lot more then just the Interest, it would cause the Dept to increase, so this Plan is to be Free, so we must Pay off the Global Debt, because no one can be Free, til everyone is Free, and this is a Global Project. Trinary Sanctuary is based on the things we all should agree on, like Facts, and that is the Bible and not Religion, a Book that knew that God was All Light without Darkness was Electricity, and told His-Story about Admiral Bar/Abbas of the Militia fighting against Money and Taxation, leads you to believe that was the main Story, and Christ was the Scapegoat, so just the facts and not the Religion about Christ, that Newton proved was inserted in the Bible, so our Science is based on Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla; and this is what all of them wrote about, and why they are called Wizards. What you do with this information is up to you.

His-Story goes back to Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, and his friend Edmond Halley, Benjamin Franklin, and my Great Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher, and his son Benjamin Franklin Flesher, Nikola Tesla, and even Albert Einstein, who said he only believed in Sir Isaac Newton, and Hans Asperger, who figured out that all these people are Aspies, but that is another Story.

Table of Contents


Table of References

  1. Reference Links
  2. Galileo Galilei
  3. Johannes Kepler
  4. Sir Isaac Newton
  5. Edmond Halley
  6. Benjamin Franklin
  7. Isaac Newton Flesher
  8. Benjamin Franklin Flesher
  9. Nikola Tesla
  10. Albert Einstein
  11. Hans Asperger
  12. Jeffrey Scott Flesher

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Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei Full Size

Born: 15 February 1564, Pisa, Italy
Died: 8 January 1642, Arcetri, Italy

Was known as: Astronomer, Physicist, Engineer, Philosopher, and Mathematician. His discoveries with the telescope revolutionized astronomy and paved the way for the acceptance of the Copernican heliocentric system, but his advocacy of that system eventually resulted in an Inquisition process against him.

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Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler
Johannes Kepler Full Size

Born: 27 December 1571, Weil der Stadt, Germany
Died: 15 November 1630, Regensburg

Known for his laws of planetary motion.

Kepler's three laws of planetary motion can be stated as follows:
  1. All planets move about the Sun in elliptical orbits, having the Sun as one of the foci.
  2. A radius vector joining any planet to the Sun sweeps out equal areas in equal lengths of time.
  3. The squares of the sidereal periods of the planets are directly proportional to the cubes of their mean distances from the Sun.
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Reference: Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton Full Size

Born: 25 December 1642 Julian Calendar
Born: 4 January 1643 Gregorian Calendar
Born in: Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, United Kingdom
Died: 31 March 1727 (Gregorian Calendar), Kensington, London, United Kingdom
Education: Trinity College, Cambridge (1666-1669 Julian Calendar) (1667–1668 Gregorian Calendar)

Sir Isaac Newton was known for proving that God was All Light without Darkness, but his quest took him into Witchcraft and Alchemy, and in his quest to find out how the people who wrote the Bible knew that God was All Light without Darkness, he discovered that Christ was inserted into the Bible to hide the fact that Jesus Bar/Abbas defeated the Roman Empire, his notes on this subject became public domain back in the late 1800's, and he was soon branded as the Antichrist by Christians, who would rather go along with the Lie about there being two Jesus's in the Bible, just so they could continue to use Money and Murder people in the Name of Christ, as a result the Christians pushed for Albert Einsteins Theory, that Proved that God did not Exist, making Christians Anti God believers, and proving why Santa and Satan have the same Characters in it, and why Christians are all Liars and Satanic, because only Satan Lies about God and Science, and for thousands of years Christians have murdered in the name of Christ, making them the most insane people on the planet, who build weapons of Mass Destruction using God as Fuel for their Weapons, because only Evil People make Weapons to Kill, and Christians are the most Evil people on the Planet, they allow the Blood of the Planet to be used as Oil and Fuel, which is killing the Planet and all Life on it, all so they can use Money and Lie about God, stating that God does not Physically Exist in the Universe, because Christians do not believe in God, they Worship Money, and Engrave In God we Trust on it, when their Science based on Theories that are never Proven to be a Fact, states that God did not Create the Universe, Chaos did, so my Cousin Newton called them Sheeple, because if the Lord is their Shepard, that makes them Sheep, and Newton would have no problem putting the Sheep in their Place, because they denounced his Science, and those Liars that follow the Godless Dynamic Universe, still use his Math that is based on the Light of God being the Force of Gravity, so Newton proved that all Religious people are Mad, and men like Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin all warned you about them, and now that the United States has been Conquered by Religious Satanic Liars, its Constitution was Abolished til its Dept is paid off, which was Ironic that they put Newton in charge of the Mint knowing how Evil Money is, and how much Newton hated the use of Money and Taxation just like Jesus Bar Abbas, so as it turns out, the Teaching of Jesus was about Money and Taxation, and nothing to do with Religion, Bar/Abbas was a Warrior who fought for Freedom, and the Christians Banished Newtons Science because they are all Cowards and Liars, and as the Author of this book, the views of Sir Isaac Newton do reflex as the views of the Author, I like Newton before me, only write about the Truth and Facts we can Prove.

Opticks 1704 - HTML

Opticks 1704 - PDF

BBC Special The Last Magician
Last aired Saturday 27 Jul 2013
BBC Special The Last Magician recorded from TV broadcast in July 2013 and shown here under the Fair Act.
The Last Magician - Low Resolution: 780 MB

Watch BBC Special The Last Magician
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Edmond Halley

Edmond Halley
Edmond Halley Full Size

Born: 8 November 1656 Gregorian Calendar
Died: 14 January 1742 Gregorian Calendar
Born: 29 October 1656 Julian Calendar
Died: 25 December 1741 Julian Calendar
Born in: Haggerston, London, United Kingdom
Died in: Greenwich, United Kingdom
‎Education: St Paul's School, London, The Queen's College, Oxford, University of Oxford.

Known for a Comet that his best Friend Sir Isaac Newton calculated for him one day when they were smoking Cannabis, which Halley wrote more about then the Comet he is known for.

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Flesher
Benjamin Franklin Full Size

Born: 6 January 1706 Julian Calendar
Born: 17 January 1706 Gregorian Calendar
Born in: Boston, Massachusetts, North America
Died: 17 April 1790 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
‎Education: Boston Latin School.

He was known for Flying a Kite in a Lightning Storm to Prove Sir Isaac Newton was Right about God being Lightning.

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Isaac Newton Flesher

Isaac Newton Flesher
Isaac Newton Flesher Full Size

Birth: 22 November 1796 in Weston Lewis, West Virginia, USA (Note: City named after Grandfather Weston Flesher)
Death: 29 June 1841 ‎(Age 44) in Goose Island, Mason, West Virginia, USA (Note: Family was given Bounty)
In 1859 Isaac Newtons widowed wife Elizabeth: who was allowed bounty land on Goose Island in satisfaction for the services rendered by: Isaac Newton Flesher in the War of 1812.
Isaac Newton Flesher is the first cousin five times removed ascending of Jeffrey Scott Flesher.

Like most Ashkenazic Jews, Isaac Newton was named after dead relatives, which is why he named one of his sons Benjamin Franklin. Isaac was the first person to decode Sir Isaac Newtons notes to my knowledge, I inherited papers he wrote about Science and the World, topics that covered Masonic Legends, the Bible and work of other Wizards.

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Benjamin Franklin Flesher

Benjamin Franklin Flesher
Benjamin Franklin Flesher Full Size

Birth: 1 August 1835 in Meigs, Ohio, USA
Death: 13 May 1905 ‎(Age 69) in Sullivan, Indiana, USA
Named after Benjamin Franklin, because Ashkenazi only named their children after dead relatives.
Benjamin Franklin Flesher is the second cousin four times removed ascending of Jeffrey Scott Flesher.

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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Full Size

Born: 10 July 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia
Died: 7 January 1943 at Wyndham New Yorker Hotel, New York City, New York
‎Education: Graz University of Technology and Gymnasium Karlovac

Known for making Electric Generators, and for being a Crazy Old Wizard, because he believed we are all Light Beings.

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Full Size

Born: 14 March 1879, Ulm, Germany
Died: 18 April 1955, Princeton, NJ

An Ashkenazi known for writing the Theory of General Relativity, few know that he publicly denounce it, stating he only believed in the Newtonian Universe, most critics dismiss it as Albert finding Religion, but Newton was not Religious.

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Hans Asperger

Hans Asperger
Johann Hans Friedrich Karl Asperger Full Size

Born 18 February 1906 in Hausbrunn, Austria-Hungary
Died 21 October 1980 in Vienna, Austria
Education: University of Vienna
Due to his earlier work on Autism Spectrum disorders, Asperger Syndrome (AS), was named after him.

Born in Vienna, Asperger published the first definition of Asperger's Syndrome in 1944. In four boys, he identified a pattern of behavior and abilities that he called autistic psychopathy, meaning autism (self) and psychopathy (personality). The pattern included: a lack of empathy, little ability to form friendships, one-sided conversation, intense absorption in a special interest, and clumsy movements. Asperger called children with AS little professors, because of their ability to talk about their favourite subject in great detail.

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Jeffrey Scott Flesher
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Full Size

Born 14 January 1961 (Gregorian Calendar) in Corona California, USA
Education: Trinary University
Status: Medically Retired United States Air Force Disabled Gulf War Veteran

Military, Degrees and Awards

Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF
Medically Retired Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF Full Size

Military Duty

From 85-93 worked as a Electronic Engineer and Computer programmer on the (E)F-111A on the avionics package, including the Attack RADAR system, Terrain Following Computer and HQ4 Radios. A member of the Air Force Honor Guard, CPR instructors instructor, and Self-Aid and Buddy Care Instructor. During the Gulf War the (E) F-111 flew 98% of all sorties flown during the War making it the most important Aircraft. From 93 to 97 served as a Helicopter Crew Chief on the MH-60 in the 66 RQS Rescue Squadron at Nellis AFB, and in Kuwait during Desert Storm, Operation Southern Watch and Operation Vigilant Warrior, and on the MH-53 in the 31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron: (read Black Ops, Special Knights crosswise, remember that Black Ops does not exist) at Oson Korea (because Special Ops is not allowed in the United States).

31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron
31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron Full Size

Books written by Jeffrey Scott Flesher

The Principles of the Trinary Universe
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - HTML
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - PDF
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - ePub
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - Mobi

Trinary Science
Trinary Science - HTML
Trinary Science - PDF
Trinary Science - ePub
Trinary Science - Mobi

The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - HTML
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - PDF
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - ePub
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - Mobi

The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - HTML
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - PDF
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - ePub
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - Mobi

Websites by Jeffrey Scott Flesher

The Light Wizzard

Trinary University

Trinary Science

The Dark Wizzard

Grey Wizzard
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Vets Help Center

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Yew Tube

IMDb The Principles of the Trinary Universe

IMDb The Light Wizzard in the Flesh



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1 Document to Rule them All 3
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Author: Jiminy Panoz

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